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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 5, 1959
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to City Subscribers! If yea tairfoflfet please ! telephone 7*343! by 6:30 p. rfi, add a special carrier will driver y6ur paper, For Weather Repot See Column at Gkjtt&m,bf$ • Thfs Ct- s* VCA a, i//\i ' ^rt kiA VA YEAR: VOL, 60 — NO, /O i, m» HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 19S9 Mtfflbifl the Ai*aef4f«d ftitt A Audit ttuttau of A*. Net Paid Clrtf, A Mai. cni)lH« S;pf. 30, 1959 — 3,496 . PRICE 5e Martial Law Is Proclaimed in ' Havana.Cuba HAVANA (API—Havana proV ; Jnce was proclaimed under martini law temporarily todny pending the arrival of Provisional President Manuel Urnilia. Fam8d;£3llegiB Choir Here Tuesday Night i. /'J»w«(#PBtWuai)l«ivK l sJfe-*H'«U^ii.i. / > _, /,' ' ^ s < ^ By LARRY ALLEN HAVANA (AP) — Fidel Castro and thousands of his hardfightintf , soldiers continued their slow westward march ot triumph today, savoring the adulation bciiiK heaped on them as they approached Havana. Tens of thousands in cities, towns and villages turned out to cheer wildly as Castro and 'his motorized columns made their way .from the Oriente province center of their rebellion which overthrew the dictatorship of Fulgcncio Ba- tisla last week. The /progress was slow: Cama- guey, 300 miles from Havana, Sunday night: tonight, Santa Clara, scene of the decisive clo feat which forced Batista to flee, 140 mites further along the march: Tuesday, Matanzas, 50 miles from tho capital. Castro and his men were ex pected in the capital Wednesday afternoon for one of the greales welcomes in Cuban history. In a prelude, Manuel Urrutla named provisional president by Castro, was flying from Santiagr d Cuba this morning to lake the central government reins in Ha vana. The people of Havana nwailec Castro with full stomachs for Ihn ifirst time since the coUapsc of the Batista government and the dictator's pre-dawn flight to C)u- dad Trujillo. The reibcl chieftain, now com- maiider in chief of Cuba's armed forces, ordered an end to the paralyzing general strike which had closed tho nation's stores, stores, businesses and industries and tied up transport and communications. He had said he would call oft tho, strike when he was convinced Havana was safely in the hands of his men. ' , ,^. There wore, immediate .signs.- of a' r *t i 6Tt(^ii 1 r i to'^Voi'n¥SlcJ'Mjf*i'RH^%ns.s!' ' : excited city. Newspapers began appearing again. Stores flung open their doors to do a landofflcc business selling foodstuffs to hungry Ha- Continued on Page Three CENTENARY COLLEGE CHOIR members ar; shown In a woodland setting at Hodges Gardens, sylvan show/place near Many, Louisiana, and site of the annual summer training camp of Director A, C. "Cheesy" Voran and his singing trope. The widely-travelled choir is internationally known for Its, two. successful! tours of the Far East and its sojourns to Lions International conventions. The pro-' gram starts at ; 7:30 in the Hope High auditorium. Weather No report from Experiment Station. Unofficial report, Low of 12 degrees. No precipitation. •ARK REGIONAL FORECAST .. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All sections: Clear to partly cloudy with rising tern porn tu res Ihis afternoon, tonight and Tuesday, Wednesday increasing cloudiness with chanee of ruin. High this afternoon near 30 central, mid to high 20s northeast and northwest^ ]QW 30s southeast and southwest;' low tonight mid teens central, 10 40 15 northeast nnd northwest upper teens to low 20s southeast an,{l southwest, ARKANSAS: Clear . to p art! y cloudy through Tuesday with rising temperatures. Cold again tonight with lowest 10 lo 20, Highest Tuesday generally in 40s, LOUISIANA: Partly cloudy to cloudy through Tuesday, not so cold Tuesday. Cold again tonight with lowest 20 to 30 interior and 3Q to 38 noa,v coast, 28 17 48 12 3 «19 G .02 (5 12 .07 15 .03 37 4 34 }! 