Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 10, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 10, 1959
Page 2
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#sr\ •;•/ ' fwa,, . -^H- . ..n-^t., tt.^-c -a-..rar.... .tr^.. HdPI Sf AR, H6PI; J-3431 &4twft*n 8 A.M. and 4 Monday January 1£ - -. THc Women's Sodely of Christian Service of the First Methodist < Church < will have a joint meeting with the Guilds Monday. Jan, 12 at- ?:30' p*.nt. tit the" church. All .'ladies of the church arc invited* mittec will mcot Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 2:30 p m, In the school auditor* live cither Says Elegant Women Live in the Cities !turn, 8y B6ROTHV ROE Associated Phess Women's £ctltor Angelica's most elegant Wonleri in New» York or " r The Christian Women's fellowship 1 * will m'eet at 5:30 p.m. on ' (Monday,' Jan. 12 in the parlor of tVie^ ''First Christian Churehi The ' pro-am, from the theme, "You (Are-A'Millionaire," will be pre- Denied with Mrs. H. C. Whilworth as leader. Mrs, W, E, rtarris will be in charge of the devotional. Wednesday, January 14 Brookwood PTA will meet Wednesday, Jart, 14 at 3 p.m. in the school auditorium. Mrs. Jim M'c- Kenxie will have charge ot the program, " s ' Tuessd-ayi January 13' / - The Friendship Class of the First/ Baptist. Church will meet at the V church" for- a potluck supper Tues• day, Jan.- 13 at 7 p.m. Hostesses are -"Mfip* Jack Arhett, Eva Nell V* Moxley <and 'Lola Woodul. All rnem- ;<,'bers"and- associate members arc d be present.. Miss Mdry Jean Baker 1 To Wed be. Benjamin Carroll Hyatt Miss Mary Jean Baker's engagement to Dr. iBenjamin Carroll Hyatt, son of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt and the late Mr. Hyatt, is announced by her 1 uncle and aunt, Mr. and jnvtr's. Emmett tf. Wright of North Little Rock. Miss Baker is a graduate of Chaptero'AE- of PEO will meet Tuesday," Jan. 13 at 3 p.m. in the 'pC Mils. R. ,B. Moore with Springer as 'co-hostess. ,', ThfflB'uilders Bilple Class of the FirsiCrBap,fis ( C Church will have •'ithenVmonthly business meeting and ' social, Tuesday, Jan. 43 at 7:30 p.m., ,at" the home of Mrs. O. F. Lloyd with Mrs. Alice Roach as * co-hostess. All members aie urged to attend. ' The Couple's No. 1 Sunday School "'Class.of the Garett Memorial Bap, list Church will Have their regular -monthly meeting Tuesday at 7:30 •* ip.in. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. -Thomas Duckett, 520 North Her;'Vey., Mrs. Dale McKinney will \ibring, the, devotional. M~rs. Don Kaiiffman will be in charge of :. ithe'" program. All members are urged to attend and bring a friend. North Little Rock High School and attended Arkansas Polytochnieal Institute in RuSsellville. Her fiance received his M, D. degree from the University of Arkansas School of 'Medicine and is serving his internship at St. Vincent's Infirmary in Little 'Rock, The ceremony is planned for this Spring at the Garner Memorial Methodist Church tie Rock, in North Lit- Mrs. Carter Sutton Hostess To Thimble Club 'Mrs. Garter, Sutibri was hostess to the Thimlble Clulb on January 8. Attractive potted plants;were seen throughout the home, and Ihe group enjoyed the warm an'd friendly smaller cities such as San Diego, says Antoine, Parisian clean f>( hah'dres's. After a two monlh lour «' American cities, his first In set/ cral years, the tcmpcfameniat and fabled Antoine alt's hit views of the American scene, famlni'io gender, as follows! "Small-town Women often are bcltor-drosspd thiin those who livo irt bit* cities, Snn Dicgi women for Instance, are much 'itnarlbc than those ot Los Angeles. Snn Francisco women arc charming but the elegant one's live in the clouds — you never see them in public. Those seen In restaurants look neat and clean, but stylerl