Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1958
Page 1
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Ta City Subieribtri! , If yeu fall ta gef'ygur §fap gleass telephone 7«3431 by 8:30 p.. -m, a/id a ipggfa) garfigr deliver yauf paper. 6STH YEAR; VOL. 60 — NO, 64 Heavy Fighting Has Broken Out in Cuba By WILLIAM L, RY<N, HAVANA, Cuba (AP)—Heavy fighting broke out today'between Cuban government and rebel fore- ics inside and around Santa dlara, apltal of Las Villas province, « informed sources reported, e centra) Cuban city has beti in-catened by rebel encirclement. L ut a strong army drive was 1 routed to be dislodging the rebels. [Unconfirmed reports said an iportant rebel leader was killed, d Fidel Castro's rebel forces fforod heavy casualties. The a.rmy's offensive .was said be moving rapidly elsewhere the province, One unconfirmed report said Piesto Guevara, extreme left- ng Argentjnc who is Castro's cutcnant in Las Villas, had been lied. teoth the government and Cass rebels pushed for some sort ecisivc victory within the corn- week before the grinding sea- begins at' sugar mills. Sugar the 'backbone of Cuba's econ- y. he United Slates has embar- :d shipment of arms to Ihe Cu- jj^P government in an, attempt lo jir.emain neutral. As a result, 'Washington has been accused by |thc! Cuban officials of helping the labels, since a steady flow of farms is smuggled to Castro from We-United States. r eather Experiment Station report for §4-hours ending at 7 a, m. Monday, Ilgh 54, Low 37, trace of precipita- jjon; Total 1958 precipitation through Novomber, 52.03 inches; Curing, the same period a year ago, •7,90 inches, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Northwest Arkansas: Cloudy and ioldqr 'this 'afternoon,' tonight'~aftd isday with occasional' rain or isv tonight 'and early Tuesday [igh Ibis aflernon low to mid 40s, [o\v tonight in 20s ' Other sections of Arkansas: (jPloudy this afternoon, tonight and 'uesday with occasional light rain ir sleet tonight and early Tucs- Colder tonig'ht and Tuesday :igh this afternoon mid to high JOs central, southeast and southwest, low to mid 40s northeast; low "tonight near 30 central, mid lo |h 20s northeast, in 30s south- and southwest bl H6b6, 1699, ff.tl C6fli»lld8t*d ftlMt. •V<3mi ijtht. Bowie Knife For leg Column at Bottom 6f • this ig totaled ft^aft fge» national & ">; moVed into north•arty today and is •I- the stale by late lorccasts or snow ist areas arc expected to. can-ces in thn wake flnttvely mild 41-48 les are expected In alher Bureau at [cdictcd snow for lisas and vain or ainder or Ihe slate fly tomorrow Pro- expected lo bo lorm lureau expects Ihe I c hold and remain I „•••—- - - - - -• • — ...-^. .... -——.—-gpvci'til onys 'Urtj" GUNS FOR HIRE — Confessed murderers of seven-mora rcs in Uic 30-8f! pregnant Mrs. Olga Duncan appears In Ventura, Calif., jail. L$8 S \ w jih night read- Moya, left, and Augustine Baldonado claimed the victim's motlm, «,,„ \ n \\-, c north- Id-law, Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, paid them $3,000 each to kill <sma MS — NEA Telephoto mi( j 3 o s j n the Rayburn Sees Mistake to British Have Boom for Securities By RICHARD P. POWERS By ALVIN STEINKOPF •WASHINGTON. CAP-)— Speaker I LONDON (AP)—A strong' w Jtpeclod lo begin with sunshine gels of (he cold remainder of tht- . Faubus Insists He jofd year t , ! Ttf the A 88 ita tote "ritM~ it bf<th<? HOCK Holiday loll May Fall Under Africa ScltldH f u btti Show SHEAR JEALOUSY -Lucius both heads. anei in. i -" , '. — NEA Telephoto. Tnffic Fires Miscellaneous Total 502 03 nd director. ,,., there hnvo been reports I'M- rlrtje-s ouster Is imminent. fl-nubus told newsmen ho would , i ,,, mil- in ai\y situaUon con lake no pan m .my eerntntt Etdrklge. "1 am not going lo have any ttt.