Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1959 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 6
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HOP! ^^W'^^^' •• * t ., < '•,>'",; "*' ; ' r V* 4'.\;* ' * v - ••'.,''};•''',>-,;'•'.., ACU j . -"V^ H^'T'^r 1 ^? '' ; vV^"-^3|. STAK, H%*if, ARielfrstfr .-;-'•. '..•-''•'.'. ;r-.>:^:?>^--^."^v^^j[ Prescott News Mrs, 'Histefly Entertains 1950 Bolivia Club I "• t. ' The home of M'rs. -T, B Hesttrly was the scene for the meeting of '\ the '1930 Bolivia Club on Friday -afternoon. Potted plants Were plad- ed at points of Vfm'.agj in tho I'bofflS arranged for the players. High score honors were won b>- MI-SI P, Cummings. A salad and dessert course was served to Mrs. C, G. Gordon, Mr> J, V. !Fore, iMrs. E. M. Sharp. Mrs. Imon Gee, Mrs. Homer Ward Mrs. Jim Vancey, Mrs. A. W. Hudson and Mrs. Cummings. ,Miss Phillips Is Mofitired - JVtlss Mnrgurct Leocc Phillips, bride-elect of Ro'u-rt Franklin 'Btlrnsidc, was honored with a cot- ^Jteci given by Mrs. W'lUo-i White M 'Jr. and Miss Lillie Butcher on Fri- in the home of the former. presided, at the coffee service and Mrs. Dudley Gordon assisted in courtesies. On the buffet led can* dies in crystal holders were placed on each side of a red nnd white net Christmas tree, Gtiests include Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. Dick Bright, Mrs. R. W, OVturry, iMrs, Charlie Scott, Mrs, Ray Woodell, Mrs. Bobby Mc< Braycr, Misses Merilyn Lee, Freddie Moberg, June While, Phala Nell Brilt, Mary Jewell Hening, Betty Erskine and Claudelle Smith Presbyterian Circle 1 Meets With Mrs. Tom Berttls Circle 1 of the Women of the Presbyterian 'Church met on Mon< day afternoon in the home of the chairman, Mrs. Tom Semis, for the first meeting of the church year with 11 mergers present Mrs. Bemis called the meeting lAti j- in niw it\Ji 11 1. wii.iit-j.wtttn.1. • , i « * Mrs. AV'iltc greeted wests and to order with .prayer after Which /•' (presented them to'Miss'Phillips & Mrs. J. R. Bemis presented the *••' •' Mrs. Lcroy Phillips, mother o£ the Bible study on "Grid Up Your v > bride'elect and Mrs. Velma Burn- Minds" (based on 1 Peter 1:1-2. side of JE1 Dorado, mother of the groom elect. '"J The living room mantsl was adorned with red styrofoam tupids flanked t>y white mums filled with red Chinese holly. An arrangement of white mums was placed on an During the business session plan 1 were made for the new year. The hostess served a salad course at the close of the meeting. Mrs. Josephine Carrington spen' last week in (Hot Springs with her 01 wnue mums wtis piuucu. uu ciu —- — » ~ antique gold table and the coffee daughter Mrs. R. C.Benvor and table held an arangement of Chinese holly berries. r The honoree was lovely in a beige cashmere sheath dress. Ker -corsage was of white featured Mr. Beaver. Miss IMary Jewells Herring was also a guest in the Beaver home. Ginny and John Gray have re ^VJ-L Otl £t t> H*J W.*. I> 4J» v*» _ti.^^-.-.^.| - inums interspersed with red satin j turned from Newport where thej .hearts, a .gift from the hostesses, j visited their .grandmother, Mrs. C who also presented her with a R. Gray, pair of English china vases. , ( In the dining room the table was . covered with an heirloom crochet- i tended funeral services for he ed cloth over red. White candles j uncle. Dr. T. T. Ross in Gurdo' > in crystal holders flanked an anli- Friday afternoon. "que tall'froted compote filled with' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robey at , white mums. Mrs. Edward Bryson AIRLINE TV NEW LOW PRICE $199.88 $5.00 Down — $10 Month 21 in. — Full Swivel Base MONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Sales Office 212 S. Main — Hope, Ark. Seeks to Block! Proposed New Baptist Church LlTTLfi ROCK — Attorney Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nelson, Jan and Walter have returned from Marshall, Texas where they visited Mr. and Mrs. \V. J. Allen. Mr. and M'rs. Fadjo Cravens Jr. and sons. Tommy. Chad and Ben have returned to Ft. Smith after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis. <onneth C. Cofteit snid loday rotoably would seek a court in* unction to block establishment tt .new Southern Baptist clutrch acU acicnt to the Little Rock church I segregationist ReV. Wesley 'ntden. Cofi'elt said ho would ask a retraining order on grounds thai. Baptist mission money would be iscd In creating a church conv Jetitlvc to another which contrib* utes to the fund. The attorney was retained yes- erday by E. A, Lauderdnle, a dt- rector of the Capital Citizens otincil, of which Pruden is' !»• mediate past president. Pruden said today Laudertlala ,vas not a member of his church, nit had initiated the action as a Baptist interested in preventing waste oC Baptist funds. 'Rruden said the Ulev. O. C. Rdb- nson, a paid employe of the Pu- iaski County Baptist Assn., Was eacling the move to establish the competing church. Pruden said Robinson threatened such action several months ago after he invited Pruden to withdrawn himself and his church from the Southern Baptist Convention, Pruden said he declined. He said Robinson then told him "we'll got you out then." "I want to make it clear that I am not a party to this suit." Pruden said. "This move against me is an attempt to hush me on the racu question. The top leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention Is moulding the convention toward in- 'tegration, but •! -intend to fight this movement within the convention. rather than outside of it." Pruden said Baptists all over the state were disatisficd that their mission money Ivould be used in such a manner. "Robinson told me when he asked me to get out that he had nothing against my character or doctrinal position," Pruden said "This move clearly has 'been made only because of my stand on segregation." Mr. and Mrs. Harrell Hines and Johnny have returned from. Hemit Calif, where they visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. 'Landers, Report of the Condition of ' BANK OF BLEVINS Blevins, Hempstead Co., Ark. At the close of business Dec. 31, 1958. a State banking institution organized and operating under the banking laws of this State. Published in accordance with a call made by the State Bank Commissioner. • RESOURCES — Loans and Discounts „ 62,750.75 Loans on Real Estate 3n.72o.50 II. S. Securities not pledged ' 126,000.00 Other Bonds and Securities, Including State Warrants, County and City Scrip 49,738.66 Furniture and Fixtures 1,032.00 Banking House 1-00 Cash and Due from Approved Reserve Banks 160,558.65 Other Resources ' 204.64 ' " TOTAL 436,011.20 LIABILITIES — Common Stock ,,..: .-,, 25 '°°Hn Surplus Fund, Certified ....; 2o.000.00 Undivided Profits, Net 13,224.80 '• Reserve for Contingencies, etc 2,042,00 « Individual Deposits, including Public Funds 311,279.26 ' Time Certificates of Deposit 55,084.00 ,U. S, Government Deposits 4,375.00 Cashier's Checks 6.14 Total Amount of all Classes Deposits as Above Shown 370,744.40 TOTAL ..,., , '. 