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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 10, 1959
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x To City Subscribe tl yeufail fs gs^yaur Sta? 6;30 p. hi. and a spedfdl, ear-fief will deliver youf paper, For Weather Reports 1 , . >>'t See Colufnn at Bottom of" ' -This Page 1 :-; 60TH VfcARj-VOL 60 — NO. 75 Hal of Hoot, 1849. fret* CorUblldolod Jan. 11, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1959 the A»!oclofsd Press I, Audit Bureau of Circulation! Av. N*t Paid Clftl. 6 rMoi, endlno Sipt. 30, 1*50 — 3,468 PRICE 56 COW Rebel Group Would Check "Castro's Power BV BEN FUNK HAVANA, Cuba (AP) — A lead- or of one ol the; rebel groups which supported Fidel Castro sought today checks on the poWf-r of Cuba's provisional government that Castro set up. Castio publicly criticised him tib , a troublemaker, ostensibly be- Wcatisc his group seized some aims earlier this week Faure Chaumonl, a leader of the student-backed revolutionary directorate, wanis a le«i»lntlve group organized to prevent one- man rule during the provisional period Provisional President Manuel Urrutia, whom Castro installed. dissolved Congress Tuesday on the ground it was packed with sup- ^poiterf of fallen dictator Fulgcn- *cio Batista. Chaumont also said Friday the directorate wanted free election within a year instead of Ihp 18 iu 24 months that Urrulia and Castro have said would be needed to get Cuba back on an even keel; Chaumont had maintained earlier that the directorate was not getting a voice in* the government equal to what he claimed was Its part in overthrowing Batista. Two fjimemtaers of UiTUtla's* Cabinet are members of the directorate, which consists mainly of students plus some backers of former Presient Carlos Prio Socarras, a Cnsv.ro supporter In a lelvision speech Friday night, Castro blasted Chaumont as the man "responsible for the problems we have now" in setting up the new government. In spite of the squabbling Cas_ Iro's enormous popularity is ex- *pcctcd to help him resolvo the disputes arid brine th<» nation together. Further government appointments might placate the directorate. Texas Tropical Coast, to The Tip of Texas/ Magic Circle Tour This Week Says U.S. Has to Meet Red Aggression WASHINGTON (AP).— President Eisenhower declared today the' United States must -maintain powerful and flexible military forces capable of meeting the threat of Red agg.rcssion in either general or limited war. In his state of tho Union message, Eisenhower also told Con- l^ gross that the Sovi'et Union's announced intention lo abandon Iheir lespopsibilities respecting Berlin is pr6of once again that the Communists regard agreements as mere scraps of paper, This disregard of the Reds for their own. pledges, Eisenhower said, is "one of the greatest'oh- slacles . lo success in substituting the rule of law for rule by force" in the world. He pledged to continue workr/g , Vfor peace by seeking to strengthen international agencies such as tlit» United Nations. He also said he would persist in negotiations with the Soviets for agreements which "may help to open up, with soine promise, the issues of international disarmament" The United Stales and Britain are negotiating at Geneva with the Soviet Union for a ban on nuclear weapons testing, ^, In words clearly relating to that •and any other negotiations with the Soviets, Eisenhower said: "We can have no confidence in any treaty to which Communists lire a party except where such a treaty provides within itself for self-etiT. forcing mechanisms/' The-President related the who]'- 1 Uniled States military effort to the task of achieving peace. The first aim of this nation's pojipy, ho said', is to "prevent war at any place C*and in any dimension.'; The sep» * ond aim is that if a local dispute Editor's Note: This is the • sixth in a series of suggested highway tour maps which Hope Star will publish on a weekly basis. The series will cover the South and Southwest during the winter months, aijd the North•', ern sections in the spring, This is excellent material to'.cut out and. paste up -in a scrapbook for future reference when planning your vacation trip. By EDWARD COLLIER Almost any month is a good time to visit the '"Tip of Texas", with Its 131 miles of white sand beaches that border the Gulf of Mexico, and its four