Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 21, 1963 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, June 21, 1963
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FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THREE Legislative Revietv Following Is a summary of action In the Stale Legislature this week as Rnth- erel from reports of the Telegraph's Springfield correspondent Don Chamberlain: '' A battle among retail businessmen in which one group sought to have a bill passed by the General Assembly this session forcing some businesses to close on Sundays, ended Wednesday when the Illinois House executive committee killed that measure. Another bill which was voted down on the House floor this week was the much-publicized one which would have prohibited professional boxing in Illinois. It was decisively beaten by a vote of 103 to 45. A similar bill is in the Senate, still alive, but its chances for passage are considered slim. Another much-publicized bill, still alive, but almost written off the legislative calendars, is that which would legalize wire-tapping in Illinois. 0.. l\iesdny, the bill collected only 19 Senate "yes" votes — 11 short of the constitutional majority needed. Its sponsor, Sen. Morgan Finley (D-Chicago), who introduced it at the request of Chicago Supt. of Pollice 0. W. Wilson, then postponed consideration to keep it alive. In the House this week legislators voted three bills, all of which would authorize nn increase in mmtml salaries for representatives a n d senators: One, tied to another measure which would establish annual legislative sessions, provides" a pay hike from $6,000 to $9,000, but only if the General Assembly meets yearly instead of one each two years. A second one would raise the legislators salary from 6,000 to $9,000 and borrow the increase from the motor fuel tax fund. A third simply proposes to raise the pay from $6,000 to $7,500, financed out of general revenue. Governor's 1'ay Up In addition, the House also voted salary increases for the governor, from $30,000 annually to $40,000; for the lieutenant governor, $16,000 to $21,000; secretary of state, $20,000 to $30,000; state auditor, from $20,200 to $26,500; state treasurer, from $20,200 to $26,500. Superintendent of public instruc- Set As School Budget ailments which were reinstated ;nd salary aid. increases, Johnson The budget has been on public isplay at Haskell House since May 27 ahd will remain on display tion, from $20,200 to $26,500; attorney general from $20,200 to $26,500; and clerk of the Supreme Court, $10,000 to $15,000. The House also passed and sent to the Senate this week a bill which appropriates $700000 for construction of a new mansion for governors of Illinois. The sponsor, Rep. W. J. Murphy (K-Antioch), who IB the GOP majority lender, eald he had accepted an amendment reducing W« original bill's appropriation by §2(10,000. Kulscd Salaries The House this week passed two hills which raise judicial salaries for the Supreme, Appellate and Circuit Courts. The high court annual salary would be in- graphic creased from $30,000 to $35,000; er area, the new appellate salary will be $25,000 downstate, with an additional $7,500 in Cook County, to be paid by that county, and $20,000 for Circuit judges downstate, with an additional $4,500 in Cook to be paid by that county. These bills originated in the Senate, but since House amendments were added, and the Senate refused to concur, they have been sent to a joint conference committee to settle the issue. On a related judicial matter, the Senate passed u bill which would make judges resign their posts before seeking election to any higher bench, and still In the matter of judicial reform, the House by a 150-0 vote, sent tn the Senate, a comprehensive revision of the laws relating to courtroom procedure In criminal trials. After a week's delay, the Senate approved and sent to the House, u bill supported by Governor Kerner for a long-range capital improvements program. It provides an estimated $66 million and will finance construction at the various state universities and other institutions. The House also approved this week and sent to the Senate a bill to transfer $32 million from the motor fuel tax funds to finance an increase in state aid for grade and high schools. Last week, the House passed a bill which would hike state aid from $252 to $297 a pupil a year. The motor fuel tax refunds transfer would finance that hike. The bill to hike the state aid is now on passage stage in the Senate. Still in the House, a bill which would provide u 5-man crew on freight trains, was beaten when It got only 70 votes for passage — 19 short of the needed 89 for a constitutional majority. Three sep- areate presidential fact-finding committees have rejected this proposal In the past. And, also approved by the Senate was a bill which would permit the state to supervise, with power to close if necessary, all private or parochial schools. The announced aim of the bill, introduced by Sen. Arthur Gottschalk (R- Park Forest), is to