Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 17, 1963 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1963
Page 21
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MONDAY, JUNE 17, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINETEEN Worries Accompany Summer By SAM DAWSON AP BtislnoM New* Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-Summer arrives this week abloom with happy predictions—and with a new set of worries all its own. The predictions are based on the renewed vigor of Industry and trade in recent weeks and the prospects of its very momentum carrying over for some time. Also strong are the hopes that new spurs to the economy are in the making in legislative halls and corporate board rooms. The worries — and today they are stressed only by a cautious minority—are based on some upcoming crises and some longer range unsolved problems. Most Immediate is the labor situation in the steel and railroad Industries. The possibility of strikes is one worry. The effect on other industries of whatever terms are finally reached is another. In both cases the uncertainties could be cleared one way or the other in coming days, Uncial Trouble There: also is rising worry in business circles about spreading racial troubles. Their ultimate ox- tent aand what effect they might have can't even be guessed today. But both retailers and manufacturers could be hurt. Another special concern this summer is just how much of a slump may be in store in the steel and auto industries. Increasing production and sales in these fields are major reasons for the climb of total industrial output to successive records in April and May. But part of the gains in steel production is due to orders as a strike hedge. How much will ordering fall off, and lor how long, If a labor pact soon ends such fears? And with two years of near record auto sales, how much of a letdown may be in store after the usual plant shutdown for model changeovers, and how much unsatisfied buying demand will there be when the new models appear? Slip Expected Some dip in industrial production is expected in any case as summer vacations close whole plants or slow output. Retail sales will be watched closely this summer. They have been topping last year's figures, but not by as much as the optimists expected because of rising personal Incomes. Many of the worries are based simply on present uncertainties. A chief one Is what Congress will do about taxes—how much of a cut if any, for whom and when? The final form of the tax bill now before Congress could tell a lot about the future course of business and consumer spending, and therefore of the economy's trend in coming months. Right now the financial sector is trying to decide if the money managers are definitely out for tighter credit, meaning also high er borrowing costs. But today these worries are stressed only by the minority. Most businessmen lean toward official Washington's view that the economy is growing stronger and that the rest of the year looks good. Young Demos Push for Housing Bill CHICAGO (AP)—Legislation to guarantee equal housing opportunities for all persons, regardless of religion or race, has been called for by the Young Democrats of Illinois. The 250 delegates to the group' annual convention — representing 15,000 members—unanimously en dorsed a resolution calling for passage of a fair housing bill now pending in the General Assembly Delegates to the convention in Chicago Saturday selected Rober A. Haubrich, 33, of Waukegan to represent the Illinois contingen as national committeeman. Miss Barbara C. Schaaf, 24, of Harvey was elected national committee woman. Decatur was selected as the site for next year's convention. The Illinois Young Democrat! endorsed several civil rights reso lutions. Also, the delegates: —Asked for extended coverage under the Fair Employment Prac tlces Act. —Called for legislation requiting local school boards to end df facto segregation in school dls trict realignments. —Urged Atty. Gen. William G Clark and county stale's attor neye to actively prosecute viola tors of Illinois laws prohibiting discrimination in public facilities The convention also opposed a bill to abolish the Cook Countj Department of Public Welfare Delegates also endorsed a reques by Mayor Richard J. Daley o Chicago for authority to levy t municipal tax on tobacco ant liquor. The lowest state of the Union is Florida, whose highest eleva tion Is 345 feet. High Court Rules on LorcPsPrayer WASHINGTON (AP)-The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 today it is unconstitutional for a state to require Bible reading and! recitation the Lord Prayer In public of schools. Holding that requirement of such practices—common \n a preponderant majority of the state- violates the "establishment of re- igion" clause of the Constitution, :he majority rejected an argument that the exercises are es sentially moral teachings and not religious practices. Justice Clark, who wrote the court's main opinion on two cases coming from Maryland and Penn- iylvania, declared: "Nor are these required exercises mitigated by the fact that ndividual students may absenl ihemselves upon parental request, for that fact furnishes no defense to a claim of unconstitutionality under the establishment clause." "Further," Clark said, "it