Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
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To City Subscribe y§u fsrl f6 gef veuf ifar teiegHdftg, 74431 by will d§livgf yduf *'** *' Per Weather Report! S«e Cefumn <tf Settem «f i Light Snow in Part of State; fain Forecast &y fHfc A&SbCIATio PRESS LighS snow fell at Alma near! ^ort Smith this mornitie but the! u. S. Weather Bureau^ at Little Rock had no reports of snovf at atty other point in the state. Forecast issued last night had called for the possibility of snow £ north Aikansas. Today the weathermen \vsfned that freezing rain was likely""in the north and west central por* •ions of Arkansas during the day. Those areas are expected to catch lisnt freezing rain or sleet by tonight. Early today Fort Smith reported some sleet. The weather bureau said that td-J though a current cold spell will continue, low temperatures tonight ^c not slated \o drop below a range 'of 25 to 32 in the north. 'Lows carving from -the mad 20s to mid '30s are looked for in other sections of Arkansas tonight. Today's highs are expected to range from about the mid 30s to the mid 40s. Traces of precipitation were reported at Flippin, Little Rock. Pine Bluff. Texarkana and Walnut Ridgte in the 24 hours ending at a.m. today. HOft, ARKANSAS, Bulletin Gloria Diatt<* tlan?<*. botti months J>r*malur*ly. t <HeXl SMEftRlLL. Arit. «AJ» — ..„,«, arn-.ed M<?gro men robbed thc Bahk of ShcrrlU shortly after noon Jodny att(a fled \viih an undetermined amount of cash. Abdul 30 minutes later, SJdie Po* lice arrested three men answering the description of the robbers hear Lonoke on riaJe Highway 30. •Details of the robbery were not available. Weather CONTRAST — A contrast in age and sex is Illustrated by these members of Fi&'el Castro's rebel army as'they'walk down a street in Formente, in the central Cublan province of Las Villas, after the rebels captured the garrison town from government forces. — NEA Tslephoto 12-Ounce Baby Girl Born 3!/2 Months Prematurely Clings to Life After Receiving Food CHICAGO (AP) — A 12-ounc-? baby girl, at first believed a stillbirth, began her third day of life today, taking nouiishment through a tube running from her mouth into her stomach. Soys Cotton Stalk Program Lagging LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Cailon of the pink istalk destruction, minute quantities j bollworm control . .. ..,., i'Kigh 44,. Low's? no precipit'aUoir of de:itros e solution on a two-hour gmg in five central Arkansas eoun- ['.ITotaa ,1958 precipitation through ° checilll e was fanning the spark, of ties, the chief inspector for thc 'TSJr.vomv.nr. 10 no ;„„!,„„.- j. .„.-.._ »t. life in Gloria Diane Hanses, born (Arkansas State Plant Bonrd said Paul H. Miller said he had Harris Group to Report on Findings WASHINGTON tAP>—House .. \estigators worked to complete today their recommendallons to Coiv- igre^s for correcting (he shortcomings they report finding in government regulatory agencies. Chairman Oren Harris iD-Ark> told newsmen the House Legisla- t i v e Oversight SubcoirxisiUtvs. meeting behind clbsed doois. hopes to have the job done by nightfall. The indications