The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 10
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NEWS OF THE COPfflfT. Clearing We .are offering our large Stock of— Chamber Suits and Parlor Goods at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES for June ONLY- Here is a chance to buy Furniture cheap. _A. D. MCGREGOR. Lime, Stucco, Cement, Carpet Felt and Bld'g Paper. ypp.cial attention given to bills. Don't fail to get our ligures if you think of building. Screen Do'rs and Windo's Sash, Doors, and Mouldings. ona, la. BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. iinbrose A. Call, D. H. Hutcliins, Wm. K. Ferguson, 0.1). Smith, President. Vlce-Pres. Ovshier. Ass't.Oash. THE FIRST NATIONAL SANK, ALGOMA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Money on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security DIrectors-D. H. Uutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, F. II. ^ csper, Ambrose A. Call, R. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—$5O,OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pros.. 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Pres., Xhos. H. Lantry. Cashier tjeo. L Galbralth, If red M. Miller, Myron SchencU, Thos. K.Cooke. Algoiiu, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Iiiternst Paid for Time Deposits. w - Lew19 Kossuth County State Bank. * CAPITAL $5O,OOO. ^onMrai laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and ^SSdMld'aSuactYona made promptly and a general banking busl- pMPkBts to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. . fcham John O sfnith. J. B. Jones. T. Ohriscl.llles Lewis H. Smith, J. LJl\ \j\s\,\Ji o •• • --•-• -.-IB"'" 1 ' "'-'"" -" p W. Wads worth. Baniet Devine. *NfeGKE3O. C. Pays 6 Per Merest on Time WESLEY, June 16.— A slack wiro performer and juggler gave a performances here last week on the street. Wesley has ft li-yottf-old boy that weighs 195 Ibs. Can any other towns In tho county beat that? This Is no fish story, but an actual fact, as any of our citizens will vouch for. Matt Grler, the efficient court reporter of this district, spent Sunduy in Wesley. It has been whispered for some time that Matt intended to take unto himself In the near future a wife, and wo surmise he came to Wesley on a tour of Inspection, as wo have the prettiest girls in tho world, and Matt is n good judgeof beauty, therefore we expect to see him here often after this, and wo want to say to tho girls that Matt is all o. k. For some reason the editors did not meet hero Monday as was expected. We are sorry that they did not come and see a real live town, as Wesley has more business energy to the square inch than any town in Iowa. Wesley will celebrate and don't you forget it. The band boys have secured the right of way and are working to make the celebration a grand success. Come and spend tho Fourth with us and tell your neighbors to do the same. Remember that Wesley never disappointed the people i n anything she -undertook. We will give tho program and attractions as soon as they are arranged. A half mile bicycle track is being graded and smoothed up. We are becoming decidedly a wheel town. Work will begin on tho erection of a third story on the Sherman House this week. Joe Tregtinxa will have charge of tho work. Fred Anderson had the misfortune to run a rusty nail In his hand Friday. The school board has found it necessary to add another teacher to the force for next year. Miss Longbottom and Mrs. Pierson have been re-elected and Miss Tanner has been added. Prof. Ehlers will not accept another term and so it will bo necessary for the directors to lind another principal. Bailey, of the Britt Tribune, and Warren and wife of the Algona U. I)., were in town Monday. Thos. A. Way, of Britt, came up Monday. HAKKISON. HAHKISOX, June 10.