is no defense to urge that the religious jractices here may be relatively minor encroachments on the Firsl Amendment. "The breach of neutrality that s today a trickling stream may all too soon become a raging ty- •ant and in the words of Madison It is proper to take alarm at the Irst experiment on our liberties.' " He had declared that the First Amendment requires that the government be completely neutral vhere religion is concerned. Clark added that nothing the court said today would bar study of the Bible or of religion "when presented objectively as part of a secular program of education. But he reiterated that the school exercises in the Marylanc and Pennsylvania cases did noi iull into those educational cate gories. Rather, he asserted 'they are religious exercises re quired by the states in violation of the command of the Firsl Amendment that the governmeni maintain strict neutrality, neither aiding nor opposing religion." Justice Goldberg wrote a sepa rate opinion concurring with the majority. Justice Harlan joined in oldberg's separate opinion. Shorter separate opinions con curring with the majority were written by Justices Brennan anc Douglas. Justice Stewart wrote a dissent ing opinion. Chicago Yacht Takes Universal Prize CHICAGO (AP)—The 22-meter yacht—Trident—from the Chicago Yacht Club dominated the univer sal division by winning the Michl gan City, Ind., to Chicago race Sunday. The victory gave the ship's owner, William B. Miller, the uni versal class time prize for his vessel took the class victory also The overall cruising division :ime prize was taken by the C Class boat—the Bantu—owned by H. R. Rickheimer of the Colum k»ia Yacht Club in Chicago. Al other class victories were won by Chicago owned and manned sai craft. The race was sponsored by the Burnham Park Yacht Club. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all per- ons that the First Monday In AUK- st, 1963 is the Claim Date In the state of SARA RODGERS BARRETT, Deceased, pending In the 'rebate Court of Madison County, llnols, and that claims may be filed gainst the said estate on or before aid date without Issuance of summons. ' Dated this 3rd day of June, 1983. FtRST NATIONAL BANK «c TRUST COMPANY IN ALTON Executor. Ltlest: DALE HILT Probate Clerk ichlafly, Godfrey & Fitzgerald Charles B. Godfrey) Attorneys. ,egnl — 4 12 17 ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL — 3 10 17 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all per sons that the First Monday in July 1903 Is the Claim Date In the estate of ELLA WORTHY HILBERER, De censed, pending In the Probate Cour of Madison County, Illinois, and tha claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date with out Issuance of .summons. Dated this 27th day of May, 1963 JUNE FREDERICK CHRISTIAh Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. Schlafly, Godfrey St Fitzgerald (Charles B. Godfrey) Attorney LEGAL — 10 17 24 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all per sons that the First Monday In Aug ust, 1963 Is the Claim Date in Ih estate of CHARLES B. KNIGHT Deceased, pending In the Probat Court of Madison County, Illinois and that claims may be filed agalns the said estate on or before sal date without Issuance of summons Dated this 3rd day of June, 1983 LEILA MAE KNIGHT Administratrix. Attest: DALE HILT Probate Clerk A. Alan Hart, Attorney LEGAL — 10 17 24 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all per sons that the First Monday In Aug ust, 1983 is the Claim Date In th estate Of KATHERINE B. BEACH Deceased, pending In the Probat Court of Madison County, Illinois and that claims may be filed agains the said estate on or before sal date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 3rd day of June, 1963 ALTON BANKING A TRUS" COMPANY Executor. Attest: DALE HILT Probate Clerk Harold O, Gwlillm, Attorney LEGAL — 10 17 24 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all per sons that the First Monday In July 1963 Is the Claim Date In the estat of ROSE FABLE, Deceased, pent Ing In the Probate Court of Mad son County, Illinois, and that claim may be filed against the said estat on or before sold date without IB suance of summons. Dated this 24th day of May, 106: JEAN DUNSCOMBE A'lmlnlstratrlx. Attest; DALE HILT Probate Clerk Jacoby, Patton St Manns (.lames Hell) Attorneys. LEGAL — 10 17 24 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all per sons that the First Monday In Aug ust, 1963 Is the Claim Date In th estate of WALTER J. Mlkesh, De ceased, pending In the Probate Cour of Madison County, Illinois, and thn claims may be filed against the snl estate on or before said date with out issuance of summons. Dated this 4lh day of June. 1963 DONALD w. MCLEAN, Public Administrator. Attest, DALE HILT Probate Clerk Copplnger, Xanders * Carter (Thad R. Carter) Attorney ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES EGAL— 10 1724 SECTION AB ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIOS Proposals will be received by the Associate University Architect, Southern Illinois University, Ed- wardsvllle, Illinois, {or the furnlsh- ng and Installation of two 40,000,000 B.T.U. per hour high temperature water generators complete with au)c- llarles Including gas and oil firing levlces and combustion controls, al' o be Installed In a