-.^S^ Commission to handle It. The governor would not Went y hi legislator he quoted e nUo aid he had not discussed tho bid- matter with any member 01 1UO1VS loll „, »- ---!C Highway Commission. " oc! dcnls over ; Ihe tour-duy Fnubus said that If nny cor, Chl . islmos WU ekend lo nea.ly «00 trovcsy over Ihe director aI ould ^ number develop, |-/'£ d .^ lc!1 S'ura of'alSties was fewer than 'Ihe it appeared Ihe puuiit I pro-holiday estimate long holiday, with i Pfcs- B, stha ograph tnrilyn By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS nelaled reports loday swelled theMaUon's toll of dene, from .«r. fnmit/ "Dutch dd to S con- i com- 'or in- r cU out much* want to say «««t * h«ve candidate for highway dircc o fnslor occurrlnu than at Sam Rayburn (D-Tex)t taken he position -.that it would be a.serious matter to deny Rep.-elect Dale. Al- I'ord; Little Rock segregationist, the right to enter the now House next week as a democrat^ He cxprefcd the .view in a letter lo Rep, John Blatnik CD-Minn) who today said ho wlll<<lcad a move at the Jan. G caucus of wide demand for British govc ment securities developed tod after _ weekend announcements 10 West European nations I foreigners -holding their ^currjgy HUDSON nies may convert them into a kind of money. ,. ^ Government leaders general predicted the liberalizing of f cign exchange restrictions Stock Slock traders ^ce today in ( , "bgram for a v Open House Planned at Private School Series of Auto Accidents in This Section scries of occurrec i-ienl on reports grcutcr caulion *H-s«etefS->^ oll ' Uic siutus of (Christmas weekend. Mic National Safely for month, J I HJ V S_ Ct I lijli; U Cl 11. U V,Q UUIAO \(J — •-• House. Democrats to.tab Alford as encourage wider trade, . . an independent, rather than as a Democrat, Such a move, if successfuly, would have the cffecl of preventing Alford'from getting commute. 1 asigrimtnts»'-as ' a Domowat »;and j-Irom gaining committee seniority. Blatnik said Rayburn has written., him to the effect that if a representative wishes to be listed as a Democrat it would be a serious mater, to deny him .Domo- calic status. However, Blatnik said ho plans to make the motion at the party caucus to deny Alford Ihe Democratic label. He said he will ask a secret ballol although the meot- Extcndod forecast for the period >cc 29-Jan3; ARKANSAS — Temperatures 3 |to B degrees below normal Normal minima 26 to 33 Normal maxima 44 to 63 Colder by midweek Precipitation moderate to heavy mainly Tuesday and Wed- •sdny ARKANSAS — Cloudy, colder to- [nififht and Tuesday and in north[west this afternoon, snow northwest qnd occasional rain or sleet sr vhoro tonighl and early Tues> c,,. losvesl 20-30 northwest m\d 28-3.8 elsewhere' tonight Highest 3040 Tuesday — Considerable cloudiness through Tuesday, oe- casiqnal rain Tuesday and in west and north portions tonight, colder Tuesday, lowest 35-40 porthesst and, extreme north tonight pjcar sn'aw , • snow ' jftoston, clear THE WSATHIR gy.THI A§§9QlATEe High Lgyy Pf, 3? 