Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1963 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1963
Page 36
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THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN SPfeAKS LAYMAN'S LANGUAGE SPRINGFIELD, Th* Rev. Daniel Ohio (««) E. Scovanner, 40, minister of Story-Hypes Memorial Methodist Church, is a pilot, mechanic, musician and ra- dioman who has worked as a plasterer, plumber, carpenter, electrician, bulldozer operator, reporter and In the trucking business. if a clergyman can speak the other fellow's language, he says "be interested in their Interest and be with them where they are then they will be willing to listen to him." Mister! IT'S PAINTING TIME DuPOHT'SLUCITE NOW DuPONT'S WALL BljggjM emnc LUCITE OUTSIDE PAINT msma JC95 WHITE PAIHT Gal- ..,. $8,55 Gal. 7.50 Gal. Gal. VINYL LATEX Rubbtrlnd, Washable WALL PAINT Gals. REDUCED! THIS WEEKEND ONLY NATL. ADV. BRAND •fiftn VINYL LINOLEUM ' nc REG. $1.49 SQ. YD. . TRUCK LOAD TILE SALE Continues This Weekend! • Hundreds of *"**" Asphalt £ C rw vi ny i Cartons in Stock! TILE DEO. TILE BARWICK "SOCIALITE" DuPONT "501" CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON 10 year written guarantee. NO MONEY DOWN UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PATH 8 95 Sq. Yd. FREE PADDING for This Special Sale! Mosaic Tile i your bathroom Moslac today! One ol the biggest stocks In the state! All shapes and colors you might desire) PRICED FROM CK«k SQ. AS LOW AS , »»V FT. NOW! GOLD MOSIACS as low as 65c sq. yd. The luxury look In floor covering! 2"xl2" Translucent Vinyl Tile Reg. 1.29 each Slight Imperfects each PLASTIC WALL TILE All Colors. Paste & Trim Available. Heavy '/," Comm. Grade VINYL FLOOR TILE 1! Reg. 59c Ea. — Slight Imp. — NOW ea. Reg. 29c sq. NOW ONLY.. ft. 20 ea. or 16c square foot VETERANS LINOLEUM and RUG 19 W. Ferguson, Downtown Wood River. Dial CL 4-2457 We Deliver. We Carry DuPont's Luclte Wall Paint! Hospital Notes St. Anthony's MEDICAL Mrs. Lucille Flatnm, Grafton. Truman Shaw, Carrollton. Miss Pamela Crawford, Roxana Mrs. Beulah Treece, 310 Smith Ave., East 'Alton. John Couse, 1852 Evergreen. DISMISSALS Mrs. Minnie Clayton, 2329 Brown, Mrs. Virginia Davenport, Bethalto. Mrs. Nettie Garter, Wood River. James C. Long, Godfrey. Diane Caldwell, 97 Sullivan. Mrs. Mary Shulz, 836 Spruce. Mrs. Julia Lucker, Brighton. Miss Cleida Chappee, Hartford. Mrs. Lucille Champion, Edwardsville. Alton Memorial MEDICAL Barbara Staton, Hartford. Mrs. Jeanie Wilkerson, E. Alton. 5 aul Ritchey, East Alton. Jen Roberts, 413 Brookside. Sherman Nelson, 3603 Thomas. Loren Fowler, Grafton. SURGICAL Janiel Thompson, Cottage Hills. Sllajean Angel, 1725 Feldwisch. Wesley Alexander, Brighton. Joyd Rogers, Grafton. Mrs. Edna Trout, 403 E. llth. Patricia Landreth, 3317 Hillcrest Mrs. Florence Watson, Brighton. Doris Brooks, 830 Logan. Mrs. Flonnie Deck, 2724 Residence. Kenneth Hilmes, Hartford. DISMISSALS Mrs. Nellie Mackelden, 2202 Holland. Mrs. Helen White, 523 Wyss. Cletis Clark, Roxana. Gene Duncan, South Roxana. Mrs. Rose Looney, 209% Delmar, Mrs. Lois Opel, East Alton. Mrs. Janice Pearson, 2517 Alfaretta. Sharon Jordan, 2600 Tulane. Jeff Bowman, 1213 Florence. Eddie Smiley, Edwardsville. Donald Jackson, 2910 Brown. Susan Mormino, Wood River. Adrain Washington, 910 Market. Alvin Sims, 1713 Piasa. Miss Ethel Helmkamp, Bethalto! Mrs. Louise Harp, East Alton. Billie Fairiess, East Alton. Mrs. Pauline Westerhold, 3019 Edwards. St. Joseph's MEDICAL Mrs. Virginia Albers, 2701 Viewland. Mrs. Elza Brencens, 4500 College. Mrs. Buneta Camp, Cottage Hills. SURGICAL Miss Connie Runion, 831 Condit, OPEN TONIGHT till 9 p.m. Phone 462-9751 RE-INVITATIONAL SALE Many new people appear