Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 2
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Pags fwa H8PI STAR, MOM, A RK ANIAS Tuesday, Bieemtef 35, t95|| NAACP File New Pleading at Little Rock BUSINESS IS GROWING—That's a long waiting lino for the barber's chair, and that's a lady barber, all light—but (his is no barbershop. It's lust the family recreation roorrt of the John Wctzcl home in the Cleveland; Ohio, suburb of '-.Maple- Heights. Here, every three weeks, Mrs. Wet/el assembles hdr eight children for thoir regular shearing. 'Johnny, 3, 'is'1116' CURRENT WORLD JET AIR ROUTES client in the center. Waiting patiently for their turns are, left to right; Donna, 5; Jeanette, 18 months; Gayle, 1\ Marion, 4; Grog, 11; Larry, 9, and Gordon, 8. It all began when the third son was born. "I faced reality." Mrs. Wctzcl says, "and a friend sent a gift of barber shears." Now she estimates that her harboring saves the family some $250 a year. U.S. (Ron American) U.S. (Pan Anwricon) ond British (BOAC) (tuition (Aoroftot) Ciecfiostovoltian (Ceiko-Slovenike (Aeroflot) and Ciecb. (Ce$kp-Sto»entk« Aeiolinie) THE JET TAKES OVER—The growing pattern o£ commercial jet airways around, the world is shown in Newsmap above. Four nations currently'''nre operating regular passenger jet airliners—U.S.', Britain, Russia and Czechoslovakia. Oldest regularly scheduled service is that between Moscow and Prague (since 1 1956), Moscow-Copenhagen run,was added in 1957, All other runs came into being in 1958, a year of big expansion in jet travel. Latest additions are Moscow-Cairo and New York-Miami. The latter, the first domestic service in the U.S. is operated by National Airlines, using Boeing 707s leased irom Pan American. To be added by June, 1959: American Airlines and TWA — across U.S.; Air France — Europe- Africa; British Overseas Airways — London-Tokyo; and Scandinavian Airlines — Europe and Middle East, GOALS OF RUSSIA'S 7-YEAR PLAN 100%i Index: U.S. 1958 production represents, 100%' ESTIMATED 1958' ' RUSSIAN PHOPUCTiON , BJGQEST GAMBLE war", en thp Uaitia Statesi-^ov seyen^yeir {I959»j9§5) pjan lor in industrial jprsoueUcn, ih$ Re4 f9f R«psj«ns fey ^878, Wssta ~|Hige taHing pygp the rgins pf i pluctjoji jn Pertain jpommpg[jije§, %lgug the sa«$ items, it pasts, ypliewJiw w OR Me PrmiPr NiHita Kt}ru?hpfi?Y ha? , ^Jueprlntln? an oygreij . Jlw highest gtan^rd <?t jt his fei&gest We>y?eliart BPPVP tregsiates Jiuggfe'a present *pr°,« uerccnjaggs.pj; eurj'fiflt sra a p»vnrt*lw>P9 ; 1 jn Delta Protests Handling of Worker NEW ORLEANS, Ln, . (AP) -'• Delta Air Lines has Basked the State DepartVrtent to 'investigate Hie manhandling and detention of two Americans \yho svere dragged off a Delta plane in Havana Monday. Delta's Ne\v Orleans office •tified thp (wo passengei's, held by Cuban police, as Louis F, Brant- lev nncl .Tamos Their home available, but W, Rpici. 'towns, were Ka(4. not '' . . passport pqve' his 'birthplace < as '< • The 'airline said it had been told that Brantjey and ,Reid -made un. cornplimentary remarks abouf the situation in Cuba as they waited in the "lobby of the Havaha Airport, The plane had jusj com« in from Montego Bny, Jamaica, and, was bound tor New Orleans, ' ........ ° ' F ^~~ ' TS - 5: - . t l . i. John Bvors of Houston, Mrs, p, D. McJSwaln, Mr .nncj Mrs, ppt Combs, Janet and David of JJJ Dorado, fj\^rs, Matt tjitt of Dallas and Mr, and Mrs. Allan Groeson. of 'L-Htle Boak," 'MV, pnd Mrs. Wilbuyn "Willis, Onil and Glenn wore the dmstrmjs day guests of her mother, Mrs, J}, Q. Barber, in Mi', and Mrs. e returned Sundpy where ihoy -have of Rev. o, tlje guegts — A attorney filed n hew pleading in thn Little Rock seliool integration- case today, hamihg members of the newly elected city school board as defendants in the litiga' lloh. Wiley BrprHon of Pine Bluff, attorney for the National Assri. for t h e Advahcement of Coloi-ed Peoble, askfed the U. S. tiistrict Court io ma'ke previous hiandattss calling for School integration apply to the six new board members. A hearing on the integration" case will be hold here Jan, 6 bv Federal Judge John £. Miller of Port Smith. Brantott's pleading said the neW school board members should takn affirmative steps to accomplish ih» tegration In compliance with fed' eral court orders and "I'epnH back to the court on the steps they have taken." The board members are Ed t, Mekihley Jr., Ben D, Rowland, Russell i'M. Mat son Jr., Robert W. Laster, Ted L Lamb and Everett Tucker, Jr. The new superintert> denl of schools is Terrell Powell. All six of the new board