Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, January 9, 1959
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS rMday, 9/J959 ,' >„ j ,nt, , , <' ydohtinued From Page Orie cfersfi's' rnolion would leave tht> ^without any rules and open Pandora's Box of confusion, n -move to counter thnl argu- the coalition forces panned ^y^^r'iso thu prnposnt somewhat tbefoTO v * the- showdown vote, "•V SpecilVally it would be levisetl f£t6 read that the rules of the Sui,- mcT^rLthe last Congtess shall prp- «,"Vail-in the.new 88th Congress ox'- ceptlfof Rule 22 the ahtifilibtister .pjilc./.y ,4V Atipth'o'r new,Section wouM spell p otit that immediately following '/adoption of the resolution the ^- rfext' order of (business In the Sen- l^ate would be to consider the rovi- J'iSlon'Of Rule 22. dV" Leaders of the coalition general- &'ly'.ar> urging that Rule 22 be over'.* hauled to petmit filibusters to be !/eirt"Ofi! by the-votes of 50 senators j^or a m'ajbrity of all 98 senators, y, .',.Under the* present rule it take? $ .the "Votes of 66 senators or two\ -thirds "of the entire' membership ; ,'jto bring a debate to 'a halt and ^•jforce- an issue to n vote. fl • Johnson's compromise proposal iff would permit filibusters to be <• ,- choked off* by two-thirds of the ^.senators present and.t.v.ptl&sC -iTiis V/also w'ould apply-to"*->motions to «* change the^rtilCS '*• now exempt ^irom.r—'* 5 "*-'- "--"-"- Crossed ' 'CROSSETTr Ark. (AP) — Clear- f\"~'inE! work has started on the out•V 'skirts 6i Crosselt for the first of f•=. four 'oil and gas test wells to be p o drilled in this area by the Tido- k; 'waster Oil Co. this year. sp ' ''-Although interest in the possi- f,. hility of* oil and ga^s ' discoveries '"^here,' has risen sharply in recent "^'months,' more than 20 test wells If' have'been drilled in the area in £ <• the past 15 years without success |j "."Traces of oil and gas were re- IT, ported but nothing in suffi% ! en' * y quantity to warrant production. el", ' Ti'dewater is conducting its tests j '> '-Under a 3-year agreement with the v^Crossett Co. J^ "v The itests were restricted to an fi- 85,000-acre area ni Ashley County, ^1,,'Arfc.*,'. and Morehouse -Parish, La. f-CHowever. the four Tidewater tests f;' reportedly will be made m the ^, yicinity of Crossett. ' «will drill two holes ior FOR FIXING WATCHES? — Just shouldering this massive wrench Is about a day's work ' for a construction crewman in Latina, Italy. The giant tool is being Used in the construction of Italy's first nuclear power plant which is expected to start operating«in 1902. Ike Challenges Continued ftotn Page One- nation's economy is strong and healthy, and that the 1058 business recession is fading into history. ""Personal Income," he said, "is al an all-time high." Eisenhower said his military budget will advance "a sensible posture of defense," along with incf-eosed efficiency and avoidance of Waste. But, ho added at another poini, ''The basic question facing us today is more lhnn mere survival— the military defense of national lite and territory. It is the presur- vatlonVof a way of life." "We must meet the world challenge and at the same time permit no stagnation in America," he NET PROFIT—Nestled neatly in a network hammock, Irish McCalla enjoys the sunshine by a hotel pool in, Havana, Cuba. Irish, better known as "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle," is relaxing from, her TV duties with a vacation on the island. i' oil; and two for gas. SPATES FLORIST 308 So. Spruce '•JpROMPT DELIVERY « Phone 7-2426 All Hours , t ^MOTOROLA/. " «,»'• \ ' L '"'[ A regular Motorola TV has been 'operating continuously since March 18, 1958, A total of over 7200 hours without, any breakdown. This,' is equivalent- to nearly 6 years of normal use. »r "Motorola TV can be purchased ofily at Baker's Easy pay Stores with'a written Lifetime Picture 'Tube Warranty, - BAKER'S _<_ ,' EASY PAY STORES ' f 212 E. Second, Hop_e, T Ark. "Unless we progress, We regress." He said spending will increase