Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 10, 1959 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 10, 1959
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1° u CHAPTER XXXVI When they rose to have milk and cookies Emhiy announced Ihnt she Wanted to put on hor yellow playsuit because she- had to dress up, "Why?" "For Daddy," So Hopes dressed her iri. tho yellow playsuit and found for lin 1 * self a fresh gingham and a thin cotton sweater; she tied up Em- rny's hair wilh a yellow ribbon arid bound a scarlet one about her own and asked "What do yen want lo .do until stippertime:" Emmy ansWfrcd that she wanted to play, Now she opened her mind and heart to everything and everything was a simple question- What had Adam learned what would he tell her turned? Her mind being When he open Was -v - swept with many currents tide on tide freight-bearing; tho waves 7 carying their driftwood to the «. shore memories forebodings. " With one tide her mind was sober •*_ ^ and practical moving toward •• < v-common sense. If it was bad •v.-.^hews he must be careful. That V t - would be nothing nothing, at all |* * "She would be careful for hint; '.-',,,'Sfie knew him too' well to permit '•"•<- him^ to t realize that'she was be- (jr« ing, careful. Yet .did he not know , ^" hbr too well to be deceived? Sho r ",^ must ,be more than clever- neve' 1 »:«• »t'o \et him feel she was afraid. It >"C wpuld.be hard to keep herself to, ^ ( hj|rself> yet always there had , ,-vJ 1 been, bits and pieces she had left •<- - because she could not give them 'away. So now she must loam another kind of inviolable safe,'•" keeping the upholding of fear •\ and caution. Anything. Any device or subter- had just begun to bo familiar but the third eluded her; this was a blind face and turned away. She thought" nt Dr. Rmilc and his other room; she thought of something he had said to her. Almost see could hear him say it In a quiet voice: "There is an x factor in marriage," He had said thai II could nol be described, It* had said that the nearest expiic> able Word was "spiritual," He had said thai il had lo be experienced. Now for an inslanl she saw Ihe third face subjectively. She did not see it with her eyes. With her eyes she saw the falnl flicker of air she saw Emmy in her yellow playsuil and the bending apple tree partly upon its gnarled knees. Apples looked through Its branches a few. She saw Boy red-gold and all tho colors of lha [lowers Ihe colors of the earth beneath her brown hand. And taking up she could see Ihe sweep of sky emply of Wings. Bui for a moment Ihe ...third face had not been blind or turned away but open and giving and radiant. _ , Now she felt tears of wonder thick; back, of her eyes and their, pressure at her throat. Her hands were full of weeds and.-earth-and she closed her eyes and fought agairtst weeping and she heard Emmy speak lo Boy and heard him answer. "My Httle girl" faid Emmy "is four years old. Sho will get a brother tomorrow; perhaps she had one yesterday." fuge 'or denial he was there. just as long as 'Then the other lide -came and took away all that and there was a moment of no tide at all; a hailing an empliness. This was darkness and nolhingness and ^ihere were no words for it only -«—a,.numbness and a rebellion until ' 'it- seemed that her mind swam ^" against a current and then out _l t of darkness into dusk and out of r. dusk into a 'beginning dawn. "'• ,She had looked into.the face of love but now she was aware that there were three faces. Two of these she had seen clear. One she k'new very well with another she AIRLINE TV ? NEW COW PRICE u '$199.88 »i $5.00. Down — S10 Month , < 21 in. — Full Swivel Base : MONTGOMERY WARD *•• Catalog Sales Office v- 212 