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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 12, 1959
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Asked on a tf.S. television prn. ,, gram j Sunday why the Batista -I followers were being executed without open trials, Castro said,' There wore not so many . . . two or. three dozen criminals." * They were judged," he said, adding that U anyone killed 15 or JJO people, he has no right to live." W The interview was recorded m Havana Saturday. *~* Correspondent Jules DuBois of Havana Saturday. Correspondent Jules DuBoisr of the Chicago Tribune reported that thp mutilated bodies of 1(50 anll- Balista prisoners were found Sunday in a mass grave on tho outskirts of San Cristobal. 00 miles west' of Havana. Military authorities in Mana- I aillo announced Sunday that Cub^ins will t not be allowed to witness the firing squad executions of Batista supporters. . But they will be allowed to see the bodies afterward. The announcement came afters a crowd of 3,000 attended the execution Saturday in Mancanillo of six Batista supporters convicted by' a military court. The announcement said public executions do not conform with our culture." M, In the television interview uastro repeatedly insisted trial tho provisional government is being guided by public opinion and not by force. ' He said his country is now and will remain a democracy, ore men of the law," Castro, a lawyer himself, declared. Castro said on the television Assembly to Get 1 ' r •,''' / f f > '' "> 'A &'' Integration Bills .1' 'i*,"'* "•-'-' •*"i From Faubus R.' STARR; *, LITTLE. "-ROCK * (API , Gov. NOT SECURE — Rebel chieftan Fidel Castro'holds a baby that was handed to him by a mother in the crowd that followed his victory march through H?vana, Cuba. Reports indicate that Castro's regime Is far from secure. His forces are searching for 500 rilles and ammunition that were believed stolen by rival revolutionaries and later given up. — NEA Telephoto. Kidnaped Chionchio Baby Is Found Alive and Healthy iit Apartment of Brooklyn jWoman Orvnl Ef .FaUbtis said today he sees no possibility that Little. Rock high schools will be reopened any lime in the foresooblc fuliire, Faubus made the statement at!or telling a news confei'once ho planned to offers three pieces of Integration legislation to thorl959 General, Assembly whlchj convened later lodoy, ,, „ ,-i (i ' The governor declined to J say vhnl form the new legislation mlqht take. In the past, 119? has Said he fell a package of scRrega lion lows 'pissed at an Atijjjusl, 1959, special legislative session was adequate, to handle the, m tograllpn problem. * k> * Under one of these lnwsj*.TTnu bus closed Ihe city's i four* high schools last Sept. 12 after thcftLS. Supreme Court refused a dolay'fin court-ordered integration, •',,'" Discussing a ruling -by l),''-''S, District Judge John E. ; , Mlllor^of Fort; Smith, who Saturday i-ga'vc the Little Rock Schpol Board */30 days* to produce a vvorkable-?>!n tcgrdtton plan, Faubus said--he thought school board members would be removed from office v 'it they attempted to reopen, tho schools on an integrated basis. • „ Faubus.sald it Ihe board worked out a plan satisfactory to all tho. people II is possible they could put It ,lnto effect without being removed. "But it .is difficult lo sec what plan they could devise lo fulfill those requirements," Faubus said Then he added with emphasis; "The people of Litlle Rock arc not going to accept integrated- schools at this'time, despite all the ,hull abaloo' created by such Integra tionist, groups as tho Women,'* Oregon Holds Man Wanted in Arkansas tfRAttTS PASS, OiW (AP) — A man charged With wounding n Woman In Arkansas was ai-roncd ih Grants, Pass, she-Hit's deputies anhouncod Saturday. 'Deputies,' sa'id , Raymond Vern VniMidf, 10,' signed n statement thnt he can-led a shotgun lnlo_Mrs. <Bess-le ^Duhcaii'.s stofe at College Slalion,* Ark., near Little Hock Tho officers quoted- Varncr a« sayingi his shotgun discharged nf- tor Mrs, 'Duncan fired al him with a revolver lo thwart a holdup attempt Jan, 5. Varner said he loll Little Rock for this southern Oregon to wo last Tuesday.