Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 2, 1959 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, January 2, 1959
Page 4
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^i§« Mi ,1 iiSUhlotwi Post 'fv f %|^'*" \Kf<" <4'I ,? if, j**c-^4f< ..ly<4. «.«s»^;vft, »«}?;'•..*> - - "*" »« ,•>• s; Air Force, Vft « £..,,. . . , - _. * My JACK CLARV sports Writer • "' Louisiana State the national foot'.ball champion probably will get a " strong argument over the honor '.. 9 m sec P nc{ Place rating today in the wake of the Sugar iand Rose Bowl .games. „, ..., teams were heavily fa- 5%2» Vored — tLSLT by 15 points over Pl> \£lcmson in the Sugar Bowl and f jt :* *Io_wa by 18 over California, in the uV-ij ' Jtose B6W1. Only Iowa proved the GiA" ( Xoddsmakers correct. $'^ '-'«,i T he Hawkeycs" sc~ofed in every p^r ?, * l period to overwhelm California, h&f ' the'Pacific Coast Conference king, f^,"..38-12. LSU had to call on Coach Kv'r^'" iPaul . frieze 1 to cal Ithe play that §»S {•*.'<•• Defeated Clemson 7-0. S?«''' , Oklahoma did as expected and %%t'\ '.defeated dogged Syracuse 21-6 in ft,,{ the Orange Bowl, Air Force pulled !/*„<> ^ a mild upset in playing Southwest I'*--** Conference champion Texas Chi'is- &'*'$' "" *'> an *° a ""^ ^ e ' n a battle of 4> * fumbles and mistakes in the Cot|,-; v ' 'ton Bowl. Prairie Veiw A&M wal- fcUv , lopped Langston 34-8 in the Prairie f t, ~ *. View' Bowl. , "" * ; Iowa was runnerup to the Bayou * ; -Bengals in the final Associated J >' 'Press poll that settled the national P\N « "championship. 'But''the? Big Ten ,-CV , champs were not .expected, to have »„!,„:, as easy a tiriie as,they did', against outmaneuvered . ,, , 'On"the other hahd,~LSU,' with IV f""'! 18 ,' Wh'fe, Go and--Chinese Band^ i/^ its'"three-team varsity specialists, i 'Was^'expectod to haVe some troii- ? '< , ble from a hefty Cle'mson line, but ,'"•. by sheer weight of numbers, ware ", - • supposed to have things their way ; „ , in the 'end. ; \ The Clemson line didn't weak• i,.- en. A broken right hand by LSI/ - ' ' quartefba'cTf Warren' R'abb on tlie '7 ' third, play of the game, put him. - "., out for the second half. These two ; <>~factors weighed heavily in forcing °\T-,,?;, Pretzel to revamp -his offensive \'i<*- i Plans—and hope. is* > , The wisp of hope came m the '| "^ third period when Clem'son center' 4> « ".kPaul'Snyder got a firmer, grip on |/.*,, -some^ turf-then on the* (ball on a snap-back' to pmnter Bill Mathis. H was Pecovei»ed by 'LStf tadftle iDifanc L^ojtai'tf ffli the efcttisbfl 'Hi Two piny* gained only rinei^ffrd art«f 6rt thirrf cfowrt A>lf Afrtericn h.iffback Bflly faiifiori, the gatrtc's most valunBle plajyer, jstarfed Wide, spotted cfid Mickey Mflntf- ham and hit him with -n pass for the score'. Cannon kicked the extra point. Dietxel admitted afterward that he called the scoring play "because Clem'soft was puttirig so much pi'eojstire on our r i 1 ;K-0> '* •"' ir' ; A Jt s , 7 * & M-, ' A' It K : A' VlA S backs when they went back to pass thnt I figured a halfback run-pas's option would take more time," Rabb Whose Injury was not disclosed until h'nfftlmd Hsplairted that his passing was handicapped and he was forced to abandon tis wldn-open offense for A- grbtfnd game. He hit only two of thi> an • outweighed, Cal''team. . ~" T h "°. 6»rf s'aiTed wirdly and bounced ^> qff-the knee of 4 blocker Doug.Cline. passes. . lo\vn nevei* had a „„.-. Rose Bowl, although (hoy; , CVI at the start. Led by B"6b (Jet) Jeter, the Hawkeyesj winning their second Rose Bowl, rolled tiji 516 yards overall,. 