Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1963 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1963
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-NINE Assorted Ideas for Your Barbecuing Season OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL » P.M. Top Value Stamps ITS NEW! ITS HERE! GIFT CATALOG Only Top Value Stamps guarantees ewrygi&2 WAYS HMM tail M Mhrwtlict. Lwn, »«»ty—Silver Flatter First Cut Pork Chops....» 49c Silver Plater—Rolled and tied Boneless Pork Loin Roast • 79c Booth— 4-o*. portion. Cod Portions. Catfish Fillet Bonne* Butter Steaks 4H-lb. S fcox 3 ,';;„ $1.00 Large—Artificial Casing - Hunter - Sliced Bologna " 39c Kwick Krisp or Mayrocw Sliced Bacon "> 49c Lean, Meaty — Mixed Rib and Loin Silver Platter Pork Chops Ib. U. S. GOVT. INSPECTED LOVIN' CARED FOR hole Fryers lM*rr« th* rlrtt to limit. •tohely— Whole Kernel White or Gold Corn . . 6 £, $1.00 Krof «r— Kraut, Spinach, or Whole Kernel Gold Corn ........... 8£,$LM Garden Sweet Peas . . 6 «• $1.00 Crest Toothpaste . 64c OPEN EVERY NIGHT "TO, 9 P.M. MQ OK iquid Prell Shampoo . KSB 88c •ILTBK PLATTER I'OKK IB specially lelecled, tlflcaJly I«d to produce for our customer! the finest la quality Pork products yielding the most testy, delectable, leanest pork you have «ver enjoyed. . . . Try some today at these low Krog-er prices. 300 EXTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS with this week's coupons from your Kroger Mailer. CAW ET Cf flfl on the P urcna "e of beautiful porcelain China . . . Ma •»™ • ™ 4»«"U 0 n t ne purchase of s i-piece place setting- and 500 •• the purchase of a lovely Gravy Boat, *n which you'll *Iso receive 100 Extra Top Value Stamps! Ifine for Barbecu. Split Broilers - 29c Spotlight Instant Coffee 10-OZ. JAB OB KROGER French Brand Coffee t-LB. BAG Your Choice SO Extra Top Value Stamps Purchase of four JO-oi. leave* Kroger White Bread. 50 Extra Top Value Stamps Purchase of Quart jar of Kroger Salad Dressing or Mayonnaise. Velveeta Cheese 2-lb. box 50 Extra Top Value Stamps Purchase of three or more Cantaloupes. 50 Extra Top Value Stamps Purchase of tray-pack, cut-up Farm Fresh-Fryer. Specials from our Kroger Bakery Plain or Iced Raisin Bread Loaf Ol' Southern Spice Cake Fresh Orange Part ait Ring Chef's Delight American or Pimento Cheese Spread 2-Lb. Loaf Swans Down Cake Mixes Orange Coconut, White, Devils Food, Yellow, Fudge Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Banana, and Lemon Flake. Pet Rita Frozen Cream Pies Lemon, Coconut, and Chocolatf 15- Meadow Gold Sherbet III. Kroger Country Rolls «,. 29c . 3 "*r 79c Chef Boy-Ar-De« Mushroom or Spaghetti Sauce «», Kroger Spaghetti VALUABLE.COUPON I 50 Extra Top Value Stamps 1 with this coupon and the purchase of Kroger Gelatin 3 pup. 49c (An,v Flavor) Coupon Expire* Saturday Nlclit, June 22. 196,'l Banquet Frozen Dinners Italian, KnchlUto, Mexican, Chopped Beef, Oiitofcen, Macaroni and Cheese, Turkey, Haddock, Beef, Salisbury Steak, and Ham Dinner*. OPEN EVERY NIGHT •TIL 9PM, California Fr«ijfi Fruits . <Mf(«rnl* Strawberries .......... 3 »,, $1.00 r*rt«(t* Seedless Grapts ..... . . . . fW ,. 39c Cardinal JUd Grapes .................. ». 39c L»rft, Dtrby Royal Apricots , , . ..... , ........ M , 39c Bunrin Nectarines , L> 49e Tree Ripened Freestone Peaches ^ 29c Red Plums u> 39c Hunt's Tomato Sauce 101£ $1 Stokely—Small, whole Green Beans 4 N :. n8 , 03 $1 Cut GrMn Btaai—6 No. 303 t«ji»- _ 11.OO Kroger—Cut Green Beans S ";.r $1 New Crop Lodi Apples .... 4 ' ' 69c Extra Fancy—C.A. Large, Jumbo 6 size. Delicious Red Deliciou. Apples "> 25o Extra Fancy Winesap Apples ____ 3", 69c 252 Size — Persian ieedless Limes »<>*• 39o W.I. No. I— New Bed Potatoes .. U.S. No. 1 — Georgia, Freestone Peaches... 3 "»49c Red, Rip(h-J0 to 22-lb. avg. Watermelons ••• 89o Quarter* 88e Halve* 48« , Oreen, Home Orown Gabbage ..."«« I9e Golden $w«fl Home Grown, Hot HOUM Corn 5 •«. 