4 Q 'JO 21 i SH 1?. -3 -13 31 '13 8 0 .05 51 U -'A 2J M 3 -§ 51 3Q 4l 17 Jl -8 7 -fl 47 19 62 38 3.8 -2 •H H 35 (i -P THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE py THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr Albany, cjoudy •Albuquerque, clear Anchorage, snpw Atlanta, cloudy Bismarck, clear Boston, cloudy Buffalo, snow Chicago, cloudy Clevelanclj snow Denvtr, pjear Des Moincsi, ejear Deli-oil, clcav Fort Worth clear Helena, clear Indianapolis, clcnr Kansas City, clear i<os Angeles, eloiidy touisviljc, elcar Memphis, clear Mjami, clear Milwaukee,, clear JYJpls.'St pa, ul, clear •Now prlpans, cloudy New Yorlc, clw Okl-ihomi) City, cleqr Omaha, clear I'Jiiladpjphja, clovtdy Pho.enis, pleor Pittsburgh, dear Portland, Me., clo.ydy Portland, Oj'f. Ilapid City, clour C'1-v^ EARTH" , r , UUHCHE&V . 'JAN. 2 <**, «*»» «sw» mam -), 2 ( ^220,000^1, OATHS ME AS OF'GASTmN STANDARD OlSTAHCfS ARK FIGURED SURF ACE'TQ»SUKF ACS, EARTH TO MOON. President Has ! Notice to Up Defense Money By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) — Presl- (dent Elsenhower had notice loctn> Democrats arc rcndy to incitcase his figures 1C they fool defense spending has been cut too sharply In budgcl-bnlnnclng efforts. tn advance of n bipnrllsnn While House briefing on detonsc and tor- j elgn policies, Democrats, who control the new Congress by lop- heavy margins, already worn chnllonging the adequacy of the President's 77-blllion-dollnr budget. .Invited to the "While HotWe briefing were . 20 Senate and House members, including lenders ^> of both parties there and senior members of the Armed Services. Appropriations, imd Foreign Affairs committees, Democrats have renewed their calls for more U.S. notion in the: space field In the wake of the Soviet Union's successful cosmic rocket shot. Senate Democratic .Lender Lyndon B. Johnson of Tcx- ns said the Soviet accomplishmun', 'h.'id emphasized lite task of Con- gross 1 - In meeting whnl he called "some of the greatest challengers in our history." 'Sen. Mike Mansfield of Montana, tho ussi.st.nnl Dcmoerntic lender, nlrbady has nUneki.-cl El- senhower's -contonloin the budget csin be balanced nt 77 billion dollars. Mansfield said revenue for the new fiscal y'onr beginning July 1 won't exceed 75'/a billion dollars, even if .spending is held down. Eisenhower said the new budget will provide some nddilionnl money for defense purposes over the $'10,800,000,000 of the current year,, but gnvu no figure. Rep. George Mnnnn UVf'cx) chtiirman fo the House Sub-com- riiiltee on Defense Approbations, said Sunday he thinks Eisenhower wilt suggest about <12 billion dol- Itirs and nddod: "T don't think th.il will be too much. It could be loo lillle. The emphasis should be on advanced weapons projects. 1 wnnl to be sure that , n.q,, ; hc3vanced weapons |.)i v <5.ie"cls are- sacrificed for- purely monetary reasons." Although Republican lenders have indicated they expect to support the President's efforts lo head off inflation by limiting government spending, there wns some uneasiness on the COP side about the defense totals. Sen. John Sherman Cooper, ean- clidnte of a GOP liberal group for party floor lender, said Congress | hns its own responsibility to dn- lermine the amounts needed for defense. He said Eisenhower's word is not necessarily linnl on this score. v-Vj Eldridge's Resignati Accepted by Arkansas Highway Commission Succumbs Bulletin J3inDGKTOWN, Bnrbntlos (AP) •Four Britons who tried to innko a bnllon flight across the Atlnn- lie were found flonllhg nt sen today in the gondola ot their craft, Small World. They wore rescued by a fishing vessel nnd (brought lo this Island, their original tnrgut. Nothing hns been heard from the balloon tor n) days. The Small World, with n crew of four—three men nnd a woman, left the Cnnnry Islands Dec. 12 for nn attempt, nt n wind-propelled crossing ot the AllnnUc. Bnrbndoa wns Ihe