Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 5, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1959
Page 3
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/^-i?^?"'^ ^ ,* «i ;^,- fa ; . • ffi &&%&.&* \ > W '«;HV\?f^'W t% ' * ^,<-*^»*'i^' > *a, s.?* E J» VV*^?' fir T^* f <i £ .Tii "&* 1-W- '^-», j, ; „ T -4 ^\ r t^r ^ •.• Phone Calendar Monday, January, 5 Hope Bane) Auxiliary will meet an Cannon Mall Monday ctonight) at 7:30 p.m. The executive com- mittce will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesdpay, January 7 , Jr.-Sr, executive commillLe will - meet Wednesday at 9 a,m, in Mr. Jones' oflice. *The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Wednesday afleinoon at 2 In the home of Mrs. Jim James with Mrs. Howard Holllngsworth as co- hostess. Thursday, January 8 The Jr.-Si. PTA will meet on Thursday at 3pm. at the Junior High School auditorium. ^Hospital Notes Memorial Admitted: Melrosc Johnson, Hope Mrs George • Bickerstalf, Rt. 4, Hope; Mrs. D, E Powell, Rt. 1, Hope; Mrs Clarence Gritchlow, Rl, 3, Hope; Joe Mall Hcrndon, (Hope; Arthur Holland Saraloga; Mrs. James Lagiossa, (Hope; Sonya iPowell, Rl. 1 lEmmel; Michael Turner, Hope. ? .Discharge^: Mrs. Thelma Car- IP.thers, Rl 2 Emmel; Mrs Gallic Cooley, Rt. 1 'Hope; Mrs. Thomas Hamilton and baby girl, Hope; Mrs R C. Miay, Rt 1 (Hope; iMis. Morris Vines and batoy Kirl, Hope; iLorene Tyus, (Hope; Mrs. L. K. Boyce, Rl. 1 'Washinglon; Keith Byrd, Hope; Mrs. Wilson Vines and baby boy, Rt. il Emmet; Mrs. Thomas Hucka'bee, Hope; Earl ThomaSi Rt. 4 Hope; Melrose Johnson and'toab boy, Hope; Mrs. Ethel tague, Hope; Mrs. Clarence Crdl- low, Rt. 3 Hope. (Mr. and Mrs. James LaGrossa of Hope announce the arrival of a (baby girl, Jan. 4, 1959. M. C. «nd Melrose Johnson of Hope announce the arrival of a toaiby boy, Jan. 2, 1950. Martial Law Is Continued From Page dne varieros. Taxis and buses resumed operation. Industrial Workers bo« gan preparing to return to ihulr jobs. • Castro's bearded soldiers pa* trolled the streets with rifles, pistols, and machlticgitns, guarded government {buildings and banks and roamed the lobbies aiid corridors of hotels, on the alert lor violence. Speedy executions already had been meted out to at least five iBatisa henchmen. They were -apti Jos Garcia Menocnl, a police inspector in the western province of Pinar del Rio; Brig. Gen Joaqiun Casilla, Batista's commander in Las Villas province, and three o£ his top staff officers. Among those under tmcst was Dr. Joaquin Martinez Saenz, pies>- ident of the National Bank of Cuba. The Ii antic exodus of thousands of American tourists cased oft. Scores who had ibeen planning to leave decided to stay. More than 1,000 had leturned to the states by special ships and pianos. All commeicial airlines were given pci mission to resume flights between the United States and Cuba early today. Soviet Rocket Branch Admitted: G. IH. Cofield, E.|.imet 'Lynn Harrell, 'Fulton; Miss Carolyn Phillips Hope; Mrs. Parker 4bgers Washington; Birch DeVen- ney, Palmos; Billy Jack Fosler, (Hope; Lester Ferguson, Hope. Discharged: Ina Turner, Washington; Mrs. W. B. Nelson, Washington; Mrs. Will Motion, Emmet; Mrs. W. C, IBcck, HI. 2 Hope; ' 'Sidney Fricks, Saratoga; Mrs. C. G. Tittle, Hope, C H. Cofield, Em met; Lynn Harrell, 'Fulton; Idell Hll, Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ivers announce the arival of a Baby girl <0Un. 2 195-. ' Contiftued Ff6rrl Page* One arefUly Was standing oVu a float urHaee at hef- home r yesterday corning and hdr cloththg ife authorities Sairf. A neighbor found Mrs, Smith \y hg across a bed. Saturday night jwith "highways listened by ice and snow, an ntito- moblle and a pickup truck collided in Lf. S. Highway 05 on the out- kirts of North Little Rock killing Vlrs. Mary Lou Bonds St. of Convay, Her mother, Mrs. Mollie 31ahkenshlp, 58, also of Coinvny, Vas Injured and svas hospilftllstfl it Little Rock. Attendants said to. day she was In serious condition, Both women were riding in the iiilomobile. raffle accidents killed a, total of nine during Ihc week, fives four, shooting two and oho parson was electrocuted accidentally, The last victim of the holiday period, which began at C p. m, Wednesday and closed Sundny mid- light, was an 88-yuar-old MeCrory vomati who died In a Little Rock lospital" of bums buffered at lu-> ionic. Authorities said the woman, Mrs. Elizabeth