Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 7, 1959
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' '' -'"* '' '" ... Twd ,l\s>i>7' -j - • •« « $Voma»i Tries ^ialntervene ^ ? jjN ; Scliod! fcase if LITTLE nocK f'APi—in n sur- K-ls'er move, a woman segrognllon- 1st lender tried lo intervcnp In the v Litllev Rock integrtitloh case nt n fectoal'-eotirt 'hearing tbda'y; < r .Mrs. Margaret Jackson, presl- * dent of the League of Ce'fltrdl High -Mothers, contehtied v , a% NAACP \ syit lo keep;,the cil& school board .' frbtrl leaSirtg^pflvate, school had been filed erroneously, ,*U.S, District Judge John E. Mil•>• Jer overruled the Intervention ' motion whlch^was /He'd' by Mrs. J'aekson^s "atroTriey.", ", :.; *He also' d'enled'a motion by a * school board attorney to keep tho government out of tho- case. The , Justice Department is acting in 1 ,,the cQse^ffs^a^frlfen'd oj.th'e c6urt. .Miller-«oponed~ the'-hearing at ,.,9:30 a.m. to consider arguments in connection with' an appeals cou'rl 'mandate ordering school integration at'-Little Roc^. , * ' ..Mrs. Jackson^corltended Ihe suit iby the National '-Assn.- fof the Ad; vnncement 6'f~C6lofe"d People \va» _,filed erroneously^,under; a,federal '. title involving monetary damage* in excess of $3.000rThe" motion al- '^leged this filing \tfaii "a fraud prac- / ticed on* the" court, the, intcrvenor , and the" school dfgfrifiti" s. uHer^ attorney, -Kenneth Coffelt, ,,told,--the,,court it-was. impossible , foct'the-JNAACP, to..estimate-mone- €• fery; damages solely .because Ne- 'i, gro'students^cannot atten'd, school ^aviwith; children- -of another 'race." ff' * Q Jud 2£ (Miller^ said he knew of no pt"-, Standard '^whereby a. court can •*" .. evaluate' in .money-the value of a , constitutional,right of,.'any citizen." I 4 j«?» ar /' e * l! ^ n p* Judge' overruled an ./objection .to . substituting members •'of, the newly eleqted' Litflo Rock |;< ^P. 1 ? 0 ? 1 Board Q s defendants in the rT- \ '. H'er'schol Friday jr., attorney for ^"- the board opposed the substitu- '- tion motion made last week by -(both th'e NAAOP and* attorneys for .the' former schoo iboafd. Friday * -cited a technicality. ' Judge Miller ruled tnfct the new 'board, against whom-all federal . Integration'" mandates are directed *'„"; Automatically, had undertaken cer- •f~- vta ? I l respbnsibititie's'; wlien it a's- JK<. surried office: He said'its members |',f ,, had' '.'duties to b'e discKarge'd in " accordancenyith' constitutional prin- had 'Mtiruiuexis-to.be 1 'discharged in ?acco£ljanoe';withVonstituti6nal pyin- ,(aBles *asTdefiri'<e,d s b'y,the Supreme Court -in the 'Bro'wn and other de- .^-..w,,(Brown> decision was the j& Supreme Cour.tX'1954 "school desegregation, ruling'..)' to the hearing,. Niller told n he plannedljo h'an'd' down a^culmg sometime this - weekend. '• t iswJOnlv nno "rtnirif 1*0 n4 ir>«.. n ;« *U,. ma ? da te," 4 he rerriindea newsmen. •; < '' > /.f -^ •'?'""' •' : " - "•'<•!,*> ' '"" ' • ''^"7' -vn'""% '7.,v-,AWv t i *•%"•<,*> ^v»« -'*' /•"^>" x >V^ l '-?^S '...'-,'' v 1 '^, t/;,, l , * . rl - •"""!> ^. •' * ' ,"* ,' >; f v" ,'"•'"" r->x--" t i. v •- v ; ,,?t'- ,>V^ - >^ I ij A'ft KfA^N'^A I-,-; ; ^ , ?/!'-'/- fS / • Vv-",/• ', , r ,"' « x ''"" ' - • ^ i' l .W^tIhiiJSy/'il6Jiuiiv°. ^''I^Sw' WEST WING— Come up and see'me sometime? is the invita-,, tion extended art';lovers"in thisf'pictiire of-Mae West, depicted ' as a giant room by artist Salvador r Dall. -.,>'••> -.'.'• •.-».<.