13 54 §71.S4 16" 53 W 42 45 M *45 ?a ' 44 3g > 52 37 50' 28 37 n .0? a}' ?a 40 20 07 33 38 15 53. IP 60 81 9loudy ploudy pjovjdy ,, cloudy , Worth, is, ploudy 58 11 .78 58 ' « 3j> -V firjpaas, «j9W*y. • 53, $ c «4:./r' v «9 ing itself will be /behind closed doors, Alford, as a last minute write- in candidate, defeated Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark) by about, 1,200 votes in the Nov. 4 election. At that time Blatnik wired Rayburn, contending Alford should bo regarded as an independent. In addition to the challenge, lo his right to be listed as a Democrat, Alford is due to run into a move on Jan. 7 aimed at denying him a House seat pending an in- vcsllgqtion into charges of irregularities in his ejection. Blatnik said he believes that Alford should be allowed to occupy Ills sept since he has received hi.s cerlificatc of eleclion. Bui Blalnik pdded he believes the House Elec- lipns Suboommitte should investigate Ihe eleclion. However, ho made }t clear Jo an interview he believes tliat under no cir cl -'mstanccs should Alford bo considered a Democrat since he ran as a write-in candidate and defeated the Democratic nominee. Alford was nov n in the Democratic pri- number mary which Hays won, Referring to the large of nesv pemocralic House members elected J#st fall I" swell the Democratic majority in tho HOU&S, said; Speake Rayburn takes a neutral position, wp can prevept Pr," Afford from being listed as £ pemoprat, but if the speaker tak.es 3 pej-sonaj hand in the mati ter, then the clujnces of keeping him from being officially repognjy,, od as a Pemocrtxt are rather slim." A special house committee recently vofed 3-^ to recommend, to tjie house that A.lford not bo seat- pel peflcljng 9 full investigation id- io the ejeptton, )$ dirges have buen Blatnik said. /"These in-,, BJ , T ^llegstjons , thut W!'Hp4u stipj\pr§ \yerc passed out a| some °t Hie pollipg' p}jicos u snd ^}so that ix\ some pr.ecinsts fnov^. voi^s \vero cesf <Uwi there, voters', 4 ' yg^-^g's'^" Investors gasped their first _,,. portunity, on the openim? of th| London S t o c lc Exchange '* demonstrate .confidence inV ind French slight rises! after -vhe dc- Iranc folks received emonsrae .conence i, " ,, slate's .securities. Thpi) i cer..po-u, 1 d|i? er molie> ' nosv CDnvortlblo.^n|br4Wjp^W^*.M* nosv CDnvoro.np.; fc0 i ficial-rates by" all foreigners, 's'torfT 1 ' 1 " ve £] c cted 1 t r\ t II fill •!/-» ^i4V»ni* flt1i>iirmn!ni? Ill '• " ° , Purpose of the ceremony is to let'5'ihe public see how the schol is 'Jetting along. . ' '* aupt W. C. Brashcars said tnc mrfin 'building of the school was bein« painted inside, and out- and a d'fi&%or ^hc-rfipen < ,hooso«-dependt-d t i J"i • n f (lirt Mrfii'lf Thomas Stroud of Hope-was pain-' .'fniiv iniurcd Saturday" afternoon fully injured Saturday when an auto • drlyon toy a com-' Son., Patricia M 0 }^ 1 ^/^)/ up well to other currencies, It had sagged a littlt* in the lirsl hours of trading. frfarkct pofession- But Wallace Wallace of was no mce said Ihero tmiflc denlhs was of commissioners, cristmas turned in'ardilch on; 11 gnway u. -~ about ? mUe cast of juj on.; » 4 ^ "• 1 - Polic'o'mSh raVis Wa d win no meeting of commissioner", ^nsuiu.» ,«.«-,«-•. --- luher fm-maI or- Informal today, (persons were killed. H ahdaddedT "Nothing' is gelling .lion's worst record. ' ?TwM the na- H was the -~ „ ., 4 '. .M W*iii."