Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1959 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1959
Page 6
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MATT STUART HOPE STAi, tidfrl ""•" -"• -*-* 1 **— Graham Goes Crusade Plans DALLAS', Tex, (AP) — Evartgu- list Billy G-raham went ahead With his plans for a world crusade today In the face of nclVico by physicians .to curtail his activities bts- cattsc of on eye ailment. Ornham told reporters that ho Intends to go to Australia, Indonesia, Malaya, Cairo, Jerusalem and Berlin this year. ' -, He was interviewed aftett' making u zealous talk before the oco- ond Combined Texas Baptist World Missions and State Evangelistic Conference in the packed ill,500-scat Memorial Auditorium. Graham's illness earlier caused him to cancel a scheduled 'appear? ancc at the Dallas First; Baptist Church. ' ''*' "The program may be cut Somewhat by doctor's orders," Crahatn said of his projected tour, "but right now I plan to go." He had announced previously he would go to Rochester Tuesday -for •a check-up at a Mayo clinic Instead of leaving for the West Coast en route to Australia. Graham insisted he felt all right (but "there's something wrong with; one o£ my eyes." "But I don't know what it Is," he continued. ''Tne doctor told me what it is — a long technical name — but I think he's as confused as the Republicans are these days." "I spent two days in doctors' of ficcs and about mid/iight last * RKNSAS r ' /;YI , . '>' ; Jy,1¥J-*-i| >.$, "<£}*& I _L'/^."^H Under the Articles of Confederation, which governed the infant United States from 1781 to 1789, there was no chief executive. The "president" was the.'officer who presided over the congress .created by the articles. It was not until the Constitution went into effect in 1780 that there came into cx- istancc the office of president as we know it today. ; j © Encyclopedia ErHannica j ill Discuss Berlin Crisis By JOHN 'M. WASHINGTON (AP)— President moves. -^ • •< - - • ! *1. in holes to the United". States and 26 other couhlri&s that foughl NaSti forces, in World Wai?-.tl,,thjj Soviet government proposed a '28' ha'lion conference to meet at Warsaw or Prague in two months to write a German peace treaty. Tho 12 ipage note was accompanied by a 25-page detailed outline JUT a treaty, including provisibri 'for Upon Soviet Deputy Premier Anas las I. Mikoyan this week that the iWcstcrn allies have no intention of abandoning West Berlin or creating a neutralized Germany. . to 'impms withdrawal of Western and Soviet troops from Germany' and a ban on German membership ih ally •military alliance. West Germany is a member of NATO, 2. In a second note Saturday Elsenhower and Premier Nkiita night, the Soviet Union called for Khrushchev's top deputy will meet at the White House late this week, following further policy discussions between Mikoyan anci Secretary of States 'Dulles, The Soviet visitor met with both Dulles and 'Vice President Nixon a Week ago before starting his present tour around the country. Interest in the forthcoming discussions was sharpened over thu wceked by two surprise Moscow night I got orders not (o p^ach," he said of his cancelled church appearance. "I don't have cancer. I've had no heart attack; I haven't had a stroke and I'm 'not' blind ' Graham said he will speak today at a luncheon to about 1,100 business men and tonight before thq church group. Grahams father-in-law, Dr. b. Nelson Bell of Montreal, N.C., cabled Australia that the eye aliment is a "rare and serious condition brought on by excessive work, strain and stress." Dr. Bellsaid Graham's eye was examined at Louisville,, ky,, Friday, where he addressed the Baptist Theological Seminary, The 'evangelist told his Dallas resumption of East-West talks on the problem of preventing surprise attack in the nuclear missiles age. The United Status Responded promptly wilh a slatp iment saying it favors resuming the talks — whirh broke down at Geneva Dec. 18 — but wants an agreement with the Soviet Union on the rage of problems they should deal with. Both notes were received at the ?Stalc Department