Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 1, 1959 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 1, 1959
Page 6
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imax Today ;0y. .OSLO ROBERTSON Press Spons Writer football bowl season its cjimax today wiDh j^iuwti/ Lollisiana Stale, Oklahoma .'4.''jniid.».Texas Christian favored to | l ',f'>vMlk" ; c>ff< four widely separated il'Tsrictii'Otts With victories. fe*« The ? last surge of bowl compoli- S\ltloh.'g'ot Underway Wednesday It^hpn-Xyxorri^ turned two Har- |t,l<5-ajiV'Slmraons mistakes into touch- |4{;®vn's". for a 14-6 victory In th" g^\Sun '-Bowl at El Paso. Tex. |i^J>|oji'a, beaten-only by Ohio Stale gj^arfd ' tied ' by the Air Force Aca§ demy -in a nine-game schedule. Xvas^the outstanding favorite to w ^rhSasure California (7-3) in tho lHjiRqse' Bowl the cloddy of all HIP 5*Ttposl season football classics r.t l^iP.asadena, Calif. jM^Unbeaten Louisiana State, win- |t;neWof 10 and the nation's No. 1 |Sranked team, also was the slronj fpchpice to, turn back Clemson (8-2) ^'Jin'the Sugar Bowl al New Orleans. yT^he same went fnr Oklahoma's (Tonce-'beaten Sooners (9-1) in their Bowl battle with Syracuse £./('8-n%t Miami. Fla. Christian, (8-2) champion |fef ofi^the Southwest Conference, like- i^vjisV.wa's favored, but by no such' big -margin, over outweighed Air" l^orca'AcadcmJ! CQ-O-i), playing in its,, "fH'st bo>yl after >only % three yell's "of varsity dompelitioh'. They IftHgled in Ihc doltoH Bowl at Dallas. With nVailriblc scats as extinct fis the dodo- bird, some 333(000 persons were slated to sit in ,'oii the foul' major bowls with the k'rgosl crowd of 100,000 at the Hose BoWl, Capacity of the Sugar Bowl is 82,000, thp Orange Yd.UdO and the Cotton 75,000, For those fans, who by choice or otherwise, elected to stay a,t home, iherc was a choice of nil four games via television. The Orange Bowl, with n 1 p.m. EST kickoff; and the 'Cottort Bowl starting 3:30 p.m. JEST, were to i be televised by CBS. NBC tcle- [ vised the Sugar Bowl, 2 p.m. EST, and the Rose Bowl, 5 p.m. EST. For Oklahoma, appearance in a bowl game was nothing new. The Soo.ncrs have been in eight pre- vlous post-season games in/ 20 years for a 6-2 record. 'They haven't lost in three Orange Bowl visits, beating Duke 40-21" last year. Iowa, headed by All - America Randy Duncan, also was after ilM second straight bowl triumph in three years. The Hawkeyes turned back Oregon State 35-19 in 1957. The Iowa-California game is the last Rose Bowl contest between representatives of the Big Ton and the Pacific Coast Conference; The PCC goes out d£. existence next spring. Although the prospect of .wet tin- derfooting raised the hopes o£ Clemson supporters, there weren'J. many who, could forse the Allan- if • *-'*L.' { W r* PRE - INVENTORY SALE We Will Inventory Our Store Monday Januarys, 1959 — You have a chance to start the New Year with a Big Savings. Save a Lot of Money~Before Inventory ... Friday, Saturday, Monday. LIVING ROOM SUITES Reg. $259.95 2-Pc. Living Room Suite $199 Reg. $222.95 2-Pc. Living Room Suite $179 Reg. $229.95 2-Pc. Living Room Suite $149 .Reg. $189.95 2-Pc. Studio Group $149 Reg. $169.95 2-Pc. Studio Group $129 BEDROOM SUITES Reg. $.109.95 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite $ 8.9 Reg. $139.95 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite $109 Reg. $169.95 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite $119 Reg.. $189.95 3-Pc. .Bedroom Suite $139 CHAIRS Reg. $48.95 Swivel Rocker $37 Reg. $4,9,95 Recliner, $38 Reg. $19.95 Choir $10 Reg. $44.95 Choir $29 Reg. $21.95 Chair $,13 Reg. $4.95 Pictures ............. .' ......... $ 3 'Group of Regular $6.98 Lamps — No Shades . .. $ ,1 Group of Lamps ................ , ....... . ..... \ OFF LINOLEUM — 9x12 ................................. . $ 5 I,'— .$24.95 Electric Blanket ............................ $15 .1 — $14,95 MacGregor Stadium Blanket ........ $ 5 4 — $14,95 Heavenly Blankets ...................... $ 5 T — Hotppint 21" Tqble TV ............... $173 Reg. $199,95 Motorola Hi Fj .............. $\50 Reg, $179.95 Zenith Hi Fl ................... $110 ,;'R«g, $54,95 Dinette ................................. $40, Reg v $129;95 Wnerte .................................... $69 Reg t $5,98 FOPIJI RMbbec-lron fa4 % Coyer Se^ $ f j R<?9, $39,95 Cl«b, Alumirjumware ....... $29 ,'R«9, $54,95 AMF Boys 26" Bike" ........... $40 ,Mg» $28,95 16." poys or Gjrlt Bike ................ $30 Ml' $69,95 Rheem Hot Wot$r T«nk« 4«m?t«^ $50 $6,95 Stainless Steel Bowls ........... *... $ 3 $39,95 Gi Miver .-"•" ....................... $2Q $19,95 GI Portable Mixer ........ $13 $18,95 G| flectri? Skillet ...................... IU $U,95, Madison Skjlltt W/U4 ....... ........ lift !!!•!! G| Reg, Reg Rf9 Mqchina RIQ. ?24.95 ™ NQW RiG, $34.95 — NOW QUAKER HEATERS CLOSE OUT 12.50 19.95 21.95 Ri@ ; $41,95 — NOW 22*95 ___^___._^_.__^-^^__-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ •^^^^^^P^' ^^u* w^^^w ^^^m "^^^^ ^^^^^H ^^^ VRRt ^^fjfff EASY PAY STORES North Corolina State Has 7th Dixie Classic " '• ,BV JIM KENSIL. * • Associated Pfes Sports Writer Tho Woltpack is snai-ling again. North Carolina Stale today had Its seventh Dixie Classic chntti* t:i,cmship in 10 y.pars tp prove it, 'but it was the first .time in' three ycnrs the Woh'pn.ck hnd boon nblo to. Win its own tournament. Coach Everett Case called it his "greatest tournament ithimph." Ranked filth nationally in the latest Associated Press college basketball poll, , the Wolfpack made a strong bid for an even higher rating with a smashing 70-01 Victory over seventh-ranked Michigan' Stntc Wednesday night in the Dixie final, The triumph was the third in three days for the Wolfpack who Tuesday, upsut second-ranked Cincinnati ' after turning back Louisville in the first round of tho Dixie at Raleigh, N, C. , Only third-ranked Kansas Stale has beaten N.C. Stale this season, and th^t loss camo on the road. The Wolfpack has won nine. Meanwhile, at Charlotte. Undefeated St. Francis of LoreUo. Pa., dug in after blpwing a 20-point second half lead and " whipped Fordham 74-71 for the championship of the Carrousel Classic.' .' The Gulf •" South' 'Classic nt Shrevoport, La., also crowned a champion, Louisiana Tech. a 7166 overtime victor over Virginia Tech. i In ' m a j o r non - tournament gomes, sixth-ranked Nqrth,western He Coast Conference champions derailing the fast '.LSU express , spearheadec^ by All-America Bil) ( v Cannon. Clemson's 'chief hope was the passing of Hervcy While. The Cotton Bowl had all the- setup for a Goliath and 'David'battle. The Horned Frogs mustered a squad three-deep against the livht- ly manned but extermely fast Falcons from the Air Force Academy. Also on today's schedule was the Prairie View Bawl si Houston. Tex., matching Prairie Vif>w (8-01) and .Lanigston, Okla. (4-3). Basketball &y 07 , Northwestern itil Notre OamcS 'Si. Louis GQ, San Francisco 42 • ; U ! Dixie _._ Cha.mpibKShlp N.C. Slatoi 70, Michigan Slalo Si ' third Plr.ec <"' North Carolina 90, Cincinnati P,8 Fifth Place 'Puke 37, Louisville 54 • Seventh Plftc'e. •Wake Forest 85, Yale 7(i j , _^_ • Carrousel Classic i Championship , St. Francis (Pa) 74, 'Fordhamj 71 ; Third Place Washington 74, Davidson 49 Fifth Place Bucknoil 95,'Pitt 76 ' SoVentR PM.ce s Clemson r>5, South "Carolina 49 Gulf South Classic Championship (Louisiana Tech W, Virginia., Tech 00 (ot) "* Third Place .