Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 2, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1959
Page 3
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hi Phof>« 74431 fcetWeen 8 A.M. and 4 P.M,' , . "Calendar Mohday, January S Circle No. 2 WSCS of First'Me- f thodlst Church will meet Monday, Jan. 5 at 3 p.jn. in the home of <5 (Mrs. R C. (Lehman Sr., with Miss *. Mary K, Lehman as co>ho<st'>ss, S All members are urged to be pre- f sent. No. 3 WSCS of First Me] thodist Church will meet Monday, , Jan. 5 at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Lloyd Klnai'd with Mrs. Henry Taylor as co-hostess. The leader is Mrs. Webb iLaseler Jr. Circle No. 1 WSCS of. First Melh- cdisl church will meet Monday, January 5 at 3 p. m. in the Jett B, Graves class room. Mrs. R. N. Mouser and Mrs. Johnny Green are hflstesses. hext few months. Lt, and Mrs. James N. Holt and son, Todd will -arrive today for a short visit With Mr. and Mrs. B. N Holl on their way lo Waco, Texas frorn Harrison, Arkansas, Mrs. Jell Williams has had tho following for her holiday guests: Mr. and Mrs. Jolt Williams, Jr., of. Houston, Mr. .and Mrs. W, M, Shackelford of San Antonio, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Willis and son of Orange, Texas, Mitchell Williams and Son of Tahoka, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. David Williams, Jr. and daughters of Sterlington, La. Circle No. 4 WSCS of First Meth> odist church will meet Monday, Jan. 5, at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Cleve Mayton. Circle No. B of WSCS will meet Monday, January 5th at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Brack Schenck with Mrs. L. B. Tooley as program leader. Mrs. R, L. Gosnell has returned this week after spending Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. H. K. McHarg and children in Chevy Chase, Md. Mrs. J. C. Broylcs has spent the past' few Weeks with the JoeJ Broyles family in Cleveland, Ohio. Before going there she visited Mr. and Mrs. W, C: Yarbrough and children in Greenville, Miss. Cioming and'Going Robert Walker is visiting his mother, Mrs. J. .H. Walker, and other relatives here on his -way lo El Dorado where he will be engaged in consjruction work.] the Dr. David Newborn of Winston- Salem, N. C., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs* George Newborn, Jr., in our city i before going to Pine Bluff on Saturday for his wedding to Miss Elizabeth Edna Young. TONITE & Saturday 2 BIG ACTION FEATURES "NO TIME TO BE Y0UNG" THE STORY OF TODAY'S "GET LOST" GENERATION — PLUS Color Cartgon Purple Monster LATE SHOW SATURDAY 11:00 P.M. TWIN-HORROR Wpffi MR PLUS — DANA ANDREWS ALL SEATS , . . 50c Mr. and Mrs. Don Davis have returned from the opening of a "Stereo Home" in Phoenix, Ariz., at which they represented Klipsch and Associates. They also visited Grand Canyon, Ariz., and Albuquerque, N, M; ' Mr. -and Mrs. A. M. McDowell and son, Wallace, of Fort Worth, visited Mrs. Mary Collins in Sprlngl ':hlll and Mr. and Mrs. J.. S. McDowell during the recent holidays. All of them were joined by.-Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey .Collier, Cynthia and Terry, for a Christmas Eve dinner in the McDowell home. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Aslin, Pam and Eddie, arrived home Thursday, after a ton day vacation in which they visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evans in Casa Grande, AriV.., and also went to the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, and other tourist 'attractions in Arizona. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Hub-bard and daughter, Robin of Amariia, Texas, spent the Christmas holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wilson and other relatives and friends, before returning home they visited Mr. Hubbard's family-in Washington, Kansas. Colonel and Mrs. Frank C. Malone and family have returned to their home in Falls Church, Va., after a holiday visit to relatives in Hope, Mrs. W. E. Wilson and Mary Jane spent last week-end in San Antonio, Texas visiting A/B Jimmy D. Wilson, who is now serving with the U. S. Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base. Mirths [ft Hstfipstead County dur* iniHKo past month! WhIU ' Mf, and Mrs, Charles Chris Gotigli Jr, t 1202 W. Seventh, Hope, boy, StoVen Chris. Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Raymond Mai-sh, Rosstoh Road) Hope, girl, Laura Lynn; * Mr, and Mrs. Harry Vales Noble Jr., 418 W. Second, Hope, girl, Pnn> iiy Alyson, Mr, and Mrs. William Devnughn Billings, 701 So. Grndy, Hope, boy, Gary Dwayne. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Ray Bnkor, 808 W. Fourth, Hope, boy, Thomas Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Ro y James Martin, Rt. i, Hope, boy, Johnny Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Donald Ratc- II ff, 204 E. 15th, Hope, boy, Kcn- ncy Ray. Mr, and Mrs. George T. Frnzicr, 506 E. Second, boy, Robert Lee, at Hope. Mr, and Mrs. Curtis Dean Atkins, Mocking Bird Lane, Hope, boy, Ronald Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Horshel Powell, P, 0. Box 218, Hope, boy, David Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edison Pctree, 219 No. Hamilton, girl, Donna Kaye. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Elmer Smith Rt. 1, Hope, girl, Dorecn Ann. Mr. and Mrs. William Avery Morman, Rt. 1, Rosston, boy, Michael Avery. No"-White Mr. and Mrs. Randolf C. Cooks, 400 So. Hazel, Hope, girl, Rose Mary. Mr. and Mrs, John Alvln Nelson, General Delivery, Hope, boy, John Alvin. Mr. and Mrs. Doylnn Washington, General Delivery, Hope, girl, Fartrishe Mai- Mr, arid Mrs. Jerry ..T. Thomas, General Delivery, Washington, girl, Cherrio Lynn. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Warren Davis, GOG So. Laurel, Hope, twins, Elvin Ray and Alvin Ray. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Muldrow, General Delivery, Hope, girl, Shirley Myree. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Pree, Rl 3 Prcscolt, girl, Freda Anita. General Delivery, Columbus, girl, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Choatham, Berna Gail. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Davis Rt 3, Box 238, Hope, girl, Vinata Dclois. Mr.' and Mrs. Tolile Edward Most «|, don't n.lnd^h^Jnt^r^co.,. so new all-weather - Widow's Best Seller: Unabridged Checkbook Dear Dorothy Dix: When my only daughter married, I put practically ail tho money my husband had left me into her Jiew home, iplus furniture and furnishings. Now that they've gotten everything ifrom me, they don't want me. My daughter hits me, my son-iin-law curses mo. I ivniH to leave, get a room and a jdti, „ " -".«. AV/ilit: i^tcWitlLI n j T , , , Boozer, Rt. 1, Ozan, girl, Lonnie bu , ne s ° m , c lT oney , lt L $ Mr. and Mrs. Olma Swift, Rt. 1, Ozan, boy, Lawrence Edward. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Jones, Rt. ], Box 130B, Washington, boy, Homer James. Personal Mention Friends o£ Mrs. T. B. Fcnwick, Jr. will regret to learn she is a patient in the St. Mary Hospital Rochester,,Minn, Her room number is 4203, Hospital Notes. Says Agencies Must Tighten Their Belts LITTLE ROCK .AP> — State agencies which depend on genertil fund income £or their revenue svill have to tighten their belts for the next few moijths. Julian C. Hogan, state budget director, said yesterday income isn't totaling what was anticipated and the agencies will have to cut their spending by almost tour million dollars for the remainder ot the fiscal year. He said the current estimate of state general fund income for fiscal 1958-59 is $80,431,700. Tin- agencies had planned lo spend on the basis of an income of $84.2GO,- Branch Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Fred Ivors, Rt. 1, Lewisville, Ark.; Idell Hill, Fulton, Ark, Discharged: Peggy Ware, Bradley, Ark.; Mr. Lester Ferguson, Hope, Ark-, ' Memorial Hospital Admitted; Mr, Earl TJiomason, Rt, 4, Hope, Ark,; Mrs, W. G. Vines, Rt, 