Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1959
Page 3
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Thursday, Jartua'ry 8 '" - - ' ' rhe Jr.-Sr, PTA- will hioet,on i l 8 ft m> at the "Junior School audltordum, Thursday, January 8 Tho Bskfer Home Demonstration will meet in the home of S. Oi-ville Steadfnan, Thursday; h, 8 «t 7'r30 p.m. Each member is urged lo attend. > ! ''Pal Cleburne Chapter tTDC will meet Thursday, Jati. 8' aMho Diamond Cafe for a luncheon at 12i30. (Mi's. 'J. t!Vr. ( Duffle has charge of the program. Fri'day, January 9 Hose Garden Club of, Hope, will Tonite & Thursday 6:30 - 8:30 The True Life Story of Diana Barry more MALONE 11 Olani Birrymon I whoii hut Untmiou itacktf minimi I mm ' FlYNN, is hif lathtr, lohn Barrymin In hit y.ii, olwiWntnl TOO MUCH. TOO SOON t And a shocked world said, Ilk* father-like daughter" • Laff Treat • KATNIP CARTOON Jneet at,2:30 FVidajvJtuvS at«the home of Mrs/ S. ;L; Murphy with Mrs, J.- c. Carlton as" co-hostess, Tuesday, JanUSry'MS^ - •< * '/ The Friendship Class of the First' Baptisl Church, will meeUal Ihe church for a politick •stf'ppcr' Tuesday,' Jan. 13 at' 1 p.m. Hostesses are Mrs, Jack Arnett, :Eva Noll iM'oxiey and Lola Woodul, All members and associate members are urged to be present. Tuesday Bridge Club { EMertalned By Mr». Murphy •Mrs, S. L. Murphy, was hostess to her Tuesday Bridge' Club on UTan. 6. She used pussy willow Ibram ches as attractive decorations in her home, - * Mrs, Tom Wardlaw was the high score 'Winner for 'tro afternoon and Mrs. Rob j-ones received a game prize, The hostess served a salad plate andjcoffce to the club members. Mrs. Terrell Cornelius 'Entertains Bridge Club An extra table of guests played with the Tuesday iBridge Club when it met Jan. 6 in the home of iMVs. Terrell Cornelius. They included Mrs. Taylor Stuart, Mrs. Earl O'Neal, Mrs. J. C. IBroyles and iMrs. Roy Anderson. Mrs. Kelly Bryant was the .righ scorer for club members and Mrs. George Newborn was second high. Mrs. Taylor Stuart was high scorer for the guests. At the conclusion of play, the hostess served fruit cake and coffee. Mrs. Brack Sohenck Hostess To c'lrcle 6 4 Circle 0 of WSCS met Monday Jan. 5 at 2 p.m. in the home oC 'Mrs. Ba-ack SchCnck. The meeting was opened with AIRLI.NE TV NEW LOW PRICE $199.88 $5.00, Down — $10 Month ( 21 in. — Full Swivel Base MONTGOMERY WARD .Catalog Sales Office '212 S. Main — , Hope, Ark. - ,,,. , . Thefts also -.Was k s8We''eohfusion 6H"; both: sides ' in advance, of 'the format cohyehihg of the B6th CM. gross, ftg' jUst' \vhst, to exjjcet oi- When to, expert 'it, '^ ",'., ' Renewed 'talk of a compromise came last night -with a repbrl that majority leader Lyndon ' B,'- Johnson ^(D'Tfcx) might try to step Irt quickly with a ' proposer designed to forestall a long and divisive clash,. His heavy Democratic majority In the now- Senate already Is , badly split on'the' mibuster is• ' ' ' , sue. But' if ,„ Johnson had any siteh Small Quantities — AAA-1 Merchandise ODDS & ENDS — REAL BARGAINS ; " LINGERIE SLIPS AS u ° w A$ 2.99 GOWNS 4.99 Vanity Fair — Kickernick — Von Rooltee and Otheri * VELVETEEN SLIPPERS Reg. 3.98 . $4,98 $2*99 Hand made in Virgin Islands. All Sizes and Colors ORLON and BANLON SLIPOVER SWEATERS As Low As $3.99 VALUES GALORE — SAVE NOW LARGE GROUP HANDBAGS HOW .00 $3,00 ASSORTMENT VALUE PACKED t BLOUSES tt.99 5y»t and Spsitiwgar llcyigi -. Qvsr ei«y$sf of Sues and SHIPMiNT OF UIOTARD5 4 O — «- •«,^«**».ii<jwii i til LI tin v a Hull plan;hc<was not broadcasting It. He told Inewsmen after- meeting last night with 'northern Senate Democrats thai no conclusions had been reached.