25 rnbre". thnti former r.ecordholder Michigan in 1948 against Southern Cat Bob Jeter ran 81 yards for one Frank Asoheribrennor's 'record of score, breaking. Northwestern'g Fi'ank •Aschenbrenner'*s .record of 71 against Cal in 1949, He also gained 194 yards' overall; 43 more than Bobby Grayson of Stanford against Columbia in 1934, the previous record. Iowa 1 'scored tb'e .second time it had the ball, s and managed at least.om>:TD, per quarter 1 ag-airtet a Cal line outweighed -ran: average of 18 pounds: per 'rrian.'vi" '•• Coach. .For es t Eyasheyski's winnin'g formula: "Our basic, plan was to run inside and off tackle; We figured they were weak there." . " .,i ,Said Gal Coach, PeteYElliot: We knew it was coming, '.'-".'but. it's hard to block a freight train ',, • Jack "Hart scored both- Gal ,TDsi one.qn.a, yard,.plunge,,th,e;-p.ther,;on, a 17-yard pass from quarterback Joe Kapp. Oklahom'a used its blinding speed to build: up a I'4 to 0' first period lead, added another score in the third' atid then . got pushed around' for the rest of .the, game by a Syracuse line that didn't melt in the 78 degree heat. Fullback Pfent'iee 1 Gautt raced 42 yards- on' the seeomT play of •the game for the first ^Sooner score. Brewster Hobby combined wtth- end Rus Coyle for a 79-yard pass, play, for . the second TD — a new Orange,Bowl record for dis ; tance, and Hobby took a punt 40 yards for the third score. Mike Weber's 15-yard plunge in Senior Bowl on End Grid Play Ala. (AP) —A proven combination helped, , ^ Hsft the South as a touchdown favorite in Saturday's Scn'wt Sowl football game. In giving Coach. Paul firown's sqtlad the edge, the oddsm&liers r;.c' m'ernb e r e d last wc&kehd'S North-South Shi-ine fiowl gtirtic at Miritili when Buddy Humphrey of Baylor threw three Scorin passes to MissiSijip'pi State's Billy Stacy. Hiiffiplifey ulsd tossed two othc-r toifchdown aerials in the; Soiith's 49-20 victory in tha't game. He was the nation's top collegiate parser this season with 1,316 yards on 112 completion!; in 105 attempts. Hitmpfirey and Stacy will be in Brdwri's offensive brtckfield Saturday and it'll be a big surprise if they don't try to make plenty of yardage through the air. The other Sduth backs are Georgia's 200 - pound fullback plunger, Thcron Sapp, and another husky runner, 195-pound Don Brown of Houston. Joe Kuharich's North squad is not lacking • in' passers of runners either. He; 1 plans ,tp: start Boston' College's Don Alla-i'd at quarterback. Allard; first round draft choice of the Washington Redskins,: threw to rSeveri touchdowns during the season. He .passed for 091 yards To spell him is the No. 1 quar- erback of 1957- Lee Grosscup Of Utah. Crosscup first draft choice or the New; York. Giants, led th'e nation, in .passing yardage 'a year ago with l',398. Other backs in the North of- ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. • AH Parts For Cers And Trucks . • All Sixe Full Cap Tiret, Alio New And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage (Co. Hwy.67WestLr. Hope, Ark. Phon* 7-2786 the final qunrter got Syracuse, which won the battle of statistics its TD. There were 13 fumbles by Texas Christian and Air Force, each team -losing three. TCU pushed . deep into Air Force territory twice in the final minutes, but fumbles lost both opportunities. Air Force had- two similar chances in the first !half, and one in the second but couldn't cash in. • The' Air Force's George Pupich missed three field goal tries and TCU's Jack Spikes two. Spikes was the game's leading back with 108 yards' on 17 ca'rries. . Prairie View scored four second half touchdowns to overcome an 8-6 halftime deficit. Halfback Archie Seals and 1 fullback Jimmy