Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 21, 1963 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, June 21, 1963
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE FIVE House OKs Recitation Of Anthem SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP)-The Illinois House passed today a bill permitting school teachers to lead their pupils in daily recitation of four lines of the national anthem. One of the lines reads, "And this be our motto, 'In God is our trust 1 ." Rep. George Brydia, R-Prophetstown, who offered the bill after the U.S. Supreme Court banned state-prescribed prayers in schools, told the House: "I defy the Supreme Court to say we can't teach this prayer in our schools." Rep. Robert Mann, D-Chicago, opposed the bill on the grounds it would "put religion in our schools." The Senate has not considered the bill. The House also moved to the Senate a measure setting up special machinery for election of slate representatives next year in the event the House Is not neap- portioned this year. Without reapportionment, all members will be forced to run at largo in the state. The bill calls for separate ballot boxes for House races, a $fi(M) filing fee for candidates, and a limit of 100 candidates by Democrats and Republicans in the general election. Accept Lutherans it Bible, PrayerRuling RIVER FOREST, 111. (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court decision barring Bible reading and saying the Lord's Prayer as required exercises in public schools has been accepted by the Northern Illinois district meeting of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Belter example in the home and within the church congregation was urged Thursday by the district at its closing session. Another resolution made a re ncwecl pledge to work for elimination of race prejudice. Elected president of the district was Pasior Erwin L. Paul of St. John's Lutheran Church, Forest|would be the risk of incurring So Park. He succeeds Pastor Carl L. | viel Premier Khrushchev's dis Abel of Chicago. | pleasure. Also elected were first, second! "But 1 believe the America! and third vice presidents, respec-1 people are fully prepared for t lively, Pastor Herbert F. Bohl- j consequences of any such deve mann. Kankakee, Pastor Theo W.jopment," Goldwater added. "I be Bornemunn, Algonquin, and Pas- j |i e ve they are completely fed u; One Killed In Crash of Jet Tanker CHICOPEE, Mass. (AP) - A four-engine KC135 Air Force Jet tanker plane crashed early today in a wooded area about three miles from Westover Air Force Base. One crewman was killed and the three others were slightly injured when they left the downed plane through emergency doors. The Air Force said the body of Sgt. Daniel F. Donohue, 32, of Rye, N.Y., was found in the vicinity of the wreckage. The other three crew members were reported in good condition at the base hospital. They are Maj. Harold P. Fan-, 45, Tunk- hannoc, Pa., the pilot; Lt. William 0. West, 26, Oklahoma City, Okla., copilot; and Maj. Jerome A. School, 38, Brillion, Wis., navigator. The plane left Westover Thursday night on a routine training flight. It was coming in for a landing when contact was lost. Guantanamo Seen as Base For Exiles LOS ANGELES (API—Sen. Barry Goldwaler, R-Arix., said today a provisional Cuban government could be established on the U.S naval base at Guunlannmo "without the slightest risk." He said such a proposal, ad vanced in the Senate Monday by Sen. Gordon Allott, R-Colo., warrants careful consideration by the administration "as a means of establishing a free Cuban outpost directed toward the eventual liberation" of Cuba from the Fidel Castro regime. Goldwater. a prominently men tioned prospect for the 19R4 Re publican presidential nomination said in an address prepared for a Rotary Club luncheon that an exile government on the U.S. base could be the starting place for a forward-looking policy to end So viet military presence in Cuba— "always assuming that the Ken nedy administration actual!; wants a policy of liberation in tha area." About the only risk such acliot would run, the senator declared tor Marcus R. Kluender, Mel rose Park. The race resolution, stressing similar pledges adopted in the past which have called for equitable enjoyment of American eiti- with the do-nothing policy of th New Frontier. They've gone aloni for months with the 'watchfu waiting' of