Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 31, 1958
Page 6
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fit Simple Forms of Life Can Live on Mars By JOHN 6ARB6UR J B ress Science WASHINGTON i.\P) - Some slrrtpJe forms of enrlh life cah li*'p And grow oh Mats, an Air Force SCteHtlft reported Ir.dn.v. Now the quest Inn is: Can soHif Useful forms of life be grown in Mflrtinlvlike soil, perhaps to pro- Vine food for visiting earthmcn Tluii, at any rate,is one direc- lioti for future 1 ren-arch. said tA. Col. John to Fulton of the School of -Aviation Medicine, Randolph Air Force ftnsi-, Trx . Some forms of soil bacteria hnvt- been shown to I've under conditions similar In those on Mars, Fulton tnld H mceiinff at tho American As*n. for the Advancement of Science. These soil bactcrl.1 iire the kind thai help convert basic Mills chemicals Into plant food. Jn Fulton's ' laboratory, these bacteria Were introduced to n different sort of world, To create his Mnrs-on-oarth, Fulton created an atmosphere of pure nitrogen with Just nbout n twelfth the pressure we know on ,£ earth. |i, For soil, ho tried two lypcs — #•*. red sfltirlslonc rich in iron oxide, •{-• from Texas, and some lava typo ^ soil from Arizona'.-.- Painted DCS- its- , Temperatures were made to It ' vary from 25 clc«rccs below zero S. at night to 70 degrees nbove zero Ss,,' in the daytime. | ! '. Simulating the dry Martian ell'$ , mate, he provided only about 1 per cent moisture. Into this stransc world, Fulton ' 'introduced two kinds of bacteria: .those . which could live with or. without nxysen. and thoic whioil - could not tolerate oxygen. : ; :.' He found that both kinds not t only survived for the length of the - experiment—10 months—but they .; also fircw. and reproduced, al- Ihough at n slower rate than under , normal earth conditions, •; BELGIAN : : ACONGO: N SUDAN—Leaping suddenly into the interna- jit is the yountj nation of Sudan, where the army power in a sudden, bloodless coup. Newsman above „ ,. the economic and geographical importance of the nation, which is more than half again as largoVs Alaska with • population of 10 million. Sudan controls more than S^S of s the upper reaches of Egypt's life stream, the N Ic River Formr»rlv i-n n/-l ;,,!,,n,. u.. n....j... .... , ,-, . JL _ mil. J.UVLI, Dental Evangelists Opposed by Asso. ^'"LITTLE ROCK (AP)—A commit*• jtee .of, the Arkansas Dental Assn,, , today urged members of the or\S . Ranization to oppose any plan cull'\mg for the training of "dontnj • jsynngclisls." ' '" i Tho appeal was made by Dr ^'Roy-F. Golden ot Little Rock, com- -"nilttoe chairman. '.' r lle said the eommilteo had n>«- •sor\ to believe the Arkansas Lcgis- ^atjarc would be askifd'"to pass^ a rly in 1BSO to permit dentists to train missions.-to pnicticc dentistry outside ,U. S. .',' Golden said (he pastor of n r qhvirch at Salom had asked him *t,nnd,-,other Little Rock dentists to •jfsupport the bill. He did nut icienli'y •"10 pastor. ..^ The donist said he thought the .Nminister was "being used by n ^missionary dentist or(jn'i)iznllon lf in "•^ultpn County io promot.b tlv plan. >'A-,state court recently enjoined the missionary igroup,*nt Salcni from practicing dcntlsry. |V-i ."While a] lof us understand the ..shortage of dental health personnel ^in'.some of the countries of ilu> ^world^and,while wd'are intereslod jfjo'v cO'OpQralihg as best we can, y/surely s i the), dental health ot the ||, people: df Arkiinsas should not bo sAjv^ubjhctod to this experiment nor .'should'-Hhc lowering of standards ,,:fpr dental education be permitted," "Pr, Golden said, r'(l';C*Members' pf Uic misslonijry or^S Ranization .co'uld not bo" reached ^f^pj- cpmme'»^'amnie^Jnlely. Sifarts for Hunifcrs BLUFF, Ark', (AP) and volunteer searchers out 'through pai't; of (ho AGE DISTRIBUTION OF PARALYTIC POLIOMYELITIS 78) CASES-6 STATES, 1958 CASES WITH 3- DOSES OF VACCINE UNDER 5 YEARS S'TO 9 YEARS 15 TO 19 YEARS 20 YEARS AND OVER {|'icoi's ' Wflbbasokn Scu|Ce>s todio; tw P ' duck - ,< ' .