Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 5, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 5, 1959
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After about 2H days/ signal from earth fires retrd- rocket stowing satellite and allowing moon's gray- i *_. i i_ _ L-l* •• * I*. * 2ND. STAGE MODIFIED NAVY "VANGUARD" 1ST STAGE AIR FORCE "THOR" HfiM ST*ft AftKAHSAS + , Man¥ay/;JaHliafy j/J^j j THIRD TIME A CHARM?—Although Pioneer II, America's second attempt to "shoot the moon, failed of its objective, much was learned from the locket which soared 32 times higher than the still-orbiting Vanguard I. Scientists report that only a small deviation in the gyroscopic controls kept Pioneer from making it. Di awing above plots the hoped-for course of the three-stage Pioneer III If all goes well, 83 pounds of satellite will circle the moon, 39 pounds of which will be instruments designed to probe outer s>pace and to flash back to earth data on the unseen side of the moon. NINE-MONTH COMPARISON OF REPORTED CASES OF POLIOMYELITIS FOR 1955, 1956, 1957 AND 1958 ^M:' 9S5 > T *'! 56 I 957 • J958 ' POLIO FIGHT STALLS—The dramatic taming of polio over the^past four years is shewn on Newschart above, 'A marked decline in-number of cases is registered for each year (mne- mopth cqmpanspn),up until 1958, even though this year, for the first time, there was no shortage of vaccine m any area. While total number of cases decreased moderately paralytic cases numbered 238 more than 1957. Tragic fact is that hardest hit were children under five, the majority of whom had been given no vaccine. Today, over 40 million Americans under 40 _stiU_haye received no poho shots. Columnist for Newspaper Goes to Jail Prescott News { Betty H e ndrfo entertains , ning-at the Teen Age Club Multi * '__ Mass Betty Hendrix entertained i colored balloons decorated the ,.\yith a bunking party at her ..home I walls, and ceiling and were releas on Wednesda e =x =+ *-"> — ^» Wednesday night, Dec. 31 for a New Year's Watch Night party 'and service. A recreation period, held from 10 to 1-1 in the educational building decorated with balloons and multicolored- paper streamers. Mrs. Wayne 'Eley pf Prescott and Miss (Mary Copelahd of Hope directed the games. Dainty refreshment's were served from a table covered with a lace cloth with a centerpiece of white magnolia leaves, gold pine cones and white candles. White magnolia leaves, poinsettias and white candles decorated the church sanctuary where tl& program and communion service, was held, Miss Delores Escarre, •president of the Prescott MYF, presided, "The Accomplishments of 1958" were told by Joe Crane of Hope and Miss Ann Whitman of Hope spoke on the "Plans for the Future." Miss Betty Ligon and Miss Linda Gail McBrayer of Pressott sang a duet, "Dear Master, In Whose Life I See." Ministers in the sub-district assisted at .the, communion service. Miss Susie Hooks of iPrescott. wa.s accompanist for the duet and played soft music during the communion service. A 1-c and Mrs, Clifton W. Chism returned Wednesday to Biloxi 'Miss,, after a holiday visit with their parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. Guth. rie Chism and Mr, and Mrs. Harry Keeley. on Wednesday evening. -, Refreshments wereL§ervedi_,.{lur- ling the evening Guests included Hisses Nelda Jeanne Jones, Cru-c, Norma Sr, Cjaes Has Watch Party The senior, *c)ass of Prescott a dance and ed at midnight. Coqkjes and cold drinks served from the bar. were Mrs, Jack Harrell and M>s Lucy Lee Cruse were chaperones for the evening Sub-Distnct M, Y, F. M«ets at Local Church Galloway Sub-District, Methodist Youth Fellowship, met at the Pres v «w. ^y«w»ufea a qance ana. ¥outft fellowship, met at the Pres- Party Pn Wednesday eve, j cott Methodist Church from 1M2 Mr, and Mrs. Bill Wiseman and son have returned to Houston, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert- Peachey, MJJSS Mildred Buchanan has been the guest of 'Mass Sarah Ann Ste phens in Little Alex Gordon returned home on Wednesday from Camden where he was the guest of. Ricky Par* ham. Jim. and. Jay Ga.nn of England JANUARY CLEARANCE KOM QUR REGUUR MEN S SUITS I65.0Q. VQ!U§ Reg, $49.50 ond $55.00 . V tosw YottK (AP) — NeVspti. PCI columnist Mm ic 'rofi-Pfdnch- cs the legal ciossioad*, of Hef eon* terripl cdse today: Disclose a-«hews sotiree m' go to jail, • '•* The 34-ycai-old mother of^tivo gets her last chance to purge Herself of contempt of court at a hearing befoie US. Disst Judge Syt* Veslei J Hynn If she maintains her refusal to disclose the sottice of a story sho wrote about Judy Garland in^957, she must begin serving 1 d'To-day sentence. Ml? Torre, who writes a syndicated television and radio ^Cot* umn lor the New York^HeVald' Tnbulie, rckiscs to dlscUs^f the casc ' '$1 ' Ryan has said that thei c61uW nist again may be adjudged, in contempt—even after completing her sentence—if she poisists in refusing to identify the Columbia Broadcasting System executive she quoted anonymously in reference to Miss Garland in a column that appeared in the Herald 'tribune Jan. 10, 1957. In it, Miss Torre quoted an executive of CBS in criticism of Miss Gailand The enteitainei filed a $1,393,333 libel suit against CBS. N i thei Miss Tone not the Herald Tiibune was named us a defendant. Rynn adjudged Miss Torre in contempt last November. The: Herald Tiibune appealed the cas^Jto the US Couit of Appeals, which upheld the conviction The case then went to the US Supieme Couit, but that tubunal declined o review it. New Order to Direct L. R. Integration LITTLE ROCK (AP)— A new fcdeir.1 com I older directing that school integration resume in Little 'Rock is expected to be handed down this week But the iuling apparently will have no immediate effect on Little Rock's static racial controversy. U S District Judge John E Mil ler of Foi t Smith has set a hearing for tomoiiow to listen to arguments in the prolonged integration dispute He has said his order will be handed down before the end of the week. ' The hearing is an outgrowth of mandate of the Eighth U.S. Circuit Couit of Appeals which directed Miller to: Enjoin the Little Rock Schol Board i'rom taking action to impede, thwait or frustrate integration, enjoin the board from leasing property of the school district for use as private, segregated schools, and order the board ,to take immediate affirmative steps to accomplish integration. Miller himself has said the appellate couit left him little judicial leway , But even if the district judge's order followed the mandate to the letter, the immediate effectiveness of his action would be in doubt A school board member, who would not be suoted by, name, said the board could only renly that it was powerless to heed the order since. Little Rock's high schpqls were closed, Gov, Orval E, Faubus closed the high schoob lasj September to avoid court-decreed integration, As Ions as Faubus' authority remains valid, the schools are expected to remain closed, * A possible next step would be a federal court challenge of the con- stutionajity of the school closing state law under which. Pa.utous, acted. Any such test coujd take state law under which Faubus qct- ed. Any such test would take time and wquld probably rule ou^ reopening qf (he schools this year, Although Miller allowed time for interested parties to intervene in the pending inte»ration hearing, only two new actions have been filed. The National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People asked, that Miller issue an order for immediate integration, and 'the members pf the old schol boarfl— whjch wa,s replaced by resignation members pf the old school bp,ar4— Which was replaced by resignation and the Dee. 6 scrjoql election — asked tha.t they be removed a,s defendants, The in,tegra,t}gn §H jk nq w 1,1 } {3 third year, win bring some new faces and some already fgmillar ones into Miller's court tomorrow. WUey Branton of Pme BJuff, a?» tqrney fpr the Negro, students 'fho brought the suit. sp.j4 he has ask ed Tnur#oo<J Marshall of New York to assist him. Marshal, RAZING CAME—It's standing room bound for the cane fields at Nan-v^.u, *»i precfominatc among the half-million worker? oom only on this sugar train tho sugar crop, expected to reach 930,000 tons this yean After Nan-Chu, Formosa, Women the harvest they wilt icturn to (he rice fields, The island is illfon worker? who V/iii ctit second to Cuba as the world's largest si'ear frSnnrtcr. hounced the gioup's decision to buy the Broadmoor Kindergarten building. He said membeis would campaign this week to raise the S5,000 needed to make the down payment on the $65,000 pioperty. Pruden, the immediate past president of the Capital Citizens Council last week protested orgam/a* turn of the Umvetsity church in a telegram to Rep Brooks Hays (D- Aik), pi evident of the Southem Baptist Convention The minister called the move a "deliberate act of reprisal against me for my foithnght stand for Southem tiadilions duiing the Little Rock racial crisis " Hays Said each Baptist chui ch is a selC-governing body and thet he doubled he had any authoiity in the matlnr He added howevci. that he would be glad to study Piu- den's telegram when he received it. In regat d to the Ptudcn statement, Robinson said he did not want to be draVvn "into lha< controversy," but added that ' Many people in the Broadmooi aica do not iecl they have h?d a Southern Baptist progtam We intend to