>-r" Centenary 81, (Northwestern La. 72 Fi.'fth IPlace Wm. & Mary 64, Murray (Ky)fG2 .Seventh Place ' North Texas 87, Spring 'Hill' 70 ; .Cotton Bowl Championship Texas Wesleyan 78, Austin .69 Third Place ' ' East Tex'a's 05, Central Oklii 40 matched its fleldhouse scoring record by trouncing Notre Dame 1 102-67' and -St. Louis, rated 'iGth smpthered San Francisco 60*42. Cass arrived al baskelball-ipoor N'.C. State for the 1940-47 season. He Won 26. games and' lost 'only five that year. Then followed ,'tjine more years in which the - 'Pack never won less than 24 games. Those, were the days of Dick Dickey, Sam R a n z ino, Bobby Speight and .Ronnie Shavlik'.. The 1 Wolfpack failed to win either th> 1 old Sputhern Conference. ,or At- j.lantic Coast Conference title,' only ,'p,nce during that span and vvafl in the NCAA tournament five ilimes. ADS MUST BE IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION — PHONF 7-3431 FOR AD TAKER ^^* 1F^^f^^ ^^^f ^^^^^^^^^r I • The schedule of Soliinar Periods, as-printed below, has been taken from John-Alden Knight's Solunar 'fdbled. Plan your days so that you will be fishing In good territory or hunting In good cover during these times, if you w'sh to find the best sport'that each day has to. offer, The'Major Periods are shown In ..boldface" type.- These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two v hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration, A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major ••Thursday 10:25 4:15 10:55 4-.40 •Friday. 11:15 5:05 11:45 5:30 Saturday &:55' 12:05 6:25 Sunday 12:40 6:55 1:05 7:26 The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Wanted to Buy price's *pai.a* for mink and doon hides. Ajfter 7 p.m. call B6b Ratelll'f, &00 S. Hamilton. Phone PR 7-2782. 23-12tp USED, two row tractor 1 , rotary b'!s!i cutter, chain saw ( portable electric. iy z saw, pick-up truck. Prefer to trade clean '52 Plymouth sedan, . radio and, heater plus cash for truck. Write BoJt F, c/o iHope Star, Hope, Ark, giving price. 31-3lp Female Help Wanted 2 WAITRESSES, Apply at mond Cafe, PR 7-3420, Dia- 30-U LADY to help do light housework. Prefer to live in'home. PR 7-2087 30-3tc For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-lmoc 5 ROOM house. 301 N, Ferguson Street. Call 7-3578. 17-lmo. 3" I1OOM> apartment" PR 7-2247. 30-If 2 MODiERiN houses. $25 and $35 monthly. Strout Realty, 020 W. 07 Hwy. Phone 7-370(1. 30-Gtp For Salt ALUMINUM screens, doors, stdrrri' windows, weather « stripping; in« sulation, roofing, awnings, gut« tering, ornamental railingu Free estimates, Andy Andrews, Photie 7-5867- ' 9-tf 3 SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken farms, 80 acres timber land two miles out of Foreman. Ark. See Ralph Satinders or Phone 7-4.001. ' 19-tt WANT AD RATES All Want, Ads afc poyoblo In odvonee buf flds will be accepted ovef" the 'telephone o'nd ai-.'-.omadd 1 tiori accounts .allowed with the un- •defstondlng the account Is payable when statement is tendered. '51 O'LDS four door. A-l. Condition. New tires, radio and heater. $495 Will arrange financing, Call 72487. " 2-tf ONE 14 foot platform scale. W. I. Stroud, Washington. Ark. 1-Otp Number- Of Words Up to )5 16 fo'20 Zl-to 23 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 4V to 45 46 to 50 One Day .45 .60, ,75 .90 1.05 1.20 1,35 t,50 Days .90 1,20 i.sd 1.?0 2,10 2.