-He said'he expected no -votes today on the merits of the. filibuster controversy. Tho,target of the impending twit- tic is Senate Rule 22 which requires the voles of 66 senators, or two-thirds of all 98 members, to choke off a filibuster and force an issue to a, vote. Southern senators who often Jive rolled on filibusters to block or weaken civil rights measure* arc opposing any change in the rule. Arrayed againsl them is a ibl- Jartisan bloc of northern and western senators. They arc advocating that tho rule 'be changed to jormit a majority of the members—or 50 senators—to halt o filibuster after 15 days. prayer led by Mrs. Max Bolar, Minutes were read and approved. Reports wore heard from tho treasurer and spiritual life chairman, Mrs. Carlton announced the union meeting to be held at the church on iM'onday night, Jan. 12. This will 'be a joint imeeting wllh the Weslcyan Service Guild. Mrs. iL. B. Toolcy, program leader, gave a summary on 'the United Nations tour which she made with a group of (Methodist students in early .'December. The group also visited the Department of State in Washington where they were cour- .eously received by personnel and briefed on foreign policy. The meeting was adjourned with — u ^ .. u.«»<«t4. btvr n illCLL gill O<-l* Thomas H. -Kuchel of' Callfoi-nln was chosen whip or'assistant floor leader, , The Dlrkseh victory was a de feat for the group of solfstylor! progressive or liberal senators led by Sen.^Gcorge lAikch of, Vermont. lEmerglng from the two hour closed- door session, Alken smiled end 'said the results "were tho democratic process at work. Conservative forces wore qttnr tcrbackod ' by Sen. Styles Bridges of Now Hampshire,' Kuehel was the fnndldnte of the Liberal group and liis election should give them addilional proa tige in legislative actions. Reclcclod, w it h o ut opposition were Bridges as chairman of tlu- Senate GO'P iPollny Committee, Sen, Leveroll Salton^tall of Mas sachusctts as chairman of the Con tcren.ee of All Hepublicofe and Sen. Milton Young of North Da kola as secretary of the confer cnco, Kuchel's opponent was Karl Mundt of South Dakota, advanceO at tho last hour by the consorvu live group. )rayer. The hostess served 'cookies lo the sent. coffee and 15 members pre- Coming and Going Mr. ,and Mrs, Sinead Mayo of Eureka, Calif, are visiting 'friends and relatives here in Hope and ' 'Guernsey, including (Hppson, family. the !Bernice * Mrs.. tE, L.'Archer Sr., returned Monday from (Chicago, where she spent 7 weeks with her daughter, Mr, and Mrs. D. C. Strand and sons, (Mike and Joff. * of leaders was. "a mailer loi* Ihe Mouse, 1 "' ' \Ho dcfcaled-Sen. 'John Sherman coper -of Kentucky 2014, with kit 34 Republican senators parlicipat ' - , a similar 2014 margin Sen Ing, Castro Not to Continued From Page One "a menace for 'America." Diario de la Marina also quoted Castro as saying a rebel law confiscating all British goods in Cuba still is on the books but is subject, to ratification by tho provisional government. Castro did not say this would •Among those from out-of-town attending the funeral of Mrs. Stith Davenport von. Tuesday afternoon were Mr,' and Mrs. Flip Hill of El Dorado, IMr. and Mrs. John (Paul Sanders of Fayelteville, Mrs. 'Ross Wright and William Me Gill ib'pth of Lewisvillc. Personal Mention Ll, Donald Bailey of Okinawa, was called to 'the ibedside oT his ifather, H, J. ;Bailey, who is a patient in a tLittlo Rock hospital. Hospital Notes Memorial Admitted; Sonya Powell iRt. 1, Emmot; iMrs, Tom Galright, Saratoga: Charles William Wylie, Hope Mrs, 'Donald Quillin, Hope, Discharged: Danny iPulman Hope 'Joe Matt Herndon, Hope; Mrs. CJara Williams, ,Rt. 1 Lewisville; Robert ,!,. Rogers, Rt. 1 Hope; Errol Arledge, IRt, 1 Palmos; Mrs. Jessie 'Pool, .Rt, 1'Rosston, be done, however, explaining that lie does not wish to make statements indicating he is interfering with the government of provisional President Manuel Urrutia. Castro