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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 7, 1959
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To City Subscribers: fl yeu' fail t6, §g<- yeur "star ase telephone 7*3431 by 6:30 p.'fn, and a special will delivef your paper* 60TH YEAR; VOL/60 — NO. 72 ttaf 61 Hope, 18»», i>r«ii 192? ContolldoUd JM. ,11, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7,1959" , „..„,..,. The Aiscjilateci Pfcss & Audit Burodii of Circulation* Av.jNdt Pnld Clfel, i irtOJ, Srtdlni Sipt, 36, 19SS — 3,400 For Wither Report. See Column"qt Bottom^! ./J >jj ' '. This-frige) ^1,1011 PRICE 5c Castro Not to Recognize Any tommunisfs ii By LARRY ALLEN HAVANA, ' Cuba CAP) — Fidel Castro, Cuba's revolutionary hero, indicated today the island's provisional government will steer clear of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and other Com' munisl countries. AThe newspaper Diarlo de la Marina quoted Castro as saying in an interview it is is personal opinion Cuba should not maintain relations with any dictatorship. The newspaper said Castro had been aslted ; about relations with other countries and especially the Soviet Union,. 1 .as.'he continued his slow trip to Havana, Co.mmuni.i'1 propaganda has praised Castro and attacked the regime; of the fallen Fulgencio Batista. i|5Castro also lashed but against dictatorships in an interview televised in Havami, saying they aro Continued on Page Three Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Wel- nesday, High 40, Low 19, precip- jiation .01- of an inch. ARKANSAS: Cloudy with some light rain this afternoon and early tonight, warmer this afternoon mild tonight and Thursday, lowest 30 extreme northwest to 43 southeast tonight, highest 45-55 Tluirs day. Telephone Rate Hearing Delayed * LITTLE ROCK (AP)—A hear- ng on a telephone rate Increas* 1 that would affect 11 cities was recessed yesterday until Feb. 1C by he Arkansas Public Service Corn- mission. Tho hearing on the request bv Gentrnl .Telephone Company of the Southwest, - with headquarters at San Angelo, Tex., opened Monday. The company seeks a $422,•181,84 annual Sliding scale hike ir> rates, contending rising costs have cut into its fair rste of return. ' Prescott, Texarkana, Ark, tV- T Tcxarkanai* Tex., oppose *lhc in crease. Other Augusta, cities affected a r Blevins, Cotton Plant Marvell, McCrory, Waldo, Waterloo and Whcalley. , 'ARK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All sections: Mostly cloudy this. Afternoon, tonight and Thursday with some rain' this afternoon and parly tonight, warmer this aftur .noon, mild tonight -and Thursday, Friday partly cloudy to cloudy and mild. High this alternoon mid 40s, central and northeast, mid to high 40s southeast, northwest and southwest; low tonight near 40 central, mid to high 30s northeast, low to mid 40s southeast and southwest, and in northwest low 30s cxlieme north to near 40 Ar, 'ansns*Va'lleyr*< ) /<wi'\' """"" "•***' 'UNDATED ARK WEATHER By' THE ASSOCIATED PRESS In contrast to arctic lows of the past few days, the coldest temperatures in Arkansas early today were 31 degrees — one point less than 'freezing. Warmer temperatures are forecast through tomorrow. The low readings were register- pd at Fort Smith and Dardanelle. compared with sub-zero temperatures at several north Arkansas points earlier this week. Gilbert and Mountain Home, often the state's coldest spots, reported minimums of 40 degrees today. Otihor minimurns inclucNsd Hot Springs and Ozark 32, Flippin 33, Batesvilie, Newport and Walnut Ridge 34 and Little Rock 38. The U.S. Weather Bureau at Little Rock said Hot Springs and Pine Bluff reported .01 inches of rain <6h the 24-hour period ending at 7 a.m. today. Several other points 1 reported a trace. •Cloudy skies with som o light rain are on the weather «ut}onk this afternoon and early