Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1959
Page 3
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w ''" A<M, 4nd 4 f»,M, {Calendar ; January 10 THe Hope Jaycettes will have a stoVy hour on Saturday, Jah. 10 at the,iHempslead County Library for the children Ih the fourth and fifth grades, i M'rs. Grady Burton and Mrs, •Paul McClellan will tell the stories ifrem 10 to 11 o'clock, . Monday, Januar^ 12 The Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will have a joint meeting. With the Guilds Monday, Jan, 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the, church, All TONITE & Saturday BIG 4 UNIT SHOW —Western Action ladles of the church are Invited. to$18,33;3 LITTLE ftOCK (AP)— A million Five Generations of the Collier Fami dollfli' »clflitn agAirist the Highway« Department tot a fatal «,!, ~, i r, "7T"" , * .4 i automobile accident/ was cut tc' 1 js,f «-,,>, The Christian Women's Fellow $18,333 by the stale Claims r.om' ship will, meet at 2:30 p.m, on Monday, Jan, 12 tn the parlor of the First Christian Church. The program, from the theme, "You misslors yesterday. The commission uilr-d that thr department was only partly sponslblc for the accident, hi Are A Millionaire," will be pro-1 which four persons were killed and sented "With Mrs, H. C, Whitworth I two injured when their aittcmobiU- as leader. Mrs. W. E. Harris will be in charge of the devotional. Tuesday, January 13 The Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church will meet at the church for a potluck supper Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. Hostesses arc Mrs. Jack Arnctt, Eva Nell iM'oxley and 'Lola Woodul. All members and associate members are urged to be present. Chapter A.E of PEO will meet Tuesday, Jan, 13 at 3 p.m, in the home of Mrs. R, B. Moore With Mrs. Li. D. Springer as co-hostess. The Builders Bible 'Class of the First Baptist Church Will have their monthly 'business-meeting and social, Tuesday, Jan. <13 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. O. F. Lloyd with Mrs. Alice Roach as corhpstess. All members are urged to attend. The Couple's No. 1 Sunday School Class of the Garett Memorial Baptist Church 1 will have their regular 'monthly meeting Tuesday at 7:30 ip.m. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duckett, 520' North Hervey. Mrs. Dale McKinney will ibrimg the 'devotional. Mrs. Don Kauffman will be in charge of the program. All members are urged to attend and bring a friend. #2 South Sea Action THE VIRGIN PARADISE OF TEN THOUSAND THRIUS! The Practical Nurses will meet Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the courtroom of City Hall. The '1959 officers will toe elected. All •members are urged to be present. TtCHfildOLOn—I #3 -Comedy #4 - Casper Cartoon *LATE SHOW SATURDAY 11:00 P. M. Paramount Presents Mrs. Pod Rogers invites ev(;ry member and associate member of the L.L.L. Sunday School Class of The First Baptist Church to a social and (business meeting at her home at 7:30 ,p.'m, Tuesday, J-an. 13. The Hope Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. J. W. Cunningham with Mrs, Lahroy Spates as co-hostess. MVs. Billy Dan Jones will present the program, "Birds — The Friend of Man." The arrangement will 'be in the Japanese manner. hit a concreto lane 'divider anil smashed Into an abutment on tho Fort Sm)lh-Va Biireh bridge. The department had not proper ly warned people about tho newly placed lane divider, Ihe romml-i sons killed and two injured sought Ihe car also were partly respon siblc for the accident for t,ravfl> ing at "n fast and dangerous! speed." The estates of thiee of the pnr sons killed and tw injured sought $1,068,077. Killed in the. accident in early hoUrs of March 29. 