Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1959 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1959
Page 8
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- ^«»,»»*wf^;>f^ s > , ^MSH^ffi^''. 1 ^^ VX'^H^jiKw' "%>i,-y^; >?^:-><A ; -":'/"> x'J^^^^lfvl^l^i City Officials ake Oath , v-i _, _ ALLEN ',",',HAVANA (AP) — Rivals among H ' Fidel Castro's revolutionary forces" apparently talked their wa.v 'Out'Of a rift today after the milt- ;-tai'y commander had put the en* J?'tire province under martial law? ' A'dlsptlle, between Castro's '26th / bf July Movement and a student ugroup calling itself the Dlrectorih , Revolucionario, over control of tho ., presidential palace delayed the ,,, entry into the capital of Provisos i al Prcsdent Manuel Urruta. • Maj. Camlo Ccnfuegos, Castro's army and navy commandor In Havana province, then do- i elared martial law and in effect threatened a renewal of a general i strike by calling on Workers to •protest the student's continued DC' ,cupation of the palace. ' After a crowd gathered, the pal, ace group announced it would turn the building over according to pre- \vious agt cements. It then began handing over palace guards who • had been kept prisoner by the stu- i dents since Fulgencio Batista's ' New Year's Day flight The student group made plain, *, however, that they wanted to bt- consulted by Urrutia about tho composition of his government. Across The Counter He coutetfl't rep&rt Hfiylhlng he hadn't told before. He repealed it paUc'nttyV slowly, Ih Short words, The doctor did h&l believe this attack and his previous history added up to more than the doctors at home had bcllcvea£ merely, his idiotic insides . . , So the pain wandered; It was an unstable paih, He couldn't remember the word the doctor had used! "Oh, yes, 'referred.' Sounds like an employment agency," he InlcK tpolated, Yes, his pulse had been jumpy and accelerated; tout he'd had a bad night, and it might have been due to his nerves; the Whole thing, possibly. The local doctor did not have the electrocardiograph machine! that would be at the specialist's. "What happens after the spe-" He said carefully that he could of course, be checked at the clinic, ' "I don't understand how you got an appclntmcnt for tomorrow —I thought all' specialists were busy." Adam explained that the doctor had telephoned the specialist from his office; they had been in medical school together. "A .personal favor. "Don't look like that, Susie." "Like what?" "Stretchers, ambulances, oxy- en, My appointment isn't until arly afternoon. The train leaves —is it about nine?—I can order taxi. I don't want to leave you without the car." "Emmy and I will drive you." Couple Killed; CourtDeckel ih Presence of Children LITTLE ROCK (AP) — A /us- siJncle of shots In n downtown of'' fico building stairway yesterday killed a 20-year-old trtick driver nnd his estranged wife in the presence of two of thnir three children. Coroner Howard A. Dishortgh ruled the deaths of James Ray Scott and Rebecca Sue Camp Scott, 22, murder and suicide. The shooting occurred Shortly after the couple and the two children had visited a doctor s o/ftoj In the busy Donaghoy Building. City Detective O. A. Allen said Scott apparently fired two .,— caliber bullets into his wife's body and then two taulicls into his own body. A divorce suit tiled by Mrs. Scott was pending. K H. Boslick, .a Cabot lawyer, said he had been retained by the husband and thVt Scott had intended to seek custody of the children. George Ed iHayden, Failure to yield right of way. Forfeited $10 cash bond, , Albert tthodcs, Harold Douglas, Ervin T. lies, John Milt Powell, Speeding. Forfeited $5 cash bond, Wendcl Rogers, Running stop sign, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Herman Turntine, iNo drivers license. Plea guilty; fined $ 0 John iM'ilt Powell, Reckless NAACP Incom, at Million Dollars NEW VORK fAP/ — The Ma tfonal Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People reported yus- terday that Us ihcome last yeai eJcceedcd one .million dollars for the first time. Roy Wilkins executive secretary Charlotte Jean, when she was felled by bullets In her arm ana However, neither the infant or the other child present, Sue Elen, 5, was injured. , , The detective said Scott had^btu- let wounds in his head and chest, Police . quoted 'Dr. A. J. Bm- zolara, whose office is on tho fourth floor of the Donaghey building, tf saying he paw the couple in his office yesterday but noted no trouuble between them. ing. Forfeited $50 cash bond. Grade Lee Combs, Disturbing peace. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Vefsie Kill, Fireeman Prater, Disturbing peace. Plea guilty; fined $23. Uoyd East, Johnnie Henderson, Drunkenness. 1 Forfeited $10 cash bond. George Ed Hayden, Leaving the scene of an accident. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Robert Strong, Carrying a concealed weapon. Dismissed. George Primus, Alec Pugh, Disturbing peace. Dismissed. STATE DOCKET Tim Tui'nbo, Gerald Joseph Etue Bil Greenwood, and Chas,, Eng- hd said, would be expensive 7*' quiring far more than we nave given it thus far." Wilkins told approximately oOU members from Various partQ,oi 5£ country that the NAACP mt.st work to "secure a change in the Jillbuste rrule in the Senate so that ciVii rights legislation will not be choked oft by southern filibuster 1 * 's," .. He said the NAACP also Would work for new civil rights legislation and .tor' registration of Nejtfo voters in the South atid North. He said it would "offer protection to our members who arc harassed through Intimidation and econWHc i to seek custody of tne cnuarpri. , «"«••».• '""7 1 " • , « whnn <shp Allen said Mrs. Scott was hold- ft* her at the stairwny. When she ing her .tour-month-old daughter, appeared, ; he shoved hei into t c '- \ stairway and the shooting toiio.v- - Photo by LaGrone Williams ADMINISTERING oath of office to members of the City Board of Directors is Judge James H. Pilkinton, left. Taking the oath last night at City Hall were Herbert Burns, Frank Douglas and L B<rttom°Pno'to: Judije Pilkir.ton also swears in Roy Anderson whc was re appointed to the_Wat_er and Light Plant commission^ ' THREE FAQES by FAITH BALDWIN © 1957 \>t Forth Boldvin CuthrelL Di»tribut.d by NEA S«rvk», Inc. , "'*wir-Dfjffie D. Booth "I'm seeking a little advice," Mr. Smith said, with a smile, as he entered our office. "I'm going to build a new house. It will cost about $20,000 including the land. What kind of ing $14,000 on it. What kind of fire insurance coverage would you recommend?" "The best course," I said, "especially with new construction, is to add the replacement cost endorsement. For a dwelling you'll have to carry at least 80% 9f the completed cost of the building," "In your case, that shouldn't be much more insurance than you'd need anyway. Because the loan company will insist on $14,000 coverage. Deduct the cost of the land, architects fees, and other standard exclusions, and your total insurance value will probably be around S18.000, And 80% of that figure is 514,400, So it takes very little extra insurance to bring it inline for the replacement cost coverage." ' I continued. "You'll like that type of insurance. In event of -a*.partial loss, there'll be no -haggling or dissatisfaction over loss adjustments, because noth- •ing will be withheld for the wear and tear or depreciation of the .damaged portion of the building. "And,' of course, in the event of a total loss, you'd get full replacement up to the limits of the policy." , ."That sounds good," Mr. Smith said, "Fix it up " 'Can we fix it up for YOU too? GREENING INS. & REALTY CO. '""209 S, Main St., Hope, Ark, Chapter XXXII It wasn't until they were ru home and Emmy was out under the apple tree with the Irish that she could question. I "He thinks it's a spastic condition," said Adam. "I'm not up 1 on medical teiins." I "Is that all?' said, "All right. I'll check into the University Club before I =ec Ihc doctor." "When will you know?" "In due lime." He was Sony for her, sorry for himself. "It isn't the end of the world." (To Be Continued . . They quoted Sue Elen as saying, "Daddy pushed Mamma through/ a door and then Daddy killed my; bond. SS^co^SfTthe shoo, 1^= Forfeited $25 .cash ing this way: , Scott apparently left the doctor s office ahead of his wife and waited . Al Moore, Passing in a restricted; zone, Forfeited $5 cash 'bond. Dallas and iMavis, Operating a Vehicle which was overwidth without a .permit. Forfeited $25 cash „,„..., reported that NAACP membership, . as of Dec, 19, was 305,519, a nine per cent increase over 1957, /j U llli Ji; j^ w* -w-w--- --the corresponding date Mamma." . The Scotts also are survived by a third child, IB-month-old Norma 'Jo. Patricia Holt, Driving, oruvyjrpnig side -of road. 'Forfeited $10 cffsh- bond. I CIVIL DOCKET W. .S. .Atkins vs. A. J. Regan, Action on account for $64.50. Dismissed. AIRLINE TV __ NEW LOW PRICE -$199.88 * ^-JS.OO Down — $10 Month 2-rtnr>— Jt.u" Swivel Base MONTGOMERY- V/-£R D s Catalog Sales Office 212 S. Main — Hope, Ark. "But what about Emmy?" ' "Nothing. You are all stayii here. ' He. thought, If she cries, I don't know what I'll do. She said. "You mean you don't want me?" Having said it, she felt angei rise in her like a boiling tide . .