Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 1, 1959 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1959
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS , January 1, 1959 4 CHAPTER XXVIII it •Adam after Marty had left them. Me said, "I don't want to put her in"- Softool there. I don't think 'ous and demanding. In the month away from home Hope grew almost ns brown ns Vangie, for Emmy was an impassioned lover young he is really . .. 'but he's years older than Hiidpgarde." "Hildcgarde," said Adam, "Isnt yoting except in years 1 Hope shook her head, "lie is her guardian, Adam." "darling," said Adam, quite c e r t a i <i thercs no what you're thinking." Whether 6f h6l they will go'fforh companionship and fiffectibfT ihto something else, Tomorrow Hiklcgardc may fall seriously in' love with the gardener, or Ihnt' idiot who keeps sailing past the dock, and Waving at her, or one of the fvy League boys who" in'-' ' n ' i fest the property. Or - . . ,, , ., ,. of sand, sea, and wind. Emmy! "You dn' she's be happy. Her father will] lookcd ralhcl . ]lko a nl coftoc > YOU ao -- consent to anything. «ei bean hcl . solt] nnd whuh "If M'ariy hadn't been — Anyway, I don't like the idea.' "I think Marty hoped that after n whlle- . vvumiin, s*iia Aasrn, 4« «„,.« «1r - hn 1v,q to be very old; he has may uvs to oe very oio; nc n aS(mU weekctlc , Adam camo ltt {akc ,good cafe, he vegetates. He has !thcm homc hc OI , kcd( ,, What have I married, what have I fathered? You are two perfectly the l'i- j i 0 be elderly, "t do. Marty knew desire to sec her. t of -that too. Then I decided against it. But there's a very (good teacher in Paris." ^"'Travel a wt>i i l',c," suggested her own country, let alone others. 1 Adam. "Hildegardc's never seen . Her own country, let alone others. Take her places " ,lThe summer trip had been of strange young women, amnesia." have what Hal and Hlldcgarde shared When she was with them and what they would s h a r e after- which is just part of experience. Or maybe in a year, or two, or [ three. : Shc will look ntef Hal and he at her nnd each will SP someone new., This is no) our business, darting, 'but I have a fefling It is Marty's." "You mcnn," she asked, ",!lko Dr. Emile and the next room? ' I "Something like that. ifYou '•[ know, t have •thought about Dr. Emile and Marty n lot. \Vhal>'they wards. Music — of course: also, j accomplished here, what they are Hal had sold the house after their return from Europe and went back into the apartment they'd always kept. Hc could en,'benefit. This W-..C a child who Mure it far better than the coun- . felt so deeply that, in trying "to [try place. "The apartment had help her, Hal was helped. He, been Jim's idea, but the house told no one of the hours when, j Marty's. The following summer during their jouiney to crcat an-j he took a place on the water and ^lent cities and to small quiot hired a good housekeeper. The ••'places, hc had heard the crying house was always full of girls in the night and had gone m inland boys. For Hildogarcle was they would strike sparks from each others minds. Marty must have seen that, for I do. Ancl they shared loving her. We don't know Jike. It doesn't m'nk'o scribe 1 that they wouldn't go on accomplishing, Susie." Prescoft News Brownie Troop No, 2 Has Party ... —, ....... „ . ...... Brownie Troop 2 had a Christ- hold her in his arms as Marly stowing up. She had furiously j mas party at the home of the lead- would have done j despised boys tor a time, but j cr, Mrs. Aubrey Anderson. They 'iBllt what cun we do without • now she foil in love with them, j were greeted by a gaily decorated 'her?'' '' .... "I don't know, Hildegardc, ex"' cept to go on living and lovinjj one after another. her," always." -' '.'It' isn't