the Kennedy adminis (ration and nothing has happene •xcepl that the Russians are du xcnship, noted "President Kenne-j in { i ( , or , er anf j the Castro Commu dy's deep concern about the pi'es-1 nists ,, rp .stronger than ever." ent crisis" in the tension over Negro demonstrations. The resolution acknowledged "in true repentance every neglect and failure among us whereby human beings are subjected to various forms of discriminations." It also pledged "to acknowledge our responsibility as a church to Urges Reading Between Lines Of Constitution News of Grains Commodities On Decline Prires on 16 Mutual Funils Following is a list of 16 mutual St. Louis Asks Con tinned Work On Flood Job WASHINGTON (AP) - A St. investment fund stock quotations provided to the Telegraph by Newhard. Cook Co., through its CHICAGO (AP)-The grain fu-j A1 ' nn officc Thcse s(ocks ar °! Louis delegation asked Congress hires market lacked its usual rsl-i^ 1 "- 1 "* 1 on the basis of thein. lying power after a broad early j salps and ownership in the area. setback and prices were sharply! The flotations lower today on the Board ofj Dosing. Trade. i Capit. Shrs 10.!)-l Divid Shrs !U1 Fid. Cap 8.7-1 Fid. Fund 1(5.21 TIROS 7 PHOTO This photo of a cyclone cloud pattern Wednesday. Transmission WHvS from over the eastern shore of Hudson Bay Tiros at near 400-mile altitude to moni- is one of first eight pictures delivered tor station at Wallops Island, Va. Reto ground stations by the new U. S. lease of photo was by Weather Bureau weather satellite, Tiros 7, launched in Washington. (AP Wirephoto) Soybeans were down almost 3! Affil. Fund cents a bushel at times and most: Broad St. grains lost a cent or more in I Bullock 13..)4 spots. Brokers said the pressure was largely liquidation of long positions acquired or covered in Thursday's active trade when the market turned bullish on misunderstood reports of an invasion of Cuba. The decline today carried well beyond the gains posted then and reached into accumulation of stop loss selling orders. Carlo! receipts were: Wheat 4i 'r evpv cars, corn 67, oats 10, rye none, I barley 8 and soybeans 17. , CHICAGO (AP) — Corn No. 1; News Of b yellow 1.30Va-31; No 2 1.309i-31: ' No. 1.28; sample grade 1.28V4; soybeans No. 1 yellow 2.66V2; No 2 2.Ut5Vj; oats No 1 extra heavy 72; soybean oil 9n. There were no wheat sales. Prev. High Low Close close Wheat Thurwiay , 0 npprovr thp huriset . . • i ecommended S8 million for con-j are vesterdav s, . ... , tu ' mined construction 'luring the 1 'year beginning July 1 of the SI Louis Flood Protection Project. Pinball Bill Goes To Kerner Bid. Asked. 8.18 8.85 14.18 15.33 14.81 Fid. Tr Fund Inv Keystone K-2 .. Keystone S--1 .. Mass. Tr Mass. Grth. .. Nation W. Sec. Nat. Inves 14.32 9.8S 5.23 4.28 14.88 8.24 22.70 15.44 7.58 3.77 9.60 17.52 15.57 •1.68 16.26 9.01 24.55 16.68 8.26 SPRINGFIELD, 111. (API—Bills milla\vine payoff-type pinball ma'.'hint's were approved by the Illinois Senate Thursday night and City Comptroller John H. Poel- spn , , o Qov o ,, o Kcrner ker. told a House appropriations ; ,„,,,,„, hy Rcp Albert Haoh . subcommittee that dangers ol m ,, Mr| . R . Ch ,,. ;l <, 0 . thp two hills waters from the Missouri. h . m rl( ., vi( , rs , u(h hlfWrn meters Mississippi rivers show n,, vvh|( , h f , nah|p machjne Ow71ers , o intake behind-the-counter payoffs in cash. The hills class the right of replay as evidence of winning on a gambling device when the right can hen exchanged for money or property. The proposed law would con- •;imis of abatement. He said the amount recom 10 83 i mem ' ec ' ''. v " le Budget Bureau is c -i i based on a construction program 'that can be met and St. Louis isj prepared to meet local obliga-| tions. Aloys P. Kaufman, president of the Metropolitan St. Louis Cham- House OKs Bill to Kill IPAC SPRINGFIELD, 111. (API—Leg- slat ion to abolish the Illinois Public Aid Commission and re- ilacc it with a department under he governor has breezed through provide guidance for our members to work in their capacity as Christian citizens for the elimination of discrimination wherever it may exist." The statement on the Supreme Court ruling endorsed an earlier c synod president, Harms, w h i c h| si;ilenient by II Dr. Oliver R. PHILADELPHIA (AP) Atty. stressed thai the decision "makes il incumbent upon all Christians to use the home and the church with its agencies for the study of God's word." New Army Food Gels OK From Testers FT. STEWART, Ga. (AP)-The new dehydrated foods being tested by the Army arc a lot lighter to carry and easier to store, hut most important of all they tastea good. Thai's the verdict of some ;>f the soldiers taking part in a special warfare school exercise known as Water Moccasin IV. They like the dehydrated steak especially. "It looks like a little piece of cardboard before it's prepared," said Army cook Alex C. Jacobs "but afterward it looks like •< steak again." New York Harbor, the world's largest seaport, receives more than 1,000 ocean-going vessel each month. