Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 13, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1959
Page 3
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•4, Sff *s8^S?» £ iiUif £ f J-i^i^ ai^Th-t. ^ m (•'j^'^i. W -•*# t ' v ^ * Y i. l * »* ^ * ,V"'-.iT i .\t ! * S ^V V 1 * i. * *" * C»L ^ ** > i- *• i* 'i* -s x * 'fu«id«y/January 13, HS* ^ v ' ',',., ^ ,- - ,, .'• ^^ti-A'i'-i' 'tV'Mi 4 ^tf'k^V'^'iiV^l'if^^^ atMm »^ tomm ~^^ r ^^ ,„.;.„,,.„„..:; ^..^L^^Li..^^^ _: :. .JL. .„..„. 'J: '',*''. n - 0til \ BHi 5 N AJIjj. ,n O.P I;i \A*J|l;K A N!StA>9> - v -'-—'—TI ••"•iim iinn fCdlencldi' January, 13 ' THe Friendship Class of the First BapUst Church will (meet at the church rot" n' politick supper Tues'^y f Jati, 13 at 7 p.m. Hostesses fc "Mrs., Ja'ck Arhett,' Eva Nell 1'oxJey" and Lola Woodul. All mem- and associate memibers are to be present. The Builders'Bible Class of the pMrst r Baptist Church will have Hhclr monthly business meeting and I social, Tuesday, Jan. 13 'at 7:30 ;p,ni! at the home of M'rs, O. F. <• Lloyd with Mrs. Alice Roach as ', co-liosless. All members are urged to attend. The Couple's No. 1 Sunday School ^ss of the Garelt Memorial Bap- f tist Church will have their regular Bimonthly meeting Tuesday at" 7:30 Itfl.m. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. ! Thomas Duckett, 520 North Hers vey. Mrs, Dale McKinney will I (bring the devotional. Mrs. Don , Kauffman will be in charge of the program. All members arc 1 urged to attend and bring a friend. I? The Practical Nurses will meet Tuesday, Jan, -1-3 at 7:30 p.m. in tlW courtroom "of City Hall. The 1039 officers will 'be elected. All memibers are urged to be present. J Mrs. Pod Rogcrs t invites every mom'ber and associate member of the L.L.L, Sunday School Class of The First Baptist Church to a social and (business meeting at her home at 7:30 ,p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 13. # gtcs-by PTA will meet Tuesday, i : 13 at'7:30 p. m. in the school aucflloi\}um. Guest speaker will be Dr. 'Dean Andrews of Magnolia. s -The Beacon Sunday School Class of-the First Baptist Church will meet tonight at 7:30 in the home of, (Mrs. .Wilson iBritl with Mrs, Sue'-Stone.-as-, co-hostess. Wednesday, January 14 (Brookwood PTA will''meet Wed- nAday,, Jan. 14 at 3 p.m. in the scnool auditorium. 'Mrs. Jim iM'c- Kcnzic will have charge of the program. Garland School PTA will meet (Wednesday at 3 p. m. in • the school auditorium, The .program will toe on' Mental Health,-The Executive meeting will be at 2:i}0 .p.m. , The John Cain Chapter of the D. A.^ R, will meet at 12 nooiv.pjn \0dnesclay, January 14^? at the Diamond Cafe. This will be the first Business meeting of the year, so all members are .urged to be present. Committee chairmen are yemindcd to bring your reports .for {he past year, and it you cannot be present, mail them to Mrs Paul Klipsch. Guernsey PTA will meet Thursday Jah 15 at .2:30 ,p,m, in the school 'audiloiiium, Mrs. Inez Turner will (be the guest speaker. EVeryone is urged to atlend, Hope Chapter 328 Order of the 'Eastern Star Will have it's regular meeting, Thursday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Masonic Hall There will be an initiation. All members arc Urged to attend. Thursday, January 15 Fulton Rose Garden , Club will meet In the, home of (Mrs, C. H, Wilson, Thursday, Jan. . 