for health programs, federal aid foi science and education, city redevelopment, and federal aid for highways. He called also for continuation of the foreign aid program, but did not estimate its cost, The request is expected to go higher than the $3,700,000,000 tagged for spending this year. Eisenhower did not list the domestic programs to be curtailed or dropped in his campaign to achieve a balanced .77-billiomdolr iar budget His budget message will go to Congress Jan; 19. H-is challenge to the Democratic Congress to live within that budgiit underscored an issue, almost surcl to figure in the 1900 presidential campagin. t^ .'Dem'ocralic c o n g re, s fe m ein already have challenged the announced total as unrealistic fliicl inadequate for national security. Some Republicans have joined; them in questioning the $40,900,000- COO reportedly included for defense. Without mentioning the 77-billion figure today, Eisenhower hit back at contentions it isn't big enough in the light of the Soviet Union's spectacular progress in the space field. The President called his defense plans sensibly balanced against a need for maintaining a sound economy and fightig off devastating inflation. And he cautioned against useless military expenditures which, in the name of security might tend to undermine the,economy and, therefore, the nation's safety. "We can afford everything we clearly need, but we cannot afford one cent of waste,' he said. •Puttin git ssugrely up..to Gon- giess, Eisenhower said: "The Constitution entrusts the executive with many functions^ but the Congress—and the Congress alone- lias the power of the purse. UUi- mately upon Congress rests responsibility for determining the * SHARING THEIR' BURDEN -Seven-year-old twins Julia, left,' and Magdelina Urdiales, of San Antonio, Tex., arc identical even'in misfortune.i But they make a smiling appeal for contributions -to the 1959 March of Dimes campaign against polio and'other diseases. The girls are believed to be the only identical twins stricken with paralytic polio at the same time. Afflicted at,the age of six months, they wear long leg braces and Still receive out-patient care at the Robert B. Green polio clinic at San- Antonio. Alifprd Strikes qtf^qofHis Pdlitical Foes WASHINGTON fAPJ— Rep. Dnl.i Alfofd took his (first official act . yesterday as congressman from Arkansas. He struck thr names M tWo political foes fi'om a list of per* sons entitled to receive free cooioa of the' Congressional Recoro from his office. , ,. . The Little ,Rock eye specialist removed the names of L. C. Bates and ,ibhn Wells, both Little Rfick tesldehts. . Bates' wife Mrs. Daisy Bates.ft is head of the Arkansas branch of the National Assn. for the Ad-. vaneement 6f Colored People and a moving force behind school integration efforts in Little Rnck. Weliis is publisher of a weekly paper and the man who challenged Alford's write in victory over Brooks H a ys last November, charging election irregularities 'Alford said he (Spotted the two names on the-' Congressional RCPI ord list he inherited from Hays(/ and declared: u "My first official act was to delete those names." Each member of Congress is entitled to have the Congressional Record sent free t ; o a 'certain number of 'persons. Aiford and his aide, Claude Ccr- penteiv Jr., spent yesterday visit ing 'the Senate chamber and talkt ;ng with senators and House mem- After a day of walking about the(j| long marble corridors of Congress, Alford's reaction was: "I'm 'tired— what you need to get around here is a .bicycle." THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH "BALDWIN O 1W kr Fall>l loldwkl Cuthnll. DiitribuHd by NEA Servlct, Ina, MAN FOR DETAIL GLEN GARDNER, N. J. (iP) — Here's how thorough T. Herbert Hand is: \Vhen he made a model of an* early American room measuring^ 18 by 24 inches and complete with iand carved colonial furniture, he ilackened the wall of the stone fire- ilace for realism. WHAT MAKES HARRY FLOAT?