Maiy Smith, tip- Darently was standing over a flooi furnace Sunday morning when hci acd clothing caught lue neighbor found the seveily burned woman lying across a bod. Saturday night — with highw.i.vs slickened by ice and snow — aul&mobilc and a pickup truck collided on U S. Highway G5 on UIL outskirts of North Little Hock hilling Mrs Mary Lou Bond, 20, o onway. Her mother, Mrs. Mollie Blank enship, .also of Conway, svas in juied. Br/h women were riddint, in Ihc car. Many full lengt- paintings and tribal scenes, painted in Arkansas early in Ihe {Eighteenth Century iwhen'TTort Smith was an ouipost toy the ifamous Georige Callin, are - m Ihe Oatlm Gallery of Ihe National Museum in Washington, D. C. Continued Prom Page One made of the rocket's" movements, and on Ihe work of the scientific instruments, aboard. The actual number of days tha will be required lor the solar orbi will be 447, scientists said. This Is 82 more than it takes the eartl lo- go around the sun. Dr. G. M. Clcmence, scienlifi director ol Ihe U. S. Naval Ob sevalory in Washington, said tha some lime in March or FpViruary Ihe earlh will pass between the rockol and Ihe sun. The earlh has an ecliplioal or- bil around the sun, the same as the rocket will have, but it is tighter. I takes the earth only 12 months to make the full swing,, Soviet newspapers Sunday we're tilled with comments on the performance and predictionnSinv.g (tsp ace ventures.. But t.'cre.wure no further details on the rocket itself, its launching silo 01 power On a Moscow radio broadcasl Prof. Boris Kukarkin, deputy chairman of Ihe Soviel Aslrdnomi- ical Council, mentioned 'the pissi- Ibilily of a space ship soaring outside the entire solar system. Soviet Deputy Meets Dulles, Is Picketed The very fine look of expensive jewelry has been captured In these pieces by Natacha Brooks. Fob watch (left) echoes the Victorian era. Gold-colored metal is worked in rope effect around the watch and ends in decorative tassel. Richly-jeweled square pendant watch (right) is set with cultured pearls and diamond-like stones.—By GA1LE DUGAS, NEA Women's Editor. TONITE 6:30 - 8:30 Voting is compulsory in Argentina and women '.. have the right of suffrage in presidential and congressional elections WASHINGTON (AP) — Soviet Dcp. Premier Aliasing I. Mikoyan reported today he discussed the Berlin problem and Germany with Secretary of Stale John Foster Dulles. Afler an hour 35-minule session with Dulles, Mikoyan said thoy also talked over disarmament and trade problems, On leaving the Stale 'Department Mikoyan said he luis arranged lo meet in Iwo weeks with President Eisenhower aflet a lour of American cities. He is reported planning to visit Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Dal- 1ns a'nd Los Angeles. Speaking through an interpreter Mikoyan described the meeting with .Dulles as "a useful talk." The Russian leader, who nr rived from Moscow Sunday, smiled broadly as ho arrived qt Ihe Stale Department. Seven Hungarian Freedom Fighters, carrying placards reading "Go Homo Mikoyan," shouted insults as he walked tip with Soviet Ambassador Mikhail Menshelcov. Mikoyan and the ambassador Want to Make Hoffa Toe the Mark By NORMAN WALKER WASHINGTON (AP)— Teamsters Union monitors today proposed a tough federal court order to make Teamsters Union Prfesl- dent .Tnmes H. Moffu loo the rniu.'k in carrying out union reforms. Martin • I"*. O'Donoghuc, chairman of the throe-man, court-ap pointed monitor board, prepijre'd the order for the signature ot'U,S., Dist. Judge F. Dickinson Letts. The court ordered a hearing Friday. Judge Letts held on Dec. II that. Hoffn and fellow Teamsters leaders have been giving the monitors- a run-around and Ihsvartlng union reforms recommended under the unique monitoring Eysiem. Letts nslcecl O'Donoghuc to prepare np- Less Welfare Pay JOB- Some Arkansans AlTTLE ROCK (AP) — Ar- knnsans who draw both stale nid and Social Security checks will re- pressed through a crowd of about 100 reporters and photographers Arriving in Dulles' outer office, they posed for pictures with Dulles, scaled on a divan. "Very glad to see you," 'Dulles said, shaking hands with Mikoyan Once scaled, Dulles put his arm behind Mikoyan on the back a! the divan and the two men launched into a friendly conversa lion—all. about the weather. propriate orders for his signature. Hoffa's lawyers will appear be- J'ore Lolls Friday in sin effort to gel the court to lone down Ihc proposed findings prepared 'by .OVDonoghuc. 