Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 27, 1958
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Zonuck Chides Gloom Feeling in Hollywood By ViBNON §COft DPI Hallywa&d - HOLLYWOOD ittPh-niirryl \\ > Zfthbtick, ibadk from two year* of rhovie-tnaking abroad, scolded hi* fellow blgshols lorlny for being tglootiiy ahd pesimislie abotif producing pictures. "The entire industry is pervari-j ed by the feeling of gloom nnd tin-, certainty." lie sold. ''I'm optimistic bei'nuFC business Is Sensational in Europp. In Lnn- don and Paris even bad pit-tun s , haVe long lilies ol customers wml- ; ing to net into theaters. it's n reul ! upsui-Re. "There is Do gloom amunt; industry people abroad—they're on- couraaed by (hose lung wailing j lines." Zanuck himself is msponsiblel to a degree lor the ehferiefs atlllurU' among tnovir folk who rely on pictures for a living. His hist three * t films were shot away from Holly- Wood, Tints millions of dollars Were stuffed into foreign pockets Hasn't Been In Hollywood His explanation: "Those pictures • couldn't be m.icie anywhere i-lse but on their present location. Then he admitted his optimistic point of view was somewhat skin'.ed, " "Having not been in Hollywood 1 haven't been subjecled lo the box-office blows that some of the others have, 1 ' he sn'd. "That i<! my advantage. Thai is why I'm not gloomy." It hasn'l occurred lo Zanuck that he and other producers arc responsible for moviotown's troubles. He blames TV, failure of movies to develop new t n.l e n t, nnd exorbitant demands of star*. "Some actors and directors tire completely out of control in their price demands," ho charged. "And with no particular advantage to themselves. In most cases those huge salaries are just tax ' money. If they'd agree to take H 6 M S T A I, MOP!, A UK A N S At Nutcracker Ballet Termed Curious Show PIGHEADED—It looks ns uT&igh a butcher in Oslo, Norway, is going the whole hog, He's hoisting a huge porker that has gone to market and will soon be spread over many Oslo tables. THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH'BALDWIN C) "57 k; Fgltk Iil4*h C»thr.ll. DlitribulW bj NEA Strvkt, In*. Chapter XXIII Now, find until Emmy was much 4 «*•'*. lose (Vm ,-,,.nf!(„"„,„ i i" '~i ~i "."V."' °ldtr, their days would'weave into ton ImfnSrv f g ° " ' their pattern, und a new design., lures"' * mak ° m ° re ""--h-hey must always confer about Will See God Films '. 'Zanuck said movie"- g<oers will continue to go lo tho.ntors to see , good films, but not to many of them are being made. "Coming back here I.'find producers complaining that they break their necks on pictures only ,to have them die at the boxofficc. - Unless you have a blockbuster your chances are not very rosy. And blockbusters are diffictill lo -find nhd make. ? "However, I think business will ^be, healthy again." he said. "I'm . one of the largoyj stockholders of slock in tho world. And never sole a share of motion re stock in my life. '"If I had the monev I'd like to <btiy more 20th Century-Fox stock." r Zanuck's faith in the future isn't Oust tnlk. Ho plans lo film four ^pictures in the next 16 months— , some here, some abroad. ffJBelieves Boone |TShould Return |;to Old Role H>; * By BOB THOMAS jvti ^ , AP Movie-TV Writer jo; HOLLYWOOD (AP) — "Plonsc $, >J ny down thai gun nnd go back | j ;Ar t( ] ^ ein S the. nice, clean-shaven p»| BJ-. Styner." ^l',^ '.'