Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1958 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

OM STAKt Heft, ARKANSAS _ . * .duMwuMM-ih**. «*»* s «*. «.*wfr^, fa •n-J.-MB*--' -«JaV **-*--e.'!Bgg Court Docket ORNAMENTAL-SurfoutKlcd by hedge apples, Pamela -Thorp, • 4, of Topelui, Kan., has an eye toward the holidays. The hard, inedible fruit can be painted, making unusual Chrisl- * mas tree decoration!!, „ ^^.1 nrr7, PSA. ^ • ,* V !a bora', Jell*} 6ITY •W. 0. rtussell, tiinnic Jackson. (Kiiture to yield right of way. For- feiied $10 ertsh bond. Unymond B. JCcrslen. ttfcklcss driving, Forfeited $23 cash bond. Clemmlc datable, Buddy Ball, flstnrdous driving. Mca guilty; hed $10. ISlbeii Smilh, iLonnie ttaijlnnd. Dot-a t,ee C-arrett, 'Disturbing Once, Forfeited- $25 cash bond. Welch Howard, Disturbing the eaee. Plen guilty; fined $25. dSmory Jones, iNo tail light on ar. Forfeited $1 cash bond. Judy Jones, Kate Cabiness, J. W. Vlllis, Running stop sign. Forfeit' d $5 cash bond. iPcrry Woods, Drunkenness. Pica uiltyj fined $10. Oruna Strong, Berlin Evans, Odis Villlnhis, Drunkenness. Forfeited 10 cash 'bond. F, C, Clark, Possessing excessive mount of beer >and wine. Forfeit- d $50 cash bond, iL. A. Haris, "Possessing excessive mount of Intoxicating liquor. For- eiled $50 cash bond. Dlnkic 'Modiselt, Possessing un- iixcd intoxicating liquor. Forfeit- id $50 cash bond. Thclrna Bishop, Possessing un- 'tixod intoxicating liquor Cor sale. 3 icn guilty; fined $100. •Barbara Stuart, Possessing wine j or sale. Forfeited $100 cash 'bond. fl, J. Cornelius, Johnnie Hicks, Charles T. Whitley, Lynn Vines, Jerry. Williams, Speeding. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Harvey Baker, Improper parking. 'Forfeited $1 cash bond. James McFadden, 1 m p r o p er lights. Forfeited $1 cash bond. Virginia Walker, Fred U Doss, Judy Jones, Jnmcs McFnddcn, No driver's license. Pol-felted ?5 cash bond. Marvin Toney, Driving while intoxicated. iPlea guilty; fined ?50 and one day in jail. Fred L. Doss, Robert Strong, Driving while intoxciated. Forfeited $50 cash bond and II day in jail. T. B. FenW'ick, iFallurc to yield right of w.ay. 'Dismissed. Cecil Faulks, Distui'bing peace, 'Dismissed. ™>\\ mm'%iw$5m*&au^^m Yank Buys itfond Off of Scotland §ht flu mm and Bfl She siid, muffled, "I cfy lately.' "twice, bf. Efniie. ahd how, He Sal ofi the Side of Ihe bed afid held her. "\Vhaf.s Ihe mallet-, daHitig?" he asked. "t don't know how to. but I have" la toil you, She wants us lo promise. Oh, Adahi, Adam." "Marty's becft heft?" She dFiW aw |a y. She af keel, "Yoti khosv nbotlt hef?' "Hal khows. He told hie last SLAsdoW, Scollahd <AP~5 •" A Vahk with a yen for a wee" ple6« of Scotlahd has bought uB tifiy Holy island ih the Firth of Clyde 1 -*and started ah unholy tow by pf-o- posihg lo chahge its name to St. Molaise. <x , SieWaft ttustoh. who lives if (joatesviiie, Pa., but who rerhalhs pi-oud of his Stewart atteeslfy', snapped up the craggy" dot of lets fotif square miles foF "ri ' pfice," his EdinbUi-gil ,^^/<S*«S®MS«* 1 a*W>*.*»*"«*8* J WBS8r *^ »» •" -. •" ."-«..«•''*•«»<"" ..»»,» y w.vi».;«'.-v,»i™ «,.«i»^.,r.« . NEARiNG JOURNEY'S END—An Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile Is backed up tht Jimp toward its launchingplatform at Cape Canaveral, Fla. It Is stl 1 on the trailer which brought it across country from the factory in San Diego, Calif. This Is the type of rnissi « which has just been put into orbit by the Air Force. The orbiting Atlas' weight, including instrument payload but less fuel, is 4'/ 2 tons. STATE DOCKET Truilmobilc, Overload. Forfeited $25 cash 'bond. The following forfeited $100 cash (bond on a charge of hauling for •lih-e without PSC authority: Kenneth 'Pratt, 'Walter -McCormack, O. D.- Kelly, Tlie Arnold Co. U. IE. 'Roper and Jay Bee Rental Co., Southland Produce Co. Charles Snnford, John Tcaguc, Handy Teaguc, Torry Cooluy, As- siiult and Battery, Dismissed. Mrs, IBab tflowland, Failure to yield right of way, Dismissed, C ,V ic"* ! ''^SITTING PRETTY—From Panama to Pakistan, American' !v - (','lood. gifts through CARK are helping school children's minds *V i through'1hoir stoinaelis. Two little girls in Bogota, Colombia, enjoy their daily CARE lunch, provided from U.S. farm surplus, Week, 1 promised ta tell ho one -not even you, Susie." he *"«, i•.