\V-"-'* J[-I-*"J%™».T ,- i on completion of the work. "We hope to have it about tna middle of Januery," he said. Classes at the school called flanoy lirsl hours of trading. ®[^ up ^y on i y i R())loy High aftei . Dr. T. J. Raney, Freer convertibility of the ma-»g d foreign values, | president of tho Little Rock Pii- jor 'European currencies secmfcd*g> cc t e( j to adjust i vate School Corp., will last unui 1 f\ !•» A r^ff fr» a iM*n>^i iciiin c?f n nl T3i il &>. '. nrv ,-.,-,,. ruinT i ' . i_ ... ,t .-«J/-l_Tiiiir> Sfl SlUClCnib Cull State 1 - Polic'o'mSh said the truck' driver saw uuto wasn't, going to get .past,. n e to avoid oncoming traffic and v. v« i • , to be olf to a promising start. But some doubts were expressed — chiefly in Franco, There, with devaluation of the franc and an austerity budget, the country fnced a more serious financial shakeup than other lands, But Ihe French position was re- Jieved somewhat by today's announcement it is receiving a 60- million-dollar loan from West Germany, and by reports i that other European states may come to France's assistance. British businessmen, sorting out tho convertibility' puzzle, were expecting no direct benefits but believed they will gain in the long run because n freer pound should give them a bigger share of world trade, Until the change today, anyone who sold goods to Biitain for pounds, for example, hud to pay more than the official rale to convert these pounde into dollqrs, West German marks or other currencies, As a result, such sellers tended to restrict their own foreign buying to counties which would accept pounds. Beginning today, tho foreign seller in Britain can take his pounds and convert them at. tho official riUe into marks if he wants to buy in West Germany, dollars if he wards to go into the U.S. market or p.ny other money ha needs or--wauls, Businessmen mostly welcomed the change, There also was expectation of more buying in the United Stales since, dollars would k° easier to get. But until qtiptgs on imnoris from America and Canada are increased, or abandoned, the selleis on that side of the AtluntiV c-i» "•—»'•' no' marked increase m e school are enrolled at The school plant has two '" to "•CleCt IO ,,v..;v...- j VeUC? .JUiUJw* ^xv,. ,-., iihe 1755 P er ccn " i aboul mid-June so studenls can t| of the Iranc, lgc t a maximum amount of instruc- ,s 0w5 errtrided, tl0 Aboul 850 students displaced in ' S r Tew official the shutdown of Little Rock'_s high a^ark'ol with tho fp2 against its ot- "493700 Jreencc, Finance '[ Pinay spelled j [for Fcnoh con- bread, P 1 ' 1 ;' and other foods said, adding to price increases milk, coal iui'l fclurer and farm' of subsidies itimo w uvc/'*j i-ydv*'**""** ----had pulled off into the shoulder of the road. The auto overturned into u ditch and was. demolished, the truck, a Phillips Produce Co. vehicle, also went off the road. Ihe driver was unhurt Ibut the damage lo the truck was extensive, Ofti- oor Ward said. Ho was aided toy iSVatc officer Al Smith. At Columbus yesterday Afternoon to. cii'll •Uliuuu n«iw'"»- >-•-. Tr.,i.i-u m another commissioner, I'uny ^nrkin of Little Hock, and nlso woild meet with Commissioner Ravmoncl Orr of J-'orl Sm. h, who was expected to be in Little Kotk - loday On- 11 > • 11 Students returned to _..,- . clay after a Christmas break wl ch gave them a five-day nohdny last week. They will be dismissed a.U. classes Wednesday for a Yc-u-'s weekend holiday. • Baney said the open house ulanned to allow the public to guv ? first hand look at the private school's operations. -We're pretty proud of wnai ." . . ' ..,-1. <„ A,," ho added ^Vl. ^ULLItnlJua jv.u--. v ivbout 4 