wore the subcommittee is considering', _ 1. Tightening the laws to pcna- ilize back-door approaches to members of such bodies as tha Federal Communications Commis* sior,, which grant 'television licenses. Many of the subcommittee's BUSY AGAIN for commuter and A newspaper dealer" at the'Fort Authority Bulldit'io'In New" YorC a termini distance busses, Is busy^agiln. U was a brloht day for. the "MMInnl hearings were devoted to alleged f; November, 52.03 inches;"during the ^? in G1 ° ria ' Dianc Har Vsame period a vear atro fi7 ani ?'« months prematurely ." same period tinches. a year ago, 67.90 5 "•ARKANSAS — Freezing rain worning in north and ^'est central Arkansas. Light freezing rain or sleet north and west central portions by tonight and occasional light rain elsewhere through tomorrow. Continued cold, (Lowest tonight 25-32 north and - west portions, 32 r 38 elsewhere. Highest tomorrow 32-45 , . to M«Mabel Hanses, 23, after a fall that doctors said would have killed many unborn infants. 2. Directing the regulatory agencies to adopt their o\vn codes of proper conduct, 3. Enhancing ,the dignity nnd > - ^- REGIONAL FORECAST:-'. . W,By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ."'Central 'Arkansas; Cloudy and continued cold this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday with occasional light rain or drizzle and -a chance of freezing rain late to,' night, High this afternoon near 40, low, tonight mid 20s to low 30s, , Northeast and northwest Arkansas: Freezing rain warning; light freezing rain or sleet this after. noon, 1 tonight and Wednesday, Con« iucd cold.' High this afternoon iar 40 northeast, in 30s northwest; low tonight mid 20s to low 30s. *•* • Southeast Arkansas: Cloudy and continued cold'-this afternoon, tonight- and tomorrow with occasional light rain or drizzle. High this afternoon low 40s, low tonight in 30s, Southwest Arkansas 1 : Freezing rain warning in northwestern conn- ,'tics:, otherwise, cloudy and con,cold this afternoon, tonight j-aui Ji. tinier said ne nad "• J-"««UIH.-IIIK ^luc ui^miv <i4ui toured parts of Pulaski, Faulkner; status o{ members of bodies lllco .any unborn infants. Lonoke, Conway and Wii'te coun-l tnc FCC » Interstate Commorca Gloria Diane is'10 S 4 .inches long | ties and found that very little and Exchange Commission.-Feder ..-a i, ~ .* ». ^, j :_ »\ _i . * i ._ 4 ot ill. r4nr.«... .^«-:_... „!_ \ i '» .. : ill Prt\v»f»r f^rtmi^ilccif\»\ nnrl 'T^ A/1mm and her head is the size of a ten-j sta lk destruction work had been accomplished, Farmers face fines of up*'to" $100 nis'.ball. Physicians consider her survival chances slim but af she lives she will N tie thc record of thn lightest surviving baby known to the American Medical Assn. The baby, was born, Sunday' m Swedish Dovenanl Hospital to Mrs: Hanses, wife" of- Philip Hanses,' a stock, clerk for'-h''Chic!ago-grocer.v , , — —,.-;- •••chain. The baby was placed in a " fl £ bee "; completed elsewhere, humidified incubator kvipt at a plnk boU worm winters in constant 88 degrees the lan 'al stage in cotton seed which remains in the field after harvest. The stalk destruction program calls for shredding and plowing under remains of the cotton crop. ' - . . al Power Commission and "Federal Trade Commission. Some , mesjns under consideration xvore- longer .farmers lace tmes of \ipi to $100 "»"« I.