S. Main — Hope, Ark. Boy replied politely. "Ye 11 o w eye's'' said .Emmy Basketball BASKETBALL By THE A8§66lAfe5 Oregon Sthtc 81, Southern Calff 63 California 55, Washington <y Stanford 50, Idaho 36 UCLA 08, Washington Smto 4! Princeton 71. YaJo 55 Dartmouth SO, Columbia 46 Harvard 07, Cornell 66 Bnylor 56, Texas A&M 49 Denver 88, Colo Srtite Uiliy 07 Maryland 59, South Carolina' 41 70 St. Josephs (Pa) 82, Villanova D Oklahoma City 63, Now Orleans Loyola 02 (2ots) H-k- [ 1 Infuriating TELEVISION 'IN By WILLIAM EWA.L& V United Press International NEW YORK (UPtt— "The Wings of the DoVc," presented oh CBS' TV's fMayhousc 90 Thursday night stems from a novel that was not so much written as cobwebbcd. It was" one of throe terminal novels spiln at the shank o£ Henry i '' Marciuette 67, Air Forr.o 46 i 'James' career and is, by turns, Baylor 56, Texas A&M 4f) Ouaehlln 74, Arkansas College 02 laic Teachers 65, Arkansas State JC 54 High School North Little Rock 45, Hot Springs Blythovillc 51, Texarkana 39 El Dorado 72, Huston, La. r>4 Soarcy 54, Bald Knob 48 Crossctt 51, Camden 43 MnbolVale 46, Conway 41 Joe T. Robjnston 59. Fuller 44 Slyvan Hills 71, Bryan! 30 Henderson ToUrney At Arkadelphla Delight 46, Mountain Pino 43 Cadclo Gap 46, Springhill 29 Emerson 50, Lakeside 39, Sparkman 41, Plninview 35- Arkansas Tech Tourney At Russellvllle ' Lincoln 62. Jcssleville 47 Hai-rison 81, Hoxic 71 firmly "and red hair like yours only not so long." Boy spoke and Emmy rushed out of her house knocking the walls down; the roof fell in. And Boy was ahead of her almost destroying himself in welcome. Hope got to her feet. She hod not heard the taxi that had bro'Ught Adam home from tha airport nor the little gate opening. She had not seen him look down the path to the yellow flash that was Emmy. She had hot heard him come into the «garderi Emmy was falling upon him with shouts. He picked her up and set her on his shoulder. Boy was beside him. He looked at his wife a woman in a g a r d e n standing motionless not speaking. He said "Everything's all right Susie everything's fine." Now she moved toward smiling, He took her hand him and doubled it into a fist and closed his over it. ' •** 'He said "Time enough to have the chickup at home. Let's gf> inside." They went toward the house between rows of flowers which did not know it as autumn. Adam opened the door and Hope spoke. "Hello darling" she said. ^Everything as all right. Nike Base to Be Installed in State KANSAS CITY (API — Army Nike bases will be 'Set up at Steel'e Mo,, and Manila, Ark., for defense of the Blythcville, Ark., area. Col. Leslie J. Staub, commander of the Fourth Regional Air Defense Command, said yesterday the million-dollar projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year. He said one of the batteries will be l'/ 2 miles southwest of Manila, about a half mile west of Arkansas Highway 77. The Other will be about three miles northwest of Steele. Both locations are about 15 miles from Blytheville. fascinating and infuriating, It, is a little like a shadow strclohefl '.o a stenmy thincss. Or to" change my image, reading it is like (trying to piece out the shape of a mountain with a pocket flashlight, However, one fact, muchj be faced. There is something rather comic - strippish abotit its story when its bones arc Unstrlppcd: A girl, Kate, without much for- lunc and in love wilh a/ man, Morton 'Densher (changed for some strange reason to '"Milus En'shnw" in the TV plriy)', plots to marry -Merlon to a rich; 'dylngi girl, Milly. Object—mortey,'"'.Milly does die and docs.leave .