—Like any other star. Harry the hare lolls on a swimming-pool raft in Hollywood. With dark glasses and =wimmmg trunks, yet. Harry costars With Jerry Lewis In "The Geisha Boy." It's a 24-carrot life. scope and spending." amount of federal Chapter XXXV He thought written: Prescott News iBrownie Tropp No. 2 Meets ' ter, 'Mary Alice. were Helen home at their leader, Mrs. Aubrey Friend, Gail Graham, Gilda Fay Anderson on Monday afternoon. Hines, Janette McAnnally, Verna Eleven of the girls received their'Oglesby, Glenda Srrjith, Kay Van- year stars and three of the new [diver, Susan Ward, Janet Jordan, girls received their Brownie pins j Ginny Gray, Sandra Kay A-ider- in a short ceremony. Home made ^peanut brittle, cookies and cold drinks were served toy the hostess, Charlotte Easter,Jing Assisted by her mother, Mrs. Woodrow Easterling and little sis- , son and Charlotte Arnold and a guest Donna Mitchell/Trayer was by Gail Graham. ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF AD RADIO REPAIR 10 to 25% Discount Free Pickup and Delivery in-Hope Call 7.3429 or 7-4665 Work q'n'd Part? Gugrante§d <„_ STiRO — HI Fl — RADIO PHOHP Albert Hargis and Doyott Collins 901 South Walnut Street WMS Has Business Meeting The WMS of the First Baptist Church m e t on Monday afternoon at the church for the monthly business meeting that was opened with the song "Standing On The promises" followed with prayer W Miss Liilie Butcher. The devotional on ''Promises" | was given 'by if/Trs, Jfpdy Butler' and she led in prayer. 3VJrs, John T. McRae, first vice president, had charge of the business ip the absence of the president, Mrs. A. B. Underwood. Various reports were given. Miss I Butcher, community mission chair ator and Mrs. 'Robbie Wilson, reporter, Mrs. Carl Dalryrreple, president: of the Women of the Church, presented an interesting program on "Grid Up Your Minds." She closed the meeting with prayer foliowi I ing the program. The hostess invited -the members into the dining roam where dainty refreshments were served to 14 members. The dining table was covered with a lovely cut work cloth from .Germany. The table was centered with an arrangement of red camellias in a silver bowl flanked by red-(burning tapers in silver holders, -Mrs, Floyd Hiibbard poured the coffee. gave a report the Mr. and Mrs, Harold Barber of Shreveport were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs, Wttibttrn Willis and were accompanied home by Mrs. H. O. Barber who spent the past week in the Willis home, Pvt. and Mrs. •Bobby Johnston have returned to Newport News, Va. after a visit with Mr. and Mrs, Vernon B.uqhanan and, other relatives, Faubus Defend Closing of 1 High Schools HOT SPRINGS Ark. CAP)— Till school closing action has not deprived any student of an education who wanted it Gov, Orval E, Faubus told newspaper nenplo from 32 states here yesterday. But he said several ^nndred st tid e n t s mostly Nesroes apparently do not want to attend school, "We offered to use some of the public donated funds to set, up nrU rate schools for them fNesroes) but nn Hvieo of Rov Wilkin 1 ; of the ISlAiACP thPY refuspd probably it wpuld hurt their cause" of Dr. iEtriile, who 'In'the next room" If there ( was a next room? If so, were there windows, was there ".individuality, memory, a reaching but and encompassing?" He did not know; there was no way of.lcnpwing. But as he lifted his eyes and watched the older man follow the nurse am! wondered, why the 1 woman hadn't returned, perhaps' his' mind said, common-sensibly, that she hnd left by a separate door, he felt a curious sense of trancp.lity, for that which he and Hope together had was not wholly flesh nor entirely mind but something reach Charges to toe at least .cputeous and spoke idly of trivial things. and the woman said, her brown eyes in a browner, faie watrhing Emmy's peering, stooping prog- gress along the sands, "What a darling!" When it was Cohr o'.slock -surely the doctor had finished with Adam by now? — Hope took •Emmy and the Irish home. Boy had a rubdown and Emmy a oath, and her mother sat with