fair a little white." Hal commuted and found ho! the living room. i tree on the lawn and another in! didn't mind. He told Adam one day, "I don't know how I hold I had her such i up. The place is a madhouse. ! Thank Heaven for Mrs. Justice;, , Stroking the heavy hair, he; who really dispenses— not to the had thought, I too Hc didn't say ! staff alone, but to the kids. Ancl it, thinking further But, however short', how grateful I shall always be. it's fine to see Hiidegarde emerge. She has a depth I don't find in the girls who swarm all over the ' j'During that s u m m c r Adam | place like butterflies—only a worked hard. There was on? : noisier. Still, she's one of them other young man in the otf'ico now. As for the boy s—" Ho Games were enjoyed and an exchange of sifts. Favors were fruit and candy. Refreshments of cold drinks and cookies were served to Charlotte Arnold. Sandra Kay Anderson, Kay Vandiver, Dorothy Covington, Helen Friend, Gail Graham, Susan Ward, Jeanettc McAnnally. Glcnda Smith. Janet Jordan and Charlotte Eastcrling. Guests were Janet Bright, Dobra boxes of cookies. | Guests wore Mike and 'Angela Payne, Dennis Graham, Rosemary! Lee, Gail Willis. Tanna . Murry, | Hoyt Jobe, Doug Gordon, Mike •Simpson ancl Jerry Jackson. Roacoe Franks Has Birthday Party On Saturday Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Franks honored their son Ros- j coo with a party in celebration ofj his seventh birthday. I The guests Sammy Dundee, John j I Reynolds, James Ray Steed, Doug I] Gordon, Mike Robertson, Mike j Harris, Steve King, Tommy DC- j I Black and Jimmy Franks arrived'! * •*• , . inTii e *- p ">-«-"-^i-*v^_iwuMm.;i,.u.ii£iiiL, LJWl tl learning the intricate ropes, hcv shrugged, well, from now on in, • Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cov- a ' lllc Franks homo at 12:30 and Was eager ano intelligent, he dc- ' I .guess. She's 17. i ington a?id Debbie 'and Mr Andcr-' wcrc sel ' v °d ice cream and cake:] Hal had said, i Hope and Adams went down snlv ' ' i from the dining table spread with! a beautiful cloth and centered withM a bowl of binoculars that were giv- : vourcd traminc, . _ . . "Even so, I've no business to go 'tor a weekend, leaving Emmy off for three months" j with Vangie .and Boy. They had a ''.''You must," Adam had told happy and exhausting time. "1 him. . ; iiow don't see how Hal stands it," So Adam took only his week- said Hope on the v:ay back, "e'hds and, as it was a hot sum- Bill Woodel Celebrates Birthday en as favors. Tab'' 1 appointments _. ! wcrc in the Woody Woodpecker Bill Woodel celebrated his sixth | theme. . . . . , "Hal's a lot younger than we | birthday with a party given by j After the guests were served j I mer, Hope took Emmy to an is- are." her husband reminded her. j his parents. Rev. and Mrs. W. R. they enjoyed a picture show party I land to which Adam could .fly on "Why . so hc is," admitted Hope ^Friday nights. She left Vangie at astonished. 'Some' to look after Adam. And | Not until a few days la>"r did ^admitted that, much as she loved' she arrive at the conclusion ot her child, 24 hours a day ot Em- her thinking on that subject. Woodel. at their home on Saturday afternoon. After Bill opened his gifts, games were played. Ice cream and birthday cake. "my-, could fray seams; not that : "There isn't the slightest, the j decorated in pink and blue, were ^s.he wasn't good, generally speak- i vaguest reason to think — Yet! served from a table covered with f ing,, simply that she was vigor- when you reminded me how I a pink and blue cloth. Favors .were BARGAIN Fri. & Sat. •at the Nevada Theatre,:} I Guests in the home of Mr. and i R. S. Hamilton have been Mr., j 'Mrs. Rodney Hamilton , and How-|| ard and .Miss Sue Hulspy of Bossier City, La. LADIES ORLON - DYNEL COATS • Asst. Colors . . • Size 8 to 16 • Limited Supply SHORT COATS — REG 39.95 LONG COATS — REG, 69.95 $57.88 LADIES NYLON TRICOT Reg. 49c Value 3 pr. 971 BOY'S FLANNEL SHIRTS * Asst, Patterns • Size 4 to 16 This i$ a real buy for your School Age Kids. ''Cotton Flannels. Reg, -1,49 Value. 