b.v mass production." As to other cities visited cluHnp. his tour, here are his ratings; Washington: "Women drefl? much more formally than in other sections, but'are inclined to bt- MiffPhiladelphia: "As to olegencu. very poor." Hollywood: "It's not real, as everybody's tin e: Houston: "Its So big you never see women walking — wily riding in cars," Chicago: "There's only on* good thine about Chicago — the lake " Antoine says he finds feAv ml? takes in good taste among American women but thcfe is a lack of individuality. "Everybody is to rushed here.'' Sfiys he. "People don't have tim<- fire in the Stilton's fireplace. It to be' different. Buyers order made a perfect setting in which dresses by the thousands, and cus to eight club' members g'ahered- embr'oici^red .pillow cases and to •make plans for their birthday luncheons in 1959 'During the meeting, the hostess served a salad plate and coffee. to Practical Nurses will meet ^Tuesd-ay, Jan. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in ' the courtroom of City Half. The ", (1959 officers will be elected. All members are urged to be present. Mrs. Pod Rogers invites every '„ (member and associate member of * ,the L.L.L. Sunday §chool Class of \The First Baptist Church to a so- ''cial and business meeting at her • home, at 7;30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. ? , ,The Hope Iris Garden Club will <j meet Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 2:30 p.m. '•tf iathe^ho'me of Mrs. J. W. Cunning? / ham with Mrs. ,,Lahroy Spates as >" t cc]-ljc-stess. >MVs. Billy Dan Jones *'.;' will 'present' the p'rogram, ''Birds v "- — ; The JFriend__ of Man," .The ar- ;j\ rangement, will be in the j"apane«e *'-;; -Brookwood PTA -Executive- com- *>,? ' 4* 4 SAENGER, Mrs. Clint East Hostess to Shover'Springs HOC Mrs. Clinf East" was hostess Shover Springs KD Club on Thursday Jan. 8. Hostesses Were' selected' for this year and plans were made to attend the officer's training meeting which will be held in the County Courtroom on Jan. 14. Mrs. Willie Beckworth received a birthday gift and the door prize was won by Mrs. Clint East. The club will meet on Feb. 32 wilh Mrs. Grady Reece. Refreshments were served to 8 members. \ ;TOINITE —Lost Time THE LAST PARADISE QUANTRfLLS RAIDERS Mr. and Mrs. Paul Corn'elius Entertained Friends Mr. and 'Mrs. Paul Cornelius en- t'ertained eighteen of their friends with a dinner at 7 o'clock on the evening of January 7 a Wnitejs Cafel **" ' The table was covered With a- linen cloth and centered with a beautiful arrangement of red carnations, A three course dinner was serVed to Mrs. J. J. -Battle, Miss' Mat-He RpyStbn, Mr. and Mrs. -I. E. Odom, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moore Mr. arid 'Mrs. Claude Wilson, Mrs. T. H. Seymour, Miss Ina -Logan, Miss 'Ruth Hawthorne, W. E. Cox, all of Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Gould Moss of Ashdown, Ark., and Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius. tomers buy them the same way If every WOman has the sami' hairdo, it's because the hairdress or is too busy lo be creative " And he predicts a trend lo greater si'mbficity in both dress an-! hair styles, becsus'e: "DcsTeners cannot change lives of women. Today's w'av of life makes simplicity a necessity. tt-f-r --,,- *-..'.»f.