counties of citrus groves that make the lower Rio Grande Valley a sea of emerald green. Castro Says Groups Are Hiding By LARRY ALLEN HAVANA (AP) Fidel Castro charges thai certain revolutionary elements are hiding arms for use against his leadership. He announced weapons and ammunition were seized from Havana's San Antonio barracks by dissident elements Wednesday, This somber note emerged in | Talks With Ease and Frankness CHICAGO (AP) — Soviet Uep. Pieniler Anns! us I, Mlkoynn has predicted n more ttnpbrtnnl nnv bussndor post, for deposed leader V. M, Molblov. Concluding' a Midwest swing, Mlkoynn Friday night talked witn Unusual cnsp nnd frankness about out-of-favor Molotov, now nmbns Midor to Outer Mongolia, and other Shunted Soviet olticlals. Through an interpreter, Mlkoyun predicted at a meeting' of more than 200 lawyers al the Law Club of Chicago that Mololov, ousted us foreign minister In 1057, may get ft more responsible ambassador post. But Mikoyan sold Mololov •Will not be In a policy making position. The gladhancling Mikoyan also described the late, feared Lavrenty Berla "as an' adventurer, tin 'intriguer, a man without principles of any sort.' Mlkoyan's talk climaxed a busy .sightseeing day in Chicago, which •Included the premiere performance of the Bcryozka Russian dance company in the Civic Opera House. Alluding to Mololov's future, Mi- koyan told the lawyers: "We have full confidence in him KS an ambassador because no issues of reform will come up In any country where he Is representing us." ; Mololov's trouble, Mikoyan said, was that he was a conservative-. He lost out in the battle with the reformers, he indicated. But then Mikoyan said: "I respect him (Molotov) very much." Asked about Bci'ia, Mikoyan said: "1 know Beria well. I did not respect him. He was an adventurer, a capable man but an intriguer, a man without principles of any sort. You might pall him a business man in politics. (This comment evoked a roar of laughter v« jdf'Ufe LOOKING UP — New prolonged-exposure camera, developed by the Navy al, China Lnkc, Calif,, can detect nnd record satellites In space. Electrically powered camera uses film 5% Inches wide and 50 feet long, Film travel speed is synchronized with the satellite. Its name? "Synchronized smear camera lor satellite 7 : surveillance and detection." Many Fine Spellers Turned Out by the Old Blue Back Book Johnson Forces Take Charge in Filibuster Fight By JOHN CHADWlCK" ' ' WASHINGTON (AP) - mlse forces guided by Leader Lyndon B. Johnson/, ,_ .._ Tex) hold a firm upper hand td* | clay In liiui Semite bnllle over —- 1 -"" ••> in« It easier to choke off- fi tors. ' o,, They svon n lopsided (!0'3fl u > Friday in h ilrsl lesl oL .slrei _ when atUifillbuster forces lrlcd'lo| cslabhsh lhat each new senate)] has Hie right lo adopt Its own rulSSj without regard to prior rules.i'>< >j£ BUI senalors demanding a' light- ur etirb oo filibusters than Johnson has proposed kept on fight-" nig, T* V- Sen. Paul It, Douglas (D-lU?^ who denounced Johnson's propus* J , al as "a fake," offered* a Subst'l^j, lute lhat would permit tllibusldrf!j to be halted by 50 votes, or a ma-'/ jorlty of all 01) senalors. after 45/ t ^ clays. ' ' V* v SVl Under Johnson's compromise, 'd talkfcsls could be shut ofl and 1 is-/^ sues lorccd lo a vole by Iwo-lhtrds 1 ^" ol Ihe senators present and voi-i*_. ing. The existing rule requires them's ^Inej r\f fill urm,>lr*,*c nt* (urn_t lili'ilgl 'i f il Within a;few years this area well the Cuban capital's joyous reecp- may become "America's Riviera" lion of the bearded civil war hero. one of ils hopeful new slogans). He warned his cheering support- The publicity drums have started jers Thursday night they musl o beat, but not as loudly as those! guard their victory against both of Florida and Southern California. | diehard backers of deposed dicla- .n Ihe meantime, a big part of this lor Fulgencio Batista and certain area's charm comes from the un- revolutionariss. should flare armed hostilities the problem would be to keep the conflict from spreading. John 0, Baber, Dies qt Ozan John Qttp Baber, retired farmer, died last night at his home in 0?a.n. He was a member of the RJelhod'tst Survivors include his \vlic, son, Jphi} p. of Carmichael, paljC., ,a .daughter, Mis. Npllie Degn pot ter of B,arling, Avk., three brothers Aewey 8!ab"qr of Hope, James E Bufeer of 