-UIJJ.IUCJ-HIIUII wt-rc- jougcr if the destruction program is-not' ternrts ""d a requirement thaU|h;> comnlntp liv tho rtnnrfii.1^ »r,,,,.,,. President back- nn his' nomiiintinns complete by the deadline tomor row. Miller said 90 ,per cent' of thc fields in hill, sections of" the five counties had .not been- touched'and less than 50--per,-cont"(Jflhe*^i'ork Wid tomorrow with occasional lisht rain or-drizzle,-High • this after* 1 nooni high 30s to'mid, 40s,' low toi night upper 20s to mid 30s,, THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ' High low Pr' Albany, cloudy , 34 25 Albuquerque, cloudy ' 3? J7 '.U Anchorage, cloudy , 13 ,}' ,03 Atlanta, clear x ' ,07' 43 ifesni^rcH, cloudy il9 6 JJoston, cjoydy , 38 31? Buffalo, rein ' ',-19 '31 Chicago, qltar • •' 41 .29 CiQvoJand, rain ' 57 38 -.03 'Denver, plc'rir ' 30 10 ' > Dos 'Moijies, ploudy ' 3J' }1 cloudy - 41 20 • Wpth, snow 48 33 43 ?S '2(3 53 31 T 71 46 • "^^v**^ ' iiS^I V* v ^v»jX "V 1'^ •bniphis, cloudy • 45-40 'Miami', pjear- - 73-'56 ' •?S 21 " 28' 3 ,„ .. _,,. .,., cjoudy, ., §4 45 ?Jow York, cloudy - 41 37 ,57 QKlahqms pity, eloudy, 41 ??' ,13 ,0roaha, ploudy /' .-§7 8 ;.;,„ cloudy 4g 39 ,45 clear UP 4^ . pjoudy 49 38 Me.» gloudy 35 ?5 Ore,,, ploudy H 45 .'% 37 U H. R. Kinkade Killed in Auto Accident Harold Ray Kinkade, 21 who lived with his sister here, was killed in an auto • accident last Friday at Lexington, Tenn. He 'made ' his* .home with his sister, Mrs, Billy Delaney. His mother, Mrs, Bessie -Kinkqde and another, sister,' Brenda Kinkade, also live 'here. .His lather, 'T). L, Kinkade, lives iivLos 'Angeles, Funeral'services were held Sunday in Brazil, Tenn, African,Republics Pledge Cooperation , dear Louisville, cloudy - bmphjs, cloudy iami, pjear-. French .Sudan" (AP) —/Four pf French West ( 'Africa's new auton,°mous. republic's joinud tpclay in an economic federation to pool their resources and 'speed economic develppm'eni, " * ' l -, They were Senegal, French 'Sudan, Upper VoHa pnd Dahomey, whose combined' area of 68?,OJO square mile's }s' roore than three times .as big as France but whoso popalp.tigus total-only }J'jnjpioi? persons, " " -• AU have chosen to remain with in th'e flew French community, whose THembers will look after ir own;int,erna] affairs leave- foreign, 'economic 'and dp,T feusp policies to-{he oyolvingt community s ppntraj ppdy. Am erifisn Kj(lijOi the , (AP) 4- An IJlinpis .spj. djor on gya.rcl duly at ^n..6f|isers shot find, killed a-liorcan wliq to he^d |jj§,Qcdpr to |ia,it, g. Avmj' annpunce4 l Waymojid a , jKjuchpy, p, Jll, dtscftye.rgd' the ^Pin tte plyl? at 3 a.m.. ' said Admits Slaying That^nother Is Paying for JEFFERSON CITY, Mo, (AP)— Eighteen-year-old Joe Slayton; Missouri .penitentiary inmate, • claims he committed a murder" for which another convict is 'serving a life term, Gov, -Jamos T, Blair said yesterday. > Scott County "Sheriff Johiv Dennis at Benlon said lie doubted Slayton's story. . , Lynn Hester, 18, is serving the life term. The night of Jan. 5, 1957, John MUugen,. 