ordered the cofiscation when Britain wns soiling arms lo the government of Fulgencio Batista. The Cabinet of Urrutia worked far Into Tuesday night prepai-ini! a new constitution for the interim period until elections are held' in 18 to 24 months. The b^ic lav- will replace the 140 constitution of Batisla. The work of weeding out ren> nants of the dictatorship gathered speed. Urrutia appointed Luis prlanclo' Rodriguez, his minister of interior, as defense minister also. Rodriguez' first order created military police lo enforce order. Another order forbids any militiaman or' any person carrying arms ti> drink alcoholic beverages. Shots were fired just outside The Associated Press office early today, apparently by armed mi| litlamcn pursuing some Batisla supporters in an automobile. A single monolithic .revolutionary party may be one result of the .revolution, despite Cuba's tradition of fiercely partisan' polities. Abolition of all existing par- lies, reported under consideration, would pave (ho way for somo such party roogsnization. All can- diates in the Batista elections ol 154 and 158 also may bo -banned from political life. The government already has dismissed all provincial governors, mayors, and councilrncvi and presumably will fill their places with civilian appointees. Branch Admitted: A. 03, King, Rt. Hope; Mrs, Arch Turner Rt, Hope, Discharged; Baby Rt, ), Hope. Paul Malar- ., ', -i ? *' /"-*'* -> ,,- *4^fn 'i Teenager's 'Normal,; ,, /.FolksDon'fKnowlK"-" t ~" \ - - ' -, ' '— j -• '•'*' i ' s tJoroth'y d3iX: , ., l',m ,lfi, an only child, have very od^and generous ipat-ents but thoy,.don't-understand md, It t to talk to, mom, she I'm silly and dramatic, 1 g\ioss It.nil.'center's around,-the thing f like, most, which-'Is reading. My parents don't i-ead, »except (ho newspaper evoi-y day,- My ambit- lott Is to be a writer.In some .field, il'd'Hke lo qtta,llfy as a courl reporter or stenographer and try to-.gel-in job traveling, I,want to seb-.lho world and 1 know my folks could never afford trips ifor me, Besides, 1 think we enjoy things Wcf earn (better lhan .things lhal ni'e given lo us, Because t think so 'much about (hose things, my "ol^'s 1 say I'm .scHlsh and solf-coiv .ered. I don'.t think t am, t have lots iof friends, a ipart-limc job in nn'office and maintain lil.gh grades at school. Do 'I sound normal to yotl? — Adele. Dear Adole: You arc "my idea of.ft".perfectly normal, iwcll-'adjiisl- Vflmibllious teenager and J wjsh ...JVe wore imore like you, Your ambitions, unlike those of screen* slrfodk adolescents, can bo satis- iftcfli'' You don't aspire to the ditl- cull-— Ilka modeling — or tho irnillcnlly Impossible — ]|k c mov . ics ,nnd TV. Any well-qualified glrr cnn be a court stenographer anfl-'it is not at all difficult to get work- nibroad. You must bo export at'Shorthand and to fulfill your IriVvkling ambitions, you should pocome -proficient in at least one 'oreign language. As for reading, t's the best education you can got. Don't ever stop. P.rescnlt your 31-pblem to in,n understanding tea- cho,r ,and have her talk to your jarents at the next PTA. meeting. As long as you don't bury yourself entirely in books, ,but do enjoy so- "'•1,1;lite as well, I can't see how •"-V),,°f| bo considered iscKlsh. If you,,,neod further .help, ail be happy -tp give it. Dear .Dorothy iDix: Every morning wnen I igo to work, a very likalble young man travels on the same bus. He soems shy and I'd like to break the ice. I know he's trying to get acquaint- 3d ii wj Hi me because he often gets •he 'seat next to mine but then cla.ms.Mip. 