-money to Merlon,:-:bUt :Mcrt nnd : 'kateV ; ro- morsefiii. not only turn down the money, but'don't marry after'all. This, of course, is ah irrTprobn- blo and thdious dose of posKfHye sort of thins that might ti'tiilalc the bird - like sonsibililie^> of a corky but exquisite old man, but which doesn't pack enough vigor or sap for 90 minutes of TV.. Unfortunately, this is what Playhouse 90 was stuck wilh, It's a shame, but there is littlo chance on TV to'' 'inter'iorlziiv as James did: to explore the finer workings of motlvntion', to 'di'sibct the consciousnoRs of characters, to unravel the ball of situation with fastidious porceptin. As., a, result. Playhouse 90 was cornered f'into drnmalizin'g a wisp. \ As for the acting, I would say that like 'Abou Ben Adhem, James Donald's name led all the rest*"As Merton or Miles, Donald'.turned an impossible character into n living human being. His ppr.tvail may not have been James' ivi.nr- lon. but il was not, as' Aristotle put it, chopped liver either. ; ABS MUST fcl IN OfFiCI DAY BIFORE PUBLICATION — PHOM6 74431 FOR AD TAKfft Chicago Greets Russian With Loud Jeering ClIICAdO (API—Booing, shouting pickets greeted Soviet Dep, Premier Anastas I. Mlkoyan in Chicago today despite President 'Eisenhower's call for a show of courtesy to visitors from abroad. The plane bearing the Soviet Union's No. 2 man touched down at Midway Airport at 10:48 a.m. at the end of a'flight Irom Detroit where Mikoyan was the target of snowballs and a few eggs. Mikoyan emerged from (ho plane waving his hat and^smilins, He left by a gale at Ihe extreme north, end of the field, and Ihnl'n where the demonstrators were wailing for hltm The pickets began a barrage of shouts and boos that lasted until Sikoyan entered a limousine nnd was driven away. There were a dozen pickets. A spokesman said thay were refugees from Hungary and olhcr nations now behind the Iron Curtain After Mikoyan entered his limousine, two eggs splashed against the car. Mikoyan was greeted at tho plane ramp by -E'clWard L. Rypr- son, former chairman of the Inland Steel Co.; ,and Thomas Coulter, chief executive of the Chicago Assn. of Commerce and. Industry. A detail of 100 uniformed policemen and 28 detectives was assigned to guard Mikoyan. Mikoyan, a short man, was so densely surrounded that the news .photographers called out: "Spread out. We can't see him." The fresh demonstration camu less than 24 hours after the President had called for a show of good manners and had expressed Uu« hope that "Mr. Mikoyan will ba met with the courtesy Americans traditionally show visitors from abroad." . A large group of placard-bearing, pickets, estimated by police at from 100 to 150, was on hand funeral Directors Ambulance Service 'BOHal Association OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME! Dial PR 7-2123 20-trrt-c Female Help Wanted 2 WAITRESSES, Apply at Diamond Cafe. PR 7-3420, 30-lf HOUSEWIVES~need money IfTboT- sler Ihe budget? 5 hours a day will bring you a good income. Excellent-territory opert in Hope. Car necessary, Write Avon, Box 377 Hot Springs, Ark. 5-6tc Wonted to Rent 5 ROOM unfurnished-house. Phone 7-0974. 3-Gtf beyond this vital knowledge T lle rest of the cast was not i when Mikoyan's group arrived aT which humbled the heart and mind to their knees there was a wisdom more important a humility of the spirit. Everything would still have been all right no matter which way it had gone and past all wildness of unimaginable grief. Adam set Emmy on her feet and slapped her little bottom. "Run along for a while" ho said v She went off with Boy unprotest- ing for her span of attention wus< short, j' * ; • i, .:%'.