prevent operation of schools which teach racial hatred, and he said it will apply alike to Black Muslims or white supremacists. Alton public schools budget for is because of an increase of 400 the fiscl year beginning July 1 pupils enrolled, $180,000 in cur- totals $4,543,800, as summarized' by Dr. J. B. Johnson, superintendent of schools, a $385,325 increase over the previous year. Last year's budget was $4,158,475. The tax rate, which was about $2.09 last year, is expected to be between $2.30 and $2.32 per $100 assessed valuation, about 23 cents over last year, Johnson estimated. The tax levy, called for in the budget, is anticipated to be about $4,007,221.90. Assessed valuation of the district is $180,000,000. The rise in the budget this year Band Builders Have $1,231 at Fiscal Year End The Alton Band and Orchestra Builders finished up their 196263 fiscal year Wednesday with a balance of $1,231.05, a report prepared for the Board of Education showed. Total receipts for the year were $14,216.86 which, combined with a previous balance of $3,729.13 brought the total funds available to $17,945.99. The receipts included a promit of $659.66 from the chili supper, $1,175.27 from the candy campaign, $1,940 in after- school donations adn $10,321.51 from concert admissions and j>ei capita fees paid by students on tour! Disbursements totaled $16, 714.94, including $13,645.71 f o r high school tour expenses and $2, 430 for the after-school music program. Bob Miller to Be Installed JC Head Bob Miller will be installed a: President of the Alton Jaycees by Richard Bayer, State Jayce President, at the officers-installa tion 6 p.m. banquet July 6 at th Stratford Hotel. The main speaker will be an until July 1 when it is schedued to be adopted by the Board of Education at a special meeting. Johnson, however, emphasized that the figures specified in the budget are estimates only as far as income and expenses are concerned and may be changed by the board at its meeting. "We have received in taxes for May and June, $2,548,234.96 Johnson said. "We've anticipated $2,100,000, interest on which was $21,300.79." He added that it appeared the district will have $450,000 cash on hand by July 1. Deputy Finds Fosterburg Woman, Missing Two Days A Fosterburp woman, missing'amination by the doctor Mrs. farm. for two days, was reunited with! Stone spe nt the night with her Authorities were unable to de'--- '--"-•'Thursday night wtov mn ,,.., itnrmine immediately where fti e ;lru " lpl - 'missing woman went during the her family a special deputy sheriff, investigating the case, saw her get out of a taxi cab in Alton. Mrs. Oscar N. Stone 42, Dr. J. B. Johnson Lists Revenue Sources for Schools Revenue to meet Alton schools' $4.5 million budget was summar- zed today by Dr. J. B. Johnson, superintendent. He listed: 1. $130,000 cash on hand. 2. $2,800,000 from local taxes. 3. $1,450,000 from state aid for average daily attendance per pu- nil. 4. $24,000 drivers' education reimbursement from the state. 5. $300 from library fines. 6. $8,000 from federal govern- nent for students of parents who work at the Nike base at Graf m. 7. $6,000 from the state for students of parents residing on Alton State Hospital grounds. 8. $3,000 from the state for physically handicapped. 9. $3,000 from the state for the partially seeing. 10. $18,000 from the state for educable mentally handicapped. 11. $15,000 from the state foi speech correction. 12. $10,000 from the state for two psychologists. 13. $21,000 state and federal matching funds for home econo mics. 14. $3,000 state and federa matching funds for agriculture subsidy. 15. $17,000 from state for trade and industry teaching. 16. $6,000 from state for voca tional supervision. 17. $2,500 from state for distrib utive education. 18. $16,000 from the federal gov ernment under National Defens Act for teaching science, mathematics and language. 19. $5,000 from tuition paid by students attending special ilasses. 20. $6,000 from Olin Mathieson jilts. (These revenue Items add to a total of $4,543,800). The following Items are student and community services for which the Income offsets the expense and are not Included In the total budget figure: 1. $65,000 from book rental fees and rental of school facilities. 2. $30,000 from sale of siipplies x> students. 3. $340,000 expected from students for lunches at school cafe- :erias. The cost of food, labor utilities total $400,000, and the resulting deficit will be offset by the $60,000 federal lunch subsidy. 4. $19,000 from athletic receipts. 5. $7,000 from adult education receipts. 6. $6,000 from adult education receipts. 6. $6,000 from apprentice training. 7. $18,000 from summer school operation. Other income of the school district, listed separately, Involves: 1. $77,000 from taxes for the district's portion of the municipal pension retirement social security. 2. $21,000 on hand in transportation fund. 3. $16,885 from taxes to be applied to transportation. 