Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1958
Page 6
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Page §ft Porks Take on TechinSWC Consolation . ,,,_ £ .»,,,.*. * By THE ASSOCIAfEfi The. Ion indicates Ihf conference rttt'c. which opens hex! Saturday niglv, will bo a last-terim-witlvtiie-ball affair. Texas ChriBllnn. which won the tournament last yenr. then wound up tied for thlid in the champion- efimpolen, pm\ed too [.ill for iri taking its si-mi fiiuil gnmc 74-B4. The Ageics had to go ail nut to edge tenacious Rice G0-5i). Monday nfternon Arkansas >ihd Texas Tech play fnr tin? cnnsolj- lion title with Tcxns nnd rinylor wrap up the prr-senson battling for seventh plnce A! 7:.10 totminmert at Houston I p m Rice anrt Soulhein Methodist Monday ni R hI mid rlr.ir Ih- dec!;*? | rhet [or fhiirf phiee. It K KnchnfM. TOXJIS Clirislltih'* of . Southern Mc'lhoclisf tins 37, Clyde Rhoden of ArUnnsas rind Tom Hobitnlllu of Rice 3fJ, Neil Swishcr of A&M 3fi tmd Lttofi tiill fo r the Southwest Confere'lic- championship laft- Tev,i<, Clu i Uali or Texas A&M will }iot IN> hot spot-fi \orite foi the title _ „. The Christians, scoring nl n R8- poinK-13 more inn a'n"vbHv"(«)so poin s-per-«ame clip, slntnmed in-'in the tournament. fiob'by ,'liinu-s to the- finals with vielories m'ei ' - - •• - - . Baylor ,ind Southern Methodist The Ag-iios. nvernging fll points Got tli^io with di-ei<iioii<i o< ( i Texa« Teeh and Ric^ TCU find Texas A&M dash nl DO p m fra' the lournnment ehnnip ionslnp nnd the winner will get ihe tag of eonfpreneo favorite wim'i if things go ncroi'dlng to p.i -I form, could br the kiss of death The wi/mer of ('his tourney has FnyettevilU Chine through with the ut| t . only | Robllhille leads the three limes in the seven yenis it .scoring for the- season has been held , points while Kirchner , Closenes of the games at Ho.is ,vilh 150. Sudden Death Playoff Won by the Colts By JACK HAND Associated Press Sports WHfe NttW YOflK (AP. - If the; f>lnj- pl-n fpofbnll for 100 years they never eati lr p Baltimore' renter, appears virtually 'first championship fiiiitclied in : eerttiin lr ';ike scoring honors Ho sudden clenth playoff 23-17 nfte entoi-s the final game with .if) New York refused to gamble. The Oiiinls rodcllefl n' 17-14 lo«i with 2' L , minutes to play after ar electrifying second half comeback 'H was fourth down and inches to go on Mew York's 43. A first clowi probably would have permilin of. Texas Teeh 31. j the Giants to run nut the cl'u4 When the conference race opens.-on four ground plays A pun Saturday, it will re Texas A&M 'vs. 1 would give the Colts atiuthe Southern Mcthodi?! nt Jltilln.s, i chance *** Baylor and Texas 'Christum nl VV.ico, Nice nnd Texas at Houston |nnd Texas Tech and Arkansas at in with 192 Go for broke? Or piny it safe" 1 Coach Jim f-.ee Mowel! electee to play It safe. The Ginnts punted Baltimore struck back to within scoring range and tied Lhe score 17-17 on Steve Myhrn'.s 20-yard secoi.d | field goal. Johnny Unllay' passing and Atat FREE 7-4431 IgWlWVI^ ft^l V^« Delivery PRICES GOOD MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY . _. T __ r . L . ' '_ /_-*•-. GOOD LEAN DRY Pound Bag Dry Peas DRY SALT . 