-. . Miss Burnham Becomis Bride of Jerry Daniel The marriage of Miss Frankie Lee Burnham to Jerry Daniel was marriage' vows. Given in marriage by her father the bride wore a sapphire blue peau de soie dress with fitted j_.ee mirnnam to jerry uaniel was ;„„.,;,» „ A ;, r. . , ou solemnized Dec. 23 in the home of If * et and,patching hat. She car..U- U...-J-,- ,_ _..j .. ,,.. ried a white orchid on a white Bible. . ' , Miss Garrie Lynn Bui-ham was her : -sister's maid of honor. Mr. Daniel served his son as 'best man, Grandparents of the couple are euvering. The appellate ocurt directed Miller to enjoin the Little Rock school Board from any evasive measures designed to thwart integration 'and from leasing any school district property for use as' private, segregated schools. Miller also was directed to orde;- th'e board to take positive steps toward accomplishing integration. » Legal authorities expressed*.pre- hearing opinions that any order arrived ( at'^by Miller, would have little or "no* immediate effect on ' k ----w i. v.S'ti.wnvt. j-i wtic V*. *1U 111 tlllCVl'U (>C CllCV t one point is at issue in the tKe static racial situation here. . This opinion'* was based on th<> ' .» f ,« * ** " —»•••••*«*.« ***-»» •amcti. 4.iuo u^/iiiiuij^ We*o UaacU. Ull Hjt 1 he mandate restrains, the board fact that Little Rock's high schools m leasing, property to corpora- already unde rfederal orders to "~"A i P ri Y ate ' school- purposes integrate—are now clo'sed. they an* restrains them from any other t were shut by Gov. Orval E. Fau- a ^i§, impeding the" integration bus to avoid integration, and pro- m I shaU-.write. rather a, lengthy bably wiU'remain closed as long , _, jiion and I hope it may set at as his order is valid. *£& . s . ome , of the confusion." ' ' The next step, it would seem, nTT !i e *{"?*--*N e .-R'& 0 ... spectators would be : a fe'deral • donstitutionsl CEQwded the court room. test, of .the state law, which gave oee Miller said the mandate the governor authority to close the little room- ifor • judicial man- schools". Reserve District No. 8 OF THE BANK OF TO 'XJ«V3;E'*vS 1 " IB ' JB * uaL/lsrUiD IN RESPONSE TO §°$®$3&#$&$®£F & • CURRENqY. UNDER gT-.AC» "^ •*•** *-v^j.»*», i f\\JLJl4**f\, VXT: J 4.T TION 52U, U. S. REVISED STATUTES " " ASSETS mCt! Cash,, fcala r neeT%tth oth^r^anks, including reserve balance M* •'» wand cash Jtems- in' process of collection .,.„.. Daiance ' "»"*'"' =*=*"•'.-Government-obligations,, direct and Dollars Cts, ' alfa stacks (including $19,500,00 stock of Federa ank) •<« ...... ' n " 0 over'SrafV.sV ....... Z;":.'.'.'.'" 2,338 532 98 " ' I, $116,411.78, furniture and'fixtures" not than.bank premises LIABILITIES frijitja'lgj p'artnershiDsf and corporations 2.3<t5 l .S4B. States Government (including postal ' " «,66,%70 Unearned Pi « QAPl Ay ACCOUNTS -..., 5,861,469.43 ANB CAPITAL. ACCOUNTS s.m.MM labilities gnd {or Lillles of the Valley, eehleretl with n while orchid, '• ' l \M*i§s Lois Miudf 6tf tJe, .Qitdrfti/ rnafd.Sf hohdr*/ wore" a walk length '"rtSFtrrd green -frock" 6111-,'feat) ^e f)6" with matching •rfe'ndpie'&i. She" carried a cascade oblique^ bl Vi£f - fdnth-gred 1 mtirns. ' , ,,, ' 'Little'Miss Janet Bratino'fir d"l tor of Mr, and Mts, J6H, of 'Il6pe, Was flower gfrl,< Ned PUr Dei fnther of Ihe gfoofrt,- iserved «S " b'eSt i Man;.' tfnd .u.shVrs'' w,e/<J Tom Bncha'm and l^dbert 'fihifds of Nashville. The gropnAs "rnolhef was>gQWrie i d in a powder blu6 sh'e'aih firepe dross, fashfoned . with blue:* Satin roses, She wore matching shoes and carried blue accessories, The bride's mother chose 1 a Cre^e and georgelle champayne colored Ar6s» and eari'lecl mnlching accessories. They ench pinned corsages;of pink cnnnelins'at their'shoulder. , ,t