Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 4
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Page Feu? MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Beeemfcer 36,19SS * Aggies Win SWC f Tourney; Hogs f Licked by Tech R. " by THE A§S6fclAtfeb PRfeSS V The Texas Aiggies. who haven't 'j\ ^Vort a Southwest C(.nf01 r -ire I j?' bnskeibnlt championship since Ifit ' *?"- when they tied for il. wetc on !»»> •"- r>f Ihn field lodny and hoi rhnin <: '^Z_ lo lake the title in the eampaii'ii *: that opens Saturday. 'f' The Aggies, who began n rp-un- i' pence last season under Conch It' Bobby fiogcrs, and whipped Te-^ns Christlnn flHS Inst night lo sark Up the oi-e-senson penfprenof tournament at Houston nnd tnak» their season record 8-1 Texas A&M, led by O-font-1 Wayne Lawrence, wns winning it"; first tout-nnmcnt and knocking over the team thnt hnd taken it three times. Lawrence who lopped the scoring with 17 points, slipped , in a quick six points to push the Aggies tihend 35-24 with only n 1 minutes to piny nnd dnsh tin- Horned Fogs' Inst hopes. It was the under dog pomitiu through because the Aggies hnd been expected to lose every one- of their three grimes in the tout mi- Jiicnt. Hice pulled something of n surprise Itself when it downed South- crn Methodist 81-7!) for third plnce. ,/ Texas Tech beat Arkansas 72-152 f,',, fm- fifth plnce mid Baylor wallop. . ed Texns 7fi-.*M for seventh. :••''- Snlurdny in Ihe conferenre ^ ' openers Texas A.VM will moot ,C, ' Southen Methodist at Diillns. Bay<•', lor and Texns Christian play M <"„ .Wnco, Rice nnd Texas clash at •;*,, Houston nnd Texas Tech and Ar>.'< knnsns battle nt Fnyottevillo. j Winning Colts r to Receive fe More Money ?r] • BALTIMORE (AP) — The $1.) J 718.77 received by enrh member f 1 "; of the Baltimore Colts for winning ', the National Fciotbnll Longue title J," js.only the beginning. ;",- --Two i-ifts tomling ?50,000 — to t : be split up among players nnd jj,, Coaches — wore reported today. "i A substantial "merit award" also , i is likely from Colt owner Carrrll , f - J?osenbloom, who has doled out j, postseason gifts ns high as $1,000 it" in«tlie past to also-ran tennis. .y-. Another windfall is due next fall ;''when the Colts play the College -V»s.£ All-Stars in Chicago. Finally, a ^ - half dozen or so Baltimore play- pjg., ors will collnct agnin Jnn, 11 when «Uv> they participate in the All-Pro »>'igame at Los Angeles. ;, -f., ' The money received from Sun- .wV -day's title game against the Now i^ 4 York Ginnt.s was divided into -t2'<! ,!^ t shares by the Colts. On the siimc 1957 ALUMINUM —85 000 COPPER-61000 ZINC — 72,000 WHI.AT , 956 _1,452,000 19 57_5.451,000 .'^6-17,500 )957 -23,000 metals and grain metric in tons) AND HOW THEY CREW—For the second time since World War II, the Soviet Union has published almost complete information on its exports, showing that a new record was set in 1957 in terms of raw materials. An indication of Russian industrial growth is scon in the fact that the 1957 exports of refined oil products doubled-thc 1954 figure. Tin exports exploded from 3,300 tons in 1950 to 16,300 tons in 1957, only 7,000 tons of which went to other Communist countries. Jorgensen Figures He Rotes Title Shot DALLAS (AP) — Paul jbrficn- sen, the young man from Port Arthur, Tex, who's rnied No.. '2 among the world's featherweights, .figures lie should bo mighty close to a title fifi'il with llognn (Kid; Bassoy, The trim Jprgensen, who has gone through 27 fights without defeat in two years, swarmed toimlj Bobby Bell of Youngstown, Ohio, Cor 10 rounds M'onday night, to win on easy decision ,in <the tea- lure bout of the. Cotton Bowl box- in « show. Weighing 129 pounds to