Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 19, 1963 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1963
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE FIVE Green and Rohsoti Reunion at Moro MORO — Ninety-one were present at the Green-RobSori family reunion Sunday at the M o r o School. Following a basket dinner, Kenneth File of Bunker Hill was elected as a new member to the steering committee. Mrs. William Dorsey. secretary, reported 10 births, two marriages, and two deaths in the past year. The youngest one present was Jennifer Green, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Leo Green of Alton. The oldest present was Ralph E. Green of Monroe, Mich. COLOMBO — Ceylon plans new changes in her oil prices. YOUR MONEY EARNS MORE MONEY MORE OFTEN Moro Church tO Meet MORO — Mrs. Mildred Pirt- chett will be program leader at." OT . ' n- ,' „ m o D 4;,,,, „<• *u- n-: t _j r, u.. 'Mi's- John Dirksr a meeting of the United Preshy- t e r i a n Women's Organization Thursday. The meeting will be at ! ELDRED—Father's Day guests iaf the mond Dirksmeyer \wre Mr. and' ;meyer of Kamps- 1 wood. .Sunday dinner guests at th^ iHarry Borman home were Mr. and Howell and son ol from the local club. Miss Slierryl Trusty, student ville and Mr .and Mrs. Harold | m "' s(> al Funk and daughter of Glenn Chr.| Hospital, in J " tkso " ville - wa * a bon. WITHPIASAS QUARTERLY DIVIDENDS When you save at Piasa you get dividends /our times a year. You get paid more often—and you get paid more because Piasa pays the largest dividend in the Greater Alton-St. Louis area. Save by mail (we pay by mail) postage free. Write: Piasa First Federal, State & Wall Sts., Alton, III. For time 9nd temperature, dial 465-4431. ....nil PIASA FIRST FEDERAL weeks from 9 lo 11:30 a.m. Mondays through Fridays. Chnreh Tour MORO — The Misses Hilde- of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. N<? the home of Mrs. Henry Cooper! ' well Tnistv at 1:30. Thirty-four pupils were: Mrs. Elmer Coonrod and grand- : , enrolled at the first session of the daughter. Karen Coonrod. return.; *I. and M,.v Donald Ad.ok Daiiv Vacation Churrh 'school at ieri home Sunday after several and frtm "- v rind » lr - and Mls ; ""«, i i « Uluicn scl1001 at , , jf in , r-,.':,„ riK . .,, ,|v. iam Stevens and daughter of Carthe local Presbyterian Church. "^ us " ln Gl < ll " tc ' Clt > dl lh( ,....,, tnn ,,,, pnf1P rt a Simrim rrn i , , ' Dj-iKot'i unH "D-iitl rVw\Mfnrl li/imnc* ' lOlllOll d Mr^lHlrrll H. UK I IK. oUlKld V The school will continue for two Robelt anfl Paul Looniod homes., ,,,.„„„,,„ p.,,.,. Mr. and-Mrs; Paul Coonrod andi at MaMInellc Paik. Owen Dawdy of White Hall was a weekend visitor of his son-in- Jaw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Flat!. Other Sunday guests klr. and Mrs. Robert Dunand children of Manchester. ™panied them «nd remained until Tuesday. . „.,' Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jel'scy Postmaster At Lions Conclave JKR.SEY\'1LLE — Postmaster ,194ri-l(M1. Arch Nelson left Tuesday fo:| on Tun W.-oks Vacation Miami. Fla.. to attend the Lions' JERSKVX'TLLE — Mrs. Lena International convention as' 1 Deveninc of Jersexville is on a two weeks vacation trip. H • r | niece Mrs. H. E. Meyers and ; Nelson is si-'creiar.\ of the .Jer- 1 niece. .Mis. Lio.\d Beaver, und^tlieir nephew. Tom Meyers in In- jscyville ("Ititi nnd ser\ed as dis-jMr. Bt-avcr ol Ja^ksoru ille mot : dianapolis. Irid. j n |ored to .lei se\ \ille over the week- -— —— t rir! -zovi-M-Mor of the Lions munu — me Misses Hilde-i iLeslie garde Kanning, Brenda Hadlev !and dau ^ h(ei ' s P en1 Sunda - v af A1 -; W ere Melody Meyer, and Alan Coop' to " " s f. ests ° ! ™ rs -?^^ a - ' r»«j i>aiifc< - i\jli« oiirl i\-l t-e Pint 11 Wil. ur, member of the St. John's United Church of Christ at Midway, joined other young peo- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Flem Williams. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Whitesidei im P° l ' tK al ' e VIENNA — Austrian tobacco rted rising. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Accounts Iniurcd ie $10,000 by Ftdifil Stvinn I loin Iniuunt* Corporation Dividends paid for over 75 consecutive year*/ week . pilgrimage tour sponsored by the church. Graduate from SIU MORO —Joe O'Dell, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. O'Dell, and Michael Bruxier. son of Mr. and among the 1,400 students graduating at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Thursday evening. On Friday evening, Mrs. Billy Rogers and Harold Winson were among those receiving degrees al the Edwardsvillc campus of Southern Illinois University. Sclmol Attendance MORO — Dean C. Pieper, prin- c i p a I of the Northern Area Schools of Edwardsville District, reported the perfecl attendance records for three schools. Al the Moro School Kathy Fried) ine, and Ronna Jfool/er, grade 1; Lonnu; H e n k e and Susan Friedline, grade '.5. Nine received perfecl attendance at Midway School. They arc Richard Gordon and Jane Hans, grade 4; Stephen Grodeon, Larry Johnson, Terry Lowenstcin, and Nelson Hufford, grade 5: and Rhonda Galliher, Harold Moran, and Garry Tilchenal, grade (i. The Quercus Grove School had five with perfect attendance — Kirk Hastings, grade 2; Susan Reinke and Terry Suess, grade and James Heberer and Kenny Highlander, grade 4. Moro Notes MORO — Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cooper returned from Chicago Friday where Cooper had attended the American Flint Jlassworkers Union Convention held al Pic-Congress Hotel for the past two weeks. Mrs. Cooper spent Llie last week with her husband in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Holbeck ot I-lamden, Conn., are spending this week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kasten and Mrs. Martha Holbeck, and other relatives. Ralph E. Green, 82, of Monroe, Mich., is visiting his sister, Mrs. Margaret Kabel. He came to at- .end the Green-Robson family reunion, s Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Yount of Hannibal, Mo., have returned to their home after a visit al the ionic of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. | O'Dell. They attended the gradu-! i ation program Thursday at South- j ern Illinois University, Carbon-j 'dale, where their grandson was, among the graduates. j Members of the Moro Woman's Community Club and their families had a picnic supper at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Lynn Sunday. pie from United Church of Christ (attended the training school held groups in nearby areas on a for fii'om'en Sunday at Fayette. Mr. and Mrs. Louis "Porlwood (and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Port- iwood and sons spent (he weekend at Marshalltown, Iowa, where they visited with the Louis Porlwood'a granddaughter, Miss Debbie Port- lin.ioy quick relief nnd I speedily remove aching I corns ivitli thin, cushion-1 ing Dr. Scholl'* /(no-1 pmln. Coal hut a trifle, I D-Scholls lino pads WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING AT FURNITURE and APPLIANCE C0,_ 203 W. Third St.—Downtown Alton Long Terms—Many. 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