}iuniors rup'prlcdly ' missing since, * , s, deputies idpntiflcri 11)0 a}r'-BS J4aviricc Lewis Jr., ~ Juj't Mflgnolin \ya$ officers ssld, 10 TO 14 YEARS . JNNOCENT VICTIMS—A^o-group breakdown of. polio cases m six hardest hit stales din-ins- lirst nine months of 1958 (see NcH'Schart above) points up the tragic fact that children under J)VC i V'cre,-anc|'ai:o,,pnnic tnrscts of ihe disease. Even more tragic js the fact- that" four-fifths of these children had received no vaccine in a year when, for the first time,,there was no shortage of vaccine at any time in,any area. In'tlie'country as a whole, Jess than half pf all children under five have had ' the basic throe injections, and almost one-th(t;d%fihve had none ' at all. "Jndiflerenee on the part of parents .r,-?\s w arC L t V! 1nd0rsUjnci '" Slalos Arthur s; Fle.j^' Health, Education and Welfare, - Susie Hooks", DA R' Good Citizen It has, been announced thnl Miss •Susie Hooks has 'been named OAR Good Cit(j!en*HC thu!' Pt-osuott High School (tor j.i?c school lorn^ wsy-sa; address i?r Third Street, ig. 1938 A spjjiorT'JUJss Hooks is oditur of (ho \\'o!f Trail, n -mem bo.- of Quill and Scroll, Dynamo Stuff, i'M'.A., <t!io Sonior Who's Who, and wns a membor of tho FHA for two years serving as,, HII association officer onu year, t She plays the Freuoh horn <nnd has' bopn n mepiber of Jhe Prescott 1 bond ,.for six years. This your she is ijibr'arian for the band and hns represenlrd tho sehooj, in tho Arkansas "AH State Band for four years, 31w- parents ,n re M'r, suir} Mrs, Jphnnio HooHs. frunces Thrasher is phatr- man of Ihe good gitJzch f ~,-., „ of the Daugjiters of tl)o Amerivan 'JJeyplutipu who sponsors this contest which has been placed w the approved list of the JjaUonnl Cdu- patliip Assn, This is a riistuiguisucd, award tlyit is bestowed upon a senjo!' .gW pavh \voiU'. The rcdipipnt must possess the .Cities, of ^ppp«da'WlUy, Jeadcy- i^ pJjlriQtlsm snc< seryipo. The '91* elass nomjnateci <pur tliis .honor mid life finnl made by the " iguests last .week of Jus parents, Mr, and Mrs, Jess -Wood in -Blevina. Mr. ,md Mrs, (Homer Ward hnvp been ihe guests of thoir daughter, Mrs, W. R, Pratt and family in Newport. ^Mr, and Mrs. John "Mnssey of Fordypo havu 'been guests in' tho homo of <Mr, and Mrs. Dip!? Bright ami Scott, -,M>. find Mrs. George Stratman and John have returned to Pallus «rter a holiday visit with 'Mr. and JWrs. (Rlaqi? Kitchen, jjOy I, ARKANSAS t)«cewt»f f J!»If SI Oklahoma Girl is New Maid of Cotton Kiwanians Hoar College Head MfcMPMS (AP) - A brown- haired beauty with spnrkling bill'.- oyps rcifined today as the ISiO Maid of Cotton Mnlinda DiKgs Berry of Stillwater. Okla. won the title List nlghl over a field of 20 cotton bolt beauties in what easily rahks n? the nation's most sedate beauty contest The new maid IfaVrs for iVeiv York today where an elnbora'.e wardrobe Will be fashioned for her accentuating the latest in cotton crenllotis Mni-y Sharp Sway?.e of arefn- wood, Miss, wns chosen first nlter- nnto and Marcelln Ann Mcketuie of Tyler Tex. was named second alternate Maid Malinda stjucalcd with delight when the decision was JQ- nounccd. then flashed a broad smile I o r the invitation-only audience at City Auditorium. "1 hope to represent you as a i I Southern lady," was her first ru- I mark when she had recovered • from Hit initial shock I Mnlinda succeeds Jean Carter of Atlanta . cs King Cotton's gitlwlll | onvdy and will circle 1 the «lobu on I a lour to publicize the fiber. j ."