tonight Mild temperatures arc expected tonight and tomorrow, with low's tonight ranging froni 30 in the extreme northwest to 45 in the souh- cast section of Arkansas, U.S. Blames Cold War on Joe Stalin WASHINGTON (AP) — Thn United States told the Soviet Un ion and the world today that Jo seph Stalin, not Winston Churuh- ill, started the cold war. It. said the Soviet Union, not tho Western powers, wrecked cooperation in Germany at the end of world War II. In a 83-page booklet on Soviet drive to oust the Western powers Premier N i k i 1- a Khrushchev's drive to oust the Western powers from Berlin, the United States accused the Soviet government of rewriting and distorting the histo ry of the last quarter of a oen tury in an effort to build n case for the Khrushchev campaign. The booklet was released by ihn State Department a few hours aft or Khrushchev's No. 2 man Dep Premier Arinstas I. Mikoyan, loft Washington on a tour of the nn tion. 'Mikoyr.n returns here arouiid Jan, 19 for a meeting with Presi dent Eisenhower. Mikoyan in two days here ere, ated the impression that Knrush chev is determined to m a k a changes in the status of occupied Berlin but would 'prefer to ( avoid n crisis with .the Western powers in the prpcess. .',' The Soviet d.omnnd ! for'• removal 6f Wcstenv ,,'authority, and?\troops &jom West'tBerliiT-'was' made' in" a" "note Novi 2 1 ?,' TJie.. essencc'Spf the Soviet argument, was that ;i' le Western powers had biokcn ;.the 'international agreements which sanctioned their right-to be in BPI- Jin. Dr. Alford !s j * Seated in U.S. Congress WASHINGTON (APW Dr, Dale Alford of Little Rock was seated odny as a member.* of the now louse. ' Alford, senreKallontst \vH^i un- .calcd the veteran Brooks Hays §D->Ark> last November, took the mHi of office alone in the well o/ he House after members, on a ^oice vote, had adopted a resultt- ion to give him a Seat. An obluclion In Alfoixl taking thu In Hi had been made by Rep, John plngpU (D-Mich). .Speaker Sam "ihyburn (D'-Tex)' directed the Ar- tansas to stand aside temporal 1 !- ARRIVES FOR BRIEFING — Speaker of'the House Sam'* Rayburn (D-Tex.) arrives at the White House or a meeting of' congressional leaders. Senate and House leaders of both parties were summoned for a briefing by President Elsenhower on the administration's defense and foreign affairs proposals for. the 86th Congress which convenes an. 7. — NEA Telephoto „ UNOFFICIAL — Soviet First Deputy Premier Anasta I. Mikoyan, left, visits Secretary of State .John Foster Dulles in Washington. Mikoyan is In the U. S. on a two-week unofficial visit. There is spaoulation ithat he may be bringing a Soviet proposal for easing cold war tension. — NEA Telephoto LOUISIANA: Mostly cloudy through Thursday, occasional rajp tonight and in west portidn.-th.ls aj ternoon warmer this afternoon -and in east portion tonight. Highwa tp %m Over $1.8 Million LITTLE UOCK (AP) — The Arkansas Highway Commission will dpen bids Jan. 28 on seven road and bridge contracts expouiod to total ?l,f!00,n!JO. ' The projects, by county, 8.946 m i 1 es of surfacing on Slate THE WEATHER gLSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATEP PRgS§ ....'High UPW Pr, Albany, cjoudy 12 10 Albuquerque, cloudy 35 28 Anchorage, clear \G 10 Atlanta, clear 45 28 gJ^ismarcH.' cloudy 9 4 Boston, clear 19 12 Buffalo, snow 13 $ H Chicago, cloudy ?<t 2J Cleveland, clpudy IQ \3 Denver, cloudy 5Q g(j Des Mpines, cloudy 32 17 Detroit, cloudy " 21 13 Fort Worth, rain 40 37 T Helena, clear 42 2,0 Indianapolis, cloudy 29 |(3 Kansas City, rain 33 33 Los Angc-lcs, cloudy , Ql 52 |i.puisv!lle, Cloudy 35 3Q ™lemphis, cloudy \\ 37 Miami, cloudy 6,9 67 Milwaukee, cloudy 22 13 Mpls.-St. puul, cloudy Iii 13 New Orleans, cloudy 49 i3 NBW York, clear 2| }.