Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 13, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1959
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, MO.fM, ARKANSAS Tuesday, January 15,1$5$-, Ctfency tincU'AsslstdtiULhboi' Cotnfnlssionor loe Gov, t>rvni fi. • legislative jSCcMnHes tor Session of llm'Oonci'nl Assembly, ," ( , " " Faubtfs ahnourieod the, npjjolnt' tnents ovef the weekend, The governor said fcheflcy will handle, legislation fclntlhg to ~re j vetiUe* and* Lahey Will handle any proboded^laboi; laws.and affiliated matters..,., „,,,»«•< ' Bbth^Vlll take iodVe of absence'! fi-oitutheiivposts, William J, Smith,, who "sVas Fan- blis!^ie*g{slativ t e'Tse'di'etary', during the«>1957 "session, will' be the .governor's^ personal advisor this year. i Vn*i4 *t* * r , > Man Hocks Wife, Children to Death ,. , —A 40 backedX-his .wife and two\ ctf "his 'four "Children 'to - doatn at their!hom"e early today," Sh<?ritf Luthef H6d^ ''reported:!- . ~.»',~.... u * Were identified -as CRUth Hlgigins, 37, RicharH, '8; and v Bryan,. 12.~ \The* father. Harry Higgins, 40. came here*'from \Valtham, Mass.. about*;*'six months ago. He is a technical,"writer for the'Martin Co. at Orlando., _ " ^Sheriff Hodges said... Higgins lOuirLiu. nuut;es oUlc • Illg" \fould* be "ctiarged with .murder. •, Marion -Harmon, reporter for '-,(,/>< ..«;- \j,* - ,;-V'," ',.-.,.: "'.'• m,>(vf',i&''^~ f t- MISSILE GOING NOWHERE — A thick cloud of smoke partially obscures the submarine • USS Growler as a dummy missile, is fired from her deck. The Expendable dummy; which is ' ' ' constructed of concrete-filled steel pipes and weighs about 13. tons, simulates a submarlne- , borne Regulus II missile. , The tiring of the dummy presents 'the same weight and balance *« problems met in launching the real thing. , ' " H * Prescotf Ne Mrs, Verfion Buchanan Entertains '47 Bridge Club Members of the '47 Bridge Club were entei tamed on Wednesday with a dessert bridge given by Mrs. Vternbn-'lBuqhanan >at her home. Several dried arrangements were placed at vantage points in .....-_ _-. the rooms, ..the Orlando Evening Star, asked | The high score award was won j him ..why he "killed his wife and by Mrs Mark Justiss Other guests I 'included 'Mrs; H. H. McKenzie. | (Mrs Tom Bemis, Mrs Gus IMc- business sessjon a^nd 'the following officers were elected: President, Marvana Cunningham Secretary. Pam .-Fore: Treasurer, Kathy 'Reaves; Flag Bearer, Mary Johnson's Rule Continued From Page Ono publicans, he said, they had been able "not to blunt but to revers.? the drive for civil rights and an tflectvie 'antifihtauster rule." > Agriculture Dept, PetGbdl of Govfernor In contrast, Sen. Russell. (D~Ga>, said Richard- B. 'it is a sad day when the Senate of the Unit- Jane Erskine; Leader, Mania Jane Jed Slates demeans itself by inv BemiS: Hostess. Sara' 'Plivilnr nnrl nncltlir rtrn\; rncli ninlc" ^n ^t'oAr1/,TVi Bemis; Hostess, Sara' Puvtle; and Brownie Aides, 'Phoebe Johnson and Anna Gordon. children "and, reported Higgin<s said: "It's 'a long, long story. Just chejde with ttie-.FBI: They've been chasing me for weeks." A. few .minutes later he said tho J$BI suspected him of having Com munist' ties. , . \ The Martin Co. makes missiles for defense work Caskill. Mrs. and 'Mrs. S. D B. L. McRae Jr., Scott. Mem'bers Texan s to Build Club in Arkansas • FORT WORTH. Tex. CAP) — A group' of t Fort. Wbrth businessmen have' announced plans to build a private sportsman's • club on Bull Shoals Lake 'in northern Arkansas.^' >*•• " '"Berl £•/'Godfrey, attorney, is president of the~Bull Shoals Acres Investment'Cdrp.% which plans the ' club v facilities w on a 120-acro site fronting the^lak'e •He- said' 15' businessmen here formed^ the- corporation and now are selling $500 memberships in the club. 4 'JWheiu$150,000 has been accumulated from sale of memberships. Godfrey said, construction will bp- -gin^on' a .clubhouse with kitchen, 4inirig room" and'.sleeping facilities. " •'•A golf course\may be built later. No Um'e, 'schedule has been announced, on construction, „ -', Godfrey, said the. group began present were Mrs. Bob Reynolds Mrs. IE. E. Ward, Mrs. O, W. Watkins. Mrs. Earl Eppler, Mrs. Bob Yarbrough, Mrs. Bill Dates, Mrs. B. A. DeiLamar. Mrs. Glenn Hairstori, Mrs. Jim Nelson and Mrs. C. 