Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 26, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted D TD Yi/fl.-EVEU .-.uitcr <rom real nor- vou.-.mt.is? Vi'nuii fvory nurvosecrood m uuiv;:i- wiib a peculiar, creepy {i'ftiiim-. i'ii-.-st. in oriL- i>l:icc. tuid then another r.:i" :ui .-LV;:.IM tinuliy TO concentrate lu a w;:r;,:ii;.--i:::i:-:j in '.lie Urain. ;md you be- cori-.- iiTii;::"u. (r^tful and peevish; to bo foIUivi->i :•>' ;iti imuoccnc. iveiikcuod condition D' Mio lu-rvij oontcrs. rln?in? in the o;tri, uuu * Dr. Fv. '.IHS. misnraole a-.srnts,' Mr.".. f.::'-'!iio Scarica, ;j'.' £-i=-.i-.:ilor. St.. Elk- vo-.it -.roubles iiad made jRCJ'.[i'^ 7" * Ill ° tu'-riy insntic ILDQ _,_ ,-,... pnysii-i:::-.5 WC'PO unsibic J."iw'iiv.:i --•• ro jiuiu ::»•• My memory v:i.i :.i:!:i.>'. L'" ; " : ;1:: '' ovory Iktlo thins \vo:"'itU ::ic until I was nhiiost, distracted. I rcji-ly [cirod { w:w bccomins a. maniac. I imairiiicii .ill sor« of evil ;hir.cs and would cry Over not.hiiij. I commenced taking Pr. Miles' nusuiTiitivo Nervine and Jour bottles of this woiuloi-Iul rcnifriy completely cured me. and I am as well now as I ever was." Dr. Miles' Nervino ]3 sold on guarantee, firs'.bottle'will benefit or money refunded. OlilTUATlY. l Hollot- w:is born July ICUi in the yc>!ir of out- Lord, iSfiS in Marion county, TiKlkina oC Gornuui piivontapo, sou or G corse and JenneUa nollcr. Died AuKiist -2211 1S9C, age 2S years, 1 month urn! .0 clays. Ho ivas :i I'onnoi 1 resident oi' Logansport but In recent years a resident of Danville, 111,, up to the time oC his deatli. Always kind, generous and hospitable, he made many friends Simons his many ac-' quaiutances who will lonpr remember him. He died tranquil, peaceCul anil Kcreue. He passed away wHliout a struggle, to that brighter aud happier world where sorrow, sin aud suffering are all unknowi). He loaves a tvifo, one brother, father and two sisters to juomii !iis loss. The latter wish to thanlc all fricuUs for their kluduess durliis their bereavement. THE CAUSE OF SUNSTROKE. Recent investigations oC the New York snito rathologlcal Jusllhite, aided by the Coroner's office and tlic staffs oC some of the city hospitals, go to prove that sunstroke is caused by abnormal secretions.Induced by the atmospheric conditions of excessive hot Tvcathpr, such secretions, when absorbed by the blood In abnormal 'guan- titics, acting as a virulent poison to the system. , The conclusions reached by the Pathological Institute arc based ou experiments tried during the recent heated term, the most satisfactory of which were those Involving- tlie injection of the blood oC sunstroke p.tticuts Into the veins of rabbits. These injections were followed in every case by unmistakable symptoms of poisoning, the anim.'i'Js dying In convulsions -within a few hours after the operation. 'Dr. Ira T. Van Giesen, director of the institute says that the analysis oC the abnormal secretions is not yet sufficiently completed .to enable him to determine the exact nature oC the poisonous substance. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Sale ,011 black dress goods at the Golden Rule. Your choice of all llgltt shirt waists only 4Sc.—Trade Palace. Charles Ruhl'and Jacob Auheir. arc In camp down the Wabash river. John Cambine will adrcss the public at the corner of Fifth street and Broadway between 8 and 0 o'clock tonight on the issues of the day concerning labor. Mr. John Kornruan, who took charge of'The Journal job'rooms recently, Is one of the best job printers in the country, and his work Is already attracting attention for neatness, taste and stylo. Dr. Charles A. MeMurrny ot the University of Chicago will be here Monday and Tuesday, September 7th and Sth, for a series of conferences with the Logansport teachers on educational subjects. Hon. Hiram Brotvnlce, of Marion, H has been invited by the National ITo- publican committee to deliver a series of speeches through the -West before the close oC the campaJgn. He-expects to fill the engagements lu October. If you've got Md blood in '.you take Simmons Liver Regulator aud get rid of it. It's a wonderfully good medicine for Malm-la-and. Chills. "I..have taken Simmons Liver, Regulator especially in the Spring-and Full, and found It the best, remedy. I .kno-w of no wiy to benefit people more -than by putting Simmons Liver Regulator into their hands,"—N: N, Shepard, Coch' ranton, Pa, THE RAILROADS Ruling on Selling Dates of Qranc Army Tickets. I. L. &C. HAS ITS WOES General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. A ruling has boon made by tin; chairman of rhc Western Passenger assuela- tlon in regard to tlic selling