Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 10, 1959 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1959
Page 5
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i^Ml-Tb-1 r&*rit& I'll/ •eddtnSpam •am Disaster "Spain (AF~>A , wall ef wdtdf, unleashed" by a :fh break 6fl Lake Sattabrirf, Ak * fed thVsleepirig village of * agd today, Less tiian 205 of .... ;H's S'OO inhabitants Wo" ktiowft be alive. . ' Only 12'Hour's after What Is be- eyed to Be the. wat&t catastrophe h 'recent,' ^attlsfi .History .Were [fescue worker^ i able lo enter (lie Jfulhs of Rlvadel'agb as the waters receded. Ndt etfen a Hurricane jould havd done more damage. Engineers of the Monacabril tfy« Ijjtfelectric" Co. estimated moi'c umn 2iiO million cubic feet of wa- ier had swept doWn the 1,700-foot ,<5rop onto the village shortly after midnight. The roar from the burst' lng' ( dam and swirling water was Heard In villages five miles away. J'oUrlng rain, flooding the dam for the 1 past month, added to the Horror of the scene. &£&31,SL^~ a °i*'^'*^ juaaf-afci' G3EJIHE1H EIBIEI 5n 2 ¥ orfti a hotloft "jL* SLarissart , ISdrfptfvate . "- M Ap'p'earecf- ' r ' 'Mounlrfin 20 Mmiffted fof 3fi Afttftjlie n^nlhte-fflh'^ ' 6 Followers SSUnkoete'd , Hcimati Chesi HdenuloMfue I HP? 1 * 1 "!^, 26 Cuddle ~ 40 Organ phrti, 611WS 1 ' 8 Obtained 27 Legal term 43 Notion o»ves D olelc adlc) salt 2a slluwo ,, m 44 g| edVelMJ , 10 SUggesllve 33 Chinese river garment . \ gazer , skiff > 45 Grafted (her.) 11 Natives 6f 34 Collision 48 BOrn "^ iBCdhfrme' . .Denmark 3(JAffirm. , BdMatftsh , J l&Arfisf's.frflnie Kissing Case Under Study df NAACP CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Tho •kiss that two grpmmar school N^gro b'oys forced from the lips of a, 6-ye3r-old white girl will be pon- dj^-od over again in the courts rMRt week. ' A New York lawyer for the National 'Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People obtained a court order here yesterday for a hearing to get tho boys released from • reform schol. The NAACP claims the boys, aged 8 and 1C, were "imprisoned" illegally after the kissing incident at nearby Monroe. Judge Francis O. Clarkson ordered the habeas corpus hear- i^s, which will be held Monday before Judge Walter Johnston Jr.' in Superior Court at Wadesboro. The case has attracted international attention. Gov. Luther Hod-, pes replied to a critic in Great Britain yesterday by pointing, out (hat welfare and police records show the two Negro youngsters had been arrested before for minor crimes. Their home environments were called "unsuitable." Officials R/^d the boys already were' on pro- bSRion when the kissing case came 1 up. "These two . . . were not sentenced to 'life imprisonment," tho governor said in a statement, "They were not even 'convicted' of a criminal' offense." ' '. ,The boys, David Ezell (Fuzzy!. Simpson, 8, and Hanpver Thompson,.10, wprc sent to Morrison training School at Hoffman for an ' in definite period in November. Stato, rjgfhoritlos have said that -the -'chip, .dre'n's conduct andHheir domestic situations will determine- tho. length of their stay. The NA'ACP claimed ' in briefs filed yesterday that the'boys'wo'?e arrested in Monroe, Oct, 20 nncV charged with asaulting three white girls, aged 6 and 7, bv kissing them on the cheek while at play A petition by Robert F. Williams County Chapter of the NAACP, ijl|o asserted 1hat the boys wero u5jd before Juvenile (Jourt -Judge J, Hampton Price on Nov; 4 and sentenced to the reformatory "yn- til they are released before thit. time for good conduct." 22 Inflexible 24 Poker stakes 26 Mllse of poetry 1 28 Arabian commander 29 Biblical pronoun 30 Legal point 31 Anger 32 Interest (ab.) 33 Oilental guitar 35 fidok of maps 38 Desert carrier 39 Cohger fisherman . 41 Little demon * 42 Resided 4B Sheltered side ' 47 Bridge 49LoW-haunt 50 Greek f commune 51 Be silent 52 East (Fr.) 53 Old TIZZ I .' I H 1 ti- n 10 40- * » •' » ?-fljr 13 •> X ma. I** tflt m l.'Vl < i .^ .,*». •niMSNL I?W ;V'< :fM . * * >',DON'T/ USIlMESJ 1 MILLION YKMte,' A' ( orrvifsi I , ,\ UB 1 » ISC I out VON WTM BUT... tM. H'«t. U.S. Pit! Olt (5) 1859 by NEA3«(»lt«. Inc. f,^ .MAM Ot HIS ASBJ3< ,00W ^3^ THIS/ (,'GSv 1 __.,.i/\/ . . i -ALLEY OOP v,Si ,%?,, T ,. " % te s ?r^ I i-io • VVtfclWf /He's, "<30M6/> ...HBdURe^TM .- - —. •ISlfeuY. i/Ui'LCfUNbiV'. WH6RSW IN A MjMUTe,, 1 HfiF ;.^ ANTj I \ i • fe'.> »«' |/i;i.l. f.!»!» M KC« !.|,1,. lot, TM. il.li> ii 1 Vll.'oll ' i"When she said sbe lovedf t'o'»read I didn't-Vealii'e'she'. SWEETIE PIE M. S. BATES District Manager PIONEER. WESTERN LIFE Phone: PRotpect 7-4454 •Hope, Arkansai BUY THE "Frathert Eggs In Tow." • — From — HAROLD STEPHEN!' Land-O-Lakes Form BlevlM, Ark. At Your Favorite Grocer* Memorials in Bronze , Prov|de« Sculptural Beauty,_aml K Permanent Record at Mod. erate QoM, Contact 8a|«imen: T«rr«ll cprnellMt 7-S!5i3=*7-S2Z7 tlnford McRae 7-4618 MEMORY GARDENS ( Wh v , , t«$i Then The Igst? **» §yy A POULAN POWfRSAW , p, HUtSIY f W9ihin|t6n« Ark, Try These on<j Yew Wwf Own Any Qrht r John Deere TRACTOR* PORTER & SABAQE By' Kate Osdn: "5> ^ & ^\ / \V IB 1959 by NEA Service Int. I-IO T.M. Reg. U.S. PM. OK. "Before you leave, Mother,,will you please teH 'Buster who's boss?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' ' : By Nodinc Seltzer ' -^ • L. .V* • _'i ' " ^ 'I 1 /;in 0- ju^' 1 ' 1 ''" 1 "" . 4 n 11 TJH B«t. O.S. PX. Wf. © 1559 bj NEA Sor>le«, Ino. Ull'iun fin* 'You have to give him credit:—he's a gobcl provider! SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith -THiV r''IF v TH&TWO-"^&feC|. f jOlj).'THl5'CPIW&; 1 J.^ fEUIWIMATEP-Al 1 ^ WITME'SSBSi ,EASy- .WHV.vHAt>.\ •THE , iWALLY! 