Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 3, 1959 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 3, 1959
Page 4
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nr 1 1 an, • A * ic A* ''•• '^°^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^\ THREE FACES OF LOVE by FAITH BALDWIN 1»S7 b> Foitk l«M»li CvlknlL Strrtct, I At Elsa CHAPTER XXX the months end useful as 'was, Hope's sympathies lay .Rupert, "for this was a well- meaning woman who had devoured her man . •"'"Never let me eat you" said. Hope to Adam. She had just) scares me. I've never known anyone 50 possessive." "Helen was," Adam said impulsively, and then flushed as if he had said something that conflicted with loyalty. '"I don't believe it." "Oh, yes. She didn't get any~ --— — ,,».-, | «jiit ( j ca. ijnc lit vtn i Kvlf emerged^ from a session concern- j wheie, he wouldn't let her. of course she wasn't toward late and present lamented • r-;sH she's done was enter the ,., kitchen to. discuss a menu they ~ T *were having guests—and had re^ c malned \there far too long, fas- .cinated an'd horrified. »••'.* '-'(You ^often do " ",' /'You-know what I mean. Elsa But It's as if she gave up trying." That was the summer Dan's wife produced twins and, when notified, Hope irately, remarked that she's been robbed. Actually she was not unahppy that iEminy remained an only child except ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. • „ All Ports For Cors And Trucks • All Size Full Cop Tires, Also New And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 J-Y .for Emmy's sake. She loved her With oalanceci devotion and was content. Her world had not altered save by expansion. Sometimes she felt sharply guilty because Adam must always come first; 01 was it most? No. You cannot weigh one's love against another, each has its qualities. But Adam was her youth and her maturity; her constant dream and continual joy. Theirs was still a relationship apart and a dozen Emmys could not have changed it. Now she worried "about his irritability. It ca m e it went, it astonished and disturbed her, ; for his nature was normally even and unclouded; hers was the temperament more 11 ki elly to break, as Emmy's did, into thunder and lightning., however briefly. 'That was also the summerr when Hildegarde decided to elope With a boy she met on the beach. .She had just dismissed her eighteenth birthday with a dinner dance and a small string of pearls. It was as sudden as influenza. She had taken to solitary swimming before breakfast and strolling .around a bend where the grasses laved over the dunes and •sandpipers tiptoed on glistening sand, where the water was often smooth as a freshly made bed. She had come upon a boy lying in the sun, face down, his hair the color^df sand 'That'first day she learned his name, and that he was visiting an_ aunt and next year he'd be a HOPE STAR MAIL-IN CLASSIFIED AD ORDER The Quick and Inexpensive Way To Do Business INSTRUCTIONS; 'Put your Classified Ad Words in Squares Below . . . one word to the square. Put the number of days you want >.. your to run in s qu Qre ot bottom. Then figure your cost. EXAMPLE: 15 words runs 3 days .. 90c — 6 days .. 1.50 If ~l NAME ADDRESS .,1 BOX NO PHQNi No, of Of ri _AdJf T« Run I Clip gnd Mail ~- ChecK Cash Money Order IltftS ^ 1 * W 3 "^ ™-SiW "««^- giE'Jigi" g-""iia; jjj.J-jj.Ji - „. _^ rr.,,.. -i- - Tr -, . I _ . ^^ ^ SBS * t?EB5ff * ?g5 '* aaa9 ^ mgr TOTS' -narrr *g-r# -s^ra: —r? Here's How You Figure Your Total Cost.., 1 Time, Up to 1§ wor^i ., 45 16 to ?Q words .6Q 23 to §5 words . ' j§ ?6 tp 3Q words . .99 3J Jo 35 words 1.05 3& to 49 words J.g9 4i, te 4§ wrds ... i 35 3 Times .99 l.?j) 1:§0 1 80 ?10 ?.40 2-70 Times 1 §9 1.99 2.50 399 One, Month 4-SQ 600 7.59 9-00 10.50 1|.90 J3-50 jithlor. tic