• This message, scrawled on n |fs Christmas card by n.fan, is one f^/encflon eccoicied TV star Rich- B.,_ard, Boone. He gets all kinds *<- thanks to the professional lives he ,Fov t\yo seasons, he starred ns dedicated doctor on the anv "Medic" show. Now he's . up his second year of film's in tin? popular "Have Gun, ilK Travel" series, Plus which he has done 'some *'^" 8u - s '' e ^ work in movies atid ]iye, TV. Next Fob, 12, h.e phTns , 9P e " °» Broadway as Abp Lipcqln'in a pipy about lho Liiu feoJn-Poug)as debates, "The Rival" , now, there is real con. .fusion among the fens because YIedjc' is getting a big plav in Syndication," Boone lenVarked. " /8ot, i\ is getting "better rat- Jo nearly all locations than it when it was on NBC, Some ojjjs iliink j; should give UP the - and go back to the scalpel." q chance. "Medic," which. ojyed a lot of ills, couldn't cure Jt suffpred a final demise, B,Qpn.e has Un'ee years to go contract with "Hoys Gun," the pouvil-jrH of go the full term. That upset him. two y 't tired, of J 'H,es a P-j)adin char- the yery, nature '.Jrc'- Emmy, her health or its loss, her first schooling and friends, her growing demands. Today it wouUl be the right shoes (or the running feel, and the early inoculations; tomorrow it would be tonsils and other health measures Later it would —be conferences with harried heads of nursery schools, then with teachers and principals. H would move to (ho first party, the first boy, the first formal, nnd go on and -on aiicl on. They would have to go with it, and grow up with Kmmy) they really hadn't had time to grow up before, being to happy ; anil self-centered and engrossed. Day by day, week by week, year by year, and as then, hour by hour they wore learning something of tl\e nature of love, its wellspring and source, i'.s requirements and gifts. This js a knowledge that cun- not be shared even with each other save in the uncertain word-', and jnadeouatc gestures, but it is a sustaining 1 tiling. They were also learning now conflicts for it is integral that parents are not always in agreement, and where they were sop- nrate—each in his own relationship to Emmy — they sometimes dissented. These were not serious quarrels, • but Adam and Hope were astonished to find that they must disagree over Emmy. Throughout their marriage their quarrels had not- been as hnrsb ns the spoken word sounds; they had, • rather, met in conflicts of opinion or understanding, and experienced irritation or • exasperation. AH this had moved' through their marriage n,s gnats, rnov? through 'an otherwise flawless uimmer tijsht and were induced by fpiigue or outer eireumstprjop, But now thpre was Emmy, \ylio flemaiKied of .them, mutually iuid separately, Rope .bought books on child cqre, j'enrjng, mid psychQlO' fty, Aclpni laughed, , and ' flipped the pnges, with ,a- 1 scornful fingar. But sometimes she cnmo upon )iiir> rending them and 'then sbo laugUpd, 'Those books were often contradictory which, naturally, confused the readers, On the subject of discipline each found a printed authotriiy with whie)\ to confound the other. Hope, herself a disoipJJn?d e,hJW, was determined her ehiJ4 fllso be disciplined.' A d fim had grown ujj without the strict sense of dis- fsr Helen had; alternately find, restricted. «)vjm, H.JS. father, had done neither, His fa, tiler's way, Ac}an\ beJteyed, was better, •Hope said, "Al} very well buj it won't wprjs. , YPU doij't \vpiit jjer repressed,. So, if she has a guq i\nd points It at my addled head, J'TO swpp,o?p,d to §iye i\ev p U sharp jo divprt her? fieaJly, - darling* J want to pntoy her, fpr H^ sak.e. i pmvt if { can't tnke ' born considerate. They have to learn consideration of other people, of feelings as well as property. And the younger the • boiler. Look, you wouldn't take her to the corner and lell her lo cross the street without explaining what the rod and green ligihts mean, would you?" "Of course not, but that's entirely different." In the main they agreed, and shared their nnxieties, questions, and child. And Dr. Emile said, sctlline his namesake on his knee nnd tilting her chin with his strong spatulate fingers, the better to observe her. "I think you're doing a good ob." "Well, thanks " said