18, eo-captain of' tho Charleston; Mo,, high school football teaan, was sitting in a parked car near Sikesjon* with Miss June Castleberry, 18, SiHeslon high spho- o] senior, ' President back- up his' nominations AtlastoStay in Orbit More Than Predicted ; WASHINGTON (AP) — America'? Atlas satellite is expected to stay m orbit more ihnn twice as Jong as the 20 dtiys first predicted. >But the .radio voice which relayed President Eisenhower's recorded message ot peace and )d will to the world is expected die within the oe.xl' 10 days. Defense Department' now says the 8,000-pound Atlns may continue to orbit until about Feb. VThe Smithsonian AEtrgphysieal Observatory at Cambridge. Muss,, SWVrwp Malugeii, ppw lives ^l}s 'frrw said MUelJPH prdprgd the- 1 intruder 'tp.]ialt but he? tvlod ia pspfip'p py" crashing thrpugh a viudpvv. , . -•.-."-* Castlqberry, who ,... Memphis, was raped. Slayton, then J7, originally was sew to, the state reformatory at Popneyjjje tor car theft. <- After serving seven'-.months ha told authorities he and J-lcstev ted the gikeston crime. ' 'SJayoln said ho rpped tlie and rfpsjer killed MalMguejj. Slayton wag convicted 'p| rap? ond \yas given a 15-year- sentpnce, Wester; ivgs gonylolod ol the nmr. dej- -June ?8, "1958, after .replug- Jig a signed qpnfpssion, j^ e 'yh( - ' officer?, foj-ggii jt from Mm- denied i{. ' „ .,..'.0otqbef Slayton tqjij Officials he" had.- commitla the rp-urcler,and .rape, , rr „ confessed -becggsp he .had. „„„, •toinkjng about- Heater i'spcnfiing lUo-ln --prisoj) for .somptlung J clone.*" SJaylon s&id he a,nd Hunter \vere m a slplwrpar the night p^ jm\. 5, 1957, but Hester was -"""—'- -• J a,s)eep in the b,a,p)$~scat „ l- gai-Jseci ttie'jjajv WHed, Af gun.' where Te in and v we . said, "' to house , 9 psn\ tJVe'.rest of the night. ' , lh|'p\v" the - - ,. ~,^,-,,,^ v ., u .. k ,|j ..»J -»w *ui*t**4M \*u ot:(, yuvui ^ ill V»(1|liuriu^"» IMUSS., .with information on the education-} s^ys most watchers in the United al -and- practical .qualificnUons of States should be able U> see tht> prospfjcUve! commissioners. ; Atlns during the-next few days, hnve estimated the' Allrfs"has M* brightness ranging up to tho brightest star in the'heavens, depending on distance. Wednesday morning's first pas- sji^te over the United States at 5:09 a.m., liST, should' ba visiblo in Florida only. The second, nt (>;.17 a.m, EST, cuts.across Central America and should be visible in an aroa from southwest Texas to the Great bakes nnd western New York stntp to wust- crn Florida. Wednesday's final passage; over Two Killed ; in Accident at Paris, Ark. PARIS. Ark. CAP)—An automobile ran off n highway near Pans and rolled over and over for about 50 yards early today, kiUing two men and injuring two others. ,Dead are Jessie- Collins, 42, of JUissellvilJe and Rufus Archie Reynolds, 19, ol near Russellville. Hospitalized at Paris we re the Pacific 8;2C should be visible from Ihu mid California const to North, Dakota and down to New Mexico. Luther, Mann, 43, and Robert Rose, 18, both of near Ru?sell\ille. Attendants said they were in good condition, '"A passing motorist* discovered (he wrecked automobile nnd notified authorities. , .