^0 7.VO 3.0(5 Six Days 1.50 5.00 2.50 300 3.50 4.00 4.50 s;oo One Montr 4.50 6.00 7.50 900 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Notice WE Buy - Wt Sell - W« H«n» REAL ESTATE;, ' R. D. FRANKLUM COMPAITt; A. P. Deloney, Manager/ * Howard Collier, Salenman, , iT-fc Thought for the day i - Compromise is. but the sacrifice •of one righl or good in the hope I of retaining another, loo oflen ending in Ihe loss of .both. — Tyron Edwards. Happy New Year MELLORINE »»»»-»"»-.WIXI 1^ I. ^_ *' 't Ice Cream 72 49 SHORTENING MAXWELL HOUSE or FOLGERS C Ib 10 Oz. Pkg. FROZEN Strawberries PICTSWEET FROZEN Ptatoes FRYERS Ib 5UN YAUIY QAN Biscuits 2:25 C sue SUSED BACON 2;87 C Ws Deliver DIAL 7*4501 SUPER MARKET QQQC f aiBAY & SATUftgAY* M*i 2o4 4 .Calendar of Events The Yerger Band Mother's Club •will sponsor a New Year's Social in Harris Gymnasium Thursday, January 1, beginning a t 8:30 p. m. Admission: 40c single; 75c couple, Tickets may be purchased from Band Mothers or at the door. This social is 'being given in the interest of the Uniform Fund. 4 ROOM unfurnished apartment and private bath. 1002 ,S. Elm St. Phone 7-2253. 31-3tp Wonted to Rent 3 ROOM furnished 'apartment at Hope or Washington, Write Box F, c/o Mope rSiar, Hope, Arkansas. 31-3tp Eastern and Long' Distance. Call Co* lect"5»2. Free K«timatei, 'Low*u Rates. Have Vans — Will Travel PRESCOTT TRANSFER fc STORAGE CO. PJUDSCOTT; ARKANSAS BARHAM Brothers- House Moy- era. Insured and free esUrriate; Write Barham Brothers Cale; Arkansas. 21-1 Mb. The Clow Training School 'will meet Childress Higii School, Nashville at Lincoln High School Gym, in a basketball game on Thursday Jan. 1 at 7:30. Admission students c; Adults 35c. The Anna P. Strong Federated Club will meet in the home of Mrs. . V. Rutherford, Friday, Jan. 2, at 7:30 p.m. All members are i|rged .''to. be present, Coming .and Going K, C. Smith has returned to .his home in Ardmore, Okla. after having spent the weekend with his father, George Smith in Texarkana and his sisters, Mrs. Edith Booker n Wm a brother William ,w ot Hope. Continued From Page One struck by 1,500 pilots and co-pilots Dee. 20. No negotiation!! are in progress and none are scheduled. Eastern has recalled 10,000 em- ployes, furloughed after the line was slruck Nov. ?-4 A major factor in the Eastern dispute was pilot Iraining for cn- gineer,« Company officials said In, Now York that the. agreement follows a National Mediation Board ret-- rimmendation tha't the company withhold pilot training for i'ts 7!! 1 engineers who. will fly in jet aircraft. The training agreement covers the period of the new contract j —to April 1, I960— or until the gov- I eminent j orders new crew quail 1 '!- cations < A federal, court order had barrc'l the engineers from continuing a strike over the pilot training iss'ir The 'walkout continued on the basis of other issues, including pay, Iravol expenses and scnior- WE Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac. BYERS "ANTIQUE SHOP, Patmos - Shover- Springs Road, Phone 7-2057; ' 14-1-mo c GOT a few puppies to give away. Call "Doc" Rogers 7-5? 10 'between 8 a.m. and 5 R.m. -30-3tc NO HUNTING without permission on J. G. Prcscolt's farm in; the •old Proving Ground. This, la is posted. '• 30-Gtp POSITIVELY no hunting on the B. J. Drake estate, Patmos. This land is posted. Ki-Gtp Wanted Hope Star route open for boys 12 yuars and over. Apply at Hope Star Office. WILiL pay $1.15 per bushel for'ear corn delivered to Hope Feed Co, 'PR 7-2547. 