Sunday. But even before the German peacs treaty plan came In, officials said on the basis of a Moscow announcement Saturday that it Was clearly unacceptable. One of the 'provisions of the So- auclicnce that the world mustjviet plan- for Germany was tliat solve its 'problems quickly," West Berlin should be converted noting that Oak Ridge scientists into ah Unarmed free city until had told him the hydrogen bomb-East and West Germany are re- now is obsolete and that we have united.: Pending; unification, tlis ton utld-.othei' cities has giveh fid evidenSe of fch^e^l' Viet policy on German ' If Mikoyah came hefcf With really new proposillohs of co sions in' his pocket they &re Still there, but many (US. officials feel that he* may spring a surprise when he sees Elsenhower, The basis of this reasoning/£ that Soviet leaders, , tiotabTy Khrushchev, have made no effort to hide their dislike of Secretary Dulles, It Is felt, therefore, that if Khrushchev had an important card to play he would prefer that, the play 'be .made to Elsenhower rather than Dulles. Mikoyah's visit wilh Nixon ap« parcntly was cordial. Their discussion included a tentative invlta' tion for Nixon to visit the Soviet Union, but the vice president o> plied that would toe difficult to arrange. FOR NATIONAL MONUMENT HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — A resolution Urging that Arkansas Post be designated <» a national historical monument was adopted at the closing session of the Arkansas Press Assn. here much deadlier weapons. We arc living in a world stricken with conflict, frustration and confusion. We're living in a time of revolutions, and they are get- proposed peace treaty would be made With both: the Communist East German regime which, the Western powers have declined to recognize • , and. the. anll-Commu ting•'closer and closer to us all the j nist West German regime, time,'' Graham, continued. ] Mikoyan in his talks in Washing POWERMOWER - LOWEST PRICE EVER — $64.50 $5 Down — $5 Month 19 - In, 2'/t HP MONTGOMERY WARD CATALOG SALES OFFICE 212 S. Main — Hope, Ark. ' "You want any answers," the man with the rifle said, "go scratch for them." Chapter I i Johnny Hock made grumbling - -Sundown was less than an hour' comment without turning or look- away when Gil Yeager cleared the ing up Snonbtony of the far-running scorched-brown desert and put nis horse to the swift uplift of the ;tirriberdark country ahead. "All right — all right I'm busy — but what do you want?" "Grub first Johnny. After that the loan of a gun." JP " '> his' Ih ^ /Erect in his saddle he showed Grunting as though he'd beon shoulders, that were gaunt but hit in his fat middle Johnny Hock straightend and came around all :n one move. For a moment held by surprise he merely stared. Then he bounced to his feet, "Gil Gil Yeager" He crossed the room with a rush and yanked down the window shade. Next he was at the door pushing Yeager aside so that he might turn the key. After which he wrung Yeager's hand again and again all the time gruffly scolding. "Man, what are you and- he was markedly spars and, tight-belted about the middle ;;like one who had traveled far and Jfast' on scant rations. And whilo his'glance now reflected o swift pleasure as though finding here 1 a. return to something well longed ;for -there was couched» in nis "angular 'weather-blackened lea- w * tures a settled overlay of wary '',~,;iharshness The tough shadow of this - same bleak reticence lay in deep-ret stone-gray eyes. His gear showed hard usage and i -^7 "7,. his' clothes were worn to a faded ^'Jt.'tfraggedness. The bundle of posses|/' • '!, 'sions r tied behind his*saddle cantle was • meagerly thin. •Here presently the way led ,i7 ',„through a marshy meadow tucked "*'., '{ in,", the' timber agninst \he hill ° t ji ; slope »and here a cold triclde uf - 1 *"" &•>spring water was trapped in A > ,f small pool. After the brutally ',?.* £ : \thirs'ty miles of the desert both *_'V S rider and horse drank thankfully. J ,'iy Moving on he came after an;1 }\4other •• short climb to the fence. •«~ t'v/^ e V^ built the three strands '•', ''>sW 'barbec-Mvire made a tautly ;'>•„ 7 { 's-tr'etched barrier. Equally , new i ' < ''was'the sign^nailed to the_ trunk t / „,.. of - a" towering 'pond'erosa" "pine >!