itlso lived !H attolHer stale. Altef- he gi-adutiled he Wl&S jStiirig lo sec the world in nti rtrt« ficnt cnr—tt wns thfei-c for hpf to Oh Ihc second rri o r rl 1'fi g he Kissett her «nd nskod hef' 'HarRe. Oh the third (hpy were irl Iovi< oh the fotitth he decided he'd get job— why bother about and on the- fifth he elopitig. Perhaps sorrtcorto saw them, perhaps Jack talked. Hal tirftl the lull girl with the fnlnl accent Hitd Interested the town since Jtrsl stirntnet, In nny event, Hut himself went for a swim vei'.V early, just after HUdcunrcfc hid left the house. J The discussion (hat followed was brief and unpleasant, Hildq- garde exhibited tears and defiance; she would marry Jack, shits would elope, she wns 1H| kdt could do nothing about it. Rhts would th«n tnke off for the encK of the earth 'in /the jalopy or even Walk But Jack could manage only sullenness. Hal's comments were brief and sufficient. He knew about Jnclc bn/ni-e he went down to the b e a c h ttint morning. Jack wasn't 21.. nor In collejjo, having flunked out. Me wns a drifter who slnugged hist way thiough life, In some matters he had told the truth; he had an aunt in the village: hi« home was in another stole, Hal sent Hildegardc nnd Mis Justice on a inp tc the mountains, and that was lhat. Hikln garde rctui nod to tow n for .a night before going back to the summer place, where a school friend would join her. She" "ami Hal came to dinner After they had gone, "Sh2 wouldn't have eloped" Hope said, "or no farther than a just- tice of the peace " \ "After getting! the 1 i c e n s e? v> asked Adam. "How Ho I know? He isnH'21 I suppose he would have lied'i'anv- way wherever they got to nnd Hildegarde would have stalled until Hal camd after her with an enormous club and a piece of chocolate cake," That was also the summer When they took a long vacation; theie was a mild epidemic . in their suburb and schools didn't open as usual, so Emmy-' could remain away. Adam took extra time and they returned to tliie special seashore which .Emm;"' end. not remember, but Boy die!. He went bouncing about PS if /he wore a year old insterd of eight. Three proclaimed holidays would be Hope thought, gobd-,fjir Adam When they first came i tp the shore . he'd had to re t uVji twice to town. He was thin and jumpy as a sand fiea. September wh ere they were was wonderful. This time they were not in the same cottage but for sale. (To Be C°nt!nued) the narrative 4hat goes with it, nc *v,« „ ,. it / — »"•. i*, jut: a ueen asKeci to nelp a mi"- \t\v ftS ±±r° n ^n Satl ° nwi S h « ^.« "«ck nightie ?or hi. a backwoodsman in 1840. a-iarrtnig.iF.r , January 1, ^,.^-^.^^y^^i-^^.g..^.. Hope Star Ads AOS MUST BE JN OFFICE DAY BEFORI PUBLICATION — PrIONE 7-3431 fdfc Ab TAKER MAKING FACES—The Christmas rush is already taken cara of, but the work of making dolls goes on at a factory in Nice, Franco. With a,tray of tiny heads before her, an artist colors lips, eyes and eyebrows. Grandmother Does Many Odd Jobs By GAY PAULEY UPI Women's Editor NEW YORK (UPI)—Mrs. Winona^ Allen, a grandmother in her 50's, is a one-woman sightseeing 'bureau, shopping service, baby- siter, adviser to the lovelorn and amateur sleuth. She manages to combine all these in one job — as head of guest relations for the Hotel Commodore, located tit a crossroads for travelers Terminal. Grand Central . On the job for -16 years, the gray-haired widow believes her;; is in an old "house with iu roof * rBy - flaired wldow believes hera is - ner slanted down over one' 1 ' 1 eves w careor Unlq . ue in the hdlel - field Y ' sitting back from n rnnrf"i^riirf« Her one assignment, is- to 'keep „ ' there was a cSrtavm- ™ f g guests happy and make ^am Wai I Coming'And'Going t« , ^.?:l l-!?L t8y J? B .-? p P I °.