15 at 7 p.m. With Mrs. Otis Blar.kwood and Mrs. T. W. Bin-son as co- hosless. Rebecca" Sunday School Class Meets With'Mrs. E. L. Archer The Rebecca Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met Monday night,' Jan. 12 tor its monthly social and business meeting in the home of IM'rs. E. L, Archer Jr, 'Mrs. Gus Hayncs, teacher of the class, led in the opening piay- er, aifter which a delicious chicken spaghetti dinner was enjoyed toy those ipresent. •Mrs. Gussie King brought an inspiring devotional on "Cultivating The Seeds .o'f Life," using as her Scripture 'Epheslans 5:13-14. Present were .Mrs. -William Bul- tler, Mrs. Joe Hankins, Mrs. Al- 'bcrt Page, Mrs. L. E. Jordan, Mrs.'-Marccletc Butler, Mrs. Carlton. King, Mrs. G. /D. Hoyston, 'Mrs. Ahdy Andrews, Mrs. Jack Fielding, Mrs-. W. R. Mosley, Mrs. Jack: King,. M'rs. Waynes and Mrs. Archer. Mrs. G. H. Broth e rton Entertains Marlbrook WMU The Marlbrook WM'U met J-an. 7th at the home of Mrs. G. H. Brotherton. The meeting w-as opened with prayer by Mrs. Dale Bonds'.' After a short business meeting the program chairman, Mrs. Andy O'Kelly, presented a very interesting program. Aiter the program refreshments were served to eight memibers and one visitor, Mrs. San'ford 'Bonds, The next meeting will 'be in the home of Mrs. B. J. Warnkens. FORT" SMITH, Ark.'./AFJj-A 43- year-oldrwoman yeslei'day,went on trihl for her life in the fatal poisoning of her htisbahd, With whom she had lived in a shack near thf city dump, Mrs. Mnxine Ferguson is charg- 1 ed with first degree murder Ih the Aug. 11 death , of her husband, John Allen Fergusoh, 45! Prosecutor Lymah Mlkcl asked the death penally. Mrs. Ferguson pleaded innocent. Slid is defended by two court-appointed' aUorhdys, Randy Warner and Lorn' Bry'am of Port Smith The cose is" being heard in Clrdull Judge Paul Wolfe's court by a jury of eleven men and on*' Woman. First day witnesses included City Detective Ward Slacoy who told of two statements signed by Mrs Ferguson in which ihu admitted feeding her husband arsenic poisoning. Stacy said,the woman "corrected" her first statement after police were unable to find evidence to back up her contention that she had dropped, two arsenic pills "at a time in his coffee over n three* day period, M r s. Ferguson's- amended statement said she gavo her husband rat poison, the detective said. But, Stacey continued, police were unable to lind evidence which agreed with the spcond statement. Dr. Lloyd A, Seager, a pathologist from the state medical examiner's office in Little Rock, told the jury that tests, had shown substantial amounts of arsenic in Ferguson's body. At different points In his testimony, Seager said the poision was twice the amount needed tii kill a normal person, and that it was possible the quantity was nAt sufficient to cause death/ Mrs. Ferguson was arrested Aug. 21 after pathologists prom- ed an autopsy and reported that arsenic was found in the body of her husband. She later was ordered to (ho State Hospital at Lit.Uo Rock for a 30-day mental examination. The hospital psychiatrists said she was sane. Thursday, January 15 The Hope Council of Garden Clubs will meet in the home of HWs, Loyd Kjnard at 9:30 a.m, on Thursday, Jan. 15 The January ,meeting v ot the SAENGEH JONITE 6:30.