Inrgel. Us rndio had been sllenl since Dec. .1.7. An earlier report, just beforj Christmns, had the btilloon in Vonexuoln, but thnl report proved lo be n honx, The four left the Cnnnry Isliuul.i, a,000 miles nwny, Dec. 12, They had not been heard from for ID tl.'iys. A fishing vessel cnplained by Costa Brnthwnlte of this island dime upon the four nt. son nboui four hours out. He plucked them from the water and broughl them nshorc noni 1 the Crime Hotel, cm the soulhcnst shore They told him they had cut the 'balloon loose from the <gondola designed ns a lifeboat and heavily stocked with food nnd water. They declined to tell 'Bnithwnito how long ago they cut the ibnloon loose, or how long they had been Holiday Death Toll Hits 543 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Traffic 37ti Fires (10 Miscellaneous Tolnl .112 5<18 The nation's traffic denth toll during the long New Year weekend, showing shnrp upwnrcl trondst nl the stiiri niicl the .Hose, edged lownrcl the pre-holiclny estlinnle of toward Ihe preholklny cslimnte of HilO todny. "Sorry chaps, the story hns been sold," they said. The London Daily • Mail wns ;i sponsor of the expedition. The sole woman in thu party, Rosemary Muclie, 30, who wns the copilot nnd cook, appeared to be the least fatigued. The expedition's captain, Arnold .51 was 'carried to thu LUNAR TIMETABLE — Sketched, above, is an astronomical "timetable" for the Russian Moon shoot, Scientists conjecture that the lunar probe developed too great speed for orbiting with the moon, and that it will continue on into space to become a satellite within our solar system. — NEA Telephoto Soviet Rocket Continues Space Climb ' By HAROLD K, MILKS MOSCOW CAP)—The Soviet Union's cosmic rocket continued its headlong dash toward n solar orbit today in man's greatest conquest of space. Its radio signals ceased as tho ]'/2-ton device—now called IVleeli- to (drenm)—went past nn estimated 370,060 miliiS in its plunge away from the earth. It had then been in flight G2 hours. Resources for feeding the radij equipment had become exhausted, the Soviet news ngtmcy Tass said, and scientific investigations o£ tho rocket hns been completed," an announcement said T.Jiis predicted the rocket will finally epter an orbit around the- sun Wednesday Thursday, INleehta is due lo lake 15 months to go around Ihe sun, traveling etlipticuliy. The Russians calculate this orbit would have ;i maximum diameter of 214 million miles. The rocket would get no nearer tht sun than 91'/ 2 million miles. Tho sun averages 03 million miU-s frpni earth. TJie name Meehta was «pplii-cl to the rocket today by Pravdu thy Hays to Join Law Firm in Washington LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark), defeated for re-eleclion by a wrile-in segregationist candidate, plan to become associated with a law firm in Washington. Hays said Saturday he would become n specialist in litigation involving federal agencies for the firm of Blair, Korner, Doyle and Worth. The work will not interfere with his duties ns president of th,? Southern Baptisl Convention, he swid, Hays, who Ins served Id' years as the Fifth District's representa- live in Congress said he would continue lo maintain 1 e g a 1 residence in Little Rock because he hoped some day to set up n Jaw practice with his son. attorney Steule Hays of Ljtile Rock. The veteran congressman wus defeated at the Nov. 4 general election by Dr Dole Alford, a former member of tha Little Hock School Board. Raybwrn 77th Birthday WASHINGTON lAP> — House Speaker Sain JUiyburn iD-Tu.xi reaches his 77th birthday Tu>">day. Six Involved in Burglary Sentenced Six Hot Springs Negro 'boys en- Youths Selling Tickets to Benefit Here Tickets for the March of Dimes Benefit Show, featuring the famous Centenary College Choir, are being sold by several members oC the Youth Center. The show is being held at the 'High School Auditorium on Tuesday night, Jan. 6 al 7:30. This , choir has