'R. Gray. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burke and Mrs. K. W. .Burke have been recent (guests of Mr. "and Mrs. Dan W. Yarbrough >and Mrs. Alice Mason in Dallas. James .Dewoody of De Kalb, Tex. spent several days last week with his mother, (Mrs. John Dewoody. posing new restiamis' on of debate. •Mrs. George Christopher of Hot | Springs, was a. Thursday visitor in.| covered yesterday's opening ses- Reporter Is Denied Space by House LITTLE ROCK (AP) — A reporter for the Legislative Digest Prescott. Brownie Troop 4 Has Election of Officers On Wednesday afternoon Brownie Troop 4 met in the home of I their leader, Mrs. D. L. McRae i Jr. 'M'iss Helen Warren of Memphis has 'been the guest of her mother, •B. A. Warren. •During the (business session the following officers were elected: President. Ellen McRae; Secretary, "(Ellen Gordon; Treasurer, Kay Ferguson; -Flag Bearer, Ann 'Bolton; Leader, Beth Lambert and hostess, Barbara Wdlson. Cards were made to send to Mrs. 1C. B. Vandiver, assistant leader, who is ill. •Mrs. Freeman Ligon,.has returned from Conway where she was the guest of her mother,- Mrs. A. J. Thompson. ments were served. Other 'iBrownies present were Sara <Lou 'Pounds, Ann -Vandiver, Betty Woodell and Kathy Bratton. Brownie Troop 3 Elect Officers The regular weekly meeting of Brownie Troop 3 was held on Wed- esday afternoon in the home of the leader, Mrs. 'Archie Johnson. After the Brownies arrived they sion of the Arkansas House from the public gallery. The Digest, published by John F. Wells of Little Rock, is a cumulative account oC the daily actions of the Gcieral Assembly. "No attempt was made to get our reuorter r>n the House floor,"* said Wells, who recently received notice that his employes would not have a place to work there; ' Weils auotetf a letter from Rep. , Glenn F. Walther of Pulaskl she was the guest of her son, Lt. j County, former House speaker, 'as Col. S. B. Scott Jr. and family. saying the legislators "needed •'tbe space." - The House Efficiency Committee previously had announced that M it would not fulfill a $10,200 contract with Wells to furnish tne t Digest to House members. « f '^&-' The . Senate,, .w h i c-h> HM Mrs. S. B. Scott has recently returned from Lees'yllle, ILa. where Mrs. Clara B. Stone and Miss acter, who is ill. Luella Stone have been the guests Rreceedmg the meeting refresh-- of Mr and Mrs Bill stone and fa . mily in' Oklahoma .'City, Okla. Jim Morris, who was 'iniured Jn. an accident at the Ozah Lumb'er Co. last Wednesday, is reported to toe doing as well as could be I porter yesterday/' a'S the liegis exipected. He is iri room 352 W at j lature normally ,does for all pro-is Senate,.. Eubscrib^s v _the .Digest, . furhishfid" working space' fpr-.jtlieVjournal's^i'e- LITTLE HOCK (A.P) ~ Gnv Orva) JE. F'aitbus, tn)d a news co:i' ierenee today creation of a stnto ^Agriculture Commission would bo one of the goals of his administration during the 02nd General Assembly which convened iU rinon, Faubus briefly'discussed this anrt othci 1 . administration, legislative proposals but Said he would not go into details on his program tin* til he makes his inaugural address tomorrow. Tho governor said the slate had a pressing need for an agricultural agency'similar in scope and prestige to the Atkansifs Industrial Development Commission, He said various farm agencies already in existence should bp brought together and co-ordinated undei 1 an agricultural commissioner. "There would be no need for these agencies to lose their identity but I think a central agcticy, s"uch as a slate Department of Agrlciil« ttire, could make each • of thorn more effective," Faubus said. The governor said oppose tion from various farm groups t-c; such an agency could be partially tesolved by making the president's of these groups — such as thr Farm Bureau Federation — . or officio members o'f the Agriculture Commission. The governor also said the administration would seek no now tax laws during the 1959 session. Asked if he- would actively oppose or veto any tax legislation, ho said: "That would depend on thr? attitude of the: Legislature and'the people to such tax laws." Faubus said, he had not made up his mind what he would do about the Highway Department's bid for a 7'/ 2 million dollar tax Increase to speed roadbitilding. ' Asked about the possibility that a highway bond issue might be floated, in -order to raise money without increasing taxes, Faubuo said he personally 'favored "paying as you go." ' "However," the governor added, "if the Legislature and the pcopl* feel a bond issue is the best solution to the money problem perhaps that is what should bo done." The governor also said he had been told that some legislators felt' the Hig.hway.