Hope, "but we don't always agree on how to do it.' "Naturally," said Dr. Emile. "This is a pirl," he added as Emmy shrieked with sudden laughter, put both hands in his thick while hair and tugged. "Ouch." spid her godfather, "take it n litle easier, will you' Yes, she's a girl," ha went on, "nnd so the older sirl disagrees wilh Ihe boy. Had il been a boy. il would have been -the same the older boy disagreeing! with (he girl.' ''For Pete's sake," sr.id Hope, "don't start talking about sex,' "Bui ils there. said their friend mildly. "You dont have to dwell on it or get yourself tangled up in the complex angles. It's still there in Adam, Ihe protectiveness which is different from your maternal desire to shelter your child as, once you sheltered her within yourself, For as Adam, in Emmy, sees you in miniature, so in Adam's love for liis daughter there is his love for ypu — on a' different level, If •TELEVISION IN UAIted Preis International Hope Star Classified Adi ADS MUST BE IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION _ PHONE 7=3431 FOR AD TAKER notion as "Dew Drop." Her tecij- j niqvK- is still a little knobby afify i she- U ts a Sliiiht sloppihess slip NKW YORK lUMl—CfiS • TV's -Into hrr work. But il is a slopiJt- that springs from Prtthtisiasm Playhouse 90 unpaekaged a hiiU cracker ballet Thursday night that contained some of thr most tin?.- tfling sequences of the season. In a ay. il was one of the Jtios) curious TV shows 1 have ever seen since it managed to surmount some particulars that were almost unbearably cnnciied: A nnrl it's a pleasure to watch her tinner- She is developing a long and beautiful line and something plus that Ihguess could be called It's too bad that tV like hers. She's a corner. The rest ol the Company also cloying narration written by Leo -worked Well. Diana Adams, a Let-man, tde delivery of that nar-; ctancer wilh a finc line, turtted in by June Lockharl and the ;! a " Awfully slick contribution as ! sequences in which chil' thp "sugar plum fairy" and Jtf ration opening clrprj and urownups engaged in the dreariest sort of frivolity. Bit once the camera cleaned these syrupy hurdles and moved Inside the dream sequences that dith Green unleashed some splen* did technique in the role of the "Marzipan princess," I guess in something like this a good deal of credit should go Id covered roughly the last half of 'director Ralph Nelson and to the production, the show was a Ger.rge Balanchino who staged the stunner, the New York City Sal-1 whole business. Okay, herewith af- let was on hand and Playhouse 00 j ^' x two credits. wrapped the company in a superb I production, all of it beamed out in Short Shots; CBS • TV's Arnv an elegant color. strong Circle .Theater was about Dance fan or not, it was worth I lnc onl - v TV sllow on Christmas 00 minutes of anybody's time Just I Evc lo display enough initiative to to catch young Allegrn Kent in tl '" t nut rorr >e of the less popular ''Christmas carols — "Silent Night" is a lovely carol, but two Cull weeks ot il can be pretty trying... It's heartening to see NBC-TV'.? behind closed dors save the world ; each week from war. Last week, She is proud of her English, but deplores her accent, which w-.' assure her we love. And she likes to teach us—but not at first'." ,.. . .... ,..,.