pio- vidc one " IKE AND THE FLAG — President Eisenhower unfurls the new, 49-star Old Glory at White House ceremonies during which he signed the proclamation formally admitting Alaska to the Union. — NEA Telephoto Layne, Motson Stars of the Honolulu Bowl HONOLULU, (AP) — Bobby Layne and s Ollie Matson, who Ipassed up the Pro Bowl game, starred Sunday as a piofcssional team beat a band of collegians '47-27 in the, 13th Hula Bowl. Layhe, a Pittsburgh Steeper ^quarterback, threw five touchdown passes, one a 60-vaidei that end Billy,,Howton of Gieen Bay tuinojl into a91 yard touchdown play Matson, ' a Chicago Cardinal, was a big giound gamer He and San Francisco 49er Joe Perry took the ball 75 yards in five plays in one fourth Quarter drive. Layne and Matson still have some accounting to do to National Football League Commissioner IBeit Bell foi passing up next Sunday's Pro Bowl at Los Angeles for the island trip. Bell says he will seek disciplinary .action against the pair at the next NFL meeting Layne, who completed 19 of 33 passes for 421 yards, was voted the most valuable pro back Legal Notice New Baptist Group to Form Own Church LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Members of a new Baptist Church congregation at Little Rock voted last night to buy a church building immediately adjacent to the Rev. Wesley Pruden's' Broadmoor Baptist Church. The . Rev. O. G. Robinson Jr., superintendent of Missions for Pulaski County and tempoiaiy pas- tot of the Umveisity chuich, an- ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS The annual meeting of the mem- ( bers of Hope Fedcial Savings and Loan Association, Hope, Aikansas,' will be held at the oftice of the Association at 209 South Main Street, Hope, Arkansas, at 7.00 p. m on Monday, January 12, 1959. Meeting is for the purpose of electing two directors and for the transaction of any other business that may properly be considered by the members. Fred O. Ellis, Secretary Deo. 28, 1958, Jan 5, 1959 Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain .« Vn.— L- W-'.V f'C 1_1\ T* A.\. _ -...«. . . . .... ._ New York, N. Y. (Special) —For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. In case after case, while gen.tly relieving pain, actual Deduction (shrinkage) took place, ' Most amazing of all—results were so thorough that fuSeieia made astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in suppository or ointment, form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. «Eee. U. S. Put. Off. $44 $33 TOP COATS "gsa^fl^^&SMPiA^^ JACKETS R^gylqr $39-10 VQly§ 526 HERBERT-BURNS Motional Hockey HOCKEY LEAGUE •By PRESS THE ASSOCIATED Sunday Results Toronto 4, New York 2 Montieal 2, Detroit 2 tiel Chicago 5, Boston 3 Saturday Results Montreal 5, New Yotk 1 Boston 8, Detroit 2 , Chicago 2, Toronto 1 Monday Schedule No games scheduled CANINE COMFART COLUMBIA, S C (/P) — It's far from a dog's life for the canines belonging to Mr, and Mrs, Walter T, Carll, The kennels in which they raise German short-haired pointers have ajrrpondiUomng. radiant heat for winter, and a sound system through which music is piped. . , chief counsel toy the, NAAPP, ap« peared in court here last summer in hearings before U-S District Judge Harry J Lemley Donald B MacGumeas, of Washington, chief of the general litigation section of the Department of Jijstice, \yjjj, represent the- federal government, MacGumeas has been }!} a,n4 out of Litle Rork s-ince the Sept. 1957 crisis at Cential High Bch,ool returned to their home Wednesday after a visit with Mrs. Julia Gann and Mrs. J. C. WooduJ who' aecom! panied thern. home for $ visit. Mrs. 0. D McSw|in returned to her home m El Dorado Wednesday afte? a vis»t with T>r. and 'Mrs. Q Q. Hirst a/i4 Mr, and !M,r«. Frank Albert. Mr. and Mrs- £d have returned to (New Orleans after a visit with Mr. and Mr§- Yern- on House guests Q£ Mr. an4 Mrs Watson Buchanajj h^ye STORE WIDE CLEARANCE CONTINU SUIT BLOUSES Values to 7.98 NOW 4.00 HYLON JERSEY, CREPES AND SILKS, SOLIDS and PRINTS DRESSES One Big Rack Prices to 17,98 NOW 5.00 REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE! SKIRTS 4,50 5.50 6,50 8.50 YA.UIIS — NOW 9,50 14,98 YAtUlS— NOW 10,00 AH Colors gnd Sizes Dyed to Match 6,96 VAtUIS — NOW 7,9§ YAJ.UI5 — NOW 8,98 YALUiS — NOW 10.98 NOW All Fall and Winter Velvets, Satins & Velours 0RESSE All New Fall Mdse, 10,98 YALUES — NOW 7. 12,98 YAIUIS -, NOW 14,9? YALUES — NOW 1 0.00 17,98 VALUES — NOW 1 2,00 24,98 YALg IS — NOW 1 6, 50 Dyed to Match 6,98 YMUIS — N9W 4,50 7,98 YAtUIS — NOW 5,50 § S 9I YAtUi§ VALUES All Celors and NOW 6.00 NOW 7,50 All Sales Final The Fashion Shoppe III 5-! MAIN $T* HOPk AtK* PHONE 7-585Q

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