*---^>- '^•r^rfmfm,,* ,T -, I Gourt Action The stole is back in 'favor as an accessory. But this time, it's shaped rather than being a long, flat piece of fabric. It'fits snugly on the shoulder's and stays on. In addition, it's washable. Shaped black wool jersey stole (left) is wonderful for warding off drafts, takes nicely to gentle hand-laundering. Popcorn stitch knit stole (center) has fleecy look, is made of orlon yarn that w'ashes snowy white again and again. The giant fichu in-Silk (right) provides flattery for the slim look of the sheath or Empire line. This one can be washed by hand with aipinch 6f starch in the last rinse water to restore that fresh, crisp" look. It comes in lovely jewel tones that can turn a plain dress into a beauty. Presccltf Hews Evening Shade Good Nfe'igKb'ors Club Has Meeting Evening Shade Good Neighbors Club met in' the home of Mrs Bob Serpeant Joins His Bride in the Grave WYNDANCH. N.Y. (AP) — "I hope God will see fit to let mo see Mickey again. I loved her so much I know I could never bn haooy without her " The note lay on the car seal b'eside the bofly of Lawrence- Baker, a 27-year-old Aiv Force sergeant. There, too, was a picture of his Japanese bride. Midoni — or Mickey a's he called her. They met and fell in love throe years a?o while Baker was stationed in .Japan. There they we're married also. Happily they looked forward to settling' down in the United States. Six weeks ago the sergeant 'was transferred back to this country and" his bride came with him. She was welcomed at the home of her husband's oarenls, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker, and the' counlp stayedz there while seeking a home of their own. But after three weeks Mickey found herself HI. On Dec. 2V sho j was hospitalized and doctors found ! that she had cancer. Last Satiifdav, with hpr husband at her side, Mickev died. On,Wedhesdnv. the Bakers and relatives and friends gathered at Wesleyan Service Guild, and * WSCS Hold Joint Meeting " ; M-.sr Fifty members and guests attended a joint meeting of the Wesleyan Guild and the WSCS of the 'First Methodist Church on Monday.'o'vc- ning at the church. Prior to'-lhe meeting a delicious covered dish supper was served. .<••? Mrs. P. A. Escarre, president of the WSCS presided. "Rekindling Texas Tropical Continued Frorh Page One Corpus Christi Bay. Anglers of all ages are on the piers and jetties. Many take State 35 ou(: of the' city, cross the causeway at Aransas Pass and make their base at the Gift" was the subject of 'ihe i Port Aransas on the northern tip of program, presented by Mrs. B. r A. DeLamar. Others appearing 'p'n *the program were Mrs. Dick Sfe.Wsrt Mrs. Alfred DC Black, Mrs. Ne'iyle No'son and Miss Dolores E's'cafrre who showed slides on her recent tour to the United Nations. v Aj,ter the group sang the hymn '"^Ve.'ve A Stor" to Tell." Mrs DeLarhar eave the benediction. Mrs. 'O.),G. Hirst was pianist for the eVe.miig. Those serving on the kitclien committee we.re..Mrs. L. C. Gatlin, Mrs. Lloyd Haynic, Mrs. Wallace ,'Sace and Mrs W^F. Spears'., .Tjfio Uable committee was Mrs. Wayne Eley, Mrs. H. E. Dorris. and>Mrs. Mark Justiss. f s ;Lqtc Show Toriit'e V-J 11:00 P. M, '.K 1 U SSB/ 8 members Mrs'. Howard Garner acted as president, in the absence of, the president. The meeting wa's called to order and Mrs. McCormack read the devotional and led the group in prayer. After a short ibusiness session several g'ames were enjoyed All prizes were won by Mrs. R-aymond Collins. Refreshments were enjoyed by all. The meeting adjourned to meet in February with Mrs. Joe Martin. f/»e Bloody Day WHEW HELL BROKE % LOOSE 'A T Stcrrts Sunday * ; . SQUthwf it ArNnws l \ J Premier' SHgwirtf sf tht / , , t - Great Set SettII ej Ntw ( Mrs, Leslie Huckabee Hostess To Spring Hill HOC Spring Hill H-D Club met Tuesday night at Mrs. Leslie Huckabee with 8 members present and Mrs. Wylie, HB agent. The devotion was read by Mrs, Huckabee. The theme being, "Kindness." Prayer was igiven by Mrs. Josie Mae Porterfield, R.oli call was answered by "The best clothing 'buy J ever made." Mrs. Wylie help the minutes to get acquainted "with their new year •book. The following leaders were ap- president, Mrs, 5 i ices. After, a while it was discovered that