Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1959 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 6, 1959
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.\-" v**-IO'Viijiy^wiiDscnp.crss; t , , v ,s'i. ' ,*•&§& ' 4 *T f J ..'i,i"iV»ll ti ~J,i*' ,{k.?;L ji.-.C'' J * i > ^ ' ¥l£§ v*" W*t"v rf4- ;' ' please ,te!e)bh6fi§^*343t : by '6;30 p. m, dud a spigial earrtef " > - wilf deliver yduffjdpefV , ,U 60TH YEAR;,VOL 60 ' ar 6 ' ^ 6(> *< Consolidated . .-,';?> 5^ r«|j^,'v .,'fi'UP y?.^'; ^Afl 1 , , t V.5"' 1 / . *-* See Cefuffifrert loffem 1 ' 1 This Page j ** < , > r -i ' vg m l(6mpiU*tf touftf '•<& Li^^f %m* • */M* 6o*le Knife ' Kifl iiA? HOPE, ARKANSAS, tUlSDAY, JANUARY 6, 195$ 011 Post •a*a<*ail«g\ • ^ **MIIM«i«0 fi-SB *F«fi5H$® teflr«WW*r M« • • JTftSWVWW •K '** -i f h I ^ r * *> ' *' * * "'" v ^ \ '" - r ' ^ * r ~ v ~ ' i^ t -*> ^ p i ' * - ' ^ •> t ' ^ *' i * j 1? / ' * A ° * ** ( ,'".->* }' f '< if* V • r'\AiAvrvyV- v . '•"'.» $£''/• L '%^/t W'\,' v'f v ', ;» ',"' -'i ^Ku^xR/feV £'. /,v -/'•^V^ff-'l' 1 " r,'"t jfa^Kt^''^' 1 ^,^ C'« t ! t"; v-'.\-,;v -, <'."' 5.* .4'*|>'V,'', Ahr* ! -v-\vv '"<.,;.->-y .;^ • .,».^-, •"••, t^MMl^'SB^E^ Weather Experiment Station report for 24-haurs ending ql 7 a. m- Tuesday Low 12, High 3$; No ARK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE ASSOCIATE PRESS. Central, southeast and southw^l Arkansas: Increasing cjdudine-ss With slosyly rising temperatures ibis aCtcrnon, tonight and Wednesday, occasional rain Wednesday, T h u r s d u y partly cloudy with iilUc change, in len> p.eralure. Northeast and npi-j,h,west iVrkansas; Increasing pjo.u4i.no33 \vjth slowly rising temperatures 'this afternoon, tonight and -so Wednesday. Thursday p a r t 1 y Cloudy with little change in temperature. High this afternoon mid 30s qen- tral, high 20s to low 80s northeast, Wid to high 30s so.utheaist and southwest, mid 30s to low 40s northwest; low lonighl upper 30s tu low 30s central, mid, to li'seh 2?!3 northwesl and northwest, low to mid 3,0s southeast and Mostly .cloudy and \yanxijer tlir.ough Wedaesday, occasional rain mainly in south portion Wednesday, low.est 2IJ-3J ',»• ' Itiyijdst 4,0-50 Wednesday, .LC-yiSJANA: Clowdy witii sluw- .t.erop,cri,ily,r,,es m PSgg 'T Mrs, Davenport, 77, Dies at Her Home Here Mrs. SlHoh Dave.nport, a god 7}, died late' ftjonday at l\Qf hon>e on South Hervey street. Survivors include nieces and nephews, Mrs. Frip Hill of El Do-j rado; Mrs. William McGill of' Lewisville and. John Paul Sanders I of Fayetteville. j Services will be hold at 2 p. in. j Tuesday at the homo by the Rev. j Rufus Sorrels. Burni) by Herndon-j Cornelius will be in Ruse Hill Cem-1 etery. j Active pallbearers: Bill Roulon, ! L, W. Young, R. N. Mouser, C. W. | Bridges, Is'. T. Jewell and Chester — Hope Star photos.& engravings MONDAY, JjAN, 4, 1959 was notable for two things: Old Man Winter tiecl the season's coldest mark with 11 degrees above zero — and Bingen Post Office .celebrated Its 100th birthday with an Open House. HOPE STAR'S DELEGATION got to Bingen Monday noon — the editor and Poid Rogersi and one pf pur Speed Graphic cameras, along with EI snarl of electronic-flash equipment, Her? are the results: TOP PHOTO -^ Bingen Post Office, a classjp structure from bygone days, While not' the original building the structure in the picture dates back to 1885, a respectable date •— Hppe itself was Iprpad prairis land befpre the coming of the Cairo &, Fulton Railway (Missouri Pacific) in 1873, and didn't become an incorporated town until 1875, POTTOM