Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 5, 1959 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1959
Page 6
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CONSUMER CRIDIT OUTSTANDING Mail '..*,, > v"'-<~ '?•-' •-*- v-w-« ,vi.'- % .',^ '.;•*•' :;r^// \/'V <; av :> A- 1 --^-^- -^ ITA!. M6PE. A'RfrA t NgAT /. --C.:.A. t . /' ./ ..... _-. ......... ^:^^^ '' ' .-..^r, n ^, ...... .--^.-——-Wfat — — «-. ..-«• r.,.. ,,«.**,.«,,, ,.^-*». rt <, ,.» af *,.™,j — ^<,*tr tt Mi.nT.i. ,,.« -rflT^'iS.CTI-.r-^JIIIIl.^r.i--.---. .«»..... — .*-».— m t -: '< * '..'«.. t ' \ ft „*..',-. JL&° LJ 4 JHB A( "*>, *. , off white lhe y w«i-e Ja, Shs wotlld hbi bg lonely, >sha had the friends, thft relatives, her fihilfeh, thfe thavlfts, and the ceinetery. Everything wauld be lino, . «k wsi-egised in the Hrst quarter o.. the total of outstanding consumer credit has traced a fairly even line across the chart. THREE FACES OF LOVE . by One night they went with fihv my to the beach and saw a girl walking alone, her licact bent, stopping to look into shallows and then walking o« again. "Either she's in 16Vc or has just fallen out, Maybe he has, or she's Oust wondering. 1 ondci', too, why she isn't in scliol." "Perhaps a scare, like at home.' wrong last night?' "Maybe, Adam said, what was "What should be?" "You got Up and went to the bathroom at 10 past Uvo." "Since when docs a grown woman start with horror at the trass idea, unless she's a bride." "Oh, be quiet," said Hope. "What Was the matter?" "I had a pain. I went in and took some of that filthy modi* cine.' She asked, "Hosv can you be so stubborn?" ."I thought you wanted me to FAITH BALDWIN $ W7 k> F«itk Cincinnati to Try to Regain Some Prestige By £b CO&RI6AN Assoeiated Press Sports Writer Humiliated by two consecutive defeats In the Dixie Classic last week, Cincinnati nnd Big 0, Os car Robertson, jump right back into the (ire tonight When they tangle with Bradley. Alt last season, the Bearcat lost only three games. Bradley licked them cfirly In the cam* palgn. Then It was Oklahoma State and finally Kansas State in the NOAA tournament. They tb6k Bradley over the second 'Unit' 1 around, however. This is a big one for Robertson take, my medicine." "Now youre perverse. Please, Chapter XXXI to push one down herself. Thcrj Hope wanted instantly to buy it; |had beori times W | nclV snp .i tried. .so did Emmy; so did Boy. Adam had a species of seizure. Did they — including Boy, who * was old enoush to know better— ,, LIU Wi*l w ~~f^ \,lUO»il Lil«-J \,U1*1W ...... realize how much money would ]gter you have to ]Hlsri have to be poured into it? Thej This knowledge reached Ttitchen wasn't practical, the heat- enr]ier than mos t but w; ing system would have to be overhauled, if not ripped out and thrown away, and there was only one bathroom. Hope said, "But we wouldn't live here in winter, that is, 'not until you retire." "By which time the house will have fallen down," Adams said. - Emmy shrieked with pleasure. She wanted to see a house fall down. In fact, she had yearned Everyone knows that when you are small the walls arc far away, but the bigger you grow the closer they come and sooner or out; Emmy was fortunately, of brief duration. . Hope said, "This house has been right here for a couple of centuries, more or less." "Less. Honestly, woman, have you lost your mind?". . She said, "Forget it. I realize The Braves also are undefeated, having raced past all eight and company. Their pride hrts __thc wheel_s been hurt. Moore realistically, ~ Bradley is rated the only tcatrV in the Missouri Valle Conference! , with the possible exception of St. Louis, with a chance of knocking Cincinnati out of the title. STARRING ROLL—Quick-frozen art adds a decorative touch to an automobile hubcap in Denver, Colo. Water splashing off the highway froze so fast that it formed a star effect while the wheel spun. tim tonight afler dealing MlsU- sippi States its first defea', 97-06, Saturday. • Kansas State, No. 3 in the nation behind Kentucky and Cincinnati, has been the class of the Big it's impractical like me. It isn't a weekending distance from home, and you can't take all summer off. It would just be for holi- AIRLINE TV NEW LOW PR ICE $199.88 $5.00 Down — $10 Month 21 in. — Full Swivel Base . MONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Sales Office . 