- 8:00 Paramount Presents. Baker's HOC Met in The Home of Mrs. Orville Steadman The 'Baker's HOC met Thursday night, Jan. 8 in the homo of Mrs. Orville Steadman. The devotion w.as read toy iMrs. Stoadman and the "Lord's Prayer" was repeated In unison. "The More We Get Together," was sung, led by Mrs. O. F. Loyd. •Roll call was answered by, "The Best Clothing iBuy I Ever Made." Mrs. Sleadman read a very interesting report on Health. The club discussed the clu!b year project and decided to visit "Shut-ins and Sick" each month. The following officers were elected for 1959, Mrs, Woodrow Baker .president; Mrs. Bryan Clark, vice president; . Mrs. T. -B. Fenwick, secretary - treasurer and Mrs, Lawrence Easterling, publicity. The following leaders were appointed: Health and Safety, Mrs. Orville Steadman; Recreation and rural arts, Mrs, (Dale Tonriemak- er; H, D. relations, Mrs. J. W. White and Mrs. Bryan Clark, clothing, Mrs, Fenwick; home mana-ge- ment Mrs, O. F. 'Loyd; home furnishings, iM'rs. Merlin Cox; foods and nutrition, Mrs, Roy 'Baker, home grounds, Mrs, Grady Browning, The surprise package was won by Mrs, Lawrence Easterling and games. were enjoyed 'by Ml with. Youth Has the Nerve of a Man NATCHEZ, Miss. (,\P> — Hush Thornhill. a boy with Ihe nerve of n man, will turn 7 Thursday. But it'll be a sad birthday, passed quietly in his hospital. For Hugh, it marks the start of a life of blindness. "Doctors Will r o m o v o his diseased left e.vc Ihe day before his birthday. They took out his right eye in 1955. Hugh—the son of a roofing plant worker — suffers from congenital glaucoma, a disease which builds up pressure in the eyeball -and destroys sight. prizes going to the winners. ' Refreshments o'f coconut pic, coffee and cold drinks were served to 12 mem'bers and two guests, Mrs. Eldon Sleadman and Miss Judy Steadm-an. The meeting adjourned to meet in the home of Mrs. O. F. Loyd in February. Coming and Going Mrs. William Glover of Malvern is visiting h.er mother, Mrs. Dorsey IMcRae Sr. Mrs. S. A. Whitlow of Little Rock is the guest of Mr. and -Mrs, Jewell Moore Jr. and family On Sunday, John David Whitlow and Miss Polly Jones of Little Rock were also guests of the IM.oore family. The Bloody Day WHEN HELL BROKE J LOOSE STARTS WIO. 2 FULL HOURS OF LAFFS fism • I Dr. nnd Mrs. John -M'cClunBhan and children left Sunday night for (North Little Rock. While the oth- | ers are visiting Mr. and Mrs. 4. IP. McCJanahan, Dr. McClanuhan s in Louisville, Ky. attending a meeting. AH the McClunahans will return to Hope on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shiver wore weekend guests of Mrs. I. H. Buechley and the Edward Bueehlcys in Carlisle and visited the Jay family in Jacksonville. OUTFIT With §farfl<!.$li Camera } in yow flwke. ej colon . E mtfhhq o,?fd«s| far fbst tebs ,^4 g s » o4 JfptJs map*. |yJJ,t-w flgjh,<?J.de/, All for $9 JS t QPAJS AilHT* Ward & Son Bcrger "Buddy" Jones, grandson of 'Mrs. iE. S. Jones, was a member of the Jack Sterling Jagz Orchestra, featured on the Jimrnie Dean TV Show at 1 p.m,, Wlonday and Tuesday. He iplayed the bass violin- The short evening coat comes" into Jts own this spiW. as i topping for a matching dress. This evening costume by Nettie ' ! I?ncn*ic4 Atn ic- n «**»•••* »•.!.* 4 A J 4 «ir_i~ i__ . _ _ «» . t «* •'?