PHOTO — What would you expect on an 11-degrto day? They 3re crpwded arpund the Post Office stpve eating peaiuttt. from a hegted pan, Ueft tp right in the picture: E. Knight, 0. E. Clingan, §r,, Mrs. L, O. CpmptPn, Glen McUarty, p'pstmaster Rufus D. Wplff, whose family helped establish the Ppst Office in 1859; C. M, (Hipp, ThMrma^n poss, and Ricliard Wolff, Iddie Dropped by Sponsor I HOLLYWOOD M'l - :: Eddie Fi:ih-; er's television show \\ ill be dropped March 17. His sponsor —- a tobaccu fii'ni *-r ,d,i4W't pick tjp UK- options in hjs. ppntra.pt, a spokesman lor tne croo.n.er said Monday. An unofficial netwurl; source fur I th.e National llroadca!.Ung Co. s.ajd "It's strictly a mailer of low ratings." i The hoyr-Long show is oppu: e<Ti The iingen Ppst Office was Inaugurated in 1859 under the name pf Qzan, switching tp the name "Bingen' 1 in 1881, Here is the iccord: Established with Qharles S> Wplff a§ postmaster January 4, 1859 J&mes W' Scoggins postmaster, April 1860 M*mfc«l ttm A»»od«Ud Pr«H i Audit Bateau ol Circulation* Av, Nt» Pali) eirel. t mil, tndlnt Jipt. 30, 19S8 _ 3,466 wo Accidents Here Are Investigated «Al I4lh nnd Avenue B atilos driven by Richard Neal and Thomas Sumher collided With fonder dtiilv age resulting lo Iho Meal ntilo, City Officers Shirley nnd Rolhwcll filed tit) charges, -tihlo yesterday til 14th and Walk- crMn attto driven by Mrs, T. W. Hudson of Fulton taiid n loaded semsol bus driven by Dave Slrotid collided, The right side ot the bus was damaged Ihe fender and hood of the auto. City Officers Dormitory Blaze Leaves 7 Airmen Dead, 13 Injured N, V, (AP)— Windblown fire killed nt lens! seven student airmen nil-men nnd in- Will Seek to Keep Arkansas Camp WASHINGTON (AP) — An Arkansas delegation plans lo meet with Secretory of Iho Army Qrttck- iv and While tlottsa officials Saturday to plottd for continued tuio of Pi. Chaffec, Ark, Thc Army has announced lhat It Intends to close ChnfCco by .tune M bccaUsc of a reduction In Army manpower, Thc meetings were arranged for thc group from Fort Smith, Ark., J. w, Trimble (l>ArkU JJ^LJI., \jl n,u Cdlbu, \^ll>f WL1IWV13 . , .r, , I I, * . .... I Ul, 1 filed charges of hazardous driving , jui ' od 13 lodn y » s thc >' fou « hl llkc l V, lv ;i,i n «,, M n,« \,.t, , «„« «,n against the Fullon woman. ! animals lo escape- from their bin- , Illmbl ° Sllld ^ Arkansans will The office was discontinued February 11, 1867, but re-estab- lishecl April 19, 1,871, with grico W, kewis a§ postmaster Pr. Jgmes R. Wplff postm?ster §eptember ?, 1878 William A. fiantrell w»§ named postmaster pecember 10, 1898 — bwt neyer ?eryed,. ....... Gity Budget Is liiireased by vcrsity, "It was like animals trying to Hc-l out of a cage," moaned Sgl. Peter Dowllng, 2, r ), KalftmtiVtoo, Mich,, In his hospital bed, The one • story, prefabricated barracks housed -15 Air Force men assigned lo thc university to sttidv Russian, Their huadqiiiu let's wa* at' Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. Names of the dead wcro wltlv Tfope City,, Directors lost nighl'hold until next of kin could ho no- discussed a now budget of $295,- lifted, 017.83 which was adopted last: Fire officials said thc fire ap- month and represents an increase I parently started fiom a heatlnu ot; $35,010.58-over the $259,401.25 unit as Ihc students slept, nuuntu.