Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1959 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 6, 1959
Page 4
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"* to ^i^r** t; • <'.'•'• est Assured if Access •o Berlin JR >„„ ~—. (AP Soviet DP(J- ityf-'Piemler Ahaslas 1 Mikoy.m "^'reported today to have as- -JBd the United Slates of don- tirHled fi'eC Western access to Bcr< JIM,, Juch & pledge would go to the ^Jearttof the current Enst •> West •Jertsioft 1 6Vei' iBeflifi's future. It tottldi signal a major concession ,_y the ^kr.erniitt to the West's ob* ?jecti6ns to Soviet demands to triake' a "free city" of Bcilin. jHiMikoyan \vas understood to have hold high'level State Dcpaitment, v (business art "dcongfessfohal lead' jfers Monday night: : 'r, f l, 'The Soviet Union is deter,,„,milled to tuih over administration |T East-Berlin to the puppet East CPU ^Vitian Communist legimc, reeairt- %-> less of U.S -British-French Dpnun- r^ elation of -the plan, i?» r 2, The Soviet Union is not ti y '•"f j? e "i to tllr °W the Allies out of West even though Soviet Pre.._.. Nijdta Khrushchev, m a Nov .27 note, suggested withdrawal of »i,all ^Allied troops from the cjty fys 3, The Soviet Union simply feels >^the,time has, come, 13 yeais after JUthe end of Woild War II, to give fftBerlin a new status gr; # The United States, Bi itam and " '(France, in replying last week to Si'Khrushchev's note", were remiss in Ijjiot commg up with some counter-.1 proposal "which might have piovid- i-^ed^the basis for negotiation f^ft 5 TheVSoviet decision to hand /igiEast Berlin" over to' East Germany § "• by next" Mayan no' way implies a J> v eace-ot-war~ ultimatum; contin- j-^ued free access to Beihn, 110 ^f 'miles inside East" Germany, could ijisib f earrangeo; and a role may be ^found for the United Nations to j»v play -in guaranteeing this ^ The 63-year-old Mikoyan, second | 5! in^ Kremlin power only to Khrush- •Kf chev, laid these cards on the table £• in replying to questions at an ex»v, elusive dmner""given for him by; fV ( (Biic Johnston, president of the £ Motion Picture Assn , of America #• V Johnston was apologetic after- j ward for inviting some newsmen f , and letting others shiver outside f his swank heado.uarteis in 15-de| ''gree temperature. He said the live *e, a invited were "personal friends ' '* f Hoveling outside* also were 11- about 50 anti-Communist pickets, fU j refugees from.,Iron Curtain coun- g* tries Sparked by former Freedom f > 4 Fighters in Hungary's aboitive |-^M957 revolts they brandished' plac- fj&j'afds, shook,fists and screamed inj g"? cadence: "Mik-o-yan the mur-der- !»*/ Mikoyan and his party, arriving &>'for»the dinner m a Soviet Embassy <%\Cadillac, paid no attention to the 54, pickets. •^/ *Mikoyan conferred for 95 minutes with Secretary of State Dul.'les at the State Department Mon\ primarily about Berlin After .-,, x , ^ /\*w\f» v -* • r , N y H^^»^^^^x'^^ 1 < 'V'' > '>IM ; . %l v ^>'V'Vi ^ < \ «••< fi\« *, ' f , - •• ^ / - r^j!?? ;'-•-?: ,;T,?« ^ff^ys^mK,^^:-^ .;.;• f-'-r *;.? :L ;,••'/:;?, ^^E^S'F^'v^-'j:^' ; r -;4t -, & «*/•>.-.$&> DOWN, BUT HE SEEMS HIGH—Grounded at Springfield, Mass,, this gull seems to be high -" __ a JL a klt ? E? jt sta £geis through the snow. May have imbibed some potent antifreeze. •' • ward, he said he will talk about Berlin and other tension topics with President Eisenhower on Jan. 19 or 20. He is due back in Washington Jan 19 aftei ' visiting several American cities. It was learned he will fly at 8 a.m. EST Wednesday to Cleveland to confer with industrialist Cyprus Eaton. The American millionaire recently confered in Moscow with Khrush- .chev and Mikoyan. 