her at supper 'and put Boy's in his dish and said, when Boy looked up and Emmy questioned, ' that il was a little early, she would ea later. Emmy protested that it was the through one into er and then beyond. There was a ladder and you r(l vj. then much too early for bedtime but she was sleepy from the ssin; she was scrubbed Faubus said, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Wpodul Jr-» Judy and Gus Jill °f Memphis a'fter Sari statements came in •ply .to questions asked by delejintes tp a inint (innventipn nf the National 'Frtitpr the ArHansas Press Most of the rmestion-5 d^alt with the situntien in WttlP Rock In which all four Qf ^e city's public hi«?h schpo}? gre cjosecl hv nrrtor of jh,e gpvernor as m ?nti-tategra- climbed it, There was the Cirsl rung and, if you* were fortunate, it was solid, it held and sustained you; there was a second rung, and from that you could see n little further, upward; this also sustained you and there was the third and towar$ that vou groped, and if 'you found and held to It—Oh, he was not alone in this room, he thought with such an upsurging knowledge that he was ?haken; nor wps Hone alone Wherever she was — on the beach weitchin? a tide come in. or nut- ward flPWi seeing the with drawn waters of the deenipr the full, deep waters pi the flood; nr in the- slant roofed hoiige with Em'my T^o.v s he was, nevertheless, here, iri this commonplace rqqm, her hands in. his hands, her eyes Booking at him! her love wrapping him around, warmim; and glowing and now the wind had risen again and whispered about the .house So Emmy was compensated foi bed before sundosvn as it svas he mother's big bed in 'which sh would lie down to sleep upon • slightly sagging mattress upon which* her body made less im print than the fraeile fent o sandpipers on the shore. And the room had a hearth and " ; a fir Possession Is Nine Points, Presbyterian Qircle g Meets With Mrs, Q. L. McRae Circle ? of the Women of the Presbyterian Church met on Monday afternoon in the home of the chairman, 'Mrs. P, L. McRae Jr., for the firs,t meeting o| the chwrch year- Mrs. McRae voiced the opening prayer. Mrs. S. O. Logan served as rn°4erator for the Bifele ?tudy ••Qrjd Up your Minds" with the following metrvbers .participating: Mrs. J. V. Fpre, 'Jtfrs. Gus ,Mc' Qeskill, R. P. <J, H. Moore, Mrs. Mrs. 'Yernon Buch|Mrs. J. H. ap4 Mrs. McRae. Miss Betty Ligon was the week end' guest of Mr. and 'Mrs. Bill Ligon in Shreveport. Mrs. Dick Hays and children of Ashdown have 'been the guests of her mother, Mrs. gsther Griffin. M,r, and iMrs. John Gulley and (Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Starrett of Smackover have returned from Kansas City, Mo. where they accompanied M.SS.S -Nancy Qylley and Miss Barbara Starvett who are attending Central Technical Institute, p v l B h.as returne4 after a visit .with her spid that even if Little , students Inst an eritiro "They would still be ahead of students in Washington p.C. 1 ' Washington he said has ned from "a high position it had fore integration to 0 spot behjn'd the national P tjon level. "Tf anyone has found any good resulting from integration schools they should teU »s" bus ssW- "We are open lid, and Emmy begged. Hope uit a match to kindling and p:u er and it caught and the light vent flickering around the old. vails.,- minuetted past, until Emmy cried out with plensurj_ She i lad never before 'been aware in iff -.room in which a living fire alked to itself, intensely consum- ng its own brief, secret life. Hope spt the high guard about hr> hearth, left a small lamp burning, and went downstairs, f'-om thi« firp because, onlv .he other nl?hf. Adam had built another, lighted it, and they.hp/V ai',i toeether there, T5n'imstfiirs shf nut a mntch tbf!..fire laiH thoro- th»rf> c 1 lvThv"yid fin-ion" the in.ns and the<!e burned with a blue-greor\ n noar-opk hcaiitv, dn"lin(t clr>nr and sonrkfl with epld, innVpfi ,,-vt the fire and fd ' it'Vipro s^> phnd heen- all inHnrin". shf> knnw. Ph^ cp in *ho oast n^d in