Toleston pace'd the winners, the national Negro ' collegiate champ's. The four major games were on national television and- a total' line audience of 331,082 sat in- on 1959's fi#st,,'taste of college football. The largest turnout was 98,297 at the Rose, followed by the 82,000 at the Sugar, 75,504 .at the Cotton and 75 281, at the Orange, MAIL-IN CLASSIFIED AD ORDER The Quick and Inexpensive Way To Do Business INSTRUCTIONS: Put your Classified Ad Words in Squares Below ... one word to'the square; Put' the number of days you want ^ your Ad to run in square at bottom 1 , Th'en figure your cost, EXAMPLE: 15 words runs 3 days.. 90c — 6 days .. 1.50 NAME POX NO PHQNf N». ef Payi M >! To Run I Clip qnd Moll ~* Ch*& ••.-.- ?Q5h Monty Here's Haw You Figure Your Total Cost... J Twe 3 tiros5 <| Tijriii Qng M<?nth Up fo 1§ wprds .45 ,04 lt§Q 4 IQ H t? ?Q wfrdj 40 ].|Q | ( £j| ^QQ 21 )to 2§ words ,?f MASTER:- \co p Y-^ -; as; if. he's about, 'loi; swab •the deck with a Icing-size' mop, m.as-ter calligrapher .;Tenab plfayashi .is-'roaify dcing.;s6me ,m'arnnioth l writing .dn."'-Tokyo. He?s -wielding, a.huge 120-p6uiid (with .ink) • writing brush • io Ja'shion the Chinese '• character ior "Xelicitations" bn ; - a'>17, : 820-. square-foot -sheet of . paper' ,pn the grounds of an eleirfentary , school. Obayashi plans ,.tb^ present the giant calligraphy |i to 1 Crown-. Prince Akihito as congratulations on .the prince's: marriage engagement. College Powers Set Sights on Conference By MURRAY .ROSE Associated Press Sports Writer College basketball ., powers . set their sights today on conference warfare following the greatest but- burst of Christmas week . lourlin-' ment activity in the history of the game. The hectic week of tournament jousting involved most of the leading top ten teams an'd .rangtup many do.llars in' the cash rSslsters. It also 'served to .point up "again the talent riches of the Atlantic Coast Conference, 'especially >. of North Carolina State, Dixie Classic champions, and North Carolina'. Most of the major tournament ancl non-tourney holiday action ended Wednesday to permit the short-pants set to celebrate the New Year in civvies. But there was s6me firing, on the courts Thursday, including a couple of tourneys, in the East; Bowdoin, beaten in' its first eight starts,, surprised Rutgers, 67-66;' in the first round of the Dovvneast Classic, at Bangor, Maine. Bob Gorra's basket in the last two seconds put Bowdoin against Colby m the semifinals tonight. Colby beat Tufts, 64-55. The other semifinal matches St. Michael's, Vt. and Wesleyan, , Williams and Massachusetts moved into tonight's semifinals of the Springfield, Mass, College,-Invitational tournament, Williams avenged its only defeat of the season by trouncing Harvard, 83-67, and Massachusetts downed winless American International, 59-51, Springfield and Amberst, first round winners Wednesday, play in | the .other semifinal. ; , In--non - tourney: inter-sectional contesta^utler came front behind a nfrie point deficit in the fji'st half to nose out Nsv'y, 59-58J'"at Indianapp]is, and Ohio State raced away from crippled Brigham Young in the last 10 ininutes, fov a 1QO-81 victory at '' t ^—-"°^"-^-—~^—~~~**.*«^«»£~^"'~-»'-**.*-> w« ' .