436,011,20 State of Arkansas, i County of Hempstead ss, I, P, C. Stephens, Cashier, of the above named Bank, do swear, that the above statement is true to the best of my ' knowledge and belief. ' - ' P. C. Stephens Cashier Attest; Herbert M. Stephens Harold M, Stephen? Directors Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5th day of January, 1959 My Commission expires April 19, 1960, (Seal) :. ' R.C.Stephens Notary Public LEOTARDS CALLAGES *- ALL SIZES DELAYED DRINKS SHERIDAN, Wyo. (/P) — In 1942 Joseph Skatula stuck a note in a jottle and left it in Big Goose Canyon deep in the Big Horn Tiountains of northern "Wyoming. It said: "I'll buy a drink for vhoever finds this." Orville Wright and Barrel! Shafec bund the bottle during the big ;ame hunting season this fall. They vent to Sheridan and found Skatula. They got their drink. and Rendondo Beach where they visited Mr .and IMrs. Milo Crano Jr. and San iDiego where they ,verc guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cough. They also visited Mr and Mrs. Raymond 'Roseboro in Tucson, Ariz, and Mr. and Eddie Landers in Dallas, Tex. Rev. and Mrs. G. B. Bensbcrg, Cass and Priscilla and Mrs. E. L. Cass of Marshall,- !Mo. were the ^uests of friends Sunday. Rev. Bensburg was the .former pastor of the First Presbyterian Church Pvt, Johnny Langley has returned to Fort Sam Houston, Texas after a visit witr Mr, and Mrs. H. H. McKenzte and Jim. Mrs. Everett Procter Jr. and sons, K,en, Rick and Doug of Wynne were the weekend guests of Mrs, Lee Montgomery and Mrs. Lucy Lee Cruse, They were accompanied by Mark Cruse who has been their guest the past two weeks. Friends will be interested to know that Bob Robertson, son-in- law cf Mr. and 'Mrs. Gus McCaskill, was ordained a deacon in the Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church in Little Rock Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pledgers ot (Phoenix, Ariz, announce the arrival of a daughter, Mae Frances, on Dec. 31, 'Mr. and Mrs, J. H, •Bemis of PrescoH are the maternal grandparents, NEW SHIPMENT Helenco Stretch BLACK " KID Misses Si?cs $1.98 Children's SUes • 7-10 * wa'.uuH Vf—J* SHOP QUR »il§f IN A iiftlES 6* 166lh ANNlVtftSAKY SAUJ EVtMtJl AMtftlW'j ««N6M16 t 666 SHOWING OUR APPRECIATION TO YOU WITH A GALA 100th ANNIVERSARY SALE! "SUPER-RIGHT" CENTER- CUT PORK & •CAP'M JOHN'S FROZENT FILLETS OF Pprrh iib I -Gl \J\\ (OCEAN) Pkq. CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN BREADED CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN BREADED Shrimp K 57c HJG , Ptq. ROSARITA COMBINATION MEXICAN w^^ "SUPER-RIGHT" CENTER CUT, RIB f" ¥• '-'SUPER-RIGHT" LOIN END Pork Chops ,00* Pork Roast « "SUPER-RIGHT" LOIN HALF ' * J A * Pork Loin M "SUPER-RIGHT" PORK O IV Spare Ribs,*-_. ,, 39* .COUNTRY STYLE Backbones Dinner JK3... ROSARITA COCKTAIL TaffK ? si ^45r I UVv/O FROZEN t- Pkqs. l\J\J ROSARITA FROZEN BEEF Tacos., Sari 00 S "SUPER-RIGHT" RIB END : .' Ib. "SUPER- RIGHT" THICK CUT 9 Anniversary Priced: First in a series of low-priced groceries to help you save! ANN PAGE Tomato Soup ANN PAGE 3 2 IQl/2-oz, Cans 14-oz. Btls. HOUSE OF GEORGE 46-oz. Cans STAR-KIST BLUE LABEL (Solid Pack) 7-oz. Cans SULTANA (With Pork] Blackeyes,.. ROB IN HOOP , Enriched Flour SAIL '^ DETERGENT,.. : A-PENN POWDERED BLEACH. BRIGHT SAIL LIQUID BLEACH. Pkg. pfg'. J^ w _% 29c Btl, SAMPAN (Irregular) Pear Halves ,. NORTHERN FACIAL Tissue ', : ANN PAGE PEACH PRESERVES ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING ANN PAGE .STRAWBERRY PRESERVES.. .Can xes of 200 C JA.NE PARKER PUMPKIN PIE .,„ 39* IANE PARKER IGE. ANGEL FOOD JANE PARKER CRACKED WHEAT BREAD Y«i JANE PARKER (TOPPED) n<~ . JELLY BUNS Pk!J . LI < JANE PARKER OATMEAl COOKIES Pt MILD AND MELLOW Eight 0' ClMk 3-LB. BAG • ' f f* r $1,6? -: .a ;59 RICH AND FUU-BODIED ' REP CIRCLE 67< f-v V f\ .0 A&P VACUUM PACKED COFFEE u YIQORQUS AND WINEY 60KAR la 7V- $ NORTHERN NORTHERN J.UMBQ TgXAS SUNKIST' Grapefruit S ^ 39c Oranges TEXAS PEUC1QUS Oranges 5 @^ 39c Apples Fresh Fruits & Vegetables NAPKINS 2 27< 3.. 25* BANANAS 2 of 80 •Roll NQRTHERN TQILiT WAXTEK Lb TIC WAX PAPER Lomoni 6 ** 19c JQAHQRU55ET' PotQtOQS Corrats rjr-rs Dl|"T'AD/,^ r 'A K^y «^'W « ^-i*^>V^ Potetoes 10 e b09 45c Turnips 5c PAPER BAGS MAyiY |Ag ft VEL BAR 2 i 1

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