§ Oklahoma City, rain ?8 3J Omaha, cloudy 33 J8 Philadelphia, cloudy }.0 J3 Phoeni*, cloudy Pittsburgh, clear Portland, Me., clear T Ashley — bituminous Highway 8 east of Hamburg, Jefferson and Arkansas -miles of bituminous surfacing and one 402-foot bridge on Stale Highway 11 between Reydcl and Slut- tgart. Lafayette — 10,000 tons of rocjc fill under Red River Bridge near Garland City, state Highway H2, Saline — 2.747 miles Iviumi'vus treatment on slin^ildc;rs and concrete pavement on State Highway 30, beginning nr-ar the U.S, Highway 07 interchange southwest of" Benton northeast t') the H<4 Springs Highway nv:orehun«e. Saline and Pulasju — Frontage roaci construction, four bridges and seeding slape.-i on Inters! ato Merchants in Initial Meet of New Year The Retail Merchants Committee of the Chamber of Commerce held its first meeting of the new year Tuesday morning at 10 p'clock in the Chamber of Commerce office with W, R. Caldwell, new Chairman, presiding. Weisenberger Names Deputy in Nevada WASHINGTON CAP) Rcpv elect Dul'o Alford of. Lill.lu Rock \vas expected, to be 'seated as a •nembcr of the House of Reprca- scnlalivcs today despite controversy ovu'r' his election. House leaders reported "n general agrdenicnt was reached last night on procedure -for sealing Alford,-whose wrilo in victory Over Brooks Hays Is to be Investigated by n House committee. The House was to convene at 11 a.m (CST). The procedure outlined by House leaders was thU: Alfotd was to 'present hlmse.lf with oil ulh'-~->'numbers, and if he was not clifi.'*- ed, he would bo sworn in. K '• was challenged, thuuiPicler ,nl procedure ho would be i. d to Stand aside While others 'were sworn in. A resolution then would'be pro s-cntccl authorizing Hie' seating ot ford and referring to the Houac. &ministrnlion Cpmmill.eo a i pent by o special elections com- mjUoe which last month inqulrec jpiclly Into Alfprd's election vie tHry "*Sj?eaker Sum JViybnrn (D,-Tcx) told newsmen a resolution of this t y'p c would wlk'lmingly. adopted cvor- .L future Cross Here Discussed A small but deeply interostec _ „ „ ' , group met Tuesday afternoon to R. D. Rouse, well known young i discuss the desperate plight of tho attorney in Prcscott, has been I Hompsteacl County Red Cros named Deputy Prosecuting Allot 1 - 1 Chapter, Daniel Clark, Field Rep ney for Nevada County by Prose-' I'esc-ntalive of the American Red „,,(,•., , A U ' „ ... . , Cross for this area, mot with the cutmg Attorney Royce Weisenberg-, group er. Such appointments are subject! * The group hud lo face the fact ess Rules Battle Looms i the Filibuster New Fight Over ^i'' i-i" 1 ^ g ' I* Choose Dirksen Floor-Leader WASHINGTON (AP) — Semite Republicans,;lodny clio.se Sen. tCv eretl M. Dirksen of Illinois, to bo heir floor Vendor for the new sos of Congress. Sixteen of the twenty-two mem- 1 to the approval of the Circuit' that unless something is done soon ' Judge.. Mr. Rouse has already ' the chn P te . r will be dissolved and i i li« \/nr v fi nn u»r»i*lf r»f 1 lin /"Mi n ni AI* ber group were present lo hear Chairman Culdwell outline an ambitious program for 1959, to be carried out through the following committees: Membership: entered upon his duties. Mr, Rouse is a graduate ot the I University of Arkansas and tho the very fine work of the Chapter will be discontinued. The only encouraging note sounded was (he cxpressiqn of tho belief that there Membership: Corbin Foster, University of Arkansas School oil are a "umber of people in the Herbert Burns, Emjl Kaden, Joe r aw H e wi«s •irimHioH i,, ,-, ! County who appreciate tiie work Keesey. LaGrone Williams and Joe \,* \ ' Wnas dclmllled to »' ac -1 that the Chapter has done and may Hankins. Promotional: Jimmy loc lflw '" lfMO and ' has maintained do. By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON (AP) — A badly split Republican minority nuclei split 'Republican minority under new leadership hung a big question mark over tho course of the lew House of Representatives