30 T Qtc 'Mr. and Mrs. .F. E'. Hicks, Mrs. Willye Hicks Bryant and t-onnie 'Rogfers Henderson of TSUorphlet, Arki were visitors in Hope Wednesday. Monitors Are What's Happening in Washington Henry Lee McFaddcn and Chester (Lee Cheatham, students at A,M',&N, College^ Pine Bluff, are spending the holidays - with rela-' tivos'ahd friends here. | Mr, and Mrs, Jethro Jefferson of Chicago spent the weekend with Mr. and (Mrs. Anderson Jefferson ' / James W. Cheatham left Friday for Minneapolis, Minn, after spend-1 ing several days with his mother, •Mrs, Myrtle Cheatham, f "Mrs. Vaseline Trotter is vacq-' tioning in Los 'Angeles, Calif. jh iMr, and Mrs. James Wjtherspoon Mr. and Mrs, Dee Stuart, Henry Lee, Hermon and Marvell OVtcFad- den were guests in the home of M'r, and Mrs. C. Cole on Friday. I Mr, and Mrs. Laverne Stuart of Columbus, Ga., are the holiday ests of Mrs, Stuart's parents, , and Mrs. Paul Porter. Clyde Trotter of Little Rock, •was a holiday -guest of his mother, ,'M»'S. Cassie Trotter. Frank White and James Jefferson were visitors in Little Rock Sunday. ). Tom Roberts of Wright City, Oklahoma,, were the guests of 'Mrs, A^erta Adams on Sunday, 5VIr. and Mrs. Major Moore, Grit and Roy Witherspoon motorecl to Murfreestooro Sunday. i. Laura Raglon has returned ,Uome after having spent several 4,ays with relatives in Kansas City, Wijh'am Dunbar and George Hunter, who exploded the Ouacluta river in 1804 reported a heavy de- t mand for "bear graese" in New Prlean§ where it wa£ preferred Ijy cooks over hog lard. .Continued From Page One oghue of. Washington and Godfrey P, Schmidt of New York, The third monitor, L N. V Wells of Detroit, who sits on the> panel as the Teamsters' own rou resentative, was reported as indicating privately he considered the- attempted unionization "poor judgment." U. S, Diet, Judge. F. Dickinson Letts has warned thai disregard of recommendations by the moni tors could rsSjUlt in Die removal at Hoffa and his entire' executive board, He named the monitors to eradicate gangster inlluence and establish democratic practices MUim the much-investigated union, It has beep expelled, from the AFL- CIO on corruption charges Hoffa, himself, seemed to bp toping' down the unionization drive, He sajd in a statement th« union would take in policeman "only if they come to us," Junta Headed Continued From Page One tains south of Santa Clara Wednesday said the po.llee headquarters, ft provincial gbvernmpnt building arid the Qrand, Hotel had boon captured in the papitol of Las Vil- igs province, Th/3 rebels earl^r had been hears! bjoadq^sting an urgent appeal toy reinforcements, Lightly armed rebel foot soldiers, outnumbered, up to »10 to 1 in Las Villas, heve been battling the pick of Batista's infantry backed by tanks, artillery and wJirplqnes The rebejs west of Santa Clara were unabJe to resist tank attacks, 4notb,er ri.hU broadcast said. It reported "numerous dua,d and ' wounded." | A government communique said I an army armored column moved ,into the city, wiping out hundreds of rebels. White Cross plan issued by. Bankers Life and Casualty Co. Leads furnished. Write P.O. Box 5550 or Phone TE 6-9343, Camden, Ark. 1-mo-c Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Burial Association OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME Dial PR 7-2123 20-im-o Services Offered LET us renqvat* your old mattress, We specialize In preuuri- ^ed Innerspring, COBB MATTRESS SHOP Yta West 4th, Phone 7-M29 . Ml RAU»H Montgomery Market, cuij. torn slaughtering. We have meal tor your deep freeze. Sec.til' t>t fore buying, ' 17«t| 3INGER SEN71NG MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, S13 East 3rd, L, E, Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14.tr GOOD bargains, Buy, se)l, trad<e or refinish your {urnlture at my shop, Paul Dudney, Washington, Arkansas, 23-1-m-c VOLT STARTERS AND 6BHIR ATQRS • All Parti For Csr? And Trw?kl i¥@ full g*g Tire? t Aha N«w And Tim'- Glass & Salvaqi Co. : 67 W ? a Hs^ 4 Ail* SEWING reasonable, Also button Holes and Belts, Call Mrs. Starkey. PR 7-4516, ' 39-6tc POWER Saw man for removal of trees, stumps a.n4 etg, For free estimate call 7-40^2, SQ-l-mo-c Real Estate for Sale START OFF THE NEW YEAR WITH YOUR OWN HOME