Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1959 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 5
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'A ' *:' - - «V?>f. Arteries 'ay /'\' UPI SSfeh6S*-Edlt6f ,\: NfiW YOHRtCtfPiiX- Too mu -(Sting father thah too; ttUteh>ehti Ing of this fobd'br that, food, may Weil be the J*eal fcause of iM-efi}n> ttire hardening of, artei-ies aftd consequent pfremfttUre"' death,' Jrt the view of. a 'Scientist v st3eelallztt!g In the aging 'processes oC 'th'e hu» Jnan body. f , > Df. Chester Solezvui'ged hifenv bcrs of the American Geriatvles Society to set their .research, guns on testing the ancient saying that 'I' is possible to dig one's grave 'Ath a knife and fork, Science has gone along with that idea ' in - a general way but has never .paid much attention lo- seeking out the Whys and wherefores, It shoiiitld seek' them out and at once, said Sole?., beeali&e there Js evidence over-eating shortens life, although the evidence , Js in bits and pieces scattered through' the accumulated knowledge of "mcdl- 1 cal science. In 'his opinion, over entihg can keep ,the body machin- ^•y — busy turning but new tissue to replace 'old tissue — constantly overwhelmed.- ; Inferior Tissue Results < This leads to the machinery turning out inferior tissue, which means blood vessel, Walls sunner in a way that cailses them to degenerate before they should. Moreover, "if the >dictary' -over-Indulgence consists of 'empty caloric^', even worse tissue is formed." ho ?aid. • JjThe most common 'source of "empty calories 1 ' is alcoholic beverages. „ , -, • ' Soloz v/as concerned with the chemical activators of the bodily machinery which .construct new tissue to replace 'old. These are enzymes which' gel the 'build-up chemistry into motion • step-by- step, and the hormones which peg' ulate both the speed and Uio amount of Die motion. In certain people Dip supply of ijftne of these enzymes and hur- mones may be 'limited at best end the result of over-eating "is a relative or -absolute shortage.' 1 Insulin, for example, is a hormone produced by the pancreas gland and failure of the pancreas to produce enough of it .results in 'diabetes. Solez _argued, that insulin deficiency in "an individual could • cause deterioration of tissue and degeneration of arteries befro it (gii.ies recognizable diabetes, if .tt V-^U. - Can Upset Balances Another horrnone he suspected of being involved in artery hardening is 'the one secreted by trie adrenal glands which couuntcrs the building up of .proteins for body repair. When' all is well, this- hormone is useful because, it prevents an over supply. .But if -there is too much of it being secreted, there is an under-suppiy of protein and; resultant damage to arteries, '•yer-eating could so upsefihe intricate balances among hormones and enzymes as to cause a relative surplus of this hormone. It wasn't so long ago, Solez said, that many medical scientists held that too much fat in the diet caused hardening ot the arteries, Then the opinion switched and a deficiency of. the urisatufaled fat» in the diet was suspected of being an important cause. The true ari- ,.j|jfor isn't as simple as that be- tstuse there is "a wide variety of factors involved," Over-eating is one factor but it "is especially important, since it is controllable," he suid. u ««T»«V«., - „ comedy «'!*!£* ;. 9 Kitchen ' 7 24 Handle ..''