-i nj uoujiiju uuin muir uu*-; . , i j ,, i ,, , , , , . ,. , _, %l , contend thai there Is a need for racks dormitory at Syracuse Unl- additional Avmy manpower In budget Cor 1958. The city's income for 1958 from R. Wa'ff pestmasler Mgy ?3, 1900 E. fiosnell ppstma§ter April 29, 19Q9 George R. Wp'ff Wa§ nam,ed acting ppstmaster June 30, 1934, and postmaster March 1, 1835 Winds up lo 50 miles an hour whipped Iho flumes Into "o river 11 i . > " '" (./[-/!• I.I til nj I let I I H. ft IlllLJ if l I Vt'l nil sources, including $.18,000 from O f fire," {laid Donald Dowling, IS). olr, 1 ", lcr / UKl ' Llgllt phinl ' lotnlod | Rochester, another of the injured. 5.261,'182. Tluis the city stayed well .„ , , ....-.•.-. , , within its buflL.nl ln«i. vn»,. .. ] 1onld n crackling sound. 1 within its budget last year. The increase in this year's budget represents the expected* increase in revenue during the year. Judge .lames H. Pilkinlon administered oath of office to directors llcrbert Burns. Frank Douglas and L. W. Young and lo Roy Anderson, who. was rcappointcd to the Wntfr and Light Plant commission! Tlio group devoted some lime lo thc selling of fireworks in the city and decided to continue its present policy for the lime being. The thought It was the man who convs around to wake us .up. I saw fin orange light filtering through tlm door. I got out ot bed and opened the door. H was a river of f.iro going down the hull. I was tarrl- .fieri." lie said. these troubled tlmr-s, Unit the Fort Smith area already is a distress area and nothing should be added lo Its economic load, nnd that Ihc government should nol abandon its tremendous investment In Chat- fee.. PRICE 5d tfdll * --"3£ Rebellious GO Group WASHINGTON (AP) — • tria gent Scnnlo Republicans today to center their party ship tight agnlnst Son, EvcreU^M.'S SYR'ADUSJS, N. Y. (-AP) — Fire killed seven student airmen and injured ot least "13 others in a barracks dormitory today. Winds up to 50 miles an hour Eldridge to Stay on Job to March! .tilTTOIS HOCK (AP) way Director Herbert Eldi-ld/jo, whose resignation from lhat post was announced yesterday, will slay on thc job until March 1. Thc Arkansas Highway Commission, which accepted Eldridgu's resignation at a special meeting, nsked him to remain unlil that dale so II could find a replacement. Commission Chairman Glenn F. Wallace of Nashville said El- dridgc had not. been asked lo resign. The highway director has been n targel of criticism by some ."tale legislators who took the position lhat Eklrklgo was lacking in fanned the flames through the one-' " K ,?°' 1 ,!i' l .". :)1ic ! 1 . rcU , l . U " nS ;'.. University of Arkansas, planning st ." ry Barracks which housed 45 proarnm was nlsn rllsni'isonri .,,-,H ' Alr Force men -ossigncd lo Syra- program was also discussed and the. group was told that maps are being prepared. Reportedly Killed in African Ricrts . Belgian > Congo (AP) — Thirty-four.;ipeople'fire reported killed and about 100 seriously injured in two tlayw of rioting in Leopoldvillo, the Belgian Congo capital. Shops have been set on fire, Catholic missions ransacked, until police headquarters schools and burned out. Europeans have been stoned and shot nt and mission priests have been beaten by the rioting Africans. Most of the dopcl were believed to bo Africpns shot by police or troops, A slate ol siege hiis been proclaimed and jeeploads of troops armed with machineguns arc patrolling Iho main avenue of the city's large African sector. Barbed wire barricades have boon set up. Firearms have boon distributed to the ISuruopcan lalion. Road blocks have boon sel up around the Leopoldville aren Movement across the river from Brazzaville, in French Equatorial Africa, is slopped. Troop reinforcements patrolling