Immediately i'olowln^' 1 Ihe cere» mony a reception w'as held in the church parlor. Guests were greeted and Introduced to (he re6eivihg line by Mrs. (Elizabeth Bryson. The bride's table was covered with ,a while net over taffeta and.caught up at intervals wilh while" noSe- gays. It was centered With <an arrangement of pink and whit.e carnations and white tapers, < The three-ticied w6dd"ihg pake, was to'pped with a rniniatijre bride 1 and groom. Miss Sara, DeWoddy svas in charge of the 'bride's toook. Assisting In serving 'Were' 'Mlises Mary Ann "De^Voody, ^MtfryJ 'Jevf^i Herring, .tane iPtirtle,' (Virginia Purtle, Sally CoU'ingridm-'ahd'Mrs., Delmar Tyree. . ' * '.' <"?f , ,."* v After the reception,.. the'» couple left for a wedding trip. For^trav.el the bride chose a two piece blue wool dress with Iblack accessories and; pinned the orchid -from', her bridal corsage at her shoulder. THREE EACES OE LOVE ttltl 6 fifr k» Mi(k Itf^i* <!iH.*»*t. Cfta-jiter- XXXIII •'They wohU «;£rfly -to bcdi lie 1ft6ligril h6i ( a sleeping pill,, attd she said, "Vou know, 1 never take them unless I'm ill," arid, he predicted, "ff you don't sleep you Will be 111. Take It as a prevefi; five. And tomorrow night too," As she slepti he thought, about himself, So what if it was his heart? A good many people, had cardiac trouble and lived With it nncl for a long time, many t& the fend of, or beyond, their allotted span. Lots of Off-beat • hearts, > H6 (thought tha tis rather funny and two 8 sorry he couldn't repeat ft •to H6pe, but decided she wbuldn't .appreciate the humor, "Men ovef 40,'' the local doctor had said, Was this possible? It was as Hope 'had remarked, time was not three lenses, ' each separate time Was backward and forward. Yesterday he Walked in a garden with a client and looked at n gilj also walking 1 In a garden. The doctof had said, "Some- .times jt looks, like one thing or ( flcverai. A man; grows overtired) ithere are .strains and stresses, pr'e'ssCires and drives. As 1 'have Ihere' a're" strains '.arjd' , stresses, pressures and :• drives. -As' I 1 have already .said,'; I, think it is maijily nerves but it is* only sensible' to be absolutely Sure.',' ' l Well',, 'nerves- ' 'and pressures, Adam" knew- all ab'out those. He'd better stop thinking 1 ' of Him'self" as' the bride's . uncle and aunt,. Mr. arid Mrs. C. H. Atkins of Camden. TH'e bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. iBurhham of Camden. He is the son of Mr. and EVIrs. 'M. C. Daniel of Magnolia. « — •*•• ••"• -^^^^ «»t Dr. Francis A. Buddin read, the M . rs - L ' B - Sorrels of Camden, gr'andrnother of the bride, Mr, and Mrs. N. N. Daniel of Prescott. and Mr. and Mrs. Alvirt Rogers of Magnolia, grand parents ' of the bridegroom. A reception was held after the ceremony. AJfter, a wedding trip to Hot Spring, .the couple is at home^ in . Magnolia l where Mrs. Daniel "will be graduated from Southern State College in June, Mr. Danie'l, a graduate of the same college, will complete a tour of duty witK the 'Army in April. Purtle.- Barham Wedding Solemnized The marriage of Miss Carolyn Sue Barham to Ned Ray Purtle of Hope was solemnized at 7:00 o'clock in the evening, Friday, Dec. 26 in the First 'Baptist Church of Prescott. The ibride is the daughter of Mr. and M'rs, JJ. \V, Barham of Prescott and the .groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs, Ned Purtle of Hope, The- double ring ceremony was performed by Dr. John H. McClanahan, pastor of Hope 'First Bap : tist Church, before a background of greenery interspersed %vith can delabra holding burning tapers, (baskets of white mums, 'and