1, Emmet, Ark.; Mrs, Calhe CooJey, Rt, ], Hope, Ark.; Martin Guthrey, Hope, Ark,; Mrs, * 9' FOR THE GRANDIEST TIME IN "59" BRING THE V/HOLE FAMILY TO SEE THIS MUSICAL GEM! STARTS SUNDAY Ul Hew Orleans' favorite fiscal o£fynj J=HT crm.jt-' u v NEWS & CARTOON ooo. Hogan said normal spending could resume if spring' revenue, based largely on the sales tax and state income tax, pick up. The state Comptroller's otfico ordered the following percentage cutbacks in spending: Public school fund, 4.75; Dead and Blind fund, 2.GO; University of Arkansas, 7.22; State Teachers College, 4.84; Henderson College, 3,89; Arkansas State, 4.04; Arkansas State Beebe Branch, 2.OB; Arkansas Tech, 4.70; Southern (State, 4,00; Arkansas A&M, 4.90; Public Welfare fund, 4.02. State Hospitai, 4.75; Boonevillc Tuberculosis Sanatorium, 2.B5; McRAE Tuberculosis Sanatorium, ?.5G; Children's Colony, 4.35; Public Health, 2; Development and Promotional fund, G.15; and General Revenue (constitutional «f- fjcers fund), 2,96. No cutback wus ordered In funds of the Medical Center or Arkansas AM&N College, Tholma Carruthers, Rt. 2 Emmet, Ark. Discharged Mrs. Arthur West, WillisvilJe, Ark.; Jerry Rothwejl, Hope, Ark,; Nathaniel Hall, Hope, Ark.; Mrs. Palmore pupuy, Rl. 4, Hope, Ark.; Mr. Ralph Boyce, Blev- ing, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Glen Vines of Rt. J, Emm,el, Arkansas, announce the arrival of a baby boy January i, J959, •back on my feet. I've asked for Jl Ibul they won'.l give me any. I could lake the furniture out of Ihc house and sell it but, if I do, they wiJl have nothing loft. J guess I've iboen loo good to them, I hope Ihis will toe a lesson lo other imolhers who are alone and leach them to keep lU'hal they have. — Rosalie Dear Rosalie; You arc still loo Tl for your own good. Take Ihe furniture out of the house. They'll •soon (get new sluilf. It's always n -mistake for a widowed mother to iturh over all money and possessions .to a child. Tho 'best friend in old age is your checkbook. Use it while youre here and let the kids get what's left. In some cases yours for instance, even this is too much. Since you'll never be happy under present conditions, •get out on your own — the sooner, the better. Dear Dorothy 'Dix: My 15-year-old daughter is -an only child, pretty and intelligent, tout when it comes lo boys she's mush. As soon as she knows a boy likes her, she (becomes too serious about him. Right now she's going with a nice lad who comes over two or three limes a week. 1C he djcsn't cnrnc, she calls him — Mrs. W. M. Dear W. M.: Yo.ir daughter seems to be making a habit of concentrating all her social life in cue person. Help h«r expand it by encouraging group dating at your house. Keep a supply of the latest records on hand, soft drinVs, in Ire refrigerator and potato chips in the pantry. These are irresist- able attractions to youn^ people. Warn your daughter that calling a (boy comes under the head of "chasing," a thing Ihrit will drive most boys away. Tell her to lay off the eager beavor ladies and. to accept casual friendships. They are much more rewarding at Ihis age. Dear Dorothy 'Dix: The boy upstairs is baby girl'.' 1 ' He embarrasses' me beyond words and my friends arc nolicea'bly shocked at Ihc way he talks. I've begged and ploiulod with him to stop, .mother has talked to him 'but nothing helps. — Desperate Doll. -Dear Doll: Dad seems to bo 'incurable, so I guess you'll just have to accept him. Dads arc wonderful creatures, so surely you can overlook one fault. •'i dream. 