Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1963
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1963 CLOUDY AND MILD Scattered showers are expected tonight from the eastern Gulf states and the south Atlantic stales northward through the Tennessee valley to southern New England as well as in the cen- 'Lack of Action' Cited by Wright Profumo Convicted By House By COLIN FROST LONDON (AP)—The House Commons convicted John A. Pro- fumo of grave contempt today for lying in Parliament about his sex life with Christine Keeler. The House adopted without dissent a motion offered by Conservative party leader Iain Mcleod, of which resolved: "That Mr. John Profumo in making a personal statement to this House OH March 22, 1963, which contained words which he later admitted not to be true, was guilty of a grave contempt of this House." The action spelled political doom for Profumo, ex-member and ex-war minister. He now is occupied further with Scotland Yard as a witness in a multiple inquiry into vice, narcotics, perhaps blackmail, and equally sordid phases of high life in high places. Scotland Yard put an emergency guard on Miss Keeler. 21, after anonymous tipsters -varned that the life of the party girl was in danger. Extra detectives patroled outside her West End apartment. She •was told she could leave it only with a plainclothes escort and must keep clear of anyone carrying a coat or anything that could conceal a gun or knife. "We are treating this seriously," said a police spokesman. "We received three separate calls saying she was in danger." Miss Keeler, for five months the mistress of former War Minister John Profumo, is to testify at the trial of Dr. Stephen Ward, 50, the socialite osteopath charged with living off the proceeds of prostitution. Two of her ex-lovers — both Jamaican Negroes— already are in jail for attacking her. Scotland Yard men investigating the Ward case grilled Pro- fumo, 48, for two hours Wednesday. They also disclosed that on Monday they had questioned Viscount Astor, on whose Cliveden Estate Ward had a weekend cot- Lack of action or accomplishment by the Alton Civil Defense Commission was cited today by C. R. Wright as his reason for resigning from the commission. "I would have been willing to serve further if we could accomplish something," he said, "but I don't want to be a party to sitting around and doing nothing." Wright, an administrative assistant in the Alton school system, resigned Wednesday after serving on the commission for a year. "I've been on the commission for some months now." he said, "and first they try to get & director, then they try to get; rid of a director, then we get the same director. I go to meetings and there is no agenda, we just sit around discussing things hither and yon. "I can't see attending meetings if we are not going to do anything. And we are not accomplishing anything as far as I can see." Edwardsville SIU Funds Released SPRINGFIELD (Special)—Release of $5,850,000 from the Public School Fund for new buildings on the Edwardsville campus of Southern Illinois University was announced today by Gov. Qtto Kemer. The announcement said that $3,300,000 was for a new library on the campus and $2,550,000 \vas for the general classroom building. Ground - breaking ceremonies for the two buildings were held last month and completion is expected by September, 1964. Fruin-Colnon Construction Co., St. Louis, is the general contractor on the project. tral and northern Plains. It will be warmer In the Plains and the middle Atlantic .states; cooler in the northern tier of states from New England west to the Pacific. (AP Wirephoto Map) WeatherForecast Alton and vicinity — Considerable cloudiness and cooler tonight. Low around GO. Fail and pleasant Friday. High around 80. Woman Found Dead at Home Near Carrollton Mrs. Maude Hodgerson Wolfley, 67, was found dead on a side porch of her farm home northwest of Carrollton today about 8 a.m. A .22 calibre single shot rifle was found at her side. Coroner William H. Rolfe said that she died instantly from a bullet wound to the chest. Relatives told Wolfe that Mrs. Wolfley had been despondent recently because of illness. Martin Wolfley said that he left his wife about 6:30 a.m. to check flood gates on their farm and discovered his wife's body upon his return home around 8 a.m. Coroner Wolfe said that an inquest would be held. The body is at the Mehl Funeral Home in Carrollton, pending funeral arrangements. In addition to her husband, survivors include one son, Virgil, of Jacksonville. Alton Tot Injured When Hit by Golf Club A 21-month-old Alton boy was struck in the head with a golf club swung by one of his young friends Wednesday evening. Larry