1958. were .Terry Ralcy, driver of thr> car, Andrew Lawrence Hendricks, John Paye Rice and Robert At Denny. Injured Were Kathprine S. Hendricks and Martha Ann 'Deny. The commission recommended that the Legislalure make the, following awards: Som Shilling, administrator nf Johna Fayo Rice, $1,337,35; William H. Denny for Robert M. Denny, $689,94; James Hnl Hondricks for Andrew L. Hendricks, $12,00;t 08: Katherlne S. Hendricks, $1,404,75. and Martha Ann Denny. 52,897.94. The Raley estate was not involved in the claim. The commission recommended a $!-!,5')0 -award to Mrs. Erma Lee Crump of Greenbrier Tor the death of her husband, Wesley Crump, who drowned in LaJ<e Conway in April, 1957. Mrs. Crump sued the state gairu' end Fish Commission for $381,500. larging it was negligent in open- ng the spillway gates without ado- uate warning to tho public. rump was sucked under water ear the gates. Another claim ngainst the G<:me nd Fish Commission was denied, was by Rex Lay, a Dumas nrmer, who sought $2,480 on rounds that beavers released ear his farm by the commission ad damaged'his land. — PLUS — THE MOST FANTASTIC PLOT OF WORLD WAR, TWO! Brookwood iPTA Executive committee will meet Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 2:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Wednesday, January 14 IBrookwood PTA will meet Wed nesday, Jan. 14 >at 3 p/m, in the school auditorium. 'Mrs. Jim M'c- Kenzie will have charge of the program. WHEN HELL BROKE LOOSE STARTS SUNDAY Southwest Arkansas PREMIER SHOWING The Greqt Battle «f New Orleans the War of 1812 Marc Higgs Honored On Birthday January 5 The home of Mr. and iMrs. Ralph Higgs was the scene for a birth day party honoring their son, Marc Monday night, Jan. 5, Upon arrival each guest was uishcred into (the dining room which was decorated with balloon; and poster which read, Happy Birthday Marc, and given a 'balloon and party horn. After playing several games, the guests ere invited to see the beau trful array of gifts. Then all the guests gathered a round the dining taible and sang H>ppy 'Birthday, after which Sher ry Crank asked the blessing. Th beautifully'decorated cake in West ern styje, cold drinks and coffei and party favors was served t tlie following guests; 'Brenda and Judy Clark, Garry Higgs, Sherry and Debra Crank Cindy and Bubt»a Sisson, Jim an Mary Browning, Sandy and Karer Downs, Karen Hjggs, Mr, and Mrs Elmer Clark, Mr, and Mrs, Harle Sisson, MV, and Mrs- Pewie Higgs UVIrs, Jane Browning, Mrs, Gerai dine Crank and Mrs, potty Downs CLAIRE BLOOM CHARLES BOYER Miss gette J3ne Bachman TP WetJ W, garl TPwnfend Mi', and Mrs, K, p. Ba,chman o Hope pnnounpps the engage-men pf their daughter, Bette Jane, t W, Earl Townsend, son of and Mrs, W, c, -Townsend cf Hope The fcrjde^elept is a J958. ate of Spring Bill High Sphpo] an is a student at Warner prow School pf Nursing at El orado, Th wedding date has not been set, •l ,, ( , ,'tf*t> Mi >.ft II'Ji i ' t Russio Figures RBgirirNpW Orbiting Sun ," ,** >,.,- < By HA.ROLD K, MILKI ' , < MOSCOW ! (AP) — Sbvlei Sol- enlists figure, Utid -spaub 'rockul Mcchta'ls n6w lit'Oi-bit arotllid Ihe stm. They predict It" will i'euch Its lop speed of ,'72,000 miles per \j)iour next Weclnosdiiyi They expect,the pcnk' Velocity to bu reached when the iv\lsstle feels to the point nearest the sun, u distance, figured itt about 01 ^i million miles, In Us elliptical orbit, "At lhat moment It will roue t h Us maximum speed of more than 81! kilometers (about 'M, miles) a second," Ihe official Soviet news aiguncy Tass said. This will be nearly triple (ho speed at which Ihc rouliul wos Inunchod last li'rkUy. The missile WHS lUirlod clear of the earth's gravitational field