^^b • -^^^' ' ^ ~^mL ''Mi '?' r {fSF- i 'i** '^ '• Hope Still' Classified Ads A6S MUST BE 6AY PUlLlCAtlOW — PH6NI AD The schedule of Soltlnar Periods, as printed below, has been taken from John Aldcn Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you w'sh to find the best sport that each day has to offer, The Major Periods are shown in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. ' > A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Friday 11:15' 5;Q5 Saturday &:55 Sunday 12:40 6:55 11:43 5:30 12:05 6125 1:05 7:25 Sportsmanship Award fo Arkansas, TGU DALL/AS, Tex. CAP) "~ The Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Award is shared (his yunr by Arkansas and Texas Christian. The award was presented yesterday in pro-game ceremonies of the Cotton Bowl by Pole 'Huff of Bice, president of a committee which annually selects the winner. 'Charles Roth, president of the Arkansas student body, and Paul Youngdalo. student president of Texas Christian, accepted the award. The committee was made up of four representatives — the student body president, student editor, cheer leader and an .athlete — ifrom each school. Basketball By, THE ASSOCIATED Thursday Result Minneapolis LOG, Syracuse 105 Friday Games Cincinnati - Detroit at Philadelphia Syracuse at Philadelphia New York at Minneanolis Saturday Games New York at Detroit . Boston at St. Louis Sunday Games Minneapolis at Philadelphia (aft- ernon-TV) Detroit at Syracuse Boston nt Cincinnati New York at St. Louis College Basketball Butler 59, Navy 58 Tulane 66, Stetson 62 Wanted to Buy prices paid for frilnk and coon hides. After 7 p.m. call Bob Ratcliff, 500 S, Hamilton. Phone PR 7.2782. 23-12tp USED two row tractor, rotary bush cutter, chain saw, portable electric; 7U..sa\v, pick-up truck. Pre> fer to trade clean '52 Plymouth sedan, radio rind heater plus cash for truck. Write Box F, c/o Hope Star, Hope, Ark. giving price. . - . . 3l-3ti> Female Help Wanted 2 WAITRESSES, Apply at Diamond C*fe, PR 7-3420, 30-tf For Rent LOCAL: traitors; Eiyers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night- 7-9955. 8-lmoc 5 ROOM house.. 301 N. Ferguson Street. Call 7-3578. 17-lmo. 3 ROOW apartment. P*R 7-2247.' 30-tf 4 ROOM unfurnished apartment and private bath. i002 S. Elm, S't Phone 7-2253.' 31-3tp Wonted to Rent -3 ROOM furnished apartment at Hope or Washington. "Write Box- F', c/o iHope .Star, Hope, Arkansas. • ... 3"l.-3tf) Robf nson Teamwork By JAMES BACON AP Movie-TV Writer rfOLtY'WOOD CAP) — Everybody knows that Westerns are the most popular fare on television. But why? Let's look at "Talos of Wellb Fargo," consistently one of the 'better horse operas. Dale Robertson, the Oklahoman who stars, lays it all to teamwork Practically all the present crew has been with the series since it started three years ago. Produ'cer is Nat Holt', an old timer at making action pictures. Director is .Earl Bellamy, long associated with Holt in moviemak- ing and now on his 68th "Walls Fa'fgb" segment. Chief" writer For So It ALUMINUM sc?eeHS ( doors, std?m Windows, Weather «• Strip'plfig, in sulation, roofing, awning's, gUt te'fing, ornamental ra'ilirtg". ,Fre*e estimates. Andy Andrews',"Phofie V-5867, \ 9-tf 3 SMALL tracts of land near toWn suitable for chicken farms, '80 acres timber land two miles Out of Foreman, Ark.- See Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001. 19-tf '61 OLDS four door. A-l Condition, New tires, radio and heater/$495 Will' arrange financing. Call '72487. 24f "ON'E 14 foot platform scale. W. I. Strotid. Washington, Ark. 1-lStp GAiR'DEN tractor and equipment, One pig, throe do;-e'i- liens and ten ibantams. Ray Dedinger, Rt. 4. Box 326, 16tlt. St. 2-3tp NoMce WE Buy -We Sell - W« RMt REAU ESTATE R. D, B'RAi«na,rN COMPAHI A. P. Deloney, Man«g«r Howard Collier, Saleiman MOVING?' Long Distance Call Collect 592. Free Estimate*, Lower Ra'teg. ' ' . Ha"ve Vital,— .Will Tr«vil PRESCptT THANSFEB STORAGK CO, PBESCOTT, UMtf BARHAM Brbthers House Mov*- ers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers. 