Bell's 1!37, Jorgensen won every ' round 'fbasis, the $50,000 would amount to I and ovitpointed Bell 100-8Q on 2 •V -almost $1,200 a full share. '• Nadir, Brookmeade Head Bowl Race List MIAMI, Pla. (AP) Clabiorne Farm's Nadir and Brookmeade Stable's Oligarchy head the list of 32 handicap horses nominated lor the $20,000 added Orange Bowl Handicap, a mile and a sixteenth Bob Petit Is Still Tops in Pro Circuit NEW YORK (AP"> — towering Bob Tetl'U of SI LoUis still Is thp ruler of the National "Saskefbatt Assn.'s sharpshooters but the \tt-b circuit has n new plnymrikifii* leader in an old hand — Boston's Bob Cousy. PoUlt is the loti gufi Witfi Oil points ahrt a 28.2 per-galnc 'aver' age tor 29 games Cousy moved ahead of Detroit's I3ick Mtduiffe In llip assists department 4ith 30 feeds in his last 3 outings' foi- fi total of 221. Tricky Dick hhs 217. Figures released today by he 'NiBA cover g.ames through Sun» day, Dec. 28. I'op scorers behind Pcttlt are familiar faces, Paul Aftzlti, Philadelphia, 724. 25.0: Elgin Baylor, 'Minneapolis, 721, 24.0; ,taek Twyman, Cincinnati. 709, 23.0; and George Yardley. Detroit, 095. 22.4. Pace-setters In other depart- monls include: Kenny Sears, New York, field foal percentage, .528; Bill Sherman, Boston, free throw percentage, .029; and rebounds, Bill Russell, Boston, OSt. Milestone for NBA'sArizin, Auerbach By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A couple of milestones have been reached by Paul Arizin" and Red Auerbach in the National Basketball Assn. Arizin, the Philadelphia Wa'r- riors' sharpshooter, passed the 10,000 point mark in the NBA, aud Boston Coach Hod Auerbach was presented with his 500th NBA-vic- tory by Bob Cousy. ^ The Philadelphia star, a -30- year-old ex-Marino, joined a select group of 4 in the 10,000-plus. club when he clicked for 25 points in leading the Warriors to p disputed 95-93 victory over (Minneapolis ' in the first game of a doublcheador at St. Louis Monday night. • St. Louis, paced as usual by towering Bob Pcttit, whipped Cincinnati in the second contest,- 124112. That moved the Hawks . games in front of Detroit in'the Western Division. Boston pulled 4'/j games ahead of New York in the East with its 107-105 triumph over Syracuse on Cousy's 5 points in the last 9U seconds. Arizin was just five points short of five figures when he feature to ,be run at Tropical ™ . llv , e J'. gltres ,™, he went r>.,..,, r., ,, ,_„„...,'.,.., osnjnsl Minnonpo Is. He pumped Park.Handicap the following Sat in-day 1 , ' '""' 'Other leading nominees for the Orange Bowl t include Calumet 'Fa'rm's 'Ba.rdst!o\vn,' the Price Brothers' Hoop ( Band, Mrs. Tilybu Christopher's AmoVigo, R.E. Fan'-' cloth's' Sharpsburg, -John Appel- beum's Mister Jive,' ,and F. C. cavds and 100-91 on the. other. ( Rand Jr.'s- St, Amour 1 1J MAIL-IN CLASSIFIED AD The Quick and Inexpensive Way To Do Business INSTRUCTIONS; Put your Classified Ad Words in Squares Below , , . one word to the square. Put the number of days you wqht your Ad to run in square at- bottom, Then figure your cost, EXAMPLE; 15 words runs 3 days ,, 90c — 6 days .. 1.50 i . <* ^ -f f > . 't> in 25; Tnat put him .into the elite set 1 with Goor^c 'Mlknn," the r,e- tired Minneapolis great, Dolph Schayos-of" Syracuse, Ed Macau- 'ley, now coach of the St. Louis Hawks, and Cousy, Boxer Cleared on Narcotics Charge LOS ANGELES (AP)—Don Jordan, world welterweight champion, has been cleared by the'dis- itrict attorney's office in a not cotics possession case, Jordan and four 'others were arrested Sunday in a ear in which police said they found a smoldqr- ii)g marijuana cigarette, The newly crowned 147-pound champ, who won, his title by bent- ing Virgil Akins, denied