'After Cleveland, Mikoyan goes Thursday to Detroit and Friday to Chicago, with stops later at San (Francisco, >Los 'Angeles and New York, Boston and Philadelphia. An expected 'Dallas visit was tentatively ruled out. Mikoyan and Dulles used almost identical language in describing their 95 minute noon time talk. Each said they discussed Berlin, the whole German question, disarmament and trade. Informed officials said that was just about the order of importance, with Berlin and Germany hogging most of the time. These officials also said nothing was decided in the Dulles-Mikoyan meetings. -Either Mlkoyans out-of- Washirigton visits, they are expected to come to closer grips in what Mikoyan called "a 'urther exch a ng e of vi e w s." -Chemically, soap stone is hy- dromagnesium silicate, generally mixed-with other minerals; < Prescoit News Mrs. Hays Entertains Wednesday Bridge Club Members of Wednesday Bridge Club were entertained on Wednesday afternoon by 'Mrs. Blain Hays at the Broadway (Hotel. Potted plants were placed at points o[ vantage in the room aranged for the players. Mrs. Saxon Regan won the high score prize. Other memibers included Mrs. H. H. McKenzie, Mrs. Gus McCaskill, Mrs. "Clarke White, Mrs. Allen Gee, Mrs. Basil 'M\inn and Mrs. Dallis Atkins. .Mrs. Earl Eppler was a guest. A desert course and coffee was served. Miss Phillips Complimented An informal afternoon party given by Mrs. Freeman. Ligon and Mrs, Roland Gulp in the home of the former on Wednesday afternoon complimented Miss Margaret Leece Phillips, .bride-elect of Robert Franklin Burnside. Miss Phillips wore <a trouseau frock of pink chiffon over taffeta and a white corsage of split mums a gift from the hostesses who also presented her a gift of ciystal in January Clearance Our Big Annual Shoe Sale MEN'S DRESS SHOES Values to $.10.95 NOW $ §.88 WOMEN'S DRESS SHOES Voltes to.$,10 4 95 NOW and CHILDREN'S DRESS SHOES NOW T " " .' .'.-5,V In Patents $5,95-to $6,95 Values GROWING GIRL'S FLATS Values ..,/sw, $^ : Oft WOMEN'S CASUALS Voly§s to $8,95 CUUL— VitYfT ITil *» FITf* SHQIi ^ &* " HSBI, A^ her chosen pattern. A white cut work cloth covered the dining table centered'with a figurine compote filled with white carnations interspoised with.'green ery, pink net and pink satin hearts and flanked by ciystal holdeis burning pink tapers. Individual white cakes embossed with pink loses, catned out' the pink and white theme. Miss Claudette Smith and Mrs. Charles .Scott presided at the table. The (buffet was topped with a styrofoam cupid, pink tapers and bride-' and' groom figurines. Weather Continued Ffofff Pflge OfiS esday, odcdsi6fi&l Wednesday nhd in west portion in lowcft 30-40 tonight New President ^i H m avana Session Announces Committees The session of the First Presbyterian Church announces -the"election of appointment of the following: elders to serve for 1959:'Clerks of the Session, Duncan McRae Jr. Chairman of Christian Education Committee, J. H. Nelson- Chairman of'Evangelism Committee, -Gi >H. Tompkins; Chairman of ..JVorship Committee, IN. N, Daniel.' The Men's Bible Class 'has^elected the following officers .to serve in 1959:"(President, iBrice Stewart; Vice President, J.' (H. Nelsori^Sec- refcny and. Treasurer^- I Purtle • Barham Rehearsal Dinner Held Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Ned Fur.tle of Hope were hosts u for the ;i Purtlefiand Barham wedding rehearsal ( ,djnner held Thursday evening, DecJ25? at the Lawson Hotel in Prescott) The table was centered 'W|th a large 'basket of white carnations intersperced with fern and fjwhite tapers. 