'I'm 13, he's 10 and he says he's too old for mo. How can I win him'.' — Cindy. Dour Cindy: He's absolutely right, you know. The only thing you can do is get older — and i promise that you will. Dear Dorothy 'Dix: Help. I'm at the end of my rope and can't take it any more. I'm 14, intelligent, level-headed and very mature for my age. Ever since 1 was born dad has talked batoy talk lo me. 1 can't begin to toll you how much 1 despise it. When he- comes in from work he invariably says, "Weil, how's my TONITE! JANES STEWART «R HfNNEQY BQgK HUDSON END Of GBEBORYPECK^ f AWNiLYTH " EXTRA; COLOR CARTOON Send your problem to Dorothy Dix. Be sure to enclose a staropcd self addressed envelope and address her in care of HOpe Star. Guatemala and /^exico Have Troubles GUATEMALA CAP) — A diplomatic break between Guatemala and neighboring Mexico loomed today because Guatemalan planes shot up throe boats charged with fishing' illegally in territorial waters. Mexico said two of the boats were hers. The owner of one was killed and a sailor and a cook were wounded while shrimping legally in Mexican waters, reports from Mexico City contended. A Mexican senator said diplomatic relations probably would be broken if Guatemala didn't apologize. The press office of Guatemalan President Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes announced the machincgun ning attack by air force planes Wednesday without specifying the boats' nationalities. The announcement said two ol the boats followed signals from tho planes and ran aground at Tilapa, more than 100 miles down the Pacific coast from tho Moxi can border. Authorities later disclosed that five wounded crewmen had been interned in the military hospital in this capital, GO miles inland irom Tilupa The authorities refused lo identify the five but said two wore in serious condition. The third boat was reported sailing in difficulty for Champerj- co, a.bout 30 miles inside Guatemala. There was no indication of its nationality. Gen. Ydigoras Fuontes had Monday that U.S. and Mexican boats were fishing illegally in the nation's Pacific waters. These "bandits and pirates" would be lired upon beginning Wednesday, the president warned The Mexican government said such attacks would violate international Jaw, Gov. Word's Plan Not Much, Faubus Says UTTLE ROCK (API — OrvaJ E. fnub.us s a >' s he _„., doesn't think much of Judge Lee Ward's plan to amend the United Stqtes Constitution to aUo-,y local option on integration. ."We don't need to amend the Constitution," Faubus said yesterday "We ought to obey H as it is." • The governor's comment came after Ward had revealed plans a PW§r before a congressional com- iniltce to present his proposed amendment. Ward, a Paragould chancery judge, s s k e d and receive4 promises of help from Sen. John L M'cCl,el!nn and Rep. E. C. Gathings, members of the Arkansas t'ong-vessionjvl Delegation, in getting an apj4pin|niej)t with a committee. F^UH^IS scoffed ut tho proposed c.Minij,t)tutk>mvl tmvcndmjent wheij WursJ first presented it in Dvc' , 1857, and later d.efeated •)n thu gubernatorial cum- s the ConsUiuUiw oy i'acial juiearu- ' Farm Prices Show .... a Slight Increase WASHINGTON CAP). — Funn iroducl trices ' started the' hew year about one per cent above ovels of n year ago, but offichil.8 ire forecasting a dip before the year is ovci'. ' In its final price report of 10158, he Agriculture Depnrtmenl said WeclnescUiy prices declined 2 -pen- cent in December, tho third con- month of setback. But for 1U58 -as n whole, 'the prices averaged about 5 per cent ibovc those of 1957. Likewise, these prices averaged B'l per cc-nt of parity for the year compared with «2 in 1357. Parity is a standard for mcnsurin'g farm prices declared by 'law lo be ft\ir to Farmers in relation to prices charged them. Secretary Benson -said in a statement that' "the per capita income of farm people from all sources in 1058 may be Iho highest on record." But he said higher output may force some deciinos in. 1059, - - . - - • • '••• Education Depr. to Check Private Schools LITTLE- ROOK (lA'P) Private, schools set up to replace public ones closed in the integration dis pule wil Ibe checked by the Stole 'Education Department next week The department will decide whether the schools shall be accredited and what ruling they shall be given. •JSd McCuistion, assistant epni< missioner of education'for insiruc lion services, said the schools re qtiestccl the checks. Education Will rate Raney High School openit McCarthy Is a i; ,.