Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 12, 1959
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» V ' 7-V.y-r '• » ^^r«7'j'^.'>' v f 1%^V*W>^I5V:^^^^^ "'«>>•• f Li / F * i T •£<• * Vc 'i^t. ' V^**~% i •*! ** ^ , J * * * -,f , S"}, t <,£? i t"*-' * L *\ t f , ifj v # i * i / ^J •'••'••-' *: - i «* v 1 --v:-" > ly • v.t^ H e P E § T A ft , HOPE, ARKANSAS i this.is yotif netvsp&pef Writs jfa ,\l t Letters criticizing Ihe edf- ' 6f commenting upon hews columns, 6r* . . Welcome. Every writer sign his-nkme and ahd- 'Ce§s"*,but publication of nump Withheld If requested. 'Mr. eidr|dg e ,The Star! 1 read with > »' interest,, your. Jotter which appear*';,'- l ed'today in the Toxarkana Gazette jt' entitled "An open letter to High- .P. «»'•«» "jChairmnn"Glenn Wallace." out Hieing the least critical, ' ',,and belieye'.me I am on your side, ";,.! am,-wondering Mf your approach ^'is hot wrong. In your letter you '', stale that you ,did not run the ed• l »dtorlal' "by Mr. Htissman because t you -knew him ,(<Edi Note: mean' ing Wallace) .personally .and, was ., y, f confident*, that he would do the jj£ i'igh\thing,.If.he,is that type man, !i*-/> then, we, who are"on the same side if.*/of -thisMssiie, 'should not undertake! to "force his Vesignation, but .j should encourage him to .remain. Coufse" 1 .! 1 do. not know Mr. . . \Vall hce^l 1 .,personally v — only by -i-eplttation'- 1 ^- a'nd ( if may ^e that We find this soufce ,and expose it with wrathtiii Vcngonee. If we should return to conditions that eJtistod prior to the 'Mack-Black- Well amendhienl, this stale 'Will be retarded (Wbnty-tivc years because it twill take that long to rectify the situation -— it look thai long before. As a citi/.en, with' some khbw- lodge nf polllics in llus sftilc, I am cttnvinccd thai Mr, Eldntlgc resigned bncauso Of political pros' sure. It his reasons for resigning were personal, he is the type of man who would have said so, for. the reason that, by keeping silent j the Commission and 'by your letter, Mr t Wallace — Is being subjoclcd lo criticism of (he severest kind. If the commission nol know lhal already, and •IP- 'into "'the!vh'a'nds of the critics of [!-; the •xhlrYg'&SMrV'Eiaridge stood "for Hf < in- his^a'dmrriistration.' in 1 - his-Xdrhiriisti'ation. that", it be T/5 (.I 1 ' 1 "}; 'I. f.bUgtgtJbl. UllHl.il 111X51 UK '&,• determine^.' Jtrtiy Mr. • Eldridge ' rc- i,V t "signed.;t;irfhe'-did'~so .because of ft- J (personal rreVspns,"; he had "a per- ^u; ifect""right tq'do' so, and we should i,\'* 1 ibe'gin / a'' campaign. to r see^ that' the * Commission* employs another man hfs-type. "If "he .resigned because ,, . 'f ^ 'of f political ''pressure — from any " •,/- ' ox>litical*:s'ource r !-whatever"'-in this * ' did his reasons had been personal, lit would have said so to avoid the criticism. Hence, 1 can reach but one conclusion — political pressure from some source. Mr. Eldridge is silent — the Commission is silenl, and it could avoid that criticism by making known his reasons if they be personal. As a citizen, with some knowledge of politics in this State, I am left in the dilemma of determining the source of this pressure. Whatever it may be worth, 1 I am • convinced that it stems from the present administration — not particularly from the Governor — but from his leaders with his permission and approval. I do not desire to state that this conviction is based upon .personal knowledge; As a citizen, I am willing to contribute to a fund which will get before the •people of this State the present conditions toy someone that knows more about it than I, arid I know that the people- will respond. 