„ „.,, n , ir i.i, ' ., >ts hero foiled a plot to kill King But Emmy understands her." HllRscin of Jordan nnd Thursda ° saict Hope. "Of course," Marty agreed ten- night, it saved Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia from being blown up by an enemy agent. what the words are, yet she knows what they mean. Children j The channe | 8wlm . CBS-TVs To y ' hD !Tell the Truth will start taping its show on Jan. 6. The reason: words.' Hilclccjarde looked up nnd saw them. She said, "Emmy and I lav'c made a little house." She touched the bright small head beside her. "Such a lovely," i. That was one way of putting it, Not such a lovely child or Jsuch a lovely little girl, Just such a Ralph Belhimy. who'll soon rejoin the panel, and Polly Bergen are both involved in Broadway show.s ...CBS-V's Arthur Godfrey has booked Red Skelton for his Jan. 27 evening show and Rodgers and Hammerstein for his Jan. 13 evening show. >J2mmili<i here were a son- smllpd ho ">vell. , it -to the books and those who \vrite them,' he advised, "You'll ao on Emmy, rooking mistakes her, nnd, hflvjng your diffe pf opinion, That's ns it should be, Pon't worry about jt and don't try to put on tho joo r heav,y hoi- mets and descend into the depths just returned f rom Jovcly. And no one corrected; her. Tom Donovan . who dlrected lho Helen came on, before surfirner set in. She was, she announced, retiring. She was sick of" audiences, she told them to their astonishment. "They've served -their (purpose," she said, "I can get along without them now, I'm tired of traipsing oil over. I'll hole up in the country and write a book or two. I think, now; I have something- to say though I'm not sure. Tessa will go svtth me. There'll be less income, but_ enough for us both, I like that woman, Adam." Late that night Hope went into Emmy's room, having been waken by a wail which stayed out of Adam's dreams, "Water," said Hope despairingly, attending to her daughter's bemused ^pmarjjJs. She looked at the little'''creature in the crib, "If you insist on water, you know what will hapuen." ( >Ho!" said Emmy happily. A lot she 'cared. Leaving her in the gentle darkness, her thirst quenched, nnd in tantly asleep, her arms flung out, her legs .at an impossible angle, Hope passed the guest-hooin door nnd saw a light shining under'it, She knocked, and Helen sdid. "Come in." \ She was reading, a bed jacket about her shoulders, her smoke- gray hair under n net. "What's the matter?" asked Hope from the doorway, "Awake. And I don't like sleeping pills," Helen said, "and "I'm sorry,' Hope said, "Come in,' said Helen, sit down,' Hope sot on tho of the bed and looked at the small, thin faee, Helen said, "How long hove I been here, three days? I used to envy you' and Adam the big things, I don't any niore. Just i'ho small. You hear the car drive in, and your face chancres, I don't rnean . you rush to the door and fling yourself at hini, It's just that the waiting's over and he's homo. And you • have pr'vgtp '' da, I am obsessed by divor and water ima-fe's," he remarkod, "so I think thai moderate 'skin rijv- ins; into the psvch'oloav of your rclnlionships is indicated. " - "Sounds 'fine," said Pope, "nnd thank you for the baby aHigatpr, I cjpn'J Jike it, }2rnmy loves it, and it will soon outgrow the bathtub," ; ">' jokes. I have heard you say XXIV Marty came with WUJegprde on •j spring day. Emmy was jp 38 plflpes at once, so' JJildegay^ took her into the yard., as i{ >vas warm and sunny. Anfd Marty "llild,pgarde I WP adopt } didn't phone you, but he*' moth. cr diecl n few week? ^g 0 ^nd I hart to tell HUctegorqle. She sjnit ijway in liev 'raojp"for n •,v|)i)p and then she canio out ?aid, 'ghe neypr 1194 anythjng,' won't began to cry. Put flf thp flyestioiij her is fgtjipr v of it, 1 wopdprpj} if we ta^e a ypvingey otio things, and then smile at ea'ch otnqrj sometimes you don't sax anything 1 , but are remembering something simultaneously. We never had that, Mam's father' and I," She opened the book, "Qo to bed,," she said. "Incldontallj'j what bj-pught you to my .door?" "Your grandchild wanted w*v tcr." smiled, "I'm gl?d you )iaye her," she said. 9he looked^ down at the books 8i\$ UB pgaw. is e silly thing tq say, I Up PrapKing up, but s|nrf syas born I somptimes ffpl beginning to have a revival with the TV cast at New