'Ca'le, Arkansas. 2l-l Mb. WE Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac. BYERS ANTIQUE SHOP, Patmos - Shover Springs Road, Phone 7-2057. Frank Grubciv among the most prolific of Western writers. Everyone is compatible. Soreheads were weeded put early. n , . „. . .... _ . --•• . En - cl1 show is filmed in two and Ohio State 1(10, Brighum Young a half days — two a week. That leaves no time tor temperament. Featured actors are TV and •wrho tr. on "AT""«" ""•,„. movie pros. Robertson, who owns Wheaton 82, Northern Illinois 62 51 .per cent of the series don't Indiana Central 07, Milligan 581 hire the new crop of Actor'" Studio talent. "Sweat shirted idiots," he calls them. Both Bellamy, and Robertson are against "memorizing scripts and long rehearsals.' "I don't want '-anyone on the show listening for cue lines," says Robertson. "The viewers sense the unaturalness immediate^." Football Football Bowl R'-'sulls By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Rose Iowa 38, California 12 Cotton Texas Christian Academy 0 (tic) 0, Air Force Sugar Louisiana State 7, Clemson 0 Orange Oklahoma 21, Syracuse G Prairie View Prairie View A&M 34, Lnnsston (Okla) 8 Saturday Games Senior Bowl at Mobile, Ala. All-America Bowl at Tucson, Ariz Sunday Games College All Stars vs Pro All Stars at Honolulu i., despite sophomore Bob Skoysen's 39 point spree for the losing Cougars. ••--.*• N, C, State's vJctpr-y in it Dixie CJassic— which had f nation's top ten teams in ths [fteld--7was most impressive. E The Wolf pack, on the prowl, for the r, a t i o n a 1 title, whippe.4 soventfrranked, previously uncle, fensive 'backfield will be Joe~Mojv rison, Cinpifirratj; AJ,an Miller a B.oston College tearnrpate of A> lard apd Norm Odyriiee, Nqtrt Oame. " - - • Abpiit 38,000 are e>tpecte4 for the game, which, will be natippal- Jy televised by NBC v/itli a bjackr put within a 100-mile radi«s p | Kickpff is at 2 p.m. (CST>. • Legislative Council to End Business LITTLE v ROCl?(AP)~The Arkansas Legislative Council will wind up Its business 'Monday ' in preparation for the opening of tha .General Assembly session Jan, 12. The 1 Qouncil agenda includes a summary report on the budgets considered by the council several weeks ago. Informality is encouraged. Robertson helps keep things informal. He never takes himself or his acting seriously. But this year he will gross more than one million dollars from the series — and that's serious money U.S. Will Not Send Troops Inro Cuba _ WASHINGTON AP) _ A State 'Department official told inquiring senators today that the adminis- jvation does not contemplate send, ingi U.S. troops into Cuba or intervening iri support of either side in strhggle there, Sen. Wayne Morse (p-Qre) had raised questions as to adminJstra* ion intentions, saying 'there was - newscast out of Havana feated Michigan State, 70-fil, in the championship contest. To get that .far, the fifth . ranked W-Olfpapk edged LouisvilJe in overtime, Q7. (31, then toppled Cincinnati's second-ranked Bearcats from the MIV beatefi ranks, 69-60. Fourth ranked North CarQlina, Which hiicl been beaten by PyfichU gatj State, 75-58 in the semifinals, bounced back to nip Cincinnati for third place. 90-88. , To make it all the move'delecta- ble for A.CC fans, Duke beat Louisville for fifth place, 57-54, and Wsku Forest wa.Hoped Yale 83-76 1'or seventh. Undefeated St. Franpis of Loreto, Pa., and Louisian^ Tech, ccipped the other major tournaments decided Wednesday night, St. Francis surged back after blowing a 20-pnint lead with, jjp minutes left to cdncjuer Fordham, 7"4-71 lor the £arrousu4 title at Charlotte, N, C stan^ Tecb subdued Vir- Tch, 71-66,. ijj the overtime , ,. finale of the Quit South Clasic at a nn Nfene lost Ito the eiffect that Batista officials were expecting Ameriran. inler-yention," . Cuban revolutionaries are seek, ing to oust ?ulgenria Batista, president of Quba, Morse, as chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs SMbrommittee on 'l,atin America, asJsM 8 report from : Roy R, ffubottoiri, assistant secretary of state. 