in. armored cars and barbed wire tial ordir. But thc situation remained highly explosive because; native lenders apparently had lost control of their followers. The riots started Sunday with a political meeting of Congolese at which future independence for the Congo was mentioned. The crowd started shouting, "\Ve want independence now." The crowd burst out of the African area into thc Avenue cle Gaulle, a street of low buildings with shops selling goods for Africans. Most of thc shops are run by Greeks and Portuguese. The Africans broke into thc shops, ra.i- s.acked them and set them on fire. The riots were the worst since Wor-Jd War II. Several small riots have occurred lately, indicating unrest among the increasingly politically conscious natives. Blast-Fire Destroys Mdlvem Building MALVEIW, Ark. (AP)—"A dovvn- •Ovssigncd lo Syri 'cuso University lo study thc Russian language. Thc names of the dead were withheld pending notification of next of kin. The headquarters of the men was Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Dayton, Ohio. The building "went up like ,:i match 'box. It w>as 'awful,, 1 Peter .Dowling, a survivor, said. .DOwliiiK,, 23, JCnl'nrrhn'zoo, -(Mich;, was- onq'''of' those, taken: to ai;hospitnl, s, Forty-five A'ir Force men weie in the barracks at the university's Skytop housing development on n hill ovorloking the city. .Firemen wore hampered 'by wind yusts blowing snow, and temperatures (i degrees above xcro. Thc flames broke out about G a.m. The fire was under control a'bout 90 minutes later. The students were attending llio Air Force Institute of Technology They arc taking o crash 0-month program that stresses Ihe Russian language, The men had arrived only W hours before from various Air Force bases throughout the nation Survivors blackened with soot, crashed through windows to escape, Many wore cut. They said they wcro awakened by shouts of "fire," and saw flames licking lyidcr doors lhat led to the single hallway in the prcfabricalcd building. All of Iho 45 in the barracks wcrti unmarried men, Skylop is o group of about 15 prefabricated barrack put up during the war and later used for freshman housing. The area is on the southeastern edge of tho city. Fire Destroys Negro Residence Here Fire which was believed to have started in the kitchen, destroyed a Negro residence on Bth Street in the Houston quarters late lost night. Nobody was at home at the time, Firemen said the blaze gutted the house, Eldridge also has drown some fire from Gov. Orval IS. Fatibus, But members of thu Highway Commisison told newsmen yesterday thai Faiibus had no part in Eld ridge's resignation. The highway dlrcdor said only Hint .his notice of.'rosignalion spoke for itself, in the- notice, hu said his quilint! was in the- "best interest" of the commssion. 'Eldriclgo has sponl more than five years -as Arkansas' first high- >yay director ..^unclc);.^ lh r c, ,Muck-, 'BJrtckwe!l!Uyp^''oT-tcDifin ! fissibri. The .Muck T. ...B,l : u. c.lfw II Dlrksen's bid lo be floor .„„„...., (After a mooting of II aolf-stylo&fj liberals, Sen, George D) AikoiVJbff Vermont announced the srbtip;^ would concentrate its efforts' bn|, backing Son, John Sherman.,dobti-|| cr of Kentucky against DlrkSblY" and on electing Son, Thomas." 11^ Kuchel of California as parly V/hltjJ or assistant leader, ',' The group endorsed Scn.^ I3ndgcs of New Hampshire! jfoV? re-election as the policy commiuco^ cholrrnan; Son. Luverclt Salton-l stall of Massachusetts for lion as chairman of the Confer.