Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1963 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1963
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNE 20,1963 Congress Studying Pesticides By JOHN H. BARBOUR WASHINGTON (AP) — This noisy spring, Congress is worriec over the possibility of a silent one. Two congressional committees are occupied with health warnings on the dangers of pesticides demonstrations of the sex habits of the male cockroach, and cries of concern for man's feathered and furred friends. Such is the legislative impact of Rachel Carson's popular antolo- gy of death, "Silent Spring," and the public clamor it has evoked. Already Miss Carson has testified before one committee, and asked Congress to curb sales of pesticides, and to cut down on serial spraying. Beside this she wants to arm individuals with the legal right to seek redress in the courts against neighbors who spray not too well, but too widely, and allow poisons to intrude another's domestic domain. She insisted repeatedly that she does not want to stamp out pest control—but instead wants reasonable controls on the use of pesticides. Even before she testified the President's Science Advisory Committee had suggested there be tighter federal controls. The committee also urged a philosophy of insect control, rather than insect eradication, by pesticide-using federal agencies. The Federal Pest Control Review Board found one spraying program in Washington State timber land might endanger oysters in nearby coastal waters, and the U.S. Forest Service ruled out the use of DDT. Thus, temporarily at least, did the oysters save a worm-like pest called the hemlock looper from the ravages of DDT. A new plan has been evolved in which only part of the land- safely away from coastal drainage-will be sprayed with DDT. The rest, says a Forest Service spokesman, will get a new insecticide — called "Sevin" — and the first days of spraying will be watched to determine its effect against the looper. On the one hand, some 70,000 a-; res of hemlock are involved with an infestation that last year struck Oregon, next year may strike British Columbia. On the other hand, wildlife and safety are involved too. It's little wonder that Congress is deeply interested. Senators sat in rapt attention while agriculture experts showed low male cockroaches frantically trailed the scent of the female croackroach—a lure the experts hope to make a lethal one in insect control. Two bills are pending in the Senate to better protect wildlife from any spraying programs, and .o tighten labeling regulations on toxic chemicals. Government officials have stepped into the fray. Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall testi- ied that pesticide residues are jeing found in a number of bird and animal specimens and even n fish caught far from land. Sen. Abraham Ribicoff, D-Conn. former secretary of health education and welfare, has called on private industry to seek new pest controls which would be potential- y less dangerous. Presidential science advisor Jerome Wiesner has testified that the contamination of the environment with chemicals including pesticidesi s potentially more hazardous than radioactive fallout. ie was quick to add that this is not now the case. Sportsmatts Club to Meet at Carrollton CARROLLTON — A special meeting of the C. & E. Sportsmans Club will be Friday at]' Sportsmans Hall at 8 p.m. CnrrolHon Notes Miss Sharon Conrad, who is employed in St. Louis spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Conrad. Miss Conrad will leave the last week in June for Minnesota to spend a two-week vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin and son of Indianapolis, Ind., are visiting Baldwin's parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Baldwin. Rear Admiral and Mrs. George A. Whiteside and children, Carol, Mary and George Jr., of Fullerton Calif., arrived Monday and were guests until Thursday of Whiteside's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Whiteside. Bank Association CARROLLTON — William McGibbon of St. Louis spoke at the "Ladies Night" dinner meeting of Tri-County Banker's Association Tuesday evening at Marquette Lodge near Grafton. Attending from the Carrollton Bank and the Greene County Na tional Bank of this city were Francis Vaughn, Mrs. Jack Ow ens, Mrs. Fred Hartman, Miss Mary Helen Vandersand, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Hough, Mr. and Mrs John Boirun, Mr. and Mrs. P. A Daum, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Edwards, Miss Doris Caffery, W G. Vogt and daughter, Kathryn Miss Julia Pierson and Mr. and Mrs. Neal Gillingham. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON — Miss Eliza beth Jane Willis of Carrollton was admitted to Boyd Memorial Hos pital Wednesday for surgery. Ad mitted Wednesday as a medical patient was Dr. F. O. Whiteman also of Carrollton. 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