o'clock autos driven byA p Webb «nd Alice Hicks collided at an intersection with only property damage resulting, State 1 o- liceman Ward reported. At Third .and Hjlm Street «bout W noon Sunday a City 'Fire Ch.es station wagon, enroute to o Cue, collided with an »uto driven -by ^ ot Prescolt Rt. u. urr leaves the commls&lwi In January His term will expire »nd Gov Orvnl F, Kaubus has said he will name Armil Taylor of Clark.s- villy to replace Orr The other commission members, Lawn-nee BUickwell of Pine Biulf and Jim Grain of Wilson tola newsmen by telephone Jrom lh«V homes that they had not been notified about nny meeting Blnckwell, advised thill Wallace would confer with Parkin and Orr, said "1 am sure that has happened innumerable times when two or three members happen to bo m Nine Persons Die on State Highways Ni " C ^=^(i^u^y l S we've been able to do. he pddcd The school is supported by pu vale donations At last report " AS. Willis. Nobody, was rhere was heavy damage to the station wagon. City Police mves- uj QWU.'•- -- vaie UUJHJ i-*v**>* **» *— • • throuah the Jund tota ] e d just under a of a million dollars '4 \ .„_- , some schemc-'5 5, agricultural o .j. will France Wluprot their o^n im production |,y said the new --—-A'ippcd gome -"" biilif, million dollars —in|-,m the previous year detailed cut. 'and medical war veterans wiio | ess , disabled or driven l»y .Chief h gnways aw ma -i- •"— --• ... , day which began at 0 p.m. Wednesday - two short of the grim total predicted by State Police, The count rose to nine yesterday when John Arnold Pearson,, a 42-ycar-old Memphis resident, was killed at West Memphis. State Trooper Dale Morganstern i's car careened out ot struck a stni «e"rn on tigated. on OoorBo in Seed, Grain Co, night at a loss estimated at moi-. than $75,000. " Mrs! Forest Miller, wife of the company owner, suid an undetermined amount pf,soybeans m ice another driven 'by Wi) io ( McCaskiU, collided wth •East „„... driven, ,. Pallas, and the same city I have not notified of Miy moling and I have too much business in Pine 13 uu and do not plan lo go to Little 1 Grain said Wallace "called the meeting but he didn't cull mu Faubus numcd Grain to tho Highway Commission in 1055 Later the governor appointed Parkm and Biackwell Naming of Taylor to the commission will _alvo Fnubiw^Jrour the Mississippi River ,1 C HardcasUe, 31, oC Jackson- was k'illed Saturday when an on'US Highway JUV \ara<t miles Bouth of Little Bock. _ Friday nighV, P- "•' Mitchell, 50 '-old Nashville insurance ?«an, instantly when his car veered aluminum also wore invesugaiuu ui.u .-«"'»-- -. ,-. f appointees Wallace was "PlwW'-t with failure to yield the ligm-oi- '' formuj . G(JV Francis A Cherry way. ,, wii Reports have long cireulaieM Sunday night City^Offle^ W 1- lhnl ' Faubu8 might oust Wdndg.) alter the governor obtains a majority of appointees on the comin.j-- sion Another report said Eldridge might quit in Die face of such a possibility. lis and Bothwell stop an auto for « routine ,and the driver of the car ° f ' envelopes- will nis sales to Western, , The limited convertibility \\as annpunced Saturday by Britm 11 s Germany, Franci. {laly, the • pelgium. Luxcm- also Her withdrawals /or s(l The empl">' c "'' s share I be increa^'d Thcsehready amounted abf| of a worker s y 1|\rgos will S" l 'P tne aJumi ||uui »•"•"'""•»' ~ r . r destroyed, She said the value of the building alone was §01.uu. OnnS W?rden Lloyd Bailey said the building, which covers Qvor a half-block area, W9S engulfed m names when he discovered the e «avo cshnse in u wild spree reached. 