— The weather continues cold for so late in the season and the greater part of the wheat looks as though it would be entirely dead in a short time. Corn is very small and growing slow. F. M. Slyter and family went to the lakes fishing on Thursday last. They were overtaken'' by rain and high wind, and so returned the next day with a very few fish. The Christian Union Society will, on the evening of June 23, give an entertainment in the Slyter school house and school yard consisting of a temperance lecture by a splendid speaker and a talk on young people's Christian work- by the pastor. Refreshments will be served by the young ladies of the society, and music by the Ledyard band. All are cordially invited. F. Wiemer of the Ledyard State Bank is building a line barn on his farm west of town. Frank Hartscl and sisters visited the lakes on Wednesday last for the purpose of catching fish, but returned empty handed. f hsse tfew Bodks At* Judge Cook is putting in 500 yards tiling on his place south of Ledyard* John Bamvart, of Garfleld township, has bought a gasoline engine with which to run his pump, feed mill and dairy. It Is claimed this power Is cheaper and more efficient than the windmill. The Swea City Herald notes a great Increase In th'o number of cyclone caves In Its neighborhood during the month. Tho Ledyard Leader says that Dr. Dunlap has rented a house at Rndd, Floyd county, and will remove there at once and open a bank and engage In the practice of his profession. Dr. Dunlap still owns his residence and business property at Lod- yard and about 800 acres of Kossuth county land. Wesley Reporter: Tho Kernan and Chandler Ward school houses have now each good cyclone caves. They are planked up on tho inside and seats built on each side. A tile drain carries away anv water that may accumulate. The directors have tho approval of the school patrons in this expenditure. Every school should have a place of refuge from the approach of cyclones and severe storms. Whlttcmoro Champion: John Wichler had an exceedingly warm Hmo last week while attempting to hive some bocs which were swarming. The bees settled on a tree In the garden and John went to shaking thorn down into the new hive, but by some mlscuo theylit on his head and began to bore holes in it promiscuously with tho evident intention of making their future home there. John didn't appreciate their good intentions and began to box them right and left, but they were so skilful in an "undercut" that he concluded to run. He jumped clear over a twelve foot apple tree and ran into tho grass north of his house where he managed to beat them off by rolling and tumbling for several minutes. A liberal useof liniment has restored his hands and face to about normal dimensions, but he will be more cautious, hereafter. On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Second Mortgages and good Collateral. Notes purchased. ALGONA, IOWA. Tin; Alumni Deposit & LOHII Assn. s iivcr Alfronu State Hunk •vni GUARANTEED PER GENT, »><— . ; \ )tm ^ QN T , ME DEPOSITS. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. 2sune but experienced ^'^ '".^ *.'.;,.., written a word iu them. Our work is clone by competent personN and * .g ''';.'• Hood work will cost von -10 nioro than poor. Hrmg your work to us iiiul j on m.i> 1., sure you gut what yo.; ]>ay for and take no chances. "STUN AT, ESTATE l-'OANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. Notary Public..^* <*_Loan Agent. Manages Farms for Non-Residents, The Bancroft Insurance Agency, J. A. FRECH, Proprietor. x^-H^i^ Hail Insurance. The, strongest agency in Kossutli county. The most easy and liberal terms. Correspondence solicited. Will write Insurance anywhere in Kossnth county. Foundry and Machine Shop, MULUCA& OHNSTEDT, Props. PLUM CREEK. PI.U.M CiiEKic, June 13.—Tho young people of Plum Creek have a new society, which will have the name of Cordner's Christian Union. They have 17 members enrolled. Charley Albright is president, Julia Kelson secretary and Carrie Pine treasurer. They met last Thursday night to adopt their by-laws, and their regular meetings will be on Friday nights. Win. Blake has his two thousand bushels of corn ^helled. R.. M. Gardner did tlie. job, sind I he corn sold at li>c. a bushel. Miss ^>isio Bensehoter, from Center Chain, i- h>wn visiting her sister, Mrs. (!. llolmiiii. Henry Johnson had a lift given him last Wednesday. About thirteen men at work with tesims in his corn and sowing his llnx. The neighbors sympathized with him on nee > ml oi' U><' l° ss of llis horses. \','. h. ruin's house u new coat of paint. C ,,:•:,.John Millis sind 11. Warner tiro ^..iiig up to the lakes Monday, the 1.1th. FENTON. rY.NTo.N. June 1.1.—Andrew' Ihiyenga put up ii wind mill last week and !