*t THIS-TRAIL IS CLOSED! " ' , by order of , ;r.HE> SUMMIT LAND & , , A-,' CATTLE CO, •'^Meade Bastian Mgr, here You asking to be locked up again Don't you know Klint Hyatt's got a $500 reward dodger out for you" ' "Yeah, I know about the dodger, Johnny. I've been tearing it down all the way from Two Rivers to here." Nothing funny about it that I can see," growled Johnny Hock severely. "Whais your idea, showing here" "I wrote you that I'd be back." "I just couldn't figure you ever catching up with Shad Emmett, You did, though And he talked 1 Yeager nodded. "Enough. Now. how. about that grub — and a gun" "The grub makes sense," Johnny Hock said. "But I don't like the idea of the gun. That sort of thing can earn you more trouble.' Menus to Be Served in Local Schools Menus this week in Hope Public Schools: Monday — Lima beans with vi- ennas, butter cabbage,, carrot strips, onion rings, cornbread, butter, cookie, milk. Tuesday — Lunch loaf; green beans, buttered corn, hot rolls, butter, honey, j^llo, milk. Wednesday — Turkey,' dressing 1 , gravy, peas and carrots;- -slaw, biscuits, butter, applesauce, milk. Thursday — Cream of tomato doing 1 soup, crackers, turkey salad sandwich, carrot strips, peanut butter cookie, milk. Friday -r- Salmon loaf, whipped potatoes, cabbage and carrot salad, biscuit, butter, apple cobbler, cheese, milk. '"Brownie" he told his I Unrik I'll fear it down" ' har.se News Briefs KANSAS CITY cAP)^-William StLrman Pollard, 93, fofmer mayor of Fayetteville. Ark,, died Friday night. Pollard became an attorney for the Frisco Railroad -at Fayetteville and in 1910 was transferred to tha legal office here. He retired in 1932. His single term as Fayetteville mayor began in 1896. MAGNOLIA. Ark, (AP) — The American Mothers Assn.' has launched a 'search : for Arkansas _. , , , Mother of the Year." Mrs, Lester There was a big bowl of savory Dawson of Marked Tree was last • ' To.this he got a swift startling, *~ * answer, * ,~: j - /'Not today mister" ' '^ , Yonder past the .fence a man •-_*; stood^half^concealed behind the rV* *, shade^ly^blole of "J another ' lofty »., i»i"'pine a l -rnan-v>with'.a^rif}e couched -~ * r 'across his arm. ~ 'V-*' ( ,'So-o" drawled Yeager thinly, .• j. , "That' % s the way things are eh?" i ^That's exactly the way they 'I - " areft.came- the blunt retort. *> t , Yeager *t°ok another look at the 'A' v* sigrp¥;Meade Bastiati, A new one. '• ,'|,"Used-lto'.be*a fellow named Rand * '' ,-^-BricK Rand who' bussed that -'}' t thieving outfit. Somebody kill ;* T }jim? J£ they d|dn"'t |hey should „'„ i r have,v»;^''" ' * ' t rjl U "vVou;,\vant, any answers" the ! ^ tC-.nn tttiiVt tVio riflo cairl *'f*n with the rifle scratch' for them," said "go 'Slrrtmcring Yeager reined off Jjirough" We g)ooming\timber par- jig the run pf, th<? fence. He n no idea ,how, far, the wire ' , ~" \ •would,,, reach. ' b,utj certainly X' !rVason4 fl° fair tflan Missi e"' and thfi^tage and 4- -Jt ' YfiS-fuWyV , , _, if rea5he4"I4iss»pn prade and turned "ft tnw'lt ''IA<T. evening;? first stars ••- \ye'r^.}}igh -and glittering by 'he 'tyn^yias'wea^y horse put the last n/ th&'Vrad.e's dusty climb behin'l tg, ))oofs an4 across . \he ol M stw the the i . gi fMScarora becHoned. C^'r'^onjjng in on ttwr town there "I €' beyond pie .yellow square of a windov/ of an open door . « W.»Pk bulk of ygi the sight sent a gust of eagerness through Yeager. her? wes home range and h?'d away and the returmg We stew, several thick slices of bread, a generous wedge of pie and a jug of hot coffee. Though his hands trembled with a famished eagerness, Yeager ate slowly, and as the much-needed nourishment'" began to take hold, he steadied and relaxed, and the lines of his face softened and lost some of their harshness. "And after grub and a smoke, it's sleep for anyone who looks as fagged as you," Johnny Hock said. "There's a bedroll in the back room, Go turn ,in. Come morning we'll talk things ovoy some more." "Morning ' exclaimed