Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1963 · Page 32
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 32

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1963
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTY*THREE Bright Spot Shows in TV Reruns By CTfNlWIA LOWBV AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-There may be at least one oasis in the summer desert of reruns on network television if Wednesday night's premiere program on NBC's "Mystery Theater" is a valid sample of the series. "Shadow of a Man" wasn't much In the way of plot—a rather familiar treatment of insurance fraud and blackmail—but it was given a sleek and classy production and it used interesting performers. Broderlck Crawford, looking a little older, played a gruff, dyspeptic but heart-of-gold Insurance investigator on the trail of some funny stuff involving one of his company's agents. Jack Kelly, late of "Maverick," played his more romantic, impressionable assistant. Ed Begley was the suspect. Nothing very unexpected happened, even the violent windup with a murder and fatal automobile accident, were easily anticipated. But it did provide an hour of what might be categorized as Thursday Evening TV Digest (R) Denotes REPEAT Program KTV1 (ABO) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, USD (NBC) 6, RPKR 1] light summer—or hammock- viewing. Crawford and Kelly might be a good team for an action series built around Wednesday night's characters. Television odds anrt ends. Merv Griffin isn't suffering any unemployment woes. Not only has he committed himself to a full season of summer stock and CBS' "Talent Scouts" show, but he'll preside over a weekly musical series on CBS-Radio for the summer. They ought to carry him nicely until his NBC "Shopping Spree" starts in the fall. ABC will have Allen W. Dulles, former director of the U.S. Counter Intelligence Agency, talking about the Profumo affair, Communist subversion from Cuba and other timely subjects on "Jpsues and Answers" Sunday afternoon, June 30. Recommended tonight: "Tonight," NBC, 10:15-12 p.m.-the only network evening entertainment show which is not showing reruns. 6:00-2 4 5 News 11 Three Stooges (R) 6:10—4 5 Weather 6:15-2 City Camera A Weathei 4 News: Crijnkite 5 Huntley-Brlnkley 11 Rocky & His Friends 6:30—2 Ozzie and Harriet (R) 4 Fair Exchange (R) 5 Wide Country (R) 11 People Are Funny 7tOO—2 Donna Reed (R) 4 Perry Mason (R) 11 Best of Groucho (R) 7:30—2 Leave It To Beaver 5 Dr. Kildare (R) 9 P.S. 4 11 Barn Dance Tonight 8! 00—2 My three Sons 4 Twilight Zone (R) 9 What's New? 8:30—2 McHale's Navy 5 Hazel (R) 9 Lorentz on Film 11 Star Performance •IDO—2 Premiere (R) 4 Nurses (R) 5 Andy Williams (R) 11 Movie — "Ivory Hunter" (1952) Anthony Steel, Dinah Sheridan 10:00—2 1 5 News 9 Glenn Gould 10:10-2 4 5 Weather 10:15-2 Steve Allen 4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Johnny Carson 10:30—4 Movie — "The Scarlet Coat" (1955) Cornel Wilde, Anne Francis 11 Movie — "Woman From Tangier" (1948) Stephen Dunne, Adele Jergens 11-.45—2 Movie — "Paris Holiday" (1958) Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg 12:00—5 Tonight in St. Louis 12:20-4 Movie - "The Hidden Hand" (1942) Craig Stevens, Elisabeth Fraser 12:30-5 11 News 12:35—5 Almanac 12:40-5 Weather 11 Newsreels & Religion 1:15-2 News & Sports 1:35-4 News & Religion Friday Daytime., June 21 5:45—4 Give Us This Day 5:50—4 News: Tom Brooks 6:00-4 Town & Country 6:30-4 P.S. 4 7:00—4 Morning Scene 5 Today: Hugh Downs 7:30—2 Mahalia Jackson 4 News: Carmichael 7:35—2 Farm Report 7:40—2 News Break 4 World of Mr. Zoom 7:45—2 Rural Almanac 8:00—4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:15—2 Tree House Time 9:00—4 Calendar 5 Say When 9:15-2 King & Odie 9:25—5 NBC News: Newman 9:30—2 Romper Room 4 I Love Lucy (R) 5 Play Your Hunch 10:00—4 The McCoys (R) 10:30—2 5 Price is Right March in Role as President By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer BOLLYWOOD (AP) - Fredric March can call on his own memory for research in his new screen role—as president of the United States. The veteran actor is playing a future president in "Seven Days In May," from the best-seller about an attempted takeover of the country by a military coup. Surprisingly, he has never played a president before. "But I was president myself— three times," he said proudly. "I was president of my class in grammar school, high school and college. I was a terrible glad- hander, simply