York's City Center Theater... Christopher Plummer's co-star in the NBC-TV Omnibus production of Prince Orestes on Jan. 4 will be Irene Worth. CBS-TV has bought a new movie, "The Great St. Louis - Bank Robbery," which stars Steve McQueen, lead cowboy in CBS-TV's Wanted Dead or.Alive...Dr. Charles Frankel, professor of philosophy at Columbia University,, will host a new CBS-TV show, The World of Ideas, svhich kicks off on Jan, 13. Music Corporation of America, the talent agency, wants Barbara Bel Geddes to ster in a new filmed TV series, Bringing Up "Katie... Heibert Leonard, producer of ABC-TV's Naked City, is lining up another series lor next season, Brute Force, which will be about engineers who roam the world, i 4F^m^v 99 NfM^Fi The sehedule of SotUnaf Periods, as printed belpW, has beeii takefl from John Alden knight's golunaf Tables, P"laft yotif days so that you will be fishing In good territory or. huhting in good eaver during these times, If yrju w'sh to find the best Bbbft that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are shows ifl boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours there* after, The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A, M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 6:30 12! 16 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wectnes. 7:20 1:05 8:10 1155 9:00 2:45 9:45 3130 G-55 12:40 7:45 1:30 8:35 2!20 9:25 3!10 10:10 3t55 Thursday 10:25 4115 10:55 4:40 Friday 11:13 5:05 Saturday &:65 Sunday 12:40 6:55 11:45 5:30 12:05 6!25 1:05 7:25 The Negro Community Esther Hleki Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 H°liday Visitors Mrs. Frankic Alexander Little Rock, Ark., is the guest of her sister. Mrs. Berry Randle and other relatives in the city 'Emmet. of anci Mrs. Roxie Haclley and son had as Christmas Day dinner guests her cousin Alex .Stephens and Henry 'Bailey of Hot Springs, Ark.; and her grandson Kennith C. Hacl- ley of Truman, Ark. Mr. and Ms. \Vm. Savage have as : giiestS: their daughter Mr. an} Mrs. : James Dixon and family of BrinkIey, ; .;,Ark. and Mr. Savage's ''mother,.Mrs, Bettye Savage-of Ben Lomond, ^ ''Mrs. Martha Ann-.Billard and daughter Jacquelyn of Cullendale, Ark., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Cole nnd family. Mrs. May C. Hicks of Denver, Colorado is guest of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Jessie Reggans of Emmet, Mrs. Mary Hicks Palmer lias returned to her home in Malvcrn. Lake Reconditioning Program Time was when we had enough fishing water to go around. A fellow could 'take his fishing gear, go to his favorite lake or stream, and fish to his heart's content with out being disturbed or crowded .by other fishermen, That day, regret- it atoly, has passed. Where we' 'had one fisherman when I was a boy, today we have a hundred, two hundred. Small wonder that our lakes £\nd streams are crowded and overfished. Now the problem which confronts the -conservation commissions not only is to see 4o it that our pu'blic wa- tors hold move fish; also, they must, if it is possible, increase •the' acreage of the fishing waters themselves, This latter job <}s one of no menu proportions, Ait'ter aj^ our- countryside holds only so much, water. The Tains fall on oijr watersheds, just as they have always done. Now it is our job to prevent fflst nm-pff (not an easy task with our denuded hUJs) to star.e that rainfall in artificial Jakes and rianjs (where such s'torag§ does pot Defeat 4}s own pur» pose)' and to make gwre that out- flowing streams, wh,lph, carry rajn- fa}l to the se§, run pure and sp they es\rj support ' ' control p| run-off ol is not an. egsy thins to do everywhere our hills have been, subject?