- Deputies said they hud received Arkansas warrants charging Vainer with assault with Intent to kill and robbery. At Littlu Hock, hospital attendants said Mrs. Duncan, 3!), was iccovoring fiom a shotgun wpuiul In the chest. By GORGE SYVERTSEN NEW YORK (APi — The kid- program that his impressions ot napcc | Chionchio baby was found the United States improved last year when military assistance to ^P?f-' s ta, w a, s halted. !He added ho v<was,h^ppy/5the"'Uiiited'States \vas quick' to recognize the rebel regime. Directorate troops Sunday 'began moving out of the University of Havana and the board of governors was working on plans to ro- . open the university. It has been closed since Castro started his revolution. All public and private srhools. closed since before Christmas' '<?vvere ordered to reopen .today?. aliye and healthy "Sunday.,night In a.'Brooklyn apartment."The infant girl had been the object, of an intense' search since " .she was snatched from a hospital 2V 2 hours after her birth nine days ago. Police and FBI agents, acting on an anonymous tip, locnK'd the I The gasoline poured out Friday baby in the second-floor flat ot|when a storage lank collapsed at * rr* ' Gas Saturated City Back to 'Normal MONTICELLO,' Ark. fAP^TJi city has rclurned-Hii'li'o'rma^'aliler' an accident which spilled 6,500 gallons of. highly inflamable gaso-i lino into a six-block residential Weathei Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Monday, Hjeh 07; Low 22; No precipitation. ARK REGIONAL FORECAST; By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All seetions of Arkansas -- CoiT- siderable cloudiness and mild this tiftevnon, tonight and Tuesday. High this afternoon, near 00 central, northeast and portlWfest, low 60s southeast and sputhwd.it; low tom'ght, low to mid 40s central, near 40 northeast and northwest, mid 4Qs southeast and southwest. '• ARKANSAS; Cpnsidevaple ness this afternoon, tpriight and -Tuesday with no important change "tn temperature, Highest this ufte/' noon in low 60s, lowest tonight in •:V>s; highest Tuesday afternoon iiround 60, Jean lavarone, a 43-year-old divorcee and widow with sevpn living children. Her apartment is about !'/_> miles from St. Peter's Hospital where the child was kidnaped late Jan. 2. , - •» . The child was returned to the hospital. Authorities said she in good condition." The youn£/es.t baby ever kidnaped here, she wa* taken before her parents had thu chance to have her bapti7.ec) Lisa Rose." Mrs, lavarone denied the We) naping and claimed the child h hers, police said. They quoted nor as sayin& she had delivered tbc baby unattended in hoi? apartment Jan, 2, Chief of Detectives Jnrnep ft Leggett said the woman would bi- booked on a kidnaping charge. First positive identification «j the baby was, announced by tht. FBI, quoting the father, F.-ank. Chionchio, 2H, a lawyer for tlic iPort of New Yowrk -Authority, said he recognized the baby on tho basis of a general - family resemblance" and a small scar over the left eye he had noticed the night the baby was born. a bulk plant owned toy Bennie 'Rayburn of Mpnticello. There was no evacuation of the area but two industrial plants suspended operations while firemen washed awgy the fuel with fire hoses. The all-clear was given Saturday by Fire Chief Louie Miller, We were lucky," Miller said, One match-J2ould have caused a lot of trouble." Emergency Committee to Our Schools," Open Fabus said at was possible that, after .observation of Integrated schools in other sections, "it* might ho shown that integration could ,b'<> accomplished with an) Improve ment-in race relations and with^u* standards in the schools. "But this hasn't been shown yot, whether in the north, east, south or west, where they have Integra t ed schools," he said. The governor declared he would never be a leader in bringing about integration. "But when the people are ready I will not object," he said. Fnubus made the comcnts a fow hours before non opening of the Legislature, which devotes its fleet Search on for Cargo Plane With 9 Aboard ANCHORAGE, Alaska CAP) — Two U.S. -Coast 'Guard, nutters were searching today for a huge C12-I Air Force cargo plane lieved dovvii with nine men ribonrd in the vicinity ot the rugged Kena Peninsula's