Heating and Re rigeration Building to be construct jd by others on the Edwardsvllle Campus of Southern Illinois Univer sity. Proposals will be received untl :30 p.m., C.D.T., 25 June 1963 05 he Associate University Architecf nnd will be opened in the Presl dent's Staff Office of the Edwards Hie Campus. Southern Illinois Unl erslty , Edwardsvllle, Illinois, al hat time. That part of general construction supervision required for the coordl nation of the work covered by the Proposal with all other contracts In operation at the site of the Heating and Refrigeration Building may be assigned by the University Architect o a General Contractor. Contractor must comply with III! nols laws regarding minimum wage? nnd the employment of labor. Specifications, drawings and pro posal sheets may be obtained on or after 3 .lime 1903 from the Office of he Associate University Archltcc Edwurdsvlllc, Illinois. Drawlnss specifications nnd proposals will be ssued to bidders upon deposit o 125.00 per set. Drawings and spec! Icutlons for take-off purposes by material dealers and/or subcontrac ors will be available for use In the office of Warren and Van Praag nc., Consulting Engineers, 253 South 'ark Street, Decatur, Illinois, and a he Associate University Architect's Office. Southern Illinois University Jdwardsvllle, Illinois. Deposits will be refunded upon re urn of the drawings and speclflca Ions In good condition to the Asso elate University Architect within ten 10) days after date on which the lids are opened. Southern Illinois University re ,erves the rifiht to reject any and all bids for this work. 6 MONUMENTS — CEM. LOTS I-GRAVE LOTS—In Valhalla Memo rial, Route 100. Reasonable. 466-1817. PERSONALS I — 6/21/63 ——— — ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - Help for the problem drinkers. Men and women. HO 5-1612. — 6-24 ALL TYPES of confidential Investl Rations. Downstate Investigation Service. Licensed and bonded. D A. Landers, AT 8-3155, Rt. 4, Ed wardsvllle. — 7-20 .ICENSED DETECTIVE — Lega photography. W. E. Burt, 2006 Washington Avc., Alton. 465-7350. 7 — 5/6-20 6/3-17 TAVERNS, triple your money back If Rlesen Clear Glass Is not the best back bar, bottle, mirror, table and glass cleaner for less. CROWN HO 5-5503. 7 — 6-19 TRY DIADAX TABLETS — (form erly Dex-A-Dlet). New name, same formula, only 08c. Honke Phar macy. SOCIETIES and LODGES 9 — 18 FRANKLIN LODGE NO. 25 AF&A1V —Regular stated meeting, Tuesday June 18, 7:30 p.m. Visiting breth ren welcome. CLARENCE .T. SMITH, W.M 9 _ 17 JERSEYVILLE LODGE NO. 394 AF&AM—Special meeting Monday June 17, 19G3, 7:30 p.m. Work I M.M. degree. Wood River degre team to confer the M.M. Degree Visiting brethren welcome. LAWRENCE G. CRONE, W.M 10 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN 10 — 17 — FOUND—Small male long-haired ta dog, wearing collar. CL 9-3106. 10 — 19 LOST — Blue parakeet 10 year old, name "Butchle". Vicinlt Henderson St., North Alton. Re ward. 465-1602. 10 — 19 LOST—Child's glasses. In Wood Riv er area. CL 4-1708. 10 — 22 LOST — Pekingese dog. sable with blond tall, answers to the nam of China. Vicinity Godfrey-Brighton Road. Needs special medicine child's pet. 466-1444. 10 — 18 2 FEMALE BEAGLES—On tag Susie and Penny, Blue Ridge Lake area. Call CL 9-6881. 11 NOTICES FOR T YOUR CONVENIENCE You can place your classifiec ad, classified kill or classifiec corrections 24 hours a day SPEAK SLOWLY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-6511 5 P.M. TO 8 A.M. CALL HO 5-6511 DAYTIME 465-6641 HINTS ON USING ELECTRONIC AD TAKER: 1. GIVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. (Spell your nam out). 2. BE SURE TO STATE THE NUMBER OF DAYS YOU DESIRE YOUR AD TO BE PUBLISHED. (IF YOU DO NOT TELL US W WILL AUTOMATICAL!.' RUN THREE DAYS). 3. Speak slowly and distinctly 4. Remember, this Is a median leal device. It will answe your call and give you recorded instructions on wha to do, but other than tha cannot answer any questions EDUCATIONAL LEAKN TO OPKKATK IIKAVY BQUH'MKNT! Cull: 1'A fi-5442 or write to: ASSOCIATED SCHOOLS 311 N. Lindbergh SI, Loulj 41, Mo. ANNOUNCEMENTS — 17 NOTICES LL LICENSED HAIRDRESSERS: Wet-molding. styl» coiffure crea- lon, roller placement, permanent wave styling and hair accessories, shown at: Rusty's Restaurant, Edwardsvllle. June 18. 7 p.m. Admission charged at door. — 17 OTICE—From this day forward I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Mr. Charles W. Doerr, 643(4 E. Broadway, Alton. Illinois. 1 — 17 MOTICE—From this day forward I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Kenneth R. Albright, 408 Indiana, So. Roxana. 6-14-63. 1 — 6-21 TIRELESS INTERCOMS and Walkle Talkies for sale. For business or pleasure. Sales and Service. Phone HO 5-2421. EDUCATIONAL 2A INSTRUCTIONS 2A — 27 Airline Classes Now Forming At Lambert Field Picketing, reservations & communications. Ramp & air hostesses. Flight age, 19-26. Ground service age. 1S-35. Flight girls must be single, all must be high school graduates to qualify for short low budget course. Call: Alton — 462-5705 or mall cnrd for free appl-test. P.O Box GUI, Lambert Airport, St Louis 45, Missouri. I2A — AF Mon. thru Frl. • ' KEY PUNCH — Burroughs, N.C.R. Bookkeeping Machines ST. LOUIS SCHOOL OF AUTOMATION (As Seen on TV) 6427 Hampton, 508 N. Grand CALL COLLECT FL 1-1197 or OL 2-5454 EMPLOYMENT 7 HELP WANTED — MALE 7—22 CREDIT MANAGER Must be experienced In retail Installment accounts and collection. Good salary and future, steady. Write Box 680 in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph. 7A EMPLOYMENT SERVICES 7A — 17 ALASKA—Overseas, U.S. job Infor mation. High pay. Write Globe Application Service, Box 864, Bal tlmore 3, Maryland. 