- t : l W? to stay at the same nine* cm t.hmr Mr. and Mrs. Fr to a quiet beach Tho In «nVi Co sta - v at the snme place on thei ' , mr> ancl Ml ' s> - Frank Wi a green front vnrrt . next tl<l P to lne nation's largest Jeft Friday morning cnroute and* a picket fenrnA, h i^' city ' tholv homc in Cnicn e°' lu - «•««• there was n ™,"^vm» . * ' But accomplishing al Ithis calls having spent thc.holidays with their and a «rLn >^ n *^l q !.'^ f ° 1 ' *?«* ™* P»«*nce. plus a vast rnolher Mrs. Mary E. Watkins ancl The schedule of Soiunnr Periods, as printed below, has been taken from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables, Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, If you Wsh to find the best sport that each day has to o/fer, The Major Periods are shown In inn major i-erioas are snown in , , boldface type. These begin at the ONE 14 foot platform scale. W. I. . times shown and last for an hour and. a half or two hours there" and. a naif or two hours there- —•• after. The Minor Periods,- shown in GARDEN tractor and equipment, .regular type, are of somewhat Onc P. 1 ?- thrce rl »-' t -" 1 hon3 and ou^^i,,- j.,..«n«- ten bantams. Ray Doclingor, Rt. , shorter duration. A. M. P.M. A. ivi. f.m. Minor Major Minor Major |BY owner, new 5 room home with (?»Cf? 1 II • ft — i . rsr- (Jin llfl f Vl /"'nt-ii i»1 I lino t j-it-i t«h rirlif Saturday &:55 Sunday 12:40 6:55 Monday 1:40 7:55 Tuesday 2:40 8:55 Wednes 3:40 9;55 Thursday 4:40.10:55 Friday 5:40 11:50 Saturday 6:35 12:80 Sunday 7:30 1:15 12:05 6:25 1:05 7:25 2:05 8125 3:05 9'.25 4:05 10:25 5:05 11:25 6:05 6:55 12:45 7:45 1:35 Female Help Wanted 2 WAITRESSES. Apply at Din- mond Ca-fc. PR 7-3420. 30-tf Wanted to Rent 5 ROOM unfurnished house. Phone 7-9974, s-otf The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Calendar Of Events BcBec Youth Chapter No. 412 will meet Saturday (today) January 3, at 1 p. m. at Davis ChnpcJ Methodist Church. All members are asked to' be present. Personal Mention Friends of Lewis Hamilton will be happy to know that he has returned home from the hospital. Friends of Mrs. Alccna Henry will regret, to know that she is ill at her home, 415 South Laurel St., Frank Watkins tn tind n ' Cf*irr)»M fli^ -,, «_ » LQCt tlljv* jj u KIUHV.V;, IJILID u v juo** ~ • -.-.-. .»»* ^ «, ,, nnvina im-, owned -It had mov i storehouse of information about ° the >' relatives in Hope and-Prcs- the"how wJsTo,^ rent'anV'^n' ? ew ?° rk>a sighls ' its shops and C0tt for sale ! ^ lts P rlGe s. Durinp World War II, When servicemen by the thousands either stayed at the hold or made 'Col Sandford r v a , n,' its lobby their hangout, she locat- l^ff&^^^^S^WSa^^*^ the • Arknn % ^ , COm P OS "|ff s h'P'S mascot. tne 'Arkansas Traveler" song and u-i— r Helps Ffnd Donneys She's been asked to help a wi-fe. A Bather once asked her to National Hatchery Facilities Last month, Dec, I4th, to 'be exact, accounts appeared in this column having to do with the na-. tional harvest of hatchery trout and the nation-wide growth of iri- terest in the sport of angling, At that time we tojd you that endeavor would be made to obtain exact information concerning the national capacity of the fish hatchrvios, both State and Federal, the }dpa being to learn whether or not supply was keeping pace with demapd !i> the overall business -of freshwater fishing, ",> With warm-water species, such as black bass, there is no rea] problem. Warm-water species, afti er once established, take care pi their own stocking requirements. To give you some ideg, a female largemouth bass will deposit in her "red'" «r nest anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 eggs. This at one spawning, mind you, not in a life* time. Even figuring low — -four or five per cent reaching maturity — it requires only a few actvie 'breed-* ing pairs of largemouth