*"** "• ' Jlosenstein is a warp-printed taffeta in gaslight rreen. Slim dress has'Empire waist. Coat has rows of shlmd tien'at front and low, tied neckline. ' This dashing dress shows the formal look of the short evening gowa for sprinfc, 1959, It's a Larry Aldricli design in shocking pink warp-printed taffeta, Empire line is indicated by band and bow at front. Skirt has very wide cut. OROTHYDI Only Time Can Cure Grandparents' Bias BIHWL^;'.', Sif-ths (hMfenipil*^ iiB the past'month! < 'WhlU '\U.«lJ' ''>/;;!. <*/ «l : Mr, ami "Mrs. ftrtV Efttlfc. ftpy/ Iwilh 1, F\tltdn,' b«jy. titMin(ti"H. Mr,''nnd""Mf's'. dldn Hurry,its, 408 > S6tltft i Ftltton ( Ifdpc Gat'j. Lynn;." ^ '•.' l <\' Mr. and>Mrs, teiigctid Clark Qob6, Route I,'Hope, boy, Ciirtls Qeho Mr, and iMrs, James Fnfrcil Har- 'Ison, Fullo'rt, 1 boy ( ' James Faro, Mr, and Mrs, Clarence Pepper, Sonic 2, Box 1DCA, Hope, boy, Gary *'° Cl • * '. 4 ' Mr. and"Mrs.' Thomrts'.Vincent Titrnipseed, .Route 1, Lewlsvllle, girl, Larlndn 'Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Honey lecce, Route 2, Hope, girl, Peggy lean. " Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Wade itohe, Route 4, "Hope, boy, Dwight Kenneth. Mi-, and Mrs, Raymond Clinton Byers, Route 4, boy, James Edvard. J Mr. and Mrs. Lev! Chnrles Mar- In, Route 4, Hope, boy, Robert Charles. Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles Walker Vilson, Jr., 1515 g. Pecan, Hope, boy, James Stcphonson. Mr. and Mrs. > Roy Edward Na- lons, Route 1, Hope, girl, Judith. .Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Leonard tatchor, P. O, Box 272, Hope, girl, in-named. Mr, and Mrs. William Leo Beard•n. Jr.. 302 E. Avc. B, Hope, girl. Rosia Lee. Mr. and Mrs, James Horace lale, P. O, Box 105,. Emmet, girl. Barbara Sue. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Clarence Cook, P. O. Box 144, Fulton, L-lrl. Carolyn Sue. , ... ' ' Mr, nnd Mrs. Either David Campbell, Route I, Lcwlsvillc, boy, Elmer David, Jr, Mr. and Mrs, CorHon C. King 510 S. Fulton,'Hope, girl, Virginia Louise. Mr, and Mrs. Garland Wrced Lough. 414 West Ave. G, Hope, boy. Ronald Dean. Mr, and Mrs. Benjamin Hcrschol Kitchens, Route 1, Lcwlsvlllo. glr! Kim. ' Mr. qnd Mrs, Eugene Edward Bruich, • 304 E. 1,5th, Hope, boy, John Joseph. -Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Campbell, 206 N. Hazel, Hope, girl Pamela Sue. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur , Nolon Mrs. Earl White uf Fulton left •today by plane -for Rochester, Minn., to bu with h,-r daughter, /Mrs. Thomns B. Fimwick Jr. vvho is a patient ui St. 'Rifary's Huspital. Hospital Admitted: Mrs. J. G. Hattou, .e; Louis Kceney, Tu^arkHna; 'B.ensou Foster, Hope; Mrs. A. R. Hacldi.s. Hope; B. <K. Kdwards, 'Pvescott; Mrs. Bessie Powt'll. Rt. 1, Hope. Piscli^rg^d: ftlrs. Arch Turner, Rt. 1, Hope; Billy Jack Fostw, Kop.u; Betty Arnislrong. Hope. IVlf mprial Asl.mjjt.te.iJ: Mrs. r>'at. liiipsw.n., Hop.e; C. F. ^arliu. Hi. 1 Kmniet; Ch,C'S.ter WliitU-n, Ri. 2 Hosstoai; Lcroy Soniuvl, Rt 3 Hopu: Jim Biu-ke, Rt 3 Wypu; James Ken- nJth AyJult. Rt. 1 Hope. ,g^ch«rged;, Eddie King. Hope; •Mrs. AlvJ4i Robertson, 'Hope. t&Jr. nnd Mrs. .Clyde iiy^outs Jr., »i£ Jlo^c announce the umvgl of. « 'ba'by 'boy. bom Jyn. 12, 1950, Duur Dorothy Dix: 1 have written you several limes ibefore, uboul minor problems, and you always came through with a workable solution. Now 'I've de- cidt?d to bring out my major problem. 