-]^ once of All Republican' Senators';!! and Sen. Milton R, Young of. NpyUifj Dakota for secretary ol the £c fot'cncc, ' '^ Since Bridges has said, he';^ willing to accept Kuchol as.wlilpl*! there may bu only one po^t 'J ia dispute, that of floor leader, wbcii Republican, senators meet Wcdncs;, day lo elect officers. On tlio House side, Old 'Gurijrdl licpuubllcans were trying to,, hca'dlf off a challenge to the 20-year? reign of Rop. Joseph W, MarlinJI (Mass) as floor leader. They made a compromise oftc'iVJ lo young GOP insurgents lodayjt'qj, share leadership responsibilities.'^!*^ This proposal had an initial cool' rcccution from those backing) Rep i Charles A. Hallcck of ,^,__^_ T _. replace the 7'<l-ycar-old M Macatt{A^l ,Thc compromise proposal"' ( prb-k viclcs for creation of a new post of. & assistant 'floor leader. "i'^il It also provides tor election-,by^€ the full, 153 Republican Houso'<fS membership of chairman of^the'; Republican House Policy Com'hitU'j . , ,.,.. ^ Urtmil anieiidmeiH'was designed to take' the commission out of 'politics, j Etd)'idgc said he had no plans J.'or a-'now job. He drew $18,000 a year as highy/ay director. Faubus said a tier announcement of the resignation lhat, any comment on tlie mailer should come .from, the Highway Commlsion. .lie said any development, as far as he was concerned, meant no chnngc' in the independent stains of the commiiion. tec. Heretofore Martin has helife this post. ^\V/il Thc insurgents contend Martlnlf does mil provide vigorous > cnouuh,| leadership: ' '-,/#** Sen. Margaret . Chase : Smith ,';<>- ^ of Iho group rebelling against ! a%Tj£ Young Mother of 5 Shot to Death Today riV" ' '~<" 9 I '.'' I ~ ^JsS^iwW *>IDIrkscn "of Illinois was whip??la| the last Congress and aspires.ito| advance ' to tfyj leadership ' postf, lormcrly held by Sen. WUHnm'vF.'f* Knowland of California who^c nol run for re-election, "^ * „ \l Alkcii, told reporters thc 34 ,'I publication senators arc closely vided Ibcliwcen Cooper and' Ken—"so close as to depend ',,orVfjf what three or four uncommiUb'd ^ senators decide lo do," ,' 'JrS Sen, Barry Goldwaler (R-Arut'l .said today ho was; withdrawing £f his support from Kuchel because^ of the California's association wHli^ Hie •:-. Aiken group. ^ ^f^J^j The- insurgents counted on t(|e%« vote of Sen. Thruston B. Mortorfg of Kentucky, Cpopcr's colleague^ for the floor leader's ipost, also claim the vole of Sen, ander Wiley of Wisconsin, In addition to Aikon and .JYIENA, Ark. (AP) A young mother was shot to death on a highway near Mcna today in front of her five children, police reported. Her husband was arrested in the slaying. Dead is Mrs. Hufc Duruncl, 27, of the Big Fork Community about Ji) miles cast of hero. Thc hutisband, Nod Durand, 31, was taken into custody ul Mcna a few minutes after the shooting Officers said Die Dirands were estranged a n d apparently Iho shooting was connected with a martial dispute. Police Chief Ot-us Lilcb of Mono, who made the arrest, gave this accounl: Mrs. Durand and her children- ranging in age from IB mopths In 7 years—were living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Modesto Romero, at Big Fork. This morning the molliLT and her children and Mrs. Romero got into a pick- Continued op Page Two All Around Town ly The Star Staff Rufus p, i, 1049, ii - *5J?«}J pgftmaster, wa§ named acting pfficer t?