s'ouUiciislcnr- tip. A Coast Guard spokesman al Kodiak said the cutter Storis was dispatched- from Kodiak, and tho Sedge was sent out from Cordova. The Globcmastor piano was lasl heard from"; as it approached Homer, 125 miles southeast of here, for an emergency landing with two of its four engines out. It never arrived at Homer, which is at the 'base of a 5,200 fool mountain range. The Coast Guard :;nid the plane had radioed its trouble and an % amphibious plane intercepted it,' The escort plane, however, lost the Globomastor because ot bad weather. The stricken transport, according to tlm-Cofist-Gutird^cW^s 'fly ing ' Proposal Is Defeate by a Vote of Senate , Jf •< . fl .t> V '!itt\ ' March of Dimes Drive Starts 5uQ« loot. MARCH OF DIMES enough to clear the snow-covered peaks. Officials theorized th'e pilot might have lurned ojick lo sea and ditched in Ihc Gulf of Alaska. •The Air Force planned to send up two a'mphibious planes nnd two helicopters and the Coast Guard was -to have another two amphibians to aid in the .search, Tho C12-) was based at Travis Air Force Base in California, it took off from McChord AFB in Washington shortly after noon THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE BY THg ASSQCIATfR PRESS High Low |'F. •Albany, clear 22 J2 Albuqiierque, glpnr 45 ?9 Anojiorage, cloudy 8 A Atlanta, Qlepr ' 51 t-1 fijismarck, cleap 35 13 • Boston, clear -28 29 Buffalo, cloudy 26 24 ,05 Chicago, cloudy 33 ?8 Cleveland, cloudy ?4 13 . Denver, cleai' 0 g,9 'Des Moines, cloudy 35 28 Detroit, cloudy g6 J§ Fort Wortli, cloudy 61 48 jjelcnc), cloudy • 40 23 fndianapoUs, cloudy 3(3 2g j^jisas Pity, clear 47 31 Los Angeles, cloudy 76 53 f&puisvillq, gloudy 43 27 Memphis, cloudy 63 41 Miami, clear $1 51 Milwaukee, clear 3g 19 Mpls.-St. Paul clear ? V 9. 18 New Orleans, clpay 5J §,0 Npw York, clear $5 ?5 Oklahoma, City, clou,dy 57 38 Omaha, clear 20 13 Philadelphia, cleav 37 25 Phoenix, clear 72 48 , Pittsburgh, clear 26 H ortland, MQ., clqgdy 2"9 18 •ortlaud. Ore., rp'ii) 51 45 .91 Hapid City, clear 5.8 21} Richmond, clear 4,6 18 S,t, LO.UJS, cloudy 44 34 Salt Lake City, cle$? 52 28 Saji picgo, clear 74 52 S,an FriiWiseo, j.-aijj. G5 5,8 Battle, nun ' 52 40 Tamp.a, plcur 59 3,5 Violent Death Takes Nine in Arkansas By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Nine persons died violently In Arkansas during the week which ended last midnight. Traffic accidents killed two per» sons, shotings three, fire two, one person was asphyxiated acci« dentally and one was crushed in a trailer accident, J, S. Smith, ao, of Heber Springs | was killed yesterday when Ilia -feel very happy," Chionchio-! pickup truck and an automobile collided on state Highway 16 about three miles east of Heber Springs, State Trooper Fred Beach said Smith was traveling alone. The driver of the auto, Edward Gaither, 20, of Quitman, escaped injury, the trooper said. Two passengers in GajLher's car-HWrs- Gaither, iu, and her twin sister, Carolyn Lindsey—suffered rn.iiW injuries. Near Hot 'Springs Ppnnie J Rf b« bins, Q4, of Buckville, was crush' ed to death as a trailer overturn* as he left the hospital to rejoin his wife, Frances, 28. 8!io has been staying with her parents in. Brooklyn, Leggetl said the baby certain. ly" is the Chionchio child. He indicated the footprint o( tho baby found in. the apartment matched the footprint of the Chionchlu baby taken shortly after birth. He said the comparison was okay." Tho blooa typo of thu bauy was identical with that of ivirs Chioa- ghjl'o, the FBI said, but did not correspond to Mrs. Iavarou»'.s. Leggett stiid medical examination showed that Mrs. lavdrone did not bear a child nine days ago. e said tho woman took good care 1 of the baby. She ha.il plenty pi pxperienct- caring for children of her own," he said. Qfiicials at St. Peter's said the baljy weighficj 7 jjo.unds, 1 ounce When it was returned to thp hospital. Th.e Cliionchio infant \yeighe4 7 p,oHn4§ a,t birth. Afrs. luvarone is g bk-ached- blondo, 5 feet li, weighing about HO pounds. Leggett said Mrs, Ia\arone. a department stoi\£ omp'oye, luid been married twice and had eight phUdren. The youngest is i Tile oldest, a 23-year-old s>on, died last ed on him Friday night. Deputy Sheriff Q. N. Wajter? said Robbins was trying to free the trailer which l).ac) become ed in mutil an i{ rural /, H, Here Today he syid. first niHrria',1 1 , lo John jjojjert Gt'tch, ended in divunx- said; nnd her .second hus- Peter Moivllu, died tup band, years ago. ^'he use of the nym<? 