red and white poinsettias, Candlelight;- ers were Tom Barham, brother of we bride, and 'Ed Bryson, Mrs, A, Dudley Gordon, organist, played the traditional wedding music and accomnanted David Panning of AVkadelphia, who sang* "I Love Thee" and "The Lord's Prayer," Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a -gown • of Chantilly lace over satin, with fitted bodice featuring a pearl and sequin sabrina ne9kline. The bouffant three tjered skirt wa9 enhanced a pleated satin cummerbund fpr-iru'ng a large bustle bow, finder-tip veil of illusion fell from a pearl and satin encrusted, coronet. She parrie4 a cascade ibouquet white feathered mums, and N. R. Nelson Kiwanii Club Speaker Thursday ,, N. R. Nelson had charge of the program at the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club on Thurs'da l y evening at the Broadway Hotel. ( Dr. Nelson spoke on "Ey'e Vision" and showed two colored slides illustrating .his talk: He .also told of the effects of high 'blood pressure and dia'betic on Ih6 vision. At this meeting 1 'LI. Gov. Cecil Meyers of Malvern will install the new officers. Miss Mildred Buchanan Has Sock Hop Mr. and M'rs. Watson Buchanan honored their daughter, Mildred, with a Sock-Hop at th'eir home ion Thursday night in celebration " of her 12th .birthday. * .' ' Karen Rouse greeted the guests at the door. Seasonal decorations gave a festive nir to< tr? occasion. Several games weje played '"with prizes being won 'by Jahnt Bright and iBillyiiDon-iPeters.-- During the . evening punch , and gaily, decorated cookies were sery- ed' from, i the "bar, , hi,' Other guests present were iDavad Durham, Richard Graham, Dwaine Vandiver, -Bill- Coe.r Terry Smith', Kenneth Evans Jerry Howard, Jackie Harvey, Johnny Langston, Aler Gordon; Snmmy Crust, Gj?y Dickerson, EmU. Gates, Betty T/ip- 'Pit, Sharon 'Plyler, Marcia Reaves Carolyn Haltbfri an"d , Bobbi'e/Raw- lins. ' ' "•'•" ' ' ;"' !.',"•}.> Mrs, N, B, Nelson 'ot' Seaxcy was the gtiest last 'week of .Dr. arfd Mrs. 'N, R. -Nelson' and LynrT, Mr, and Mrs, H, H.. McKerizie spent several days last week in Stuttgart as guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McConmaok. ' Ed B'ryson returned to the U, of A, Saturday after spending th6 holidays with' his mother Mrs, Edward Bryson. Mr, and Mrs, M', D, .Tippit h'ad as their Thursday guests, Mr. at)d iMrs. Lqrence Odell and chlldr'en of Little Rock. ' ,tfi . Mrs, w. F, Denmpn ,Tr. a,nd W. F, 3rd, are the guests °t parents, Mr, and ijyjrs, Allan Will 1 iam's in Victoria, Texas, • •"»$*• Mrs, C, p., RoysfcJh, Jr, a.ria 'daughter, Marjorie of f^ope yfe'fe kid, He thought, I won't think at al], and deliberately took himself to a mouritaintop where there were tree's bending and a road and on that road' he came across Jupiter, flosriing across it, and then lying still, gold and red, dap pled with the shadows of leaves, and dust upon his coat. Adam's throat constricted* and he put his hand over the edge of the' bed, But 'Boy was sleeping on Hope's side of the bed. Adam said,' "Boy?" for you have to have someone to speak with. Boy heard and came around and spoke softly; and Adam touched' Boy's head; Boy kissed Seek Seat in Congress By GORDON BROWN atlendirig. "'I «tesn't invited," 8aid the man, wtto o'tisted Veteran Rep. Brooks- Hgys (tJ-Ark) last November,' - Blatrtik said, however, thai* he IsA't abandoning Ihe flght—meMdy postponing it. , » • '/Whenever the matter comes It will cofne Up sooner or will challenge him," Slat- nijt said. The Blathik challenge lo Afford is* just ohe of two which the; Arkansan faces. The other Is aihv' ed at preventing him firom being seated lomdrrow pendifig- ah- ift- vestlgatipn into charges that there Wcie Irregularities In the A'rkan- rds elcclion, WASHINGTON fAP) — A parly | WAStltNGTON (API- row over whether Dr. Dale Alford i Dale Alford of Arkansas said yes of Little Rock should be recog- tetday 4 he still intends to seek a nlzed as a Dernbcratic member of seat in the new House of Reprt.