2 Size Can Fresh DELICIOUS SMOKED Pound Pail New Low Price OLD FASHION HOME MADE Fresh Frozen-Packaged Peas POUND CARTON New Low Pries Premium POUNP SACK RED MOPI STAR, H6M, ARKANSAS In the United Slates, not counting Alaska and the tetrl« , lories, there are d22 million acres of forestlarid, about one* third of all the land area tit the country. Of this lotai, 162 'fnillion acres are classed as 1 ["noncommercial." This in* .eludes alpine, scrnidesert Ahd jothcr areas hot suited for com* ; morelal growth of timber, parks and other public areas* © Britftnnltfa MELANCHOLY DANE — All dogged out in the latest m canme fashions but with no place to go is "Jett," an 80f' pound great Dane, He's temporarily residing in the SPCA shelter in Dallas, Tex., but'is looking for a new,'home, along with more than 100 other dogs that are available for -adoption. DREAM GIRL-Pretty miss niPfJels' -unusual blouse m Rome,- * Colorful symbols are fistrojogical .and. other occult nnd jnvstjcal representations, inspired running pro- ypgcl the winning touchdown in 13 lays iij 8:15, ihrough the long winter nights will question Hawaii's strut- joge If he ha,d gambled mid not m.pde the yardage, n Baltimore Held goal was almost a sure thing, So he played it safe and lost any. hew. Gino Marehettl. who sviffered a broken ankle and wp? parried off the field on a stretcher late in the- pamo, rushed Giants' quarterback Chfli'ley Conerly alj afternoon. The QoIU'' defensive Ji^p was superb, gj\inp, Conerly little time to throw, the )in.e bacHprs cpverfd in excel. - lent stvle and the deep men did j their job. k connected; with Bob for a,- •JB.yard pass on l^y pf tljo fourth period aijd threjv to Frnnk Giffocd for .the touchdown, that put the. Giants phead. wit)) only 53 second? gone in the period. Pat ' Sj-immeraU's SMO)j4 conversion mgde ij If-U, fwp - paUimove thrvists" w,ero bluntpd by thp Giants, onp vvhen .Rert Replijphar's 4?-.v«v<i ^ojil* njjtempt failed. With j rur'niH.f o^it, th,e Gicintf i-aelsed j one first ^own gnd'reeejyed, on r prji, 4,3 on 4th nnd, J. iugh,«,s) Hope ABS MUST SI IN oFWfAY EEfOII JUILICATION - PMONF M411 tofc AD TARIR of Balance of Cage Power Is in South By JIM KENSIL Associated Press Sports Writer The college basketball f;m heard a s giving out with "t wish I were in <« Dixie" isn't whisllina iii 'he dark < TaDH He's in tune with the times, brother. For while more than a dozen holiday tourniimonts ,ire ofi the best SChcHule today, the majority of " the big boy? have converged on RoleiHh. N.C.. for the Pixie Classic. " w jrour of the- nation'' teams entered the Oixi morrow night's semifinals coilkl see them in action in a dou- s »° ble header, providinu all survive in today's opening round. Cincinnati i No. 2i met Wukc roi-'.-sl. North Carolina (No. I)' laced Louifville. N.C. State (No fii was paired with Yale nnrl ~| 1U| Michigan Slate (No. !)' took oil for Salt top ten and nnd to- a ft ^n rcgtfl 118 6f SolUfiflf PefiOdS, -oeloW, haS beefl takefi lAldefl Knight's §6llthar JaH J>6lir days S6 that Ifishlhg in goad territory f In good eever duting ii it you \^§h te ftfld the ' that each da? has to t Pef!od< ste showa ifl pe, fhes« begin at the ...'n and iaat tot an hour lit of two hours' there' Minor Periods, shown Of somewhat ibeati-n Kentucky. , lir .ar 12 . 4ft after winning its Sl j! a a - " Duke. Meanwhile, un Idle for a week own invitational tournament, pills its No, 1 ranking un the . line against Navy at Lexington, The Kentucky boys have won eight straight this season. Salt e, are Jfatlon. Ai Mi P.M. [Minor Major Minor Major 8110 ( 1:55 8:35 2:20 0:26 10:10 10:55 11:45 12105 It 05 0:00 9:45 10:23 11:15 2:43 3:30 4:15 5:05 6:55 6:55' he 3MO 3:55 4140 5:30 6!25 7i25 Negro I Phone (a!i rid a r of Events J past Defeats the West in Shrine Game SAN FRANCISCO <AP)--"H» >' vtas|J3chool going to be :i groat pro." Michigan 30c-40c. The r _ Stf.tc Coach Duffy Dougherty _dc I vited to attend clared in lauding Notre Dame Cull-1 back Nick Pielrosante. voted the ., . Most Valuable Player in the East T £ e Yerget West game. wllf sponsor .ommumty Either Hlcki or Blevins Mother' ketlball Iii Ttiest ! 