'Mr. .Eldridge is not so popular personally, but what he stood for is. highly respected and the TWICE AS FAST AS SOUND—The Navy's newest all-weather interceptor, the F4.H, files near St. Louis, Mo. Powered by two J-79 jet engines, the plane Is said lo by twice the speed of sound. It will be produced by McDonnell Aircraft. , ' i 36 Persons Die in Plane Crash in Brazil TUO D'E JANERIO. Bra/.il (AP) —Thirty-six persons were killed when a West German airliner crashed and burned Sunday as it attempted a landing in heavy rain at Galeao Intelnalional Airport. Three crew members Wore the people want it. The things he stood onl >' survivors Seven other crew : ... , _, , f ,,_ .memnors hnri v.H nns«pnp - :-TS ^A;pl•f> for and his type of conduct of the affairs of our State Highway Commission is the thing in which I deeply interested in seeing members and 29 passengers were killed. Among the dead were (he Ame 1 '- ican pilot, Capt. Wren McMains, 48, of Stamford, Conn., and 2-1- year-oJd Countess Maria Elenii Kottulinsky of Vienna, the daug'i- ter of .Princess' Ileana of Romanin who now lives in Newton, Mass'. Count Jaroslav Kottulinsky died with his wife. The four-engine Super Constellation of the Lufthansa Airline WHS en route to Rio from Europe and maintained. , This is my first . — and as far as know will be my last. letter loan editor — and I consider it an honor to me that you are the first. Yours sincerely, VAN JOHNSON Jan. 9. 1959 224 State iNat'l Bank Bldg. Texarkana, Arkansas Bingen The Star: Again I want to thank you for all you did to help make our celebration a success! The publicity' you : gave in the Hope Star was wonderful. Sincerely yours, Rufus D. Wolff Jan. 8, 1959 ' ' Post Office /. ... Bingen; Arkansas -:. > then' it us. imperative that T/oveJ Best, for Less on Ihe f- C. S.! finest travel service " -• ' TO'AND FROM ORLEANS-KANSAS CITY THRIFTRIP COACH FARES tOWEST m the Land! f DEP,OT PICKET OFFICE ' • T«lephon'« 7-265} for Reopening of Schools ^ LtfVLfi't Mlonil Assn. (AP) Tho for the Advance Market Pushes Early NEW (AP) — The stbek rc > mehl of Colored People loday a sit cd the federal courts to force re opening of the closed Little Rock public; high schols, The association asked for a rut hg that state antiintegcation acls under Which s Gov, Orval E. Fall bus shut down <'lhe schools wci'e UnconstilUlibnfll, , Such, a deci'ce apparently would permit the schools to be reopened. Attacked fn the petition filed hy NAACP attorney Wiley Branton nf Pine Bluff Were Acls Nos, 4 and 5 of last' August's special legisla live Session. Act No. 4 authorised Ihe gover nor to close schools thtcatened wilh integration. FaUbus used this power'to shut down the Little Rock high sch'ols last September and laler Little Rock residents voted against reopening them on an in mal-ket mounted a strong early push further Into record ground* today, ' Profit taking dueed many of the gains" tj this afternon. First hour volume was t oVer- a million shares with the ticker taya late for 42 minutes, falling' 4 min uteS behind flor ,trartgactions f al Worst, Gains and losses of key stocks went from fractions to about a point. The industrial section of the market was up model-ably. feuilrf irtg materials, eluetrofties, tobftfi do* '• ahd • airlines roge\ -Mo f d f s erased a String df -small feart/ .