the grieving husband had disappeared, The jDp.rents went home and there they found their son's body in the Car, parked in the earaae with the 'doors Closed. He had started: the mofor and carbon monoxide poisoning killed him. There the narents also found the nicture of Mickev and the note: "Mom and Dad—I'm sorry it has to be this wav. It's my onlv chance for happiness,". Saturday their son will be buried beside his- bride. Evangelist Race Rotary Speaker The Rotary Club held Hs&first meeting of 1959 at the Broadway Hotel Tuesday with 36 : m.embsrs and ^ue'sts present. • * L ' **V Horace Jones had 1 charge of'the program and. gave, a short diso'us- sion on the rules and principles on which Rotary is founded. He* introduced Evangelist Martel Pace 1 as guest speaker. Mr. Pace is evangelist in the First Church of Christ in m-escott. His talk was received with interest. Onpst of Dr. L. J. Harrell,- 1 Dar rellH Marsh. Hprry Snider and-Roy Goodwin of Little Rock wore guest of O. W. Wa.tkins, Mustang Island. Here there is fishing from the jetties, charter boats and a new pier. Biting now are trout, redfish, croaker, sheeps- head. May through November there are tarpon, satlfish, blue marlin, kmgfish, mackerel. On the return from Port Aransas, use the paved road down Mustang Island and complete the circle to Corpus' Christi via the new Pa'dre Island Causeway. This takes you past the U. S. Naval Air Station, largest of its kind in the world. Visiting arrangements can be made. Favorite inland fishing spot is Lake Corpus Christi (State 9) near Ma th|s. If your hobby is bird watching instead of fishing, then" this area also is for you. Ornithological societies from all over America congregate here the year around to see and study the more than 50( species. Near Rockport, at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, you may be able to see the almost extinc: whooping cranes. Fabled King Ranch Your next objective is south (U S. 771 to see that portion of the •fabled King Ranch to which the public now is admitted. This mil lion-acre empire covers all of one county, most of another and parts I_Vlf'.HI.,.-._, . IIOQM CHARLES IOYER by the Hijekabee. Youth work, Mrs. Mary 'Beasley, Health $ Safety, Mrs. Josie Mae Porterfield, Recreation and rural art, Mrs. Rpy Nations; HD Relations Mrs. Howard Garner; cloth- Hearing on Monitors Is Delayed WASHINGTON (AP)—U.S. Dist. Judge F, Dickinson Letts today delayed a hearing on a request of eourl-appointed monitors for broader powers to force a cleanup of the Teamsters Union. He put off the hearing pendng the outcome of an action in thr> U.S. Court of Appeals to require him to permit the union to hold a new convention, elect officers, end thereb'y get rid qf the monitors. Elementary Executive Board Meeting Held Thp executive board jneetlhg of the Elementary PTA- met- Tuesday mornine with nine mc'mbers and Mrs. Flovd Hubbard, principal 1 of thfi school, nresent. -«\8 Mrs, Dudley Rouse, President, presided and plans were made'for Founders Day and Father's Night to be hpld jointlv with the high efficient service. 'f three more. You turn off U. S. 7 at Klngsvillc onto State 141 for wo miles to the one gate which he public may enter — but only ifter Stopping and signing in with he guard. Some days last year, 00 to 600 persons took the permit- ed 12-mile circle trip on the enced-in paced road. Stopping points include the pens, pastures and barns-where some of rectors -of the publicly-owned Qua Hospital Board at Spa Will Not Resign HOT SPRINGS, Ark. fAPJ—Di- ne 'country's finest livestock are quartered. Buyers from as far as Australia come here for the annual November auction of the fam- chita General Hospital at Hot Springs today rejected a requejU,, of County Judge H. C. Warren that they resign. ous Santa