30 payers: Training School ( Club >vill sponsor «a'm'e in the Gym- j night, December Mothers vs Ble- _taduates. Admission >U3lic is cordially in- ,0f.f performanei's in his Sunday's nn'nual charily clasic for the Shrine Crippled Children's Ho'spi tal, there .could he others in jl!io same category. f 'IPictrosante scored two touch dc wns the East won 26-14 land "He was |ou f a'j Daughtrty put it lirsi-down getler " The 210-poundcr from Ansoni:. Con".., gained a yards in 20 carrier, including his touchdown burses from llirop and two "yarcs out That should be good news/Jr the Detroit Lions, who dra'ftd him. Michigan State's Sam William; n 225-pound end from Dansvllj. Mich, drafted three: ^oals aeon' tli'e 'Los Angeles Rams while in military service. The 27-year-4d end stopped the first West dr.ve by thro w i n g quarterback; Lee Grbscup, Utah, for losses of W3 and two yards and kept up Hut jind of play all clay Eddie Dove, a swifty from C-.lo land Mother's Club a New Year's Social jn Harris (i.innnshLm Thursday, January 1,'bignning at 8:30 p. m. Admission: plef Tickets from Band ,1 This social interest of tl -Holiday Vi Mrs, Mar} ightor Janici diana 'are :Beulah Join Mrs, Ethel ra Dvaiper| [-')c single; 7oc cou- vay be (purchased ohers or al the door. i ibeing given in the e Uniform Fund, ALUMINUM SfrffieRS, doSfil, ItSFffl windows, weather * stflppifiit IR« sUlStion, fbbfiHg, a\vfiifig«, fill* tering, brttarilgfilai fSllifig, 'f f'« estimates, Andy Andrews, 3 SMALrL tracts of Jahd «g8f sUita'ble fdf chickefi Jafffts. 88 aeres llfrtbeF ISHd tWd ffiJles 6llt of Pei-ewaH. Ark. See Kalph Sauhdefs o:' Phofie W601. 19'tf . fbltf door, A'l Cdfidltidn, New ti^eg ( radio ahd hgat^, $4§5 Will arfange fitlahCing, Call"'?'. 2487, S'tf For Rent LOCAL trailers. ByefS dtilf Sef« Vice. Call Day of Night. 7-9&S5. 8-lmoc S ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson Sti'eet. Call 7-3578. 174mo. 4 ROOM house. $30 month with bills paid. PR 7'2247. • - IdjtJ WANT AS RATH - All Wdnf A3s Sfg Sos/afe's Bu* *cft win be Hort BdcfiuftM 8e?sf6namg ffid sfa»smeii» is wifH IhS ufi» is Wuffibif; r Words Up fd 15 16 16 56 it to n U 16 30 si (a as 34 la 49 41 fa 4$ 44 t6 SO 1.85 1,20 1.35 use ThrSB BoyS ' .90 1.50 l.SO l.fO 5.10 2.40 5.70 160 Si* DdyS 1.S6 5.66 2.50 3.00 150 4.00 4.50 S.OO •6ns 4.S6 6.60 1AQ 9.60 10.50 1160 13.50 15.66 CLASSiFIED DISPLAY t tlw* .„,..»„.,.,.;.,.»».• 86e &*r inch 5 fim*s u.,..,.., ....... .<,.,., 8St pef Ineh 6 llrri»i „...{,.;.»..„.„..,.. 5§e »df inert Notice WX Buy • Wt Sell - W« Hwt•',';;'« REAL ESTATE ,: '>--.•'. R; D, FRANKLIN COMPAAT A. P. Deloney, Mtn««« t Uowurd Collier, BklumkB H tit tdft 6«eutlv« lH»;«ti6fiS. IrfSgulaf of Skit date ads will fake the bh«-day wta. All daily classified adv^fHstha eot>y *tll be accepted until S p.m. tof publleatlen the follawtna doy. Th* publishef fesefves the fight lb f*Vli*-af erM all advestfserrtdnts of fefed ffif pUbllrotlon ahd to fe|et» «n/ 6b|ectlehable ddvefflsttl0 submitted. Iftlflali df* o«6 6f mcfe IcHefS, flfoups of figures, Such as house of felephorte ftuwbefs count as ane word, , ,->Th« Hope Staf will hot be respon- "• sibl*, fof, erfofs .)rt Want Ads unlesi .-.•frofS' afe.' Called to our attention ' (ift«rrF1RST IniTUon of ad and then for';ON,l.Y l th« ONE Iheorrbct Inteftion. '•PHONE: 1 PROSPECT 7-3431 MOVINGT Long Distinct CkU Collect Stt. Tree EitUnnlei, Low*> Ratei. ' ,, ."