*} Vq the -as? Qf she's so sppjled; we'll .have to unsp,Q'}ed. h,er, Wjiy ^on^ we h.ave *'Mayp8 S iipt , He said, s}e£er i s'ivply. d b at JW ps'eney (or navigation, st.ijre 4«mp- ,thje lakes to pe \vjth, Hal and, } ti\lk qf jt. And we pan 1 1 t«ik.p j?ut- lately I've g ? cjd,ed |t.'.a to PUPli? pip's hoys.es if or o,tj)0f pep-, f. 0 Ark., after bayng . "Ph. j ftjarly vssppnsibijUy.. Did.- J ,tf-'H •you that f}|tor scho^J, wMg h.e*' look "care of ' to W&9 ill! '8ft IWjSiSj a p s 11 y, 4&am, ,1 'aren't ghe on ' th^r Irpedom J\P>% 1 , •mm<Kj -pm -m -m* JWOVSriPd" iSUfi Juou - &uall • -f -wonilei- floods nowaday.? of vjnheardof TQ SBV(? this wse, the large aver yaiigys .' These for in the not the ajv Uhe U. when -needed, These dams, com- Ibined with contour plowing and adequate reforestation, have done and are 'doing a wonderful job of water conservation, in addition to increasing the overall water acreage of the Nation, Water pollution "gradually is'fall- ing 'more "and more into public disrepute', Legislation is becoming increasingly -strong a-nd the penalties so severe that the clean- streams program of the nation at last shows signs of having very de^ finite meaning. Thus, more fishing 'and recreational waters are .being 'reclaimed, • iS'ow, many of the Stales have instituted programs of lake-recon- ditionin'g. 'Abwt our country are many, many lakes which potentially, are good fishing -waters but which, "in thejr present condition, are of little 'use, Too shallow, clogged with weeds, holding undeiir- able fish, these lakes simply take ' up space arid dp little else'. IfJs these podies of For SoU ALtfMlNtfM screen^, do6?$, stofffi windows', weather > stHppifif, lH' sulalioft, roofing, awflihfs, |Ut tefjhg, ornamental failing, estimates. Ahdy AfidfSWs, 3 SMALL tracts of lahd fieaf t6\Vtt suitable for chicken 1 farms, 80 acres limber land tWc. miles dut of Foreman, Ark, See Ralph Sa\inders of Phohe *4061, 19'tf WANT AD RAT§§ All Wonf Ads i>:6 advance but ods will b<! 6v8f >hS tetephoriS and floh ficebuhh ollowed with the ufM dsfsfahdino JhS account li payabi* . WheR StftlerfiSht IS tendered. !h<t Nufhfasf D? Wards Up td IS 16 td 20 il 16 5| 56 to 30 31 »8 55 36 to 40 41 td 45 46 to 50 6n8 bay .45 .60. •?5 US 1.56 1.35 1.50 Boy* .90 UO 1.50 t.SO 2.10 5.40 4.?<J 3.00 Si* Boys 1.SO 5.00 2.S6 3.06 3.50 4.06 4.56 5.00 6n§ MortfH 4.53 6.60 7.53 9.60 10.50 12.60 tiaL 1S.OV '51 OLDS four door. A4 Cohditldh. tires, radio and heatef. $403 Will arrange fihaneihg. Call 7« 2481', 24f For Rant LOCAL traitors. Byers Gulf Sef« Vice. Call Day or Night- 7'99SS. 8'lmoc 8 ROOM house, 301 N, Ferguson Street. Call 7-3578. 17-lmo. 4 ROOM house; $30 month with bills paid. PR 7.2247, -10-tf 5 ROOM house completely "re»de« cbrdted. Close In. Call 7-3207i ,24'3tc Notice WE Buy - W» Sell - W« Rtet ; REAL ESTATE , : R. D. FRANKLIN COMPAlTt A. P.. Deloney, MtBtftr . Howard Collier, SaltJmaa, MOVING T Long Distance Call Collect 502. Fret Estimates, Low** Bates. - . Have Vans — Will Travel PRESCOTT STORAGE CO. PRESCOTT. ARKAlTCAa) lf-tf BARHAM Brothers .House Movers. ' Insured and free estimate. Write ' Barham- Brothers *.Cale, Arkansas. ' 21-1 Mo. WE Buy and sell Antique "Furniture and bric-a.-brac. BYERS. ANTIQUE " SHOP, Patmo's : 'Shover' Springs Road, Phone 7-2057. ;'••,; ' 14-1-mo c Lost BOXEH-OREYHOUND dbg. Black with white trim. Silver, chadn' around neck. Answers to name of "Nig." If found contact Clarence Pepper, Rt. 2 Hope, Arkansas. • 24-3tp Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Burial Association , OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME Dial PR ,7-2123 20-lm-e Services Offered LET us renovat* y»ur old mattress, We , specialist in pr*Murt• ted tnnersprtnif.' , COBB MATTRESS SHOP 719 Weit 4th, Phone 7-! RALPH Montgomery .Market, > cut- torn slaughtering, We ! bava meat (or-your-deep (ratie, S«« ui he- tore buyinf. • ••' *v ' l^ SINGEH, SEWING. MACHINE 'CO, Sales and Service, 518 East 3yd,' L, E, Booth, Phone PR-7-«fl95, POWER Saw avajlable tor of trees, ' stumps and. etc',' For free estimate call 7-4052, 26 r 'l,rno,'e GOOD bargains. -Buy, selj, or refinish you? furniture- at iny shop. Paul Dudney, ^Washington, Arkansas. ' ' 23-}-m<c Wonttd which the .