4. $25,000 from state aid to be applied to transportation. $29,500 to be transferred to transportation from the educational fund. (These items total $92,500). Expenditures of the school district provided in the budget for next year are: 1. $218,700 for administration, including salaries, supplies, contractual services, etc. 2. $3,662,000 for instruction, including teachers' salaries, textbooks, library, audio visual and supplies for all departments, use. 3. $1,000 for attendance officers. 4. $35,000 for health department, including nurses' salaries, supplies and transportation. 5. $510,000 for operation of the physical plant, including salaries of custodians and matrons, all utilities and contractual services. 6. $7,000 for maintenance of education equipment. 7. $46,700 interest, insurance costs and rent. 8. $23,000 capital outlay. 9. $29,500 transferred from the transportation fund to the educational fund. 10. $10,900 for contingency fund. (These expenditure items total $4,543,800 — an amount that matches the expected revenue.). Other expenditures, for transportation, listed separately: 1. $57,000 for bus drivers and maintenance men's salaries. 2. $81,000 for contractual services. 3. $26,500 for materials cost in operation and maintenance of buses. JANE HVTTE Formerly vice president of the Alton High School Student Council, Jane Hutte has become the president of the group because the president- elect, William Bryant, has moved with his family to New York. had been sought since 10 a.m. Tuns- day and efforts to locate her included the dragging of a pond and Mrs. Stone and her mother had Uvo days bllt plan to question her been working in a garden at the!later. Stone home on Blue Ridge Road Stone, who works for Missouri Tuesdny and the mother left to'Portland Cement Co. in St. Louis, return to Alton. She was the last'spent the two days near the tele- person to see Mrs. Stone before!phone, talking with everyone and a search by 30 men, of more' sne wandered off the 40-a c re I giving them his wife's description, than 400 acres near her home. Special Deputy Matt Horn of Fosterburg, Thursday afternoon, began checking with friends and relatives of Mrs. Stone and was interviewing her mother and sister-in-law, who live on Franor Avenue in Alton, when a taxi stopped in front of the house. Mrs. Stone emerged. She was in a nervous condition," Horn said, "and I suggested she see the family doctor." After ex- Olin Gets Contract The Olin Mathieson East Alton Plant has been awarded a $1,766,520 contract for ammunition Congressman Mel Price told the Telegraph today. The ammunition is for NATO Bi-State Transit to Operate Special Trips to Muny Opera Special express bus service from Alton to the Municipal Opera in St. Louis will be operated hv thr Ri-State Transit System each Friday evening, beginning by Transit Services Corp. The service will be operated with air conditioned buses, starting from the Alton Depot, 6 Front "AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AW AY," BUT ..... Starting with 1964 .. . Brighton in United Fund Brighton will be added to the Alton-Wood River Area United Fund campaign starting with 1964 the Board of Directors approved Thursday. The addition of Brighton will increase agency service to the Brighton area and the campaign will be extended to the community in order to cover the geographic Greater Alton-Wood Riv• area. It was pointed out that Fosterburg and Moro have been included in the past drives of the Alton-Wood River UF. The Board of Directors approved the purchase of a $9,000 bookkeeping machine pending approv- committee. Objections Raised Objections to the purchase of the machine were raised. Buddy Davis said the cost of the machine was too much to spend at this time, coming on the heels of the purchase of a new address- ograph Machine. Davis said it would be better to wait a couple of years for a purchaseof this size to be made. Joseph Kovic in answer said the purchase of the equipment would come out of the C. Parker Levis Fund and the machine was needed to improve the bookkeeping, during the coming campaign. CD Wants Volunteer to Replace C. R. Wright A call for a volunteer to replace C. R. Wright who resigned Wednsday from the Alton Civil Defense Commission was issued today by A. G. Deucker, director. Deucker said Wright's resignation as assistant for training and education on the commission creates three vacancies and was discussed at the meeting of the group Wednesday night. The training and education section of the Alton Civil Defense Commission is the basic part of each individual volunteer participating in every civil defense unit in Alton," Deucker said. "Today only the first aid, police, rescue and bomb disposal squads have received training. All the other special units require train ing classes, but Mr. Wright was too busy on other matters to participate in conferences at civil defense headquarters." Now that Wright has resigned Hate v mosquitoes? BOON stops 'em! a lasting outdoor control ST. PETERS V W * V Electric & Hardware 2503 State St. HO 5-8481 eucker added, the organization nust have someone else to take ver the training