Yeager. "No, John, not morning. Tonight. J got to see Judge Carmody. Can you get him down here" "Probably — >f I can make him understand how important it is." Yeager came swiftly around, the line of his jaw pulling taut. "Tell him it's as important as a rnan's good name and his liberty; as his right to walk among other men, free, and with a cleared record. Tell him that, John." "Then I'll get him down here," Johnny Hock promised. "I'll get him if I have to hog-tic him and lug him over my shoulder." ''Fine! Now, how's for that gun" "What do you .want it for''" "To round up Klint Hyatt and bring him here. J want him in en this, to." Johnny Hock went into another of the desk drawers and came up With a heavy calibered sj>:- Shooter. He handed it over with a shade pt reluctance. "You won't run wild, will you" Yeager hefted the gun, then shoved it down inside the waist band of his faded, ragged jeans "No wilder than it takes to make Klint Hyatt stand btill \vhile year's winner. LITTLE ROCK' (AP)—Arkansas Power & Light Co.'s expansion arid construction budget this year totals 291/2 million dollars — the largest in five years. President R E. Ritchie said the budget, including 16 millions for APLs new generating plant at Helena, was sharply increased^ becauso of construction of new production facUi« ties. LITTLE RQcir*(AP>—The Arkansas Legislative Council has r«* commended that one million dolt lars a year be diverted from the State Medical Center to the Wel« fare Department, and that the Ia> ter assume the duty of selecting charity patients for the center The recommendation was made nt the final meeting of the council Saturday, in with caution cii> fling un|U the rancid odqrs of Hock's freight and stage . $«J porrals Uted strong nostrils. Here he unsaddled i* hprse into a feed cor- £9ck,e-d Us scant) gear on gathers much in the way of ey. John- But he dees take on ft thick rind of cajlpus. So, if you want to see what another tpu&h one looks like,' Consider me See you soon." He went along the walk and was just ghort of fye store's open door when two people stepped from it, to pause for a moment in the flare of light, A clear glimpse of one of thppn WJrte Yeager whirl close against the store front and lose h}fp.self in the: darkness there. Laurie Benedict! Her head wa? turned, her fgc<j to the light as she smiled at what ner companion was saying, Her hair lay smooth and glpssy about her head, and the curyg of her chin and ttayoat was as Isultit less and Jovely a line as ever- Her companion, a compactly do for Judge Carmody hears the truth j built, lithe-moving man, was a of things" ' ~* : - **" --* - *™ -*"And you," Johnny Hock caur tioned, "you keep an eye out Jor OUie Ladd, even more than you Hyatt. For when you stranger in Ypager's eye?. his face wa? partially in shadow. Yeager got the jmpression ot an aquiline cast of feature and a glint of whit? tpeth as a low- clubbed Ollje down during your' forced remark ra,n oft into 3 light iailbreak. vou left him with i lanr.h i jailbreak, you left him wilh a wiixdw he paused ' large-size hate which he wUJ The pair sauntered away up Uie forever, Wm bemg the sort he is. street and apross tp the Siunmit He's made talk of what he'd do to House, there pausing for a rno- you, should he ever meet up *vith meni in ^he lights °f the pt>rs;U. you again." A|t er v/hich Laurie entered the the d o o r \v a y. Yfa^ei hotel, while the man same back a hand, mirthless grin j thrqugh the darkness of the street, "A moa y« the dudyu IICVXT j (Tg §; ggnjifl^sq 1 ,) best tobacpo the best srnoke ff, ft s eveiy for 1O- straight toteife published eigar§tte saleg figures* prove that Qamil continues its IQ'yea? leadership over every other eig&' -* §y§ry filter, every king'§i^e» every regular, The is clear ; the esstly Caroel blend of ehsiee quality 1858 by USUK y, M, ^o^l^ Uie Turkish and 4pKte$@e tofeaseai has never &§§« No other fiiprette eaii briwg you the rieh flavor, th§ eas^goi»g mildness, the dowrtright comfert of Today ag alwap, the best tobacco mate the tes a real cigarette-have a CAMEL

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