to keep any body of bass water adequately stocked. No, the problem with warm-water spe§ies hes in the provision nf adequate food xind cover, and even more irnportant clean, iwipoll«te4 water of suitable to make the best of things. Now the trout fisherman- wants action. He has learned that. Stocked trout provide just that This, put- and-take fishing is the order of the day. The fact that stocked •trout, as a rule are easier to catch than the naturals and not nearly so .good to gat makes lit'tle difference. Action is what he wants and, believe me, action is what he will get providing he is willing to pay for it. There isn't a conservation agency in the country that won't stock all the tiout the fishermen want to providing the fishermen are Willing to pick up the tab Trout cost money — .the more trout, the more money. So that, J guess, just about sums H up, Hatcheries are adequate and being improved Hatchery methods are inriprovmg The* fisherman can have jyst about what he wants it — and that is a great big "if" — Charles Jerry Walker, Mathematics Instructor at Eliza Miller High School, and Fred Colemnn,'Mathe- matics Instructor at South Sid a Junior High School, Helena, Ark., spent a few hours with relatives and friends in the city Thursday and Friday. Obituary Funeral services for Mrs. Carrie Garner of Prescott, Ark., will be held at St. Paul Baptist Church, Emmet, Ark., Sunday, January 4 at ] p. m. Burial in Snell Cemetery with Hicks Funeral Home, Inc., in charge. Funeral services for James Hill of Mineral Springs, Ark,, will be held at the C. M, E, Church, Toilette, Ark., Sunday, Januaiy 4, at 2 p, m Burial in Toilette with Hicks Funeral Home, Inc., in charge. he pay for it , temperature. w$ter stopkmg is necessary pnly in pgwjy "constructed (iych as new dams or reclaimed waters and, very . ,. 8« a corrective, Most Slate $n,d. Federal do have supplies pf ln§ectipic(e Dang e r§ Not long ago there appeared in Wildlife in North Caiohna an article by Federal Chemist, James '8. DeWitt of U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. The piece dealt with insecticide dangers and it gives help him find donkeys as gifts for his twin boys; she recently found a yacht for rent for one well- heeled guest. She has had guests at the hotel —ami a few who later confessor! they were staying at other hostel rles where to shop for antiques, wherr to buy a colony of ants, whether For Sot* ALuMlNtfM screens, doois, Storm windows, weather • stripping) !»•> sulatton, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates, Andy Andrews, Phone 7-6867. 9-tf 3 SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken farms, 80 acres limber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark, See Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001, 19-tf '61 OLDS four door. A-l Condition. New tires, radio and heater, $405 Will at range financing. Call 72487. 2-tf Strotid, Washington, Ark, j-fltp WANT AD RATES All Wont Ads Sfe poyab'e In advance but odi will be ^eepfe'd ov<*f the telephone and 36:6moda- tlon deeouWs allowed With the understanding the aeeount is payable when statement IS fendered, Number Of Words Up t6 15 16 la 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 Ons tw .45 ,60 .75 .00 165 1.?0 1.15 ISO Three bays ,90 1 20 I 50 IPO 5.10 240 270 300 six Bays U50 200 J50 , 300 350 400 450 500 One Montt 4.50 600 7,50 9.00 1050 1350 1500 •1. ,Box 32B, 16th St, tile bath. Central heat on shady lot. Call -PR 7-3485. 3-Gtc 20 WORKS with 4 room house. 'Near Prescott, ; $2,500. 1/3 down, ibalance like rent. STROUT 'RiEAlLTY. Phone 7-3760, 3-3tp Notice TfE Buy - We Sell - W* Rtot REAL ESTATE R.. D. 