any knowjedfilo of'the cigarette, "If I had known there wns any marijuana in that car 1 wouldn't ha'vo bepn riding 'in H," he said, • The • district attorney;? office nlso .declined to issue complaints against three others in the car; .boxer Javier' Sancihes, '24, 'Mexico; Eete PadMa, 19, driver; and George Chavez, 21, A fourth youth, Richard Holguin, 18, will %bf> pharged with nm-poties possession, tlie distrjct attorney said. Deaths Around the World 4 ASSQPIATEP PRESS'', WU'E, JVM. (AP) '_ jphn E, youngej-, pe, hea^ of the •mechanical engineering depart' moot at the University pf Mary-' J8>)4, died Monday, Pofoj-p < jie to Maryland in 1Q35 he at the Vniyerslty of Cali< fornia, ' , John Hamilton Mackje, go, a. iyjp piember pf Parliament i9?l, died MQnto.' ,, England CAP) Rj r Arren, -55 t rijed 4ays aftpr he inherited tUJe. iHt§ father, Jh? sJJfth Earl, was £Q s t hi Alwn . in the ff f, '&&w$y* HP <\ in ' Hope ADS MUST BE IN OFPICE DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION -. PHQNt 7-3431 FOK AD TAKII During the 400 years of its existence, the Infamous French prison, the Bastille, held many well-known men in Us towers. The most remarkable of its prisoners was the "Man in the Iron Mask." He Was one of the romantic figures in history and died there in 1703. Who he was remains unknown, although many theories have been advanced -and many' books written about him. .i Brllnmiica. ME FRIGHTENED?—Tlie big and little of dogdom mingle at a Philadelphia dog show. That's great Dane, Count Down, hover- ,ing over Chihuahua, Li'l Abner, Alaska to. Become 49th State This Week ' WASHINGTON (AP) — Alaska will be proelaimed the 49th state and a new design for the Ameri' ean llag will bo announced by the end" of the week, Alaskans aranged hurriedly for a solemn observance for ttyeir territory's admfssion ai'ttn the Whilfe House announced that Pres- iqent Eisenhower would issue the statehood proclamation sometimo this week, , ' Reports "circulated, in the AMs- k;ui .capital of Junepu that thu action would come Saturday, Hagiorty said the procjafnalion \yill be pccompapjed by an execr Vitive order redesigning the Stars and Stripes for the addition of the new state. A screening committee s received nearly 2,000 suggesr tions for changing'-the flag, The new flags will go into use next July 4, ' -,The presidential proc' arnatlon' is all that remains' to complete the statehood IM-OCCSS. Alasjvfi has j'lnished all formalities preceding admission. H0s Idea fpr YQRIf (AP) - 4 OorjjeJ] yniversjly study §roup sayj. h.ous- ||ig for the eld,erly ,fhai}14 hijya oil rjfjxtures ( and outlet? at, waj§t W ' to help pvoyent 9eci,c}ejii? , di?ziness in stooping pj» ii|J§. Findings of thp~yegi r ? stu4y qre Jo be teMed; by p{ ihe, sta^e ' Wonted to Buy u ^. u ~, prides paid f6f mink aftd Coon hides. After 1 t>.fn. call Bob fiatelirt, oOO S. Hamilton, 7-2782. 23-l3tp GOOD DSkfi cross ties. Contact tfbnry Wolf, hear Shovel- Springs Store. !^3te Female Help Wonted 1&59 cftn be a yeaf of profit for you. Valuaible tefritofieS for Avon. Cosmetics now open ift this area, Avon customers waiting for set'* vice, Representatives fieeded tut FiiltoH, McNata aftd McCaskill and vicinities. Car heceasary. Write Avon, Box 377, Mot Springs, ArK, Give direction to your home. 2 WAITRESSES. Apply at Diamond Cafe. PR 7-3420. 