-. - . Inside* the collage Hop* lurnecl- without speaking Adam took her into his arms and they were a man and a woman who had come out of a g-arden 'into their own house and whose marriage had quite as satisfactory. Inga Swenson's Milly was fatuous rather than innocenl and Dana Wynter's Kale seemed, a -bit frozen.. The rest of the casl commuted between adequate and so-so and I somehow had the feeling,»that if the play had been live instead- of on tape,, a bit more firee might have been kindled, ' : • just begun. But (THE END) r*r»'< & MAIL-IN CLASSIFIED AD ORDER The Quick and Inexpensive Way To Do Business INSTRUCTIONS: Put your Classified Ad Words in Squares Below . , , one word to the square, Put the number of days you want your Ad to run in square at bottom. Then figure your cost, EXAMPLE: 15 words runs 3 days .. 90c — 6 days .. 1.50 NAME BOX NO, .:,.„„., , , PHQNI Ne, ef P«yi Ad l» To Run Clip gng; M§i! ^ Ch«sH . Here's How You Figure Your Tptal Cost. . . 1 Time 3 Time§ ......... «. ,.60 21 t? £§ words ........ 7| %$ !9 30 words ............. 90. 31 to 31 words ............ l.Qf 3$ to 49 words, ., ....... .,. J.|§ 4i »9 4§ w§fid% ....... ,,. f . I4i 1.1Q :|Q 2J 4.QQ Short gshots: Thursday nieht was explosion, night on TV. .CBS^TV's Yancy 'Derringer .^ dealt with" a dynamiter whq -.wns-'tryJiiB" tb^TSlow UD the Fvonc.h. Quarter of NP.W. Orleans. Nbc-TV's Behind Closed Doors was about a nco - Nazi group that tried to blow up'&mer- ican hpadquarters in Ber' lin. NBC-TVJ5 -'Steve Canyon -concerned ' -a pilot who wns almost exploded unwillingly frprn the the Conrad Hilton Hotel. Police took the Soviet leader to a side entrance and the pickets, parading at the front entrances, came charging with howls when thpjr .learned ,.ql his arrival. A' detail '61 policemen intercepted the demonstrators nnd held them back while Mikoyan was escorted into the hotel where he will stay during his one day in Chicago. " In : Ne'w : -Mexico i yoti can shoot'a' deer if you have a license. But, U you rope one, it will cost you $35 plus court cost: ejector seat in his plane. And Errol Flynn was on the NBC-TV Jack P'aar show. The Cottontail Rabbit Very few children grow to maturity these days (or, for that matter, any days within the last sixty yea.rsl without being familiar with Uncle Remus and his stories about the animals, From these it is nol difficult to discover (he high" respect which is accorded the 'cot. tontail rabbit by the American Negro. ' ' *: ' According to Uncle Remus, Br'er !R-aWbit was by far the most" intelligent, resourceful, and wily of all the creatures of our outdoors, surpassing even the fox. His exploits have (been featured, in, prjnt, radio and television for move-- than half a qentury, ,to the deJighC of countless thousands of 'children. But fondness and-respcet for the cottontail is ript confined to citizens of color. Joel Chanfller Har* •ris, author o| Uncle. 'Remus, was a white man 'aodMbgyand ail tion, a hunter — a rabbit hunter, Needless to say, today many mil, lions of hunters follow jn his footsteps in the annual .pursuit of {he cottontail rabbit, Qt : 61} the game in the Unjted eta-tes,., the cottontail rahfoit js tf he most ubiquitous, There ' is not' a -state in our Union in w is not found Mn adequate the same token, each state: j ; B ro ' ipredator r- fojjeg, weasels, pats etc. duces , annually i\s proportionate quota of rabbit hunters, '<",, Jn addition to toeing the-reost ipaoular of our game animals, the cottontail is the most put-upon of Jhe creatures of the wild. Every fcawks, owls, n picks on the cottontail to -supply a tasty meaf. Fortunately, nature has equipped the rabbit with 'two, sure fire means of survival r- speed of foot and an extremely gjftpd capacity rfor reproduction. Contrary to .popular misconception, rabbits dp pot nest in holes, nor do they dig holes for g'afj?fy purposes. So long as wapdchugks, gophers, etc, a.re WJiUng to dp the digging. Mr. 