'FRANKLIN COMPAWT A. P. Deloney, Manager Howard Collier," 'Saleiman tl-tl MOVING? Long Distance Call Collect 592. Free Estimates, Lower Rates. Have Vani — Will Travel PRESCOTT TRANSFER STORAGE CO. PHESCOTT, ARKANSAS U-tt BARHAM Brothers House Movers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers Cale, Arkansas. 21-1 WE Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac. BYERS ANTIQUE SHOP, Patmos - Shover Springs Boad, Phone 7-2057. 14-1-mo c NO HUNTING without permission on J. G. Prescott's farm In • the old Proving Ground. This land is posted. • 30-6tp POSITIVELY no hunting on .the B. J. [Drake estate, Patmos, This land is posted. 31-Glp Wonted Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over, Apply at Hope Star Office, WlfDL pay $1.15 per toushel'(for. ear corn delivered to Hope Feed Co. iPR 7-2547. 30-6tc iLOOAL agent, to sell the famous White Cross plan issued by Bankers Ofe and Casualty Co; Leads furnished. Write P,O, Box 5550 Oir Phone TE 0-9343, Camden, Ark. ' l-mo-c Services Offered LET us renovate y«ur old mattress. We specialist; in preisuri- zed innersprlng. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone 7-3821 RALPH Montgomery Market, cut torn slaughtering, We have meat tor your deep freeze, See u« before buying. 17-tt SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd, L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6895, 5-14-U GOOD bargains. Buy, sell, trade or refmish your furniture at my shop, Paul Dudney, Washington, Arkansas, 23-1-m-e SEWING reasonable, Also „„,„„, Holes and Belts, Call Mrs, Star key, PR 7-4516. 39-6te o'hVfoiTnui.'whS POWER Saw man for removal^ 1.1.a, wneif \rees, stumps and etc, For frpe estimate call 7-4052, 30-1-mo-c , she can get tickets for television =nows (she cqn, but draws the line at locating theater tickets); to psk what clothes should be taken on en Alaskan trip: to ask about tmping customs in the big town "It's amazing how some people will unbend to a perfect stranger," she said, "J sometimes feel llkp a phychiatrist, j'ye had people ask me how to bring up teenagers, whether to get a divorce, how to tolerate a mother-Inilaw " Qat TP Game just about any reader when he , aa f 4 T'u 5 ' AUm ' "Hater ]« OO ied toe an outdoSrsmaS or noL amni«' 5 . hc , l ?° k hlm ' ' ~ bw ^ two tickets , toe an outdoorsman or not, ample material for serious thought 4 'Mr DeWitt reports that esti- rmates of 1056 indicate that Ameri One woman guest, obviously very fond of hoi traveling companion, once stopped py Mrs AJ!en'§ desk in the lobby to inquire 'Am i permitted to take my cat to a baseball game?" Said IKjrs. Alk-n, "{ Jptcr learned o.n. spend annually WMW 000 00 ^ $^ { "£JT™^ for insent nnntrnl _ In,.u 0 li, olr],.(^ .. ' v(l h v ' p£ ' v ^"OSl ID a5K Whal . just to make suie both got in " "Some of the questions corpo long distance," said lh£ affable Mrs. Allen. "One woman called .,..„„,,. (for insect control — largely »*«,«. hstehepes dieldrin. chtorrfdne and DDT That, • my friend*, is a whale of a lot of - , ae o a o o species on hgnd tp be used when "poison to be scattering about the ' aou e needed. Thus the only problem 'is countryside m the course of one to improve butchery methods, j yg&r — a pproxi mutely HO.OOO.OflO much as possible pwnds of it thereby saving of the nwh,-m9nglfi4 conservation these poisons aie intended control, dont think to- r « ,1 u t u . , * 1 * conro, on in Constantly hatcheries lor pol4. one minute that wildlife is, im a va.t« such rm- T»-^ V?£?*f»q>***4. .l& the most convujsujB of hoy Jbf pfci order is , gn<l [withjn roy mewvy, that rrven v*r* Contest with vvh^t ce^J in our »tr»o«n*. perhaps, feut For example, one pf the kiy a j-afebjl if' the little feUow W- jgcsts one-si^th of a<> -JUJK-O 14 the stuff. 