7A — 10 17 TEACHERS—Over 100 vacancies Baker employment agency, Dan vllle, 111. 8 HELP WANTED— FEMALE g _ 17 ANESTHETIST—C.R.N.A. 300 bed hospital seeks 2 anesthetists Min. 1 year exp. Salary $600 per month, frequent Increases. One month's vacation. Paid sick leave. Surgery £ O.B. suites fully air conditioned. Hospital located 2 blocks from lake and Lincoln Park Apply Personnel Director, Gran Hospital of Chicago, 551 W. Gran Place. Chicago 14. 18 — 17 CURB GIRLS (4)—Apply Comet 3687 Broadway. Night work only No phone calls. 18 — 22 CREDIT MANAGER Must be experienced in retail installment accounts and collection Good salary and future, steady Write Box 680 in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph. 18 — 19 EXPERIENCED COOK WANTED— Apply Wilshire Restaurant, Eas Alton. 18 — 17 EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER — 30-35, light dictation, good typ 1st, 5 day week, greater Alton Employment, 300 Plasa 18 — 17 HOUSEKEEPER—Age 20-60. Fo motherless home. 6 days. Own room Live on premises, take full charge No laundry. Exchange references Reply Box 640, care Alton Tele graph. 18 — 17 IMMEDIATE OPENING—For reg istered nurse. 3 to 11. Fringe bene fits. Also cook needed. Write Bo 660, in care of the Alton Evenln Telegraph. 18 — 17 IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT—Fo 2 ladles, to conduct research an Interview work within your loca area. Qualifications: 22-55, privat telephone, preferably high schoo education. Salary. $1.20 per hou with Incentive raises. For persona interveiw write Box 650, care Tele graph. 18 — 19 LADY—Experienced In office work Must type. Preferably from Beth alto, Cottage Hills area. Hours a.m. to 4 p.m. 4-day week. Thos not interested in steady employ ment need not apply. Answers mus be in own handwriting. Also sen sample of your printing. Write Bo 700, care Telegraph. 18 — 18 WANTED — Woman to help with housework, 3 adults. HO 5-7552. 18 — 17 WOMAN—To assist with housewor and care of bed patient. Stay or go CL 4-8253. 18 — 20 WOMAN TO CARE FOR ELDERL1 WOMAN — And house work. Sta on place. HO 2-5885. 20 SALESMEN 20 — 22 KITCHEN CABINETS — Appliance and finish building materials, ca! on dealers and contractors. Estab llshecl territory. Write Box 630 I care Alton Telegraph. 20 — 20 SALESMAN WANTED — For In formation, call 056-6321 between and 12 noon. 22 SITUATIONS WTD.—FEMALE a — is BABYSITTING—Experienced, erences. CL 9-2573. 22 — 17 Ref LADY—Wants work by the week 465-3008. n — 17 WANTED—General housework an< Ironing, Tuesday and Wednesday A.M. HO 5-1039. FINANCIAL BUSINl-SS OPPORIUN1 TIES 23 — 19 APPLIANCE—And Pottle Gas bus ness in best town In Southeast Mis sourl. Doing around $100,000 pe year. The best of franchises. Wl sell at Inventory. Established 1 years. Write: C. N. Simpson, 161 Themis St., Cape Glrardeau, Mo. 23 — 19 ********************** DO YOU WANT a profitable i business of your own? Small Investment required. One of the most desirable locations In Wood River available. Phone 254-3836. SINCLAIR REFINING CO. •ir M. W. ASH * Evenings: HO 5-2196 ********************** 23 — 17 ********************** * DRIVE IN FOR SALE — i * Doing good business. ] * Selling due to other ] * business interest. Dial 1 * HO 2-7620. ********************** 23 — 17 EARN TO $12,000 YEARLY With a soft Ice cream unit. No royalties. Write, FREEZER-FRESH 6100 Forest Ave., Gary, Ind. 23 — 19 FOR SALE — Alton Tavern. Goo money maker. Will finance rlgh party. HO 2-0055 or HO 2-0315. EDUCATIONAL High School Graduates! Gel Into Space and Missiles P unim! Learn Tool & Die Making Design, Industrial Tool Ungr Enuhiecrlng Drafting, Air Condition Iiiu-Itofritf., Automatic Screw Ma chines, Auto Mechanics. Employ Aid While Learning For Info, Writ ALLIED Box 690 c/o Alton Tel graph FINANCIAL 3 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 3 _ 7/2 _ . ' OR SALE—One of Alton's better restaurants and lounges. Fixtures. property Included. Box 1130, care Alton Telegraph. 3 — 17 MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! lERE'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO Own & run a profitable Drive-In serving soft drinks, ice cream, sno-cones. light refreshments rtc. Do-nut machines to make several varieties to ever increasing trade. A-l location In growing area In N. Alton. Call office for full details. TED PRICE REAL ESTATE 2-0624 Realtor 601 E. Broadway 3 — 10 17 RENTALS RENTALS 47 HOUSES FOR RENT 4T — 19 45 APARTMENTS — FLATS 45 — 19 ' 3 ROOMS A BATH — Large closets. heat water furnished, couple. 921 Alton St. HO 5-7G19. 3 5 -ROOM ~APT. — Close to school 14" ROOM MODERN DUPLEX — In and bus stop Children welcome. ] East Alton. $fiO month. CL 9-1366. 1203 State St. 'HO 2-Ol'S. I 47 — in —_ 45 — 19 4 ROOM MODERN HOUSE—Venetian blinds, tiled floors, basement. 2463 Seminary. 