Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1959
Page 2
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SUMMIT ®.i94Uy Molt Sluoft. J by NEA Servitt, l«4. " "' ? '' HOPE STAR, H 0,M / ARKANSAS , '1989 1st'\ file dtOftY! Gil Yedger lids j ^affidavit clearing him of a ffder 'Charge. He sh°ws the '. f, Papeete „ JUdfle Carmody and. " ShefW/Kllht Hyatt. 'Chapter III ''•' Klint Hyatt, 1 n b r r o w checks 4 pulled to a sour scowling, spkoe f f Up. '"'"''' : ' |f^"\ "Sounds almost too smooth, v'.'Yearger^ eould-..have (paid some $' slide 1 lawyer to fake thai for .„ "ftidictilous" "started" Judge h Carmody. ^"Any suggestion of tf doubt of the authenticity of this /"document .is sheer stupidity. For :'>< it "happens, that I know Andy Mac! '§;Le6cl, and'have for years. I- have i 3 !- correspo'rfdcd ' with him, both % privately'!ahd ! officially, on nu- .^merous occasions. I recognize his ,>/signature, This document is an '.^'honest statement of fact. Else I*. /Andy MacLeod would never have ti> pentifed r it*and put "his'name to it." f" .," ."But} why should Shad Em- Y' metts< have - admitted to perjury". f L ' argued -sltyatt* stubbornly. "What •(. did f He havettotgain" ; ' *,'' ,j"S'omethin,g'. Hike this, I think.' ^tput 7in^Veager.' "Actually, Shad !''""»:ETnmett^never • did have. anything <\' against rne'. personally. And whnn -,,I came-up;, with him it was in -' Two 1 River'sV and he was in cus* '' -tody" of Marshal MacLeod, about C to^take stage for Grand City to answer there on nn old train arid mnil rrLbery charge. Evidently he figucct thai il might gain him some degree of leniency irl the drand City court, if he cleared Judge Awjditir; Decision 1h,Alabdrho ,!' 'MONTGOMERY. Ala. things up (or mt>." "Right!" ••agreed Judge Car- inody. "SUch has occurred In my own court, ?. man admitting to past misdeeds in ho^e ot gaining lighter punishment for the on? presently charged with. I take it, Mr... Yeagef, that Shad Emmelt'— or whatever his true is— withheld this at. your trial" Yeager nodded. sworn evidence , "Ho was tho one person who coltld prove I was miles ,away from Burnt Corral When Cress Lucas was killed here. But by the tirrie he reached the witness stand, someone had . 'him—evidently with money. Anyhow, he testified that he had not seen me- on Aspen Creek-as I claimed! After that, as I saw t, my only hope was to brcnU jail, locate- Shad Emmett nnd somehow get the truth out of him. I.I was a Ipng, and desperate chance.'But'I got lucky finally." POWER MOWER I •— LOWkVr PRICE EVER — $64;50 , ' $5 Down — $5 Month . s, t19 • In.. 2& HP MONTGOMERY WARD , CATALOG, SALES OFFICE : 212 S.'Main —» Hope, Ark..; Judge Carmody stared across the room wJth musing, speculative glance before speaking, slowly. "Mr. Yeager, even the most venal of courts would hardly dare bring a murder charge against a man, based on such evidence, unless there had occurred some? previous display of bad blood between this man and his claimed victim,. Was such the case with When their minds are nJullcred with anger, II was, C'-JD fn m o n knowledge that Liters and 1 weft? hlrdly the best ot ^frietids."' -He' paused, Ihcn .naked. "What's ahead M''me'nowrJudgS' "Exoneration, ot course,' seat« fed Judge Carmody, crisply), "Pitll and complete. Wo honest •' coitit could hcstilalc in granting you ail . . tif thpt In the face of such n A yoUrig Alabama judge 'waited documented flibi as 1 hold here.' 1 Will have the* Charges again.«( you set aside' immediately." "I'm still not entirely satisfied,' Kllht 'Hyatt 'persisted. Judge CarmddV Whirled on him tostily. "Don't persist in" ptrfying the utter jackars, Sheriff Hyatt! la a moment -you'll have me suspecting personal bios on your part, rather than official assiduity.' 1 The Judge'? blue eyes, wuro flashing and the thunder rolling in his tone. "As of this moment, you will consider yourself officially advised that Oilman Voagpr stands completely cleared of ill .past charges. You 'understand that, and will be guided accordingly Hyatt nodded sulkily. "'I'm .rs- membaringl that in making his jail break, Ycagor assaulted my deputy. And that he threw a gun on me to force me over hero from my office." "In view of the gross miscarriage of justice which he was correcting, 1 think botli instances, may be viewed a?, excusable." Klint Hyatt turned toward tho door, but Gil Yeager stopped him. "Just a rriihutef Judge, I'd like you to pass opinion o'n another matter." •c -..