- the new House appeared today to senlalivos when it convenes have been ave/'ted—for the lime row. being Rep. John Bl'otnik (D-Minri), who has challenged Alford's right "I will be on hand for the opening of the House Wednesday noon and present my credentials the to be labeled a Democrat, said he j same as any other freshman mem- didn't plan to false the matter at! her. ' Alford said. He added that today's caucus of House Demo- this had been his original plan and' crats since Alford will n6t attend,there had been no chance, that powwow, ! A challenge to Alford's right to iAlfofd had a good reason for not sit in the new iHoiise Seems a cer- veins, the quicksilver of the spa- ll. She got out of bed and spokt; tainty, Rep, Thomas 1 P. O'Neill CD- to him In her everyday Voice. She,pending an investigation said, ."Aclam, .Wake up. I'll make .irregularities in the e itfisellfed Rep. 'firooks 'Mays' ehalletige. Alford since 1 he wls i( rfJS.fdrit.<f hWrrffcef 6f ' tH£ special , fc&mWiUeg iwKi6rt ; voted" 3 16 2 last rrtotttfcte fe'COmmeftd against seat"' ifig- Alforcu AlfoHl's decl'siofl'to appear like any, other Congressman • eleta apparently scotches^ comprdmlW fir()po^cd by some Democrat! <* leaders- Which hop'ed to avbid -a Nofth ' South fight. They had s«g» gested tha.t .Alford stand asida voluntarily while other iVicmber's take the oath of office. Alford then would hdve* been Seated under 'n resolution „ providing for an investigation of his 'election. lA sfectlonai ba'ttle mlighl btf drawrt, along lines of .school rej, r ntlb'n vs. Integration. A campaigned *as " n staunch .segregationist opposing Hays moderate Views on the .racial issue. Alford also „ ha? to' htirtlie the question of whether he will ', recognized in the House as a Democrat' since he defeated. the party'" nominee in the general p*=>.ctionj HoilSe Speaker Sam Paybttrn OD-Tex) said yesterday that Al- 1'ord was not invited to, today's caucus of, House, Dcfmoera'ts '01;. the speaker's luncheon * for no Democratic members of the House. However, Rayburn had indicated. earlier 'that ho would favor seating AlCord as a Democrat as urged by. several members oC tht Arkansas congressional delegation. Charter No. 12533- Reserve District No. 8 Mass) said he would ask the House not scat the L/ttle Rock physlclai' of.-allege election in coffee -and .fix Emmy's tarea!! which Alford, a write in candidate, iasf; We'want,to be in plenty of'^—• time?'. She,, sloped to brush his fprehead with ,he'r mouth and before he could mbr'ci' than open his eyes he, heard the shower running. So after ,o while" they were driv- OF HOPE IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT THF. CT.O^v, OFT ing, the back roads to« the bigger BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 31, 1958 PUBLISHED INrHESPONSE TO '- CALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY; UNDER SECTION 5211, U. S. REVISED-STATUTES •ASSETS , Dollars Cts. Cash, balances with other banks; including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection 1,227,825.83 United Stales Government obligations,^direct and guaranteed REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK the hand, sleep. '. and settled down to before he did, re- memtiering 