convening today. Tho surprise ^ouster of Joseph W. Martin 1 'Jr. of Massachusetts, from his* f.O-year-reign as GOP floor leader and his replacement by Charles A. Halleck of Indiana posed some interesting possibilities. , • Main subject of speculation was the possible effect Martin's replacement 1 would have on the coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats that has effectively charted the course of legislation In recent years. . Halleck generally has been recognized as the " principal go-between thai' kept the coalition powerful. His, elevation to his ptuty's leadership' . |could strengthen the bonds of. the coalition that has blocked passage of much legislation generally, described as progressive or liberal, On the other hand, Halleek'r political ambitions could leave the .conliUfsa,,without an effective link with the Republican minority Halleck avowedly lias one determination in ml.'icl, for thu comin.t! two -years of the 80lh Congress": "To see thai we run a gocd Republican record ip this Congress." But privately, ' his friend's and some of his enemies say, Halleck wants the 1960 GOP vico presidential nomination on a ticket headed by cither Vico President Richard M. Nixon or Gov, Nelson Rockefeller of New Yore. He could hardly expect It, they add, if he adheres to an encourages the conservative program of the coaliljon. Hallock'a oli'dlon hardly could be called tho result of a rebelliqri by liberals. He wps'nonilnstc'd "by Noah Mason of Illinois and Was openly supported by John Tabor of New York, two of the most conservative members of the House. Martin said White House aides. (Herbert Ehlridge RESIGNATION of Highway Director Herbert Eldrlclge has' brought widespread comment throughout Arkansas with many newspapers editorially charging he was forced to resign by political pressure. Civil Rights Seems Assured WASHINGTON (AP) —.;. new B6th Congress convened li , ( ft already torn by wrangling "over/, ; Republican leadership posts nnd'V the ground rules for u looming' new battle on civil rights. *• ^ t t The bang ot : gavels In Senate yj arid House chambers at noon „•*•*< (I8ST) launched the session bcforo packed galleries gny^ with th'6' v ^bright dresses of admiring women /'. 'folk of the members. »«I^P,$ But beneath the normal hearts*. '\j and flowers atmosphere., collective " blood pressures were seldom hlgli^j cr foi; an opening session. ' ' ""*„"•! Senate Republicans had Just "" come from a party caucus whci'o 1 the old guard put down an ,'liv^- sin-gout rebellion and named Sen. \ Everett M. D|rksciv a 1052 'su'p-,* porter of the lute Sen, Robert A. * Toft of Ohio, as party floor leader. , bl " »" 1 President himself, had Hiowell, Charles B'onson, Henry Haynes, and A. C. Ball. Public his office in Prescott since then! Basing their hopes on this belief except fpr time put for service in! that people in Die county desire to decided to coll a meeting of all in- M~,. 1 ft , , . . , I *-»<^H-IUU HJ U«U /I 1IIUUIIIIU UL CI1L 111- Nevcida County and ho nis wife ,.nd , terested people of the county. The family have made their home in .meeting will be held on Monday 4. rescott since nrmr :n Wm-rl Wm- :.-- i .^«.. . „.-,,. ,. Prescott since prior to World War II. In making Ihe appointment Mr. evening, January 2Glh, at 7:30 in the Oakcrosl Chapel, livery II, , , i.l'*- weitxv. i v;^, t V^IIMIJUI. 