J. Iwema Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Iwema Sr., 1011 Pine St., was injured while he and his parents were visiting former neighbors and the boy .vas playing in the yard when the accident occurred. He was treated at St. Joseph's Hospital. tage. It was at Cliveden that Ward introduced Christine to Pro- fumo in 1961.. Police sources said eight more men still must be questioned be fore the dossier on Ward is complete. Two of them were reported well known to the public and the others included bank officials. Russian Space Girl Hailed in Homeland $13,017 Judgment Rollers Win Iceland Suit Judgments totaling $13,017.40 nave been entered in lavor of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Roller in their Alton city court suit against Iceland, Inc., and John Wolf. The Rollers sued to recover on an investment of $10,000 in 1959 n securities of the Iceland skat- ng rink corporation, averring the sale to them was invalid because securities of the corporation were not then registered in Illinois. The total judgments entered by Judge I. H. Streeper in their favor include allowances for interest and attorney fees. Third Party In a third party phase of thej iuit, the court entered judgment otaling $2,610 in favor of John Volf and against Robert E. Glazebrook and Harry A. Schaffner. The hird party defendants w e r o lamed on averments that they, as veil as Wolf, were officers anrl lirectors of Iceland, Inc., at time if the sale of additional stock about four years ago. The skating rink on E. Broad- vay was subsequently closed. In the decision the court found n favor of the Rollers and against celand, Inc., en $7,000 promis- ory note and sets the Rollers' damages, with interest of $1,,68.65 and an allowance of $850 or attorney fees, at a total ofj 19,118.65. The court also found on he stock sale in favor of the Rollers and against the defendant John Wolf in the sum of $3,000 ogether with interest of $330, a otal of $3,898.75. On the third party complaint, he court found in favor of John Volf and against Robert E. Glaze- jrook and Harry A. Schaffner, amounting to $2,000 together with nterest of $380 and attorney fees >f $230, a total of $2,610 and costs. Time Extended Following the trial of the suit without a jury, last January, ex- ended time was given for the ttorneys to prepare and file riefs for consideration of the ourt. W" SEARCH FOR MISSING WOMAN A group of men and boys listen to Oscar Stone (back to camera) describe his wife who has been miss-, ing since 10 a.m. Tuesday. Early this morning Special Deputy Sheriff Matt Horn enlisted the help of friends and neighbors of the Stones to help in the search. Shortly before 11 a.m. today the group re- turned to the Stone home without finding any trace . of the woman. The second group, at 11:30, went out to continue the search. A pond behind the Stone house was dragged .Wednesday by the Alton Volunteer Emergency Corp. and today a man with Scuba diving equipment was to examine the pond again. Jury trial of the suit of the Rev. ohn C. Oliver, pastor of Union Bptist Church, against Bernie P. lUrford, doing business as Berni's Belle Street Service continu- d today in City Court. Notice was given the court of he settlement of a pending suit f William George Korte Jr., ;ainst Michael Jones, and an rder of dismissal was entered. Fish Fry Slated The second annual fish fry sponsored by the Democratic Precinct Clubs will be held Saturday on the lawn of Dilly Connors, 1911 Oakwood Ave., Alton. Serving will be from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. Admits He Drove Car That Left Tuesday Crash Scene Jerry Sherfield, 21, of 3432 Thomas St., admitted to police Wednesday afternoon he was the driver who left the scene after the car he was driving collided with a parked car in the 500 block of E. Broadway Tuesday night. He pleaded guilty this morning to charges of causing an accident, traffic violation and driving without a license, and was fined a total of $25 and costs. Alton police said he would be held for the probation officer. They said he was placed on probation after being charged with auto theft in 1959. Sherfield was arrested after police received information identifying the driver and naming his place of employment. He was identified by Warren E. Roose, 31, of 1109 Ferguson Ave., Wood River, owner of the car and a passenger when Sherfield was driving at the time of the accident. Roose was injured and two parked cars damaged extensively in the accident. Roose was fined $10 and costs after pleading guilty to a charge of intoxication. He said he did not know the name of the man who was driving his car, but had met him earlier that evening. In his statement to