\Vfiter pro- 8J' e a|med. Undesirable and, in some oases, the ] ak ,? 1§ reduced to bjo}ogipa) desert, starting f;-pm fish, are desirable . natural |QPd wppl-v ni?o Js established, Beneficial plant grp>V» surpiis? fishing can th Ingly ?h.oi't time, ; found 4p \vhsi pnpe was a com* i?s T turj!3!y, fill ql ihis tsHes an4 money, These ya ^en and are co.nsejvation from 9f its IftHe's \yjaJFh 'Painstaking' Star ro>ite spen Jpr-boys yegrs ap4 .over, Apply* 8t star " • to Buy and prices pa,id. for h.i4es,' After 7 P.ID, ca}l ejiff, 50Q-S.cBa.mmpn, Phone 'PR 7-g?§g., 'G;QQp, .USER cross tie's, Henrj Wo]f, near Business Opportunitiff ins quality unit 4.5-34 CPllcgeg, bjjaMty paj'l clubs an4 fiirppris /leefjs person to operate •}' pe in. Hp grpa, Np but must be have « rninimwro of IJ5P egglj to, f" a lrjt9iq myantpry, w Manufacturing Palis? DISPLAY 5 times 6 fifties .- e6e pit [nth SSe p*f inch 55C pef inch ftdt«S (juoted above dM fdf cdfi seiutiva IhserHAhs. irre§uiaf <if skit date ads will take the one-day ta>e. All daily clossifled advdftiSirtQ c6(Jy will be accepted until 5 p.m. tot publication the fellbwirtg day. The fjubllihef fetcrves the right fa revise 6r edit all adveitiserrtertts of. fered. for tjublieat|on arid fa teletm any bbietlionable advertising sub-^ mltted. ' Initials of ene of mote letters, groups 'of fiaufes, such as house or telephone nurnbers count as one word. ' The Hopa Star will not bo responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our ofrentlon otter FIRST Insertion of ad and then fdf, ONLy the ONE Incorrect IrtsefHon. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star of Hop. 1199; Preif 1927 Consolidated January IB, t°29 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E, Palmer, President . Alex. H. Washburn, Secy-Tret, at The Star Building . 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas AIM. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul N. Jones, Managing Editor Donai Parker, Advertising Mar. Gt»i9* W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Intend as second class, matter at the Post Office at-. Hope,, Arkansai, under the Act of March 3, 1897. • Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations ., Subscription Rajas'(payable in •( •' ' advan:'j) By • carrier in Hope and neighboring " " ~ towns — Per week S .90 Per year '. '**<> 8y moil in Hempsread, Nevodo, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — Ont month $ .IS Three monthi , 1.85 Six months , 3.50 On* year , ,... MO All other mall — 'One month , , 1.30 Three months 3.981 Six months 7.80 V On* year ,.. 15.60 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, lite,, 1602 Sterlrk Bldg. Memphis 2, V»nn.; 505 Texas Bank Bldg,, Dallas V, lexas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicajjo 1, III.; 60 E, 42nd St., New York •'/', N. Y.; )763 Penobscot Bldg., Dclroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg,, Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of The Annclated Prett: (4 The Associated P/ess Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all* the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches, '| ROACH • HUGHES INSURANCE Auto • Fir* • Life « Caiuajty 101 E, Srd, Phont 746§1 . '.. Hope, ArKt " ..A.' Toylpf & USED CA^5 — BODY SHOP ^, FOREIGN CARS -* 218 S. Oryllle fhene Jehn §i| Pin*. Cut In TO BUY wee by Tryck HAROLD HENDRIX ' M4TTM5SIS M s Her ndon-Corneliui : < *'£s$S$®'' W9 AmbulonciStrnc* ' ' J»**« s ««s« ? » as 5 ,M?S,

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