/•"Kuans I sound a little daze'l Two Negro Ckiidren Perish In a Fire Spa Station Would Decrease Power Ark. (AP)— Two Negro children, loft alotie while their parents Visited neighbors, died in a fire which leveled their tenant farm hcme 20 miles south of here last iiighl. A third child was saved by a i neighbor who rushed to the scene i when she saw the blfizd, | fiead are Arthur Luc Jones. 2. j and Earlcne Jones. 1, children of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jones. | Mrs. Hatlie C-rech. whose house ' was about 100 yards from (he! Jones residence, said she saved Larry Jones, 4, who she found on •• the front porch when she arrived : at the burning house Mrs. Green sni8 it was imposi' hie to get inside the building to | save the other children. (At 5 ) fi-iunicalions tjommission ycslei-daj? received an application from radio" station MWFC ftt Mot to decrease its poWei 1 , the station asked pormissiorl let drop from 500 watts Might, one kilowatt clay, to 2nO watts night, SCO wals day. Dr. Ralph A. Phelps, Jr. right--now. but I'm so thrilled, ' Dl> ' Rfi'Ph A. Phelps, Jr., Presi- she told newsmen. "Oh it is a clcn( of Ou f<chila College, was guest ihi'in •' I sneaker at the Hone Kiwfinis T.nrlins: , speaker at the Hope Kiwanis Ladies last night at the "When I got my tickets (airline ...-•-, A , *' , „ "" ° tickets for the tour) I jusl stood !" Ilg " Schoul Cafeteria. His sub. there clnzed with delight. I never ! > c . ct ,. was " A Philosophy for Sur- expoctod to become the Cotton j vival '' Dr. Phelps poinled out that while most of us are optomistic about the blossom. Known by her friends as Lindy, .*>i».t>, w>> nvi 11IUIIUO ilb LjlIKiy, •••«"t "i. no el i t: UJJluunbUU ilUDUl UK the new maid is studying English I future, some are pessimistic be- and history at Oklahoma State ! cause of the success greeting, the where she is a junior. She plans spread of Communism, the unprcc- to teach after graduation edcnted development of sveapons Her future holds no immediate of destruction and the lack of gcn- plans for marriage. She said she ! ujne stabilization in business con- will be leaving no steady beau j ditioris. Ho poinled out that a 5,000 when her tour begins. "I may even ! mile intercontinental missile could m ""' " ' '- -'--•- " be hurled within 2 miles of a desigj- meet a few prospects along the way," she said with a twinkle. Lee Ward to Get Chance to Submit Plan nated target now. Ur. Phelps urged that our people work out a philosophy for survival in this incredible age \ve live in. He suggested the elements of sucli a philosophy as follows: A. A belief in tho sovereientj. of God. God i; still head of the wheel of the Universe and is not confound PAHAGOIJLD, ' Ark. (AP) — Chancery Judge 'Lee Ward probably will get an opportunity to tell a congressional committee about his plan to ease the South's racial problems. Ward, an unsuccessful candidate for governor in last summer's Democratic primary, said yesterday he had asked Sen. John L. MeClellan -and Hep. E.C .Gathina*. „„„„„ uiai yoar U1( members of the Arkansas congres- Dan's dulv solemnised •='— delegation, to help him gut I The bride" was of flskcct. "1 never slept on wedding- cake." Marty said. "There are twb schools ot thought; one unwraps, Personally, I think that's hard on; the pillow- cases, dear." So that was the night of Daii's Wedding, and some months later, a little o,Ver a year fj-om the Saturday Marty had come alone to see Hops, Hal and Kildcgarde sailed for Europe, (To B Continued) John Deere TRACTORS end PORTER IMPLEMENTS & GARAGE T, O. Porter, owner &. operator 1 W. 3rd St. Phone 7*2767 JOHN DEERE DAY — JAN, 2§ ed'by v\;tiat has been developed. : B, ""-A firm belief in the Xruo moral; agency of Mankind. j • ' C. ''Belief in the