„„„.,.,„ „.„. )AI ,j _ State Trooper James Hujmicmt jJeanneUe- 'Willqri) j?nve hpr said apparently the car, owned by band a rifle for Christmas. 'Mann, veered onto a shoulder of Gives Husband Rifle, He Kills Her With It PAUVIYHA N.J. >~ Mrs.' state Highway 22 about seven miles west of Paris and went oui of control, The automobile was dy- mplished,, Reynolds was dead when an am,,fiance arrived, at the scene. Collins lived about an hour aftor being hospitalized nt Paris, HunnieuU spid it could not bu determined immediately who w»s driving ihe car, The bodies of Reynolds nnd Uoljins were taken to n, funeral liorne (U.Paris and arrangement.*) \VW'o being mtide to take them to information on survivors immediately. used it Monday night polices said, (p kill her. . , The husband, .'Edwin I,. .William, todtiy on a Balloon Still Losf, Hope Is Fading LONDON , tAP) — The balloon Smnll World Is still lost. Expedition organizers here said todny, tliey still hnvo had no woi-d wbout the - four British - ndvcnturors or thclv plastic' bnllobn,, Although 12 days have pass«rl since nny ihossngo was rocoi\*od, friends ot the crow have »ot jiU'W up hope. Ships between' (\\o C«. «nry .Islands nnd South America arc still on the lookout for any sign of the, British 'expedition, ' The Small World loft thq Ctmar- H»s on Dec, ,12.,The «'ow hoped to cross the Atlantic,,,blown along by the tr«dc winds, in nbout 17 days, Hbffa Trying tpiQrgamze^ • >;i&»^»^«|»ps*-*^-^"' > I •^'- "* ''' i Police Forces , , i <" " * NEW YORK (AJ»>—Tho Ti.,,,,. stors Union Intends to picket cily jiolice headquarters, starting Jim, 12, in'a drive lo, organize th«-po- llco into the union, , * . •' ' (Henry Feinslein, n Tunmsters official, snld llm pickctinR svoviltl he extended to itll' pnlire Instnllii- Huns; including BO preempt slu- tious in the city, • Fcinstoin »njd thc pJoltoting If nimed "nt Police- Commissioner Stephen P. Konnudy, who opposes uniomintion of the polioc, • "We a<* j;oii)g to «lve thu commissioner n tustu of the pconouilc force and prassuru of Uio Ttsnm* slur 'Union," Fdnsteln A-niU, "His thront to f)r«j polleomen /or jolnlna tho Tuamster Union mnkos him unfair tq our union unt\ to ill of organized liibor." ' • , Fojusteln is Ipndingi n nation* wide cnmpoigu to bring all poliei*- men,' riromcn nnd wtlu-'r , stole, Boy Starves, Sisters Are Nearly Dead AUSTIN'. Tex, t'ASPt— Offtews ssnd ft -t-ywir-old boy who wolghud only 24 pounds died of malnutrition here .Monday, Thoy snld they found two of his Kistm uboul lo starve to d«»th, T|io boy, Wilborn Uowi' Hnttlso, was dstid on .in-rival at n local hospital, Detfletiws u\in|ed tho victim's another, LnwM'ne Syl^Uno, 1 'i-\\ us SHyfng the boy hnd bvon on n d!«t of "bojitis and ljr«atl for-brcnlc» fast, iHiihliiH fur lunch, benns imd bread for supper mu! pltMitv of vvnter," Officers snid the slslurs, ages (I and a, *- were so vwiik Ihoyeoiilct hnrdly^nmt}^,,., . w ,v^;. )i ;^ F -' *' Tht ifiotheY' a'nef*iiol i mnlu com> pattipn,* who" brou«lH the :boy to thu hospital., W ere jnllcd on va- gi nncy ' Dr. Phelps to Speak to Hope Kiwdnns (Dr. .Knlph'.Pheljis, Ouuohita Collugt*, will b« of was arraigned of murder. 