Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1958
Page 5
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, Dseembsr 31,1$S§ HO ft STA*>M5M,ARK A N S A S OUfl PdWte UNltiUl? 0utRAStf/&M«?e FLASH GORDON NO,..Oftec5Pitwecus HIMSELF SWISS WHO POUKiD OUft ANt5 3TRA1A t=ROM WHICH \ME WAS REMOV60 ALLEY OOP ftUT WHAT \ OWLY AS A LAST irs Kiorowuy TO pwrscr HIW FROM FOR SOMEONE WHO MlfiHf'U CAN'T we REPORT)PROMINENT! ALL roe (AlSSINe./PUBLIClTV! AMI) 1MVE5- IT WAY SIVE US A LBA, a^jsa^™®^^ TltL WE'RE SURE THAT QUICKLY UMCOVER HIS WERE B6HIMD HI6 GOP Regulars Roily Behind I* Sen. Dirksen By JACK l-egulai-s rallied behlhd Sort, cU bif'ksert of' llliftols iii the fndc of att ittsUi'gettt challenge td his Sehatc dDP " floor lendefshifi 1 bid. Setiatot-s datl f, diiHis of Ne« btaska and f l-nhcls dase of South .Dakota said in si'pnt-atd inter* > views' they will sti(3poi-t biiksen lit His foi-thdomihg doHlest \VIlh Sett, John Shei'i-nafi Cooper t>t Ketv Uloky. Mot-eoVdf, t)''t-k<iett anHotlttded tif had been 'authorized by Son, 3, dletin 'Beall of Maryland to Say ttirit Beall would void for him, the Maryland Republican had becll counted by Reptiblidan liberals as one. ot them, but he did not show t)}3 Tuesday at a tneetlflg at which' eight rebels agreed upon a slate. I From other Sources it was reported that Sen; Gordon Allott of Colorado, Who also had been Wooed by the liberal group, has committed himself to back Dirk* Son, The insurgents, who contend they form the core of (Eisenhower backers in the. Senate, chose Sen, Thomas Ktichel ol California ' as their candidate, fo r.whip, or assistant leader. - They left open' until a meeting next Tuesday* the question of whether they will challenge' other veterans in the pieseht leadership, including -Sen, Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, chairman of the icy committee, • • •> Dirksen said, he isn't worried by . the minority uprising, which the rebels . said ,' was aimed primarily, at gaining a voice in the direction of Senate • Republican affairs and in , the, formation of, policies at Eisenhowers weekly meetings; with GOP congresisbnal leaders, i "I feel quite confident" of my election," Dirksen said, He said he Had heard no mention of any other" candidate than • Kuchel'for the, whip's post, from whi.ch Dirksen hopes to advance to -'the floor leadership vacated by retiring Sen. William F. -Knowland of- California. k ' But_Curtis said it is by no means a 'foregone conclusion' that" Kuchel ^ -won't have opposition from thcj ' conservative side. , ' Cooper and Kuchel were public" v ly' optimistic about . their chances -•of 'gaining a'.majority when^the 34 GOP senators vote at an organization conference Jan. ,7, -'.Besides" Coopen ian>d Kuchel.. ; others present at Tuesday's, meet-' ,ing ' included Senators Prescott Bi|sh *of.' "Connecticut, George D, ' ' 'Aiken : of, ", Vermont, Clifford " P. -Case of, 'N^ew, Jersey, Jr.cob K. i' < Javits of -New iYork .and Senators,; •'•elect Kenneth B'V'KOE)Ung"*of New 'York and HughfD'; .S'c'ctt 'of Perm-. , rylvania. v ' ]'- '. ,, They 'previously "_ ." had . b e e n • pledged the support 'of 'Sen, Frank Carlson of Kansas hnd ' Sen, -elect '.Winston Prouly of Vermont, •"- Sen, /Thruston B, Morton of Ken-. ^ucky has, said he would v support "his colleagu'e The "i rebels also 'claimed the backing of Sen, Ale^c- • ander Wiley of ' Wisconsin, but k' 1 WJley was not available to report'. • ers',' ' - , v ' • . ' On Lend, Air end Sea § All-vehicle 1 1 f ill'f till thff 4 One stroke land ovft- pnf 4 Vessel oh ihd S Monslbf se.1 B New stale! 