• i.j •'•. Have Vtni — Will Travel PRESCOTT STORAGE CO. .. PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS BARHAM Brothers House . Movers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers, Gale,Arkansas. 21-1 Mo. WE Buy and sell Antique Furnittire and bric-a-brac. BYERS 'ANTIQUE - SHOP, Patmos '*• Shoyer Springs Bead, Phone 7-2057.''''-* 14-1-mo.c IPOSTIVELY no hunting - on ' my farm as I 'have cattle on it. A,-N.' Eider, Patmos, 'Ark, 29-3tc. I -Bumphus and dau- Rene of Gary, In- i:ng her mother Mrs, II and. her sisters aelle and Mrs, Car- Mr, Or'apqr, : Pvt. Free Totten,' Nei mother, Mr Wewlon of Fort ji'ork, is visiting his ICarra Draycr and Mr. Drapeilind other relatives. Mrs, Bob Alma Jean] ford, 111., and Aunt rado, gladdened the hearts of 3an«- Qoorgc, Prancisco 49er fans among thq 60,000 jamming the Stadium.when Jean Simpson and | Meadows at • Rock- visiting her Uncle and Mrs. R, D, he picked oil' an aliempted pn>- by Krcmblas and rambled 84 yrrds .for Hie Wests second , '.touchdown'; The distance equaled an eailier run by Dick Haley of Pittsburgh ers third- quarter dash—\Mtli his taain behind 6-7—was the game's turning point. kick on the return. Most p lay. apd coaches felt Haley's thi Mrs, J. California ghter and R, "D, Geoij Mrs, Ir, Bell of Comptoh, Itho-guest of her dau- l-in-law, Mr, and Mrs', (Basketball THE ASSOC1ATEP PRESS n 118, West Virginia 109 (g oil 3 "St, Louis 90, Georgia Tech 79 Ohio Stnto 75, Princeton Cli Tennessee 79, Virginia 59 Washington 85, Minnesota 83 UCLA 71, Denver 57 Miami (Ohio) 74, Depaul fi? Auburn 104, Florence (Ala) 78 Seattle 70, Chicago Loyola 49 Bradley 90, Gonzng'a Florida State 82, LSU 67 onn 04. Temple 46 California 90 Arizona 46 pt. Peter (NJ) 64, Wap.iw 6? Stanford 08, San Pianclgco Olympic Club S3 , Penn 69, Puerto Rico 52 sDctroit 87, N.D. State 73 1 Marquette 76, Wis-Wilwauljep BO ,Vtah State 9, Idaho 60 £authe8,?— K2, Santa Clara 3 ,,. Al'inn OaOnhS Lniv 74, San . „ Stat9 ldaho State 89, AMLASK4 ...... 63, Montana State 50 §ewthwe?t •X. TPU W 5 4 3 5> 67 B. Ross and child, ren o£ Mafjlia, and George- Kim- bio' and lighter °f Jonopbovo, Ar(?,, wercfaturday visitors in the homes oil's, Carrie 'Manus and son, 'and|lr, apcl Mrs, R, D, George,' ces Douglas returned to iFhHanif Srnith College, Wttlo - '"' • after having spent the lolidays with her par* er^sT'iMr.l 1 '! Mrs, Ontee Doug- •Mrs Flikie Hv. Alexander has m :i :o h?r '^me in Little Ai| , after spending the holidays were her JTIO- ther, Mr|Mnrthe Wilson of Em- sister MVs. CJeostor family, her brothers, i 'M. (T, -Wilson and »'at}'Mr5- Richard Wjl- other. relatives ' her son in the fifaiici fforphjet, ArH- gmplc DP. tt»e Party entertain' [pioyees of Prarveh HOS< 'phj-Jstmss Party duv- \'$ys, 'Bvery one re; M4 « in era] HI .556 50? 507 the?, » .375 m - 5)? ' ington. ,.375 .?50 48| - ?tha. * Pisa of - •• - •»•- Mamie. Sgl, Jhey puntecApJpndP.4 IpnocpnJ ' A. j, of tv]nf Aold, AU the statistic!, vaq hoavlh- in favor P( iJjo pojt|, " T . i" ^ ," . ^. *O v .v+ **>-> ..as'.vUp'Us J s^hnrlitln^O^.. «'.J . -• passed away fit ArXen»M ty Hicks ys i»viiU )ys pia» Trotter at Wash* UniQWi a npjce of .e-8 bivtWay Funeral Directors Ambulance Service ,, Burial Association-. - •„ OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME,-' Dial PR 7-2123 , .