'I ho shooting' took place at the homo ot the victim's mother Mrs,, Louise Blveimey. The couplu's 3- year-old son wns {Uso i«' tlia mcj Police said Mrs,' Willard taken the child Monday nn4 hnd gone to jicr home. Willnrd vvtjnt to the liouso nud trie dto talk Ills 'wife into returning homo witli him. An argument awl the shooting with the x'3 caliber S\s-if't rlfje followed, Jy The Star-Staff counly and numiclj>n] woiia'rs into ihp/union. Tho driyt" van ttn- nouijoud Jfu-f montli ,hy TQivm- stcrs iprrsldent said ' the llirpatenwl picHot* line wuuld-'iuninin outside pallet} hendcnmrttrs for up indefinite period, ' , - _ OUiev picket lines will go up ppjico , t|oi?ots (incl supply stations, I'Vlnsloin- snid, in an «f lort to cut off,,c|u)|ver)es''of ' • ' ' ,, items,' and , evonlunlJy will bq ' 4)|)r6utl , to all ' ' insUUloUu'ns^ pro , of slurs J^ocnl' 237, suiU tho plek'pt flues iyl'1 he* honored hy To^ntsli. 1 )" irucKurs, Tho' dtifhonstrntinji vvill e o nlinu e "until bn»k8,'"hu utldod. •PpJoris Ho§ curing C if t r!'? p ^ cpJ .^ av . (? * sei'lfis-jf: thefts j uro 'still searching |or " an-aiil-Q ' *' li,erc, one oc-; which was burned recently 1 41 a.' pi. yes-! 3 P,i»tn^QS-Hlg)i,w8y gp connit^va . .. Tljk'd, JYhere I voacj , , v before,of/fleer?; eouW bo reports a-, pair of] notified somebody had j-enwe4 U\» }PafP»'shgeg'pissing burped auto , , . iywovur, " : old' CAPJO- CAWAV4JBAb, ,Fl«,,, (AP) , «t»rt PJies VJJl'Q |Utb, of ^sjiops in place of Uxo, ? issued to Jlio par. luvv ^ 1 , 1 ' ? ^'"W" tiJ ? lfl m a '» * °i.tt«s .IAIJIB at, the nnnunl Kiwunls Club "Uadies 1 night ,,t fh« High foenool t.-ifeluria tonight «t 7 o'- ejotik, , •All .Kiwnntnns and thoir niul « num'bor of «iu>sls are eii (o Ibo present, Projjrom amir- mtm JSImor '.Brown IKIS nrrnn««d SPvenU'muslqnl numbers nnd lli'ii drlx Spr r n«Kins will intr Prosidonl Uoyeo ios. PRICE Se COP*:.-. „, «-.f«^ n jj ^^',*,i to Havana enrrSed Utelr war of tltc Havana arflft today »<$ .plosive Accompaniment ,»G'>"-majr> ,$f battle of Snnl» Clara In ccnlrajjf ?f A iwavy blast roek«d th«,lw Hay, jusl before dnwn nnd ., p-ncd thousands of people, in capital. 10 miles «\vay» was reported to front ftrlnu of .. _ pompnny warehouse, ,.,-,.,„„ sloiTS of dynamite,, 1..*,-,.*,.$ were mmors thni seven' aold!ttt« •"• qjunrd duly <there died-hvUwx , .,, smnilor bhtsls wtsrct- In lh« sguthbri) pnrl of Hav*Bfi»\*| jiyiupnU^^rs here they liuvu ft.000 nrvned wtUtln Uvo city. They would bo slnrllin stwn ln<Hnvnnn of the outcome of rebel Fidel Cttstru's bnltlc to/ Snntn Clnrn ntut cut Cub« 'l Ftorc« housf't^oiis ipHrpully wersislw) iodny in thnt^ff copltnl of central Las Vlllns rov-' Informed sources OHIU,,I;«»U«IV I 'CK lies wur« hutwy on botlv'itdes.i^S! Oncrprivntu Informtmt ostlmtitail $i nearly l.QOO men -had bum* or wounded, 74'lhclustnls 7-1 nnct ROCK (AP)^ . in«,_il)o""yoor > the - stnle ' Tim," racord «hbwud , nintntninod n 'stu»dy pncb ^ toda jit "' wide slowdown In ., „ construction during tlu>, first" months of 1Q5H, ' . • ,' Tlu> 130 now nnd expiiwlinj} w -, t «, dustrjes wore aunttcrud in 8Q.,Ar«V8 knmns towns. " L, J^Ji . . „ . were »l fort.Smith" illOIUJ, I'Ytmlc W, Cnntroll, , dlroctor of thu.Chnmhor, otnl outlny . for o<nv 'industini >ptU'Htluns in - r \vill bo mostor of cehnnon- Party Planned byBaptists imuunied - to $72,aoo,QO(), „. sum, $ls,'lop,oOt) w»s spent l on MU«*^.