1 am the mother of three children, one born out of wedlock. IMy in-hns's have never accepted the oldest boy as a grandson but dote on the second .boy. My mother realises thai the oldest one is hurt by this, so she favors him, Both sides ignore our youngest, a little gii'l. 1 have bogged tooth sets of grandparents to eorrecj this fault but" they won't. My husband has he«)7 offtij-ed ' « job a thousand milps away. Do you think we'd be happier living away from our famjjies? — J. M'. (Dear J. M.: iBlood is thicker than water and it would take a very generous, compassionate pcr- spn to accept all your children equally. Your inlaws probably r«- seijted their son's marriage in the first place and weren't ready to accept your son as their grandchild. |t was unly human for them to savi. 1 their whole-hearted love for. tht-ir first actual grandchild. YOU. on the other hand, are inclined to -be u 'bit sensitive about the first child and have perhaps, although u.nconsciously, rejected -whiiU'vcr efforts your i,n-laws es- eiled lu be friendly with him. People resent toeing forced to ac- copt others. Few can resist the charms of a eluld and I'm SUIT ypur oldest boy will b reals the Uarnt'rs himself. Try a little longer. Don't plead \vi,th o,ur -fbliss, or ypiU 1 'husband's, fur i.mparWgljty. ' move unless thy situuUun 'becomps absolutely impossible. A breaking family ties is a drasti action not to be taken lightly. Dear Dorothy Dix: My girl friend's birthday is nex month. I'<J like to ask her stead' boy friend what he's going to givl her, tout iny mother said it woulc not be right. They've only been going steady for three weeks, don't even know ,if he realise •when her birthday is — Ritty. Dear Kitty: Mother is right, a. usual. Let liim do his own sleuth ing. * Pear Dorothy pis; I'm a lonesome widow with . four yea.r old son. I'd liXe verj much tq marry again-tout it's bar' WARM FRIENDS-Port Dixie'Gj'ualsct takes a wintry v)aik i~%&& in Kansas City, Mo,, with'her dog, -who has just the thing"- it" J every clog needs—enrmufl's. The dog's cars are a bit too lo'iig" "* "»s for the mull's, but a little warmth is better than none, in .t'hel'sl'^ \?,5i cold weather most of the U.S. is experiencing. ' P\ to find the right person. My to roth- er-in-lnw lives next door to me and u know he'-d in nice a wonderful husband and father 'but '.He's' the bashful,.type and,I know ho'clrnovcr, ask me out to -a movie or n'nytliinK — •Freckles, Dear Freckles: Moping and moaning certainly won't .get you -anywhere. .When n community or church affair comes around, arm yourself with two tickets and ask if he'd care to -go. You needn't be too stand-offish, 'After all he's ptirt of the family, and your child's uncle, If, after one date, 'he gives you no encouragement, shop elsewhere, Dear Dorothy Dix: I broke off with iDick after we'd been going steady for 15 months and I'd lost interest in. him. Now I'm going'with Dan -but,have just found out that I'm pregnant with Pick's baby. H'm Jn love with Dan but know he'd toe upset if'he knew nbout the toaby ; and I'm afraid to tell Dick. My parents will probably kill me if they knew. IHow can I keep it from everyone? -r Dolly, . Dear Dolly: This is one secret your mother, at once, Let her hqnd our mother, nt once. Let her handle things from there, LP Gas Dealers Pick President LITTLE' uocic (API— Grace of Batesvillc will be Installed tonight as the' new president of the • Arkansas. Liquellp.cl Petroleum. Gas As'siv at the close of u two-day convention here. Other new .