•'. C. Kluss will put up one soon. F. C. put d.nvu a drilled well and at the depth of IK) feet reached good water. ... Ml"Moore lias just finished the foundation of his barn and now the carpenters are al work. Dehnerl Bros, have the job, as we understand. Cook Bailey and Mr. Phillips have returned from Minnesota. They did not cateh any iish. The. surprise party at Win. Weisbrod's was well attended ai.d all enjoyed the enjoyed the. evening. Jno. Zweifel has returned from Charles City. He intends to show how the people should plant irees. Mike Weisbrod has sold part of his farm to Paul Moore for 830 an acre. NEiaHBOBEOOD GOSSIP. Emmetsbiirg Reporter: John J. Steil is generally a most deserving young man, but he is sometimes ungenerous to strangers. The other day two Arabians were traveling from place to place blowing their horns and favoring the public with music. John and Jimmy Cleary got tin horns and started up In opposition. Tho strangers couldn't stand competition and left town. This ended the music. John and Jimmy were not so generous with their selections after their competitors left. Spirit Lake Beacon: C. P. Bonnet, of Lake Park, is milking 50 cows with his new fangled cow pump, of which he speaks In praise. Two men do the job in forty minutes. He expects to double the number of cows, and says the hundred can be milked by two men in an hour. The cows like it. Heifers do not need any breaking. After she has been milked by one of these machines tho ll eow with the crumpled horn" has no more use for the forlorn maiden of nursery fame. Garner Signal: On last Saturday evening some one without the fear of tho law before their eyes, fired some decayed "hen fruit" over the canvass corral that en- cir«lcd the medicine troupe, and this while some of the performers were cavorting around on the inside. Although we cannot commend this method of showing disapprobation for performances of this kind, still wo hope tope permitted to say that wo have had a surfeit of medicine shows and art) willing to take a rest for at least a short season. the V?eekLteaHatt E. i», Me* has plaeM oft the shelves the fol* lowing new books, most of which nite of the ClnssMllfcd juvenile, but which everybody likes to vead just the same: nOur No.w. Way Around tho World, Knockabout Clnb, In Search of Treasure, On tho Spanish Main, In North Africa, In Spain, Iti the Antilles, In the Everglades, In tho Tropics, Alongshore, In the Woods, Boys Holiday Library, (6>vol.) Suunrdays Library (« vol.), L, M. Alcott's Silver Pitchers, Proverb Stories, Spinning Wheel Stories, My Boys, My Girls, Shawl Straps, Ten Nights In a Bar Room, Bondman, Bayard Taylor, William The Silent, Henry Wilson, Sailor Boys of '61, Gorman Fairy-tales, Gold Elsie, Stories for tho Household. Thine not Mine, Changing Base. Double Play, In Door and Out, Living Too Fast, China, Secrets of Rose-ladies, A Close Shave, Caceer of a Nihilist. Heroes of Chivalry, Boy Heroes, Pot of Gold, Bible nnd Its Story, Pretty Peggy and Pray Papa, Yankee-Doodle. _ ALGONA BOYS ARE ROASTED. Swea City Herald: On Saturday last the Swea City's met the Algona's at the Band picnic near Hurt and returned with another notch in the handle of their battle hatchet, which signifies that another scalp has been taken. The Algona boys got but 4 of the 15 scores and they were all made through rank errors on the part of the home team and the still ranker decisions of a very rank umpire. Salisbury of Algona was in the box for the southerners and threw a very good game but the support given him was so thoroughly mixed with that superior quality of rottenness which Algoua keeps so much of, that the game was never in doubt. Hart, for Swea City, was well backed and pitched a line game, being found for but a few scattering hits. A large crowd witnessed the game and seemed satisfied with the result. An All-Rouml Minister. Wejley Beporter: The REPUBLICAN tells a little experience Eev. Southwell recently had in a rain storm, being compelled to seek shelter in a barn over night. If we mistake not this is nothing new for the Eev. gentleman. At Mapleton, where he was stationed a few years ago, at the time of the Maple Valley cloudburst, he with the mayor of that town formed a rescue party in order to secure a family who were in peril of drowning. After gliding nearly a mile down stream their boat upset and they were compelled to swim to some trees near by. where in their drenched clothes they passed the night until the waters subsided and the rescurers were rescued the next morning. Rev. Southwell can always be depended on no matter what the emergency is. tit: P. tiAGSAflD. 