4£ter Rvibot'torn spent more than two hpu,rs in a cjosed session with' , the sutfcprnmittee, Mwse tplrj reporters the .State Department offj. cia} mnc)e' clear no such intervention is plann.pd or ppnlempiaievl by the A,rnprloan Some 200 Changes in Excise Taxes <4Pi - In 1959, about 200 changes in federal excise taxes go into effect. The government figures tp lose 42 million NO WONTING without permission on J. G. Prescott's fnrm in t'he old Proving Ground. This land is posted. 30-6tp (POSITIVELY no hunting on the B. J. iDrake estate, Patmos. This land is posted. ' 31-Ctp Wanted Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over. Apply at Hope Star Office. WHJL pay $1.15 per (bushel (for ea.r corn delivered to Hope; Fee.'d'Go. PR 7-2547. " 30-6tc* agent to sell the famous White Cross plan issued I5y Bank' ers iLU'e and Casualty '!Co. Leads furnishetl. Write. P.O.. Box 5550 oa- .Phone TE, 6-9343, Camden, Ark. ' •-••'. l-morc. Funeral Directors Ambnlance" Service Burial Association OAKCREST .FUNERAL HOME Dial PR 7-2123 ' 20-lm-o Services Offered LET us renovat* y»ur old mattress. We speclallzt in pr«»iiri- red Innersprhig. COBB MATTRESS VfL&f 712 West 4th, Phone 7-Mtt »d RAJJPH Montgomery Mirktt, bus- torn slaughtertrig, W« bay* m««f for your deep freeze. 8e«.u« bv fore buying. 17-tf WANT AD.RATES All Wont Ads are poyab'e advance but orfs vvlll be •aciep evec the teleph6tid and i6".omodd« tfen astounfs allowed wifh th^ un j defstdrtdi^g ,the account ii payable When Statement Is rendefed. SINGEK SEWING MACHINE GO, Sales and:Service, 513 East Srd, L, E, Booth, Phone' PR 7-6695', 5-14-tf GOOD' bargains. Buy, sell, trade 1 or refinislr y°w furniture at my shop, Paul Dudney, Washington, Arkansas, gS-ltrn-o SEWING reasonaWe, Alsp l^oles and Belts, Call MTS, Starr key, 'PR 7-4516. . aQ-fito Saw' rnan for removal of trees, stumps a'nd etc. For free ajl 7-4052, 304-mo-c year in revenue as 11 dollars t'esult. The average American, won't notice much difference since 42 mjllio/i is a fraction of the 8'^ Wlh'on dollars which Uncle Sam expects to collect this ypar in excises, or sales taxes as they yre somcWmes ca]lc4. Here is a summary of some uf fh,e more importanj revisions; (Admissions taxes — the first SI -.—^ _.. — -^ w ^- ^«^..., ^,»«,. v **y cl^argetjl for admission to theutrc'.s, Shieveport, La. ball p^rfc;?, te.otures, c tg., will; b« In mnifif games outsid,e ol thu tax exo/npt. The 10 p.tr cent yd- tournaments on New Year's Eve. I missions tgx will uppjy jcyjly to JJorthw?§terj5's sixth-ranking WiW- a fly 9mo,un,t gbpyf ^J. Fgrtncrly cats equaltec) it* fj«14Uou£C scor- j tickets costing "g.O cents or loss Jng record in ti-oAincjn^ Noi,rclwere t«^ jex»jspi, but thi lull i§th, drubbed. Saw Continued Probe of Agencies Sought WASHINGTON AP-)" -*=• House pvestigalbrs sslle^ tpjjay for a continuing sod bj-paclenecl probe ojf federal agpncjes by fhe rte\Y QQIV gres.s. This \yas a ni'ajor r?go^n^end8.«. tion agreed on unjinJrrjQusly Jjy the subcoiriiTiit|ee vyhpse j.nyes.Hg'atl.Pli of Sherman A^grns' inquiriei behalj: of gift-giving r Bernard Gojdiine le^ to •esigpatjon as ch,ief assistqn^ to Presideji). Eisenhower. Chairman Oren told ne\vsmen th.e recommending more • investigii tions, di4 not propose that Hie §ub.. committee be revived, in its present iorm. r '" * We refused fur^jof pofliment .