Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 3
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|(^f||||||p »^i'€?Sw*w®«"w^^f*?^"^'fr«i r ^»* ;2 4*':.^''^^''HV^^^"'''^^^^^-''^'''^^??"; s*'iV« i *-"?, >,'**-V' ! lr't'"'"'« *'-.""•<"• > *,.*"' / ' •• " liiigii^ '.;:•• .• ,; '<"' ''/jflblendai* ' January 8 '' .' ','-. The' Baker tto'tofe, Demonstration Club will meet In ' the , hdme , of 'Mrs. Orville Steadman,' Thursday, Jan. 8,<at 7:30 p.m. 'Bach member is Urged to attend. \\ Friday, January 9 '• 1 Rose Garden Club of Mope will \\mjft ai 2130 Friday, Jan. 9 at the / Ticflne of'Mrs. S. L. Murphy with I Mrs. J, C. Carlton as co-hostess. x , Tuesday,-January 13 The Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church will meet at the tihurdh •day, Jan.' 13 at fp.tn, ' Ho'stesses" ., are' Mfs./Jack. Arhett/. SVa , Well iM'oxiey and tLola Wopdul, All mem ' " bers assbclate"memibers at'e Utiged to , be present, Chapter AS of "I?EO, •will" meet Tuesday,-Jari. is at 3 .p.'m/fn' the home >,of-Mrs. R.' B. Moore'With Mrs.'lL. D.'SpMnger as. co-hostess. 'i The Builders .Bible Class of the First Baptist Church ->ill - have •their monthly "business meeting and Social, Tuesday, ''Jan.' i!3 at '7;30 p,m. at the home o'f iMVs. 0. iP. , mp&egfa. -itxyffyv* - >^ SfAlSerfteSck as 1MIWJU <$ TV * VII ,-» JTA A O i\* •*"•» ^ U , -VVUUVill MO 8^HUiltfStAllntt6fiflJ6fSrill i r'Utgcd W||i«|M t ^^^^M%5y^' ./ '!-, 'It**' ' Jt * ' .a ''Garden *d«b had meeting of the' year ort ft,,, 7' ifl >,the horric , of Mfs." Jim eg>ilh Mi-srM.'tt,' •«ollln'gs- \v6rth as co'hoste'ss. The club' president,: iMfs: 1/3-le M'c^lahen, coh^ dltcted ' the Routine " (business seS* ' • -".During' the interesting; prograrrij' "The . Mrs^-Fl'ank Ward told about Care and Planting.' of Moses," and Mrs. P. -W, -Webb demonstrated v Design of 'Flower- Arrange- ls.V'-'i,, - t -""1" >-' >'" * ' " fia'ch of "the 'members . brought >a t'llne/arrarigernent, Iri', 'judging thehvtHe/first'_place went to Mrs., James 'for nn .arrangement of pine rosettes'ahd 'pine cones;-Nandinas| arid'plne.cohes -Were used by Mrs, Ross Moore' in? her' second^ place arrangement,;; and 'Mrs. C. W. Ev- 'HHs 4vttS 'third 'with' aft^BMaft'ge wStti-bf', pdiflsettia- tot its tfocal , , __ ; s%e.fO;jrnMb8fs-' hnd offd 'gitest, iMrs. Vtfrtde". Srodin, \ver6 ' serv'ed German chocolate cnkc, nltts «nd doffee'Toy'-'tlie hostesses. I I * t. Cbming'qnd Goihg - ; Miss Char'lene Wiggins, local 'manager of the Montgomery Ward Catalogue office, 'attended aHhi'ee- day 'tndetlng of iMonlgomery Ward (Managers in this district, held in IFt. Worth, Week, Tex, the first of tho pfMifi, r^'-iV j'iV,-;•',"., ,V i X Aftt aai JHK w^k - 1 * ^ ="" ' •=" Marry Seago of Little Rock \vtis a business Visitor Jn Hope TAICS* day. • •'. IMVs, (Lucille Spaugh has return- ed'to her home in Bnhvbrldgc, Gn. after spending the holidays with (Mr; nnd Mrs. -W. J3. 'Ruggles nnd 01- John P. Cox Drug Co. WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS;: PHONE7.4616 HOPE, ARK. ON YOUR FRIENDLY ®, 1: ? ; FAST ACTING 1 ' 1 PEPSODENT fiNTISEPTIC ' Refreshing THOREX1N , COUGH Medicine am- tussive,.., • >>'*••• COLD-FIGHTER COMBINATION ,.;•• .89c SNEFRIN A-P-C - - For sm'flles, aches.vpains 65c Keller LOZENGES Antibioiic and anesthetic SOCIAL —BOTH; ana anesni 98 11ILETSOAP " Woodbury" Beauty Bar (Limit; ,3,) V. \0fr '* \Q% on OLAFSEN VITAMINS '.--. . during Our JANUARY { I Of Hydrogen !l6-oz. j'(Limijc 1) Mi • Durable Latex wm y / f ^ ^. 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"But we need some sort of legislation to enable residents ot municipalities' to havo the Ihlnus they are willing to pay for." Tax collecting powers of munici- tuiWIcS presently is controlled at the state level, ,either' conslilu- other relatives here nnd In Shrevo- port, 1 (Mr, flnd Mrs. Martin Pox Jr., nnd son ot Toxarknna were guests of Mr. i and Mrs. Martin 'Pox Sr.. on Tuesday. Mrs, \V, B. Hugglos accompanied J, C, Hothwoll when he returned to his Air Bnse in San Antonio Tex., following the Christmas holi- 'days', While in Snn Antonio, Mrs. Ruggles will visit 1st iLt. nnd Mrs. 