121 Paso, and, Ollig ol p.e»l,ojjj three sisters, Mi s. B. Qree pJ. Gainesyille, Fla., Mrs Mary GolJegly of Mijieral Springs an.d Mrs. YoJJie Monme of ' Weather . .Q.en,era!.ly fair day and tomorrow. CoM tg,d.uy warming to,ii,i,o.rrow ;j' spoiled atlraclions that nature provides for those who would escape Addressing a crowd of 30,000 at Camp Columbia, the army headquarters just outside Havana, Castro appealed to public opinion lo in arms leaders" o the sun, My favorite Magic Circle trips •evolve around Mustang and Padre halt contraband traffic Islands, a narrow unbroken strip. and leave "the little of almost untouched beach and sandi without troops. Junes that runs from Corpus Christi j He said some dissident elements lo Brownsville at the Mexican!—which he did not identify—had border. Only at the north and! raided the barracks and seized n south ends, which are connected to ' number of machine guns More Charges Face Bank Robbers LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Three Negro.men who. w.er^fe iB"yedr"s"'"caeli "tor rob*b*mg a bank at Sherrill face additional charges. Pulaski Prosecutor J. Frank Holt has filed burglary and grand larceny charges against the trio in connection 'wilh several break- ins al stores in the Little Rock area. The three are Thomas Brown, 24 4 of North Litllc Rock, and Elmer Murphy, 29, and James Lee Atkins, 24, bolh of Little Rock, Jefferson Circuit Judge Henry Smith sentenced each lo 18 years imprisonment Tuesday for their part in the bank holdup; The Sherrill branch of the Simmons National Bank was robbed of $11,928 last week. Officers arrested four Negro men a few minutes aflcr the robbery and recovered this money. The fourth defendant in the bank holdup case is Ernest E, Richmond, 27, of Los Angeles, who has not entered a plea and is expected to stand trial. The other throe pleaded guilty. Holt filed his charges in Pulaski Circuit Court, from the audience nnd Mikoyan joined them,) As open as Mikoyan was in discussing internal affairs in the Soviet Union, he gave lillle ground ' Uniledj, States in' Ihe Inler- ' . "I would like to impress you wilh the facl that if you want good reialions wilh us, we won't accept dictation. "Al one lime we were weak," Mikoyan admilled to his audience including host Acllai E. Stevenson. "But no one can force us lo our knees now. Perhaps we have less knowledge and less capital — but we have will power. Lot us speak as equal lo equal." he mainland by causeways, has nan made any organized invasion. Back to Nature In the 100 miles in between you really can "get. away from it all," Privacy to camp, fish, sunbathe, lake pictures, collect sea shells or plain loaf is yours by driving rifles and 80,000 cartridges, The exact number of weapons was un» determined, Custro said Ihis was an affront to both himself as commander \n chief and to his Havana area commander, Maj, Camilo Cienfuegoa, There are many varying e]o< many Typical of the carefree life were these wcekencl scenes: a barefoot cowpunclier with Stetson firmly pulled down on head and polished soots safely back against the dunes, was surfcasling; 300 yards away smoke wgs curling up from a grill where fish were cooking, a happy baby was playing in his crib, the watphi'ul family dog was frolicking in .the nearby surf; back up on may find .. poses as events unfold, despite the look of solid unity at this moment. ' Castro told the Camp Columbia rally lhat the next 5 to 15 years will' tell whether the Cubans will profit from the victory over dies tutorship and oppression, Garland Jury Calls Meet on'Gqmbling HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP)—The a sand dune hubby was posing his .Garland County Grand Jury wiJi pretty wife for some cheese-cake meet Monday amid speculation •pictures of the home-made variety, | thai it will consider the simmer- Then there is treasure hunting on ing gambling controversy here, Padre Island. II is not uncommon, as you drive along Ihe beach, Circuit Judge P, E. Dobbs issued a summons for the jury sessiojj to see people busy with 3 shovel, i yesterday. He declined to say The Coastal Rend Tourist Associa- what his purpose was. lion says thai one old-timer rakudi Opposing lorees 413 the $4,,OQQ in ancient coins out of the j versy reportedly felt certain thu sand; that as late as 1933 one woman (jug jjp a metal box with jewels jury would