$. ItOLLVWOOt) (APj~Nbbu Me* Cnrlhy ts n fetching ''Japanese actress with on Irish name; Nobu Is Jerry Lewis' love 'InloK csf In "dcishn Boy," « pnH sho iltnosl didn't tfet bccfltisd she ookcd lo Japanese on her first, Btidttlon. She showed up wearing n Jniitu lose Kimono, Ihc costume that she vcni-s In the picture, Lewis and llreclur I'Vnnk Tashlln turned her own. "t can see why," says Nobu, 'because I never wore kimonos tuich until 1 come to America, Ve only wnro Ihom on New Yoni^'s n Tokyo. They nre much more opular here," Two weeks Inter, Nobu showed ip at Lewis' office In sleek Amur- can clothes, lie and Tnshlln look lie look and sighed her. She Is married to Dnvid Me- Cnrlhy, un American Gl Whom she net When she was one of Tokyo's op 'fn.sh|on- models. Nobu ; ls ;fnll of'.paradoxes. Al- hough reared in Japan, she was jorn, in Ottawa, Canada, and her inrenls and four brothers now live n Sao .Paulo, Bray.ll. Another paradox: .Hecently, Ward Bond, Urn wan- ed by 'the Llltlu Hock Private School Corp., tittle Rock Baptist •U&h School operated by Ouaelilta Baptist College, the Conwny ncn- lomy -operated by Conwny Baptist College, and (he Trinity Episcopal nterim Academy operated by tho Trinity Parish, McCulstlon said the survey Is cx- iccted to be completed within n 'aw clays. He said the accreditation Is •required before student," can bo promoted or grtiduntccl and made eligible for college, work, Polish Sailor Gets tostly irt;W ( iitf 11 f ..,»{•» <u f *, -i - !.A.f'M •,.'_,_ *** A Polish sallbt- gSt ^v., l8!i ^., C v lo.thfi hospllnl so hc.edtilbt' 1 S{a"y1fft-, the,West, His slttp shllocl 'wfthbUtl him Tuesday night,'bul tHe, sailor" * paid Cot',his .freedom wlth-'difjtfp'^ pcildlx he didn't need to havc,<rd«'4 moved; ,' *,«-,,', ?':,'»:!/; The 22'year'oid senrnflh" "'c'omVj- plained 1 to .the c'n'ptain of the" P0k r ' ish ship that ,his siomach ached. 1 ' f Hu wns n I lowed ashore lo sooTa,,?-! doctor, ' '^\->~'r Crying loudly, he Wcnl to theC","' office of a shipping company >v t Which called an ambulance, At th<3 "" hospital,> the doctors rushed him/','' lo the oporaUngi table and" re>, " moved his appendix wlthotif a,d|i * agnosia. > ;' "-, • Conscious again nfter-,lhu opera-,,, lion, the sailor admitted 'hc,<,hadi • feigned Illness to gel a'way from '",-, the ship. v 4l „ "• onmastoi 1 ' of NBC-TV's Wagon j Train, tossed'a Japanese party in • honor, of Scslio Ilnynkawn's debut' on the show. Nobu was invited,: -' with other Japanese actresses, "to ", loncr'aUnosphorct. , r f ' -*'• A CBS official .spoiled'hoi', lib" lold her lo call on him Ihc nox.1 ;: clay. S,hc did and got herself signed, for if'ntsw" private' eye 1 'TV,' ; series. . • , y V "I don'i'know how a CBS-mtin^- tfol lifto J'ih 'NBC party," "says'," Nobu,'' .but niy husband says, 11 ., ''Don't ask- questions. Just show, tip for",the"nudlUon,' " She's only *6ecn here two years'. ,bul bus become thoroughly, 'Americanized. She thinks women got a' belter break here tjian in Japan — although Iho status of women has Improved grunlly >ince thu war,. "hi^'Jaiuui," snys Nobu, "tliu woman m'ust nlw'iiyr, walk behind , •tlie-man. The- first thing I noticed' hero, especially In Ihc depaitmcnl stores, was the man walking bo- . hind the woman." 11 For a Fine Fifty Nine EN ROLL NOW.'../ CLASSES FOR WOMEN • Reducing Slenderizing • Poise • Rhythmic..'Exercise I individual'Attention — A Classes For 2 Months — 9 a. m, to 8 p, m. FRAN can help you REDUCE and RETAIN that FIGURE. Don't sit at home and "wish" you could do something about HIQ) figure — CALL US TO-DAY FOR APPOINTMENT! Faujftu§ dot-sjj't prw>iijg tu»n, • ' LIMITED ENROLLMENT ALL CLASSES FRAN - 901 So. Main - >ft : 7r433$.. BIG TABLE SMALL LOT 36 IN, PRINTED SPECIAL PURCHASE IN COMBED • DRIP'DRl NIW SPRING • PRE- SHRUNK' PATTiRN • YARN DYED COLORS ONLY WOOLENS

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