Gertrudis bulls and The . seven -member board issued juarter horses. My favorite, however, was the training barn where I saw some of the famed racing houses'- who have Carried the brown and white King Ranch colors to victory. As you leave the ranch you pass an Impressive group of buildings, repair shops, barns, stables and homes known as "The Headquarters" of this division of the ranch You also get a glimpse of "The this statement' "Directors of the Ouachita Hospital are proud of the record of the hospital and the present administrator, and feel that it is not Church Dispute 5- ROCK (AP) — Th*-eat< ened court action against persons seekihg to establish a new South* ern Baptist church adjacent to tiny Rev, Wesley iPrudeh's' churfh hero will be delayed, "I have ndvisod my client that a suit Would be premature at this time," attorney Kenneth Coffelt said today.- Coffelt was. retained by E. A- Laticleidale. an official of the Capital Citizens Council, 'to seek !(v junctinv'e actiori against establishment of the University Baptist Church. ' , g^ The new church has taken an ofv-'J lion on land and a building adjoining Pruden's church. Coffelt said court action Would be withheld until sponsors of the church actually purchase the property. O. C. Robinson, an official of the Pdlaskl County Baptist Assn., today said the University shu^lt Pulaski County Baptist Assn., today said the University church' had elected officers but declined lo name them, «.-| Cofielt said the officers of IhoW church Robinson and two other officials of the 'Pulaski association would be named as defendants in the suit, The attorney said he was not Certain yet who the church officfis were. Ho released names of sev ; ei'al persons he said he believed to be officers but these persons turned aside newsmen's questio'ns about membership in the new chUrch. It Pruclen, who is immediate post'v president of the Citizens Council, has said the new church is bein'i established 'because of his stand agoinst public school integration. 'These people have nothing against my character or by doctrinal position, only against my stand on the race ciues'tion," Pruden said. ' Lauderdale is not a member of Pruden's church. The minister said Laudei'dale apparently wasj) bringing court action as a Baptist, disturbed because church 'funds would be used to establish n church competitive to an exist- house of worship. Pruden's church is; and the new church would be, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, through the Pulaski Baptist Assm and the Arkansas Baptist Convcn- hi the best interest of the hospital and the people of Garland County for them to resign." Warren declined to comment on the refusal other than to say he would leave the matter in the hands of a citizens committ.de ha Colony", a village housing em-. previously .had said he would"'ap- ;3loyees. The entire ranch has some 300 families living on it, and main- .ains its own school system. Bullet-Like Roads When you go. back through the point in connection with the' hospital situation. Board President Hill Wheatley | is vacationing in Florida. Other board members said they had been in contact with Wehatley and that Ranch. As :yoii continue south, U, In asking the board's- resigna- r, nri p en f , -, Ltl USKlllK Hie UUtMtl » S 77 runs for 50 fenced miles across lion oal . H ^, this woek the heart of King Ranch There | Mld h bon n t po]ltical , arc no towns no filling stations-' However, he and Wheatley havo only a magmftcent buUet-like high- been nW odds Ior EevePnl yyeara way that stretches out to the hon- lWhao Warren was Ux assessor . zon. It reminds you of the awe-, there was litigation involving asses- Lnenmnp pr/.n nf Tovns: ._ ,_ ,_ _1, „, i . . t-. tion. Elephant Tramples Trainer to Death ROCHESTER, N.Y. CAP)— Sally, an