take up at leasl some phases of Ihe conflict, which has Would Let Public Decide on Rates LITTLE ROCK lAP)—A newspaper poll of slale legislators in. dieates that a majoriiy of them favor opening applications for in- surance'rale'increases to the public, . The poll was conducted by the Arkansas Democrat, which released its findings today. present stale law provides that a tiling for an insurance rnto in^ crease and any supporting information shall be open to public in- fpectjon only after the increased rates become effective, The Democrat sale} that of 63 lawr makers questioned, 41 favored making the information public While ?g either did not answer the suqstion or said they were not sufficiently informed to express an opinion on the subject. Teacher Files a Bankrupt Petition ROCK (AP>— An Arkansas school teacher, who also Is a bracelets, earrings, necklace and resulted in the closing of severa} a sunburst sel with diamonds and night clubs. pearls, 4 number of ships, known j "I don't see how 11 can mis,?.," to h§ye .carried money or Ireas-. the Hot Springs Sentinel-Reeor4 ure in their holds, have sunk off the 'quoted one source pl.oiie to Ihe §]$beach since Corte? was taking his.ualion. plunder from Mexico buck to Spain The dispute erupted in late p.e- i partner in store, filed Mississippi petition of retail bank- court ip,0 years ago, and on up until 1875, pi-mber when Sheriff Jis orderpd sertain clubs E} 1114 Fishlng Paradisp There are a number of interest-! gambling, eslablishnienls to .cJ,Q§,e. ing Magic .Circle trips out of Corpus ; Others svere aol ruptcy in federal district here today. Mrs. Blanche Freeman of Monti- .cello charBed that at least part of her financial diifieujties svere due to alleged embfiiKlement at the store. She said she was a partner in a tire supply store al Grenada, Forrest City Fire Loss in the Thousands FORREST CITY. Ark. (AP)—A wind-whipped fire early today destroyed nearly a quarter of a business block in Forrest City. The loss was estimated unofficially at several hundred thousand dollars The fire started in Sharpe's Men's Store at 208 North Rosscr Slreel about 2:30 a.m. It's origin was unknown- Forrest City firemen, aided by units from Marianna and BrinU- Jey, brought the blaze under control in about two hours but the ruins continued to smoulder through the morning. Six business buildings wore destroyed, all osvncd by Mr, and Mrs. Frank E King. The flames spread rapidly from the men's slore lo Cohen's J>e- partmonl Slore, Earl's Ice Cream Slore, Sam's Used Men's Clothing, Kings Grocery and the Dreyfus .Liquor Store. The buildings in the path of the fire were virtually leveled. A few blackened walls were left standing. At the height of the blaze, firemen estimated a 40-inilc-&n-hour wiiid was blowing. Firemen were able to save only establishment in Ihe quarter By MARY ANITA LASE.TER "The "cheapest, the best, nnd the •most extensively used spallln/j ibook ever puiblished_" is the description found on the '.first page of "The (Elementary Spelling Book' by Noah We'bster, VL. L. D. A grcnt many arc more apt to recognize it .as "Webster's Old Blue-Back .Speller," -because that name is more frequently used. It is hard to realix.e that thi,-, gem at' n book so familiar lo so many and copyrighted In 1880' was a revised edition of an "earlier Webster Spelling 'Book. Bui uipon Qxamlntnig it, it is NOT hard to realize why children and adults who ; usecl the ibook were, as a whole,,.l}e,tter,,j»pellors than those of today.'A. 'wdKd .journey-through this little land of 'learning shows quite clearly how syllable repetition and word association were used'.to their best, advantage in leaching the speller. The student was given an analysis o'f sounds, a key lo tho pro- ngncialion of (both vowels -and cnn- sonenls, and visual instruction in writing the entire alphabet. Fan- lunl information was used to illus- Iralo the meaning of words. This covered a wide -range — from geo- .graiphical facts to the components of copper. Therefore, some things were learned inaclverlenlly. There were 150 lessons which •began with instruction in spelling one syllable words and ended with spelling "hum-dinge-rs" like "mosquito," "obedeisance,' and "silhouette," The last page of my copy of this ibook is torn, but 1 feel reasonably sure the "hard word" group included my personal ,pet problem — "spaghetti." Spelling