30-tf IvADY to help do' light housework, ' to live in home, PR 7-2087 30-3tc Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Burial Association OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME' Dial PR 7-2123 ' , 20-lm-c •^•^ •^•^P^^P i ,^^^P w^B^P^^^^^' The schedule of So lunar Periods, as' printed below, has been taken from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables, Plan your days so that you will be fishing In good territory or. hunting in good-cover during these times, If you w'sh to find the best sport that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are,shown in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last'for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown in .regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. ,'P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Tuesday 9:00 AVednes. 9;45 Thursday 10:25 Friday U:15 Saturday —— Sunday 12(40 2:45 3:30 .4:15 5:05 &:55 6:55 9:25 10:10 10:55 11:45 12:05 1:05 3:18 3:55' 4:40 5:30 6:25 7:25 The Negro Community , Either Hicks Phon* 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day We see' 1 how much a man has and therefore we envy him; did we see 'how little he enjoys, we should rather pity him — Seed. Calendar of Events The 'Blevins' Training School CBand Mother's Club will sponsor a Basketball gamp ,'m^ the Gymnasium -Tuesday night, December 30. Players;, Band Mothers vs Blevins School - graduates, Admission SOe.'lOe. The public is,cordially invited to attend, The- Yerger ©and. Mother's Club wjll 'sponsor a 'New gear's. Social in Harris * QymnasUvm Thursday, January ), beginning at-8;30 p,-m, Admission; 40o single; ?5c couple, TicHets, may be ,pyrcha,sed from Band Mothers or at the door. This socjal is-'being given in the interest of the yniform_fvind, The ; Glow Training School will weet CJiilcJress 'High 'Soool of |S 7 ns)i- yil}e at Wocoln High School Gym, in a 'ba.skeiba.3J gani? on Thursday Jan.,} at 7*3Q. lAdnii^sioji students «5o; 'Adults 25o. , ' Mr,' and IMPS. Wpodrow and sons $, |i,. Mftoh.9li and ert an<j Mi'S, 'JPlsra iB,, ppoper and son, J,, C n '*flii °f iMandon,. Jya., spent the weekend with their sj? r Jef find gvjjlt, ^J's, Yep -Jpnes. Mr, Spn Pfld ''Mrs ; 'Matjie the weeenfi in of Verge} 1 spent s guests Johnson, of o| / so? *' VWF&WIW* ^ ^r^r r*rv*"?v J * HiE ---^ -B *°_—- -. » t$q®ai&M». tfTp^Sft&rBl* mr»fiiva 4\utl1^tflnnfinv on rthrt ••:novel*- For Salt ALUMINUM s*cFee-nsi dddfl, gtdfffl ifido«-S t weather * slMjSbiflf, in» sulation, foofinf, awnmi§, |ut« terifti, bfftssmehtai r&iilng. ffS« estimates. AHdy AfidteW^, Phone -' " S SMALL tracts 6* latid heaf t6Wfi suitfcbie for chlekeii fat-ms, 80 acres timber latid tWd miles otlt of foreman, Ark, See Ralbh Sounders or fhone ?'460l. WANT AB RATS! Ail fidvarice but A3s aft ads will b£ phO»« dnd f Idft ' SttouMs allowed with ihe ihs, atcfiuftf 14 {jayat>l« statement Is KlufhbBf 5f W6fdJ Uf> « IS 16 W 46 • 21 td 25 2« fa 30' 31 to 35 36 t6 46 4t t6 45 46 id 50 SI OLtiS four door, A4 ,d6hditiotl, Mew tires, radio &fid heater, $48S Will arrange financing, Call ?« For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Ser* Vice, Call Day or Night. ?-9955, 8-lmoc 8 ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson Street Call 7-35Y8, 17-lmo, 3 ROOM' a-partmcnt. PR 7-2247. 2 MODiERN houses, $23 and'. $35 monthly. Slroul Realty, 620 ,W,' 67 Hwy. Phone 7-3766. " 30-Ctp Notice WE Buy • Wt Sell - W« REAL ESTATE '-'s' ' R. O, FHAl«tLIN COMPAIIT A. P. Deloney, Maai(«r.' Howard Collier, Saltiman UOVINGT Lone Distance Call Collect S02. Fr«« EttlmaMa, Lower Ratei. • • ' • - . Have Vans — Will Travel PRESCOTT STORAGE CO. •, PRESCOTT, ARKANM1 BABHAM Brothers' Rouse. Movers.' Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers .Cale; , Arkansas. . 214 Mo. WE Buy and sell Antique 'Furniture and bric-a-brac. BYERSlANTI- ,QU'E • SHOP, Patmos - 'Shover Springs Road, Phone' 7-2057;, - 14-1-mo c IPOSTIVELY . no hunting on "-my ifarm as I have cattle,on it>'A. , J N. Rider, Patmos, !Ark.'