/' 1 45ftbyai Italian-' ., ; S0 Gd by steamer .' family fiatm* lltfnfa'sten ^ , olives,,.,, ,, ;,47Dill,./,., J,^ 20 Saecllke 30 Lampreys (comb, form.) flower . 38 Eurasian mint SO Hurl' ' .21 Cotton fabrle flower 51 Dirk 22 Discharged , 40 Pared S3 dornish town" 'SI Feminine" > appellation 32 Pillar i, ' 33 Sheltered side "34 Possessive , pronoun" 35 Contend' 36 Measure ot -cloth-, -• 37 College official • 39 Island (Fr.) 40 Churns • 41 Age'- • x 43 Born 45 Russian Storehouse 48 Leases , 52 Most rational 54 Bar, ' 55 Seesaw 56 African fly 57 Landed' 'property 58 Dose anew DOWN • 1 Layer of I ' 2-' 41 n 'it % 58 M. IT i"d .TM. «•![, B.S, p«, OR- ; ' C 1K9 b] NCA S»rt)«, Ino. m " i ^ • • ••' * " I-^M^— — — n n i ,,_ L |- - t .'.--.'.. i 'Ifl Isn 'lii I "' f y°" r wife"ever ( asks,you that loaded question, :'Why P i" " do they name hurricanes -after women??;', tell. 1 her you . SWEETIE PIE, By Nodine Selfzer By Kate Osan M./S. BATES District Manager PIONEER . WESTERN LIFE Phone; ^ PRoipect 7-4454 •'Hope, ArkaniM BUY THE "Frashert Eggs In — From — HAROLD 3TEPHENI' Lond-O-Lokes Form .. „ •l«vlm, Ark. At Your Fivprlt* Groc»r» 'Memorials f n Bronze Sculptural Peauty, an4 Contact 8ala*men; T«rre|| CornellMi 7*51?-* 7*227 MEMORY GARDENS tut!-C Hop*, Why Se Satisfied ,,, With Us* Than The If st? Try A Ntw «» PQUUN POWER SAW -BP Frsm — W.D.HUUSiY , Ark. Own Any Other John Deere TRACTORS PORTER OARAGE DAY « JAN, || © 1M9 by NCA E«r<ico. Inc. 1-8 T.M. B« e . U.s. p«t Off. T*. Ih^ «a M. OR, © 19SO bj NW Eorvkis I THINK- IT/ WHO gLSB, .\ MIS, ut» u. SINCE OOPS \M5U'Rep6 LONGER JLY COMPETES! TO HANDUBVrfl VVE CWsl START OUR. \ TH6 TlMe- V6ARSP.X TEAM? WBI.LI FIRST i SAW COULD It- \IMVBB. IT LOOKBP 6RAV ONB WASIMOA, FAT... HAV6 SEEM \ IN-TH' DARK,, YBLLpW 6V TH 1 SCHOOL;! PERBY, THAT FELL - _. COULP.SEE HE WAS BALP. TH •WOK6P LIKE A FORfel<5NER WORE PARK THE NIGHT T SCHOOL s\4 DWAMITEPI CAPTAIN EASY KNOW YOU'RE , BUT YOU'RE STUBBORN TO ADMIT IT BLONDIE CAN'T SL KNOW _ LYING THERE MAD LET'S COMPROMISE^ 1 ' AND MAKE OP r* . ( IF YOU'LL ADM IT THAT' ' \^ --. iik.t m/^L_i-r ^' < T^ 1 'Here! frythis!" "I'm sorry, Don, but my history teacher, my English SIDE GLANCES teacheK and my French teacher have conspired to keep me out of circulation tonight!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Gajbroith Hey, LEVEL A SOMETHIN'S GOLLY,' THANKS, ) GbNSIPER.;!TAS A MR, WILSON./ jL'VE : . CHANGED MY MINP -— I 'PONT- UPSTAIRS, ALL/ ..rf- TM n«t u.s, p|it. oif. 'f ©1959 by BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 0 li» NFA 6«rVl».'lin. T,M.'R»ii, U.S. P.II. Oil -VVWAT BUSINESS NEEDS IS MEN WITH IMAGINATION! IIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY I BUT, MR. GRUMBLY' I'VE GOT •IMAGINATIONK J© t~j - ^ * - ^^ J.R.Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ~Sf "Yes, §ir, time§ have changed, Used to be | could pay my taxes with what I made off of chewing tgbacco," ',F AND THEN ( AGAIN, MAYB'g V I WON'T ' DICK cwwtw I ^ ALWAV5 STAWP BACK WHEN) A OH,VES;BpT5l SORRV 1 - VOUTH WAS SPEED 5KAT-WITH A\e, ' T HE 3LJMP / TIWE WITH A SPEEDING IO <^ I / WMfS r\\\p^ pniNK^ \n= y^mn lUfcr > SARREL^\ /^O^CFMTURYLlMITeaZ.JtigMoM- AT A ) I ^ Hl NK IT WAS/ I HlBfeSKATIOrt! i»>^ ^ ' m^ "^Slrt^H^st-iis.* » ~ t mi •. ).u «R,i.'u,. iJt'fit u.i »., on-SiWSTAtl^ THf STORY gf MARTHA WAYNi pp§ ANP PUT HIM OUTSIPE REE pg.MQNSTI?ATlQN AIN'T IN MY ?E(

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