dati'S ot tickets for the Grand Army encamp- incut ut St. Paul from points ou tlic Missouri river between Knusns City and Atcliison. The dales originally agreed to were Auj?. 31 and Sept. 1 and 2. Some of the roads have been exceedingly anxious to Imve those dates changed to Aug. DO and 31 and Sept. ]., Several propositions having this object in view have been submitted to the roads, but they have been invariably vok'd down. The selling dates in traits-Missouri territory are Aug. ,'!0 and Ml and Sept. 1, anil it wn,s sought ID make Hint agreement covi'i' tin points In quest ion, :ind the inaiti-r was Submitted to tin 1 rlialrman 1'or a ruling, lie lias decided that as the .u'eii- eral iifrreuinont: specilieally declare-* I hat, nil points ou ilie Missouri river from Sioux City to Kansas City, inclusive, shall be under the jurisdiction of ilu v Eastern eninmitt.ee, HID arrangements already adopted for Kasteni territory must nor<.'i-n business from all points between Kansas City and Alch- ison. The earlier diite for llu> sale of tickets mav not ho. made available. KOUCJErMES STILL OONTINUK. Some time ago the Alton rotul hail a man arrested for presenting it with a request for free transportation, for an alleged employe ot the Cumberland Valley Railroad company purporting it to be signed by H. A. Kiddle. genera.I passenger agent of that road, but which subsequently proved to be a forgery. The man presenting the request as tried, convicted, and soul to jail for iiis offense, ami it was thought that that would put aa end to the game. Events have since proved that the presumption"was unwarranted, however, Other parties have since beeu detected in pursuing the siiiuo tactics until General Passenger Agent Kiddle lias found it: necessary to advise all the roads that he will sign no more requests for transportation on behalf of employes. If any are presented bearing bis signature they will be known to bo forgeries. 1,, L. & C. REMONSTRATES. The Iiidi:uia;>olis, Logausport & Chicago "Railroad Company Monday presented written remonstrances to the Board of Public .Works against-the opening and extension of New York street, Vermont street and parallel alleys across the old mill race, which constitutes part of its-right of way. Ito- ceiitly the Board adopted resolutions for the opening of the streets and alleys referred to at the petition of Frank Maus and others who have real sstnte which they claim -would be benefited. The company also objects to the award' of damages made to it as beiug too low to be just. City Attorney Curtis was asked for an opinion as to the present legal status of the pro- :cod!ugs already taken by the board, and pending information from him further action is referred. RAILROAD NOTES. Alexander Bender of the car shops is sick. . . • John Wind of Weaver's gang is off duty on'account of sickness. Division Operator H. S. Tousley was north on the Chicago 'division yesterday. Superintendent C, H. Walton of the Chicago division, was at Chicago yes- :crday. .C. B. Morehart ot the Van'dalin. offices went'to Winamae last' evening for a Jiort visit. ' . Mr. Wood of the Panhandle freight depot, has returned from a week's tour of the East. Superintendent F. IV Hatch of the Vandalia line was in the city yesterday- on company's business. The Railway Age has distributed a rreat deal of literature, favoring a gold itandurd, among its'subscribers. ,T. S. May, superintendent of the Richmond division of the Panhandle, was in the city yesterday on business. Engine No. 390, which has been un dcrgoiug a thorough overhauling, will be ready for duty in the course of a n-cck. will go to Fort Madison, his wlfe.lyho was recently "taken ill while visiting at that place. • ' • • Mr. and Mrs.- Charles Laing were among those who attended the union meeting of railroad men at Tcrre Haute Sunday'.. E. M. Howard and Otto Weber of the Panhandle offices started to drift down the Wabash to Terre Haute yesterday afternoon. They made the start from point just' south of .the Panhandle station.'. They will return by rail next Saturday. . • . Cincinnati does not propose that Chi- cago-shall have a ; monopoly of the-tall and short man racket. Last Sunday evening three men were sandbagged and robbed ou Eastern avenue within sight of the Pennsylvania station, and all within a square of each other. One man lost i?25.00 and a gold watch. ,Tlm Hamilton has returned from Forrest, Ohio, and resumed his position in the lathe room. Ho says that his brother Fred Is resting well and bears up remarkably well under his Injuries. The leg was amputated just'above the knee. Harry Nichols, the boy who was with Fred when the accident occurred, came home yesterday. He Is looking none the worse for Ills trip. BAKER'S ICE WATER. Cereals Mixed Therein.' Nor all the harm .said to come from iced tea. is caused "by the'cold. Many persons who suffer from stomach and nervous disorders, find great relief by abandoning tea, and f'ol'l'eo entirely. It is a common practice of the bakers wln> work all day., over hot. stoves at the I'ostiim Cereal fuctury at. Battle Creek. Midi., to stir cereals into 'the jars of ice ' water.