•-"»••»• •jj-"- and pushed her hair frorn her Jtl ^^ hnouhced Huston intends to forehead. "Me Was a f i-a d that ha j o (ho Iq1flhf( aflej . g ti Molaise, when you saw Marty you'd give it away." "fiut how did he know? She hasn't told him. she made me swear We Woiildh't," she s aid. "She would — but not until she had to.' "Docs she forget he loVcs her, find lives with her day ttt, day out? He did question hnr sonic' time afio, bill she turned It aside. She said she would sec the doctor, but was sure it was nothingi jUst an ttftcrmath of tho virus Which left her tired, She did see her doctor — and others, as he afterwards learned — and came back with pills and said shod be /Inc. So he wont to their doctai'. and to the rest, That's how it stands." He rocked his wife in his arms. "He will not tell her he knows She will not tell him." He shook her suddenly, so that her hair flew about her face. He said, "I'd rather know, If ever there's anything, you'll tell me?" "You know I Will. She and Adam encountered Ban every now and then. He name the island aftef §t, ———--. the Celtic monk from It-eland whrt colonized it about the 6th cdhtUfy, Amateur archaeologist Htlslott iBlevins St. 'Molaise "is hislorica ly the proper* designation for A place Which became known a= Holy Isle only in comparatively recent centuries," Solicitor D, S< Walker reported. But the people on nearby Arriin isle—Holy Isle Is Inhabited only by & couple of lighthouse keepers —will keep on calling it by its present name. Snapped a local councilman, James Bono; "It's a retrograde step, I resent the notion that any American can wipe oUt With m wave of his hand one of the mosr famous spots on the Clyde.", Walker said it Is for a landowner to decide what to call his own real estate, " :*}.*•* !l,{ «»pORTAGOPTER"—TliP orjly.cqnipleJely foldablo (takes five ' ^minutes) helicopter ready for producMPn, the-one-man HiUer * '-.'Rptc-ixycje is shown above in a dcmonstrcUipn (lielit- The Nnvy "-...lias signed an initial order Jor five pf Hie machines, which will 1 ,}^\)Q delivered to the Marino Corps {or evaluation, The Polor\ 'Tcyclc is powered by u 43*h-p. polar and has a useful load of ^-gSQ'pounds. Us maximum >pccci js,70 m.p.lv .._„,„. CIVIL DOCKET J, D. Hall vs. Frank Traylor {Hope Basket Co., Gamishee, Action on garnishment, Dismissed, Nine Injured in Texarkano Wreck TEXAR.1CAINA, Ark. (AP) — Nine persons injured in a head-on collision near here were reported in fair condition today at a Texas 1 - kana hospital' Tho injured included Mrs Mil- chxd Talent, 25, of Pasadena, Tax, and her five children '.- , Mrs Talent, who suffered a Iracturcd 'skull, was the most .seriously injured yesterday when a car driven by Benny v Denver, 3«, of Houston, ,Tex, and .one ou» oupiod py Mr and Mrs' Peter J Vincent of Fort Smith collided five miles south of Texarkana ,on US Highway 59 ' < ' * Three oC l thp Talent- '• children, Becky, 5; Rickey, 0, and nonna, 4, suffered fractflrod legs Paula, 0, and Randy, 8, sustained buiisss. Vincent, Cl, suffered a chest injury and Mrs, yincent, 50, had chest and back injuries Deayer was ti'oated far chest lacerations Hospital attendants said al) nine ".passed -a fair nie'lit" tout thnt nil would be held for further observation < .'V • ' s » ' " --.-•••• _ ; - , . , —A huge 85-foot-long Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile«is'moved S'SS' EiffS ffiZTim't J5JSSMS ilvSure left This is tiie type of missile which the.Air Force has placed into orbit. was, laflcr office ours, playing the.field. They met him here and there, always With a RU!, rarely the same one twice, usually considerably young'er. This had been after the sleeping pills* and some of the girls had conventional backgrounds and require- nents; 1 . others, not, Hope asked oncr>, "But what does it get him?' And Adam looked at her with the innate male wisdom which is not wholly of the mind. He sa i d, "Look, woman, don't tell me that you—" She said, "So it's just sex.' "Nothing wrong with sex,' said Adam. "Haven't we discussed this before?" "A number of times, I think." "But once specifically. Oh, I remember — something about novels. And you said if there was even a little gratitude it .was ai sort of love." "I know. But Dan—" "\Maybe he is (grateful. Don't ever despise it, darling. And f think I've said that before. I'll RO a little further. There can be Mon Admits Killing Two Waitresses BUFFALO, N. Y. (AP>—A described by his wife as a won^ dcrful husband, admitted today he had killed two waitresses and had attacked many other women, police reported. One of the waitresses was slain Christmas Eve, the other seven years ago. Hurting women gave him a thrill, William Liss, 33, a janitor, told police, Liss surrendered Sunday night and signed a statement today, ^ Liss and his wife, married siW years ago, have been estranged for the last three years, but she. visited him at' the police station and later said he had been '"a wonderful husband and a good worker." They have a 4-year-ola daughter. qualities inherent briefest encounter even the which lift it THREE FAgES OF LOVE .»