88c MEN'S IVY LEAGUE PANTS • Sizes 28 to 36 • Sanforized • Pin Stripe with Buckle • A Regular 3,98 Value Mr.. Mrs. Jim Ncison and Walter ,Jane returned Sunday from Hughes where they were guests ot Mrs. Roy Nelson and Memphis where thov visited Dr. and. Mis. Glen Williams. Albert Rcdfcrn ancl | grml|Son ( Odis ; Rcdtcrn Jr. spent Satifrjclay in Tcarkana with M'r., M ! i;f!$ftylq •Rcdfern and Mrs. Ircne\B f 6l$a'it-' " ' I Mr ..Mrs J. iE. Smith and Miss Claude-tic Smith were Thursday quests of Mrs. John Jopiin in Mena. , . Mr., Mrs. Ralph Gordon had as AVeekend guests, Mr.. Mrs. %uit- man Steed and Miss Lynn Stcffcl oj Greenville, 'Miss; "i ' -.:'•''. .5 Mrs. Clara Wichard, Miss Betty Wichard of LitCu Rock wucke.id guests in the home of Mr., M'rs. C. A. DC Vorc. Mr.. Mrs. Don Sallcc'.'. Mfjjj.im and Tommy have returned to'Bos- -sicr City, La. after-a visi(j-witH' her parents, Mr., Mrs. John T."*Me- Rac. i Mr., Mrs. Aubrey Anderson 'and Sandra Kay spent the weekend' in i Henderson, Texas with his mother I Mrs. Beul-ah Ray and Ml\ Bay, j where they met his brother, ;Se'th 'Anderson and family wi\9 arrived Saturday night from Eureka, Calif. I They will also visit in Hope, Little Rock and Hope relatives. Mr., -Mrs. John Hubbard visited Mr., Mrs. M'onroe Til Hut)!£ard, i.nd son John Dwair.o in! ZSell, La. during the holiday $ 2.66 MEN'S SOCKS - Reg, & Stretch - Reg, 39c Vol. 4 pr, 1,00 LADIES HOSi — Site 8]; to 11 2pr..l,OQ LADIES SLIPPER SOCKS — Reg, 1,98 vglue 1.44 LADIES FLATTIES Colors and Sport Style 4 in 2.44 MEN'S SUITS For the Man whe ne§ds <J «yit te f inUh the • 19Q% iMr. and Mrs. Waller Hirst "spent , Chvisitmas Day in Cumdon '^isit- ing Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Pruitt and sons, Dr. "Milliard and Edward and families. I M/Sgt. William D. Hale.i Mrs. Hale, Janet and Mike of Randolph AFB, Texas are the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs,' Bro. ; zie Haynie and Mr. and Mrs; Horace Hale. Mrs. Arlice Pittman and . Jim Dewoody have been the guest of Mr. and Mrs, Hugh De\vooay in Ardmore, Okla. * • t . $39,95 Wstgfi and Walt fei Rtphan'? lig Annual Clearance! Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas and their guests, Mr. and ty|rs. iiarley Cox and daughters ol Pine Bluff and Dr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas and sons of Little Rock at* tended a family re-union in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gen. try in Hope Sunday. j Mr. and Mrs. Wells Hamby'Jr. of Camden have been the guests of Mr. and 'Mrs. Wells Hamby. E'llis Lavender of D'tllas was the Friday :-;ue'-.l of his movner, T. A. CetVlMQLl Friends of Cab Davis will bo happy to kno.v he ha 3 return^ home after h emg u patimt jn Veterans Ho-jpi'm in Shrevtport. . . . ^ Five Die in Crash < of Brgzilion Plgne i R1Q DE JANEIRO, Bru'^l OAF) — Five persons ciied in the cjfashj of a burning Briiz;Jiaa pjisiebgw , plant into Hio Bay Thursday, Sonic- of the 31 survivors vs'tie in jured. All aboard the I ulane vyi-re Brazilians. STARTS MORNING As Always the Biggest and Best Buys Comes From Your Nearest Owen's Store! CLOSE OUT 4 Only — 8.95 Value WOOL PLAID JACKETS CLOSE OUT 17 Only — Values to 39.95 LADIES SHORT COATS AND SUITS to * CLOSE OUT ^ 5 Only — 2.69 Value CHILDREN'S CHENILLE CLOSE OUT 2 Only — MOUTON Reg. 75.00 Value CLOSE OUT ,7, Only — Ladies, BETTER CHENILLE CLOSE OUT 5 Only — 2.98 to 3.50 . 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