terrible," More than most actors, March has had an acquaintance with American presidents. He reminisced about then. between scenes. "I remember meeting Franklin Roosevelt at the White House," he said. "I came into one of the downstairs rooms and saw him before a battery of cameras— those were the days of theater news reels. He was making a speech and behind him were Jimmy, Elliot, Franklin, John and Betsy and some of the other wives who have since gone. FDR read a few paragraphs, then said, 'Cut! Change lenses!' Afterwards I met him and he asked, 'How do you like the way I direct my own scenes, Mr. March?' "I told him, 'I like the way you direct everything, Mr. President.' I wanted to add, 'except my income tax.' Later I told Jimmy that and he said I should have told it to his father, he would have gotten a big laugh." Strangely—since both have been active Democrats, March never met Harry S. Truman but the actor has had several encounters with Dwight D. Eisenhower. The first was in Algeria, when the general was commanding the North African war and March came through with an entertainment troupe. Again they met at Columbia University during a reception for the Shah of Iran. Eisenhower started to explain that March was one of America's noted actors and the shah interrupted: "You don't have to explain." March had visited the shah during the war and they played tennis together. The actor met John F. Kennedy at the pre-inaugural gala organized by Frank Sinatra. The stars were having dinner in a hotel room and Sinatra speculated that Kennedy might drop in. "Oh, he wouldn't do that," said March at the moment Kennedy entered the room. He sat down with them and took out a cigar which he found to be shredded. "Here—have one of mine," said March, handing him a cigar. He Girl Talk 4 Pete and Gladys (R) 5 Concentration 11:00—2 General Hospital 4 Love of Life 5 1st Impression 11:25—4 News: Reasoner 11:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Truth or Consequences 11:45—4 Guiding Light 11:55—5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 Ernie Ford 4 News-Weather: Roby 5 News: Jim Burke 11 Yesterday's Newsreels 12:05-4 My Little Margie (R) 5 Charlotte Peters 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 12:30-2 Father Knows Best (R) 4 As World Turns 11 Jack LaLanne l;00—2 Divorce Court 4 Password 5 Ben Jerrod 11 Movie — See Thurs., 10:30 p.m., Ch. 11 1:25—5 News: Kalber 1:30—4 House Party 5 The Doctors 2: Oft—2 Day in Court 4 To Tell the Truth noticed eyes were looking at him and he noticed the cigar in his hand; it was also a shredded mess. "But Kennedy just smiled and put it in his pocket," the actor said. At a reception later, March found Kirn Novak swishing between him and the new president. "Don'l let Miss Novak come between us, Mr. President," he cracked. 5 Loretta Young (R) 2:15-11 Movie - See Thurs., 9 p.m., Ch. 11 2:25—2 News: Dreler 4 News: Edwards 2:30—2 Jane Wyman (R) 4 Millionaire (R) 5 You Don't Say Queen for a Day Secret Storm Match Game News: Vanocur Who Do You Trust? Edge of Night Make Room for Daddy 3:00—2 4 5 3:25-5 3:30-2 4 5 (R) 4:00—2 4 5 American Bandstand SS Popeye Wranger Club 11 Three Stooges (R) 4:30-2 Discovery '63 4 Movie — "The Black Cat" (1941) Basil Rathbone, Broderick Crawford 4:55—2 American Newsstand 5:00—2 Superman (R) 5 Range Rider (R) U Mickey Mouse Club (R) 5:30—2 Highway Patrol (R) 5 Sea Hunt (R) 11 Deputy Dawg 5:55—4 Sports: Carmichael Optimist Club Honors Father, Sons at Banquet Fathers and sons of Alton Area Optimist Club members were lonored Tuesday night at the Stratford Hotel during the organ- izaton's Father-Son banquet. George Parish, 86, grandfather of Optimist vice president Don Parish, and Craig Hatten, non of Edward Hatten, were presented as the oldest father and the youngest son. Some 25 members and guests lea rd a discussion and slide lecture on glider - planes and their Construction led by Dr. J. F. Emons, DOS. Dr. Emons will be at- ending a national glider plane competition in New York next veek. Prosident of the Alton Optimists, Geno Barnett, will leave Friday to attend the Optimists International Convention in Toronto, Canada. More than half the population of Guatemala is pure Indian by descent. CIVIC MEMORIAL « mil AIRPORT RESTAURANT m FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL! Fresh River CATFISH $ I • INCLUDES FRENCH FRIES, SALAD, • ROLLS AND BUTTER Joyce and Bob Mclntyro — operators. 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