«} this p,ojnt, saying ojily th^t Ujg inquiries woyjld be a rpsponslbjllt.v of the JJousq Commerce Cpmmit- teu—of which tUe suUcoJnmittes is a temporary branch—373,4 presumably woul<J have tp be by some sub,cornmjitte.c. W , a and a ujiovucl tu (Hclewa in is lb*JAey«i to of tte Cirsl sas. -Number • Of Words Up to IS ra'fo ?o il ta 25> 26 t6 30 31 to'35 36 to 40 -41 ta 45 46 to 50 One Day .45 .£0. .75 .90 t.05 ,1.20 1.35 1.50 Thrtie boys .90 t.io 1.50 1.80 •" 110 2.40 2,70 3.00 Sly Days 1.56 10d 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 450 5,00 On* Monftt 4.50 «5.d(5 7.50 9.00 I2'.ro 13.50 15.00 1, tlfne ....i .• , ' 80c,p'ef inch 3.t!rnes 65d per Indh •6 tirhds ,,,..i , 556 per inch (Wei qu6te'd' above ate for con se'cutive Insertions. Irregular or skip data" ads will take the one-day rate, . All'daily classified advertising" copy VWT "be" accented Orttil 5 p.m. for publication (he follawing day. jr The publisher -reserve* the right tijp revise tir; edit all odvcsHsemenrs of fered .for publication and to re|ecl any' objecfidndble advertising sub- Miffed.-' * Initials of ojie or rncre letters, groups of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as. one word. the Hope Star will not bo responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors , are called to our attention offer.FIRST insertion of od and ,th,en for ONLY the' <JNE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star of Hope. 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs: C. E. Palmer, President Alex, H. Woshburn, Sccy-Trei. at ••The.'Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street <j\ Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor &. Publisher foul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George. W. Hosmer, Mech. Supf, Entered as second class matter at the .Post" Offi'ctf 'at Ho0e, Arkonsor, under tho Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Sub'scriptidn fta'tss (payable in W '• _ ' advah'cS) By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns •— Per week S..30 Per year ......'... !140 • By 'mail In Hompstead, Nevada,- LoFayette; Howard arid Miller Coun- t'ies — Orl« month $ ,85 Three month! 1,85" Six '"months „-.,.., 3,50 dn» ydar , 6,50 All other mall — ' || One month , 1.30 Three months 3,90' Six months ... ...,...,...., 7,»0 One year , •, 15,60 Not'l 'Advertising • Representotlvei: Arkansas, Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterlck Bldg. Memphis- 2, T»nn.,' 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas i. >exas; 360 N. Michigan Ave,, Chicago" 1, III.; 60 E. «nd St., Ne\v York (V, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg, r Detroit- 2, . Mich.; Terminal Bldg., ,Oklahoma City 2.'»i Okla. tf' Member of The Anaeloted frtii: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republicotiori of all the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news aispatches, j .3, ROACH - HUGHES INSURANCE Auto • rfr« • Ufa a C«iu»Kto 1«» B,' Srd. Phone 7-4SI1 Hope, Ark. Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS — 21« S. Hazel Phone 7^022 Orvllle Taylor,« John Bl|l Jordan. WANTED TO BUY Pine Piilpwooo by Truck Loa(j Cut In Wood! or, ot n ?rw!ie, HAROLD HENDRIX «*u* P , h ° n , P , PR7!4381 16th * UoHUIana, Hope, Ark. »r Mjd. mto inner- 0 tprfflf, Wei* GuftTintff*, v Ont Biy ffrvlee DAVIS rvrnitiirt I MfttrffiCt, 117 fe. |lm Ph«. 7-K1I H«rndpn'Corneliui ryni rs! Ambulance Servict 1 Air Phone PR 7^5570 LOCAL MOVING and HAULING

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