1 ; nothing for the. split second, wondering why hef head ached' and felt', full of fog. She' heard Emmy 'pattering around, next 'door; on her bold, bare feet, and Boy was gone. F6r Heaven's sake, he- had gone in to Emmy; she had taken him downstairs let him out. She sat up, remembered, and the early sun was black o* midnight. Adam> slept and , Hope looked down ,at him. She leaned, her nightdress fell away frVijn one shoulder, )ier hair Ml forward, npr eyes were hidden in the shrfd- ow of her hair. He looked relaxed, the line's smoothed oul) the vertical crease between his eyebrows less apparent; he even smiled a little, And she thought, ^elf-loathing, I've' let him down, .He needs me, he needs me town where the trains came in and out, Emmy was very happy about it all: the cars that passed; a goat in a field; and a plane overhead. "Why don't you go in a plane?" she asked Adam. "I expect to return in one," he answered. At the station Adam kissed the top of Emmy's head and Hope's check, as if she were his maiden,aunt. But Adam looked nt her' long and deep, and it was as. if she could go walking through his eycjs into his mind and heart. He took her hand and nold it hard. Then he went toward the train. 'He looked back from the step; Hope raised her hand in half salute* and started to walk away, but Emmy, cried, "Mommy, please wait till th'e train goes." So Hope stayed with her till the. train pulled out and they could •see Adam through the window. Obligations of States and political subdivisions . ., . Corporate stocks (including .$15,000.00-stock pfr Federal' Reserve ba'nk) much and I've let him down, ;'To b'e' needed, to realize you 'are nee'de'd, this is a strength, 1 it )S the marrow of the emotional 'bpnes, the blood in the emotional the guests Saturday pf Mr, 'and TWrs. R, p, ijamby, . Mrs, Frank- Tu'berville has re- -Uirned from 'Ph'oenix, Ariz, where she>\Y.a,s Ihe guest of Mr, and Mrs, Bob Pledger, f .Charlie 1 TTiomas motored to Little 'Rock Thursday and was accompanied- home by Mrs. Thomas .who ,has been the guest of Pr, and, M'rs. Jim Thomas and family, " ,iMrs.. J, B,- (Ritchie has returned irorn Ha^tisburg, Miss where she .was 4he' gxiest of Mr. and Mrs, Pnt Tprp and Sharman, . In the train Adam sat alone Ahead of him two men argued about a golf score, Bank premises owned $36,146.30, furniture and fixtures • $1.00 Other Assets 8,134,381.88 1,491,776.53 iR.nnn niv 1,219,652.<£ 36,147,30 2,390.81 TOTAL ASSETS ....................................................................... . ...... 7/127,175.01 LIABILITIES / • Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations ..,., ........ : ......... .. .......... ......... ......... . .................... ,. ... .. . 3;001,771.10 Time deposits of individuals, partnership's,: and corporations' 2!620il95!78' Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) ........ .......... ,...;...„„-...;, ................. ;..;....„, ........ ..;.; ......... 188,203'.08 Deposits of States and political subdivisions .................. 606,79337 Other rlptiosits (fortified and cashier's cheeks. . TOTAL HEPOSITS ...... ..... ......... ..... .................... $6;443,724.57 Other liabilities 26 761 12,000.00 ' TOTAL LIABILITIES ...... ......... ...,. ............................................ 6,455,724,57 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: When "he reached the old city o Common stock, total par $100,000.00.... inri.riori.no in ^/hi/vh !,'„ •»,„,] —« i.