47 — 24 REAL ESTATE SALE 59 HOUSES FOR SALE 59 — 18 — MODERN — 3 bedroom. HWF, 88* heat large level corner lot. $8500. Call 465-3691 for appointment. -.9 — 21 ********************** 4 ROOM MODERN HOUSE—Wood 31/2 ROOM MODERN UNFURNISH- j River. Adults preferred. CL 4-3276 J\t ivi iviw »-/*-. rvii v^;^» *_ii\i-i..ii , i APARTMENT — for rent. 147 private entrance, newly decorated. Acton Ave. Wood River. CL 4-26G4. 45 — 17 19 FOR SALE — Four small room modern house, full basement. Price $3.000 Phone 4fi2-936fi. 59 — 27 — WOOD RIVER—107 Hickory. 5 room brick, garage, basement, air con 4 ROOM APT.—Utilities furnished. Good location. Adults. HO 2-7135. 45 — 18 4 ROOMS FOR RENT— Redecornt- ed CL 4-8139 or CL 4-1090. 5 — 7/18 MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MOTEL CHAIN SEEKS PARTNER FOR CHOICE LOCATION s one of our four giants in industry, our fast growing company can offer you an opportunity to participate as resident or absentee owner- manager in luxury 32-65 room motel. Complete corporation backing, training. High Income potential, exceptional tax and equity benefits. If you can invest $29,450 to $57.000 (secured by real estate), and have th=! personality to meet and greet people you may qualify. Write: President, Imperial '400' National Inc., Rm. 922-T. Time & Life Bldg.. N.Y., N.Y. 13 — 21 OTHER BUSINESS INTERESTS re quire sale of the busiest restau rant In East Alton area. Heavy traf fie. Perfect investment for couple willing to work hard. Write, giving experience, capital to Invest & we will arrange appointment to those qualified. Please Include phone number. Box 670, care Alton Tele graph. PERSONAL SERVICE It DRESSMAKING—TAILORING 30 — 6-22 — DRESSMAKING—Alterations, pants cuffed. Reasonable. References. In my home. CL 4-4034. BUSINESS SERVICE J2 BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS B 2 UD'S 17 WALL WASHING SERVICE — Also household maintenance. Worker Insured. Free estimates. 465-1689. 32 — 6-21 •OR SALE—2-way radios. New and used units for your house, car, boat Free FCC license. No exams, For business or pleasure. Guaranteed Installations. Cash or terms. HO 5-2421. 32 — 6-20 GUTTERING & SPOUTING — Duct work. White's Tin Shop. CL 9-2809. 32 — TF Machines and Vacuum Cleaners. 838 E. 7th — HO 2-4423 MIDDLECOFF'S FACTORY AUTHORIZED HOOVER CLEANER SERVICE 32 — 7/15 POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED — SHARPENED ALL MAKES Authorized Tore Service Complete stock Toro. Lawn-Boy nowers, riding mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3525 College. HO 2-7326 32 — 7/12 REPAIRING & REMODELING Roofing, siding, additions, estimates DU 4-9089—no answer CL 4-2303. 32 — 7-18 WEEDS MOWED—By tractor. Yard gradins, driveways, sewers dug repaired. 462-3165. M BUILDING - CONTRACTING 33 7/16 BOB WOOD—Basement waterproof Ing and cement work of all kinds 466-2407. 33 — 21 CARPENTER REPAIR, block lay ing, concrete work, plumbing, new homes, painting. HO 5-2436. 33 — 6/27/63 CARPENTER WORK — Home Im provements of all types. Exper ienced. DU 4-9290. 33 — 7-8 CARPENTER WORK — Patch plas terlng, roof repair, plumbing work blocks laid and cement work. Als Interior and exterior painting. Ca' Charles Stormer. 466-1437. 33 — 6-22 GUTTERING — Roofing, painting odd Jobs, repairs. Reasonable Prompt service, 254-3649. DECORATING M 34 — 6-18 A-l PAPER HANGING—Save mon ey. HO 5-8764. 34 _ 7-4-63 BEST IN DECORATING—Painting interior and exterior. Paper hang Ing and removal. Free estimates Reasonable prices. 466-1134. 34 — 6/21/63 ' PAINTING, PLASTERING—Remo-, Ing wallpaper. No Job too small Free estimates. 466-2852. 462-9657 34 _ 6/25 PLASTERING PAINTING. Wallpaper removing Work guaranteed. Free estimates Alton, East Alton. Wood River 254-8189. 38 FURNITURE WORK 36 — 7-5 WINCHESTER'S CUSTOM RE-UP HOLSTERING—132 E. Elm. Ph 462-8235. 18 HOME BUILDING SERVICE 38 — 6-18 CARPENTER WORK Repairing, remodeling, roofing, sld 254-2303 ing. No job too small. Estimates 40 STORAGE — MOVING 40 — 7-19 Free Estimale Call HO 2-8240 PRES BELCHER Aticnl For VON DER AHE VAN LINES World Wide Movers 1018 Elliott Ave., Alton, 111. RENTALS 41 SLEEPING ROOMS 41 — 7-22 NICE SLEEPING ROOM—Kitchen privilege. Employed person. Refer ence. CL 4-6176. 41 — 18 — SLEEPING ROOM—For rent. At 40 Alby. HO 2-6507. 41 — 19 SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman In refined home. 1700 State. HO 2-8227. 41 — 17 SLEEPING ROOM — Girl. Privat entrance. $8. 3-rpom furnishe apt., utilities furnished. Adult only. Close in. $15 weekly. HO 5-G965. 45 APARTMENTS — FLAlb 45 — 223 LARGE ROOMS — Clean firs floor, yard, near hospitals an SIU, on bus line, gas heat, wute furnished. Private bath, entrances no pels. CL t-576'1. (462-4929). 45 /7/18 3 ROOM APT. — 554Va E. Broad way. Call HO 5-9347 before 5. 45 - TF 3 ROOMS—Upper Alton. Heat & wa ter furnished. $45. Real Estate Ex change. 462-97M". 45 — 19 ROOM — Bath. :i:tl Church Si East Alton. DU 4-9338. 45 — ^ :) ROOM — Unfurnished apt., nic large rooms. Iftl Loruna, Wooc River. 1 small child welcome. — DU 4-3451. ANNOUNCEMENTS BOTTLE GAS FOR COOKING — HEATING JIM JONES, INC, SKELGAS 911 MILTON ROAD ROOM APT. Heat and water furnished, second floor. State Street. Call HO 5-9347 or HO 2-0323. r , — in -/ROOM HOUSE—All modern. At-| _ditloncd. $13.500. 254-4213. inched gflragp Full basement. $70 50 — monthly HO 5-1P77 rnp 47 — 24 5 ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT — $70. MO 2-2257. 