'Aren't there any/words Jin the English language that can start the ball rolling? — tfrus- 'Bear. Frustrated: Don't you know .that "weather" was invented!, 1 for/, just such occasions? You can.imHvays say, "What n storm," "Isn't it cold?" or, any other ba nality,, just to gel the (ball rolling YOIH. could accidentally (but igent ly) slop on his loe .and,fapologize A'nd -you really can't improve on the;mid-Viclorian gambit, of drop sing-'a handkerchiefq, 'glove, pock ; ctlbook, magazine or what have youi'Girlie, 'if this romance doesn't iell'il's your own fault By UARRY ALLEN HAVANA, Cuba (APJ — Cuba's provisional government polishod UP a now inleriifi constitution today as the work of weeding out remnants of ITulgencio Balista's dictatorship went forward. The Cabinet met far Into the night working on a new fundaments] jg\v to replace the constitution of 1940 until the holding of free elections. It was not immediately learned how Ihe charter would differ from tho old one, which was adopted dqring Batista's first period of power Presumably the Interim constitution will bo replaced a now Congress is ejected, Dear Dorothy There are s.evcral .girls in our crowd who seem to think thai in order lo 'be popular Ihey must go off. !'ln ti' dark coiner and neck whenever they attend a parly. \Vhal Ihey don't.know is that they are the gossiper's favorite topic and that they are losing everyone's,' respect. Wo hope this letter is published so they wil! read it and take the hint, We are ail about .15 years old. ,E, and L. Dear Girls: And 1 hope some •parents read this antl .pay a lilllc more attention ,to the parlies held in their homes. Apparently Ihe parents of your group lake the night off and let the .parly run itself;! Keep some aclulls around and the''dark corners will soon be lighted, $100,000 Mill Fire at Ola, Ark. Ark. (AP) - Fire this destroyed most of t" Mq'rse Mill Co. at OJa with a estimated at $100,000. The large lumber mill apparently ignited from a blow torch beinfi used to thaw out irozen watm pipes. Toe fire » destroyed the sawmllli the boiler room, the powerhouse, and 'fuel house and part of tho pressure treatment plant. Ola I ^%fWIIlH I THURSDAY-5p.m. to 8p.m. We gf the Oski hope that ye« had o gQod ChrUtmas and wish ypH every ,., rr !nes? in thil New Yeor, Qyr resglution tp ygy is to cgntinus to give yt, the b§st in fo9d and servie? «t the lowest price possible, Regwlsr Price Family ViAl CUTLETS (Chicken Fried) ,90 CATFISH DINNlR(Blu« Channel) U| CHICKEN DINNER (Southern Fried) 1*5 SHRIMP & OYSTER PUTE 1% HAM STEAK (Sugar Cured) UQ MEDIUM T-iONE STEAK UQ MEDIUM SIRkOIN STEAK }& frsiJi SsiuWnstisn falqd, Frensh Frits, He* Pinngr Belli With All Stsak and Fiih - ,79 ,69 ,79 ,98 1,49 Oaks Cafe & Gift Shoppe HiWA¥ 67 WIST ^WAYI QPiN^ H8fi/ A% jei;, Is Robbed at Little Rotk NORTH LIWfJE HOCk (AP) Two,men WottHrtg stocking masks hold dip' a' 'Kirogcr Co.) Si'ticcvy slord hnd escaped wllh nbout $2,« 000 last tllght, pottco i'C|)orlcd. A( nbout (lie same i I me, 1 n womnii wns shot nnd woiindcicl— nppnrcritly not dangerously — «t the parking,, lol oC nnolher Krocer store here. ', , OCflccrs' said they did not kno\v If 1 there '\vhs f nny connection be- tweon Ule t two incldenis. John W. Cotycn, liend cleric of the Kroger store hi the Lake Hill shopping cqhlcr, snltl Iwc whllt* men iinnod'* With plslols entered the store, 'forced hlin to open n cnsli drawer In the manager's of 1 In- ft-oi-n ^lhe ;,malernUy from . the" sight; of '-fie\V Avilh crying b«blbs,"'ttef infitdftUBlUor Is silit mt "'-Mrs,. • Clitonehlo returned rtay If her Brooklyn home frotrt St. Peter's ttosptlnl, where "hoi' Child 'Was ktdlinpcd from n \f1UC" Sery Friday night, only 2& hours attdr f blrth. - • , » The womahls uriele, Dr, John Molllca, who .delivered the baby* said he had planned lo discharge her today or, Thursday, but' after seeing her Tuesday daeldcd ,shn should JonVc 'Alt pn<io,-. ' ' ' . • ., nnd piit-thtf'fnoney, in n sack Cowen said the men Hud nylon stockings