traveled -over much of tered pleas of guilty to breaking j th e United States and in several into the B&B Grocery Slore here foreign countries. iProceeds from Ihe show will go lo Ihe March of Dimes Campaign. Tickets arc being sold by Sharon iFoster, Billy Walters, Julia Peck, Johnny Sneii, 'Mike MeMurrough, .Susan Sommerville, Carol Coop, David Moore, Cindy Forester, Denny Hefner, Carol Joy Myers, Cherrie Hnukins, Jerry Owen, Jimmy McLnrly nnd Charles Cough. b'iach. Colin Mudie, 32, Rosemary's husband nnd Eilonrl's son Timothy, 21, walked up the winding steps to the Crane hotel, which overlooks the Ibcnch where they landed. and were sentenced in Hempsteucl Circuit Court by Judge Lyle Brown on Friday. John Flreeman Love, pleaded guilt to burglary and grand hir- ceny; one years sentence for 'burg- Inry; three years for grand larceny, two suspended. Wilbert Lee Morris, grand larceny, one year sentence. Burglary sentence suspended. Lee Ves^ie Smith, three yriirs yeHr ' fut ' B '' and State Violent Death Toll Reaches 16 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Ten persons died violently in Arkansas during the long New Year's holiday weekend whieh started Wednesday night and ended at midnight Sunday. Seven of the deaths occurred in traffic accidents. Tho holiday fatalities pushed Arkansas' violent dcnth toll to 17 for the week. Altogether nine persons died in traffic mishaps, fires took five lives, two fntal shootings occurred and one person was eleo- troeuted accidentally. Mallie Lou Williams, M, Negro, died in a fire thnl destroyed fibr home at Worth Little Rock yesterday. The charred body of the victim was found in tho ruins of her bed. Origin of Ihe fire could not be determined. An 88-yenr-old McCrory woman died nt n Lillle Hock hospitnl yesterday ef burns suffered in a household accident. Mrs, Elizabeth Mary Smith up- Continued on P.age Three Counties That Lagged Get Grace Period LITTUIS ROCK (AP)—An nllor- ney general's ruling todny gnve school districts three months ot grace before they begin to lose a portion o( their stale funds for fail- ire lo comply with Arkansas- I!)i5!5 re-nssessmenl. law. The opinion, written by assist-! mil Ally. Gen, Ben J. Harrison,' snlcl it way impossible to determine the amount of moneys collected between 'Dec. 1.5 nnd Dee. '•II for purposes of withholding funds under the law. .Distribution of funds .collected during the first quarter of IDOD will not be made until sometime In April, and no funds will be withheld until then. The 1050 Gonernl Asosmbly, which convenes next Monday, is expected to give some relief to th •13 counties which failed, to meet the reassessment deadline. , if'Under' the rc-nssessment law, rcnl and personal property nsesm- •nionls lo 18 per cent of vuluntfon by Dec. 15, 1958, nnd lo 20 j)or cent by Doc. 15, 1950. Only 112 counties had met the provisions of Ihe ncl by thn recent deadline although, most counties hod m;ide u start toward coiTUili- once. Counties not raising llielr assessments In the required level fnce a loss of slate funds proportionate of the percentage 1 their asscsmcnts falls below he figure sot out in the Jaw. to Pressure of the Politicians UTTl.lS HOCK (AP)—: lion of llcrberl iBldrldgc as,Ai'kaa*. sus highway director was 'announced today.- - '>O\ The resignnllon wns ficccptcd byiij Ihe Highway Commission al specially culled mceling. ."',' U will be effective ns u successor Is selected, snid he would remain until 1 If a new director is not chosen! before then, . ."•„ Mldridge has been Ihe subject,c indirecl criticism by Gov. OrVc v , 1:1. ITaubus nnd more direct *'op-| position from some legislators^ who hnvo complnlncd that he wnV< Inciting in "good public relations.'