5 KOolvt HOUSE—Lincoln Addition. $38 mo. Water furnished. Partly modern 25-1-9S74. 47 — 19 ROOMS & BATH—Upstairs. 412147 — 20 5-roorn. cnrport. ba.«e- mcnl automatic heat. Water furnished R30 F.. 9th. E 8th St. Heat & garage furnished $65 mo. HO 2-3394. 5 — IS ROOMS — l'/j bnths. front and rear entrances, refrigerator, stove, heat water furnished. Garasc Adults. Also ,1 room apt. HO 5-2402. 5 _ T F — ROOM—First floor. $70. 2nd floor. $B5. Adults. Close In. Winkler Apts. 700 Alby. 5 _ TF — ALTON'S NEWEST — See these beautiful 1, 2, 3, bedrooms. (3 bedrooms Includes I'/i baths), stove, refrigerator furnished. Most convenient. Shown daily 832 Wash- Ington. 462-863' 45 — 19 FOR SALE BY OWNER—Apartmen house. Good Income. HO 2-2867. 62' Liberty. 59 17 _^ 1 —_— — BY OWNER — Reduced for quick sale 4 room modern HIS McKln ley ' HO 2-8.">20. HO 5-349fi. 59 '— 22 APARTMENT—3 larRe rooms, modern 1414 E. 4th HO 2-2583. 5 — 6-28 BEAUTIFUL—Unfurnished 4 room apt. Garase. Air conditioned, elusive locat'on. HO 5-5426. 45 — TF Ex- FOR LEASE—6 room house. 3 bedrooms, redecorated, new cabinets, drapes, pas furnace, basement, 2 car garage. Fenced yard. Near all Wood River Schools. CL 4-0471 after •( p.m. or weekends. 47 — 20 FOR RENT OR SALE—4 room modern, full basement. In Alton. $70 mo. DU 4-7391. 7 _ 17 ... ... — OR RENT— it D'Adrinn Gardens. 4 bedrooms. 2 baths, fireplace. S150 mo. ir Beautiful '1 bedroom on Rt. 100. wooded area. $150 mo. North Alton. 2 bedroom, full basement. $30 mo. Phone 466-1331 7 _ TF ••• •iODFREY AREA - For lease. 3 bedroom, built-in stove. ;ull basement, gas, sewer, $100 monthly. 466-2261. NORTH ALTON—6 room house, fill finished basement, storm door? and windows many extras. Vacant Priced for quick sale. Contact At torney Emerson Bnetz. First Na tionai Bank Bldg.. Alton. 111., o Mrs. Rosanna Euell. 5725 E. 32nd Avenue. Denver 7. Colo. 59 — 19 REAL ESTATE SALE HOUSES FOR SALE — 24- WOOD RIVER EXTRA NICE — 3 room air conditioned apt. in Rosewood Heights, stove anil refrigerator, washer, dryer furnished. Plenty cabinets, closet space. $75 monthly. — — 4G6-226I. 4fi — in "OR RENT—3-room modern duplex. Across Wilshire Shopping Center. Will kins distance to Western. $40. HO 5-G435. 19 "OR RENT—2 rooms. 911 Humboldt Court. 45 _ 17 __ >JICE 3 ROOM—Downstairs apt. Heat and water furnished. 1223 Central. $65. 466-0092. 45 — TF NORTH ALTON — 5-Rnom — 1st Class — Private front and back entrance. Heat and svater furnished. No small children. Dial HO 2-0053 or HO 2-0315. $90.00. 45 — TP —— ********************** SEVERAL APARTMENTS Available for Immediate occupancy In Alton. For further informatoln CALL 462-9263 Or Evenings 462-8680 ********************** 45 — TF WILSHIRE COLONIAL APTS. SEE NEWEST — FINEST By Wilshire Shopping Center * One or two bedrooms * Medallion wiring * Range — oven — refrigerator * Air conditioned * Private — patios — balconies * Drapes * Disposal * Basement with lockers * Natural gas heat Call Yoder CL 4-9113 or CL 4-1484 «« FURNISHED APARTMF.NTS 46 — 17 ONE ROOM EFFICIENCY—Adults only Close in. 465-9018. 46 — 19 i ROOMS FURNISHED — Utilities paid $8.50 weekly. HO 2-9877. 46 — 18 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — Reasonable rent. Clean, private entrance walking distance to SIU. Girls or couple preferred. 140!) Willard or Call HO 2-5881 46 — 7-15 2 ROOMS—All modern, all utllitle paid. Private entrance and bath 511 Madison. Wood River. 254-2577 46 _ TF 2 ROOM EFFICIENCY — Down town location, $60 month. Rea Estate Exchange, 462-9797. 46 — 22 3 ROOM — Furnished apt., firs floor, entirely private, adults only HO 5-3712. 46 — TF — 3 ROOM—All utilities. Off stree park. Adults. Close in. 700 Alby Winkler Apts. $75. 46 — 18 3 ROOM APT. — Furnished. CL 9-6039 after 5 p.m. 46 — 20 3 ROOMS — Nicely furnished apart ment, utilities furnished, with ga rage, call 254-5061 or CL 4-2938. 46 — 18 3 ROOMS — Clean, nicely decor ated, adults, private entrances ground floor, $17 weekly. Watei furnished. Wood River. CL 9-2845 46 — 7-11 3 ROOM MODERN FURNISHED APT. — Utilities paid. 820 E. 6th. 46 — 24 4 ROOMS AND BATH—Nicely fur nished. All private 2nd floor. 101 State. Alton. CL 9-3G19 for appoint ment. 46 — 22 ATTRACTIVE 3 ROOM — Furn ished apt., utilities paid, garage adults. 842 Lewis, Wood River 46 — TF BACHELOR APT. of distinction Newly decorated and furnished Quiet, private. D'Adrian Gardens 466-3227 or 466-0112. 46 — 19 FOR LADIES—Furnished upstairs 2-rm. apt. with all utilities fur nlshed. Washing facilities in base ment. Large yard. Parking. 361f Coronado. To see call 259-1722, Also available in a few days. 3 room basement apt., furnished. Same as above, same location. 40 — 17 FOR RENT—3 extra large rooms & bath, furnished. Private entrance East Alton. CL 4-1598. 46 - 6-23 MOTEL APTS. T.V., telephone, alr-condltloned, by d«y or week. Near Industries Hartford. CL 4-6224. 46 _ 21 NICE CLEAN—3 room furnished apt. No children. Must have refer ences CL 4-1438. 46 — 17 ONE ROOM EFFICIENCY- Adults only. Across from YWCA, $40.00 465-9018. 46 — 18- ROXANA — 4 ROOMS—1st floor private bath & entrance, adults CL 4-7U74 or CL 9-2868. 