lo become . the solar * system's first artificial, planet. According tq < Soviet calctila- lions, the rocket Wednesday htul gone more than b21,UOO miles on a direct line from the earlh. Tass said this distance between earth and Muchln would Increase .at "a terrific pace since the ertrth and the artificial planet ore diverging in, the cosmos." Prof, V. Dobror.ravov, >i nuclenr physicist, said In a raclln oroncl- cast Wednesday the rocket wr.s ig enough to have bon manned ! the Soviets had so desired, Jf a man had boon aboard, he ever would have returned lo arlh. Analoly A, Bltigonravov, a lombor of the Soviet Academy I' Sciences, told newsmen TuoS- •ay that the (imu of the first lannccl rocket flignt depends on ow soon Ihe problem of survival uring reenliy Into the earth's at- nosphero is solved. _.._ _. r&' 4 nfw'd,h: bounced today" thnt^hfs fl mohl'ancl'thef Unftcd AfaBS He have- ngrced'lo' establish-* ii<BU| sular relations, • "y The agreement; was oil Hal Vltilory' tut' thU';& premier, who'hat! come . -...,, to seek full '-diplomatic relation^, between his regime arid President! Nassers gbvtunrricnt. NSSscii* !ab*%; vlously hold back (because of ttfc Rood, relations existing botWeeh, .., v the Lt.A.n. and West Germany, <'$$!% . .. ... T .->,",. _. - HV^a *-in r ,, , ,, f ^|Sj Injuries in Fall Fatal to Negro HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP)—A 9-ycar-old England resident died t a hospital here yesterday of in- uries suffered Jan 3 in "a 'fall rom the fourth floor of the old astman Hotel. He was Johnnie Whitfielcl, a Negro. Whitfield was working with a lemolition cresv tearing clown the Eastman building to make way 'or a new post office. Shipley .Photo FIVE GENERATIONS of the Collier family gither at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Collier, Sunday, January 4 for a reunion. Seated left to right; Mrs. E. B. Collier of Hope, the great-great grandmother and her oldest son, J. A. Collier of Hope, the great grandfather. Standing left to right: Mrs. J. C. Stone, oldest daughter of Mr. Collier from Navascta, Texas; her son, Richard Stone of Bel Air, Texas, holding his'daughter, Julia Diane, who will be a year old February 22. DOROTHY BIX Flirty Gerty Seems Unready for Steady Dear Dorothy Dix: Vaccine Eliminates One Type.of Polio ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) •-• Salk antipolio vaccinp hus eliminated completely one or the thr DC ypcs o£ polio virus among the vaccinated persons according to Dr, Jonas Salk, the University~o£ Pittsburgh physician-scientist who developed the vaccine. The three types are known ns J, II and III. In the before-vaccine days, Type I appeared on an av^ erage of eight -ties In 10 cases; types I and only once each in 10. Type II has been eliminated ajnong those vaccinated, he said 'Dr, Salk and other aiilhorillos studying degrees of immunity given by his vaccine agree it has reduced chances at developing either type I or III polio and_ np< parenlly even has resulted in a reduction in type II among tho unvaccinated. Why the latter is true Dr. Salk 4s uncertain, but he suggests that with fesver persons to spread typo H, fewer are likely to get it. Why his vaccine Is not more potent against I a«d III Dr, Sail? said he is uncertain. All my life I. have been a flirt. Now I'm 18 and this is the first lime I've had a steady boy friend. I love him but still find myself flirting with other 'boys. iNaturally ho objects. What shall I do ? ? ? — Gertrude •Dear Gerly: If you can't stop flirting, you're not ready for a steady. Dear Dorothy Dix: A year ago I invited a tooy . I like to a 'tolo' dance. Ho has not asked me out since then. Would it bo all right ifor me to invite him to another