„ — , anc j k new exactly how he had . There was no use trying not to r felt whcn s j le hadn't carried the ..„ ,._„ ti_ _,,...,.,™,i ,, an ,, n i v baby when he had looked at her afterwards with such seeming fury tell her. He ansv "He said it could be any one of a number of things.' "What, for instance?" "Well, the spastic business aside, heart, for instance " She was controlled, she was also ashen. "At youi age?" she asked "At any age. Step me like that." looking at "It would just worry me," hn answered patiently. He pushed her from his knees and stood up. "Susie, you've always trusted me." "Yes." "She said, "I'll telephone Mi- Coney, from next door. He'll close up for us. I can pack in no 'time. 'Adam, don't just stand there. LIP down and rest. Emmy will be fine, you know how she and Boy can sleep in a car." "Susie, get yourself together. We are not tearing off—" She said stonily, "I know this is a good man. I liked him. But we are going home, to our own j doctor and hospital." "Sit down." He took her by the shoulders, not urgently yet not carefully either, and tried to bend her into a chair. Her knees were rigid. He said, "Susie, 'I am going—eventually — to the clinic. The doctor set things in motion." Her chin shook. She said. "But vhy—" "Please, Susie, listen." His voice was as cool as an autumn night. "One of the best clinics in the country is much nearer than iome; and some of your best doctors. I'll see one first of all I'm going by train in the morning." She said, "Then hs must be- "Trust me now. It will be nil right. I know it will he all right. But let me do it alone." "We've never been, in all these years." He was standing, looking at her. He said, "I'm sort of scared. I'd rather be alone when I'm scared. I mean physically alone I know I'm not alone in othoi ways." • There was a silence. They! heard the wind, "Okay, darling," Hope said. They had early supper, and Adam asked, "How about company?" So Emmy ate with them, sedately as befited her school- age status. Hope picked. Emmy isaid, "You aren'.t eating your supper," in a light approximation of her mother's voice. Adam didn't bother to eat; he forestalled his child's reproaches by saying he wasn't hungry. "When I say that, I have to eat anyway," Emmy remarked austerely. When she had been put to bed, there they were with the evening Ijeve * • - he must think could fly, it's a short flight, and they don't go high." "I know, we discussed it. But the train trip's short, too." She' thought, Hes taking no , chances. She said, distracted, ahead; they could not go to the movies; nor drop in and see the ' neighbors, whom they scarcely knew, nor walk, handfast, to the beach. They must stay at homn with Emmy, so they sat in the living room and looked at papers and magazines . After a while Hope said, "I Rambler of ?gjt fevyetf are switching to * R*uiibier t the coinp&ct quality car that saves 1 ' when you buy, gives e%&n more mjietf L, is easiest to p»rfe. Try Personalized bectionul sgfu front beats glide back fortli iAdivLduuUy- Go Rambler 6 ojr V-8. Suited dekvwed pnce at Kenosha. Wisconsin, lor 2- door sedan at left. State Md local la*«5, if any. automatic emission and optignjl THI TRADING POST 315 Thl ' 4 §trfetj Hoee ' 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN HURRY! MEM URRY! SHOES The shoe'Unt of the year stateWednesday morning of 8;3Q A. M. You'll won!t to be here when rhe'doors open for best selections. Not every size in every style but your sire in of^these nationally advertisedibrands from our regular stock of fall and winter shoes. RED CROSS, TRIM TREDS, JACQUELINE^ CONNIES, CAUFORNjA COBBLERS, PARIS FASHION. VALUES TO $16.95 GIRLS SCHOOL LOAFERS S3.QO WOMEN'S House Shoes Size 3/2 to 6 , $5. BOY'S BOOTS ENGINEERS BOOTS WELLINGTON BOOTS Size 8i to 3 COWBOY BOOTS Sire 4 to 8 , . , $3. MEN'S BLACK PULL ON ENGINEERS BOOTS * * Brown 8" Lace Boots, Cork Sole $12,95 Value CHILDREN'S POLL -- PARROT SHOES Values to' $7,95. t and MEN'S RAND SHOES Values to $15,95 $9.00 Values to $9,95 BOY'S SHOES Oxford? & Losers Blqak & Brown Sizes 2 to 6 Values to $7,95 $4.00 $7.95 Be Here When The Poors Open Wednesday All Sales Fingl No Refunds No Exchanges iu I. FAMILY SHOE STORE All Sales Final NQ R§ No Ex

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