47 HOUSES FUR REN') 47 - 7/1 4-ROOM, all modern duplex; 120! E. 7th. Apply 525 E. 8th. 47 — 19 • — 4 ROOM MODERN — Very nic aluminum & stone. Over - slz garage. Clean. Middleage couple Wood River. Don't miss seeing thi one. HO 2-8287. ANNOUNCEMENTS BRAD'S PEST CONTROL ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER ROOM eliminates roaches, spiders, water bugs, silver fish, ants and other household pests, All Work Guaranteed DON'T DELAY CALL TODAY CALL 462-3576 Business Establishments Estimated Free 8 ROOM—2 baths Arranged for apts. Gas heat. Vacant. 2011 State. $9500 HO 2-7119. 59 — 19 5-ROOM MODERN HOUSE — Sun porch. 3 room furnished basement apt., furnace room. Also 3-room furnished modern house. 2-room tirnlshed modern house, on 20'x20 garage, 13x25 utility building. On ipprox 1':. acres. Inquire al 140/ Edwardsvllle Road, Rt. 159. 254-:ififi.T. q — 22 8 FURNISHED HOUSES 8 — IS LARGE ROOMS tral. Roxanu. 8—19 No. Ccn- ROOM—Nicely furnished house. In Wood River.'Call 254-1131. iO BUSINESS PLACES ° COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR LEASE Vlontlcello Plaza Shopping Center— 40'x90'. air-conditioned, suitable for lewelry. furniture, appliances, children's shop. Western Auto type store. This fine location available Immediately. WALTER A. HALE JR.. Realtor East Alton — CL J-5115 0—17 FOR RENT—Fully equipped restaurant plus residence. $150 month. 466-1331. iO — TF ——• —— SPACE FOR RENT—Suitable for barber shop, beauty shop or Insurance office. HO 2-5569. 70.| Milton. Dial REAL ESTATE SALE 16 BUSINESS PROPERTY 16 — 18 ;8x32 BLOCK BUILDING — With 1 acre ground. On Route 112. at Midway. DU 4-7551. 37 FARMS and LAND 7 — 17 — FOREST COUNTY. WISCONSIN — Lake front lots $2.000 up. Cottages, homes, resorts, businesses. Free list Lester S. Prcdeth. Realtor, 112 So Lake Ave.. Crandon. Wis. ,7 _ 14 - 17 - 19 — 150 Acre Farm r > room modern home with basement; large barn and other buildings: 4 acres clover. 6 acres alfalfa; 16 acres wheat; 45 acres corn: 59 acres beans, 20 acres good pasture; all good soil and level ground; 2 wells, cistern and 2 ponds; 3 miles from Bcthalto, G'Xj miles from Wood River. Price $425 an acre. R. H. Hessenflow, Realtor 9 N. Wood River Ave; 254-3833 Evenings CL 4-3414. CL 4-3237 58 LOTS FOR SALE 58 — TF — CHOICE BUILDING LOTS — Low down payments. $25 mo. Adams Development Co. 466-1331. 58 — 19 FOR SALE — 160 acres 1 mile fron Hardin city limits, bargain fo fast deal. 245 acres • in Jerse County, approximately 3 mile from ' Hardin, house trailer an lot, East Hardin, nice one. C. Hub ert Bull. Hardin. III. Phone 244 58 — 6-27 4 VERY NICE LOTS - In Rose wood Heights. $1.350 to S4.000. Th latter, ideal for 2 houses. CL 9-3619 58 — TF NORTH ALTON $1,000 DOWN OR TRADE EW :! BKDROOM BRICK — wall- to-wall carpeting, large kitchen with built-in stove & oven. Hill basement, attached garage. Lot 61x200. By builder. HO 2-9877. — 1 * 8 ROOM — Ranch Style brick * •*• on 100 ft. lot. Master bedroom it * with private bath, radiant * it heat-fireplace, double garage it •*• with auto. door. CL 4-9030, •* ********************** 59 — 17 NO DOWN PAYMENT TO Gl OR QUALIFIED PARTY CUTE—4 room cottage, only 10 years old. S31 Whjttler, Wood River $8.500 Lorene McGarvey CL 9-1387 STEINER REAL ESTATE 466-1404 WOOD RIVER — 285 Edwards, 2 years old, 5 large room modern home, hwf, living room 12x16, kitchen and dining room combination 20x12. Birch cabinets, built in range and oven, gas hot air furnace, 3 bedrooms, full basement, attached carport, owner transferred $15,900. HARRY F. HEMPHILL Agency—Realtor HO 5-3583 after 6 p.m. 466-0063 BETHALTO U.L MODERN 4 ROOM HOME — LARGE KITCHEN. 2 LOTS. CLOSE TO SCHOOLS. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION PRICED RIGHT $5.300. GEORGE ROBERTSON ASSOCIATE REALTOR HEMPHILL AGENCY •VKNING AFTER 6 P.M. HO 2-8608 SUNDAYS ANY TIME 9 — 17 — 2fi IOSEWOOD HTS.—2 bedroom home. Enclosed patio, basement, 2 extra lots $1,1.300. HO 259-2302. 9 24 -—• 1Y OWNER—6 rooms. $300 down. $7.000. Contract for deed. Brown & Victory Streets. After 6 p.m.. HO 5-3058. 9 — 19 GODFREY AREA—3-bedroom brick. Large living room with white Georgia marble fireplace. 2 full baths up. Also fireplace and bath In walkout basement. Patio. Plastered garage with concrete drive " GLAZEBROOK AGENCY HO 2-0055 — HO 2-0315 9 — 19 GODFREY AREA—3-bedroom split level, carpeted living room with fireplace. Plastered garage wtlh concrete drive. 1V4 baths. Finished basement $23.600 GLAZEBROOK AGENCY HO 2-0055 — HO 2-0315 ,9 — 24 TODFREY—For sale, new 3 bedroom brick. $300 down. 466-0041. GOOD 2 3-RM. MODERN HOUSE — Reasonable. 79 E. Acton, Wood River. 254-9512. 10 — 18 ,ISIT SMOKY POINT LODGE — On Leech Lake, large housekeeping cabins, recreation facilities, good fishing. Call or write Walker. Minnesota. Phone area code 218 836-2361. 59 — 24 3Y OWNER—2 bedroom house. 7 years old Full basement, gas furnace, aluminum storm windows & doors HWF. living & bedrooms, tiled kitchen & bath. Plenty cabinets & closets. Owner leaving town. Phone Jerseyville 10S9-W. i9 — 12-17 . WOOD RIVER — North 6th St. and Park Lane. 3rd brick house from corner, new ~i room. M bedrooms. attached garage, full busempnt. city sewer, concrete drive, gas furnace, birch built in cabinets with stove and hood, oi'k floors. alum windows with screen and storm sash, marble sills, ceiling exhaust fan. tile bath, built in pullman. a real buy at $16.900. Call Worcester & Bell Construction Co.. 433 nth, Wood River. CL 4-5332 59 — 19 COUNTRY LIVING — In Glassmeyer Grove Subdivision. !