'CottPntaJl i» content to use these sangtu.a,ries, a,s havens of refuge when oecasio/x dema'nds. No need to exejrt Wmself with, la- the goat of the mother rabbit. The families that ralbbits raise vary in numlber according to the individual. We have found nests with as many as eight or nine youngsters, ipqcked in like sardines. Conversely, the two nests that were in one of our flower gardens last summer each held only four babies, Rabbits are born, of course, with out fur, They look like so many little pink gruibs. However, they mature rapidly, The mother feeds them usually at night, puring the day the little -things huddle in the nest, digesting, sleeping 'and growing. They leave the nest when they are quite young, not more than four inches long from nose to tail. Once out of the ,nest, eagh bunny js on his ,own with np help from his mother. * Hunting Yaitibits can be as simple a, pastime as strolling -through the fields s ' trusting to Ujck ^ ^ for' -..'an "occasional shot, 'However, jhe real sport lie.s in hunting them with a well-trained 'beagle or pack pf beagles. Those little vacuum pleaners \viU locate and chase just about every bunny in any patch of cover, On?e flushed from his hiding place toy a a rabbit would be perfectly safe if ha wpre content 1 to place distance between himself and the dpg, ginning in a straight }ine. Powevei-j once a rabbit has selgcted a .certain area as his personal stamping ground, he is reluctant to leave tha^t area, go he runs in a circle, taking the dog for a nice jpng journey through the Countryside but eventually cir- clinig back -to his original point of departure. Therein lies his undoing. All the hunter need dp is to seat himself comfortable somewhere near the starting p.oint of the chase, light a cigarette and keeip track of the PVPcession by Jjstening to tf\e baying o/ the little 4o§. §p,pner or later the rabbit will show up and o.f|er him the chance of a shot. Some states produce more rab- r ., -- bits than others although, not a b,onous hole-digging -wjaen ot^rglfew of them boast annual "har- will do it for him, .»» vests" of pnjj million or more. Mis- A cottontail's oe^ •- • • It The schedule.of Solunar Periods, as printed', below, has been taken from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables, -Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you w'sh to find the best sport that each day has to offer. The Majo,r Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and. a half, or two hours- thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are at somewhat shorter duration. A.M. 'P.M. Minor Major Minor Major For Sold ALUMINUM screens, doors ( storm windows, weather • stripping, In* sulation, roofirig, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing, iTree estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5807. 3-tf 3 ^MALt, tracts of land near town suil&ible for chicken farms. 80 acres tirpber land two miles out Ralph 19-lf of Foreman, Ark, See Saunders or Phone 7-4001. '51 OLDS four door. A-l Condition. New tires, radio and heater, $405 Will arrange financing. Call 72487. . 2-tf NEW Tapan gas range, automalic washer, deep freeze. Parmall C Iraclor wilh plow, Disc and mower and all sorts of tools. -Roasl- ihg chickens and large fryers. Selling all. Come and see or call George 'F. Bvirkih, Just off of Shover Springs Road. Phone 74038. 5-Gtc LOW equity on modern two bed•room house, 403 East 14th. -St." Shown by appointment Call 72145 8-3lc 2 FRAME slore buildings. 30x100. See 'Roy Foster al Blevins. 7-Otp DINING room -suite tattle, 6 chairs and buffet. In excellent condilion. Call 7-2788 before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. 