police, Sherfield said he met Roose in an Alton tavern, and Roose asked him to drive after they decided to go to another tavern. Sherfield said there was beer in the car, and Roose was attempting to open a bottle of beer when some of the beer spilled onto the seat. He turned his head momentarily and raised himself from the seat to escape the beer, Sherfield said, the car crashed By PRESTON GBOVER MOSCOW (AP)—A curly-haired blonde with cornflower blue eyes was hailed today as the world's longest distance woman flier— though she never has flown a plane. The Soviet Union's space duet, dimple-chinned Lt. Valentina Te- reshkova, 26, and her male partner, Lt. Col. Valery Bykovsky, 28, landed deep in Siberia Wednesday after epic cosmic flights. The Soviet press and radio hailed the leat of the world's first space girl as a revolution in "the role of the weaker sex in modern society." "Now the name of a woman will stand tor centuries among the glorious names of the first discoverers," Tass, the Soviet news agency, declared. Valentina circled the globe more than 48 times, covering more than 1,240,000 miles in 71 hours before the braking rockets were cut loose on a signal from the ground. She returned to earth in Kazakhstan, about 385 miles northeast of the coal mining center of Karanganda. Tass pointed out that the four American astronauts who have orbited the globe "together spent nearly 50 per cent less time in space than the 'Seagull' "—the code name used by Valentina. Bykovsky, overshadowed by the tlrct «pace woman, landed nearly three hours after she did in the Kustanai region of Kazakh. stan, about 3,(XX) miles southeastj of Moscow and GOO miles west of the woman cosmonaut's touchdown. Bykovsky set a new orbital record, circling the globe more than 81 times in 119 hours and covering more than 2 million miles. He shattered the record of 64 orbits set last August in a four- day flight of Maj. Andrian Niko- layev, who made history's first dual space flight with Lt. Col. Pavel Popovich. It was clear that Valentina's work was confined to routine reporting of mechanisms in her space ship and that she had manipulated none of the vital controls. All the other Soviet cosmonauts, like the Americans, are trained pilots. Valentina is an experienced parachutist, with more than 170 jumps to her credit. But she has no pilot training. "I only got a bruise on the nose," Valentina told Premier Khrushchev, who telephoned her from Moscow soon after she landed. She didn't explain how she got the bruise and said, "It will pass." Khrushchev also telephoned his congratulations to Bykovsky, who said he landed without a scratch. Although earlier Soviet reports indicated both cosmonauts landed inside their space capsules, a correspondent for the labor newspaper Trud reported today that she parachuted from the space ship after it re-entered the earth's atmosphere. 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Confirmation Reunion Set At Brighton A reunion of confirmation classes is scheduled for 8 p.m. Sunday at St. John's United Church of Christ, the Rev. Harvey Meckfessel, pastor, has announced. Rev. Robert Tormohlen, pastor of Eden Church at Edwardsville, will speak. The class having the largest number present will be honored. The youth choir choir and a barbershop quartet, the latter from Jerseyville, will sing. There will be a bocial hour and refreshments. The Rev. Meckfessel's sermon topic for Sunday will be "An Elijah Complex." ' Defamation Trial's End Seen Friday CARROLLTON — The trial of William D. Thomas of Jerseyville, charged with defamation of several Jerseyville city oflicals, is expected to be concluded here in Circuit Court Friday. The jury was selected late Monday and testimony began Tuesday. More than 40 witnesses were subpoenaed. Thomas, a resident of Jerseyville, was indicted by a Jersey County grand jury last fall. The four charges grew out of publicly — ciruclated letters by legedly written and distributed by Thomas in which Mayor James Dolan of Jerseyville and former Mayor Gilbert Moore, members of the Jerseyville City Council and water board were allegedly defamed. Thomas pleaded innocent and was released on $2,000 bond on each of the four counts. Early in May, Thomas appeared before Judge Clem Smith in Jersey County Circuit Court and asked for a change of venue and the case was transferred to Greene County. Shortly alter the letters were allegedly circulated by Thomas he became involved in a fracas in the Jerseyville post office with Jerseyville City Attorney Alvin H. Pettit. Pettit allegedly struck Thomas in the face over the letters which he said attacked the Jersey city officials. 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