__._ ,:.'I surplus don nnivno in which h'c' had not been for years, he taxied to the club, was admitted and welcomed, and wi.nl to his c4mfortab.le room, an : d later had a scant, solitary luncheon before going to the doctor's office! By now' he had made up his mind, If the heart specialist de- cided'that as far as Ihe heart was concerned 1 there was no difficulty, he , wpuldi not go through the clinic; he would return to (Hope" as soon as he could and, once tKey were 1 home, the further •cheek up could be accomplished. He could nqt, hn knew, remain away from her one moment longer than was necessary, He reriched the doctor's office early, and waited; there were two patients ahead of him and the doctor was out on an emergency call. 'This was a bii?, uncluttered room, One of those waiting was a woman in her seventies with a. controlled face and nervous Hands, and the olher a man, who oppearec) to be fifty-odd, and who Kept leaping UD and looking nt hi& watch, siting down again, taking' and dropping magazines Occasionally he steamed out to "speak to tnp nurse qt the reception desk and her voice, if npt her words, reached Adam, cold and sweet as vanilla ice cream, sooth- ins a's a Kpt-water bqtile, Adam thought of Hope. (To B6 Continued) Reserves (and 'retirement account for preferred stock) i TOTAL CAPITAL, ACCOUNTS ............................... '.... . 4;f'X *-''•' VW >-*s$ f,f*V ! «« »»**V<** "*"»i*K, ' don nnn.no 165,950.44 . 5,500.00 , ", TOTAL LTABILTTJES AND CAPITAL' ACCOUNTS " : " '" MEMORANDA Asset," nledeed pr assigned to secure liabilities and for olher nurposes Loans to farmers directly guaranteed and redeemable on demand by the Commodity Credit Corporation, and cpiiificalus of interest representing ownership thereof -.'. Loan? Insured or euarnntoerl If" Veternns' Adrninistration — insured or guaranteed portions' only , TOT AT, AMOUNT OF LOAN 5 ?, ClilRTTFICATF,'? OF TNTF.WFRT AND OBLIGATIONS, OR PORTIONS THEREOF (listed "ribnvel, whipH are fullv bnclcpd or insured by sepnpfes of (he IJnitpd Stafps Gov^rnmpnt (nfnpr th'nh "Uriltprt"Sites' Government obligations, direct and guaranteed") ; ,... •'•., 269,000.00 18,034.65 1,399,10 19,433,75 Total amount nf loans, certiflcntps of inttwt and obligations, or portions thereof, vhinh arc fi'iJly backed or insured, b.v appnnif>s of the United States Government (other than "United States Government 'obligations, direct and'.guaronteed") ..,.„. ;,', ,.„ , •.. ,., 19,433.75 T, T.homn<! F. rT^iv.s. Vino Prf>s|ripnt and Cn'ih'p'' of the ahovp nnmert bnnlr, rin nolornpl" «nm«t> that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. . ' . * Thomas 33, Hays, Vice President and Cashier. CORRECT - Attest;' W, H, Gi inter Earl O'Neal Lloyd Spencer Directors SEAL "tflt.P nf Arlfnpgn'" s Cpnr|t" of Hprnnstppfl P<" Sworn to and isubscribed. before me this 5th day of January, 1959, an^;I: hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this" bank, Irene C, Roberts, Notary Public, Mv commission empires Sept. 19, =^,-T»-., fftfr-^f, <•••» pj^i«< npupPTinn nf r»«prvps of fapmers airectly guargntepd and redeemable on"" «* by the Commodity Credit Corporation, and « Of interest representing ownershie thereof ... 9,174,00 164,340.85 "I f »j* 4 M Wates Government obligations. jfGtSWI - ..,..' 164,3^0,85 9? * h » aovern^me^ V-*' J^trne to the toR of p- Dale LIVE t, t in eo/ar, .. om mtmufactored by (hose industries who have in Mmms mice fMy 1Q3S now on in fa great rotumdtt of the Slate Capital, Proof of l/w tjwtlvjfau ef the QQQpmtive efforts being made m Mamm hy tilths eonesrwd with it I I § 4 • nfl us t rial Q@ Y @ 1 a p in n nt « • * i i'$ I i i i i I i > t f 4 / f ni i s i i a n . i g i i

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