You, must see to appreciate tWs lovely 3 bedroom home on 3U North Washington. A Wg 15x?7 ft. paneled den with a real woo4 burning fire place, makes this house a home, Carpets jn Jiv* ing room and dinitig roomi garage, storage, patio. Prjoe4 to sell. F.J-J.A. or CpnvsnUonat loan. Choose your own color spneme on the interior — the outs»4e is newly redecorated, -r- 3 ^edi rooms, 2 baths, livjpg room, dining room, and Kitchen, double carport, garage. Q&i\ b,s bought \\1tli or wilhouj, lot. Vacant now at 117 Avenue C, 3 blocks from, Up-> town. At 1508 Pecan in peyerly Hills, this 2 bedroom ranch style i§ § bargajn- Attached pra.§e, fej§ lot. If dissatisfied with your present home, we can take it }n trii,4j} on a n.cw home tq sujt yq,yp family and pocketbaok. CyJJ u§ before you buy or scjl. FOSTER 217 Hope, A,riji9ix?a.s, Phone P. S. lloppy Ne\y CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time 3 times 6' times 80e pef Ifich 65c per inch 55c per inch Rotes quoted above ore for cori secWlve inserMons. Irregular or skit dote ads will take the one-day rale. All dolly classified advertising copy vylll be arcepted until 5 p.m. for publication 1 the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit oil advestlsements of fered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising sub- milled. Initials of one or, mere letters, aroups of fiauros, su'-h as house of telephone numbers count as one word. • J ,?The Hope Star will not be responsible lor errors in Want Ads unless •error 1 ;' ore' colled to our attention ' qffp.r FIRSTI/lnfrt'on of, ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. :- PROSPECT 7-3431 Ho^e Stor ™. ~ , Star, ot Hopo 1899; Press 1927 Canialldated January 18, 1929 Published .everv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs, C. t. Palmer, president Alex. H. Washburn, Sccy-Trei. '< or The Star Building 212-1^, SjujtY .Walnut Street HopeT Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher foul H; Jon'es, Managing- Editor Dona I 'Porker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmor, Much. Supt. Entered as second class matter at th< Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under (ho Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of ' ' Circulations Subscription fcatas (payable In By, car.rjqr In, Hope and neighboring towns — Per,week .'; S .30 Per year '..., 1560 By: moil In Hsmpstead, Nevoaa. LdFa'yette, Howard o.id MI'ler Coun. ties, -t ', On* month $ .83 Three monthi 1.B3 U« rnuitni .,, 3.50 On*, year 6.50 i .; All..other v .mall. —,, ' One 'month' ,.-.. f Three months Six months' ' One year 1.30 3.90 7.80 15,60 Hot'l Advertising Reprcsentatlvts; Arkansas Dallies, lite., 1602 Sterick B(dg. -Memphis 2, Vt(n.; 505 Texas Bank, Bldg,, Dallas V lexas; 360 N Michigan Ave,, Ch!ca f )o 1, III.; 60 B. 42pd.St,, New York <'!, N.. Y.; 1763 Pepobscot/ Bldg,, Detroit 2, Mich,, 1 Teritiihal Bldg.', Oklnhomo City 2, Okla. 'Member af The Annotated Pr»M: '^ Th« : Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcotlon "bf'Cfirjhe locpl. nev<s printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches, '" I ROACH - HUGHES INSURANCE Auto • nra • Life A Caiualty 108 E, 3rd, Phone 7-4581 .Hope, Ark, Tpvlor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS — :?16 «, Hazel Phone 7-4022 Qrvlllt T»ylpr . John Bill Jordan WANTED TO BUY pJne,PMtpw9P9 by Truck CMI in yv«9di or HAROLD HENDRIX ' Ph<?n» PR 7-4321 , Ark. Qnt Otx ttrvlct OAVI5 FwrnUvrt ft M*ttrtM Ct. \\r »9. Kim. Herndon^Corncliu* Fyn»rq! Hpme PrxJ Bwrlql Ambulance S«rvic« Tw^ Wax Conditi Phont FR 74570 UOCAL MOVING and HAUUIMG 4)ffi PACKlNa ft CRATINf, • • t • tt Hope Transfer Co, 415 fait

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