39c Tomatoes ... »• 39o No. 1 Fruit of th« Tropic* Bananas Vine Ripened Jumbo 17 SIM Cantaloupes Kabobs Go Great With Barbecues By UNCLE FRANK KOHLEB (Chief SWlleteer) BARBECUE ODDS AND ENDS, potpourri here of ideas, some 'hich you may find useful from me to time. KOCKTAIL KABOBS. We like 0 do a few of these at a time, nskewer them on a hot dish in hich you can keep them warm, nd serve with toothpicks to ac- ompany rum cocktails, for in- tance, at your barbecue. Wrap pineapple chunks with ba- on and secure with toothpicks. Do the same with pieces of chick- n liver cut about the size of the ineapple — and with large stuff- d green olives and large pickled nions. Cut frankfurters in 1-inch jieces. The latter, together with he little assemblies suggested, nay be skewered on a long, vooden handled skewer or so, and roiled over the coals. Mix equal part of soy sauce nd melted butter with perhaps a lash of Worcestershire, and brush he kobobs as you broil them ver the coals. Turn them frequently. These and the cocktails vill keep "Kibitzers" out of your lair while you are preparing the main meal. HOT CHILI RABBIT makes an deal dip, perfect for distracting onlookers while you're cooking. Keep this warm near the fire, and serve thick potato chips, suitable crackers, Melba toast slices, and maybe large corn chips »vith the mixture. Turn small can of chili into small skillet and let it simmei on the grill until some but not all of the liquid has cooked away. Stir in 1 cup of grated sharp American eheddar cheese and ilend until smooth. You may add more chili powder if needed, and maybe some garlic salt to taste. Set to one side, keep it warm, and let your guests regale themselves while you work. 'BAMA HOT SAUCE is a great brushing medium for barbecuing ribs. This will provide sufficient sauce to baste 4 pounds or so oJ ribs properly. In a small sauce pan, blend % cup dark molasses with Va cup prepared hot mustard. Stir in 2 teaspoons Tabasco; % cup cider vinegar; % cup Worcestershire; 1 teaspoon salt and Vi teaspooE black pepper. Let simmer 5 minutes, then brush the ribs with the mixture as they broil. LENTILS SAUTE make a surprisingly popular accompanimenl for pork ribs or other barbecued pork dishes. For 6: 1 pound lentils 2 tablespoons bacon fat 4 strips bacon, diced Vs onion, minced 2 tablespoons minced parsley Pick over the lentils and soah them overnight. Drain and covei with fresh water. Bring to a bol' then reduce heat and simmer un til tender. Drain well. Cook bacon until bits are crisp :hen remove the bits and drair them on paper towelling. Drain of. 1 all but 2 tablespoons of the fat stir in the onion and drained len tils and cook, stirring, until onions are tender. Place in heated serving dish, sprinkle wth pars- ey and the bacon bits, and serv« hot. BARBECUE APPLE PIE OC CIDENTAL. If you have one o) the little inexpensive folding grill: that we like to use, which throw i ot of heat down under the coals you'll find this a great dessert Otherwise, you can wrap eacl portion in foil and heat through until the cheese melts, then serv •ight in the foil packets. Take slices of good apple pie op with slices of fine, aged Amer can cheddar, for instance, an< ieat until the cheese melts. If yoi !o them under your grill, watci hem — it can get mighty ho lowri there! Send YOUR favorite recipe am stamped self-addressed enve ope to this newspaper and be come a life member of the Skille ;iub. We'll send you a member ihip card to prove it. PHONE FRIENDSHIP LOUISVILLE, Ky. Ifl — Two men who have been chatting foi everal months via long distance nternational telephone finally let during the Kentucky Derby. It began one night in Gait, Ont., vhen E. R. Bibby, on a whim, icked Bill Kerberg's name out f a telephone directory. He called Kerberg just to chat about Centucky. Later, there were more alls. Kerbery invited the Canadian visit Louisville during Derby iVeek. After Bibby arrived he earned that Kerbery is a Chamber f Commerce official and had ar- anged for choice box seats at he race track, an old-fashioned larbecue, a,nd a tour of the city's ilstoric sites. "You might say I made a win- ling pick," Bibby grinned, "when pulled ins name out of that di- ectpiy." Cup Huitien, the second lapg- ist cjly in Haiti, lw»s been near- y destroyed three times—by fjre n 181TJ, earthquake in 1842 apd KUTieane in 1938.

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