«='' . I ' , , . r lesigned to kick .vehicles to grav- upper stage Combination would; bo " ty speeds. ;0ne apparent use fo rthe Atlas* to,launch a.manned satellite lirtddi 4 tho |fojcCt %i -Morcury ^prograrm Popcorn is a money-making eet,, even • outside moVie theaters. Farmed A. C, Greene of the finish Creek Village in WdftH" Caroliha says.He gel^'-abdiit $500 worth tt£ p'bpcdrri per acre'frcJnY his Crop. So mwc| wiiaieim price $.. ite different on ffre road... •.V, , ^. ^-XL'Lt^Sf"!^ 1 ^ ». ',.,»/ »" - , , , 'J « L Frowning, the Judge peered at Yeager. 'And what if that" you iAgcfrn Yeager nodded. "Yes. Judge, Cress Lucas and me. we'd done some heavy arguing over a range boundary, and one time in the Lodgepole Bar we'd mixed it with our fists *and • trader' somo .pretty strong talk, as m°n will HDME;LOANS •'.!' TITLE 1. (Home Improyement) • • 'Conventional • FHA - ;.Build -r- Buy — Repair — Remodel — Refinance , Ours'Is a local Institution, owned and operated by local people, T "'and we're here to help YOU with your loan problems. We'have" many facilities and we invite you to use them. Fred 0. Ellis Secretary 209 S. Main St. Phone 7-4661 "Money. For hundred and fifty- Jive dollars and a few odd cents. I had that much in my jeans nt Die time of my arrest and if. was nkcn away from me. I want it ack." "Consider me witness to the fart .hat Gil had the money, Terence." out in Johnny Hock solidly, Judge Carmody; put his glance on Klint Hyatt'., rgairi., "JVhat nave you to sijy to that, Sheriff" Hyatt shrugged,''."He-'ll get the money, of • course,,-,,, I'm. -no thiof. In nny major arrest we always empty the prisoners, ^.pockets and hold what's in them for future court disposition," , Yeager sr.icl, "I'll be around first thing in the morning: to collect. Hyatt." Johnny Hock unlocked the door and Klint Hyatt moved off into the night. Judge Terence Carmody pushed a hand through his snowy expoctaritly for a former col leg/.} classmate to say todny ,wheth& he must go to jnil for disobeying n federal court order ' to' vote registration records. The fate of Circuit Judge Cc'orgc 1 C. WallE.ce of Cia.vtnn, Ala., was expected to be decided by tf.S Dist. Judge Frank M. Johnson "Jr. at a hearing scheduled for 0:30 a.m^ ^" Johnson twice ordered the $b* ycE-r-okl Wnllarc to make the registration Hit's in Bat bnur and .'Bullock counties available to Civil lights Commission agents who are checking complaints ,of discrimination against prospective NcarO voters. ' Wallace Instead gi.vc the i'du- ords 1o county grrnd juries, which in turn agreed to let the federal agents inspect them in tho pros' ence nf two members of each jury. •" x Johnson could hold 'Wallace' >in contempt pnd send him to jfiil for failure to comply with'the federal court'- order. Or,' since tho civil rights investigators were given access to 'the tiles by the grand juries, 'the federal judge might decide the purpose of his decree, it not the letter, had been carried out. •, The Alabama judge, runnerup in the race for governor in _tfi<> Democratic primaries last spring, gave no instructions to the jurors in turning the records over ,lo thr>m. v Commission agents accopted^thc Barbour Coilnty jury's compromise offer Tuesday after first ix- iecting an earlier proposal-.that, would have required them to> look at the files with, all 18 lurbi-j present. Wallace, who had impounded the voter records on complaints of illegal voter rc^istratiotyiaanrt said Ultimately he would call|$.for'.' he ' rem.arked ,_ thatch. "This.'V "has been something; neW iii- my judicial experience. A most unusual evening/-' . . . • .%-<•- (To Be Continued) grand jury investigations, refuged to produce them at the com! 1 "" sion hearing hero Dec. 8-.0. 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FALLSTYLES & © Sizes 5 to 9 Regular 2.9 8 & 3.95 Suedes and Leathers 1 to 4 YD, LENGTHS CHILDREN'S FAiU STYLES Sizes I ts 9 R^gylgr | to «8 ( °| © Si^eg 12 Mo, to 6 Yrs, 2 PC, §etsW Single PC, GIRLS FALL COAT: §i?ei4 to 12 Vqlyes to 14.95 Spyerq| *$ LARGE GROUP LADIES DRESSES i© !_gte Fall |ty)§§ All Sjzgs Values to 14.9-5, ,e

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