4 wnallfi doe-. \\\\\ make Jiim wiiiihty »t'k, Now. sftjuW Die poisftn toe a Inn or diejdnn, one one-hundreth of Uub ainguflt \youl4 be the weather would be like in New Yoik in March. "I told her, 'Madom, what you need is an almanac " Not too many days ago, one — well-diessed woman appealed ** ~~ Mis Allen's de*k, star<>d jt her Wanted to Buy 'HIGHEST prices paid for mink, and coon hides, After 7 p.m, call Bob R^ehff, 50Q S, Hamilton, Phone PR 7'2782. 2342tf> For Rent „-,„ tra}lor§, Buyers Qulf g fi f, vice. Call day or Night- 7-995S, 5 ROOM house. 301 N, Ferguson. Street. Call 7-3§78, . 3 ROOM 1 apartment. PR 7- 30-tf _...,„„,— apartment. Dial 73791 Middlebraoks Grocery. 3-Stp Funtrgl Pi reef on Ambulance' Service Burial ' OASQJJEST 7-21g3 , a few minults, and then conv men ted: "So you'ie Bfrs Allen Well ithank goodness. iMy husband comes home talking about you every time he's bpt-n m New Yw k ( U iw«s afraid you wcic young and blonde." Said Mrs AU«i, 'i— tyj,d her if wh^t iJw; thought, lior TEXAS Cpfljpany no\y ii)g guahty unit used w hpspjtjjls, colkgcs benuty parlors, dubs und aiipoits pei son ty t*rvice yx kyna area No oypprjpftpp n t ?ces ssfy but mui>t be jjo^dap^e anij have jj miiijjviVQ of $7,59 sash to n;a,wtai«n Inventory, CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time 3 times 6 .times 80i pet tnth 65c per Inch 5Stf pet, inch Rotes quoted above ore fbf con secutive Insertions. Irregular or sklf date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted Until 5 p.m. (or publication thn following day. The publisher reserves the right to . revise or edit a!' advestlsements of fered for publication and to reiect any 'objectionable advertising , submitted. Initials Of 'oho or more -letters, groups of fiflures,- such as house.ior telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors jn Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Inwtlon of ad and' then. for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE; PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 'Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO: Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Sccy-Tre». at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H, Jones, Managing Editor Donol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Meeh, Supt. Entered as-second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansai, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rotes (payable In advan:'j) * 'By carrier in Hope and neighboring towns •— Per week ,.. ..... $ .30 Per year . „ ... IS 60 By moil, in Hempstead, Nevoda, LaFayette, Howard 1 .and 'Miller 'Counties — Ont month ....... Three month) Six months On* yeor , ^ All fo»hor moll — One month . ., Three months , SI* months One year . . ... .IS 1:85 3.50 1.30 3.90 7.80 15,60 Nat'l Advertising Heprcientotlvei: Arkansas .Dailies, Trie;, 1602 Sterick •Bldg. Memphis '2, Twin.; 505 Texas ,Bank Bldg., Dallas V, Texas; 360 N. Michigan /^ve., Chicopo 1, III; 60' E, 42nd St, New York 17,' N. Y ; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich,; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Member of The Awecloted Pr«u: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication ;of all the. local news printed In this newspaper, as well as oil AP news dispatches, ' ROACH - HUGHES INSURANCE Auto • Fire • Life A Casualty 108 E. 3rd, Phone 7-46*1 Hope, Ark. • Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS — 216 S, Haze) Phone 7-4022 Opvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpvyooo by TrucK Cut In W99di er otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-43?l 16th A LoMlilanaf Hpps. Arfc MATTRISS1S t or'Mjtf* inie if»n»f» •print}, Work Quirant«t4, Qnt Qiy Itrylst DAVIS FwnlNrt i MflttrfM Ct, H«rndon-Corn«liu$ Fyntrgl Homt end lurlgl Strvict Twe-Wey Air Phont PR 7*5570 LOCAL MOVING and HAULING * t • • • * 415 Traitor Co, ;r-

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