1. H. Beauchamp, aged 78., early M.onday "J 3 lo,yal hospital,. lie w.as u resident of tliie B.ieyi,n.! Rl, 1 area. Survivors include lu's wife Mrs, Emma Beauchamp, y soj), of Te*arkan,a; t\yp dauglvters. B.eaue!\ump of NashyiUe, Tennessee ond Mrs, y?mia.Bj J. Blevins. .j5vrvii-.es \S'ip by l\,eld at ay t.t Pr.u.ce p. m, ^ not jmmecU,yicly e,\- 1 t-utl. vi of Bteyins by tli,e g.e-v. J. ft', ar.p in ,ei},!jrg(. day to organization and' prqpnra (Sunday bound for Kodiak, Alaska. tion for the governor's third term "' " J "'' crin "' J " "' '" naugration tomorrow. The lawmakers apparently stand •eady to follow Faubus when he nsks for additional laws to support lis battle against public school in .egration. Although unanimity etc, 6th gruf LR . IBC Ordered Dissolved by High Court WASHINGTON (AP) — Thp Su promo Court todcy upheld a lower ?ourt ruling requiring dissolution of the International Boxing Clubs of,.New York and Illinois, The ruling, by U.S. Dist. Judge Sylvester J. Ryan in New York, also held th? Madison -Square) Garden Crop, and its majoity stockholders— James p, Norris of New York and Arthur M, Wirty. of Chicago— along with the two clubs had violated the Sherman Anti trust Law. Justice CJark delivered the Su promo Court'? 53 decision. Jus tjco Harlen disented, joined by Justices Frankfurter and Whittak er, Justice Stewart took no part. Judge Ryan found the defend ents had monopolized interstate cpmrneree j n the professional box ing championship field through in Jerlocking corporations, ownership of stadiums, and contracts with boxers. Is'orris and Wertz were told to se}l their more than 50,000 shares of stock in the Garden, were pro hibited from acting as officers of Vhe Garden corporation, and were limited to promoting two chain plonship fights yearly. TJiey appeaje4 dirPPtly to the Supreme Court, asking reversal of Ryan's ruling; Their eoun the Wglj cowrt Judge sej . Ryan's deprce \yas so severe thai .a twicea.vyeek television fight sp r|e§ was jeopardised. It carried 34,500 pounds of cargo. , Officials at Travis said the plane left there with 10 men aboard, but one man got off at McChord, Reported missing wore seven crewmen aivl an extra pilot and navigator attached lo the 8th Air Transport Squadron. It was the second Air Force transport to go down in thu same general area recently. A C54 with 15 a'board crashed lust month against a punk just across Cook Inlet from Homer. All died. Gomden Gets Okay on Housing Project CAMDEN, Ark. (API—Camden has obtained approval for a proposed $750,00(1 low - rent housing project, John Stinson, chairman of the Camden housing Authority, announced yesterday. •Stinson said authorization of the project and prelimh''ary financing has been received from the Public Housing Administration in Fort Worth, Tex. Construction of the 40-duplox project probably will begin this spring, he said. • — Stai Photo & Ii!ngi-»v!ng8 A CHART SHOWS the progress of the March of Dimes drive In Hempstead which has a goal of $5,900. Money on hand today at the start of the drive Is $550 as being pointed out by Ray Hughes at the bottom and Dale Dunn, co-chairmen of the campaign. Symington in Challenge to Nixon WASHINGTON (API— Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo; challenged Vice President INlxon today lo prove the United Stales is now ahead of Russia in ballistic mis silos. American Air Line Flights to Be Resumed WASHINGTON (AP) — American Airlines planned to resume half its flights today under a nov, contract that could earn $28,440 a year for some Jet pilots. The contract, approved Sunday 'Symington told the Senate thai ended the, last In a scries of na if Nixon*made, (in observation to Uonnl airline strikes. > .Iha.Uol'Iecti^it^ii; >.npt,, co.n.