1 HE'P'BB^N COOPEP QP.a4/ HOURS,;, ??T GUESS'IS, LATB.Y BUT THeV'WERE TH6 MEW NI6HT HE, WANTED TO STKOI.I: THAT AREA 'IS A THICKET, 50 THBV HOW DID THEY KNOW TH 1 BRUSH HAP BEEN CL5AREP, BETWEEN) i ni^r>ui it >*"*s i (\fs ( ^{•Mor%UH r ' UG 1 1 PROVE OVER HERE. \ THS-SCHOOL IT'S DESERTED AT MIQHTi U5UMLV! A FEW VEAK& AOOi I PROVe. THRU TOWM.,,PAST THIS dCHo OWCE ATTEMPER, .' HE REWBW )DlT,WAy HftVB COST.HlS. •y* $ *8| CAPTAIN _-^ •A BUTTON I^V COAT, .DEAR px i\ fo S "v \ -0\ BLONDIE WHERE'S THE " BUTTON?--^ HERE IT IS •*g?<SWi'£ i^a -^ felt \r/ s?r - : O :r« Cv ^ v$' 9/7*'^' JF IT'S SO SWEET THE WAY -t BLONDIE WILL , ALWAYS DROP J WHAT.EVeR.SH"'" DOING TO DO SOMETHING FORME <^lic ^UMlS, •«/„ '& $C '• KA , WHOOPS / \ }/ ^ '/i Si %t PLENT/ SLIPPER^ EH, JV OOF/, •"-^ > & J ^. v; BUT LOOK/ MERE COMES M6G005&Y— CONFIDENT ANP SURE-FQOTEP/ , ^{' ti V U', -• ,LJ, I MIS SON'S , i± ir_\TRACK SHOES' B.t>.no«U4 I !i<1g>>^ T7" / \f wr< j-£> t/ ^ ra il« " {'•' '^ \ HO fc 1858 b> NEA 5«r»icTli» TM Rcii US P.I t's an expensive hobby, The ships don't cost so much to build, but my champagne bill m terrific!" V X *w^^\ zr tw: s^ ffifo ^ % (% _ J /* r,^H^><v^niK5<Vt« T«¥tX>«IUKAtvi wmm( BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ^y o^«ybwevA\yi"t|j . V\\U5.~K\\<e^V • <f:t 5Z%<%Zr /-/£? T • 1 • " / T.—•"^sB""-'py^^: \ IB HS9 li> NE* Survfoiii Inc. T.M. B'g U S, to. Oil V uKl . I LOOK, , CARUYLE! STD ART'S J GOT A DIME I GOT IT"^FOR HAVING A GOLD *r- ,ARON .,,, SPELLING, PAPER! BOY! LET'S TAKE IT IN [STAR K PRfXttlA'S POP OUT OUR WAY NO/ SIR! I'M IT/ ^ MORE\ GOLD STARS.' il IS fiff'f* .Supplies' x^5W3»ys3'« . • , H, 1959 b( NEA S.r.in, Inn. T.M. R»e. U.S.'Pit. OH / ME SETS PRETTV LAZV AT '-v/ OH, OM THE CONTRARY, AWAK/l- I TIMES ANP WE HAVE TROUBLE \ MY PAREMTS FEEH NEHP A ' 0ETTINS HIM TPPO HIS CHORES I BOOST AKIP SOME PROPPIMS ANP STUpy.' WITH YOUR EAfiER- / AT TIMES/ 1THIMK ALL BOYS NESSTOSUCCEEPANP VOUR _/ 'OUR. AGE ARE PRETTY MUCH I CiOOP GRAPES IN) SCHOOL, 1 / ALIKE THATWAY-- VPOM'T SUPPOSE YOUR FOLKS / WEALLNEEp .-, ^— HAVE PROBLEMS / PROMPTIM<5 WOW UIKBTHAT.' Xlh ANJPTHEW.' ^1 ( GOOP MORNING J!k V MR.POOMER ,S MQRTY MilKtE YOU KNOW, I LIKE THAT NEWAUPITQR WE HIREP PIPS lit U 8. Pit. HgPOES i« ( hi? P" ^ R W , By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople - ^H _« . , * ^ , «4T ^ T VOI/P tPVE TP tlVE F08EVES f THE BIS UPHOLSTERED ' IT*— t- 1 ! v kjf i tt^u_—• t u-r~>(i.»—' TURTLE/ YOU KNO\M TH&* - MAYOR.HARNEy- PO VOU SEE THAT, IT'S HOOPLE AGAIN SUPPOSE HE'S $TUU.u<^ ya COM pL A1 M FROM TOO M.W EGGNOSS ^ COMPLAIN AT THS DWL5 CLUB/^WHEN H& ISM'T BclNS CARRl&D HOME OK A •5HUTTE . . INS HI/A IN A VOU t-« «<X*»*^ il r i> ^ ^ A mi W jj> iUJi ^: "^ jf^" • ^ (• * \ I"IO ^ lilt ni Hft* S«^n« Ine TM Stg < I- i t -w-HE OUST FEW- DOWN OM THE ICE'*-' «a»MiB..Kfio» TttI ST8RT Qf "I.IQ

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