- Experience proves that very cold water can be used quite freely In this tniy without: the' ill, effects likely to follow the free use of plain ice water. This should teach a lesson. If one must have iced drinks at meals during Hie hot weather In he all Ilie advantage possible and use I'osiuin Cereal, the grain coffee, iced with sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Tills gives a delicious cooling drink whicli is food in a. liquid state anil very nourishing aud strengthening, -Postum will ngivo with weak stomachs that suffer from tea or c-.iftee, and is a groat nerve builder, taken either hot or iced; try it'. • There is but one genuine original POshim Cereal coffee, with" a multitude of .imitations, offered as "just as good." Merchants supplied by J. T. Elliott & Son. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstracter. John R. Cox to Franklin P. Pvccd W i/, XW'Vi Sec "A, Adam* Tp., quit diilm, £1. Franklin P. Keed t;t al., to Mary E. Kinnanmi E % NAY % Sec. 34, Adams Tp.. Quit claim, .?!. Franklin P. Heed et :il., (o Chas W. Keed S % SW % Sec. :W, Adams Tp.. quit claim, ?1. Bullard P. Sawer et al.. to Alexander Reed Pt. E V-i SAV % Sec. S-i, Adams Tp., warranty, .flOO. Grant S. Tippett to Xach AV. Dritt, mid. two-thirds of Pt. E % NW Vi Sec. 12 Noble Tp., guardian's :?l,oOO. Sara)) ,T. Tippett to Z. AV. Dritt, und one-third above land, warranty, $900. E. D. Closson to .Tohn M., Cox lot 09 Johnson's Riverside add Westsido, guardian's *250. Mary U. Rea et al. to Martin Fossion Pt. SE % Sec 7 Clinton Tp., warranty. ?100. ' Rose Miller to Martin Fossion Pt. SE ] /i Sec. 7 Clinton.Tp., wnrranty, ,1(75., F. and S. Straus to DaviJ Smith and wife, lot 3-i Shultx, 3d add., Shultztown, warranty, ¥100. . • John A. Nelson to Wm. Nelson S % NE 34 Sec. 7 Deer Ck Tp., warranty, ,?1. Win. Nelson to John A. Nelson N % NE % Sec 7 Deer Ck Tp., warranty, ,$1. E. R. Casscll to Minerva Klusey S V<, SW 34'Dnck Res., Tipton Tp,, war- •anty, $100. John lit) Kennedy to Jessie E. Smith lot 15 LaRose 1st add warranty, AV Side, $1,230. . •' Simon Turnpaugh to Oliver aud Julia Turupiiugh S % N % SE % Sec. 27 Washington Tp,, warranty, $1,00.0. John Malay to Louisa Engelfrlcd, lot 13 P. Tabcr's add., Southsldo, warranty, .$723. ' State of Indiana to Elijah Cox AV % SW % Sec. 34 Adams Tp,, and other amis, Patent, • Franklin P. Reed et al., to Laura Burdge N ^ SW % -Sec. 34 Adams Tp. quit claim, $1. . Mary E'. Kiuucmau et al., To Franklin P. Heed W y> NW Vt Sec. 34. Adanis. Ip.,'qult claim, .ft" Eleven mortgages aggregating $3,230.73. , ' There is more Catarrl. »- this section of the country than aU other diseases put together, and until .the last !ew years It was supposed to be ncurable. For a great many years: doctors pronounced It a local disease, and prescribe^ local- remer dies, and by constantly falling to. jure with local treatment, pronounced It ncurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment, lall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured b>- F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, OHI>., •:he only constitutional' cure or market. It Je taken' Internally ; from 10 drops .to a teaspoon!. ' ~t. directly on the blood aiw " surfaces of ihe, system. Thej 'Xer one hundred dollars for any case it falls to cure. Send for circulars and testlmon- als. A'ddress -, . . ..... .. „.'. ,./ .F.'J.. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. . , ; CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 ,800 FOR CHOICE OF ^Y STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any .'of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, th«y are bargains. Now is the time 10 buy a Suic of Clothes, a Hat cr Gents Furnishing Coeds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G GRACE & CO., "426 d ROAD WAY. 