0 ! 'Donoghue's proposed findings ifor" Letts reportedly would crack down hard on Hoffa und the corruption-tainted Teamsters Union, nisted from the AFL-CJO after re- jbalcd Senate committee hearings disclosures. ' O'Donoghuc's proposals would require Hoflfa, on penally of con- lompl of court proceedings, to ibby' the monitors. The Teamsters would be obliged to cancel plans ry,-'out reforms already suggested, biil lo obey strictly all such reforms proposed in Ihe future, Additionally, the Teamsters \V6lild ( bc obliged o cancel plans lor* "a' special con\6nlion noxj, March in Chicago, a step Hoffn hris Claimed lo vote the monitors out of business. TUESDAY ONLY DOUBLE HORROR SHOW ccive loss money aflcr Feb. l v cnuso of recent changes in (he Social Security program. Welfare Commissioner Car Adams said the reduction wottlr range from $3 up. Ho said the ciil will be in stale nit! because of Increases In .Socin Security payments. Federal law ru ci'iilros the stale reduction, he stiid. The stale Welfare Depnrlmen lislcd 5,G3'I Arkunsnns clrnwlnj stiite aid averaging $'15.41). Adams snid all resources of welfare recipient must be considoi ec! in clolerminint; the amount o slate aid paid out. Any increas in Social Security payments is con siderad a resource, Aclnms si and slate welfare aid must be trimmed accordingly. SNACK—Fotir-ycnr-old Timothy Short makes rondy lo food Nnulllus, the seal, at u private zoo In. Eppthgham, England. Tim's grandfather owns the zoo which houses animals and. birds from the British Isles. the Ani'ry has r! I tempted one but they succeeded In reaching o n'bout one Ihucl of Iho distance to the moon. One more Army Iry remains in the original program. The American elm generally Is regarded as the favorite, tree a Ihc American people. MAID OF COTTON — 'iVIelin- da Berry, this year's Maid of Cotton, poses In New Vork City an she begins her official duties. The Stillwater, Okla., olrl will make a six-month world tour In behalf of American cotton. — NEA Telephoto, -, i«(,,V* • <" £/ •;•# Empty Sub Found / Flooring by Spanish LONDON (AiPJ— The empty stib- "75 marina found floating in the Al-' lanlic by Spanish fisherman is the, Biilish vessel Virulent, lho!>ad- mirally s,uid. F ' The •Virulent broke nwny from lugs on Dec, 17 cit, Ihuy were tow-**--f^ ing II fiom Malln lo be scrah'j^l l & and broken up in Bnlnin. ' ft » May Probe Planets With Lunar Shots WASHINGTON CAP)—Tlie Aircraft Industries Assn, said today there arc .strong indiculions that U,S, lunar shots during 1050 will bo extended to probes of the planets, The Air Force has concluclnd three lunar-aimed launchings and HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Homo Improvement) • 'Conventional • FHA Build — Buy — Repair — Remodel — Refinance Ours lo a locnl Institution, owned and operated by local people, and we're here to help YOU with your loan problems. Wu have many facilities and'we Invite you to use them. FRED 0. ELLIS Secretary • • • • 209 S. Main St. Phone 7-4661 LEWIS - McLARTYl PilTTINO THE BITE ON—During a recent bad v,iiKl*loim in Casper, Wyo., this corrugated. lionTonsUuctron office ww uprooted and was abuut lo blow over on some Homes acra* the streetBiltanearby'construction machine bank Us bucket's teeth »to the edge Q{ the wall and held the ypside-down strugture milil help amvcd, MiJBPHYSBQRQj, DESEMBEBj ISSS-^A l'?ai' a^cv IWs section, of RJurphyshoro), Jll., «m W JrWH*n«*1SP 4 W^wsTw» bwa tek.en away S«4 residents Jwye bp g un moving x4T8«»'j torrent, WPC», jojuv> an4 flve-bcdraom houses built by the Jackson County Au,t,boi-|t,y %Ub m «Wpev«iJffl» fif too federal soyprnmw>t. They're p^vt p* Wilt rfPiWS" owst <rf i&s ixomys dcslroypd, by ttio JANUARY WHITE SALE 81 x99. 81 x 108 CANNON MUSLIN SHEETS 1.66 U 72 x 108 1.66 CANNON BATH TOWELS <j i Size 20x40 — Stripes and Plaids 2 FOR 1.00 WASH CLOTHS TO MATCH ST, MARYS FINE WOOL BLANKETS 100% Virgin Woo! Rich Solid Colors BROKEN LOTS — CANNON FACE TOWELS Up to 98c Values 3 '°« 1.00 PURRY BLANKETS t Blend of Rayon qnd Nylon • Washable • Solid Colors $9.00 CANNON -SOLID COLORS MUSLIN SHEETS Size 81 x 108.,,, CASES TO MATCH,,, $1.00 pr. PERCALE SHEETS Stripes - Sizes 81x108 $3.00 CASiSTQMATCH,,,$l,98pr, SMALL LOT BED SPREADS \v.-- MARKED DOWN! *l f*l 4

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