'M'atching baskets ^were placed at intervals along theatatole and were attached to each Bother with 'bands of Magnolia leaves sprayed with gold and silver. A miniature tmde and groom topped each basket. . ff A delicious meal was serv|d to the -19 iguests. The bride and grOom chose this time to presentlfgifts to their attendants; •* Rev. and Mrs. J. H, Robertson. ^OMEOWNEIS. s THE WEAtHfeR ELSEWHERE By TH£ ASSOdlATd *>&SS High Low Pr> Albany, ciont ' 15 0 Albticiucique, clear 31 12 Anchoiage, clear ID -1 Atlanta, cloudy 28 14 Bismaick clear 6 *3 Bostoh, clear 36 2 Buffalo, snow 12 8 b% Chicago, clear id C Cleveland, cloudy 8 -2 Denver, clear 82 24 Des Moines, clear 15 0 Detroit, cloudy 12 4 Fort Worth, cloudy 36 28 Helena, cloudy 38 25 Indianapolis, clear ") 1 Kansas City, cloudy 20 37 Los Angeles, rain 58 51 64 Louisville, cloudy 15 5 Memphis, clear 23 15 Miami, clenr 08 54 Milwaukee, clcai $ .{ Mpls.-Sl. Paul, cleat 43 32 New Orleans, cloudy 43 32 New Yo;k, cloudy 26 14 Oklahoma City, cloudy 29 22 Omaha, cleat 5 8 Philadelphia, clear 22 11 Phoeril^/'cloudy G8 48 PittSbur&bi cloudy B 0 Poi Hahrf JrMe , cloudy 17 -5 Pol tlartd, Ore , cloudj 29 24 0,5 Rapid City, cloudy 1C 3 Richmond, clear 27 3 St. Lotiisi clear 17 12 Salt Lake City, cloudy 43 36 San Diego, uun 02 S(5; .03 San Fumcisco, lain 34 51 120 Seattle, rain 35 32 12 Tumpa, cloudy 59 37 WashmgtonN clcai 24 11 Rebellious GOP Continued From Page One for the election of thp 5fl-year-old Halleck to the leadciship post Halleck formally announced his candidacy Monday night in opposition to Mai tin His move followed a behind-the-scenes drive toy a gioup which contends younger and more aggressive leadership is needed to combat the overwhelming Democratic majority on the new House. Democrats, also caucusing today, faced no open battles. They were expected without incident to pick 'Rep Sam 'Raybum (D-Tex), 77 today, for another term as speaker of the House and to ictuin Rep John W. McCormack (D-'Mass) 67 to the Democratic, leadership post. "We have nothing to worry' about' in our caucus ' Raybuin toll newsmen. h Martin has held his party's top House post for 20 years Dunrjg 16 of those years he has bean minority leader In the foui yeafrs of the 80th and 83rd Congiessos., controlled by Republicans!, "" moved up to the speakership „., Hnlleck moved in as party leadoi Halleck took note of his previous service and added, in his statement, that "In view of develoo- ments, I will again be a candi- dpte for Republican floor leader," He did' not explain hi-s use of the vord developments. Available as possible compromise candidates were Reps. Richard M. Simpson of Pennsylvania. 