mem* bers have Indicated a preference for segregation. Five! members at an earlier board 'resigned Nb'v, 14, saying the federal-state deadlock over integration here was too frustrating' The sixth board member, DivDfila Alford. did not resign but won a seat in Congress by defeating ROD. Brooks Hays (D-ark) In the, November general election. The new board was elected Dec. 6. Former Supt. Virgil' Blossom was released by the old board at the time of the resignations Judge Miller has indicated a willingness to consider interventions' and motions before announcing any order in connection with Integration mandates. Roadblocks Are Opened in New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (API— Roadblocks swung open in the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico- today, allowing thousands of motorists to start inching slowly down icy roads between mountainous drifts. The aftermath of the unexpected storm whcih lashed the Texas- New Mexico high plains and part's, of the Rocky Mountain states left 'our dead, hundreds of minor accidents, , and thousands of strand, ed tourisis, many of them Ro's'6 Bowl-bound. - - ft Power companies late' Monday night completed restoration Of electricity to the 30,000 ' of the city's 68,000" families, who were tvithout power .fni- varying periods after an ll'to 15'inch fall'had jlanketed the city, < The U. S. Woathor Bureau reported all roads in 'the Texas Panhandle into Nosv Mexico.were open but icy this* morning. Tha^ was the area hardest hit by 'the storm, ' Tucumnari, in extrome northeastern New. Mexico had U- inph- es on the ground (his morning 1 * and ?5 inches fell at Conchas Dam W, miles to the north, Drifts along U. S, Uighwav pfi in the Tueqm- cari area reached a'depth of soy-' en feet. . . t v ,' • >,tf in that, tpwn'of'.p 4QO'pverniiijit, Motels arid 'Hotels ..we're but few tourists took nf > the emergency opening of 'tho Tuourncavi Armory and (he ofNr^ "nir of'free oots to shnlterjess f,nw« lies, A few staved in 'private noljce said a])*Npw co hifhwnys wore open, but travel fls daneerous and discouraged, Four hundred, of those «t}'nndocj nt Tucurnrsri, were rn route to Rose Bnwl gom.f in 'California- rpsjd.pn.js, in ,apy 'fljriount Jot !hc recnrr) fall, jmprpvised to alon? without pqwei', Tho,sfi , with stov.es were kept stjppljQcj ViDl hot roffee and other h,o(. Jopd 3,y neighbors wjih. gr,s stoves or eamuilie stQyns, Since rnast ojf New Mexico's cjlies urp by natural gus, no heating problem? werp resorted, Snow Plows hao; Plenred roost if (ho, hegyy fall from rural area?. b'oth pity gnd. ppuntry rpa,da ined jpy, §shQ9ls e}psed, ]n jnuch of .north' New Mexico; Qyay ;y SPhQQls rejnajrjed ?]osec| fqr thp and its cj)pol? ai nopjj todj, war4 anfl spent Thursday in Igtys of white tuJJg. jfy? f( I Tfe of Present <3Uu'e §mstf* wa^r. W Campaigning? l^t^MS^isv^iVjfevStetAa f m&mkL - i. s • -^HMfS^fVaS • Press Counter. .. Connected to our presses; this device counts the number of copies we print each issue. V That's all it does. ' C „ , ;*vv tf&S'.S'W.o S"rt'"ir':S^ ^•fcxriii' QVTl CAVO •' - >/* rt ^" ' v™*"??**' \SL 1/lOClOj> *,->,'< T t ->.. how many ^copies were , ' , ' *> ^ t /f a * n * "«-, i J i , : , sold,- : spoiledy or never J ^ : deliyered^how much ! ^B >tHe* ( reader ;paid 'or ; • ;/,^here he lives; or the j answers t6?a host of . ?; * " '• ^"wsGr* si^^Mk' — !SS«"r' 1 * 'j.i " f : ' •' i-j' v - -. • - '. ,„.'.'-.y ? :^. V,^-^^'. ; -Bother questions, ,: , , -', :, '» ' ':-. -' : ^'''o ''v r -^ ' l *' r : '-- l ',*-V r '-.V '" ••".-"• "V'" - Qur:A, B, C. report^ does; thbugh. >; s • " r ', .'.;':V^ '.-,-',. '''";/". : T > ^®^'tv-- -'.'. ';"M, ; 'f ; Thi&report is a faictualinyehtory of our /! > T - ^ -.-•'*«. -i ',-«",'•,""• -^ 7 1 'lC'!'.l''' : -.-" 1 V"-*'VwiV^''^. 1i ^' .V"''""*; , ' A -v^-' 1 r, circulation audience, ; base,d v onian audit of. v •'» v -j ,->- r > -,. " , f*<H,^ ^ S f - -."^H, ' ^r,.- f ^5* j ' r"@*A* ^t" !* *,, g - f -\ 3 our^ record?,. and^e^sur^ia^rdihg^to.A*-B. G, 'startdai^sanid^ermV'Uv^; J^v :'''""• ''.''•''• 'V ;v *"" '*"' ""'' ' ' "'' ""' .-, .., . . • ; It=is important, tofmercHints^wh()}ouy ; ' '*.*' •* - -^" J * j-",-. -i it - ^* -^ - -.~H,B£4t »* &',, v' ^(-"l i f *^ 1 ' * * "Si J 1 » • - J t , r ' > -W^V^^^ ** * ^ V T * J * A ' ' V *- , f , - \> ; , : ;ccuan M .pr ". : |o;Jcpo^,^to -, 1 "-'"-'; Grogs pregg ruji u udience fej^MtJl^p. WPQ$* •/"'•'. I '' ] "' v'-t V~,'. ' ' ;^ "• ~ -' ' T > '• '• ' .."'V "", -i *'">"' ' • ,"-'- "• i * ' Ji' * •' 1 t ,,_^t '

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