improvcability of Man. Thirty years ago certain great thinkers thought all was well with Ihe world and it would .continue to automatically improve, j Now these same men despair. However, we must continue to believa' man can be improved but the task •must be worked at continuously. D. Acceptance of an obligation to try to improve the world. E. Learn to live one step at a time believing that we can wallc as far as the light and He gives the Light to guide our steps. | Elmer Brown, chairman,, of the program committee, presented ' Misses Ellen Kennedy, Shirley Al- ! Ion and Martha Grimes, who enter- i tamed with accordian music in a ' splendid manner. I In addition to the Kiwaniqueens. ' guests were Dr. and Mrs. John McClanahan and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grey. CHRISTMAS SPECIALS' Vou can't afford to miss. Come by and make your appointment early. JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP West Ave. B and Margaret St. M. s. BATES Dl*trlct Manager PI'ONEER WESTERN LIFE Phone: HRoopect 7-4454 Hope, Arkansas Reasonable Rates Guaranteed Work All Makes Fixed PHONE US FOR Fast Service We repair most sets In your own home. BAKER'S EASY PAY STORES 212 E. 2nd, Hope, Ark. ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS-REBUILT - $4.95 EXC, • All Parts For Cars And Trucks • All Size Full Cap Tires, Also New And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 ; CHAPTER XXVII yoar thev n-ing Dan had net married the Know?' lit to j .. n . s r . )jr jy' obvious," said Marty, she hod looked well' dm- and 'Mrs. Max Holiday guests jii tho home of 'Sir. and Mrs.- Owe-n Wii,son' were *' D ' At Washington, MeClellan sail j boss's daughter, since ~Mr Simons • i he wns certain he could arrange |h a d no clnuphters; he hnd .nTa" ' y> Ul 'no children that he knew of --•• — 'vjt\\,^.\ >vijii Ut(l * mg the ceremony and reception; nur gown was new, her hair live- Ward proposes a constitution;.! 1 amendment which would allow local governments to decide on integration by a vote of the residents. ..,„ unmarried. This; H , over, ,,hjs niece — young, hoi up its bone .and, structure. chancellor first ' ably put forth his plan in a booklet ei Ing published in December, 19 VI, and advocated it in his gubernatorial campaign, Under the constitutional amendment ho proposes, integration could be invoked in any area whciv racia) segregation has been practiced for 50 years or more only after 8 vote of approval by th'u people in that area, Ward wrote MeClellan and Gathings to ask their help in getting him before an appropriate congressional committee to present his plan, "Legislative processes h ;\ v <; helped us solve problems before." "Ward wrote. "They can do so again." MeClellan' sujd' last .,.„.,. not received, the letter but ,-.., "J am certain' I can arrange foi Judge -Ward »to appear before a" Committee of the Senate and will Qathings could not be lor comment. in love. As she canie less affluent bianeh of the family, one could not reason- «f-~,.w* w ,4n, f> - tuwiiru uiosc ol nio 1Jl - 1 iiui'iL'wurK. rlcr ardinatcly cherishnd blood; not| Jlair was braided, her face shone, at he approved the alliance; • lv> For tho fil ' s t li >nc Hope saw thalj id so firmly; the girl was too r sho wns beautiful. It might not! the other hand, Mr. Simons' felt responsibility toward those of inordinately ' ..... that said Wine?; Dan too old, and divorced' However, he too could recognize facts; he knew he could Jpakc things sufficiently unpleasant, so that Dan would exit, breathing smoke and fire. But with what he's learned wifh me thought Mr. Simons unhappily', he can go other places and do better, Resides, 1 need him. Also, he rather liked iiis nieco, Judy, She looked somewhat as so bolero their eyes she wss fading