3erald Ford of Michigan, John Byrnes of Wisconsin, and Leslie Arends of Illinois, The Martin-must-go movement itemmed from heavy Republican jonpressional losses in the 105R Sections, which trimmed GOP house holdings from 200 to 153, Many Republicans contend that a more aggressive leadership Is needed if the party is to fight back to eventual control of Congress, and say Halleck is better able to provide;that leadership, In contrast' to the Republicans, he 282 House Democrats went nto their party caucus with no 'isible problems. By LAffftV PfoM P&gd up truck to go to Me/in, DUf&M, driving an autdmobitc. fofdpd the truck. to stop on state (Highway 8 near- the ftttntey Com HAVANA (APJ President Manuel Unutia put his i government into high gear today after inking contrdl of the Presidential Pateco and canceling martial law in Havana, Acting speedily after his arrival in the capital Monday night, Uiru« tin' (1) Named iTose Mlro Cnrdona, piesidenl of the Havana Bar Assh to bo premier of his government, (2) Announced fice eloctiofl* would be held within IB months two yonis; to Summmniyl his nett cabinet into n po?t-midn!ght meeting! (4) Uesrindcd the maitial law proclamation ami cm few evtun sion decreed coilicr by thp pn> chief foi Havana piovmco Urtutifi flew to Havanii from Camaguey following a <alk with Fidel Castio, lendoi of tnc upris me that ousted Dictator Fulijenciu Batista Cnslio continued his vicloiv pio- cession towaid Havana With 3 000 of his gtieinlla war i lots and new suppdttets fiom Batista s militaiy foi cos He Is, expected in Havana Wednesday, Unutia said the lebcl chief piu- feis to remain out side the cabinet in bidei that he may observe developments. The President named additional cabinet officers, bringing rt tn 11 membeis, but still had to appoint mufiity nbout eight miles east of Me made his wife and some of the "chlidrch get otti of tha trutlt Silt VaUghl of Mena, a passing motorist, said he saw a> man fire a pistol at a woman and «^e ffill on the highway Vatight said the man loaded the woman's body in his car, put the fiVf children in the vehicle and ciiove toward Mena. Vattpht weiii to a service station and called Mena police Chief Liles stopped DUrand's enf on the main street at Mena and took him into custody, Thd office)' said the children were 1 "screaming and atawlmg all aroiind in lha car," Liles said Mis Durand had been slain with a 22 caliber pistol She had boon shot in the neck. The children wcte tumed ovct to relatives and Durand was jiil* ed on an open charge. , bfl ftiaWrrtbBfaUafidf family hSafd tfie laSOWbfty ifdffT A. Mittlef al a hdarihg on oM'rsiid placement iaWs, Witter repOfled , ori a special 'study he made 6f black'fnarkeU 'batiies over a five-month involving 69 childish Tho children, from unmarned Mothers, were alt pladed with New Yotk couples by Chicago attorneys, snmii of whom devote their entire tiniw to the lacket, ho said, *• There dre 2f)4 kinds of minerals and gems to be fotimi In North Caiolina. commumcH- mimstets of defense. tions and inteiioi, Unutia also announced his gov- cinmont would not allow gambling, grown which to a under Batista had muHitnillibn dollar Her?'* Something Ntw T» CL....A. A i. •. -• oi were thf Now on« P9 li?y 'insurer V9Mr filing, it? ' ycur peng (gt h^m« flr«, li hgll, , eir§r«fr/ thf ft, , 1199'lity §yit§ sgginir yoy •er meir>b«rt ef yggr fsrrt, ily. M«re9y§r, this n«w MfikQM 9f pr 595*5 i§?5 thai toysg Jf fully prdtct^ CM «r wm« tslgy Jffl Jhji n«w HginfQwSCT Roy Andenen r Iniurancf Agency and; Parri spent Friday in Texar- ana, • "• ; - ' ' •- Hr, and Mrs, Harold In<?ram, Jerry,and James Harold, and^ Mrs. I, 'M, 'Ingrairi-'have returned from San Diego, 1 Calif, where they we're *he guests of Mr, and Mrs, W, F, Tngrsm and Mr. and Mrs. Quay tVorthineton and 'Los Angeles they visited Mr. and (Mrs, O, H, Ingram °-, i and Mr, and Mrs, Claud. " " business caincd on largely rjy American interests. Some elements of contusion remained in the eovernment setup that probably will be clanfied when Castio anives The only fiamework of government m the fust few days aftei Batista's fall was provided by radio announcements from the rebel leader in Santiago, at the other end of Cuba. Havana generally was returning to nnimal Businp°ses weic open again and services were restored after the general strike Castro called to consolidate Support £o> % Urrutia, Swift mihtaty tnals weie piom- ised for moie than 1,100 poisons jailed since the lebels took power. Cheei ing ar/3wds meanwhile gieeted Castro in eveiy town along his slow maich fiom Oner. f > ^tttiVrnce No matter how small the galheiing, he stopped foi an impassioned speech on his plans foj Cuba In Camaguey he spoke for three hours befoie his voice gicw hoaise -Castro was escorted by planes, tgYiks, jeeps and othei mihtaiy equipment which/ he told the peo- ^"y ia d been r sent 'to attack him New-York Center of Baby Block Market NEW YORK (AP)—A special hv, vestigatoi told a state legislative committee yesterday "New Yolk Is the center of the nation's baby black-maiket " The investigator told of couples heic paying up to $3,700 for the privilege o( adopting a baby with , little 01 no knowledge of its o: igiu, ! paients' mental and physical health backgtound, and other essentials Ho said the pnncipal supply souiccs, foi the babies aiP and now were escoiting him. "They iaie the same tanks but now they belong to the people," he sjid Amo,g the Castio supporteis who came to the suiface was movie hero Eriol TTlynn, who said he spent the last week of the revolt ducking bullets with the icbcl forces. The 50-year-old actor didn't d »?k all the way behind a po,st in a sugar mill battle and was nicked ir the light leg, he told icpoiters .in Havana. Watch (This Paper Thurs.) And (For a Big Event) Coming To Hope We wish to acknowledge our thanks to each of you who extended sympathy to us during our recent be»eavement. Mrs, J. T, Smith's Family •Wyndell Peaton, student at Qua- ch/ita 'College, has been a guest in the home of his sister, ~" Purtle and family. Mr, and Mrs. Betby Haynje Lois Carol have returned.' tg etteyjlle after a visit with Mr, an4 M'rs. Ljoyd, Haypie and Mrs. Hamilton, W$ Mrs- Pojinei} wJio have beet) the of their parents, Mr. snd R, W. SM«»ham ajd Mr, and. M,r$, $orrna.n WWtafeer, have re tfl i f \ ^-Vi/ KEESEY'S SEMI-A^MUAL - JUST WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN BAITING FOR SALE STARTS 8:30 WED. MORNING; JAN. 7, 1959 LADIES DRESS SHOES VALUES TO $11.95^- *'*" '' "t. NATURAL POISE — PETITE DEBS — GLAMOUR DEBS HEYDAYS SHOES $12.95 VALUES — All STYLES S8.00 BUSTER BROWN BQYS SHOES $8,95 VALUE SIZES 3 to > $5.00 LADIES AND GIRLS FLATS • SUEDES • UATH6RS t T.5TRAPS • CASUALS VALUII TO $7,99 $4 - $3 • NATURAfc PQISI • PETITE PEPS • aUAMOUR DEIS (Mrs, J. M- Stngrarn h§s returned |rc>m ^8flS§g Qit^f wljere sije y|sj$T 8n<3 Mr?. J, (3. &ann an.4 !godge City where she was the of Mr. and Mrs- Mr. and Jlilrs, W. P. Cumming§ a part of last week in Jones- Fjncher grid family. fljflr. an<J <JU RoiertsoA Children's Shoes $6,99 $4 - $3 Children's Shoes V«l«es to |7,9» — Siies IZJ ( 9 3 $5 - $4 Brown »» Robin JARMAN MEN'S SHOE $«,» VALUi S^ ( 00 Keesey's Shoe Store 7*221 1 Ul REFUNDS vl)

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