in the store every day with approving comments about how "they like the New Look and the Feel of Shopping at Snyder's". li you haven't seen the New Look yet, come in and identify yourself as being a "First Timer" and receive a Free Gift, a nice Milk Glass Candy Dish. Nothing to buy. Just come in and get acquainted. INVITATIONAL SPECIALS to show you what we mean when we say: "known lor quality at low prices" 10 ot sanforized BOY'S JEANS Full cut 4 to 12. $100 Child's to size 3 CANVAS OXFORDS White and Red 69' Bachelor Friend WHITE ANKLETS Men's 9>/a to 14 6pr.*l 99 Men's chambray WORK SHIRTS Size 14i/2 to 17 99°: Terry WASH CLOTHS First quality Ladies S-M-L HALF SLIPS Shadow panel Guaranteed 100 washings FOXCROFT SHEETS Single and Twin Solids and print QUADRIGA 80 square oo 39 c yd. leonie 8 to 20 LADIES' JAMAICAS Wash 'n wear Men's and Boys SPORT SHIRTS Short sleeve . White and pastel CORO JEWELRY Necklaces and earrings Men's and Boy's T-SHIRTS Reinforced whit* $ 177 F.E.T. Ties in white LADIES' OXFORDS Summer canvas Size 35 to 46 MEN'S SUITS Well mad* Ladies wash 'n wear HOUSE DRESSES Straight and half-sizes 99' ! 28 2for $ l oo CASH a CHxaac M utr-n-wnr at... Toft* arfvanlagrt ot tht» ffwcla/f row way THIHO ANP PIASA » ALTON Wood River. Mrs. June Blasa, Godfrey. Miss Dorothy Sisco, 615 Sixth. Patricia Price, 3303 Hillcrest. DISMISSALS Miss Janet Anderson, 519 Elf gen. Mrs. Zella Carpunky, Godfrey. Reid Childers, Brighton. Mrs. Berry Growder, East Alton. Mrs. Adella Forton, 320 Dorris. Mrs. Betty McGlintock, Godfrey. Mrs. Elaine Manley, East Alton. Herbert Nelson, 1008 Wescott. Miss Joan Power, Fieldon. Mrs. Charlen . Prather, Wood RiVer. Mrs. Florence >V&tter, 529 Brookside. Mrs. Alice Vroman, East Alton. Mrs. Thelma Watts, Jerseyville. Mrs. Blanche Bean, Godfrey. Allen Barnerd, Godfrey. Miss Rachel Modes, 1602 Henry. Warren Stookey, Wood River. Wood River Township MEDICAL Mrs. Rosina Hartline, Cottage Hills. Dale Shirley, 301 Grand Ave East Alton. Herbert Blake ST., 423 Anna. Karla R. Zyph, Roxana. Mrs. SURGICAL Audrey Mennemeyer, Edwardsville. Mrs. Charlotte Browning, 501 Wood Rhter Ave., East Alton. Laura Hawkins, 815 Madison. Scott Hawkins, 815 Madison. DISMISSALS Herman Johnson, Hettick. Mrs. Polly Aldridge, 208 Laclede. Jill-Ann; Stark, 513 Eugene. Mrs. Georgianna Johnson, East Alton. Ralph Dunnagan, Phoenix, Ariz. Mrs. .Alrna Duvall, Cottage Hills. William Fewell, Hartford. William Allensworth, Rte. 2, East Alton. Rhonda Kesler, East Alton. Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. Margaret Holterfield, Hardin William Weed, Grafton SURGICAL Mary Kraut, Hardin Mary Heitzig, Jerseyville DISMISSALS Mary Heitzig, Jerseyville Mrs. Cecilia Rose, Brussels Mrs. Lorrain Tucker, Jerseyville John Allen, Jerseyville Senior High Camp CARROLLTON — Miss Karen Gourley, Miss Barbara Vogt, Miss Vlargaret Ballard, Miss Judy 31ackstone, Miss Sue Shelton and Miss Linda Little are represent- ng the local Presbyterian Church Jiis week at the Presbyterian Senior High Camp at Blackburn Col- ;ege, Carlinville. Syphilis Reported Increasing ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) Syphilis, the "great pox" of medieval times, is resurging in the United States, and there may be as many as 1.2 million hidden cases, a top U.S. Public Health Service's venereal disease fighter said today. Dr. M. Brittain Moore Jr., chief of the agency's VD Research Laboratory, Atlanta, said in a report prepared for the American Medical Association convention that the malady is being reported with increasing frequency throughout the country. During 1962, he said, there were some 124,000 reported cases—Including more than 21,000 in Infectious, transmissible stages, the greatest number in the latter category