into herself, into remoteness'.' Hildegardc came in then, barefoot, in her robe and nightdress. She was stunned with sloop, barely out of dreams.' Sho'cl had dinner with them and then vanished to do her homework. Hei i tu v a g u o/ly remembered WesMnij, ? ,a>. P j u( j y , custody at *he allai. beipg dead, dried h'ei into Dan's father . to " - nut his . .. ..M »j«~i*tivii».u, 4 (, uiigij^ I1OL be apparent for awhile except to those who loved her, as all in this room did, Someday it would be apparent to everyone who looked upon her, - She said, her pretty a c c e n ' fainter now, "I heard voices, Js anything the 'm a t t c r?" She looked from Hal to Marty; but at Marty with such loving ar- xiety': "My cl a r l'i n g," said Marty, •nothing's the mutter. We've just been gossiping about the wed- i dins." "Go back to "bed, Oh, I forgo HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • Conventional • F,HA,, ^aj^<^ ^ Build — Buy — Repair -L,, Remodel — Refinance n» n i° Mrs J s ' a , |00 J' 1 ' llst!t| Jtion, owned and operated by local people, and we're here to help YOU with your loan problems We have many facilities and'we invite you to use them : • • • • FRED 0. ELLIS Secretary •' • • )• 209 S, Maiii.St. Phone 7-4661 O , J .f? ; ; i What's vour problem? Negro Admits Port in Fotol Shooting PRAWFORDSYILI^, Ark. ~ A JJegro man has eonfossed tiered cake. His w e d d i n ? present was junior piu'tnershiiD -In, his poclal, an white box-, of ivodding cake. "What is (his?" "Wedding cal<e. If you put it j- pillow and sleep QHS''WoptliU Jr., Mr- nnd. AJj- and Ous ij}} of tho gimsts.of <AJ}', and Mi's, and 'WVs, G'ws 'Wv. (ind iyirs, p." ^. \V4}sjon of J-.akp pl\Hi-lps, La. Jitiyp ibcfil} euegj. iu tho home of. Mr. ,awj ^{rg, fiat Wuoslyy. ' ' • •Mi's.' Ray vvjis Ui? avpst of Mr. and JMrs. J .times 'grimed. Puke and' . . Elizabeth it) JJttlp 'hpr , ,r , 67. Negj-o, 0} said HolloweU was ns he, ^phnson, aprt u woman cun ipanton were' driving ,on U. S. Highway 64 nea,r tans'ing. J fio\velL - (he ,,, over the sleeving \vheel."after being shot 4U4 the cav pjijneed down an Williams 3914, , - soiv and the woman escaped with minor 'injuries, - ,.. togothering quiet. But on tl)o surface, they 'were merely four adult, tired, people talking ab.oi[t" the \v e d d i ng of " other people, ' / .i»'pan's my age/^snid A4nm igtopmily. ''and loolj wlurt he from tho beauty—" baa • ghot- Hollpivelj. .>'S]io isn't beautiful" Ifal oils' , " • '' ", bp critical. And ^r. S," remarked that all bride's but she floUovyyll " fi'Suhig pver liquor J?u"fpre (liu slmoting, Williams -gajd.7 J,ohnso t i/s . hel,cj qn ,a,n ,. , „ Hope's tot hu?l beTO (rod- den upon by au Important. |l,nan- pity 'at h' pt a and v jth HUdogarde said seriously, "i am not y>ing to have 'a" lui.i- bsnd," _ • /'Why cv'pr mot?" asked Adam. , '-Ihoy pan be S.Q ubel'ul. Cars, can ope-nej-s, and winftosys " that stick; Shelves you osji'( reach. Money," "I. bet I can rose h most Wives," said Hjlclogarde, ' "and i •« going to earn morjoy, - loo, I'm going to look after you al- wajrs,." sl\v< told Marty and Hal, Saho said good night, making «»p Jittje purtsy that-no amount Of renatioualisation cguld ajtar. et'the door she turned to'look (it Hoi. She a'skpd solemnly, "Do \ake -it "How would-.'J ojp th^s bos or know?" he , Jtaet girl, J shall jpoj-sunato § throat and - gl<uUy' Up VVf - l»Y^3lPf. '"'49n'l -; t *;Mrs r?tv&" -i^»%7 f ''T«f«*s?S^^*^^' "~~ ~ " " ' W " Which side of the triangle (ireyou on?... Js your life (w.eiidteft ci of confusion?*,, OK thing is wtAin - tjjfiijsands , no , and'fw, And OP fprjpula ever ww iny?msd, ei could J.9, io sypply M wswf r fof'aji wiar.§taiigf mUm mly wjs?, m'mm mi&mmmfryill bc]'V^' " *w^i^?^m&

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