-i mile off Rte. 140, East of Bethalto, III. School bus at door. By Owner. New 6 room all modern colonial ranch house, attached garage, city water. storm doors and windows, gas heat, tiled bath and kitchen, many other features. Large lot 100'x245.. An extremely good buy. Also large building lots for sale. Large building lots in Rosewood Heights on Airline Dr. Call for inforatlon CL 9-2952. 59 _ 17 -EAST ALTON 6 room brick veneer, near Wilshire. Gas heat, air condition, carport. ........................... $16.200 WOOD RIVER 218 E. ACTON — 4 rooms and bath first floor, 3 room furnished apt. up .......................... $8.900 SO. ROXANA 128 ROSE AVE.— 3 bedroom frame. Oil heat, wired for stove. EAST ALTON $6.950 215 GOULDING—6 room frame. I Vi garage. . $8.900 Godfrey Area—Large Suburban Lots 100-ft. frontage and over. $850 to $1050. Call 466-0091. 58 — 17 LOT FOR SALE — 80x115, city water, near school. $1300. — — DU 4-6971. 58 — 7-15 SERING ADDITION — Lot. $500. HO 2-2288 after G p.m. 58 — 17 -19 NORTH ALTON — 2 lots. 80x300 and 75x155, sewer, gas and water. Elon Rives, HO 2-4205. Don Hale Agency, HO 2-0313 — HO 2-2471. SI HOUSES FOR SALE 59 — 6-29 BETHALTO — Move right In 6 room modern, 2 story with 1V4 baths, large garage, plenty shade. Low down payment. DU 4-3601 after 5. 59 — 17 HERBERT ST.—5 room frame. In excellent condition. Full basement, gas furnace, city sewer. Level lot. Nice neighborhood. 462-4667. 59 — 7-11 HUMBERT HTS. — 4 and 5 room bricks. Small down payment and trades. HO 2-7787. If no answer. CL 4-7520. 59 — 7/9 5 ROOM BRICK—Full basement, oil heat. Attached garage. Large lot. 18 West Woodland, Rosewood Hts. CL 4-3800. 59 — 17 ********************** * ALL MODERN—4 room brick * * house. Full basement. Hand's * * new subdivision. $16,900. * * HO 2-7620. * ********************** 59 — 19 GERSON AVE.—1V4 story. 3-4 bedrooms, brick, drive-in full basement, stoker heat, HWF, plastered, outside garage, exclusive neighborhood. $15,250. HO 2-4547. ROCK-GATE ESTATES Mew brick veneer. 3 bedrooms, living room, dinette, ceramic tile bath. Kitchen with birch cabinets, built-in oven & range. Full basement, gas heat. Double garage & patio. Price $21,900 FRANK WICKENHAUSER AGENCY HO 5-2021. After 5: HO 2-7263 ,9 — 12-17 NORTH ALTON 2664 OLIVE PLACE — 4'A room frame. Living room, 2 bedrooms, dinette, kitchen, bath. HWF. Full basement, oil hot air furnace. Large fenced rear yard. Price $11,700 FRANK WICKENHAUSER AGENCY HO 5-2021 After 5: HO 2-7263 59 — 17-21- baths, stoker, basement, UP PER'ALTON" REDUCED—From S3.500 to $2.200. 3-room semi-modern. Needs repair. Basement. About I-acre lot. MILTON 3718 HORN — Neat, clean 4 room frame with bath, full basement. stoker. .. $9.500 WOOD RIVER 5 ROOM FRAME—New alum, siding and doors & windows. Full basement, garage. Near all schools & churches. Good street $14,500 BETHALTO 11 BARTIMER—6 room frame. Only 5 years old. Full basement, garage $15.500 MEADWOBROOK 4 ROOM FRAME—With utility room, part basement, built-in oven and stove $11,600 MEADOWBROOK 4 ROOM BRICK VENEER — Attached garage, gas heat, only 1 year old $13.700 COTTAGE HILLS 157 BLAIR—5 room frame. Gas heat, nice cabinets, colored bath fixtures. $6.500 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS 5S7 SPRUCE—5 room frame. Full basement, oil heat, garage in drive- In basement. 4ViW interest loan available $12,600 COTTAGE HILLS 1219 LEE AVE.—4 room frame with two lots, carport, fruit cellar. ... $4.000 WOOD RIVER 231 SO 10TH ST.—Lot 50x130 with ~ ' ' $2.500 17 ACRES—"Ail" tillable. Inside city limits $4,500 HARDIN, ILL. LOT 75'xl25'—Joins river. One mile north of bridge in diamond harbor cottage sites. $200 down, $25 per mo $1.000 NOTICE EX-GI — Many of these homes can be bought for $200 down. Loans within 60 days. Office open 9 to 5 daily. FRED E. THOMPSON AGENCY CL 4-5514 After 5 p.m. call: Wayne Suits CL 4-6353 Wm. Hattery DU 4-6522 WOOD RIVER 330 VAN PRETER 5-room modern brick, like new. 3 bedrooms, built-in range and oven. Gas hot air furnace. Full basement, attached garage. Washer & dryer Included. Will accept vacant lot or small house In trade. $15.900 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY — REALTOR HO 5-3583. After 6 p.m. 466-0063 59_14_17 THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT! Here is an actual inquiry—loca clic-nt wants 5 or 6 room home in Upper Alton on Salu. Powhatan or Amelia. Do you have It? Want to Sell? Call us now! TED PRICE REAL ESTATE HO 2-0624 Realtor 601 E. Broadway FINANCIAL FINANCIAL 4-car garage. Reduced to LIVINGSTON, ILL. FINANCIAL MUM* f.O.I.C. MISC. FOR SALE ROTO-ROOTKR POR OGGED O1-.SON-URANE KOTO-BOO I EH CO. ALTON—46'i-6U30 new! See EASY JIM for your... person to person 15 MINUTE LOAN FOR 300,000 PEOPLE IN THE GREATER ALTON AREA NO KBD TAPE NAME YOUR NEKUS Easy Jim gives you hit 17 No long waiting period for persons with steady jobs and incomes. You get your cash in minutes! Fastest, most courteous service. Loans for almost anything— years loan experience and vacation, automobile, tuition, insurance premiums, home improvement, or just tidying up your bills. proven reliability in helping you to solve your financial needs. It a Joan can be made EASY JIM will tind a way. BEACON FINANCE COMPANY 1724 EAST BROADWAY, ALTON

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