one in the near future? — Timid Dear Timid: His lack of,interest makes him unworthy to be asked again. By the way, I must confess ignorance. What is a 'lolo' dance? Enlightenment will be appreciated. Dear Dorothy Dix: There are five children in our tfiamily, and not much money, What can a 10-year-old girl do to earn money? I Jove children anc often ba'by sit for the fun of it, Ho\\ could I get a paying job at it? — Evelyn. Dear Evelyn: Suggest that yoiu school have a bulletin board advertising jobs, including ba'by sit ting, for students. See that tht board is .advertised so ipe,ople will get the habit of phoning in for help when they need it. My leaflet, "Baby Sitting,'' 1 will help you to 'become a reliable, dependable baiby sitter. Send a stamped, self- addressed envelope for it, Raft Skipper Plans Another YiSt9ry HBQ Ms?t§ Jin, 7 The Vjclory Komc tion Gluib. met Jan- 7 in the of Mrs, H^i Goad with 15 bers anii their agent, !Mvs, present, 4 devotiomU from the }2)st Psalm gn4 prayer was rejaejered by Mrs, 6.09ij,' Mrs, Hoibert CasJ> Je4 the group with a welcome ?9ng. Ycijr .booHs were pussecj out to eaph member and ij new pojnt system w^s discussed by the coun- UTE W@ftU2 KQtQRKMTQQN ty agent. Coungil Club, 4-ft House and year feoo),; dye§ puid. A report was given of the finan ce committee. Cgrcj chflirnign elected was Mrs. JJ. G, Goad- S,o»g_ lpa,dcr was *Jrs, itoy Scewu^cJ, pth" er leaders el,ectc<| were: YQutJi woA'k, Mrs, William iey aJ3,d SJr?. H.al G,o,a4; an4 safety, (ftjr?. ,J, p. B,url$o; gc fivej^iHon anjj j-ui'ai aft, Mr§. J, C Bowg; H. ft. ftclfl.UQjijs, Mrs. Utah (AP) — Pevere Baker, who skippered the raft Lehi JY when it drifted from Call foj-nia to Havypij, says he'll try another trip in 19GO — this timu 4'rom somewhere in the ludiui* Ocean to Guatemala. gake.r, of Petaluma, Calif., to prove statements in >f Moj'mon reached Bids Taken on Bank Stabilization LITTLE "'HOCK (AP) — Dixio Construction Co. of Fort Smith was apparent low "bidder yeslorduy on sank stabilisation work at two ooinls on the (Arkansas River. Dixie's bid of $107,171 was approximately $14,000 below estimates of Army Engineers. The stabilization and revetment vork is to be done at McLean Bottom, 11 miles downstream from Oz.ark, and at Trustee Bond, M miles downstream fro m Van Bure'n. Five other bids were received. Ike to Plea for Program on TV WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower, pictured as deter mined to meet head on any Dem ocratic opposition |p his legisla live program, may use telcvisior to enlist public support of his pro posals. , While House Press Secrolai'. James C. Hagerly said Wedncs ciay night there has been no do cision so far whether Eisenhowe will make television appeals- But he. indicated a decision 01 television or other public appeal will depend on the reaction to Ei sonhower's program in the nev heavily Democratic Congress Eisenhower is expected to o.ut- line much of his program in hi,i Slate of the Union message to Congress Friday, Presentation Wtt$ inaclo nl'a jolntf; s meeting of the National fidilorlalj Assn, and the Arkansas, Assn', i Two 1 oilier newspapers, the cllcvlllo Northwest. ArkaHscui$5 Time's ahtl the Ci'ossett were » iircscntcd the Arkansas ^,^ Press Assn. Sweepstakes Awai'd,,^' for general excellence, They had*f beet; announced as winner's fall, • * i .1 Falsely Accused --,,'V V- ' t . > ' filagonravov \v|.).s ' quoted in a -npetown, South Africa, newspaper today as saying the Soviets expect to land men on Venus and Wars in September. Awards Presented to Two Newspapers HOT SPRINGS, Ark, (AP)Tho Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.'s Industrie! Awards were presented yesterday to the El Dorado Dally News