^ Knubus, hosvever, said recently^ that Eldridge's future was the Highway Commission; ^ >JV ., The written resignation, ,, \Iaiedt Dee 30, was accepted by the, com-| mission al n closed session," Then It wns announced to' lorters. , 4 Eklridge eumo to Arkansas from| he Texas Highway Dcpnrtmontj leai'ly six years ago as llufj ireelor tinder a new-type High- vny Commission. « jp"-\ .li'nubus who had served' a, fc nonlhs ns highway director, 'was r ^ in applicant for the job. before he ran for. and was elected.*! governor. . •', " The five commissioners 'who j octed lEldridge wore nppolnlccs ( _. . ' o r m e r Gov. Francis ICherjfyiS vhom Fnubus dcrealcd Cor'^e-j lominallon, ""' Since' llidii" Die Woman Wounded |f| Q Robert Williams, CO days in jail. suspended and Frank Willnp. six months in jail suspended. | LITTLE ROCK (AP>— A womi-n Theodis Lindsey, charged with storekeeper and one of four would- driving an auto without l!u> H-A-II- : be robbers cxchnnyud gunfire t.1 er's consent; fined $100 'iad c >its,. Communist party newspaper. | The Texan will meet with fellow When it was wnnauiK'td last Saturday tli^t the rocket wns headed toward Lunik, the moon, it was culled of Lu»a SI. LuuJs, clear S,all L.yke Ply, .ciovicly 27 S«.uj D.i,ego,, cle.iji' j$.p,n. Frwl,s,e», j'pyi Seattle, SJIPW .closely 7 -10 i|> 17 5 "i W 52 5,3 5,0 27 23 m 48 .23 -1.8 a cam bin i> ion pnd Sputnik. Scientists here figured that it was travelling al a maximum speed of 1.152 miles a second when it passed, the moon Sunday yt a distance o/ i.70,0 miles. o| radio transmissions, Uj.g ru.ckel tuid ground will be puWish.od ns so>m i th.ey are anylyvi-ii. TJSS saul. T,|i,t' .(i.^ ko.uj'S ut r;,ld-u vonunuui- e,al.i,oj) en.t!bled o,b.sorv;iti.oi,is tu bv I ,p.wi,.lyj,uevj .piii p,ag« Tly^« Democralic congressmen in Ihe morning at 11 p.arly caucus to map plans for the- KGth Congress, which c'un\ eiit-s \\'t'di)esdii.y. Born Jan. (5, IHH2 in Houne County. Tenn., Huyburn wt-nt to Texas; with his pai-'-nts when a child anil was reined on n farm in the nortii- easlern part of the sla.U- Once 3peaker of live Texas lei:- isl.nithu Bonhuni legislator was elected to Congress i.n 18.1:5 He hns bevn speaker of the U.S. House since 1,.9-JO esri'pt for yours "vyhc'ii the KopuUlicuiiii ' in Uiv inajo.ril.v--loni.tr Uvtm iu nearby College Station lust nigiy. sjid the woman and pos- Meeting Here to Discuss Pecan Trees A pecan tree management meeting will bo held (it the Hope City (Hall Municipal Courtroom Wednesday aflrnoon at 1:30. Earl J. 'Allen, <Kxtonsion (Horticulturist, U. of A. will lend the discussion and answer .question, announced County Agent Oliver Adonis. The meeting is planned for tho individuals with one tree or a commercial orchard. The discussion wil (include information on variety selection, fortilixntion, insects, diseases, trees not bearing, pruning nnd other pecan problems. Information nl this season will permit the carrying out of simple practices this winter nnd spring so as to be of the most 'benefit to the pecan trees in 1959. The meet ing is open to the <public. All Around Town By The Star Staff Arknnsas Game and Fish Commission reports Arkansas First Baptist Mission Now a Church Sunday afternoon al 3 p.m. Ihe First Baptist 'Mission on West Avenue B was formally urgunizfd i:iio nn independent Baptist Church, lu • niynclc-d that she yivu them her of the bandits wero ' during 1958 has been rated "good" c to excellent" Polic , fibly one wounded. Chief Dejjuty Sheriff Monroe has ruled that "until further notice Love snid Mrs. Bessie Duncan, SO, was lalun to a Little Bock hospital with n shotgun wound in Ills ch^st He quoted her ns saying she m:sy have shut one of the bandiu in the ley. milking buggies and horse equipment . . , with investmcnl of $50,000 and will em- Love gave this account: Four white men — one carrying a shotgun -- entered Mrs. Duncan's store about 8 p.m. and tie- BO persons Shanhouse bass from South Caroling stocked Utiaa uujll ouuill weliuniiti aiuurvci* - - . ..,,;«, in Lakes Oreeson and Narrows and' bo " rd - u f ed ^ U ' 000 iov fl 3 " 11810 " not the native white bass or striped ™« ""» °- vsu f } " lul ^ w ? rk f s ' r \ ^ r . Southwest Wood Products Co. M I Hoof, builders of ladders auc builders of ladders Auto license sales seems to be | duo «' "xpandrd by $14,000. be known hereafter as the Baptist Church. The new i-hureh us been a mission arm i'f the money. When Duncan went to the cnsh rt'sisli-r. >'he grubbed a piilol 'First Baptist Churi-h for tin.' i.