- jilnnts imd" 13 mlMoirdollunTljuYv.:! expansions', - V T>U' , mtmufuuturlnB -' l , expected to provide nn „».»-,„ tlomil 3,520 jobs nt full opm'utlii'ff.r^, jicluKlulo. Thu (:xpnnslonM,''nr«-*/r| scheduled to afford a,-l5C ii'^v JobinMp Thus iHotii] or 8,085 wor'kurs wjll")¥ 'be added to p'lyrolls, ->.' "vfctffj nlsy Dointud out utilHlos, munlwotons 000,000 to extension ffud inont of their fnallitlus Sns rhinnjj thq yojir, . nmuitt -New Yuur's vytjU'h night party, « m | wr- viuo wOJ Ute lioJcl «l the First Bop, Church on W«di>osd&y ovoillHM, '-- ' ' ! The <?w)ii|tf will Include* U»» ful- 7 (), HI, -Adtm 'Choi Sunday School lesson Wr. iMwc'lmwuu f! p, m. .Turkey piunw with all ' '" 'by , 0{tti'p,- r w,', Moyjo; Boyynd Our p. m/ Ramos by "fuss mo tam, \vJJt bo .. J, Lodge flft. ., did ta \8liwi $U8fl.< \yprth, ,of ayn* w«rp sJu» r '4 ,w*iek, . > %-MOiU* Tnumffty ^tt n ->~\ y^,i-4^ r A*M^w " To1 " '"•" «" ,>*>*.** ovaecj! told ««MlVKftf.8 to- are urged, t« be i-v^-^i" As Uie of to dejuy. foe: «JjBtoO)»mi$u, i y $•"- ,,., }fi tlip. up ',ftt the , )but IHo entire church . t ifl#)fj«ittji j tlu» an cT 7n r* ».i if* 8 ":** 1 **- AiJ^WH* jW»Mb •HJHWpl-y $. - • ',. , Iniiiiy nj, :<& u i, OS ^ai9,P«iiM|lji«-«uj6Jiis«ww^«a'cii .-^CU-^,' , -.. * Wnfi^L2v%,J! -«%§§, Pmr&ujyi p4cp_lvgs.|uid;j IlQu>-Y$u,tlj Ce'nUuj's NeV Year's sniMiwi fiiintffi? JWM*, 40WU1W W MMW cv* -Vf ft - JWsinwJ M ai&l *t Wl > ffifflKXi • th« *$PW^&i¥<lto fiialw'&taU«r,4al,Wu!ww«y |i 8 p^feS uul iv ^f,^ -V W > ^ t&wywiu;/tiw&uiii ,-r, BHtomi- »o4 W J lrtW'ISAWri- f ,Jl. l iftie laki!iT]ii thoi.ehauurnr DyC tfi- -TO-^i »?-«<»» ; »raHn«wnj» i'\ < -"*»***,«*-* !'*itV -Sfti 4 -flt U1-' », < t^W'-f-^ .WWJP MiteWW* & *Wl» .lYllllllliifi -1 jUiimi'^ftfm'n T^KliAi..* ni !: n»u« s ,/,pi,i.i -ttt*._ ^. w4yrw«y |i 9 p'£jtuj$ tttvsl ivUl "' ' - -' JHU',WW 4rfU •• •- r ' i\fi I'liill & cupo "iiiuhehs^, rjT>,&terijM ? ji^t«»j» »rfes% 8*$$ kit^m^ i<* iisv*rt^>'»' i,w» nnu» tttlU^iKt f.iir ^Itli^UAiV^^l ^ ttjj-i iUi^.A.1 4U" « Ipr .eyenls in Uip flntrjJli Hfo fu 1J10 p«,si twylvu mouths. -p ni, . Woi'bhip and Sprvjee . in -Uio in N&w VRBV nil, and, --to «|i a -flijad jiij Tins watch i)}gh|, '»iH<y fl m, . flttd. $>ril)j{ '« nursery wijl f-f-K'i'***' 1 4"* 1 -f •?<*«»,,*>#• 4*^. 30. Industries hr JD5« wuro Ihoso'-hy litotwin Pluno Co., Cmncroi) JTc^- ArWistm Power & JJ«)il'Cq.;,CJa^ ton Shiiu Co,, OststiOlu Shoe,' Cft.i*-" 1 SlntifdM" Ueducliift Inu,, ri " ' Co,, ami li.A Cunlrdl ,ati!ij thi((. althoiiBh ' 105« «ro\vth wus'Uc'knv the, ru(o,li» it «nd ipw, Jloru Is a --" ^-„^ .v*'>t,|«,jif4^ „» , 7 '' l « JOM, Jil £>3 in losti, so iivioaa; M 70 in ftil 1)1 im, 00 In iOSO, HW9WWWJU i««, -="*H.'.«!y" 1«'J034., Tutftl outlpySj »» $11 m. $B3,40o,QQ& in wCUin!W£« »ATfff°'' w - to ^%ii m AM*. LTff >L,m LJfX,

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