pulled over their hciulri, Mrs. Elrwln E. Lnwless, 21, of North Little Rock, lold police sha wns shot while sitting In her auIm- mobile, al Ihe "Kroger parking Jot in east Broadway. She had /been shopping In the store, she srild.i nnd hnri list en-, lercc! llie'.cnr when'n 1 while'rn'an trldd to force his way into the vehicle, M 'Jism; Mrs, 'UfiwleR/sal'd .'she ^resisted and Ihe Inlrudei' Tired 'a shot ti'pm his pistol. The bullet hll her .In the side. , t ^"irWJ As the man fled Mrs. Lawless ran back Into Ihe store wT>orc she wailed for an ambulance, She was hospitalized at Lille Hock nnd nl- londnnls reported today that she in good condition. i <$ „.,, Baby Daughte /*' * Kf*V; v<* Rip Van Winkle Couldn't Sleep M •> MJ.._•_ -*.^, , v.«r Now I Von PUD ftel Hid fnat Miff you deed • fl-oin miKKliiB Imcltncho, hendncha mid- miirmulrtr nclion nwl |intnn llml often ciuiao, run U>sa ,11 «!il» mid inlauralila tlrcd-otit iwHiift*. When those dtBdnmCoi-tn comu on, wllh ovei'-exoi tlnn or hLi'csn tltiil atniln -.von want, i-elliif-wnni |i, f,i,i| Amilliw tltsUii'lmiice mny ho m ||,t hlniUlui- IrHlutlon rjillowhiBwrnnit Cooiliiiid drink-oftim aut- llmj'iw n voiilloiiH imcmnroMiiMt! fcrllmr.' Uhliti H rilla work fast In II nopurnle , wnyB! I. liy nnticily imln-rulluvlnit iiclioii ID OIIHO lol-mi<nl of imtmlnit tincknclio,' heiicl* ndlii"). immmilnr nchus mid nnltia. 2."hy Boolhliiiteircct on hliiildci-li-rlUUInn.8, by inlld jlliijullo union Imidltuf lo \nan-nHe on nit of (ho in hillua of Ul<liloy tul.on. JMijiiy u Boot! iilulil'H Hlui'it mid Did wmo linppy ix'llfr inlllioim IIIIVB for over ™,yw>''".,Nij\y, Iniw flliu BIIVOS money. Out Doiui'n 1'llln tudnyl • vr^>(J«w Sn mchlfiUy 1 Ilic ;***, 1 -v v Vv ^H* w r« H lOtfHf* notfrti* ^^»-4l&ti K _ \Chioficnlo diUfglllesf Qli'jfi-decte,, brtrtd, Frank,'2s; ;aH a. Ihc.Pm-l 'bf'Wew Vorft, , Was \vllh' hcfwhen sheMc'ft nnsplttu weeping, 1 .*,...„ .c.., 11 v .,.!,—a-lii_i Hhl >fti »«,„ >(.*<,. f Its Wt »"% 4 s ->j men saved the office, the planri- slice! and part of the treatment plant. No one was Injured. Tho mill was Ola's principal industry. J. C. Morse, the owner, sait.1 ha planned to resume operations. He. said lie did not know at once how this would be clone. Mqrsc estimated the damage, lie said he had no insurance. HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Homo Improvement) • Conventional • FHA . Build — Buy —- Repair — Remodel — .Refinance Ours lo a local Institution, owned and operated "by local*"'' people, and we're here to help YOU with your loan problems. ', x We have many facilities and we,Invite you to use them. FRED O. ELLIS Secretary >•.••• 209 S. Main St. Phone 7-4661 ",' ^ ?:M OWEN'S BIG SEMI-ANNUAL mm STARTS THURSDAY As always, it is the biggest Shoe Sale in town. Owen's ,shoes are priced right to start with so when they are put on the table for January Clearance, you expect them to be real values and that is what they are. . "'' ".. CHILDREN'S HOUSE SHOES CASUALS - LOAFERS and QXFQRDS Supply is L'imited —.Values to 7:95 -> >/>4 .- • LOO- «3si nr-f r^m LADIES and MISSES DRESS SHOES High Heels and Medium Heels. ALSO-FLATS and CASUALS Values to $9,95 $2.00 - $3.00 - $4.00 MEN'S and BOYS' DRESS and SPORT SHOES These Are Values to $13.95 53 - $4 - $5 _ $6 We urge you to shop early because the supplies are limited, but the sayings ar§ yp to 60% and 75%, "The styles are good, all displayed on counters or easy self- service selections, j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BMMHBMHj^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^PHBHHBHIHBBBBHHBMBBIP( HERE IS A HOSE iUY FOR THURSPAY ONLY! PATRICIA NYLON HOSE First quality, light and dqrk shades, one day only with our Shog Sale. Regulgr $1.00 to $1.25 values V

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