* Oils were lower arid ehern " afternoon with Den "Mother Mrs. Bill Beck and Mrs, James Oliver assisting^ The boys opened the meeting toy answering -roll", 'callS,wttH- "What I Got *;&>,. Ch"fistmas..','vDuring the business 'ifses'^ipn' 1 ithijj»': elected Bill ' tegratod basis. The schols arc still closed, • Act No. 5 permits public school funds to fer from .* ieats were mixed". Steoh rehialnfi irregularly higher. WoflferroUs metals were generally nheid. Inland Steel mad? a opoint leap shd Acme hStecl rose 3 points nU »he opening Acme pared a ft'fte"' tlon from the rise. •(Sains o£ about a point vvrfe had - b'y" Wolworth; Ph'elps Dodge and American Tobacco. •t Fractionally higher ' were Bct'i Ichem, t/.S. Rubber, United Aircraft, PhildO, International Nlckelt Allied Chemical, General Bloc trie, Santa Fe, American Airlines, Lorillard " and ! P'fizer. . U.S.? .gbvernmont .bonds nostly firm. •follow" pupil who districts where schools Oliver J. The 'i the month. welcome ' , *• THE NIWI5T BRI55IS YOU WANT AT THi PRl^i YQU W^HT! . _^ UNQWIAY6S • RAYQN^OTTQN SAUNA • WQYIN 6QTTON QINSHAM5 f ACITATI * SQTTQN PQNGii • ASiTATf hs, full flared dresses, shirt l4 bow?, scoop neeks, qnd dozens ts Ihot you'd oey^f expect to find St thi§ P^Jce m in new styles, new »T miss jrhis terrific Penney Plus Johnny IDedfeVn served refreshments " to Jerry and Gary Beck, David 'Pry, Billy Bay IHines, Bill Oliver and ' James Ellis Stewart who gave the invocation. The meeting was closed by 'David Pry leading the allegiance to he flag. MURPHYSBORO,.DECEMBER, 1957 —Possibly intended ' as a Christmas present a week later, a doll lies before a house swept from its foundation in Murphysboro, 111., by the Dec. 18 1957, tornado. The savage storm which swept, the small city in the south of'the slatg.left nine dead;'61' injured and 110 homes destroyed. 1 fo Mrs. McRae Entertains '37 Club Mrs. D, L, McRae Jr. entertained the ',37 Contract CUllb with a DesserWBridge al her home on Tuesday afternoon, A ipotted red poingetta was placed oa a table in the,.entrance hall and a lovely arrangement of pink gladiolus centered .the mantel. Mrs. ,'Ralph Gordon won the high score iprize. Mrs. J. H. Ro-bertson and Mrs. Carl Dalrymple were dessert guesl^ Other guests were Mrs. Wayne Jordan, Mrs. H. H. 'McKenzie, Mrs. Bill Dates, Mrs,- W. L. Isom and Mrs B, A. DeLamar, Eleven members were .present. repeated in unison. Den 8 Has Meetlpg Cub Scout Den 8 met Wednesday are closed to other public or prl vale schools and has been Used in the case of former Litlie Ro'ck high pupils, A special Ihree judge court would pass on the constitutional questions, Branlon's motion was filed In Ihe long pending suit which, led to a series of federal court decisibns for integration in /the Little Rock scholos, A court attache said, however, that in effect it is a new, com plainl. , ' , , f>, Branlon asked the " Inclusion Of a number of slstlo officials as ^cle iendants in the suit, .originally directed against the Litlie' ( .Rock School Board by a group Of. parent", of Negro children. S. Dislrlct Judge John 'E. Jambs ,'Ellisj'SteWdrf^as' thejr den chief and welcqrried< t him -with Iheir j en yelL'and'h'e igave'a shorl talk 1 ,.,.,. ... , ,, „- . . •n "Scouting" "and'-butlined Ihe Miller will-hold a preliminary, hear irogram to follow-to'become Wol-1 in ° on thc r mot ' on here next Sallu> Mrs.,'Burke Shelton has returned rom Little iRock where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Martha Palmer and. children and Nashville Tenn. 'wjiere she .visited another daughter, IMrs.'Raymond Ballister and family. / State Parole Officer L. L. Buchanan .attended the monthly meeting of the State iParole Board in Uittle Rock ,Wednesday. 