'Don Ruggles. Births 1st 'LI. nnd Mrs. Don '-Ruggles •of San Antonio, Texas announce tho arrival oC a balby girl born Jan. G. Paternal grandparents lire Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ruggles and maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. L. C. Honcycutt, Clarksville, Ark. Air Force Plans ' <dAPt^&WAVfihAVW. r U- .. —The Ah- Force Is pushing-ohctu) with plans, to fire the '.tUttn,, the 1 nation's tteWest' ahtl most > povVtsi-"" ful war rocket. The -flO • foot Inlerennllnentnl range ballistic missile gushed, fire and smoW Wednesday during a' ground lost of tho. 'g'-gi-^^-' --ty,^-'. fy.f-^^^tft^^ij^Kfi^ef^ t--<A&?;»*.',,>A ^.fst^-j^jsEt* first singe engine. If nil went \votl lit the static test, a launching wris expected to- follo\V in the nonr future, Although the tost Instcd only seconds, It svns loomed thut the attempt Was surcesstul, of a 11)37 Inw Hospital Notes Memorial Admitted: IMa'Uic K. Jackson, Hope; Miss iLyla Brown, Hope. Discharged: Arthur Holland, Saratoga; 'Sonja iPowell, tRl. 1 Ein- mct. FAT OVERWEIGHT Now available to you for first tinio without a doctor's .prescription, our iew drug 'called! ODRINEX. You must lose ugly fat in 7 dayn or your money back. 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The revenue proposals' deal wllli broadening ot the municipalities' lax-gathering power Within Iho framework of slaty control. These are: t, Hopeal of a 1027 act selling the bond limit lor cities at five million dollars. A larger share of general re- veiuio funds colliSulwl by ihe This involves roijj.il of a UK scUng the amount of .turnback nt $2,810,000 annually. \ 8. Either an increase in turn- from highway funds or reinstatement of cily licenses which were eliminated last year. Zimmerman Mid the ID27 bond act hampered larger cities which could collect more than five million dollars tuvbr a I0.''7 oonslilu- lional amcnilmcnt limiting tr.xos lor capital improvement!! lo live mills. Ho saici tho 1937 LosislaU.I'e, which asked Iho oitlos to forego thp right lo co)!r;t cily licens-.' had yromh;o'.l a lurfle increase In itirnbtick kinds but that monies had not retichod expotta- tions. "We either wan: the larger lui'n- back of tin 1 pdviliRj ol oullecllng •city license Joes 'again," Zimmerman said. MuniclpalltUss foel strongly thai they are enU'-lo'd to n ijirgur' sh.-ii'o of the goimral i'untl, JJImmormnn said, ackliMi; that munielpnlllies once received 7 por cent of all general funds and 12.n por cent of all collections over 33 million dollars.- "Last year the tu r n b a ck amounled only to about two per cent oT the total because in 1959 'the turnback was pegged at $2,310,000 annually," Zimmerman said. "That* was all right In 1940, but stnlo revenues hnvu been greatly increased withrxil a ctfr- rcsponding Incron^q in lurnbacks." The league also will sock Jeg/fja- llon moderni/,in.{ city purchasing laws and repeal of a KIM acl requiring newspaper publication of semi-annual financial reports "City purchnb'nj; now Is done through an independent 'Board of Public Affairs," Zimmerman said. "We want a sy.-ilum wlv-reby city officials could set up a purchasing department within tho framework of the city government," SPECIAL. (loverleaf ANNUAL SALE 3 DOROTHY GRAY BEAUTY CREAMS for .cleaner, skin mm i ClfANSlR BBY mm SlriANiiR J^'Cp cleans without drying, kubncuies us it liquflic i »..,lloats away eycvy iinimrity, tciivcs tkin rcffC5lK'il...|iioist. 1^ S4.00) } 6 w.~ft,?5 (rcg. 13.35) y! Ads like a mag. IQ lift out hidJcu jjri.iii.e...l)riug out hidden slow. (}. HOO) i 6 M.-*$\.%§ (re s . §?.^5) M88M9Ni CBfftlM contains 10,000 Iioi> yjiils J , ls JUT tniiuc to lidji sinooih tiny linej.,.jm.>- JuoJ>-)Lnu)s'' JwJv. <| w.^rfg^.gQ (,jtjj. $5.0.0; John P. Cox Drug Co. WE GIVE S4H SRiiW STAMP^ ^f!^llJIp31i s - - t v <- ->'* »>•:?,$ Vv, -^rf-H'fr »»vs ) '-. iJ /* - Vf,/»!-,,-, ;, t - r s t <• •< t ? V' s /s/' Gontmues - 'Savings tb 60% LADIES $75,00 MoUtON COATS $1,00 PUTS IN LA YAW AY 39.95 HEAVY OUTING FLANNEL 3 yds. $1 DARK AND LIGHT STRIPES t * i-t ' CHILDREN'S COATS REG. 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