4J^vuljr J1IC4IL \Vesenberger made the following i and woman in'the county who is statement.: Highway 30 Little Rock, Pulaski — Benton and faciliiies in.lerestcd is invited and urged to- Relations: Mike Kelly, C, C. Lewis World War 11 Ho is a nniivn nf' llnvc lhe wor!? tl|) »tinue, the group and B. N. Holt. Christmas Decora- ' S d at vo ° C ' ''—'-'-"' ' » -•••• ' -» '- tion and Parade Committee; C. C. Lewis, Hnrrell (Bud) Collier, Mike [Colly and Ben Owen. ''Any organization is only us good as the members want to make it, and if each committee will do its part during the year we can achieve our goals of adding several new members to our group, conduct city-wide sales promotions during each quarter of "the year plus other special events, work out a "Trade in Hope" program to encourage people in the Hope area to trade at home, coop? erute with the city .government in, for Ln Jlai'pe Boulevard (State Highway 10) in Little Rock, be* Iwpen Cross anil bi!d,!c Benton -- 5.fi.53 milos bil surface Iru.Ument. thfou pulverts State png 84-fo-n brMge j' JOf. east o." pccalur. f .,yrtland, Ore., rain apld Cjty, .clear lUekiWAd St. Lwujs, Ci.ty, cl,ear S,an Pi.e$o, clear San j" S,e,aUle, 2| 18 1Q -1 34 31 &t it ,31 33 Hi 14 5| .11 Polio Costs in Hempstead Continue High Polio posts continue to We high in Hempslead County. Obligations of $2,000 have been incurred thus far this year by the Hempstead County Chapter of The National Foundation in assisting With, the medical eiye of Polio patients according to Huhin White Chapter Chairman. "To help us meet these bills, a for $70.0 has just been r"- from the Medical Aid Fund )f the National Foundation Demands upon this fund have been so heavy," White said, "that pay ment of many of our bills will have IP b,e deferred until after tho 1958 March of Dimes." "F.(-'W people irvalize how long dry\vn out and cpstly polio is," RJr. White said. "Some of the pa- ti,wits we arc now assisting were iwrajyzed by polio »s far back as lOio," While I am aware that the' set this evening aside for this im- einoluments from the office of, portant purpose and attend the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in! meeting, Nevada County are small, it is an I As one member of the group ex- important office, and one that can '•, pressed it: "I hate to think of otten be of considerable service' what our men in the Ar.mccl Serto the citizenship. I have com-! vices of our country will think plete confidence in Dudley Rouse, j when they Jearn that Hempslead He and I have been 'friends for j county has no Red Cross Chapter to many years. I am .pleased tp have; carry on the very vital work they working out such parking proljT' 11 3'S opportunity to.. pUic<j on his; have been doing for these men." lems that may arise from lime to' shoulders' this responsibility and time and carrying out a Jong range 11 am confident he will serve ihe program for more and better i citizens of Nevada County Well." Christmas decorations for Christ-1 mas seasons o{ the future", stated Mr. Culdwell, Garland Medders, City Manager, met with the committee to offer his services in any way that they may School Board Member Must Pay Taxes be needed. Tile next regular'meef' j LITTLE ROCK 1 (AP) — The at m« date,* Tuesday morning, Fe b , to^ey generis offiee ruled yes. "a little bit to dp" with his defeat. Halleck' said he WHS "absolutely certain that tho White House did not intervene." (Eisenhower congratulalecl H:il- lock and thanked Martin for his long service. Asked whether Eisenhower took sides in Iho election, White House Press Societaly James C. Hagerty said the choice Continued on Page Three John L, Wilson FORMER MAYOR John L, Wilson has been elected president of the Hope Chamber of ' Com-merce succeeding! Jack Lowe, whose term expires. He will be Inducted Into office at the annual meeting and banquet at 7:30 p. m., Jan, 22 In the school cafeteria. Speaker for the occasion will be William M, Shepherd, Pine Blulf, vice- president of the . Arkansas Power and Liflht Co. Others pointed out the valuable work beinu clone by the Red Cross' in many ureas of service. House Damaged by Fire Here Firemen were called to the home of Elizabeth Cooper on Dewcy St. shortly before 11 .o'clock last night to put out a fire 'believed caused by faculty sviring, Fire Chief Willis said there wasn't too much damage resulting. ruury 3rd, Attorneys Bar Association Last night in