'Mrs, Ernest- Cole and son, Bill, of Hot Springs'"have b'een guests in the home offRev..»and Mrs. W. R. Woodell. day morning. People 50 to 80 tear Out This Ad i f i ' . . .'and mall it .today to find oui how you can'still apply for a ?l,OpC(>. life -insurance policy',to help take c&'re v ' J of. final expenses without 'burdening your'family. ,\ ',J r J ' * You handle the entire transaction/' ,By;rpa'il 'with 'OLD AMERICAN #(_' 'KANS.AS. CITY. '.NO .obligation. NO.' .one'will call on'.you! t_/ •' ; ' \Vrite' today, pimply'giving, yotlr name, address and' age. Mail to Old American" Ins'. Co,-, '3 West 9thUP Dcpt. L103B,'. Ka'hsas' ! City/5MiS-'' ! " ' ' * * * "4" * "' "t srtilvt • • - ' » ' • A souri: . Scfence Shrinks Piles New Way Withoijt Sujcgjery Stops Itch—Relieyes Paiin; i New York, N. Y. (Special) — For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. > In case after case, while gently' relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results were so thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements ,lflce "File have ceased'to be,a problem! * The secret is a new healing substance- (Bio-Dyne*);~discovery of 'a world-famous'research instituted .This substance,is1 now available in 'suppository -or> ointmeM form under "the name -Preparation //,» At'your druggist.'Money back guarantee. < ''*.;' „' ' ' »B«g. U. S.'P»t OB. •Mr; and |Mrs. rJodie Garner had as their • Wednesday guests, Rev. and Mrs.,,J. C. Dickerson, of Russell ville.,' , ,, J, H. 'Bemis, -returned Wednesday from Phoenix', 'Ariz, where he visited his daughter, Mrs. Bob Pledger and • family^ Mrs, Bemis rc- mained-for a. "longe'r visit. Enroute home Mr, Bemis also, visited his daughter,, Mrs- Bobby Duke and family in "Midland. Texas, t;.^ .!•»>)>{ •MQ'.V-;- Mrs. Blanche Crohnell returned to Litt^ RocK Wednesday after ( spending seveial days at hei home i.home heie HOME LOANS TITLE 1' (Home* Improvement) • Conventional ] » 7 ;FHA t _ Build*— Buy — Repair — Remodel —'Refinance Ours la a .local Institution, "ovined and operated By local people, and we're here to help YOU, with your'loan, problems. We have many facilities and we invite-you to use'them. ' ' / . ,209 ;S.'Main St. .'tP'Kon'e -7-4661 at,. Jp, Music Club Meets With Miss Jane Nelson The Junior HVlusic Cliito met ,in the home of Jane Nelson on January 6 wit.h Carolyn i DanieV:..assist- in>g hostess. , The president called the meeting to order and the minutes and the roll call were read by the secretary. The next meeting will be in the home of Janet Bright on Feb. 3. The treasurer gave a re- jort. Three new members, Donna Mitchell, Janet iHUderbrand and Betty Tippit were welcomed. The program consisted of the following piano solos; "Swaying Daffodils" toy Donna 'Mitchell; and "Melody of Love" by lEmily OateS "Portrait o| Gresham" by Carolyn Paniel "Winter Wonderland" by Nancy Brotton, , The hostesses served coid drinks antl cookies after which the meets ing adjourned with the club pledge Africa. A wingtip struck the mu<3 oj the marsh at the edge of G,U9,n, apara J3ay about two /piles from the airport as the pilot tried to line up with a runway. ' It was Lufthansa's first fatal crash siace it began postwar operations in April 1955. 'This is the t§ rrif jc FREE fgotbook Hqldyqu about on TV" ,,, |Q SUUIVAN FREE! OFFICIAL! UP-TO-THE-MINUTE! 40 PAGES OF FACTS AND COMBATIVE PRICES ON 1959 CARS! COMPARISONS UKE THESE.., Jtyr .fill KOUB-ODW WHIU THIY iASTJ\T Y6UR DEALER'S

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