110 wiles i*r at times. The car w« t nay ed nsany off a rural road near Nashville as' 'other "holiday tralti? dhs occurred pt Bprlngdale, BrtnWey, North Little Rock and wrrisburg, Phe death of Kenneth Wayne nncr, 81, of Oenlry.... ended Plicate points on a Hope and charged driving, C-ravcl thrown for a tmic fnured ih<J spread to a .nearby which contaiped large police cat E quantities' ot oi| and butane gas. . TVT -t V . 9 MT-^viL £ji*nf^i\,ni ». uy boiu'g', Penrnar,k., Sweden ancl way. It becgmg effyctryc mrit-ninrr "" # ' morning. tins The Plont to Conyejt Salt Water to Fresh .ii^wi^^ttj^, " ~^~» .u*^.ay'' -/,^j ,,n ' Franc* jilso cut Jhe value of th- OfflgeAre'a reported no frane Wt per c_enl -. from W ( A^jTUoshe long holiday n-jine.s to the gojlar to 493,—In .a.p^d wepilfollowed . . . « attempt to ipalse prices 01; he;- c t- hojvpyej-, Ire several ac- ROi'iS ,rrjorg" ^iU'agtivc to furpip ?id,ej^s -\\ one 'person". JIV buyers.^ > ' A iurori n ,,4,. \ n -., c-ritica today Russia Has More Missiles, Ike Told WASHINGTON (AP) 7- An esti , ni ita that the Soviet Union wU have SOO iqtercoJitmpnlal brtUisu nissiles svithin 18 mopths and tha at least halt 'ot them will work ha been given to ^e Eisenhower » d 'nistraUon ' ,. Vhe prediction was made by in Hand Corp, which does reseat work tor the Pentagon It, wa public over the wcekcna » s, ?J5P,000 eo "* 7T nn ^vSTt coUideT'wUh ~a car while j-^ watef ^ irjesll reported no •**$<» .^ a fFpn _ . . state Po- T-ont-ft'eeze -process «Vi>>n.—11 couicieu 1 w»u» « -~- •'""» (sail wtu^« +v, f*a<n* ±?ute to a fire , . - State po- £ 0 wree» -pcwess. Ike went out on the Patrpos road f d Q . As mdahJ, .»^ sla » l , ^ W S Smug to^phcck a. Burned ,. c f B o£ 'tl)eAnterior, w^ ^ ^v^ioped by Carrier- un- tt sossioii of 'he A'mei'lcan lor'the Advancement of in the cun-ent is,sue of Affairs, an article by Albert Her' sqid the "delicate baton terror" on which American pu is based is "'•*• nut"t»atic a watt'i' .anybody in gjiy peurmy "can, c>,£fity OffiViL) stop an ?uljo| • , TT. VTimnLe of hub •$T,^%&&^^^ \ >vhertt \-y i» \ja-o\-^ *i' TV- — T - j.. that, while feasible, "U will much harder.to aehi«vej»j 1960s than is generally ,,s killed in a head-on th a truck at lh9 mlprspction of S Highways 82 and 71 in south iringUale Friday. . Mr, and .Mrs. Sam Staten, egroes ot Brinklye, were struel? nd killed by a two-ton truck at rinkley Thursday night " walked ylong a street Statcn 9, his wife 82. A /our - year - old Negro boy, te The state's first reported ,-.-accident during the holiday period *" Bl ^a-Vf^fj Norma Lee BU'od, ;r of 'M r « ») nc ' of Trumann. V/illiams, ?Q and Wvs. " ell . od , lmcK plunged £rorn a bri »•-, +?• c*. ,A«% : ," «..""*>'* > T ( ' •— s"v k»v< MU a. islmidrlVer ^«v"H" B. i u 0 ifcn:»j. ojfflciarfjii», , ;fij» .TTic^ww w°<* '' ' ^ 4 f nrn ri i ft « 4 .. _T n A rt-, rvfl rf OWl w's *r • ' * "«v- f '«?'*'"'*' * §m,0tep* i-efao mpJ} 4"Wn G fCl l - J- „, . __i n nr) U T ftl^S- ""^W^ f§i S«SM b^Y'l&W- 1 ?^,^- V; ^^^^S^^^^v£:£^'fi\i^. ,-8C-, fJ?VH'^» c»Jr v fii^.)wpie ";WtJM«ffl-grlyci **&>. '^m<> t M^m£^^- :\'%^plpfeM^ d;iwi formarlvrllvnri-.'in-HnnA •.irfJf^JU'ifrnSrtM^Tif- Street and 'at pev hour ^aiuruyy -t*i6i* v i ** r «-.-^«r . cap, wstufen'^m iw eytpow Sk- ¥tV loQarVW^ &VW-" panne p * ><;twld

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