Hope, at a dinner „,..., mciling, local attorneys organized 14 . yes terday that a school buuiH member may be removed from All Around Town By The Star Staff Thanks to Mrs. Mitchell Sparks, ffice for failure to 'pay lus poll I we leilrned th " 1 a Hempstead youth * " T -.Trr j • .,. „. „ j, ,. twi _l „, (. ,,,,„,... „ ,1 XT V tax. Mrs is stationed at Syracuse, N. Y, Clyde Calliulle, assistmU ish[ld attorney general. s al d s t a t e law requires school board members ti where seven student airmen per in u dormitory 10 a.m. in the old Stewart Jewelry Store building on Second Street. Apparently Sunray M'idcontinent fire at Syracuse University . , , j hasn't given up on the wildcat bo qualified voters and to live" in • ht , is ,. Richa »' d Wnglit, whose par, .test, the V. A. Cato No. 1, some the district they rem-csonl ' ' i'nts live ut Patmos . , , it is »p( four miles southwest of ~ OI..IMH Uie.v upicsem. , „„,,,„,. ni , h _ A •-'"the'Hill as they continue to New Kiwariis Officers Are Installed An installation service for new officers and directors of Hope Ki- wanjs Clu'b was held Tuesday at the regular luncheon meeting of the club, with LI. Guv. Cecil Meyers of Mnlvern presiding. Mike Kelly was inducted us the ht-sv president, succeeding Royce Woisi-nber-KiM-, whose term expired. Other now officers: Henry Seu- mons, vici- president; Toddy Jones secretary and Olin Lewis, treas- Ne\v directors: Herbert Burns, Bill Caldwell, Guy Watkins. J. W. 'Franks. Gi-nu Whiif. Hay Turner and Bil Moure. Jge Kt'oscy was introduced as a | new member of the club. Guests j included Kuymund Webber. Shre- vu-porl: J. K Jackson of Texar- Ikaim; •Ki'iun-tli Cuuk nf Malvern; I Herb Speaker and Ulm Sheets bulb of Little Kock College Cash Plan Delayed by ALC LITTLU: KOfK (API--A muv T By JACK BELL.- * WASHINGTON (AP) — Battles • over Republican leadership and Senate rules mixed conflict,today i; with tho traditional color of con- ^ veiling a now Congress. "»p ! >'; As lhe iiOth Congress assembled, 4 Senate Democrats-lined up-for a new fight over filibusters and civil ^ irig'hls. Shrunken Republican mU /(u ,y ^ norlics In both houses fought-over; Vjg who should lead them for the tsvo years. ' •(His -.imiminious.-- npmlnntlon' a I ^>w iDcm'hcratic chticus' Tucstlny^as* surod Rep. Sam Raybuin (D-Tcx) ah unprecbn'dcntcd cloctton ^ to)' a ninth term as speaker of tha J ,'Jj House. i ".is House Republicans ousted their ,>;V| leader for the last 20 years, Rep,' ^j-ri Joseph W. Martin Jr. ot Massa- ' ,^ chusotts, and chose instead Rep. '"^1 Charles A. Halleck of Indiana. Tha , ,^ close 74-70 caucus vote left some '-'i 1 ; hard feelings and raised questions *| about tha course'of legislalion ia, the House, r ' Senators of both parlies meet separately today to select their leaders. Democrat Lyndon B, Johnson faced no opposition to retaining his leadership post, bufc Republicans had a fight on thciv hands. A dozen Republicans who class themselves as liberals sought la , head off in a caucus the selection of Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois, u 1952 supporter of the Iat« Sen. Robert A. Toft ot Ohio, a* GOP floor leader to succeed' former' Sen. William F. Knowland of California, < -' The liberals advanced Ston. John Sherman Cooper of Kv!r\Juc.Uy, former ambassador *niitl staunch Hi* senhower supporter," fur the" post, Dirksen was credited with ~>ai» edge. / ' The liberals were, trying,also lo install Sen. .Thomas, Kuchcl ot California as party whip, or as« sistant leader, Dirksen now holds that post. On the other side of the political fence, Democratic Loader Johnson was reported ready IP take tho play away from a bipartisan group of civil rights advocates who want ;i rules change to it easier to kill' off filibusters, In the last session of Congress, Johnson was one. of thi' sponsors of a resolution that would provide? that two -thirds .of