Indian elephant that apparently forgot a former handler, -trampled him to death Thursday. Harold B. Canon, about 40, was killed when he entered Sally's enclosure at the Seneca Park ; Zoo. He had returned to work at the zoo only threo days before. __ inspiring size of Texas. ments he had -placed on property school PTA at the School on Feb. 12, Elementary > Mrs Bob Reynolds read the n,ew budget for the 'year. Prescott Firemen Meet Members nf Prp'scott' 1 Fire Dfpartmenf held thpjr first dinner me"Hn? nf thr- "<'par. Tnnsda.y nieht at the 'Davis Cafe. All 16 members wi*r« Dresent including two retir. ed firemen. invocation wn's by Burroll The husinpss vns parried out by Chief Cunningham. Secretary Gar- rptt rpad the minutes of the last and thev wer» approved. firo demitment answered to 13 "rass a"d onp auto fire. Mr, and Mrs. Harold Simpson have returned to their home "in Cincinnati, Ohio after a visit with their daughter, Mrs. J, R, Bemis and family. Harold Bemis returned to Western Academy at Alton, 111, and Tpd Bemis has returned to Lske Forest Academy. Lake Forest, .111. fitter a visit with their parents. Mrs. Horace Estes of Gurdon was the Mon.dpv guest of Mrs. J. O. ro]«"Tian and Mr. nnrl Mrs. Charlie DeVore and family. Mr. a"d Mrs. Charlie Willis of Grand Prairie, Toxas were the Mondav niqjht fuosts -of his parents Mr, pnd Mrs. Jpter Willis, nnroute to a Nival baso in Mnrviand where he will be employed for a year, Your objective is Brownsville, a owned by Whealley. different type of border city Clean' warren took over as'Garland and with beautiful homes, the thing County Judge on Jan, l, that first will impress the winter j De Vere Dierks Jr. acted as visitor is the profusion of tropical spokesman for the board, of which flowers. Warren is an ex-ol'ficio member. Your 'Magic. Circle trips out o£ Brownsville' lead you north and 1 west on U, S. 83 through the "Magis Valley" as boosters have named the lower Rio Grande Valley. Take any of the well-paved side roads to see the emerald-green citrus j for sweet pink and red grapefruit, i these groves also produce oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines and tangelos. Cotton, too, is an important "money" crop. SPATES FLORIST • 308 So. Spruce • PROMPT DELIVERY • Phone 7-2426 All Hours Dog Attacks Child in a Kindergarten kindergarten clns were romping in the school playground Thursday when a big dog suddenly sprang at the throat of a 5-year-old, Isabel, para- disc. From its historic lighthouse, now a State park, you can see Padre Island stretching north, and animal tore faco and neck. The wounds required nine stitches, It was near lunchtime when the dog, Keeno, -"-"- -~.«..v, «,v.www...., 6 ..wiv.., n.^ [log Keeno, a Norwegian elk the new Queen Isabella Causeway nound about 3 s o)d appea - red you to lower tin of the island and Isla EJanoa Park. Primitive Beach Startling ultra-modern beach Mr, F>nd M'-s. Ijlovrl returned to Qonwav Monday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. \V, P, Cumminps. J2dward Bennett Williams, for the Teamsters, c at- ing, iKjrs. Horace Philltps, Home Management, Mrs. Verdo Powell; Home Furnishings, Mrs. Leon vowed any Teamsters connection Thompkms; Food and Nutrition, ! with the Court of Appeals action Mrs. Howard Garner; Home! He said he willjoin Martin F -grounds, Mrs. Vernon •McM'urtrey [O'Donoghue. Chairman of the mon- Health report was given by Mrs. itors - >n asking its dismissal. . Porterfield on "What To Do about I The Court of Appeals action was Th-> phu-f aoqin r«ri'if«strv1 that wfyf-n n f>re alffm. i« turned in that de-|Mrs. Rrrmp H-avnie and Mr. and M,Spt William n. Hale, Junpl and Mi 1 '" ed t.n RprTlp'nb AFR. n visit with t h °"i Hale, Mrs, hive return? Texas aftP* 1 Mr. infr>rm ot i^n is riven as'to st