« , -29-3tc GOT a few puppies to igive away, Call "Doc" Rogers,' 7-5510 ib'e- . tweon 8 a.m. and 5 p,m. ' i30-3te NO HUNTING without permission on J. G. Prescott's 'farm, in j\he old Proving Ground. This ' land is posted.- '. , , .' '30-etp Wonted 'Hope Star route' open for -,boya 12 years and over. Apply at' Hope Star Office, , '". '< -. , - WIUL pay $1.15 per,toushel/orreal- corn delivered to Hope Feed Co, •PR 7-25-17, • , " ,',',". 30" Service OHtrtd LET ui renovat* j»ur ol< tress, , We; spectaliit IB zed, inh'er«»rlng,"»sf,-u'' '.''f- COBB MATTRffci fHOF 712 W«tt 4th, Pbon« 7-a ! . ' J v -.' ^ A..1 ." *t tt- RALPH'Montgomery ' torn ilaughtertng, W« for your detp frt»M,, ««t JM s-,N SINGER SEWING MACHINE 'CO; Sales and'.Service, 5}?;lE»8t;lr4. < L, E, poo*, GOOP bargains,.' Buy,' .sejl; ov refinish your.fum -, shop^ Pawl Duciney, ' Arkansas, , -. , floles and Belts, Call key.,PR 7-4516, t \' ,• Sa\v tveeSi stump? estimate Reol Estate for Salt "START OFF THE WJTH'YQUR iov.eiy s-ijie^rs N ft, a,^ 4 Wg iog fire . .'m 1 -putia? toe Msriw ->« l tins ^L^k?l4E^M'4^^ ( l ^y&tmS^y^JffiSPt ,6ne bay .45 .60. I.OS 1.20 1,35 1.SO 56ys ' .90 1,20 \M l.do 5.10 4.46 2.70 3.00 .SI* Doyl 1.BO- 5.06 2.56 3.66 3.50 4.00 4.50 S.OO 6n* Monfh 4.56 6.66 . 13.S6 15.00- CLASSIFIED DISPLAY .......... ,..,„ ...... Zdt pef Ihch ... 6 times „ ...... <> .............. 55d f>6f Rat«s Sttuttve Inactions, Irregulof of Skit ridte dds will take the one-day rdte, All doily elasslded odveftiilng eof>y will be dceepted until 5 (j.hl. fbf publfdatlon the following day, , The publisher rt'sefves the right to^ revise 6f edit dll advestisemehts of fefed fof pLibllcotion and td reject any objectlonoble advertising sub- Wilted, Initials 6f one or more letters, OfoUps ot fiaures, s£ieh os house of telephone nurnbers count as one word, * The Hope Stof will not be responsible for- errors in Want Ads unless errors afe tailed to our attention otter 1 PIRST Insertion of ad and then •for, ONLY the ONE Incorrefit Insertion, PHONIE: PROSPECT 7-34.31 Hope Star 'Star'of Hope 11*9; Pr«M 1*17 Coniofidoted January 18, 192* Published every.weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO., Mr«. .€• E. Palmer, President Aim, H. Woshburn, Sccy-Tref. •t The Star Building , at 2-14 South Walnut Street ' I , ; v . Nape, Arkanios Altx. H.' Washburn, Editor I, Publisher Paul N. Jones, Manaainf Editor Don*) Parker, Advertising Mgr. . Cttrge W.. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. ' Intend •< second class matter at th» Post. Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Memuer.of the Audit Bureau'of • Circulation! . : ,;'Subscription Ratas (payable.In L •>• ^ ,- v ', , • \odvancb) ;. By J carrier In Hope and nelghbsrlna . , • towns •— ' Mr week .1 S .» P*r year 14*0 • By mall In' Hempstead, Nevada, LoFayette. Howard and Miller Counties-^- • • • ^ • ".;,'•' One mgnth .' ,.."....." $ ,15 Thrte morithi ,.. VBS Sin, month. r ,-3.|0 On* year, •,..„ , . •..SO ' Out "month ./.. Three' months SlB months ,. On* s,*o 7,10 ',; N«f'| A"dvert|sln« ,«ep««enfativ«ft ' Arkansas ; Da I lies', lne.,,1602 Sterlrk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tww.; 505'Texas Bank'Bldg., Dallas i, texos; 360 N, Michigan Ave/, -Chlcaejo 1, III,; 60 E, ' 42nd St.', N<?w York ff, N. Y.; ]7«3 Penobscot .Bldg,, Detroit 2, Mich,; Terminal Blrig,, Oklohomo" City 2, •°y°' , •' , ,'.'' " M*mber of The Awcelato'tl Pron; '. • fh». Associated Press Is entitled ek- • cluslv«|y to the -use for repwbllccitJon ' of'allUhe Ipcal^news printed In this " riovvspaper, ,qs, v well-as all AP ,new» > ' ' * ' "- - ROACH - HUGHES , INSURANCE AMtP • 'I" • . ft n j' :Orv!!!t^T»yl«>r T0 ' HAROUD HENPRIX ' j-ajcaiih «»-^i .,

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