* town building housing a eleaiiin:-, I illc Erpenment Station's U-ly- thop and a men's clothing store | Phone ;was out. of order all day was destroyed by explosion and fire yesterday. One man was injured. Authorities said \VilHo Fraction, presser, was injured when an explosion ripped through the Mai- vern Cleaners about 5:20 p.m. an undetermined plate glass win- blast, from source, blew dow in front of the clod.iiug shop into the street. Fraction was hospitalized with i.crunis burns. Six other persons in the building were nut injurucd. Follovving the blast. I 1 a m e s- raced through the cleaning shop Monday and the Star g-ivu the un- ufl'-.cial temperature as 12 degrees . - actually it was 11 degrees Vnu-h is the luivcsi of Iho year jut the sonv! as II leviet-s re- alon^ with it was poi-ded on Dec. 15 two inphes of snow southwest of Spring Hill the first test was mado yesterday afternoon in the Jcimt-s Lime and reportedly showed sunu» «as but :io oil ... out 1 oilnui-i said today they prubably will acidi/.e tlie next step and even lest in some other formation. Smith the following were present: " v 41 Frank Carlson of Kansas; Jacqb*,4i K. Javils of Now York; Coper; m; Kuchel; Prescotl Bush of ConncfjV'j ticul; Hugh Scott ot Pennsylvania'; 1 -^ Kenneth B, Keating of Now York; i-J Winston L. Prouty of Vormo'nt; ! || and Clifford P. Case of New* Jor> 1? degrees last night and never got higher than 34 degrees all day. j According lo the Arkansas State , [Health Department St:iUslics there The Bobcats lost by two points I wt-re 38 ba.bies burn in HempjiteJd to ISJorman in the Henderson State I County during the imst month end Teachers Collage tournamcnl at i ing on Dec. 20 Arkudelphia the lu-x-t regular-1 outnumbered the the girls far boy.;, 23 to 15 Jy scheduled senior boys game is I. . . tliere were 12 while boys at Crossett Jan. 10 Hope : 11 white girls as compared to three and through the adjoining Hank's , -Junior boys will play Nashville ui ! ! Negro boys and 12 Negro girls. Toggery. The lire was out of con- the Emmet tournament WoJnes- Irol for abuut an huur. Ralph Dejarnt-tt, upurutor of thu, cleaners, and Mr and Mrs Hy.n.k Brosell. OVVIKT.- of the clothing store, Si,id they could not unmed,- cstimtlc thu lu»S. day niglit. Apparently additional tesis will K. A (Jacki Keys has gone into the dairy supply business and is located at Mack Brown's warehouse fee made today on the Sonray MiJ- on Highway 29 ... he will handle Continent wild,ca>t test, V. A. Cjto j^arts and supplies for yll l>iuds of. Nu. Ojw ll-HS-2-iW, four miles | dairy ciiuipnn;nl, WASHINGTON (AP) — can House leaders'.'mado, gji._, hour compromise offer to younger GOP insurgents today tp sUr party leadership responsibility the chamber, , The offer, expected lo b'e ed, was proposed lo head pff h . direct challenge lo the reign'! p^S Rep. Joseph W. Martin Jr. Pf, Mas--5. i-achusclts, GOP floor leader for 4' 20 years. '_, *-H The proposal had an itial pooj j|* reception from the group backina ? Rep, Charles A, Halleck of ^dii' 1 , ana tu replace Uic 74 - ye^r * p!4 i Martin as GQP floor leader, %, Under Ihe proposed compromise; '"^ 9 new post of assistant fjoop le^tj er would be created. It also provides for e}ect|9H/l?; Ihe full 153 Republican H o VI S ' membership of the chairman 0 ihe Republican House Policy Corn,t r mittee. Her-Jtofove Martin bus h?J4 ' that post along with his " responsibilities. The proposal will be oftcrpd for, a vote of the Republican ence this afternoon when Republicans will choose their crs for tht> new 86th convening Wednesday, Its defeat would opep the Continued ojj Page, If you giy? sorjif p?opl$ ihirt off yowf bgck, they 11 cize ypw for

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