*>,--,' • i. 20-im-c Services Offered LET Uf renovttt y»ur' old' »«tf tress, We apecialUt' to > prMflurl ted Innerspringi .' '. • f-" 1 "-*"".' COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 Weit 4th, Phone T RALPH Montgomery Hark**, eu» torn ilaughtertng. We b«T« mtM for-your deep tr«t«e. 8«» ui before buying. "." , . :,;'«;•"• SINGER SEWING MACHRfE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East' 3rd, L, E, Booth, Phone PR ! 7'M95t, , GOOD bargains,'- Buy,, sell,' tiafle or rolJnish your furniture .at ,my shpp, .Paur.rjudney, Wa.shingtqn, Arkansas, 23-1-m-c . - n ^'^.t SEWING reasonatole, t'Also Holes and Belts,,Call,Mrs,'.Stay key,.PR 7-4516,];,,. „ • -', l^6\<f Wonted Hope Star route open for boys !2 years and over, Apply at Hope Star Office, •, -, : '.' Wonted to Buy HIGHEST prices paid for and coon hides,'After 7 p. Bob Rnteliff, 500'-g, Ha.miHbm Phone PR 7*2788, ' ' ' GDOP TJSEP gross tjes.'. Henyy Wolf, near Shover- Store, • • '- , 27»3tc. Opportunities Offtrf'4 AIRLINI young m e n an4 women' be sejeeted. immediately tJ'flinirig fop for high-salaried, pppiiion? as Jjoe Secye^ry, Hostess, ervationis.1, Stfltjon Agppti Records, ghprt, lew cost traimRg ean qualify^ be pptween 17=3?, hjye sphool edvipatipn end plsa?ipg Hope Star l»»r »f Hopt 18*9; Preii 1«27 Ctnselldited January 18, l*2f 1 Published 1 everv weekday afternoon by " STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alti. ,H. Washburn, Scey-Tro, . «t The Star' Building . 1U-14 SoufS Walnut Street 'Hope, Arkansas Afti. H. Woihburn, Editor ft Publisher < P«ul H. Janet, Managing Editor Dona I Parker,' Advertising Mgr. 0»»rtt W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt., J Entered o» lecond clasi matter at th« Post Otfjce at .Hope, Arfcaniai, •ntftr the Act of March 3, 1897. Mem'utr ef-the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription ftotas (payable In '.,•' r . odvanru) .In .Hope .and nelghbjrlng " towns — ...;. ......................... 5.30 Per year. ........... , ................... 3560 ' , : By majl In Hempsteod, Klevcoo, Lafayette, Howard a.id MI'ler Coun- .tles '— , One month ........................... $ .85 Three month* , ....................... 1.85 SI* monHii ...., ...................... ' 3.SO One veer ,,,, ( ,, ........................ 6.»0 , All. othei moll — One month ' ................ ., ........... 1.30 Three months ............ , ........... 3.90 Sli 'monthi , , ....................... 7.«0 : One yeor- ........ '. ........................... 1S.60 > , , Mat'l Advert islno Aeprocntatlvet; , .., /. t', Arkansas Dallies, lire., 1602 Sterirk . Bldg, Memphis 2, V»t«n.; 505 Texas i Bp'nk Bldg.; Dallas V, lexas; 360 N ;• Michigan' Ave,', Chlcarjo I, III.; 60 E, r ' 42nd St,'' New York iV, N. Y.; 1763 VPenobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; '"' Terminal, Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, • Oklq,"-.-' ? •>.- ^ ,,'••> i ,' .Member of -.The .Amclated •re»i , if j, if i^ i Th'* 'Associated Press.' is entitled ex*, elwlvely to-' the use 'for republlcatlon .' of all t^e<locql news printed in this • " fiewspap'er, 1 as . well as. all AP news V aispqtches, " ' I , t ' - v) ; r i • ." ^ ,< • ^ v 0 ., ROACH - HUGHES 'INSURANCE I Autt • Fir* "Ulfe A CMuatty Phone 74681 t Tovlor & Jordan USED CARS:— BODY SHOP *-- ; FPREIGN CARS ~ ,/ fii 5r Ha*e| Phpne 7-4022 ;Of,vUJtTjiyler;« Jphn Bill '.WANTID TO BUY by TrusK <?r sthsrwlw. HAROLD HENORIX 1 - -Phsn* PR 7.4321 4 Wsuiilsns! Hppe, Ark, , Rtbyllt •prim MM* lnt« )nn«r lwy!«t P^YIS * M«ttrf H Ct, went for- womerj jponiidenti dress an4 g " o| star, •;m± Burial LOCAL MOVING

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