0. *• Haggard & Peek, Successors to ABSTRACTS, REAL COLLECTIONS A. 1>. Ciai'ke & Co., FARM LOANS. Rear Alffona St.tto Baftk. . A LOONA , JA. GTCO. E. OtiAftKE, CttAS. A.COttKNOtfB Clarke & Cohenottrj ATTORNEYS AT LAW. AtGONA, IOWA. Geo. It. Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Qunrton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Hank. »; Sullivuii & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflce Block. AI.GONA, IOWA. E. V. Swotting) ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. AJXSONA, IOWA. .T. L. I5OXAR. ir. H. FELLOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. (.lollecllons will receive prompt nttentlon. Kooms 8 and 9, Algonu State Bunk Bl'clg. Brunch office at Wesley, Iowa. A1XSONA, IOWA. .C.: Dansoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Oowles' new building, ALGONA, IOAVA. Growth oi' Haima. Corwith Hustler: A trip to Hanna recently revealed a large amount of breaking southwest of this town this'season, and incidentally, that portion of tho country is fast settling up. No loriger than throe.years ago it was possible to drive from hero to Ilanna along the railroad. Now, one, is compelled to turn square, corners all tho way. That little burg lias improved considerable since our last visit about seven months ago. Besides .Tenison's lumber yard, several residences havo boon erected. Jenison expects to build an elevator as soon as arrangements are made with thorailroid for the ground on which to locate it, and A. A Grose Informed us that another elcvatoi is talked of, also a depot. Mr. Grose, the postmaster, is about to open a general store. $175-00 IN GOLD GIVEN. IXTKHXATIOXAT. NEWS AN11 HOOK Co., lialUtnoro, Md., are, making a most liberal offer of $175.00 to any agent who will sell (K) conies in two months of their new book, "Undarlioth Flags," or a gold watch lor scllin" 40 copies in one month. Ihis premium is in addition to com miss ion. Graphic and thrilling adventures of Civil War —both sides. Every word written by eve witnesses. Htorios of camp fires, com- nvu>shl», deeds of dash and daring, anecdotes etc. One agent reports 35 copies sold in two days, another 43 in 4 days. Complete $1.00 outfit sent for nO cents in stamps. Write thorn immediately. * 'eight paid and credit given. This is a splendid opportunity for students and teachers during their summer vacation. 38-41 Royal Blue Java Moclia at Langdon &, Hudson. Have you tried "Flonrine" the whole wheat flour at Langdon & Hudson's. $200.00 IN GOLD GIVEN. THK INTERNATIONAL NEWS AND BOOK Co., of Baltimore, Md., offer 8200.00 to any agent who will sell in three months 225 copies of their book, "Campaign and Issues of '00." A full, graphic and complete account of the Campaign—all sides given. Beautifully illustrated. Biographies of the leading men in each party. The book of all others to sell now. Freight paid and credit given. Complete outfit 15 cents. Write them immediately. A gold watch given In addition to commission for selling 70 copies iu thirty days. Agents wanted also for other books and Bibles. 38-41 Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies the blood and gives a clear and beautiful coin- plexion. 1 Sold by Frank Dingley. KEPUBLIOAN COUNTY CONVENTION. To the republican electors oi Kossuth county . Pursuant to a call of the Republican State Oeutral Committee of Iowa, the Congressional committee of the Tenth congressional district of Iowa, the Judicial committee of the Fourteenth judicial district of Iowa, there will be a delegate convention of the republicans of JCos- suth county, held In the city of Ali;ona, on Friday, June 30, 1800, ittt o'clock, a. in., at the Court House, for the purpose of selecttnj! ten delegates to represent said county In each of the following conventions, to-wlt: Judicial convention at Kin- metsburg, June aoth.lMW; State convention yt Ues Moines, July 15. 1890. and Congressional convention July 20. at Jefferson. Tho representation will be as follows : Welt Miller, ATTORNED AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. Collections made, All business promptly attended to. W15SJ..EY - IOWA. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections at' all kinds. Over Ohrischllles' Store. ALGONA, IA. L. K. Garflelcl, M. D., State street. ALGONA, IOWA. M.. J. Kenefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AT.GONA, - - IOWA. Dr. H..C. McCoy, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. Offluc with Dr. Garfleld. State street. Residence McGregor street rilKCINOTB. Kirst Ward Second Ward Third Ward Fourth Ward — Hurt Hun'ulo Cresco Kagle Feuton Greenwood German (iaraeld Gennania Grant Harrison Hebron Irvlngton Lolls Creek heriyard Uiverne Lincoln Portland Plum Creek . . . Prairie Ramsey Kiverilale,., Beneca Swea Sherman Hurlnglleld Union Wesley. MM.MITTRKMAN. Eugene M'ellier V P .lones •LSlagle ; V Swettiug lohu Kerr lout Welter , i A Potter ;ohn Kay A. Peterson. — .. • w W Aloorn \\' Slmuler ;S Wright W W Clements— It H Stockman VS Kills I, H liaUUUn detli Newcomb.... .V U liixby W A Wright I P Harrison Daniel Warlnulon, M .1 J\l»im It M Gardner Ohas Helnecke.,.. S I) M«Adains J O Paxon. Del. Henrv Warner 0 A KiTicksou.. 0 M Parsons \V,1 Hurt on Win IKuUls Z S Hurrelt N L Cotton •F. L. Triboii, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Cilice and residence: New Boston Block. Algoim. IOWH. €. B. Paul, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Saturdays and Mondays from 1 to 4:3" p. m.,. devoted to examinations of eyes and ilt- tliiff of glasses. Otltco over Farmers' and Traders' Saving's Bank. DANCKOFT. IOWA. Dr. L. A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prcsorlptians filled. Deals In Paints, Oils, Jloolcs, Perfumeries, Ete. Cor. State and Thorlngton. ALGOtfA, IA. DENTIST. A. L, Hist, D. D. S., T.oeal anaesthetic for deadening putii '" «'uui!5 when extracting teeth. ALGONA, IOWA. 13. S. Glasier, D. D. S., DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Algona State Hank. Special attention uiven to savlny tlm natural teeth. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make operations as painless as possible. ALGONA, IOWA. H. V. GROSE. Chairman. ,11 kinds. liw.iuiyS AND 1 heroVo'sUiyV Shop east of Rutherford House. ill orders promptly attended. BIIPMblOA. I'KPT, ^.Igoua, Iowa. BURT. BUIIT, June 15.—Commencement exercises in McDonald's hall, June 19th. The infant sou of Mr. and Mrs, Charles Godden is very sick. Mr. Win. McDonald and Miss Dell Coflin and Mrs. Wllcox visited Swea City Saturday. Mrs. Wilcox will remain for a few days in Armstrong. Mr. Greenshield was able to preach Sunday. Children's Day was observed at the three churches. Mrs. George Angus has been on the sick list for a few days. Mrs. Russell Cook returned to her old home In Boston to visit during the summer Monday. A, D. FERN,*^ Painting, Paper Hanging, Kalsomining. Curriac/e Painting u Specialty. at Bradley cC Nivoulin's SHELLEY & PETTIBONE. MarWc and Granite Work OP ALL KINDS. Factory on State St., ewt of J. B. Wlnkel'B REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES. FIHST WAJID. At Bysou's building, Saturday, June 20, at S p. in. EUGENE TKIJ.IEK, Chin. SKCOND WAKD. At the Wigwam, Saturday, June 20, at 8 p. m. WJI.FKID P. JONKS, dun. TJIIKI) AVAIU). Saturday, June 20, Normal building. P. L. U&AGI.K, Cum. FOURTH WARP. At Court House, Saturday, June 30, at 8 ,,. m . E. ^ 7 . SWEETING, Chin. Irvington—The republican caucus of IrviiiRton township will bo held Thursday, June 25, at 3 o'clock p. in., at the Lloyd school house, to nominate township oilicersand to select three delegates to the county convention. S. C. NEWCOIIB, Com. SHEBMAN—At the center school house, Thursday, June 25, at 4 p. m.—i*. M. PAM- SONS, Chni. Portland—Republican oaucus, ihurs- day,Juue25, at 4 o'clock to nominate township officers and select delegates to county convention. M. J. MANN, mm. CKESCO.—At tho J. B. Jones school house. Thursday, Juno 25, at 4 p. m. A. POTTKK, Com. E. E. Say era, D. V M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AXLi SURGEON. Hospital Hucommorlutlons. Office west of Brown's Livery Stable. State street. AT..GONA, IOWA. pSEWALL, MB PAINTER PAPEK-IIANGEli. Postal card o. . Iowa. SPURBECK & LAMBERT Manufacturers and dealers iu Butter Tubs, Water Tanks , , and Creamery Supplies, We also do Planing, Matching. Moulding, Bund-8ii\ylng, Lathe Work aud a geoeral wood-wprklng business. Engineer's 8uu- ! lies» specialty. "•—*-—•—-" *• »-« epot, § 0.

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