8-3tc WANT AD RATES « All'" Want X^''s« J5oya&'6 '/rt advance but ads will be ,aceeptsd over the telephorte and afi-temftda- tlort accounts allowed witH the understanding the account Is payable when, statement Is rendered. Slumber One Three Six One Of Words Day Doys Doys Month Up to 15 .45 .$0 130 4.50 16 to 20 .60, 1,20 2.00 6.00 i\ to 25 175 1.50 2.50 7.50 U to 30 .90 l.?0 3.00 9.00 31 to 35 1.05 2,10 3.50 10.50 36 to -(0 1.50 2,40 4.00 12.® 41 to 45 1.35 2,70 450 13,50 46 to 50 1 50 3.00 5,00 15.00 ' , CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time '..,, „., 80c per Inch 3 times .,, : 65c per Inch 6 times >..,„,..., .,..„.. 55d per Inch Rates quoted" above , are ,for con secutive Insertions. Irregular or skip dole, ads- will,,take. Hie one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be oceeptod until 5 p.m. for publication the fbllbwlng day. " Thb publisher reserves the' right c to* revise or edit all advertisements oU fered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one ' or m6re letters, groups of fiaures, such as house or telephone,numbers count ds one_\vord. The Hope Star will not" be, responsible for errors' in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST .insottlon of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 SEVERAL ideal building sites at Rocky Mound. Phone 7-2950. Pickard. 8-Btp GRASS hay. 40c' a - : bale. 1100 S. Graciy. 8-3tp Notice Saturday 6:35 12:20 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday 10:20 4:05 Friday 11:05 4:50 Saturday 11:50 5:35 Sunday 12:05- 6:20 7:30 1:15 8:15 2:00 9:00 2:45 9:40 i3:25 6:55 12:45 7:45 1:35 8:30 2:20 9:15 3:05 10:00 3:50 10:40 4:30 11:20 5:10 ' 5:55 12:35 6:40 The Negro Coiiimimity Esther Hick* Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day Our ideas,-like orange plants, spread -out in proportion to the size of the box which imprisons the roots — Bulwer. Calendar of Events The Altar; Guild Clulb of Be-Bee Memorial CME Church will meet in the home of iMrs. Carrie McGhee Sunday, Jan. 11, at 4:30 p.m. All -rriem'bers are asked to be present. VIE Buy - W« Sell - W« B«t REAL ESTATE. K. D. FRANKLIN COMPAJTT A. P. Deloney, Manager Howard Collier, 8aleim«n n-ti MOVING? Long Distance Csll Collect 592. Free Eatlmatei, LOWCT Hates. Have Vani —• Will Travel PBESCOTT TRANSFEB STORAGE CO. PRESCOTT. ARKANSAS U-fc BABHAM Brothers House Movers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers Gale, Arkansas. 21-1 M6. I, Oscar Lee Criner-, will not'be responsible for debts made , 'by anyone other than myself. 3-3lp Wanted Hope Slar route open for boys 12 years and over. Apply at Hope Star Office. Ark-La to Build a New Gas Line LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkansas Louisiana G?.s Co, will begin construclion of a 100-mile natural gas pipeline in west Arkansas laler this month to boost Ihe supply in Ihe penlral Arkansas area The 16-inch pipeline will exlencl frorn Ihe Aelna gas field in Franklin County tp the Ark La system at Jones 1^1111 between Malvern and Hot Springs, W. R. Stephens, company president, said the project will be -completed in about six months at a cost of about sjx million dollars. Stephens also announced a sec oncl major pipeline project, IQ extend from #pt Springs County to Helena, abpi\t' 130 "miles away, Ho said the project will allow Avk La to serve a pip\v electric power geh- erating plant being built py Arkan, sas Power & Light Co., near Estimated CQS| of the latter project, tp be .cqfnpletec! bel'ore }9flt is nine iniJUbn Accused asaiast Mm* * bis, Um it % e«Q4 affair %t oi <j sh,^ the egrth | s an usyaJJy on merely pia.ce in ground to ^oyide drainage, generally there j§ pyerh.e^d protcstfon of sorts, such g$ grass clumps. Jju^bes etc., wwJ tb.e jj,e?l i? Hn.ed Witt} leaves, ytm 0n4 |ur