212 S. Main — Hope, "Ark. darling, when we get home, go into the hospital and get the works. You're always yelling thnt after 40, every man jhouln have a checkup each year or six months." He said, "Don't take on. It's only indigest,ioix. ' "I know I'm not an exceptional cook." "I wasn't talking about your cooking. I'd get it at Claridges, George the Whatevcrs, the Car- iylc. The pain I mean. Its just one of those things." "I've tried to give you a diet as plain as Emmy's." A'nd as the sun grew more yellow somehcw. the days warm, the nights cool, she had to be content with the promise. She would wait until they went home and then hound him into keeping his word. But, she thought, he always kept his word. But she did *--Vli l Icl v i lll^ iti\.v,vi I./M o i« «»*. v»i£,nu »hiu>t ..*-— - ot their opponents to dale. They! 8 so far in. non-league games and warmed Up to their task by turn- opens its lop season against Iowa ing back Drake, 91-57, Saturday night. Another worry for Cincinnati is the possibility of being knocked State. The same can't be said of Northwestern, which .along with Michigan Stale, is the current co-favor- to get out alive." days, so it's better tr. rent and not have to wait that long, for go different places as we usually ' do. And it's not a place where ( right out of the top 10 in the week- j u u in the Big 10 race. The Wild jly Associated Press poll. None of cas barely edged Iowa, 80-77 in the others in the select circle last their league opener Saturday and Week has lost more thnn one game Coach Bill Rohr observed that "w,c and three—Kentucky, Auburn and' Bradley—fire undefeated. Kentucky, riding along at the top of the heap with 11 victories—high in the nation—polished off Georgin Tech, 72-62, Saturday. But Adolph Rupp's slick Wildcats may not have things easy this year. Already they're casting worried looks over their shoulder... in j the direction of Auburn.-The Wild-1 cats won the 1958 Southeastern 1 Conference title by just one gam? over Auburn, which is about as thin as you can slice it. The Plainsmen figure to make HOT SPKtMdS, 'Ark, (AP)—The atibhnl Editorial Assn. aftd tho Arkansas 'Press Assn. will hold a iree-dsy joint meeting hrr e this vfaek, The sessions begin ThUrs- ay. ^ MORRlLTON, Ark. (AP) Sound-Craft Systems Inc. of Pit' shtirgh, Pa., plans to open a,new plant Feb. 1 on Petit Jean Moiin- ain, The firm manufactures audio- electronic equipment and will employ six to 10 workers. LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The Rev Wesley Prlidcn an out-spoken segreg'alionist and pastor of f Baptist church here, charged Sat Urciay that a move is underway to "absorb my church and drive mo out of the city." Prudcn, who served last year as president of the Capital! Citizens Council, said he had protested in a Group *o Defense COfeWAV, Ark. (Ag) - cldfehse procedures Will dd to top officials from Arkanm counties whefl thej'Visit the state Office of Civil Oefnesd. here Wednesday, The visiting group will representatives, und Michigan Stale No. 7 in ,th AP ratings. The Spartans had' close shave, too, nipping Indiana the defending champion, 79-77 Northwestern plays Michigan to night and Michigan State goe against Iowa. In the Atlantic Coast Conference, the main battle is developing between North Carolina and North Carolina State. They are running 4-5 in, the AP poll and have almost identical records—8-1 lor the Tar Heels and 9-1 for Stave. The Tar Heels turned back Notre Dame, 03-54, in a nationally televised game Saturday, Pacific Coast Conference* Southern California leads the parade with, a W mark, Defending charh- ipion California has a 1-1 mark. Texas A&M so far has justified its role as Southwest Conference favorite by .clipping Southern Methodist, 65-63, Saturday to run its overall record to 9-1. In the Southern Conference, it's West Virginia (4-0) as usual at the top. Idaho State, with a 9-2 record in nonieague play, is the big favorite in the Rocky Mountain Conference. Utah, the favorite, helps open judges and Civil defense directors. They will ceme from Indepen 1 dence, laard, Sharp, Lawrence Jackson, cralghead, *«""«• Green, Cl&y, Cletaurne arid Stone counties, t telegram to Rep. Brooks Hays (D* Ark), president of the Southern Baptist Convention. _________^ If you were bom before 1900... . .' let us toll you how you can still apply for a $1,000 life insurance policy (for people up to age 80) so that you can help take care ?1C UUKy K) ftL't. ULli. Hiivt. '-J «.v,iv- v ,.