-eq.U-rnnd Since ^-October, - walkouts 'hava' T do 'hoT'-luibw u single impartial, disrupted flights by Etislern Air expert in Ihe missile field who! Lines, Trans World Airlines, Cup- |ilal Airlines and American at various limes. \ Alter the 22-day American strike ended, the company immediately .started partial service. A full schedule of /lights was expected Tuesday. The Air Line Pilots Assn., which called the strike against American, estimated the selllomcnt would net its 1,500 pilots a l!i per cent pay increase and a total of five million dollars in retroactive pay. The contract dates back to August 1957. A union spokesman said the captain of a Boeing-707 jet, which American plnns lo start usinrj later this month, could earn $28?4'!0 a year. A Convair captain, tho spokesman added, could earn $17,- B92 o year. The old contract would have given him $15288 a year. American, before the strike began Dee, 19. had offered a pay ju- croafo of 10 per cent, the union spokesman said. The now'contract also provides would support it." Tho senator is a former See re tary of the Air Force under Pros! dent Harry S. Truman and n membar ot the Senate A r m c d Services Special Space Commit tees. He look 'issue with information given newsmen Sunday that Nixon soys the United States is ilhead of Russia in developing mil ilary missiles and is catching up fast in other phases of the space race. Symington called on Nixon to provide in percentage the number of operational ICBM's the United Steles will have al thu end of this year compared with the number U.S. Intelligence estimates the So viets will have. Symington, mentioned often as a potential Democratic candidate J'or the presidency, spoke out in tho Senate shortly alter Nixon left his place as presiding officer. The question of where the Unit ed Slates stands in the space race Johnson Thinks His Compromise Bill Will Pass WASHINGTON (AP^jdlip lie today voted doWiyjjBjp^i 0 lot filibusters againsj?' rights bills and other cut off by vote ot a bare 'i of the senators. The defeated proposal was'-toi I'orecl by Sen. Paul II,' Douglas l-D-lll) in ibehalf ot a coalition *~" Northern and Western fighting a formula sponsored^ Democratic Leader Lyndon -\ Johnson OD-TcxJ. - ' The Douglas plan would permiUcd a majority of the. ate, or BO of the 08 members, ;lo, liall a filibuster after 10 days'tallu^ tier present rules, it takes iihd'^ votes of BO senators or two thirds,*^ of the membership, to shut oft^de'V bate and force an issue to a yotcT, $ Johnson's proposal, which"; luyj \™ 1 ho support of other Scnate'^lcadV 1 ers of both parties, would < allow., -\: filibusters lo be choked off by,two-4f. thirds of Uie senators present and *•£ voting. i. ,'iv"; With the defeat of the Douglas ^ a m e n d m e n I, its supporters 'ifij planned., to throw their "stre'nelh'^ behind ah amendment, u n d c r ^ which filibusters could be chokcdVt iby three fifths of the senators^ present and voting. 't , j J- M -V^ They insisted that this.'.amcnd"^ men I,- proposed by Sen. Thruston'.j^ Morton (R-Ky), stood Ja)''U-eaUl chalice of adoption. Ho.wavp.fljj" " ' alorsr'backiiiig tho J(jhns§fi^|c .ilt'9.^^^-'kVy:,Pl>9Sft^fi | l^ftfifel l ' i 'PWi!' Would 'prevail. . V,.? ,\ During tho debate Johnson^ ,.„ Douglas tartly he believed all scn-^i, ators feared the Illinois senator's?; 1 ^ proposed rules change, although" " some were prepared to vote for it/5, In the final 'speech before the" vote, 'Douglas called Johnson's',; proposal and said the American people into I ing they arc gelling, when they are getting nothing at'5,4 all." ^.../jj'jf Johnson interrupted lo say/bo,'if never had called it a compromise/** 1 S He pointed out that it had 40 spon- v f| sors. . ' '* T / r 7« Tho 'Senate met at 10 a.in.J "f (EST), two hours eqrly, in an ef."/^ Continued on Page Three ' »; is expected to come under re | a third pilot for jet crews. Cur- nowed scrutiny in both the Senate and House this session. Final Rites for J, O. BaberSunday Final rites for John Otto Baber, • -• - --• o resident of Ozan svho died af his' lliin " a struck ptn-l member the home Friday night, were held at |' evelu ' (? f|-0| n «ny extra business rent piston plane crews comprise two pilots and one flight engineer. The strike cost sq estimate;! loss of 33 million dollars to tho company, its suppliers and their employes. American is a member of a mu- lual aid pact of six airlines. Under this agreement, the