its locution. Valupb1» time is «'h|tp fi^orrxajj -jpp looking for P'lhli" coopprotion woyld have * u ~ * to render morelH^mp m 'th Mr Mrs. Horace Hale. Hall and Pn " bjp 4 " lh "" w Distmti T<">m s t»re' r"nnjn*n;nn and of New York Local no. 277 bitter foe your Pars before buying Hearing Oled. earlier this week by John '^ T ear nstFrs Prendent jarnes H, Aids Cunningham of New York and l Hoff '> m Games were enjoyed with Mrs -- ~ -- IMrs - Wyhe ww - -'-* 1 " devotlona1 months has, h «">«' f ^""^ « the mng the r' — . the h was i given by of coffee and cook- to, were served. The meeting adjourned to meet m the horn* ot Mrs. McMurtrtsy in Ann Taylor is going to make tatting ""' and trim them to be given to shut- Franks. The c}ub (discussed the club project anc| decide to buy linen handkerchiefs and Mrs. bar Hoffa £rom office. That suit was settled imder a that allowed Hoffa to a"d established tha t»v e ins on special occasions. Tt\e club is to o.elp td.pn f luh mel in th* hoqne ot Mrs Frauds for the first o| the club. Wylie w^s * fuest threp-memper hoard of ( monitors to Tuoervis" unlnn clcanuo The monitors took to 'Letts an order for his signature to Implement his ruling lust Dec. if that Hoffa bad been frustrating and monitor-suggested, re- Kathy and Elbn +o 1h« Methodist Pock fH"T a visit Mrs. A. M. Reltig, Mr Mrs Jink Robev and nf Mr »r>rj Mrs Harold Prwin ir> T.ittle Rock loft Mnnrlav •'h Ho houses, plus several motels for those who do not like to rough it,are spotted along the first few mijes of the island. But from there on north it is the primitive stretch, of beach and rolling sand dunes described in the first port of this article. Before 1 you leave Brownsville you will want to cross the border sjnd experience M.atamoros. In litetally seconds, you suddenly find yourself transported into a completely foreign country and way of life. The i,hops are fascinating, the Mexican food exotic and excellent. There are bull fights, cock fights and the opera house built by Empress Carjottg wh,en France occupied Mexico, But my favorite time is Sunday evening on the city's plaza, Hundreds of huge blooming rose(bushes surround the pink-*tinted bandstand. Until dusk thp mothers sit ancj watch their chillren merrily pl^y. Then, when the lights go on and, band starts its melodies, the young people take over. By tradition, this "promenade" means that boys, in linos of twos or threes walk arpimd th? block-square plaza on the inside; in the opposite direction, gjrls in lines of threes or fours parade ground the park. Greetings are exchanged, but there are no "pick-ups" or open flirting, much to amazement of visiting "Americanos". in the playground outside. Bexley Cassingham School m suburban Bexley. Police charged the clog's owner with allowing a vicious dog to run loose. MOTOROLA ^ A regular Motorola TV has been operating continuously since March 18, 1958, A total of over 7200 hours without any breakdown, This Is equivalent to nearly 6 years of normal use. Motorola TV can be purchased only at Baker's Easy Pay Stores with a written Lifetime Picture Tube Warranty. BAKER'S EASY PAY STORES 21? E, Second, Hope, Ark, Possession Is Nine Points,., /•", *& t t "/ *:%%,$.*-i'.~:£ yeagcr vcal^cd, a $ gig jjie rangf pirates of Summit ic, that whoever ocpspiea the ka?y ¥ rawh had % bm to jjp&u!} the Htie in lltifati«n» Ttet i« wby_te?.d«* Here is. a story wiih all »l Uu* of the niters of the SUMMIT U ha* that nwfee 4 written by forms. HOOkS end '"hnnio <Jnr Boy 'J"*- 1 *^ RffVq Atfro** Rlqpk Douglas Bale of Littlle Boc#. Even during summer, water only two degrees, gbpve freezing is found among the Jav<i wastes of Idaho's of ttw Moon at National Monumept. - By Matt Stwart STARTS MONDAY IN Hope ^ Star 'V

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