l fom , souri, an outstanding rabbit state, kills of more than sj$ mil- Jion rabbits in 19,50 and Jguin in Ig57. That; any way you look at it. is a lot of hasenpfeWur and r«jl)- and (Released by Tlje SUMMIT By Matt §tuoit ITARTS MONDAY In HOPE STAR LOOA'L agent to sell the famous White-Cross plan issued by Bankers Life and Casualty Co. Leads- furnished. Write P.O, Box 5550 oa- Phone TE G'9343, Camden, Ark. 1-mo-c Services Offered us renovaU your old mattress. We speciallz* in preiiurl- zed Innerspring, COBB MATTREJSS SHOP 712 West 4tb, Phone 7-M2I RALPH Montgomery Market, custom slaughtering, We have meat for your deep freeze, Sec ui before buying, SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd, L. E, Booth, Phone PR 7rfle95. 544-tf GOOD bargains, Buy, sell, trade or refinish your -.furn.Jlu.re at my shop. Paul Pudney, Washington, Arkansas. 23-l.rn.-c POWER Saw man for removal of Irees, stumps an4 etc,-For free estimate call 7^4052. 30-Vmo-c WILL baby sjt in your home or mine, -Phone 7-4047, !K3tc Rent LOCAL, tr'aUors, gyers Crutf"ger« vice, Csll P§y or Night, 7'8955, 8-llPPC 5 ROOM furnished house, 13» W. Ave, B, Contact C. A, Mvirrah, Rt, 2, Emmet or Bennie Graham al 13,111/, W, Aye, B, ?-3tp FURNISHED apartment. Middle brooks Grocery. Dial 7-3791, 3 ROOM furnisheo: N. Louisiana St. ij-3tc ReoI Estate for Salt Nice 5-rpom lTom,e on, Jl p}tj5 lots — close in -^ city veniences — $1,70,0 down, balance like yen.t. 3-bLvdrppm feprng PJ> cated at thfe e.d,ge af Recently redecQ4'ate4 conveniences -^ gQ,o4 well feace4. Li.st your property wiUj MS. UNIT£D FAg Sam & W) P. .0. B.PS 394 Fb .'« Wanted to Buy J1KY See4 Store, Hope Star Star of Hope 1899;'Press 1927" Consolidated January 18, 1929 • Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E., Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secy-Tret, at The Star 'Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex, H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing ,Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Entered .as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Mcm'ucr of the Audit Bureau of ' Circulations Subscription Katas (payable In advance) o By carrier in Hope and neighboring towns •— Per week S 130 Per year 15^60 " By moll ln~ Hempstead, . Nevoda, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Coun- 'tles '— . » , One month $ ,BS Three months 1.85 Six months , 3.50 Ono year 6,50 All other -mall — . One 'month ..,".;..'.,'.,..i.,.,.. iV ,,,.,.,... > 1.3c^ Three months: ..,..., „ 3,98 Six months 7,80 One year : ,,,.15.60 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, ||>«,, 1602 Sterjck .Bldg. Memphis 2, -Tirnn,; 505'-Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas S. °>exas; 360 N Michigan Ave,, -Chlcarjo' 1, III.,- 60 .E. 42nd St., New York' IV, N. Y.; 1?63 Penobscot Plclg., Det-'o't 2, Mich,; Terminal Bldg., Okfc'Somo City 2, Okla. • /* Member of The Atniclated Preii: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republicotion of all, the local news printed .in. this newspaper, as we|l qs all AP ?news dispatches. . ROACH - HUGHES INSURANCE Auto • Fire • Life A Casualty 108 E, 3rd. Phons 7-4581 ''' ' 'Hope, Ark, Taylor ,& Jordan .USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS — 216 3, Hazel Phone 7-4022 Taylor ? Jphn B||| WANTIP TO BUY PI"* PulPWooij by Truck . Out in HAROLD HENORIX iPhQn* PR 7-4321 16th A UpuJilana, Hope, Ark, MATTRESSES Rebuilt or MM« lnt« Inwr. iprlna, Work |gu«nnt«t|. Qnt Piy itrvlc* FwrnltHri ft Moftrffi C», 117 fp, ilm Ph», 7*iW Herndon-Corneliuf Funeral HQW and Ambwlance Twfr Ww Radtot Phone PR 74570 LOCAL MOVING and HAULING t • t Hope Transfer Co, **' Isit W*Ww

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