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy urged Americans to read between the lines of the U.S. Constitution for "the basic moral principles" of the broad civil rights legislation being urged by the Kennedy administration. A narrow interpretation of the specific words of the Constitution, Kennedy contended, must not be used as a "crutch for reaction, a rationalization, an excuse for naintaining a status quo." The President's brother chose ndepcndencc Hall and the 175th mnivorsary of the ratification of lie founding document to attempt o dispel! the constitutional irgu- nents being raised by opponents f the massive bill sent to Congress Wednesday by the Presi- lenl. Constitution was never neant to specify every detail, •very individual right in the rela- lions of man to man in this country," Kennedy said. 'It was intended to set forth certain duties of government and certain restrictions on government —nowhere in its wording does it pretend to tell us, as individual citizens, how to treat our neighbors," he said. "Interspersed throughout the Constitution and its amendments —written in between the lines if you will—are the basic moral principles of democratic justice by which wo all try to live." lie Illinois House. Senate concurrence in a House amendment to retain the Cook County Public Welfare Department as a semi-independent agency would send the series of 10 bills to Gov. Otto Kerner for signature. The House passed the bills Thursday night 151-11. Rep. Paul Powell, who handled the bills in the House, said they would give I lie governor control of public aid purse strings. "If the governor's going to have the responsibility for providing funds for the commission, he should have control over the commission." Powell asserted. Leading opponent of the bills was Rep. William Robinson, R- Chicago, who said they would "introduce politics of the worst kind into public aid." Robinson said public aid "will be placed under a czar" who would have "an awful and fearful power." The House also passed bills to increase from 16 to 18 the age at which a girl can marry with parental consent. The age for girls to marry without their parents' consent would be increased from 18 to ,21, the same as boys. GOP Rep. Ralph Smith of Alton, sponsor of the bill, said the proposed law would be "merely a declaration of policy" by the state and violators could not be penal- ixed. The House also passed and moved to the Senate a bill to prohibit youths under 18 from driving automobiles between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. unless accompanied by an adult. Rep. Nicholas Xagone, D-Chicago, said the bill would help reduce traffic accidents. Maximum penalty would be a $300 fine. The House forwarded to Kerner numerous appropriations, including funds to operate the University of Illinois, Southern Illinois and the four other state universities for the next two years. Approved for the U. of I. was a 5168.8 million budget, Southern Illinois, $56.3. and the other schools, $fi7 million. No Speedy Disarmament Pack Likely By LEWIS GIJLICK WASHINGTON (AP)—U. S. officials cautioned today against expecting speedy East-West accord on other disarmament proposals just because Washington and Moscow have agreed to set up a hot line. While the tor-emergencies communications link agreed on in GenevS Thursday is a welcome step forward, they said, other more substantial arms control issues are still in deadlock at the 17-nation disarmament conference. Looming as the next main goa in disarmament effort is a nuclear test ban. Undersecretary o: State W. Averell Harriman wil lead a U. S. mission to Moscow in mid-July for a renewed attemp at a treaty to outlaw atomic ex plosions. So far, U. S. officials said, th' Soviets have shown no sign o yielding their opposition to inspec lions the West says are necei sary to safeguard a test bar against cheating. The U. S.