|Department was requesting more'r money than'- il, actually neocled^to take advantage, of. available federal matching funds, jvjhe t , first half, of the 30-rrunuto rtews'y conference?, was *. filme'd? jbr presentation later today on a, Lil- tle Rock television station (KATV). the Baptist (Hospital in Little Rock Mrs. Morris is at his'(bedside, l ^Ung^m'em'bersh5ps Jan. l. Plans were served refreshments. rp^ mee ti ng was O p ene( j ^n^ the flag ceremony and tgames were played after which the president, 'Anna Gordon, presided during the eventually offer fishing, -hunting,',, tennis nnd goll. If \viH -be" feiipwn as Bull Shoals " renresentatiy.es, "Wells has described the House moves -as retaliation for his action Fifteen Soviet students now are: in protesting the election of Dr. studying in five American univer-j Dale •Alford, who unseated veterari sities. There is one girl student at' Congressman^ Brooks Hays at the the University of California and'last genral election. her name is ATeksandra Vasilyevna > Wells challenged Alford's writc 1 - Zhoravchenkova. , I in election in a petition-to a special OUR JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE CONTINUES Scali/s ]8th Birthday «•>-«• , t „ , ^ ^. '.» * * ^ , ' ^B^ AU^IEDOING,SPECIALLY MADE-SPECIALLY PWCiO FOR THESE GREAT BUYS V ' *t^ s - VI', !;:• i»-\"^ *j~ V J./ «v -m^^^as. mat ir~™ v«v VEOB 55W3 MHEH T5&S Wai ^EreTJBK' 1 •" Sealy BUTTON-FREE Beluxs MATTRESS ' ly 78th Annivgr$gry MATTRESS end *QX SPRING jpringy (9,1!} t !*5-»P8. Ptt-fyfA border) *>' t, *> JJ"JDO Down cm«! Payments As Low As $1.00 Weekly urniture Co. 218 I. Second St. committee of the U.S. House of Repj-esentatives,. Although the national House overrode' tho committee's recommendatjori that Alford be denied a peat pending an investigation the question of whether a formal congressional-probe-will be made has rtot been decided.- ' HYBRID HELICOPTER — Combining features of both a i helicopter ana* a• conventional airplane is the recently un! veiled Killer X-18 "Propclloplane." Picture sequence above" i shows its operation. With \vings at a' 90-degree angle, top, it j can rise straight up. As wings are tilted into level position, i center, it becomes' a ^normal-appearing plane, bottom, The j 16)/2-ton research transport, powered by twin-engine turbo__props, is due for its first flight in April. Fulbright Trying to Save Camdcn Plant WA§tfiNt»6N rAP) - Sen. i, W,- FulBrightr (D'AirJO said iNstei" day i.we Shttmakcr Naval Am* munition Ddport near dotndon ( Ark.i loossibly should be used liy*, a project to design and clcvolO|?" r a new big rocket engine v "tf the development of a bi$ rpekct. engine 1 Is ,fd be a draVrf p'rograrrt ,.. it occurs to me th.it much lime could be saved by 1 tin- dertakink thfeavork at an oxfsting government' installation which could' be readily adapted foi' Us*, in such a project," fuihright snid in a letter rto Dr, Keith Glennan, adminlstfalorof the National Aero-" naiitlcs and Space Adfninistratiutij* The Navy has anonunced plaps** to close its, operations at Shumaker. to bring its shore installations in line With its fleet ' strength. Fulbright told Glennan that, he doubts . if any other, government' owhed ' industrial facility not now being utllitized could compare With the Shumaker plant. The senator said his letter Was prompted by an announcement by NASA that it had opened negotioa' 1 lions for a formal contract withfi North American Aviation's rocked division for development of a rocket engine with a. !'