airlines 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Ozan Methodist Church by the Rev. Louis and Bruce Beene of Nashville. Burial by Oakcrest was in St. Paul Cwn- 1 etery of All Around Town iy Tht Star Staff Firemen here made three runs -Seivooley of Hope'is "a "member'pf yesterday but reported practically no dan.ugu bread wtia invoj- the constitutation group. ved in two. burning toast nt 304 ' Sunray Midconlinenl, following S. Pine and an oven d bread at tests of slight shows at 3,3-15 and Myers Baker and the thud u grass 3,515 feet, last week abandoned as 'blaze. dry the V. A. Cato wildcat test some four miles below Spring Hill Texas State Baptist Evangelistic Conferpnce is in progress at Dallas' Principal speaker at the Oglesby now j»nd Billy Graham was to have ; PTA meeting Tuesday night at -been the principal sp^al^r Tuos- 7:30 will be Dr. Dean Andrews of day, Jan. 13 feature.1 on the closing program Wedne&uay will 'be the travel choir uf Baylor Uni- Sputhern State College. ver.sj.ty Biologist Raymond Martin, re- Mary Jj.m Sparks i porting on trout research in the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \V. Mis a member uf the Court in Session .Circuit to4,ay ?t M)je $e Lyje Brown »'.a.s,j.ig|, ealikjsl ,tad ; ;ay session of Hemp- got uixdc>rw;iy tri,yl with TJi,e jury only pro y.nd i-use.s sv.l. were to ke tykeu 4rkansus Stale College Concert B.a.n.d, directed by Donald Minx, will present its second annual "P.pp Concert", Friday, January 1ft tyttle Missouri River below Narrows said that due to cooperation from authroities controlling power generation at the dam. suitable t|-p.ut conditions were maintained ill the 'Little Missouri most of last they altrat-l because of the strike McClanohon New Head of Alliance At its regular monthly meeting •here today the Hope Ministerial Alliance elected Dr. John MfC'lan- ahan, .pastor of First Baptist Church, its new president The Ri'v. Hu/us Sorrels. First 'Methodist Church pastor, was named viee-pri-sidenl and Dr. L. T. 'a meaningless gesture"' t ;i 'it's effect will be to Rules Store / Not Affected ; by Milk Prices^'l LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Ai'vV' kansas Supreme Court ruled today' that a 1955 state Unv which fixed,,, milk prices does not apply in salcg>- at retail grocery stores, *"*;, The high court Ynade no ruling s on constitutionality ot the law — Act 380. ""', • Under Supreme Court poficy, thq question of constitutionality, is '! avoided }f a suit can be decided,on other grounds. •> t Sebastian Chancery Court V)a<i held the act invalid. The chancery^ court also ruled the measure dicj,; \ not concern retail grocers, , ;/ The suit was brought against. 'J Consumers W.arehousd Market a,n?l v v bix other Fort Sniltli retailers by" '-f the Central Arkansas Milfc PVOI' -| ducers Assn. . > %* CAM PA contended the law re. < -| quires all miJk handlers to sell gt 4 a minimum of cost plus four pep" -•' cent. * \ i, 1 ! The act mentions, milk but the Supreme Court ruled a retail grocer is not s\ disti-i within the meaning of thu act. Associate Justice PJU! \\ who wrote the opinion, said it enerally reeognued in the Mrs, Bes§ Gray, of at Hot Springs Mrs. Bess Gray of Prest-utl. aged 87, died loduy u daughter's hpme in ilut Springs. Survivors iiu-lude two daughter!). 'iM/rs. Irene SUigle of Hot Springs. Delmer VVelivcr, of Hope; for « trout fishery there summer, thus giving renewed hope i Mrs. Bulah Yurbrough of Preseou js a nientbpr of the band Jxe pl.ays the French Horn. . (Martin s,uid 1,5.00 Rain ; bo\s' At Heudei'sun Si a to TeiH'h.ers eommiltees were revently . j and four sons, Tom Gray oX Casa- trout .'blanea. An/.., Kuie Gray. Fresno. tC.slif-; Jolia Gray of Prescotl and Otis Gray of Hope iUimibriu Chiu Weighing §3G pounds wwe released ill the Little Missouri last month. Funeral jjraHgemeJits are iu- Station KXAR will broadcast the'cuniplete and will be yiinoimeecl the Heindou-Coriit'li.Uj nigl.lt by the presijd'-'nl of Phi 4''l5«i>JJ9S-Texas Aggie game to-[Iby . Bill i nisjljt a.t S f««« FayetteyiUt;. Hi Thus a distrioutoi is «JlgaH m a separate and difctjnct bl(Sj| from that of a roi.ul store." Ward said

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