'Subscribe for The Journal. NO TELEPHONE UNION. Kussell S:\KC, director i" Tlic Western Union Telegraph Company, Saturday morning denied" the report, from Boston, that the Western Union and Bell Telephone Companies had combined and practically consolidated. "The report looks as though it originated in Now York, and was put out fur stock market purposes," ^lid Mr. Sago. "The two companies haye not combined. Such n, thing '.as been talked 'about, but nothing has been done. .The Western Union is simply .doing its old business. "The company has a oun'sidernblo interest in the stock oC the Bell, but not .a controlling interest." -" Western Union stock has slumped this week. In some quarters the belief was held, that a drive was beiug made -against it in order to dislodge, at a low price, the several millions stock of the :company still hold by the Baltimore & Ohio, in payment for the old Baltimore '& Olilo Telegraph Company. Officials 'denied the report emphatically. Leave the money as it is—It is pniy a Medium of exchange. The changing of it will not make more business or times better. Why should it? How can you make more actual business by calling six inches a foot, or, if silver would rise to par, by calling a foot a foot? Supply and demand make business. What difference can it make in the demand and supply if you change the'medium of exchange? You can ruin business by making the Medium of exchange doubtful, as free silver would do, but you cannot help it that way, NOTICE TO CONSUMERS OF ILLUMINATING GAS. We desire to notify those who are favoring us with their patronage, that the price on Artificial Gas consumed after September 1st, 1S96, will be reduced to a maximum of ?1.25 per thousand 'cubic feet net. We trust that this material reduction •\vill result not only In a continuance of present custom, but also In Increased patronage, which -we will continue to endeavor to merit by good service and low prices. Very respectfully,LOGANSPORT & WABASH VALLEY GAS COMPANY. . On account of the G. A. R. Encampment The North-Western Line (Chicago ,& North-Western Railway) will on Arijf- ust 31 and September 1,1890, sell excursion tickets from Chicago to St Paul and return atTate of $S.OO for the round trip, good for return passage until September 15, with privilege ot further extension, to. September 30, ISOO. For tickets and full Information apply to agents of connecting'lines, or address A. H. Waggoner, T. P.'A., 7 Jackson Place, Indianapolis, Ind. The funeral of the infant son of Mr.- and Mrs. William McMillcn of'Noble township -was held yesterday afternoon at the residence, at 2 o^clock. . ". ; b ^Drawings of AH Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman &JPatent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport G. A, It, AT ST. PAUL. Special Rates- via. Pennsylvania Lines for National Encampment. August 30th' and 31st and September 1st are the dotes upon which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Pennsylvania Llnce, the short route through Chfcagc, Tickets will be good rctunrims until September 15th, inclusive, and If deposited with the •joint agent ait St Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will be extended to Include September 30tb. The rates for this occasion will be excep- tlotially. low' via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over which trains ran- from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and India/na to Chicago Unioni Station, the natural gateway from those States to,the Northwest. .-Daily trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, IndIanay>llB and Louls- lki make convenient connection at Chicago with'St. Paul.tralns. Arrangements may be 1 made by G. A. H. Posts or parttea of friends to travel together on special trains or special;car£ that'wlll go-thiroiuKh from starting point to the Encampment without change, If the number justifies It. Information . on the subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines. Subscribe for The Journal, iO cents a month. ,; .--.•'•• SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS rTO- , Maxinknckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August and* pth, i6th, ajrd. Fare for the round trip ?1.00. Train leaves Vandalia station at 9:56 a m. ALL RAIL ROUTE TO THE SEA. To Atlantic City Without Transfer via Ponn^lvania Lines. By the opening of the Delaware River Bridge tie Pennsylvania Lln« have become the only all rail route to Atlantic City and the seashore. Transfer of passengers and baggage at Philadelphia via Market street Ferry and Camden is avoWed, as seashore trains of Parlor Cars and Coaches depart from Broad street station, at which, passengers form' the west over the Pennsylvania Route 'arrive in that city. Through trains from Chicago, Indiana- polls, Cotambus, Cincinnati Pittsburgh; and Intermeblate points on the Pennsyl-" vanla Lines make convenient connection with the seashore trains. For de-' tails apply to nearest Pennsylvania. Line Ticket Ageat

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