-Soviet confronlatioi in the Cuban missiles crisis laS fall appears to have been a prin cipal spur for the hot line agree ment concluded in Geneva be tween disarmament negotiator Charles C. Stelle for the Unitec States and Semyon K. Tsarapkl for the Soviet Union. Even the urgent messages « tween President Kennedy and So viet Premier Khrushchev too hours to clear through (he norma diplomatic channels. At the pea ol the October crisis, both govern ments heads resorted to publi statements flashed around th world almost instantaneously b news services. The new Washington - Mosco' hot line setup will use facilitie similar to those of the commei (Mai wire services. U. S. officials predicted the ho line facilities will be complete in 60 days. LIVERPOOL—A group of Eng lish villagers have made arrang< ments to show movies in tl town hall since an absentee lam lord has closed the town's on' movie theater. Kennedy Guards Preparing for Europe Trip By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL WASHINGTON (AP) — When 'resident Kennedy visits Europe e's going to be just about as safe s if he stayed home. In fact, he would stay home if icre were any question about his afety—the U.S. Secret Service vould see to that. The 1 Set-ret Service, by law, is barged with protecting the Presi- ent anywhere. And it does so in hifts around the clock, at a wlace or embassy abroad as it Joes at the White House in Wash- nglon. In this country, the Secret Serv- ce has the sole responsibility for afeguarding the President, al- hough it also calls on local and state police and occasionally the nilitary for assistance. On trips to other countries, the foreign ;ounterpart of the Secret Service s responsible technically for the security of the President. But actually it is the Secret Service that sets forth the security requirements, working in close cooperation with its op|X>site number abroad. When a President travels in other lands, the sharp-eyed, well-built young men constantly by his side, draw exclamations from crowds. Foreigners always figure they are FBI men or G-Men. But the FBI has no specific authority for guarding the President. Congress put this ower in the hands of the Secret Service years ago. The Secret Service is an agency of the U.S. Treasury Department, and one of its other major duties is running down counterfeiters. "As on all presidential trips the one to Europe which begins Saturday night is being checked out carcfi'" y by an advance party wh • includes Secret Service These agents and plenty of others—the White House doesn't wish to advertise the exact number — will accompany Kennedy when he starts his 10-day travels to West Germany, Ireland, Britain and Italy. MOSCOW—A Russian astronomer has announced his opinion that life on other planets is most likely to be found out in the Milky Way, not on Venus. Jill Sep Dec Mar May Corn Jul Sop Dec Mar May Oats Jul Sep Dec Mar May Rye Jul Sep Dec Mar May 1.88% 1.87V* 1.87% 1.89% 1.90% 1.89 1.89 1.91 1.9(5 1.94% 1.94Vs 1.96V4 1.96% 1.95>/fe 1.95Vs 1.97% 1.9096 1.89 1.89 1.90% 1.26 1.25% 1.25% 1.26Vj 1.23% 1.22% 1.22% 1.23% 1.16% 1.15% 1.15% 1.16% 1.18% l.lSi/2 1.18% 1.19% 1.21% 1.20% 1.20% 1.21% .66Vi .65% .67% .66% .69'/2 .69 .70% .70% .71U .70% .66% .67% .69% .70% .71 .66% .6(5% .69% .71 .71 Va 1.27% 1.26% 1.27 1.27% 1.29% 1.28% 1.28% 1.29% 1.32% 1.31% 1.31% 1.31 1.34% 1.34 1.34 1.35% 1.34% 1.33% 1.33% 1.35 Soybeans Jul 'l.MVs 2.62% 2.63% 2.64V* Aug 2.63 2.61% 2.62% 2.6314 Sep 2.58'4 2.56 2.56 2.59 Nov 2.56% 2.54% 2.54% 2.57^ Jan 2.60 2.5SV4 2.58% 2.61V« Mar 2.63 2.61% 2.61% 2.63% May 2.66% 2.63% 2.63% 2.67 Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. More Gains Than Losses NEW YORK (API — The stock market remained higher late this afternoon as trading slackened from a heavy early pace. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.1 million shares compared with 4.99 million Thursday. Gains of fractions to n point or so among key stocks outnumbered losers. Steels, encouraged by a labor agreement, paced a vigorous early rally and were followed by motors, airlines, rails, and selected issues in a fairly good advance. The best prices were trimmed by mid session, however, and in the afternoon the market retained its higher wine as volume tapered off. Chrysler was up nearly a point and most other automakers were fractionally higher, although Ford dipped slightly. Gains of about a point were posted for New York Central, Chesapeake & Ohio, Illinois Central, and Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific. Du Pont was off about a point and Union Carbide nearly a point. Small losses were taken by Phelps Dodge, U.S. Rubber, Public Service Electric 6 Gas, International Nickel, Pfizer and U.S. Gypsum. U.S.'Smelting spurted a couple of points. Up about a point were Texaco, Twentieth Century-Fox. her of Commerce said that the funds would provide vital links in the completion of a total system. When the project is completed, he said, 800 acres of industrial property would be made possible. Red China Criticizes JFK's Peace Moves TOKYO (AP) — Red China) sharply criticized President Kennedy's peace overtures to the Soviet Union, calling them "his most cunning and most sinister plot" to divide Moscow and Peking. Radio Peking said today the official People's Daily printed the full text of the President's June linur to permit the manufacture of pinball machines in Illinois for resale outside the state. During a four-hour night meeting, its first of the year, the Senate also passed a bill allowing Southern Illinois University to give courses in law, pharmacy, medicine and dentistry with consent of the State Board o! Higher | Education. The bill was returned to the 10 speech at the American Univer- i mure sity of which a Kremlin com- House for acceptance of. an amendment before if clears the Assembly. Final approval went to a bill placing Cook County Sheriff's Police under a merit system. Sheriff Richard B. Ogilvie endorsed the legislation. Other bills passed would repayment of the sales tax mentator wrote approvingly last (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 10,000; barrows and gilts most 1-2 190-240 Ib 17.25-75; some late down to 17.10; 2-3 250-270 Ib 16.25-85; 1-2 150-170 Ibs 15.25-17.00; sows 1-3 275-350 ib 14.50-15.25; 350-400 Ib 13.50-14.75; 2-3 400-500 Ib 13.00-75; 500-625 Ib 12.50-13.00; boars 11.00-12.75. Cattle 350; calves 125; steers mostly choice near 875 Ib 23.25; load choice 1,035 Ib 22.75; good choice 1,070 Ib 22.50; cows utility 14.50-16.00; bulls utility 18.0019.00; good choice vealers 25.0029.00; few high choice 30.00; good choice calves 19.00-25.00. Sheep 200; spring lambs good choice 80-105 Ib 19.00-21.50; high choice prime scarce; ewes cull to good shorn this week 4.00-5.50. veek. The President in his speech 'ailed for "mutual tolerance" MS T prelude to nuclear disarmament incl world peace. Produce Prices At Si. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP> — Eggs and I ive poultry: Eggs, consumer grades, A large 29-30, A medium 24-25, A small. 19-20, B large 26-27, wholesale on merchandise trading stamps, aid recipients to exchanged for compel public file annual fi- grades, standard 'E>-1&,'>. unclass ified 23%-24%, checks 18-20. Hens, heavy 12-13, light over 5 Ibs 9-10, under 5 Ibs 7-8. commercial broilers and fryers 16^-17. nancial statements, appropriate. S250.000 for road improvements at Lake Taylorvillc. and permit voters who have resided in an election district 60 days to vote for President. The Senate turned down a bill to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverage to public aid receipi- ents. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No lonRcr bo annoyed or feel lll-»t- bccnuse of loose, wobbly falsa Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily | , teeth. PASTEETH, an Improved alkaline (non-acid) powder, sprinkled on your plates holds them firmer so the? feel more comfortable. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose plates. Get \TASTEETH at any drug counter. IBM, Xerox and Eastern Ail Lines. McG raw-Edison dropped Va at 39% on 10,000 shares. Gulf Oil lost % at 44U on 4,000 shares. Magnavx, Chemway, and Ampex made moderate gains. Prices were irregularly higher on the American Stock Exchange in moderately active trading. Corporate bonds were mixed with rails higher. U.S. government bonds were steady in quiet dealings over the counter. LONDON—A group of school teachers on Brilain's Jersey Isles say lliey are alarmed aboul the smoking-causes-cancer scare and 11 take sterner measures to keep their children from smoking in the schoolyards. 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