was mado easier because words with the same sounds and Similar spelling were grouped together such as "streak, squeak, and screak." Because of its similarity in' sound, "shriek" was also included in that list. Each word was divided into syLUrbles, given the proper .accent, and its diacritical marks were shown. The Student of "Blue-Back Speller" Days was expected to know these •three things as well as how lo spell and to define the words. Arabic and Roman numerals were both used for each lesson, so the studenl knew how to count both ways to 150, al least. The book concluded with seven fables, all of which had good morals. Additional information was found concerning homonyms, forming plurals, adding "ing," and words of irregular orthography (lhat word sent me quickly to another of Mr. Webster's books). You might say that "Webster's Harris Proposes an Amendment day DN CAP) — .Rup. Harris (D-Ark) proposed lc> a constitutional amendment >"V' It could be detected" "qniyj.- a powerful magnifying^ which would provide for local option on scijrugullnn. I-Jifi resolution proposing submls slon of an amendment would allow local groups of citizens to segregate themselves if they so choose. It would provide thai "the right o( any number of cUi/ens to voluntarily segregate themselves for any lawful purpose as provided ty. stale laws shall not bo denied " To become effective, cpiistitu- liffnal amendment'- proplisaTs -•rniist be approved by n two-thirds majority of each branch of Congress voles of 00 senalors, or ol the entire membership. Douglas contended lhat ,the I'm once between Johnson's proposal and the present rule is so lhat with Tho substitute oftcred by las for a bipartisan bloc of iiv-i».»-,,, IB ern and Western senators ' willf.il come up for a vole Monday; Debate on it and other proposed' amenclmcls will be limited lo'lwof' hours each tinder a unanimous r rgrccmenl reached late Frida'y^be-, loie the 1 Senate recessed for ,'thc" s >| weekend. An additional four hours': and then bo fourlhs of the ratified by 4!) stales. 11 ire O 1 of general debute will be ted bclorc final action. , Backers of Douglas' proposaf'to'if debuto-limilation by majority said privately they foresaw, prospects for victory. But " were more hopeful about chances for another amendment 1 permit three-fifths" of the "senators * pres-/| cut and voting. <' ' f S ' : ~<'m ^% Conservative, Liberal Fight in Senate Pulaski Studies Way to Drop School Tax LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The Pu- Inski County Quorum Court, in u surprise move, today ordered u study of ways to reduce the school tax in ilia £e rate approved ul the 'Dec. 0 school election. The 40-mill levy fur the county's three school districts has been unchanged for Several years. Although the niillagc was approved by tho voters, it lechnleully must be approved by the quorum court. The resolution asking a study was adopted by a voice vote, with, no objections. The motion was made unexpectedly from the floor by Justice of: the Peace Morris Morgan. The move apparently was prompted by increases in property assesmenls under the slate's reassessment law. The 40-mill levy finally was approved by a vote of, 171! to 3, when 10 abstaining. A "no" vote in quorum court is alrnuft unprecedented. WASHINGTON (AP) Senate," Harris also joined a group ol southern House members in introducing bills identical to last year's measure by Rep. Howard Smith fD-Va) aimed at curbing powers of the Supreme Court. The Smith 'bill passe dlhe 'House lust' year, but failed narrowly in the Senate). Harris also proposed another conslilulional amendment which .. , ... . would spell out equal rights for conservative batle - this t'Ver chairmanship of their SenaV,''J lorial Campaign Committee, ^'iM Reports circulated among GOP- members lhat Sen. Loverett Sal-' tonslull of Massachusett/s chairs man of the parly conference was balking at the proposed appoint' Republicans appeared heading ,to^ day toward another liberal «vs' block. This was the Ferguson j Blue-Back Speller' was one of the Drug Store at Broadway and Ros-1 curliest pocket-size bargain "books, ser Streets. iLeon Ferguson. " .... owner, said a double fire •the Willl & round his building scvcd it from the flames. The only injury reported was that of Roy Williams, y Marianna fireman. Williams suffered a scalp wound when an awning fell on him attendants said his condition vyas satisfactory. .. .. . . , . ,... ,. Jn her petition, M.CS. Freeman Christi; it's .safe to say that the 'J,hg Sentinel-Wv-cprw has said.' said she believed an employe. \vlv« ' ! ?.ctive wiU b,e fishing. tiu> Nuin- Uiy closing ord.ej; apparwilly \y.u> I was n,o,l ict.en.lififed, had finbtv./.k-cl One yttra.etjon in llns part of nivu.nl only for t.Ko.sy who SHpp ( of.i- a,b.o,ut $^5,000. Sh,e listed lier tivbis as $-u),.).JU uxcl iiss.ets as %3,5,7-S.O. petition will b,o l.