-ast i bc-neiilh" the counter armed i man shot the woivu.n ns she fired •two years. Pr. S. A. Whit-iow, executive sec- the pistol, relary of live Arkansas Baptist LOVI- said UK- holdup men fled Style Convention, was present tu t-myly-hnnded in n station wagon, speuk in the service of orgum/.a- Koadblo.cks were set up through thi- tjon. Rev. M. T. -McGregor. J»so- m-ea. ciytional missionary for H-nx- A»- 'ft'iu i-hiof deputy .said iVIrs. Dua- i>oi'ytion ineluJiug churcht-» in ilie ean's son. James R. Lawson. 17, Magnolia - IJupv - Twsnrkynu dienjalso w.y;- in il\e store al thy vildu p.u-livUJnteU in llw j>o \ itc. j uf tliv h.iUluM, going good at the Revenue office and should pass the 500 mark today, Suni\iy Midc'UJilinc'iH's wilclea eommlssion has changed, Only.,iwjbj Cherry - appointed •commissioners •emnin. -Thrac commissionars^arp tppointees of Faubus,' The gqver'- lor has selected Armil ,TaylorU,o< 'larksville as n fourth sioncr to succeed Haymbnd F,' t Orf| it Fort Smith, whose term will ex-"" lire nest week; \^ t ^^. The commission said it was"'n'c-5 cepting Eldrldgo'S resignation'witlil 'regret." ]""'' lElclridge's loOlcr, ' addressed >J lo| commission chnirmun Glenn „ P.^ Wallace, said in parl: "I herewith tender my rcsiBiia|^ lion ns director of highways forl con.sidertilion of ucecplancc t by tlio* commission ns being In Hio>"bost' interest for tho highway program of the slate.'" The letter said the cffeclivc date wns to be nl pleasure of Ihe mission, which later asked/ El- driclge to remain until There wns no indlcnlion whether the commission had asked ,131? driclge lo resign. He had saidf \n the jxist that' hd would remal{f';g»' the job until lliat hoppcned". Family of Six Escape Death JONESBORO, Ark, (AP) family of six narrowly escaped denth by aspyxiation al " '' home ncur Jonesbo.ro last The victims, recovering toda"y aj a Jonesboro hospital, wcreC 1 MtV nnd Mrs. Clem Gaskin and tholp four children, ranging in agq froni five to 13. :\ .^ Authorities said they apparent!^ were overcome by an aceqrnula- lion of liquified petroleum gag. >t\\ Gaskin, who is 68, said he mic the children had gone lo bed when he wns awakend by his wjfi screaming. He said his legs -'-"-weak nnd his head hurt. We , eel to a telephone but collapse^ and crawled the remainder "of tl way. He managed to call Junesbpj polie, who sent an ambulange,! th scene. « Chief Deputy Sheriff O. C. Joll% son snid when he veachd ' house Gaskin was in a chair the front porch in the four dog weather. Mrs. Gaskin was |rj front room nnd the children wpr| in their beds. AH were ill as the family's pet dog, The children are Phyllis Terry, 8; Dora Kay, 7, and Ro§$l' Pule. 5. 7 f not counting special sales where test, V A C'alo No. 1. 11-HS-2SW numbers are requested by indi- four miles southwest of Spring Hil yiduuls . , , the deadline is Jnnu- set the casing over the weekcnc ary 31 ... incidentally the driv- and a U'Sl is due probably late to- ers license will cost you $2.00 each' day. this year. ' , Hope KoUul Merchants Commit- A report shows the new industries lee of the Chamber of Commerce and expansions of old industries in will imvi Tuesday morning at 10 Arkansas during 1958 . . . Hope a. in. in tlie Chamber office . , . had no new industry mi the report Members nnd non-members are . . . However, JUuUingburg Huggy' welcomi- and urged to attend . . . Division, owned by Arklu Air Con- PUms nnd objoc-tives for tiiis year Co., will b^uW a pUuil at will bv. formuUued and i-f The fellow who doesn't his psyn mine] grp^o^l^ '""']$ thing.

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