-officers of-the oigun- hiatfon arc Sam Knkpaliick of Fort Smith and Robert Mot row of Osccbla, Vic6[presidents, and W. 0, Childress of Hot Springs, treasurer. ,,0. L; 'Dailcy of Little Uoelc is executvic secretary- Caudle, Boclcaw, girl, -IlUth Aim. Non-White Mr. and Mrs, Archie Lee [Wind- Xield, GOB Oak St., 'Hope, girl, Joyce Yvonne. Mr. and Mrs. Caycc B.. Smith,. P. O, Box 178, Hope, boy, Lavonslcl ' ' Mr. .and Mrs. Clyde Lowell Gray, 802 North Hapel, Hope, boy,. Michal Firwn. Mr. and Mi;s. Robert Louis Ellis, Route 3, Box 23», Hope, girl, Carolyn Louise. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Scroggins, 222 East 8th St., Hope, girl, Sandra Kay. Mr. and Mrs. James Otis Thorns, 505 No^l.h Hazel,- 7-Jopa, boy, Jumqs O'tis, Jr, Mr. and Mrs, Bobby Lee Rogers; 1!20 Nancy St., Hope, girl, PattorL Yynn," Mr; aiid Mrs. William Tyus, Jr., 0)3 South Laurel, girl, Carmalita. Mr. and Mrs. . Rosope 'Conklin Smith, 423 North Hazel, Hope, girl, Jacfjuelyn Michelle, Mr,--and' Mrs. Willie D, While, Route 1, O/.an, girl, Shcla Verna, Mr,, and Mrs. Anthony Dixon, Route' 1, -Box 122, Dlevins, girl, Annette.:' " ;>Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Williamson,! Route 3, Hope, girl, Gaylc Ly- ncttc, Mr, and Mrs, Hulms'Webb, Route 4, Box 1-A, Hope, girl, Mary Ann, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Wyatt, Route" 1, Box 161, Hope,, girl, Deboria Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Polvin McMorris, Route 1,'Bnx 02, Blcvins, gu-1, Connie, Governor Reduces •,""* Sentences of Two.' iff,, LITTLE KOCIC CAP) — ' Gov.J' Orval fl. Paubus j chlerday t vUdltt:- l?t cd the prison scinlenc'es of two mo'lf| convicted ol second degree miu'A dor. .,,.„.»,> lie rcduecd the al-'yea't''tct-m of,',r ISclward Lewis, who \vas bentenccd In Chicqt County In March 1957,'»', lo seven years. __ i a l^l\ tl *"X,,< Carl Mnddox's Ifl-year sentence J he icccivcd in Miller County in { November 1050, was cut to iO rt i years, >„« „. %.,.i, «. 4 «^ The i eduction in sentence; had" been racommcnd&d "by "Chot's't'ute; Board of Pardons and Paroles, Others made eligible lor piirolo* by cxeculive action included^ Jpmcs Abirims, sentenced , lastv Octobc'r In Con-way County to one'* yeai for arson, and Gene Beyer's? sentenced In January 10(58 in 'Hot'" Springs Coi.nty to-four years'each^ lor robbery. '' ' **'' "* "i Tlie onlyri lockwool ing plant in the southwest 'is"in'{ Tomplb, Texas, * • MOTOROLA ' <f A regular Motorola TV has been' 1 operating continuously < since- March 18, 1958, A total of over 7200 hours without any breakdown. This Is equivalent to nearly B yaars of normal use.; 1 '" Motorola TV can> be purchased only at Baker's Easy Pay Stores, with a written Lifetime Picture Tube Warranty. i BAKER'S EASY PA'Y,'STORES 212 E, Second, Hope-,-Ark,, -< "<vg Shoes 111 selected styles ..; °B $ 1 3 ,90 Regularly $19.95 to 322.95 .J1 redutc-ed stylw it s srif lw price! li-yfe lug |U sfegs. getter liurry iiil -?- •.',•: I '-Jj V *:i >• -•$ -^

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