thn future; <?v>o hnd- been s.it- Mvm in a room sh" cnuld not'do- "•ii-'he ns shp. hnrl never seen, it With, n rnfin "hp- k"ew ps ipti-' i-nov r ' him pnothov oVip hpd nut hf*r in hi° hPnH'?. lonkod int.o os, and m<?t her l^vc about iVn P pi""k. \~To Be Concluded) him, flesh and he was there with 'hey, on the beach, In the house, • wafting a road tak- in» her'jntp his arms and heart. This was the third rung; it was not thn end npr even near it' it wa> th? beginning Qf ascent- NOW he knew, that, whatever he wo\') ( l nresentlY neap and whatever thereafter happened, they wern not apart nw ever would be, for beyond the body's searching and discovering, beyond the mind's seeking and finding, past all they had so far ever kpown. there wa q another belonging, He fell 9 wrenching sorrow yet it was tranquil: it was an acceptance past pain: a eropins toward ih,e thing which might not HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • Conventional • •. FHA Build — Buy — Repair —Remodel — Refinance ... ^ ' ~*' * ^ *. t Oups la a local Institution, owned and operated by local, people, and we're here .to help 1 YOU with your loan p We have many faqilitle's and'we Invite.you to. use thern. »** people §nd| nerhans we cqujd bp «pnvJncp4. Thus far not sood. but harm has Ibeen the pattern )P where it ha? heen The governor said all Rock students who want an tion are receiving sphoojjng in n Barents, Mr. and Mrs. freeman McRae appointed Mrs. S. O. Logan, co-chairman, and Mrs. Gus ' who her home. X ' <<-» ^ A ~, ^ WIUD SUMMIT iy Matt .Stuart STARTS MONDAY IN 'MSpofe. , phairman, had c£a,rge 9? the emphasis period on "ph'ristian Relations." ^ dessert course was served by Mrs. MoRa.e and the meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Logan. Mr. and M,rs. Jeffery Rogers and children of W?"?ren r were the guests last week, .of 'Mrs. Ida Mar tin and. JA'isg Sue Ur. JVJrs. Reese of th* Hgme of Searcy were guests last weeH erf relatives and friends. Mr- and Mrs. Johnny Stark, Jonathan and &imiberly of Little ~ h«ve private segregated system nubile schpols in other towns states. Jtfathan Bolton editor of the trop La. Daily -Enterprise Jn the guests q| their par- Circle No. 3 of the Presbyterian ent5 , Mr. and Mrs. L^e Church met Monday evening at 7 Mr. an4 Mr«, JC^rl "" o'clock with M$s> Jin? Nelson. Mrs. Floyd HUbbard, the new Star , circle chairman, .presided the ' 'business jgeeAinf . The pro . Danlef «'Is there a possibility that we will have to continue to help supr pqrt your schools up here or Is there sproe way they will bgcprrie financially independent?" Faubus ! replied "We hgye so.nio ideas in the wind including 9 con- stitutjoal amendment. We thJnSj poss^ly there may be- no need <Qf outside funds alter this yea,r." Ponations from throyehout the h,ave been supprting Little private sefirej^ted W^lj created by a, ip/lvste >CQJ- with faupiig' iMpp.ort, , be, a resphip? which had been. back for that She was on the beach, when hp went into the doctor's- office. lunch had been packed, thrt child pnd the dog had gone with her The day was warm, yesterdav's ro,pl wind had blpwn put tp sea, So ErnmY was permitted to pad- rUe about in tepid shgllows and FRED O, ELLIS 209 S, Main Sf, Phone 74661 swlashed in and out for at this season, does were not forced to read the signs forbidding them to be there. Gulls saiJod overhead, smaller blr<Js fprabbled oj> ifcie sa_nd, th.ey atp their lunch in thp shgltgr oi a dune, and Ero- circle CQ.Qr4|n pf Terry Bftl- m v on 'Hope hjrt played >with and wa)kp4 with ?QY. This, wus not time |or outer inactivity- Yet she knew j}er on Ihis 8<?lf not flf JJJd 't see l" horizon flr rt.e trawlers far w* or the r9fifcs- rising inshore. s &w other p.e.opV), GRAND OPENING SATURDAY-JAN. 10 REAVES MOBIL SERVICE 3RD end LAUREL, STREETS - Saturday Special - asb Ii73 Lubrifatisn 1*25 BOTH FQR 2*00 §^T> QNkY Drinks Per Everyone t Fr@£ Batons for the a- m. t© 10 p, m. «•" f BILL REAVES - Owner and Operator

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