since 1950. Reasons for the rise in cases, he declared, include: Rapid growth of cities; greatly increased mobility of populations; loss of strong family ties; International tensions; inadequacy of health and sex education; "declining morals;" and incomplete detection of carriers before they spread the disease. While You Walt PARIS — A French painter has been found who claims he can forge a Picasso ink sketch in three minutes. Asians In Africa LUANDA — An estimated 400,000 persons of Asian origin are now living in East Africa. BUY NOW! SALE SUMMER DOORS FOR SCREEN DOORS AND PORCH ENCLOSURES COMFORTABLE V HANDSOME, AUnmOU-WIWE S&REEI DOORS THAT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FDR SOMMEB ENCLOSURES AS WELL AS SCREEN DOORS. At larf, • law-ao*t way ta i«m«iaiira yoar portk, patio, aa^ml tt bramawair ... gira yow horn* lon^-tima prafocfioa, again*} annoying rammer iaMeh. Hff-Bahaa't aMncHv* icraaa. doors ara built from vertical grain wattarn wood with bright, navar-ruif aluminum icrean wire. Top and bottom raib ata aadra baavy for Hfa trimming. Cloia hi yow porch, patio, braanway or carport for braeiy, insact-fraa comfort 4hii aaminaii Bring your awaiura. ••nil in today! MADE FROM KILN DRIED WESTERN DOOR LUMBER KMJR OHO Ml OF IBEX ttfe-fe. Stock Hhcft take) afcftl tochw 24x81 luobw Mx83 Inches 16x81 loohM Mx8S techs* Genuine Douglas Fir, Sound and Clear on Ona Side—Use It for a Thousand Things! far eablnah, dtelvai, kootaua«,.tibla-fopf, doonl Strong, ataraa, bandforaa. Ideal for ParfHioits, too 4x8-FT. SHEETS '/4-INCH THICK SALE PAINT SAVE NOW! SALE! BUY NOW! Vw aconomtaal way to build iww wad w covar aid anwt Ben *» apply, Miy to paintl Tapered adga*. «r*f •M-R. %•!"• TWok 0«t SaW $166 4x8Ft.,»/8-ln._$4.39 4x8Ft.,'/z-ln._$5.69 4x8 Ft^%.|n._ $6.59 4x8 Ft^ 8 /4-ln._ $7.49 PLYWOOD WUIDY PANELS grada, aoond aa ana «W», «rf la bandy itiop «!•». OUR BEST WHITE HOUSt PAINT *l.lf %-fncft I 1.4V ft-lK* | 1.9V %-hKb | fl.w Mf 1.29 3.4f 4.1 • $2.19 2.99 3.S9 VINYL LATEX PAINT 4.39 5.19 Hard, Smooth and Dense Wood Product That Is Idoal for Work Tops, Patterns, Ceilings, Under-Layment! TEMPERED •M wten MohtM* b a faetw 2x4 H^i/ 8 " 1,18 4x8 Ft, '/a " 1.89 4x8 Ft, 1/4" Ml STANDARD an — M nr iH^t^^BM a^M rill* fOT IHMrlBr ••*! 4x8 Ft, I/B " Ml 4x8 Ft, </ 4 " 1.98 PERFORATED HARDBOARD Put your walk to wott Hang utantik, t o o 11, broonu, etc. Maba daeo- rativa attach, fool 2x4x'/t 4x8x'/i 4x8x'/4 .$(.39 .$4.99 .$7.59 EXTEftlOR PLYWOOD Sotmd and ctaar M ona lidal Vanaai* ara fariaoad wiHi watar- proof fha*. Vat far My waJ 4>j poor mnm tMefc ____ 94.29 %-liich thick _ _, ___ $S.79 ffclek ____ $7.49 thick ____ _ $».79 Vt-lnek «ilck ____ $9.69 COVERS WELL WHITI AM> COLORS OUALITT •MAJOR 1 WHITE CREOSOTE PAINT Decorate as you wood. Ideal for fancM, rage*. AnyHiing otrhtde. PLYWOOD SHEATHIMfi CD Grade. Use for walU, roofs, floor undarlayment. Strong, datm, low down fati. <M KMT SMOKER RANCH WAGON MAM iARBECUi THE EASY WAY Hitlf • AdJiitabU • Motor m4 Flra lex Spit • 2 Setklnf •rtit •EMli arid IT«/a !•. x II !•Nil NMMI Imlloiter Coten Metaino Ohareoal Wlndiw 29 Mi*k n.n Vi-lmck thick «. $5.1? %-J»eh thick $S.W CEDAR PICNIC TABLE Rt* 3.85 Gal 3 49 HOUSE PAINT I with wnforl A good, dopandabla paM, tuited for gang*, aott«gai, »n(y. 5-FOOT Mar»'i a low-prfea baaufythit't mada from on* of t*i» »orl(f» mort durable outsidt woodt. Table and bench** ara (turdily braced and borted and ara tuppoHvd by 11 r o n g X-lecp. Ideal for pionfa for the family. t-Footer. $21.91 MTOIVI wNk M Oya» • MVOLVIN* CHMMMI ACCOUNT •iHMri s&tvw £rtfr. rai' OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY! Dial CL 4-3814 545 West St. Louis Ave. East Alton, III.

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