<> million- pound thrust, DEPRESSION RELIEVER NEW HAVEN, Conn, (^—Science may>-soon develop' a iranxjullizer- ' which will'r'elieve mental Nixon Invites Probe of Ike's DeiFense Policy By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Richard M. Nixon hns indirectly invited, a sweeping inquiry into President Eisenhower'* defense program. The Democrats are ready to give it a thorough going-over. Nixon, who has sat in on preparation of. the budget, has told fellow Republicans he is satisfied Eisenhower's military proposals Will stand up under the most mi- .nute' examination by the Democratic-controlled Congress. : ; 'It - is. Nixon's^ belief, as relayod by,, those with whom he has discussed 1 the matter, that Eisenhower's planned program will keep overall U, S:"' military power ahead of the Soviet Union, so thut there will be no future "blackmail gap" in relative defcnsu strength"'despite a current Soviet 'lead' in missiles. ' ' . {Eisenhower has paid Ihe new 77- .billion-dollar budget he will send to 1 Congress nexl Monday will include -seven, billion dollars for all types cif missiles and related armament, . Relative, missile strenglh is oue I of Ihe'issues'the'Senate Prepared- Recommendations Accepted by LAC LITTLE .ROCK CAP) — The Legislative Joint Audit Commitlce yesterday accepted reporls by its staff recommending minor accounting improvements at three state institutions. The reports covered the operations of the State Hospital, the Arkansas Tuberculosis ' Sanatorium and the Fargo Training School for Negro GLrls. Tho audits sriowed thai costs <tt caring for persons at each of the three institutions had risen during the 1957-58 year compared to the -previous fiscal year. The committee also received a roobrt from Sen. Robert Hays Williams of Russellville to compile a report on the amount of money I paid by the slate lor retirement sys tojns nnd social security for state employes. depression,. Yale psychiatrists say — but don't look for a drug ,which_ will-alleviate human grief. ' •fli Dr. Daniel Freeman, assistant professor of psychiatry, said while there is no drug -at present which is entirely proven as a depression- killer, there are many new drugs which show great promise. Instead of a "human-grief drug" Freeman hopes another type of. drug will emerge. "I would like very much to see one which would help learning," he added, * SOMEONE9S CALLING CONWAY, S. C., (/P) — There's a fellow who lives here who says the boys selling boiled peanuts are driving him .nuts. •Everywhere he goes, he reports, he hoars the lads yelling "peanuts." It wouldn't be so bad,"-he says, "but my nickname is Peanuts," ness " subcommittee, headed: 'by Democratic tjeader Lyndon B, Johnson of Texas, expects to investigate as soon as Congress is fully organized. The Senate Space Commjttcp, alsp headed by Johnson, already, is surveying U. S. and niissian accomplishments in the space field. Eisenhower's budget is expected to call for a 700-rnilllon- dollar oullay to develop space craft. Srnokey Says: BE A GOOD SPORTSMAN- FIRES I AN START WITH THE PROP OFJ A MATCH-BE.CAREFOL \j$ ' Crush out 8tnok«8t •'&> CHEVY'S AN FOR '59! You're not just looking ql a fresh and fascinating new shape. You're looking, at one of the models in Chevrolet's new Biscayne series—the fewest priced of all the superbly new Chcvrolets. dnd you can get it with <* new Hi-,Thrift 6 that delivers up to 10 per cent mileage on regular gns, Did you ever think you'd sqe looks like this, luxury like this in a truly budget-priced automobile? But that's the wonderful bonus in engineering — and economy — that only Chevrolet's great design start could create. Here's the beauty of Chevy's new Slimline design, the roominess of its now Body by Fisher, new engineering developments in suspension, steering and brakes—all wrapped-up and tagged with Chevrolet's lowest prices. And this new Biscayne 2-Door- Sedan is just one of the wide choice of models waiting' for -you at your dealer's, Drop'in and look them over, It's the ideal time to buy, The smart swUch i§ to,the '59'Chfvyf nm Rimym %-£m Mm yitlt reoww ^1?^.^ ****"• ***"*""**""*• w *""*»"*'""*""iT»^^<*»«»» TT t»»«^, W | Wf ,»^^ —MB , Young Chevrolet Company iai last Sumd It, JiOli* AJ& WwBr7£355 m

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