-,\-v. £,v....~ -„ -..- ~-- v . . . /-<!f.r TVrtifccjrull'i Northwestern is ranked No. G After a week of activity in the against Montana;Wednesday night. I sas. City, Missouu. of final expenses without your family. YOU handle the entire transaction by mail with OLD AMERICAN ot KANSAS CITY. No obligation. No one will call on you! Tear out this ad and mail it today with your name, address and year of birth to Old American Insurance the II. LIHJ Vtl V Ul i «•*-, m~.Li.ru v*i.«„,.--—.- . »\nn IV* «. Skyline Conference season Cq., 3 West 9th, Dept. L1D3B, Kan- we could bring Elsa, she'd be bored stiff." "Ich denke I miss Elsa,' Emmy remarked. She was now rolling on the wide floor boards with Boy; and qualified meticulously, "only ein bischen." Elsa was at home, conscious that she would not get a vacation, she hadn't been with them noc nave 10 wan inav long. i«. Misissi p pl thcir nlnth straight vie- one ni^ht he was Cughteningly ill l _^ ° and she ran out, her feot. bare, in her thin robe and nightgown, and hammered on the neighbors door. For their little house had no telephone. The neighbors lice next day. It was silly, said Hope and Emmy Adam, as drove him doctor. He came out, locked listened, and gave Adam something to gentle down the symptoms and ease the pain, and something else to help him sleep, and sold Adam there and then went off to shop: called a local Emmy merry as a grig, whatever long enough, she said. So she'd' must come without fail to his of- How Many Hems... Perhaps you, too, stood outside a store window in your youth and tried to estimate the number of beans in a display. Guessing the circulation of a newspaper was_once quite a game for advertisers, '[ , '" Siit the Audit Bureau of Circulations took all the chance out of this game. A.B.C. auditors don't stand outside , and estimate—ithey come inside-the publisher's office ' and count.:-. - When the auditor is finished and his precise findings published, well there's just no room for guessing, It's fill thei/e in his report—how much circulation* where copies were circulated, how much people paid, and some of the reasons why the people bought our paper, There's no reason to-guess about the circulation , audience you get when you advertise in our paper, The facts are down in bkok and wiyte.foryoutos.ee. Ask for a copy of our latest A.B.C. report, that is, and Hope so gay and casual. '"Bye, darling, we'll pick you up later." He had to wait, for the doctor was busy and many depended on him. While waiting, he looked through windows ever fields, a salt marsh, and a glisten of water, and tried to think, and couldn't properly. He told himself it syas only a bellyache or. other allied disturbances. Perhaps it was the start of one of the almost routine ailments people talked about, especially in Wall Street and along. Madison avenue, aiid in the paneled air-conditioned offices of executives. Ulcer. Spastic colon. Or something psychosomatic, although what he had to be psychosomatic about he wouldn't! know. So he went into the office, sat at a desk, and listened to the questions' he hadn't been able to answer last night: when this idiotic business had begun—"No, not that far back, I' could cat shingles fried in butter and feel wonderful"—and then he went into an examination room, took off his clothes, and lay down, He thought, Perhaps I'll just go to sleep and forget the whole business und when I wake up I'll know I dreamed it, (To Be Continued) , Doors Open at 9! Be Here For More Savings! Penney's Own Famous I^ATI0N-V/IDE SHEETS •;• Double 81x99 Twin Fitted, or 72x108 New Low Price > 42x36 CASES . . 2 for 77c • 36x36 CASES . . 2 for 68c i 81x108 or Double Fitted SHEETS 1.77 HUNDREDS OF PRE-CUT PERCALE DRESS LENGTHS! Married in style to the Thunderbird,.. Prints galore! Newest flor- als, goemetrics, abstracts. All in sunniest spring colors, All machine washable 80- square high-count cottons. A fabulous buy! yard length $ 1 Beautiful wedding of style and loxuryl The new 4-passenger Tbunderbird, left, and the now 6-passenger Galaxia Ctvt Victoria, right. 0 This symbol represents ° ur membership in the Audit Bureau of Circulations, your assurance that our circulation facts are verified by independent audit, measured by recognized standard*, and reported in standardized re»ort$. 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