~ - . . . ">. v J ifr s ••• .t -. . . . ' • by , FAITH BALDWIN ® 1957 tiy F'Stk So 1 ^ 1 " Cuthrill. Distributed by NEA 5«rvlci, Ine. , ' ' - Chapter XXVI "Hhl isn't to know, I won't ( have it," Marty said, and her, quiet • broke into a sort of wild-' ness as when a sudden wind comes strongly from nowhere, veurs ''over the tranquil face of a pond, and stirs it into waves. "I won't' have it!" Hop? rediscovered her voice, •jt was Jouder' than she meant it to bo. "That's not fair!" she &nid, "Suppose it was Adam?" Marty asked,' If ope yaicl .presently, "I aout Know, Mail)',- h'pnesily I don't.'.' She looker! at , her friend, with nehingi love and such compassum that'Marly sank in her chair and put her" hand over her eyes;; tho Jiand with Hal's ring on it, ;a plain gold circle, a bUijce of din- mends. The rings weie lose, they turned upon her finger. ••Now she took her hand away and said, "Hope, for God's sake, don't be sorry^ foi me. I don't want to be sorry 'tor myself, Sometimes I am," '•How long have .you "known this?" "A few weeks. "He has lo kn,o\v," Hope argued, "you can't keep it froi tym long,' ' " , 1 Marty knew that, "Until he does, until he has to . . ' Promise me, Hope Pronv ise!" " "You'll let me tell Adam." Marty hcsilntpd. She asked, "Should I? Men , . and -they a,Ve together all. day— • •Hope broke in "I can't walk around with this alone." £o now it was Marty whose oyos held compassion, She said, ( Ycs, tell Adam but make him promise," ' When Adam , came home Emmy came to -meet him. It' was the routine. Hope" would presently jut their, daughter to bed, Adam would go into, the .room, . play a gome or two, and then announce that it must, be dinnertime and unless he was instantly fed he would eat Ermpy, ,in.t6to. But tonight; Emmy reported., .that' Van. gle was putting her \o 'bed, as nor mothers head .hurl. '".You- come, too,"ishe urged' Adam. ' * - 1 ' H,e, Ipoked'-at'. Vang'ic, . Van&lie said, ,"She' -do sq.qm kf'i'eol , .bad," scoopt-d • up I'Emmy - and '''bore her off, protesting,' but ,'Ad'am ^passed them ' on the sltiirs, ," as hp took i two at a time ^ ' "\ , Y , ! Hope ' was , lying - on „' t|icir bed .fully dresped, " She had been -there for s.omo"'Ume. trying to think of things without Marty, She hadn't had time to think of things with put pi 1 , ,' TSmilc until afterwards. No\y,si)e must adjust before. Sha had also .been thinking -Jiersulf into "Marty's heart 'and mind above the animal, I don't mcf.n anything derogatory to animals," he added, laughing, "but, in Ihn human, evolution lias to be a stop ahead," "He'F lonely, but I don't like his attitude toward loneliness. He's taken to looking as if he wore medals inscribed 'I know all about women.' " (To Be Continued) President for his efforts and scrv- iru Rockefeller, about to take office as governor of New York, sai<9 the President's achievements _ in improving government organization Had ben truly outstanding Rockefeller said in his letter-of resignation that he was 'quilting the chairmanship of the ,'Presi- dcnt's Advisory Committee on Government Organization because of his impending duties as govcr- Rockefeller Quits as Ike's Adviser GETTYSBURG,. Pa lAP)—Nel- son A Rockefeller resigned „today as an adviser to the Elsenhower administration on ways to improve federal government elii- ciency i He got warm' praise from the CHRISTMAS SPECIALS You can't afford to miss. Come by and make your appointment early. JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP West Ave. B and Margaret St. >• M. S. BATES Dlitrlct Manager PIONEER • WESTERN LIFE Phone: PRospect 7-4454 Hope, Arkantat . • No,"' She sat IIP, looked irn^ and U, was as if ^anity re. ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. • . AH.Parts For Cors And Truck* • ,A|I Siie Full Cop Tires, Also New And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Sqlyage Go, Hwy. 67 We»t Hppe, Ark. / Phone 7-27f6 * S V B'S* I r*f ,«>fJjJ *<*£?* *. 7*j9W» ff f "'Tr*, ' r^BfM^Wtfr^wH*^^;?^ "'"*'- * :,\>.fe5f ;fV.*V :':.*>,.;/."»>,*• i 1 ^' Sir -- ,',• ***r XK» dNte - . : - m^^mm^^ . , *5S - *^$)$g^^ . v!W8W~'*•:•;>'' '„ -/^w^ito^^A^W^^P^cw^ W • •'•/wl^ wj*.**/;-*,-. *MWS--»H&'* *

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