^vurd by "The World .of Texas." Boats of uci thv Iusi45g e.an,d,i,d.at,t'S for type and dvsfiiption arc' and .circuit judge in last su. : m- or out on the waters of , mer's 'D.ejnu.tTatjj; priniary """ "id v% Page 'Jt'WQ. I lion. ' i ,B,unlj.n,ip:l.cy Bvivrvv .CV/.ort Furlow to Trial for Slgying Official ASJiD.QWN. Ark. (AP' - Spenc.'j Furlow, 70, charged with the ls)35 sleyiflg Of Prosecutor Coker Thomas, vyus ruled dangerous to himself and society at a sanity heyr- ing byre yestirduy. ibecause it had some philosophy and information besides much instruction on spelling, pronouncing writing, and defining words. AH proved to be a good combination toward getting a good education. Publisher to Buy TV Station WASHINGTON (AP)—Donald W. Reynolds, Fort Smith, Ark., newspaper publisher, was authorise'.! by the Communications Commission yesterday to acquire sole ownership of Fort Smith television fetation KNAC-TV (channel 5). Reynolds now owns 19 per cent of the stock in the operating com- menl of Sen. Barry Goldwaler Arix.ona as head of Ihe group'j.y charged wilh direcling cfforls to ' elect GOP senators in I860, , *Some of his colleagues said Saltonslall had Indicated he be-', Jieved the selection of Coldwateyr for this post would be regarded Tfj as a slap at organized labor as-a salute to the ipartys lives. Goldwater was re-elcclcd November in a conlosl in Honor Goes to Mrs, Rockefeller N1SW YORK (AP)—The honor of sewing un the first union label in the \vonu-n's garment industry goes toduy to Mrs. Nelson A. Rockefeller, amateur seamstress and wife of New York's millionaire governor. Mrs. Rockefeller developed her sewing technujUc during the political campaign last fall. David Dubinsky, piesident <a" the Inlernalumitl Ladies Garipcnt | Workers Union, arranged a cers- mony in a g;irnienl center factory today for Mrs Rockefeller to sew a union label into 11 dress. Dubinsky'.^ purpose wus lo help popularize Ins union's new label. Thomas itm,§ at 2 P, m. he altackcd what ho said w?js r organized labor's use of unjoft dues collected unclor compulsion. for political purposes. Qoldwalor * also has toeen an advocate ,Hf right -lo-svork laws fought by unions. -'* Goldwaler had headed the Cam,* palgn Committee once before. " ' Saltonslall who has the primary k power of appointment sai?l he lias ' not made up his mind about ^thq Campaign Committee chairmaivi ship. His recommendation Is sub? jent lo ratifisation by Iho 34-Ilej. Ijublican senators when they meet early next week. Goldwater was one of the cpivi servative Ibloc which backed Ser\, vl Kverelt Dirksen of Illinois for ?he, floor leadership when Dirksen fie* f eated Sen. John Sherman Copep of Kentucky candidate of a ro- * beliing group of GOP liberals,'- " KXAR to Broadcast Razorbqgk Gomes / ' Radio Station KXAR will start \ broadcasting the Arkansas basket* • ball games Sattu-day night at 5 o'clock when the Porkers meet lh$ Rice Owls at Fayetleville. r L.JT T M Judge Wesley Howard ordered; pany, Aniaricun Television Co. He Furkny returned to the Slate Hoswi-! will buy the remaining 51 per ten! lal at Little Roek where Ue was for $5(55,00.0. confined after t.he shooting. Fur- j Reynolds is president of South'' Church Final rites for John H. Thomas, 81, will be held al 2 p. in. S Sunday i.t the low recently \vus released from thy hospilal on a writ 01' habeas corpus, bvunted partly on g rounds that no sanity h.ari Ixeen hel.il western Publishing Co.. publisher of the Fort Smith Times-Kecorcj and So.u.thw.est American und newspapers. Washington Methodust Easl Funeral Home will' by in I'hurgr. Activi 1 pallbearers; ] Ralph Hunt. Thurslon Hulsfy. > Dave and Ruyal Struud. F. V. j PorliM-fu-lri and Earl Ray Sanders. Times change. A man \yh9 hoarded his money used tp bfj knowra QJ 9 mi§er-~no^ hf'f gi 1 '

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