and the Weekly Fordyco News Advocate, > The awards are made for contributions to industrial promotion. Gil Vcaffcr Was a good man. He was down, but didn't in;,; tend to remain so. Fnlscly accused of murder, his cattle land taken by a powerful com- -, blue, and liis ffirl apparently, against him, lie set out to clear his name and regain wluit was his. Here is a pood western by.' a top rank writer— WILD SUMMIT By Matt Stuart STARTS MONDAY in ' "'"" HOPE STAR TUSSY TRIPLE ACTION WIND-AND WEATHER HAND CREAM and LOTION ! • Soothes, Softens and Moisteurizes. . • Contains Lonolin and Hexachlorophen. \ /2 P R ICE Limited Time;,0hly " , H CRESCENT 225 S. MAIN PR 7-3424 why the smart switch is to the '59 Chevrolet Dear Dorothy Dix: - Why do men Ibreak dittos and without even calling a girl to let her know she has a free evening on her hands? Why don't they come right out and say they don t want dates? Why do men give false names and addresses, to girls? What kind of men do we have in •this world? —*• iSuzie Dear Suzie: In your case I think men act like this to escape you. Give a man a chance; let him ask you for a dale and he'll keep it. Dear Dorothy Dix: ing across the Pacific. He is a member of the katter-day Sain'-s (Mormon) Church. Mrs. L.OJS Hampton; and Hume •Grounds, Mrs. Ernie Calhoun. The thrift .garment of 'ibc month won by Mrs. Hal Goad. delicious tidbit plate 'was s'vrv I love him dearly. He keeps telling me he loves me but I don't believe it. He wants to gel married. gives me anything I want and is really good to me, PO you think he loves me? Will he make a good husband? — I. W. Dear 1. W.: Those two questions would stump any Ouijq Bosrd °r crystal ball. On the basis of evi ' with cake and colieo and the den.ee supplied, I'd say 'he does meeting adjurned. The next meeting will by i't-b. 4 •With Mrs. William Scho.oluy fln4 J. C. Cash will bg co-hostess. Home m,ajn>gero,cnt. Mi's. '4ltQi - d; JiPJW Roy S.e^\vijJ4j ?.oasj Mrs. Will Mohgn, Em- Mrs. Wayne pohaiuw, Rt. ?, A. B. King, $t. 1, Hope; M«slon McI^Iatl, Hosstoj). er, 4lo.p,p; eiwlcs Wuval iM.wo, Mrs. Doj,igJ,as Jest- Wylxc, love you. What .more can 9 boy do to prove it? However, you really haven't known each other long enough to move un to anything definite and permanent. If iboy's present attitude can stand up for y year, he prpbably has the stuff of which good husb.ands are of. Drought in Holy Is Broken JERUSALEM (AP) — Tb.e Hoiy Land's longest drought in nj,emorj ended Taesday r.ight. which continued lirst iJ» U ROOMIER JIODY BY FIS1IW: features wider seats and more luggage space, MAG1C.M1RRQR. FINISH; keeps its shine without waxing for up to three years. NIW JUGGEli miAKKS: better cooled with deeper drums, up to 66% longer life, OVERHEAD CURVED WINDSHIELD and bigger windows—all of Safety Plate Glass, SUMUNE DESIGN: fresh, fine and fashionable with a practical slant. UI-THRU'T 6; up to 10% more miles per gallon. r/A/r/MC/veO K«'s-': eight' to choose from, with compression ratios ranging up to 11,25 to 1, FULL COIL SUSPENSION; further refined for a smoother, steadier ride on any kind of road. One short drive and you'll know the smart switch is to Chevy, Come in and be our guest for a pleasure test first chance you get, DELIVERY! Stopped^up shipments .hay.fi.,.. assured you a wide choice of models and colors, We can promise prompt delivery—a,nd it's an ideal time to buy! 1 i.'•'• '•'>»•'•'••'• " •»'" : ''•-';•'••'•'•• :• •'•"•"• '• • • '-•'• ••"•"•"'••'••'•'•''• '^Bi fkg S T P.8§§fHffr $Qw4 ff' l 4 w ln>pw •rfJoor Sport S«wh now—see the wider selection of models at ypyr local authorized Sheyfpjet Young Chevrolet 391 lilt §££94)4 §*• HSPi/ ARJii

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