job. "As civil efense has no clerical force, icre are many other things un- one besides an agenda. Many oluntcer hands are necessary to eep the civil defense business to ate." Deucker added that all who de- ire to help should telephone or /rite to the civil defense office on 'ront Street. Deucker also reported at' the iceting that the shelter signs will e put up by the city's depart lent of Public Works as soon as liey can get the help to do it. ent posting machine is over 30 years old and on advice of the auditors a new machine was needed to provide more efficient service. In the past it was impossible to obtain day-to-day totals of money pledged and received during the campaign. The C. Parker Levis Fund was 21,750 donated to the old Com- lunity Chest \Vith certain stipula- ons as to how it was to be pent. At the present time there is 18,975 in the Levis Fund and it ould be used for capital im- rovement. Uiicol looted In other board business William sboru, treasurer reported 54,971.- of pledges from 1962 have not een collected. The board approved the raise f SVa per cent for all UF paid mployes in order to participate n a retirement fund. The Alton-Wood River Area UF mployes four people. The board also approved the sing of $12,000 given to the Na- onal Health Fund for health re- earch at University of Illinois, Vashington and St. Louis Univer- ities. The fund was stipulated to be ivided equally among the three ihools for health research, but survey by the National Health 'und found no such study made it any of the three schools. The board approved the using if the entire fund at one univer- ity. your* Service • •*• Get $25 to $800 for any worthy pur- pot* on your own cholco of loan plan and repayment »ch«d» ul«. On* day •trvico* * PHONI OR COMI IN NOWI HOW FINANCE 626 E BR.OADWAY- ALTON •^W HOWARD 2-92 18 TOM HOWARD, MIA. 4. $6,000 for insurance on buses and special bus costs, such as inspection fees. (These total $92,500 — an amount that matches the figure under "other income" listed above.) . Listed in the budget as bonds and interest costs is an expenditure item of $501,212.90. Also listed under building fund income is $440,000, of which $200,000 is cash on hand and $240,000 is to come'from taxes. This sum is to be applied to: $320,100 for maintenance, salaries contractual service, materials; $32,400 for fixed charges such as insurance, anticipation warrants, rent and others; $65,000 for capital outlay; $22,500 for unforeseen contingencies. JOHN LaBARGE 'IT WON'T KEEP YOU WARM ALL WINTER," says John LaBarge of L & M HEATING. John says, "It takes a furnace to do that. "DID YOU KNOW THAT /SELF-SERVICE /SHOE STORES NEW" LOW RICES ALLSTATE ENGINES 155 CHEVROLET 6 1942-60 Cylinder < Block Assembly *Ca»U Price With Trade-in NO MONEY DOWN «1 1 60 As low as * 1 a month INSTALLATION EXTRA SEARS Downtown Alton l »«0 WR THE HBW Hil 679 will buy you a new SUPER GAS FURNACE completely installed with 8 registers, space saving cabinet, long life heat exchanger, quiet blower, silent ignition, and gas saving pilot light? This 'MINI' pilot uses 50% less gas than average. "So why not dial HO 5-4208, and make arrangements to get gas heat now — while it's still available. It's so clean, neat, and dependable. "Pay nothing down, first payment in August and then only $14.11 per month when you deal with L&M HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, INC., 91 Henry St., Alton, 111.. Don't wait!! Call me up!! Make a I date!!" —Adv OVERSEAS DELIVERY AVAILABLE 33 years later, he got the bug. We're glad fhat most people don't wait 33 years to buy their first VW. But Albert Gillis did, and maybe he had the right idea all along. He didn't buy a new car for 33 years because he didn't happen to need one. He and his 1929 Model A Ford did Just fine by each other. He always did his own repairs and even jacked it up at night to save the tires. When he needed a new car lost year, be went out and bought a Volkswagen. **1 heard they hold op," be explained. Does he like the VW? Mr. Gillis is 78, a Justice of the Peace, and not given to hasty decisions. "Your inspectors sure do a good job of inspecting," was as far as he would go. But he did mention that he and Mr*. Gillis took a trip for their 54th wedding anniversary. They drove their new VW 6,750 mite* and spent *62 on gos and 55$ on oH. "1 didn't think they were supposed to bum oil," he said. BARNETT MOTOR CO. 2715 E. Broadway—Alton, Illinois Phone 465-7766 WORLD'S LARGEST CONDITIONER SAVE SELLING FEDDERS 115V AMPS 5,000 to 24,000 UHP 220V AUTOMATIC DEHUMIDIFIERS COME IN AND SEE WHY CY'S SELL MORE AIR CONDITIONING'S GREATEST COMFORT FEATURE AT LOW, LOW PRICE Comfort's always waiting—because Climatimer remembers when you're coming. Climatimer turns this air conditioner on before you get home So you save needless cost of operation. 115 volt or 230 volts. Just about installs itself—in 77 seconds, BANK FINANCING ... LAY AWAY OR EASY PAYMENTS WE ARE SLASHING PRICES ON ALL MODELS 313 BELLE IR CONDITIONERS Tl

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