those voting could end debate. The prt-bcnt rule requires tho affirmative votes of 00 senators to aczomplish this. But Johnson's resolution also' provided that the Scn.il'' recognise, it is u continuing body, with 'rules carried over trim yc.a»' to year. Those who are fighting to change Ihn rule.3 are challenging this. They also aro seeking IQ make it possible for SO senators to cut off extended debate. Southern Democrats arc opposing any chaiige in the rules. tli control a biir association to be known as the Hcni'psteud County Bar Association. Elected as officers were O. A. Graves, president; W. S. Atkins, vice president and Talbot Jf'eild Jr.. secretary. Those present were Judge Lyle Bro\\n and James H Pilkmton, O A Graves, W- S. Atkins, Royce Albert Grave's, F. ' known whether Richard was in lhe Hill as lie ruling was made at the re i dpr.mitpry that burned ... ap-1 tests K^f t H 1S n R^- ma r fMa V ho ''"' Parf«Uy he is all right as his j ' ^"f. 8 - P'., Bliu . r uf McJtaouriw. I nameJs not among the listed dead A rec was put nil' yf.--len.iay by the Ar- kansi's Li ui-l.iuve (. -m.ieJ's ed- AM boys in the 5th and presideiH of the I/urd Board of Jilducatioii. Blair asked the questions without filing specific cu»iM. WMU Rally tQ §g Held Here Jqn, g The Hope Association W &l U candidates will fill out the team grades interested in playing Little League baskel'ball should report lo Jpnes Field House Saturday, , Jan. 10. at 9 a.m. P layers who remain eligible from last year will I play uu the same teams Now S_ not among the listed, deap; A recent issue of the Jonesboro Sun carried a-story about Jones- T he i-,.mn,ittee su-. e.-teii that tooro soon buing able to dial di-: t , H , qlk ., lllin bl - ivu-i red to Directly on long distance telephone I , K , W , m -in be is -a' tiu- Legislative WASHINGTON CAP)—Opposing sides rallied their forces today for a fight over the S.engte's filibtjsj?r rule. But there was talk of a 9on> promiso maneuver aimed at a Continued on Page Threg calls . . . the article carried a pic- ; Council ture of Don Bennett, installer of conclusion be appointed i if the al tin the system for Western Electric Company . . . he is the son of Mr. i The committee"-;; action makes .and Mrs. Roy Bennett of Hope ht j,i.|ifci'J.> u, a i ;;nv rieeusion will and is married lo the former Ma-I by made -.it tln> legi<k.nve session . rie Pat.e of Malvern u.nd th.ey hale on the cash funo que.-tion. ing will begin at 1Q a m and lunch junior Rifle Cluo will will be served iby the ladies of the hold ils regular meeting this week church Tho Nur»ery will be open ' after '1X9 Chriamas holiday layixff. All women in this association are ----- -----invited Dr John iMcClcmahan will Hopo. Jayceettes plan High Selioyl. tor C Cjow, Talbut Feild Jr., Jolin L. Rally will meet at the First Baptist 'osiers ... uniforms will be fur-1 owe child . . - he is a graduate of Cash funds nre cleriveci Hum tui Wilson, C. V. Nunn Jr.. Louis, li. pjureh in Hope, Jan. 8. The meet- '"Slvyd with the exct-ption of sho.es— '" - - • • Cram and Mitchell Sparks "' " ..-.•-._ The next meeting is scheduled for the first Tuesday night in Feb- HivU-,\ At that time a regular date for monthly meetings is tp 'bg se- leiled. bring the Missionary Message. Satufday. Jan. lion fees, uchiiusion — T 'athletic eM'llls tie., yi d are Jpdiit District Foresters remind the by the i-nlleKi's <vitl.iuut .stale cirii- 4rkansss SUUe Forestry Coinmis- trul. It !KI.> Uei-n su•t;ge^u•d that s.lo.n will hold upcn house at its the funds be deposited with the n.ew oififi.ee building in Little Rock st.aU tie.isurei ^nd .stalling at. Jan. U frum 'i u> 5 p.m. like olhv/ funds.. i Some folks havg been mqrrieoj so many times/ the only thrill thgy , could, get oyt of Niagorg fgHs 4 i te 9° oxer U J[a g fearjcfj, " t«^» - J - - , -.. ^ f

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