8 Siiijj's \ bc-clmnl iihll cdhi}jaf>y , « Muscle spasrf Aiiiti CA*MIVAL Ml taaasmamaa*saaa*B t? DJek Tumir SUggostK'ot.V 50 Otherwise? 14 Pali IHi> play ilObhoxitms 26 "Hiawatha" 4DMal-ble 15 thtougli Jt H !nnll a » cf 4 , 41 English HV» laPohijiolu mrehch "Evahgcllhc" 42 Existence ISiivehihg {•talesman S? Sling tay 43 Angers jDatlles *0 Asiatic plant 28 fonflhed 44 A^cs 26 Pei-foi-med 6S Cnjjt-l aiul 29 Jason's ship 40 Eiovatof 21 Meity Mali f»r (myth) IhvciUof 22'Mist fhslahcd 31 fastened 4? CJiti-us fi-uti 324 Ittjur* 4 *4 Three wise S3 Senseless 48 Spirit 2dAgo 'nc-h person So HloclHflcd 27 Health Irsort 25 Wing^shaijcd 58 Hair olhtmehl jjaHicle SoOhelatkfhg cplofatloli 52 L'ineer 34 Meilnet* shaped pflHi SS fihishifig 36 A tiger 3? Small devils 39 Preposition 40 In addition 41 Dfcss • 42 Lord 45 Human beings 3 49 Shine 61 ~~_ Grand* River ' 82 Accomplish* mcnt 83 Norse gort 54 Australian "ostrich 55 Essential being StiBirdlshome 57'Lamprey , .DOWN I Enervates <S-Vt>gttablc fat 30 31 ST iO u. II 8 1 110 T.M. (t.j. U.S. I'll. OH. fa 1»5t b> NtA 8«me«, lite. 18 "Maybe tie should be a banker—good as he is at handling other people's mb.neyl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer By Kate Osan Today Is Last fro Plow Under Stalks , ^LITTLE ROCK"(A'P)V-Jan, 31 is • . the-deadline, for Arkansas farmers. to' shred and' pjqw under cotton'' ~,' • ptalks and pih'^r field residue, ^ - Ppul H, 'Miller, chief inspector' P_ lor '' the"' Arkansas 'State Plant. .Bonrd, said yesterday spot checks' i • shpwed formers in five centvaJ'A} 1 ' '• Kansas counties wcrp Jagging be. T.M. R«t. U.8, P«U Off. Igl 1KB ty NEA Service, Inct 'It's a list of New Year's resolutions.we-made for you- read them and weep!" • -- , ' , "You havejyour nerve being an hour late, Herbie— '- - /""suppose I'd been ready on time!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith .He ssid.h'e found,stal}? (Jestru'c. tjo(j-from fiO-'lo 90 per-'cent |n« • complete in Piupskj/'Fsulkne^ and iWhyp. Conway and, Lonokp coun' • tics,'' ,, ' , * ; -,:, Farmers face lines, n| up to $190 it' they, ff)i} to ' somply' wjtl) the -A 1 shr?4dipg and plowing-.regulation, "".which j§ part p|"JJip-Stalp's'pink Autsmatis 4 Mtmorials in Bronit ' l' BAZOO OH.' L THOU6MT ]A THOUSAND PARDOMs' YOU WERH SOME-^ 1 WAS MERELy TDOT- ' BOpy ELSE/ / INS AT THAT puplb , ^ 6ET OUT OF THE STREET /, WHATf pAisysTyep/ YOU WERE- jo A ^JUST TWP "Tools r HC4 Sfaxi, Inc. T.W. »te M.S PU. oil. CAFVAIN EASY HEY.' THAT LOOKS GOOD-I LOOK LIKE A MOVIE STAR I LL USE BUON DIE'S EVEBROW /_ PENCILTO SEE" HOW I'D LOOK WITH ft MUSTACHE 188B by ME* S«t»lte, Int. TM, Big. U.S. PH. %^ /• * r « BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A FINE FRIEND YOU V SAVED ARE! AFTER SAVED PRflCTl'IA'S POP " v f <• • j * ( ^ . OUT OUR WAY REMEMBER LAST 1 SUMMER, WOW WE'J HIKED UP TO TW, AND REMEMBER HOW we STOOD y ' ON THE EDGE AND-t-OOKED.. ,, 'WAY 'WAY r~/( SURE, ' DOWN«3^S\ V-narrtl , . toe. T.M. Hig U8. f«l. Oil. REMEMBER ^.-V^ MOW--?IU ' "" " y J. R, William!? OUR BQARD1NG HOUSE . With Mojor :e always puts Wf.lil9 rs^lu'Jl 1 ?/!* tiJI th9 ' " rast.-mlnut?!"' 1 •" •- . • - 'JS, - - ' " - ,\ /OH,WELL, AMP YOU KWPW IT/ PUT I NPW'- WHEN I HAVeTHEMMMPS, <.\ &IVE MS )M THg HOUSE* POJJ'T VPU PIPW'T NOTICE IT, WITH V.MA3OK, BgAD A^OUT fKSS WRESUER 'IOWO.FPP AT OI^E SITTING AS' JF I THE SOON

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